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The National Wrestling Alliance presents: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Presented from the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles, California!

September 7, 1995


We open to the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles with a capacity house as the NWA has been reborn! The lights go down and then we hear some western music and out of the back walks none other than… DUSTY RHODES!


Dusty Rhodes 97.jpg


Dusty Rhodes: Ladies and gentlemen… I want to welcome you to the rebirth… I want to welcome you to the revolution…. I want to welcome you the National Wrestling Alliance and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Dusty Rhodes and daddy I am walking tall, taking names, and kickin booty! I want to tell you people a story… I want to tell you about the oldest governing body in professional wrestling and how it got pushed to the wayside by a billion dollar television conglomerate. I want to tell you about a championship built that was $50,000 to carry but worth millions of dollars to hold. I want to tell you about a dream, if you will, that has become a reality in the city of angels!


{The crowd is giving Dusty some real love here}


Dusty Rhodes: Now when you look at the history of the NWA you will see some of the greatest champions in the history of this sport. You will see some of the toughest battles and the bloodiest feuds and that’s what we are bringing back right here with the Rebirth! I want to introduce you to two men right now… first off the man who is going to be calling the action… a man who knows a thing or two about a thing or two… ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Scott Hudson!


Scott Hudson.jpg


{Scott Hudson waves from the announcer's booth…}


Dusty Rhodes: His partner in crime if you will…someone who isn’t afraid to take it to another level and let you know what is going down baby… for the first time ever… ladies and gentlemen… SUNNY!


Sunny 11.jpg


Dusty: Now I am ready for a great night… I am ready to kick the NWA off in the right direction…We are going to be putting together something special for the NWA World Heavyweight title...


{Then we hear some music and out walks Jesse the Body Ventura! Jesse comes out to a huge pop and the fans are going wild here in LA. Jesse Ventura walks right down and steps in the ring...}


Jesse Ventura 94.jpg


Dusty: What do you need here Jess?


Jesse Ventura: That will be Mr. Ventura Dusty Rhodes… you see...every sheriff has to answe to someone… and here in the NWA… you Sheriff Rhodes are going to be answering to me!


{Crowd pops}


Jesse Ventura: I know you have a history of putting your own agendas in front of everyone else… and because of that I am going to do some checks and balances if you will. This is my town… this is Hollywood… I am the man who made wrestling famous in LA and I am going to bring it back again…  but because of that I can’t be here week in and week out. I will always be watching but I am going to have a deputy. I am going to have someone around to make sure you just don’t pull rank and do whatever you want.


Dusty Rhodes: Who is that gonna be?


Jesse: He will be here next week with me… but I wanted to bring someone out right now… someone that you know very well. Someone you have had a history with… someone who I think is a world championship contender...


{Then we hear some generic music and the crowd stirs as Steve Austin walks out to the ring and he isn’t stunning right now… Jesse Ventura walks past him and shakes his hand as Austin is pissed right now heading into the ring...}


Steve Austin 5.jpg


Dusty Rhodes: What do you need out here Steve? I didn’t know we finalized things to have you around...


Steve Austin: That’s funny Dusty… I haven’t been scheduled to do much of anything for quite some time. I mean hell… when you were in charge down in WCW, I wasn’t scheduled to do much other than show up on the C show… now you’re here in the NWA and hell… I am not scheduled. I don’t thank too many men but damn son… Jesse Ventura saw something… he saw enough to give me a chance and here I am… something you never saw...


Dusty Rhodes: Brother we don’t need to bring up the past…


Steve Austin: See that’s where you're wrong there sheriff… you see the past kind of develops who you are as a person and hell son...I am a pissed off person and I have been for a long time.


Dusty Rhodes: Let me tell you something right now… it is not the time… you gotta talk to me… you do it in the back…


Steve Austin: I don’t have too many words for you Dusty… I would rather just kick your ass…


{Dusty and Austin are now eye to eye and then we hear some different music and now we see…. BRIAN PILLMAN! We also see some officials come down….}


Brian Pillman 14.jpg


Dusty: Alright, fellas… what do we got going on here?


Brian Pillman: Well big Dust… I have a lot of the same issues that Steve here has… but I am not going to come out here and complain like him… I am out here to do something. You see you were about to talk about the NWA World Title and I would love the chance to show that I am championship material.


Steve Austin: Listen there Brian… there’s a reason we weren’t a tag team for too long… that’s because you aren’t championship material…


Brian Pillman: That’s funny you say that Steve… the way I see it… you were always in my shadow and it was just too much for you to swallow… hence me breaking things off…


Steve Austin: Well like the sheriff says… the past is the past and the future is now and I can tell you that you have got an ass whooping in your future if you keep running your mouth!


Dusty Rhodes: Hold it fellas… hold it… this may be the old west… I may be the sheriff… but there will be some law and order… and that means you will follow the law of the land and that law says that if you got an issue: you settle it in the ring and tonight… you two are going to be right back here and boys… we will see who has got championship material and who just don’t!




