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AWA results for September 1986


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AWA show from the Met Center in Bloomington, Sept. 5th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Nord The Barbarian vs. Mark Starr


Nord won with a front slam


The Youngbloods vs. The Can-Am Express


Both teams went to a 20 minute time limit draw, and continued fighting after the final bell


Cactus Jack vs. Brian Pillman


Pillman took out Cactus with a top rope flying clothesline. Post match, Cactus once again went after the ref


Leo Burke vs. Shane Douglas


Douglas was going for a belly to belly suplex, but Burke blocked it with a legsweep, and hit his own belly to bell suplex for the victory


Nick Bockwinkel & Larry Zbyszko vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero


Larry had Chavo set up for an over the shoulder neckbreaker, but failed to notice that Chavo had tagged out, and Hector rolled him up with a single leg rollup . After the match, Larry started to throw a tantrum but was cut off by Bock slapping him on the back of the head


Too Cold Scorpio vs. ??


Scorpio came out to face Roddy Piper's secret challenger looking wary but determined, and had Sgt. Slaughter and Cpl. Scott Hall watching his back. Roddy Piper came out with Cowboy Bob Orton , a fistful of papers in his hand and a cocky grin on his face. Piper then took the ringside mic while waving the papers. He announced that this was the contract for the match that Scorpio had signed, and that it included a clause that stated, should anyone interfere in the match while it was in progress, that person would be immediately suspended from the AWA. However, he continued, it also included a clause that banned unsanctioned people from ringside. He had a manager's license so he could be there, of course, and Orton was there in the official capacity as Piper's bodyguard, but Slaughter and Hall had no legal status in the match, so they could just head back to the locker room. Sarge and Hall both protested while pleading with Scorpio not to go further in the match, but Scorpio insisted that he could handle it and that they should go to the back. After they had done so, Piper got back on the mic and proceeded to announce his competitor, a mystery man who had destroyed everyone in his path in Japan and was now going to do the same in the AWA. A man known only as …. SUPER VADER! What came out next was a huge, powerful man in a black singlet and black mask, moving slowly and methodically to the ring. When he came to the ring, Scorpio tried a few tentative punches, but they had no effect on this behemoth. Vader then threw a few punches of his own, and Scorpio was able to dodge most of them, but the ones that landed had considerable impact. Scorpio tried cat and mouse tactics from there on in, peppering Super Vader with dropkicks while dodging out of the way of the retaliatory strikes, but it wasn't having much of an effect on the mystery man.  He then went for desperation tactics, trying an eye rake that ended up tearing part of Super Vader's mask. Scorpio seemed to see something in Vader's eyes that caused him to stop in his tracks in shock. Unfortunately, this left him open to a brutal right cross from Super Vader that caught him flush on the jaw and dropped him like a sack of rolled oats.  Vader then proceeded to annihilate Scorpio with several crushing slams before a vicious over the knee spine snapper that put Scorpio out for good. This was not enough for Piper, who told Vader to put him away completely. Sarge and Hall charged out to the ring, but were blocked by Piper and Orton, waving the contract. While this was going on, Vader grabbed Scorpio by the throat and lifted him up from the mat with one hand, before driving him back down with a chokeslam. Vader then put one foot on Scorpio's chest while the ref counted to three, finally putting an end to the massacre. While Piper and his men left the ring, gloating all the way, Scorpio was taken from the ring in a stretcher while Sarge and Hall followed him in great distress. Who is this monster that Piper has unleashed on the AWA?


AWA Southern Tag Title Match : British Steel © vs. Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell


Regal hit Patera with the Iron Fist punch, to set him up for a crucifix by Smiley that led to a successful title defense for British Steel.


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Roddy Piper


As could be expected, a chaotic match ending in a DQ win for Steamboat when he was chasing Piper around the ring, only to be cut off by a lariat from Bob Orton. The two men beat on Steamboat until Sgt. Slaughter and Scott Hall rushed out to the ring, only for Super Vader to come out soon after. Piper hid behind the masked man and slapped Vader's chest, saying, "Your time is coming, Steamboat!"