Todd Hudson: Welcome back to NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Sunny... it is a honor to be sitting next to you and calling all the action…


Sunny: The pleasure is mine Hudson… and just so you and everyone else out here knows… I will only be available between shooting my next Hollywood blockbusters…


Todd Hudson: Hopefully those won’t be too far apart…. But Sunny  we have to talk about Rebirth… the NWA is back… Dusty Rhodes is the new sheriff in town…


Sunny: Well Rhodes may be calling the shots but I hear that there is someone else really calling the shots who is telling him how to steer the ship… and that is Jesse Ventura!


Todd Hudson: It may look that way...I wonder who the deputy will be?


Sunny: I told him I would gladly take the job… I am the world’s first female commentator and I might as well call the shots anyways...


Todd Hudson: Sunny it is your world and we’re just living in it…


Sunny: Don’t forget it…


Todd Hudson: With that fans, let’s head to the ring for our opening contest.


One Fall - 15-minutes

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

-These two guys come out to good ovations. Both have a cult following and have got some fanfare here. We see both men test the other and they pull out all the stops. We see Eddie fly around the ring and Benoit show off his technical skills. The highlight is seeing Benoit outside the ring and Eddie run and jump up on the top rope and dive with a high cross body into the aisleway! These guys bring it back in the ring as we hear Gary Michael Cappetta announce that we have less than 5-minutes remaining and these guys go balls to the wall. We see Eddie with a couple of huge forearms and then he hits a nasty brainbuster. He goes up top for a frog splash but Benoit moves and Eddie comes crashing down! Eddie works his way up and Benoit ducks a clothesline and grabs him for 1…..2…...3 German Suplexes and then he holds for the 4th and the 1…..2…...DING DING DING! We hit the 15-minute time limit and we end in a draw!  Both men get a standing O from the crowd as this has started off in grand fashion… more NWA action when we come back!




-We cut back to Hudson and Sunny who are putting over the first big match and the 15-minute draw. They also talk about the NWA World Champion Dan Severn and how he will fare here in the NWA. They put over tag team action here in the NWA and then we cut to the ring for our next contest…


One Fall - 15-minute Time Limit

The Headbangers vs Harlem Heat

-The Headbangers come out to try and mosh with this LA crowd but they aren’t overly big on it. The Harlem Heat get more pop than heat with the crowd. This one goes about 8-minutes and we see some really good action from Booker T especially but it is the power of Stevie Ray that sets them apart. Then we see Mosh and Thrasher double up on Stevie to slow him down however a nasty low blow on Thrasher sets up Harlem Hangover from Booker T!  They get the cheap 3-count and the crowd is lukewarm.


-We then cut to the back and see a man standing against a wall… a barbed wire baseball bat comes down from his arm and then is pulled up the wall… he turns around… it is CACTUS JACK!


Cactus Jack 92.jpg




-Championship Wrestling is back with Hudson and Sunny as they put over the team of Harlem Heat. They talk about Cactus Jack and just how unpredictable he is and his presence in the NWA will be felt on many levels. We then cut to the ring for our next contest but before the camera pans away we see Hunter Helmsley and is he completely appalled by the crowd here in Hollywood. He says this is supposed to be the city of angels but it looks like the devil came and took a stool sample and it grew into this city and these people!


{The crowd then pops when out of the back walks Ahmed Johnson!}


Ahmed Johnson 10.jpg


-Ahmed comes over and he just stares at Helmsley who doesn’t flinch… Ahmed then goes in the ring for our next matchup…


One Fall 15-Minutes Time Limit

Ahmed Johnson vs Ryan Shaw

-This one goes about 2-minutes and that is because Ahmed was staring at Helmsley the entire time. Helmsley is sticking his nose up at him and snickering with Helmsley as Ahmed picks up Shaw for the Pearl River Plunge and the 3-count. He looks out at Helmsley and challenges him to get in the ring but Helmsley backs up and just smiles… he are winning in the mental game but that won’t last long if it gets physical with Ahmed!


-We then cut to another little video and this one sees a fire… it is getting brighter and bigger and then it goes out…. And from the ashes we see a head...covered in flames!


Bam Bam Bigelow 4.jpg




-CWH is back with Sunny and Hudson putting over our main event and also how next week we will see the return of the NWA Heavyweight Champion… Dan the Beast Severn. Plus we hear that Ted Dibiase will be here with what he calls the NEXT NWA CHAMPION! Right now we head to the ring for our main event.



Brian Pillman vs Steve Austin

-A fun dynamic with these two guys who work the crowd into a frenzy to get going. This is the ECW style Austin who looks like he could care less and then the 95 Halloween Havoc Pillman who is just an absolute wild man. They start to work over one another but before too long the fight goes outside the ring and then we see the referee get pushed to the ground by Austin. He gets back up but then Pillman runs him into the guardrail. We see another official come out and try to break this up but now Austin nails him with a nasty right hand and he goes down. We hear the sound of the bell a 3 more officials come out and Dusty Rhodes then comes down to break it up… he grabs the microphone…


Dusty: Listen to me… listen to me… I am not sending referees out here to get assaulted… you boys gotta find a way to solve this thing….


{Pillman yells for Dusty to take over…}


Dusty: Well maybe I will do that… we are outta time this week… but next week… in this ring… I will be the sheriff and you two gonna duke it out… there will be a winner!


-A fun end to the program with Austin just going off on Rhodes and yelling at him while Pillman continues to try and hit at him. These two will do work next week in a one on one match but this time Dusty Rhodes will be the one to try and control the action. See you next week!

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Pretty strong roster. Some fun introduction angles with Austin/Pillman obviously being a headliner.

Ahmed looks primed to cause some destruction. HHH not flinching in 1995? He's got a few years before he gets that ego. He better mind his Ps and Qs here at his size in 1995. Ahmed will eat him alive.

Fun Bam Bam vignette. Very creative.

As soon as I saw "15 minute time limit" with Benoit and Guerrero I thought to myself there's no way this thing has a finish. I was happy to see the draw. Leaves things open ended for the future. They were able to showcase their body of work for a full 15 of TV time, something not too many young guys were able to do back in that era.

I was a huge fan of Scott Hudson in Global and was happy when he came to WCW. Good to see him being used as the lead commentator. 

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NWA showed they're a serious player in Dawn of War! Awesome debut. Dusty as Sheriff, Jessie calling the shots and Sunny on commentary. A frustrated Austin feuding with an unhinged Pillman...YES! Booking an Eddie/Benoit match to kick your show off in the ring is genius. Harlem Heat will be a dominating force here. Liked the Cactus and Bam Bam hype segments. Ahmed makes an impactful debut and it looks like Hunter wants to play some games with him. He might regret that. Exciting show. I'm really interested in seeing Severn's title reign here. 

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Quite the debut here....great stuff with Dusty.  Austin and Pillman is certainly a fun way to main event the first show to give it an unpredictable feel.

In '95, I was 18 years old and no doubt Sunny would have had me glued to the TV each week!

I agree Eddie vs. Benoit is a great way to set the bar on action for the first show.

Also, like the video for Bam Bam.

NWA coming in hot in '95!

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The National Wrestling Alliance presents: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Presented from the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles, California!

September 14, 1995


{We get an opening segment of Dusty Rhodes welcoming Dan the Beast Severn to the arena. We see the NWA World Title and Dusty says he has got some big plans for the title and wants to hear just who the beast is looking at for the next challenger.}


{We then see another scene in which a limo pulls up… out walks Ted Dibiase but he is not alone… what is going to have on CWH tonight?}


-Scott Hudson and Sunny welcome us to the arena and put over the big night of action. Tonight we’ll see Chris Jericho in action along with Bam Bam Bigelow. Plus the big main event of Steve Austin vs Brian Pillman with Dusty Rhodes as the referee… what a night it will be but right now here comes the Sheriff… Dusty Rhodes and he is with the NWA Champion!

Dusty Rhodes 97.jpgDan Severn.jpg


Rhodes and Severn enter the ring and the fans are very big on the Beast but what is there to be excited about? Rhodes and Severn put over the history of the NWA title and talk about all the great champions in the past and how this title has been held by anyone who is anyone in this industry. With the Rebirth of the NWA coming to fruition… Dusty Rhodes thinks it is time to see who is the best in the world and Dan Severn thinks it is him. The Beast says he is will to face anyone to prove that he’s the best. Dusty says that he has spoken to the officials in the NWA and he has made the motion that over the next couple of weeks we will see a tournament with the top 16 wrestlers in the NWA with the winner being crowned the NWA Champion… fans seem confused… but then Dusty says that the title is always on the line because Dan the Beast Severn has entered the tournament and will be the number one seed! The Beast says he has won tournaments in the past and he will prove to everyone his might when he defends the title all the way through the tournament and walks away with the championship.

Terry Gordy 96.jpgTed DiBiase 9.jpgSteve Williams.jpgSid Vicious.jpg


-Then we see Ted Dibiase walk out and he is not alone with Sid, Terry Gordy, and Steve Williams. They come out to a chorus of boos from the fan and really have got some food heat on them as Dibiase enters the ring…


Rhodes questions their motives but Dibiase says he is here for a purpose… he is here to introduce the world to the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion… SID! He says he knows about Rhodes’ plans for the tournament and he will do whatever is needed in order for Sid to walk out of the tournament with the title. Dibiase then asks Rhodes when he was going to talk about the tag team titles…. This goats Rhodes to say that in three weeks, on September 29th, there will be a 14-team tournament and the new NWA Tag Team Champions will be crowned in which Dibiase responds again that it will be Gordy and Williams and if Rhodes has got a problem with it… they will solve it. Sid and Severn go eye to eye as Rhodes says anything can happen and he will make sure it does when the brackets are released on October 5th for the NWA World Title Tournament!