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Youngbloods and Can Ams, go to the limit and keep fighting, continuing their great feud. Pillman with a nice win over Cactus as Cactus continues to spiral out of control. Love that finish to the Burke/Douglas match. The Guerreros just have Larry Z's number and send him on a tantrum. LOL, Bock slaps some sense into him. Vader debuts!!!! Man, he just destroyed Scorpio. Vader makes a huge statement in the AWA! British Steel get a nice title defense over the veteran team of Patera and Blackwell. That would of been a cool match to watch. Piper and Steamboat end in chaos but it looks like Piper has a monster weapon set to go after the AWA World title. 

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AWA show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, Sept. 6th


Marty Jones vs. Tonga Kid


Tonga Kid won with a flying splash in his first AWA appearance


Nord The Barbarian vs. Greg Gagne


Nord hit the top rope kneedrop for the victory


The Great Kabuki vs. Dave Taylor


Kabuki caught Taylor with a thrust kick to the jaw that got the pinfall


Death Sentence vs. Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas


Death Sentence hit the Execution on Douglas and got the win


Bill Dundee vs. Larry Zybszko


Larry went for a low blow kick, but Dundee blocked it and countered with a single leg takedown and cradle for the one two three. Larry threw a hissy fit after the match, as he tends to do


AWA Southern Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Steven Regal


Zenk defended his title with a top rope flying cross body press


Col. Debeers vs. Cpl. Scott Hall


Hall scored an impressive victory with a running bulldog headlock


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : Roddy Piper & Bob Orton © vs. Badd Company


A hot match that descended into chaos when Super Vader made his way to ringside and seemed to be threatening Sunshine. This led to Kabuki rushing out to interpost himself between the two. While this was going on outside, Piper and Orton took advantage of the distraction by Spike Piledriving Pat Tanaka to get the pinfall.

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Tonga literally makes a splash in his AWA debut. Death Sentence continues to be one of my favorite tag teams here. They get another win and I think they'll be wearing gold soon. Good win for Dundee as he sends Larry Z into another tantrum LOL. Zenk with another successful title defense. Zenk's rise in the AWA has been amazing. Hall gets a HUGE win over Debeers. That victory elevates Hall to a new level. Hot main event as a distraction from Vader gives Piper and Orton the win. I agree with Edger, Vader aligning with Piper's Pit makes them an unstoppable force. 

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Super Vader. Nice. Not nearly as imposing in size in 1986 but still a bull of a man. Two Colorado boys out there with the right one winning. The Sarge and Hall should be happy that Piper may have just saved their lives by preventing them from interfering on behalf of Scorp. 

I really like the use of all of the tag teams here in AWA

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for September 19th


Super Vader vs. Rohan MacLaren


After his shocking but impressive debut at the recent Bloomington show, terrified whispers about Roddy Piper's intimidating new charge have spread through the AWA locker room. Young MacLaren clearly did not want to be in the ring with him at all.  He never managed to even get a move in as Super Vader opened up with a mammoth swinging backfist that knocked MacLaren to the mat. After that, it was all a series of crushing slams on the young rookie, closing with a nasty spine snapper that had MacLaren spasming in agony.  Piper then gave the order to put him down for good, and Super Vader obliged with the one handed choke slam that ended the match. At this rate, nobody will be able to stop Super Vader.


Nord The Barbarian vs. Bill Dundee


Jake Roberts and the Snakepit have been waging their own reign of terror on the younger members of Superstar Unit, so the fearless leader of the Unit has taken it upon himself to go toe with the biggest bully in the Snakepit.  Although Nord towered over the scrappy Australian, Dundee was not intimidated in the slightest. Although the Barbarian would knock him down, Dundee would not stay down for long, and would always come back with a hurricane of flying fists.  Nord tried to take him out completely by whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with the Big Boot, but Dundee ducked under it and countered with a single leg roll up that shockingly managed to get the one two three. Dundee and the fans were jubilant, and Nord seemed to want to go after him post match, but Roberts advised him to calm down and told him they would get their own back in good time.