{We see Steve Austin looking at the monitor and he just snuffs it off and walks off with a pissed off look on his face…}




-Jesse Ventura is in the back and he is talking with Dusty Rhodes…


Jesse: Already Dusty? Already there are problems?


Dusty: We’ve got some explosive identities here in the NWA Jesse… I think that when you get a group like this together anything can happen baby…


Jesse: That’s exactly my point… we’re here for good things. I am excited for the tournament… but I don’t know if it has what I want in terms of contenders… I am going to be heading out for a couple of weeks and scout some talent… in my stead I am introducing you to my deputy… JIMMY HART


Jimmy Hart 3.jpg


{Dusty shakes his head and walks off while Jesse tells Jimmy to make sure he doesn’t get out of line… Jesse will be back in October and he is going to get things really cooking when he comes back!


-Hudson and Sunny put over the two big title tournaments and the shocking news that Dan Severn will defend the title all the way through the tournament… what a moment that will be to see. They put over Jimmy Hart as the deputy here in the NWA and how will he mesh with Dusty Rhodes? They put over the issue from last week with Helmsley and Ahmed Johnson.


Benny King vs Hunter Helmsley

-A good showcase Helmsley who is an American  blue bloods through and through. We see him work over King and finish them him with the PEDIGREE!


-Helmsley walks over over to Hudson and Sunny. He promises to bring the gold back to the Queen where it belongs and he doesn’t care if scum like Ahmed Johnson gets in his way. He will put him in his place right where he belongs…




{We return to CWH with footage from Mexico of La Parka and Psicosis. They are shown doing some crazy stunts and vicious moves that light up the crowd.}


-Hudson and Sunny put over the talent from around the world that will be here in the NWA and how Dusty Rhodes has found so many great ones to come and take part and just who Jesse Ventura will bring back with him. One of the best prospects is a young man from Canada who has worked in Mexico and Japan and throughout the United States. We get to see him in action right now as we head to the ring.


Chris Jericho vs Lance Wilder

-A great showcase for Jericho who gets over with the crowd pretty easily with the long hair and vocal style. He looks like a rockstar and acts like one too and the fans eat it up. He handles Wilder with ease and lights up the crowd with the Lionsault for the victory.


-He makes motions out to the fans but then looks in the aisle way and he notices Lance Storm standing there with a sour look on his face… from behind him it is Chris Candido! Candido whispers something to Storm and they walk off. Jericho doesn’t look happy as Sunny and Hudson put it over...




-We return to CWH with Sunny in the back and she is joined by Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs… the American Males! They put over the clubbing scene here in Los Angeles and talk about all the beautiful women. They point out they all pale in comparison to Sunny. Then we see Alex Wright come into the scene and he is dancing around saying that Los Angeles is hot but it has nothing on Berlin. Riggs and Bagwell brush it off as Sunny seems interested...


Bam Bam Bigelow vs Jimmy Jackson

-We are told this is supposed to be Buddy Landel but he has yet to arrive to the arena. Bam Bam is over like rover right now and he handles Jackson with ease. The highlight is the moonsault off the top rope for the 3-count. Bam Bam makes a name for himself here and he is a contender in the NWA!


{We cut to the back where Buddy Landel is showing up late trying to get into the arena. Security isn’t letting him in and saying that the show has started. Budrow isn’t too happy with what has gone on here and grabs his bags to get back in his car and speed off…}




-CWH is back with Hudson and Sunny putting over the night and all the big names we’ve seen coming into the NWA. They talk about how next week we will see the team of Chris Candido and Lance Storm in action.  Plus we will have Cactus Jack here along with six-man tag team action with Gordy, Williams, and Sid. Right now we’ve got a return match for our main event as we head to the ring…




Brian Pillman vs Steve Austin

-Hudson and Sunny lay it all out on the table with Dusty being the referee. He is going to be double tough out there and he showcases his authority early on. We see a little catch as catch can with Pillman and Austin who have some fun in the ring trying to one up one another but neither coming out ahead. Dusty is trying to keep them going but both men continue to posture and work the fans. Austin gets right in Dusty’s face as says something to which Rhodes looks out to the crowd and threatens to hit Austin but nothing doing. We see the men continue to a little series with both men working the arms and then they crash into Rhodes. Dusty pushes both men back and now it is Pillman in Rhodes face. Dusty backs him off and Austin with a roll up for a 2-count and now Austin is in his face. Dusty is starting to get riled up now but stays level enough. Then it happens… Pillman gets behind Dusty and is trying to get at Austin but he ends up grabbing his arms and Steve Austin comes with a right hand and just CLOCKS Dusty Rhodes! Pillman and Austin just lay into Rhodes like they were stomping a mudhole dry and Dusty is in a bad way!


-The scene continues with Austin and Pillman kicking and stomping on Rhodes. The crowd is indifferent with some cheering and some booing. Hudson and Sunny put it over and can’t believe what is going on but then we hear an eruption when out of the back runs Dustin Rhodes!


Dustin Rhodes 93.jpg


-Dustin Rhodes is here and he comes to make the save on his father! Austin and Pillman leave the ring and work the fans. Jimmy Hart is out here trying to get control… The crowd is heating up for this one as Hudson and Sunny send us off with Dusty Rhodes laying in the ring a battered mess...

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WOW! What a show, with an absolute kickass main event between Austin & Pillman. I think what I loved most about your episode is the subtle stuff you put at the end of some segments (Austin dismissing Dusty's opening promo; Candido getting in the ear of Storm after Jericho's match; the Buddy Landell thing) that makes you want to come back for more. One would argue also that Dustin Rhodes will play a major part in the NWA going forward! :)

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Man, this show was full of excitement! Lot's of awesome stories being developed. Severn defending his title in the tournament is so unique and anything can happen there. If Severn wins the tournament then he will be the true beast for sure. LOL, Jimmy Hart as the deputy will make for some entertaining TV. Cant wait to see what talent Jessie brings to the NWA. Dibiase has put together one monstrous stable! Sid going after the title and Gordy/Williams going after the tag titles-WOW! Liked the little segments involving Jericho/Storm/Candido, Males/Wright and especially liked the Landel part LOL. This is some fun mid card stuff. Bigelow and Hunter have strong showings. What an ending! The Blondes are back! Dustin run in and Dusty laid out. You will defiantly have fans tuning in next week. 

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The National Wrestling Alliance presents: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Presented from the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles, California!

September 21, 1995


Dustin Rhodes 93.jpg

{We open to a scene with Dustin Rhodes looking down at the camera and we hear him say that Austin and Pillman have to pay for what they did to his father. Dusty may be retired but Dustin is in his prime and tonight Austin and Pillman are primed for a whopping from the Rhodes!}


Hunter Hearst Helmsley 2.jpg

{We cut to a scene of Hunter Helmsley sipping tea… he puts over how tonight Ahmed Johnson is going to get a lesson in manners and it will be one he won’t soon forget!}


Steve Austin 5.jpgBrian Pillman 14.jpg

{We cut to another scene with Pillman and Austin laughing about the incident last week. They put over how they can’t be blamed for their actions… being held down for so long made them just JUMP at the opportunity to put Rhodes right where he belongs!}


Sunny 96.jpgScott Hudson.jpg

-We cut to Hudson and Sunny putting over the big night of action. They talk about the main event of Helmsley taking on Ahmed Johnson!  They put over the six-man with Gordy, Williams, and Sid in action. Plus we will see the team of Lance Storm and Chris Candido… right now we’ve got Harlem Heat… let’s go to the ring!


Mike Michaels & Stephen Thompson vs Harlem Heat

-A good match for Harlem Heat who come out to a mixed reaction. We see them handle these two with ease and hit the big Harlem Hangover for the 3-count.


-Before our commercial break we see Dustin Rhodes walking past Harlem Heat… he steps into the ring…




-We return with Dustin Rhodes in the ring and he calls out Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. They walk out to some nice heat and we get a little confrontation between the three with Pillman and Austin telling Dustin that their dad deserved everything he got and if they had a couple more minutes they would have done more. If Dustin wants more of the same then he will get it. Dustin says he isn’t dumb enough to fight two men at once but knows he can take on one or the other. He tells them to choose and meet him out here next week for the fight of their life! Hudson and Sunny put it over as Dustin backs off from the fight in the ring to build to the fight next week!


{We then cut to a special video of Hakushi who will be a special attraction in the NWA!}






-Hudson and Sunny are back putting over the issue with the Rhodes’ and Austin and Pillman. We will find out who faces Dustin later on but right now we’ve got tag team action...


Max Ryan & Joey Wolfe vs Lance Storm & Chris Candido

-Storm and Candido look awesome out here and finish these guys off with a nice crescent kick from Storm and a bridging German Suplex from Candido for the 3-count!




Cactus Jack 92.jpg

-We are back with Sunny who is looking o so fine with little to nothing left to the imagination and she is joined by Cactus Jack. They put over his return to the NWA and he talks about the history of the NWA World Title… Thesz, O’Conner, Funk, Brisco, Race, Flair, and soon… Cactus Jack Bang Bang! He says he will get involved in the title in anyway he can and he will sacrifice any body part and every muscle to show why he is the champion of champions!


Brent Hope, Steve Young, & Chris Nash vs Sid, Terry Gordy, & Steve Williams w/ Ted Dibiase

-A great six-man with some solid work here. Dibiase’s men just beat the piss out of these guys and we see Sid powerbomb all three of them for the victory. He makes the sign for the NWA title… he is definitely a favorite heading into the tournament.




-We return to CWH with Hudson and Sunny putting over the night’s action and they pump up next week’s show when we will see Eddie Guerrero and Psicosis one on one in our main event. Plus we’ll hear from Dustin Rhodes who says he will challenge Steve Austin or Brian Pillman! Right now we get to see something that has been brewing over the last couple of weeks… it is Ahmed Johnson taking on Hunter Helmsley!