Leo Burke vs. Chris Adams


Leo Burke has been on a hot campaign to take the Canadian title from Ron Garvin but for now would have to content himself with facing Garvin's good friend, "Gentleman" Chris Adams. Both men hit hard but also showed their deep well of technical abilities in their exchanges. Burke attempted to lock in the Sleeper Hold, but Adams countered with an inside cradle. However, Burke in turn countered by reversing the inside cradle and holding it in place for the pinfall. Garvin is clearly in for a fight when they do have their title match.


The British Bullies vs. Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman


Douglas and Pillman have started to gel together under Bill Dundee's leadership and become a fast rising team in the AWA ranks. As they squared off against the always tough British Bullies, they showed strong coordination with plentiful double team and combination moves. They managed to weather the storm of the Bullies intense awesome and hit a double top rope missile dropkick to pull out the victory. The AWA tag team division continues to heat up.


Badd Company vs. Death Sentence


Speaking of which … the former Southern Tag Team champs faced a tough match up with the Neighborhood Of Evil's terrifying duo of "The Black Knight" Jeff Gaylord and Max Payne.  Tanaka and Diamond did manage to keep one step ahead of their much larger opponents for much of the match, and Diamond had Gaylord lined up for a flying back body press. It was at this point that the Sheepherders, Badd Company's hated rivals , chose to strike, sneaking down to ringside and knocking Diamond off the top turnbuckle. Death Sentence took advantage and hit the Execution to get the pinfall. A dirty win, but one that sends Death Sentence up the tag rankings.


AWA American Title Match : Bob Orton © vs. The Great Kabuki


Orton has faced some  incredible contenders in his defense of the American Title, and the Great Kabuki has been one of the toughest. Orton has managed to fend off the Japanese legend in several recent house shows, but Kabuki brought a new focus to this match, ignoring the hectoring of Roddy Piper from ringside and blasting Orton with stiff kicks throughout the match, chipping away at Orton's defenses. Piper ended up deciding to take a short cut to keep the title in the ranks of Piper's Pit by summoning his allies the Sheepherders to interfered, but the New Zealanders found themselves intercepted by Badd Company, and both teams did battle at ringside. While Orton was distracted by this, Kabuki nailed him with a thrust kick that sent him flying out of the ring, and Orton ended up being counted out. Orton still retained the title, but Kabuki seems to be inching closer to taking the belt.

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AWA continues to be a mainstay in this world of wrestling with an amazing group of talent.  Super Vader is rising, Douglas and Pillman are made for one another, and then Bob Orton is getting a title run/push that evaded him in the WWF... awesome stuff all around and this isn't even all the major players which makes it great. 

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Going to be fun watching Super Vader dominate. Dundee gets a huge win over Nord but he better be watching his back. Great Burke/Adams match as Burke seems geared up for Garvin. Douglas/Pillman get an impressive win over the Bullies, solidifying themselves as contenders. Speaking of contenders, Death Sentence should be in line real soon for a title shot. Fun main event as Kabuki comes close to dethroning Orton. Lot's of things building in the AWA! 

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AWA show from the Mecca, Milwaukee, September 19th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Masa Saito vs. Hector Guerrero


Hector scored the pinfall with the Guerrero Clutch


Al Perez vs. Harley Race


Both men went to a 20 minute Time Limit Draw


Black Irish vs. Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman


Finlay pinned Douglas after a belly to belly piledriver


Bill Dundee vs. Cactus Jack


Dundee reversed an attempted Russian Legsweep into an inside cradle for the win. After the match, Cactus chased the ref out of the ring


Chris Adams vs. Jerry Blackwell


Adams staggered Blackwell with two superkicks, but Blackwell blocked the third then hit a powerslam to get the win


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Buddy Rose


Hall pinned Rose after a running bulldog headlock


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : Roddy Piper & Bob Orton © vs. Badd Company


Orton hit Tanaka in the back of the head with the title belt, enabling Piper to catch him in a roll up for the one two three


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Steamboat caught Bockwinkel with the top rope flying cross body press to successfully defend his title.



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AWA show from the International Amphitheater, Chicago, September 20th


Four Corners Tag Team Match : The Youngbloods vs. The Can-Am Express vs. The British Bullies vs. Death Sentence


1st fall : Furnas pinned Taylor after a running Canadian backbreaker  into the corner


2nd fall : Blackman pinned Lafon after hitting the running bicycle kick


3rd fall : After the Can-Am Express snuck back in the ring and ambushed Lafon, Death Sentence hit the Execution on him to win the match


Tonga Kid vs. Sabu


Tonga Kid won with a top rope flying splash


Jake Roberts vs. Mark Starr


Roberts won with the DDT


Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Buddy Rose & Col. Debeers


Debeers went for a lariat on Hall, but Hall ducked and came back with his own lariat for the victory


AWA Southern Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Bill Dundee


Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. Larry Zbyszko & Masa Saito


Larry went for a low blow kick on Regal, but Regal blocked it and countered with the Iron Fist punch that knocked Larry out. When Larry came to, he threw his usual temper tantrum in the ring


AWA American Title Match : Bob Orton © vs. The Great Kabuki


Kabuki hit the Thrust Kick on Orton, but then Piper entered the ring and attacked him, leading to a DQ win for Kabuki but not the title. The two men double teamed Kabuki until Badd Company came out to back up their stablemate. But then Super Vader entered the fray and all hell broke loose. The masked man got a number of brutal shots in on Tanaka before gorilla press slamming him out of the ring. Tanaka seemed very badly hurt as his comrades helped him back to the locker room.

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The AWA is the oldest governing body in the history of this project You continue to put out some fun stuff and the roster continues to shine. The four corners match in this latest outing shows that the AWA has got the youth, they've got the power, and they have the direction to take over the world of wrestling as 1986 ends and 1987 begins! 

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for September 26th


Super Vader vs. Mark Starr


Up until now, Super Vader had a more methodical approach as he faced his opponents, but this time out, he just went full bore on young Mark Starr, grabbing him and battering him before administrating several crushing power slams. This was not enough for Piper's monster, who took Starr outside the ring and drove him back first into the corner post, causing Starr to start spasming. After that it was all academic as he brought him back into the ring to hit the spine snapper followed by the chokeslam to put an end to this massacre. The other members of Superstar Unit rushed out to see to Starr taken out on a stretcher, but none of them got in the way of Super Vader as the cackling Piper led him away from the ring. The arrival of this behemoth from the Far East clearly spells big trouble for the rest of the AWA roster.


Black Irish vs. Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas


Douglas and Pillman were coming out clearly shaken by what had just happened to their partner, Mark Starr, but worked hard to keep focused against the always dangerous former Southern Tag champs. Finlay and Cameron kept up an intense attack on the two youngsters, but Douglas and Pillman fired back with their own fast paced offense. Douglas looked like he just might catch Finlay with the belly to belly suplex, but the  fighting Irishman shut that down with a hard elbow to the face, followed by a stiff lariat that got the one two three. A tough loss for Douglas and Pillman, but one that earned them the respect of Black Irish, who shook their hands after the match.


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Col. Debeers


Debeers' hatred of Sarge is well known , but this time out he was focused on Cpl. Scott Hall who was cheering on his Cobra Corps comrade from ringside. Debeers kept jawing with hall as he slugged it out with Slaughter in a tough brawl. He should have paid more attention to his opponent, as his constant distraction led to him being caught flat footed by the Slaughter Cannon, which got the victory for Sarge. After the match, an enraged Debeers got on the ringside mic and challenged Hall to a Loser Leaves Town match at the Winnipeg show, which Hall quickly accepted over the protests of Sgt. Slaughter.