Ahmed Johnson vs Hunter Helmsley

-A big time main event for CWH this week with Helmsley working the crowd and almost a “Memphis” style of stalling just to goat Johnson into a fight and that’s what it turns into. We see Ahmed try to brawl but Helmsley is able to juke and jive away but when Ahmed gets his hands on him the crowd explodes! Ahmed grabs him and we see Helmsley bump all over the place for the big man. With limited television time remaining we see these guys hurry into the final flurry with Helmsley reaching into his tights and he’s got something on his hand and when Johnson runs Helmsley just CLOCKS him right between the eyes and Johnson falls out of the ring to the floor. Helmsley tries to get the referee to count faster and we get the 10-count. He is celebrating like he won the world title but out of the back comes none other than Ron Simmons!


Ron Simmons 92.jpg

-Simmons comes out and he is talking to Mark Curtis… he is telling him to check Helmsley! Helmsley is trying to hide when Curtis checks him but then Simmons grabs his hands and shows it to Curtis who goes to GMC and he announces that the decision has been reversed and Ahmed Johnson is the winner via DQ! The crowd pops as Ahmed gets back up to his feet and he makes chase for Helmsley who runs up the aisle! The crowd pops and we’ll be back for more next week!



As a group we decided to get the 1986 game revamped with some changes and get it going again. With that the Dawn of War game would be sacrificed. I did however write shows out until November... so I will keep this as a small side project and post what I've got. I hope everyone enjoys it and looks forward to what we have cooked up to get the 1986 game to new levels. 

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The National Wrestling Alliance presents: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Presented from the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles, California!

September 28, 1995


{We open to a scene of Dustin Rhodes taping his fists... he has street clothes on and he doesn’t look happy…}


{We see footage of Ted Dibiase spreading some money around out of a haliburton to Sid, Gordy, and Williams… he closes the briefcase and then we see Bubba Rogers…}


{Hunter Helmsley points out how he is sick and tired of guys like Ahmed Johnson and Ron Simmons sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong… tonight he is going to even the odds!}


{Then we see Austin and Pillman who are in the back with a couple of drinks and they look at the television and we see footage of them beating down Dusty Rhodes…}


-Championship Wrestling from Hollywood opens this week with Sunny and Scott Hudson putting over the last couple of weeks here in the NWA. They talk about the big NWA World Tag Team Title tournament tomorrow night right here in Los Angeles as the Pico Rivera Sports Arena. We will find out each of the teams later on in this broadcast plus we will hear the status of Dusty Rhodes and just who will be fighting Dustin Rhodes tonight!


Bobby Eaton & Brad Armstrong vs Harlem Heat

-A fun opener with these four guys coming out and leaving it all in the ring. We hear that both teams will be involved tomorrow night in the tournament and that Harlem Heat along with Gordy and Williams have received first round byes due to their title history! We see Eaton and Armstrong really put together a good fight but in the end it is a nasty axe kick on Eaton by Booker T which leads to the victory.




{We return to Championship Wrestling with footage of the Headbangers moshing around with a big group of people and then it turns into a fight and we see the Headbangers clean house…}


Smoking Guns vs Grant Rose & Tommy Richards

-Sunny and Hudson put over this great team of the Smoking Guns and how they are really championship material. Billy and Bart look great and we see a nice Superplex from Billy on Richards for the pinfall. We then cut to the back where Sunny has gone to meet up with the Beast Dan Severn!


-Dan Severn is here with Sunny and they put over the big matchup with Bam Bam Bigelow tomorrow night for the NWA World Title. Severn says he has beat men all over the world and he has made everyone he’s faced tap… Bigelow will be no different. Bigelow them steps into the scene and he and Severn go eye to eye. Bigelow says that Severn is the Beast… but Bigelow is the Beast from the East and when it comes to the battle of the Beasts… he will show everyone why he’s the true Beast and the next NWA Champion!




{We see another incident of Buddy Landel showing up to the arena late. We see the officials say he missed his last match and was supposed to be in there against the Smoking Guns… Landel said he was late because he had to pick someone up at the airport… Hakushi gets out of the car in full gimmick with no English whatsoever. Landel is trying to communicate with him but we get nothing…}


Mike Rotundo vs Ahmed Johnson w/ Ron Simmons

-Rotundo is an NWA veteran and he’s up there against a man who is on a meteoric rise here in the NWA. Ron Simmons is out as his mentor of sorts and we see Rotundo do some decent work but in the end it is the Pearl River Plunge and the 3-count. Simmons and Johnson celebrate… but we cut to a scene in the back...