Ron Garvin & Chris Adams vs. Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell


Adams is still thirsting for vengeance against Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie for kicking him out of the Syndicate, and brought his good friend Ron Garvin to challenge the Sinister Syndicate's two biggest men. What resulted was a classic bout between a team of skilled veterans and a duo of powerful super-heavyweights.  The end came when the ref was escorting Adams out of the ring while Garvin blasted Patera in the corner with chops, only for Blackwell to take advantage of the distraction by hitting him with an Avalanche, crushing Garvin against Patera. Patera then fell on top of Garvin and scored the pinfall. Perhaps inspired by the previous match, Adams also challenged Blackwell to a Loser Leaves Town match, which was accepted by Blackwell.


AWA Six-Man Tag Team Title Match : Nick Bockwinkel, Larry Zybszko & Masa Saito © vs. Chavo, Mando & Hector Guerrero


Ever since the Guerreros lost the Six Man titles back in June, they have been on a quest to regain them from Bockwinkel's crew, getting some wins in singles and regular tag matches but falling short in title matches. They cranked up the intensity in this latest attempt, throwing every high flying and combination move they could think of against the champs, forcing them to back pedal for much of the match. A missed flying senton by Chavo put the advantage back in the hands of the champions, and Bockwinkel proceeded to take him apart with leglocks and kneedrops, all while keeping him in their corner, before tagging in Saito. Saito managed to get Chavo in the Jailhouse Lock and looked like he would put an end to the challenge of the brothers, but Chavo managed to get to the ropes in time. Saito then whipped Chavo into the ropes, where Larry was waiting to slug him with the title belt, but Chavo reversed it aind it was Saito who took the shot. While his brothers dropkicked Larry and Bock out of the ring, Chavo rolled up Saito and scored the three count. The Guerreros are once again the Six-Man Champions! Unlike when they first won the titles from the Sunshine Boys, the fans loudly cheered the brothers' victory. After the match, Saito argued with both Larry and Bock before storming out on them. It looks like this alliance has come to an end.

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AWA show from the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, September 27th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Al Perez vs. Marty Jones


A tight technical bout that ended when Perez caught Jones in a single arm takedown and forced him to submit to the Japanese Armbar (wakigatame)


Cactus Jack vs. Sabu


Sabu won with a moonsault. After the match, Cactus assaulted the ref and gave him a piledriver on the concrete outside the ring. It was then announced by the AWA officials that Cactus Jack was immediately and indefinitely suspended


Greg Gagne vs. Super Vader


Gagne put up quite a fight, dodging much of Vader's offense with his technical knowhow and even sinking in the sleeper hold. Vader powered out by driving him back first into the corner several times until he let go. Super Vader then tore into Gagne like a lion on a lamb, raining down brutal punches on his face before the spine snapper and choke slam combination. Once again, Super Vader's opponent was taken from the ring on a stretcher


Loser Leaves Town Match : Chris Adams vs. Jerry Blackwell


Adams hit Blackwell with two Super Kicks and was going for a third when Blackwell grabbed him for a power slam. Adams, however, was able to counter with an inside cradle and, when Blackwell kicked out, Adams blasted him with the third Super Kick to put him down for good. Blackwell is now gone from the AWA.


No DQ Streetfight : Badd Company vs. The Sheepherders


The Sheepherders took advantage of the No DQ stipulation by blasting both members of Badd Company with steel chairs. Pat Tanaka, already hurt from an attack by Super Vader a week before, took quite a pounding, and after the Sheepherders hit him with a double gutbuster, Tanaka was pinned to end the match.


Loser Leaves Town Match : Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Col. Debeers


Debeers was going for a face first piledriver, but Hall powered out of it, then hit the Corporal Punishment for the win. Col. Debeers is now gone from the AWA.


AWA Canadian Title Match : Ron Garvin ©  vs. Leo Burke


Garvin hit a top rope sunset flip, but Burke was able to block him from rolling through and countered with a hard right cross to the face of Garvin. Burke then caught Garvin with a double leg rollup and got the one two three. Leo Burke is now the AWA Canadian Champion.


AWA World Title Match : Rick Steamboat © vs. Bob Orton


Steamboat won by DQ when Roddy Piper attacked him. Steamboat was able to fight them off but had to bail out of the ring when Super Vader charged in. Piper laughed in the ring as he hid behind Super Vader and pointed at Steamboat.

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AWA show from the Saddledome, Calgary, September 27th


The Youngbloods vs. The Can-Am Express


Both teams went to a double DQ when they would not stop brawling with all 4 men in the ring


Tonga Kid vs. Kevin Sullivan


Tonga Kid won with a top rope flying splash


Sabu vs.Larry Cameron


Cameron caught Sabu in a running cross body press attempt and reversed it into a running power slam for the win


Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas vs. The British Bullies


Pillman and Douglas hit Jones with a double top rope missile dropkick to get the victory


Ron Garvin vs. Fit Finlay


This match was announced beforehand as Garvin's last AWA match. An incredibly hard hitting match that ended when Garvin was going for a piledriver , but Finlay countered with a small package and held him for the one two three. The fans gave both men a standing ovation as they shook hands in the ring.


Loser Leaves Town Match : Chris Adams vs. Ken Patera


Adams kept peppering Patera with kicks and chops throughout the match to try and soften him up for the Super Kick, but Patera just kept coming at him. Chaos erupted when the British Bullies charged out to interfere, but the ref spotted them and ordered them to go back to the locker room by threatening them with suspension. However, during this distraction, someone came out of the crowd and dropped Adams hard throat first onto the top rope. It was Dynamite Kid, making his return to the AWA! While Adams was staggered, Patera executed the shoulder breaker and scored the three count. The crowd looked on in shock as Dynamite and the Sinister Syndicate celebrated sending Adams out of the AWA.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. Death Sentence


British Steel won by countout when Regal hit Gaylord with the Iron Fist Punch, sending him toppling out of the ring and onto Kevin Sullivan.


AWA Southern Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Bill Dundee


Zenk caught Dundee charging into the corner with a Super Kick, successfully defending his title


AWA World Title Match : Rick Steamboat © vs. Harley Race


Steamboat defeated the former NWA World Champion with a top rope flying cross body press

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Catching up. So much happening in the AWA. Guerreros win back their 6 man titles! Looks like the Bock/Saito/Larry Z faction is coming to an end. Hall, Tonga Kid, and of course Super Vader are on some hot streaks. I think we're going to get a Steamboat/Vader title match soon. Speaking of Steamboat, he's really knocking off some series challenges from the likes of Orton and Race. I liked the Orton/Kabuki match ups. Leo Burke finally dethrones Garvin for the Canadian title. I really enjoyed that feud. Adams sends Blackwell packing then he suffers the same fate against Patera. The big news there is Dynamite Kid! I really thought Death Sentence was going to win the straps but British Steel fights off the challenge. Zenk is having a solid reign as Southern Champ. Badd Co. and Sheepherders are having some great brawls as are Youngbloods and Can Am's. You know you have something special here when I haven't even mentioned Jake and Piper yet. The AWA is pretty amazing right now. 

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8 minutes ago, SirEdger said:

Conveniently fitting final opponent for Ron Garvin in the AWA against Fit Finlay. No doubt that there has to be many bruises on both men's bodies after this one!

I had originally intended for Garvin's final match to be the title loss to Burke. Then I realized that I had a dream match (for me) that I had not run and one last chance to fit it in, so I gave him one more match in Calgary.

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