{We cut to footage of Hunter Helmsley sipping tea and he critiques Ahmed Johnson's match saying that he just doesn’t have what it takes to compete at his level Helmsley points out how he doesn’t have time for the likes of Johnson and Ron Simmons and instead he is going to let his enforcer… KAMA be the one to deal with that kind of rif raf!}


{We then see footage of Ted Dibiase and his crew walking down the ring… we’ll hear from them when we get back!}




-Championship Wrestling is back and we’ve got Jimmy Hart out here and he is with Ted Dibiase and his crew of Sid, Gordy, Williams, and now we see Bubba Rogers holding the Haliburton… Jimmy Hart then says that because Dusty Rhodes has been out of action he is the one in control and because of that he is going to announce the 14 teams in the tournament tomorrow night… here is the list…


Harlem  Heat

Miracle Violence Connection








Psicosis/La Parka

Smoking Guns

Brad Armstrong/Bobby Eaton

Chris Jericho/Lazer Tron

Paul Orndorff/Mike Rotundo


-Jimmy Hart explains that Harlem Heat and Gordy and Williams will get a bye due to their previous title history and it will be single elimination. We then hear from Dibiase who says he is going to bet everything on Gordy and Williams… they are the Miracle Violence Connection and in this tournament they are money in the bank! He then says that is should be Sid getting the shot at Dan Severn tomorrow night and he thinks Bam Bam Bigelow is nothing but second rate. He tried to change him and make him something special but Bigelow didn’t have what it took. He is a wasted opportunity and it is Sid who should get the shot. We have a lot of heat for these guys as we will be back with our main event…




-We’re back with Sunny and Hudson really pumping up the tag title tournament and then the big main event tonight. They say we will still hear from Dustin Rhodes… but right now we have got action with Psicosis and Eddie Guerrero…



Eddie Guerrero vs Psicosis

-An instant classic with these two leaving everything out there for the fans tonight. We get some real lucha style love with a lot of spots and then they slow it down. Guerrero may be one of the best in the world right now. This one starts to break down when Psicosis takes Eddie outside the ring and throws him into the guardrail but a fans looks like they grab Guerrero… thats La Parka! La Parka is here and he is choking out Guerrero! The crowd can’t believe it as officials come down but the fight continues until we see Chris Benoit run out and he starts hammering away at Psicosis and La Parka. They back off and go up the aisle a bit as Benoit gets Guerrero backup… this one is far, far from over…


-Sunny is putting over the issue with these four before Hudson stops her and we see Dustin Rhodes walking out… we have to take a quick break but we’ll be right back!




-Rhodes is back in the ring and he is in there with Jimmy Hart… Hart is telling him that Austin and Pillman have left the arena… there won’t be a fight… they are ready for the tournament tomorrow night! Rhodes says he doesn’t believe Jimmy Hart and just like his daddy says… Hart is a snake in the grass and he won’t trust him… he says he is calling out Pillman and Austin or he is going to go in the back and find them! Hart is trying to stop him but Rhodes pushes him down and then he starts to walk towards the back...


{Rhodes gets into the back while the camera follows him… he is yelling for Pillman and Austin and then he goes out into the garage area as they are getting in the car! Rhodes comes over and he starts to throw hands. We have got a short brawl but Pillman and Austin team up on him and stomp him down… they jump in the car and then try to leave the arena but Rhodes makes another leap towards them and THEY HIT DUSTIN RHODES IN THE CAR! He goes flying over the hood as they speed off… Rhodes is being helped by the officials… what in the hell is going on here?}


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NWA LIVE from The Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Los Angeles

September 29, 1995



Round 1

Harlem Heat gets a bye


Headbangers vs Bagwell/Riggs

-A pretty fun opening contest of sorts here with two sides of the coin with the clubbers and the bangers. This is a pretty fast paced contest but in the end we see the clubbers of Bagwell and Riggs get the victory with the help of Alex Wright who comes out to dance and cause a distraction.


Eddie/Benoit vs Hakushi/Landel

-The comedy routine of Hakushi and Landel continues here with neither man being able to communicate with the other. We see some very good action with Hakushi in there but he isn’t enough for Eddie and Benoit who look great tonight and get the victory.


Lazer Tron/Chris Jericho vs Candido/Storm

-Another oddball pairing of Lazer Tron and Jericho who are about to go at one another at the drop of a dime but it is Candido and Storm who really look good here. They are a solid group who isolates Lazer Tron and when he goes for the big tag to Jericho the referee misses it and that gives Candido and Storm a chance to double up on Lazer Tron and a nasty crescent kick from Storm finishes Lazer Tron while Jericho is late for the save!


Miracle Violence Connection w/ Ted Dibiase get a bye


Smoking Guns vs Paul Orndorff/Mike Rotundo

-The Guns come out blazing against two real veterans of the NWA here. The finish sees Orndorff cold cock Rotundo who can’t seem to get in the right spot and Billy Gunn comes out of nowhere with a standing legdrop (fame-asser) on Rotundo for the 3-count!


Brad Armstrong/Bobby Eaton vs Pillman/Austin

-Heat of the night goes to Austin and Pillman who have just taken the NWA by storm over recent weeks. They have led a crusade if you will against Dusty Rhodes and tonight is no different. We get some great action from Brad Armstrong and Bobby Eaton plays a great utility role and we see the match of the round but in the end it is a double team and a low blow on Eaton that ends things when Pillman rolls him up with a handful of tights.


Ahmed/Simmons vs Psicosis/La Parka

-Another mismatch in terms of the teams here. The strength of Ron Simmons and Ahmed Johnson just destroys these two lucha stars who try to keep things going but just can’t seem to get right. A spinebuster by Simmons on Psicosis spells the end and it looks like it shook the ring!


Round 2

Bagwell/Riggs vs Harlem Heat

-The luck of the clubbers runs out tonight when Harlem Heat gets on the scene. They look great and primed for the titles as they handle these two with ease and get the victory.


Eddie/Benoit vs Candido/Storm

-Perhaps the match of the second round here. We see them go 18 of the 20 minute time limit and it is full of suplexes and awesome tag team work. The finish sees Storm go for the crescent kick but Benoit ducks and nails him with a German Suplex and out of nowhere comes Eddie Guerrero with a frog splash for the 3-count!


Miracle Violence Connection w/ Ted Dibiase vs The Smoking Guns

-A pretty anticipated matchup. These two teams match up well on paper but the Guns need a some more work to get at their level. Mira Vio doesn’t come out here to play and Dibiase has got them primed. We see Billy Gunn run at Gordy who backdrops him over his back and the ropes but the referee misses it. Billy tries to argue but then Steve Williams comes out of nowhere with a nasty boot to the skull and then Gordy comes with a knee drop for the 3-count!


Ahmed/Simmons vs Pillman/Austin

-This one has a lot of heat. Pillman and Austin are pushing the limits here with the LA crowd and Ahmed and Simmons have got them by their side. We see a great 12-minute match and it looks like Pillman and Austin are going to get the win but out of nowhere comes Dustin Rhodes and he distracts Pillman enough for Ahmed to turn him around for a PEARL RIVER PLUNGE! 1...2….3!!!


Bobby Eaton vs Hunter Helmsley w/ Kama

-A simple showcase contest to keep things moving here. Hunter has got some nice heat and looks good in the ring. Kama is definitely a force outside the ring and we see him get involved a time or two. He is definitely someone who is in line for title contention when his time comes.. He finishes Eaton with the Pedigree and the 3-count.



Harlem Heat vs Eddie/Benoit

-This one shows off the endurance of Eddie and Benoit who have already fought twice tonight and now go up against the number one seed of the tournament. This one has a 30-minute time limit and these guys go 15-minutes and we see two of the best teams in the tournament get pushed to the limit. The finish sees Stevie Ray use his power but it is the speed of Guerrero that leads to him being out of place and Benoit nails him with a nasty dropkick right to the jaw that puts him down and out. Booker T comes out of nowhere with an axe kick on Benoit but Eddie comes out over and grabs him for a hurricanrana with a roll up for the 1...2...3!!


Miracle Violence Connection w/ Ted Dibiase vs Ahmed/Simmons

-Talk about the beef… these teams have got it. They have Benoit and Eddie in front of them but right now we see a hard hitting match that goes about 12-minutes. We see some serious bombs thrown. The finish seems Hunter Helmsley comes out and that drags Ahmed out of the contest but then Simmons is doubled up by Gordy and Williams. They run at him but now we see Simmons backdrop Williams over the top rope and Charles Robinson has to call the DQ! Mira Vio moves on with Ted Dibiase celebrating...



Dan Severn © vs Bam Bam Bigelow

-A pretty big defense for Severn here as Bigelow is one of the top contenders for the NWA World Title in the tournament. Here we see both men go around 21-minutes. At moments it does drag but the action heats up when we see Sid come out with Dibiase. They are gloating and trying to get attention. Sid ends up grabbing Bigelow’s leg but Bam Bam is able to shake it off. Severn gets control but then Sid starts yelling at him. That all turns when Bam Bam gets control again and he goes up top… but this time instead of jumping on Severn he leaps and clotheslines Sid! We have got a brawl outside the ring! The bell is ringing and the crowd is going wild here as Severn comes out to join the fight. We’ve got a three-way brawl as officials and agents come out...



Eddie/Benoit vs Miracle Violence Connection w/ Ted Dibiase

-The NWA World Tag Team Titles are on the line… these two teams don’t have a time limit… there are no dqs or countouts… there must be a winner! We see the best of both teams. We see Eddie and Benoit prove why they belong. We see them go blow for blow with Mira Viio but Williams and Gordy have some more experience together and their strength counteracts everything Benoit and Eddie bring… not to mention this is their 4th match of the night. At the 28-minute mark we see Benoit and Eddie in control but it all changes with a nasty foot to the head of Benoit. Meanwhile Gordy is put up on the top rope and seated for Eddie but Williams with a lariat out of nowhere! Williams picks up Eddie and gives him to Gordy who hits a powerbomb off the middle rope for the 3-count! We have NEW NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!



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