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ECW September 1995


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ECW Extreme TV

Airing the weekend of 9/7/95


(Rob Zombie Thunderkiss '65 opening montage rolls then cutting to Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Big Dick Dudley standing in front of the ECW banner)

Buh Buh: "My name is Buh….Buh….Buh….Buh…."



 (We cut to Joey Styles in front of a different ECW banner backstage)


Styles: "Ummm, while Buh Buh Ray Dudley is working on his intro, Hello and welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling….and right out of the gate we go now to the ring to…….Paul Heyman?"


(The fans in the ECW Arena are chanting 'EC-Dub…..EC-Dub…..EC-Dub" as Paul Heyman steps into the ring and takes the microphone from Joel Gertner)


Paul: "It's been a very crazy few weeks in the world of wrestling……all of a sudden the NWA is trying to rise from the ashes after Shane Douglas cast their worthless belt aside and ushered in the era of extreme, and started a REVOLUTION that has swept the wrestling world…bringing the underground into the living rooms of wrestling fans all over the world….but now Dusty Rhodes has broke out a shovel and dug up the dead, lifeless carcass of the NWA to try and bring it back and make it mean something again….meanwhile this has stirred up the powers that be over in WCW and now Eric Bischoff thinks he has what it takes to take over wrestling with Ted Turner's checkbook……and of course lest we not forget about that cartoon bull**** promotion known as the WWF…"

(suddenly before Paul can continue…a familiar voice comes over the house mic from out of the crowd we see Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, and Tracy Smothers)


Corny: "Paul Heyman, how about for once you shut your mouth before we show you who ISN'T from a cartoonish bull**** promotion!  For far too long you've come out here talking about your so called "revolution"…and how ECW invented "extreme"….You and I both know that's not the least bit true….what you've tried to pass off as "extreme"…..and what you call a "revolution" has been going on where we come from for 25 years and of course I'm talking about Memphis Wrestling!  You didn't invent anything Paul, like everything else in your life and career…YOU STOLE IT!!  You ripped it off from Memphis and brought it back up north where they've never in their life seen good wrestling!"


Heyman: (who is now standing on the floor as Cornette and Company have taken over the ring) "Who in the hell do you think you are coming into the ECW ARENA and disparaging what these fans have helped us build?? Where in the hell do you get off coming here making accusations……" (Cut off by Gilbert)


Gilbert: "I don't have to tell you who in the hell I am….you know who I am…..I'm Doug f***ing Gilbert the brother of the guy you ripped all of this off from!  Corny said you stole all this from Memphis but the truth of the matter is you stole everything you've ever done from my brother 'Hot Stuff' Eddie Gilbert!! You rode all over the South with him for years making notes and then stole EASTERN Championship Wrestling out from under him and then stole all his ideas and now you try to portray yourself as some sorta genius when the truth is you're just a 2nd rate con man from New York that's never had an original idea in your life!" 


Heyman: "Memphis isn't extreme….hardcore…maybe, but not extreme!"


Cornette: "Are you kidding me?? You mean to tell me the Moondogs weren't extreme?? Eddie Gilbert wasn't extreme?? Jerry Lawler?? Bill Dundee?? Onita??"

Heyman: "Three words prove Memphis isn't extreme…..Jeff F***ing Jarrett!!"


Cornette: "Well…I'll give you that one but…."


(Perfect Strangers from Deep Purple plays over the PA as Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko make their way out to ringside)

Cornette: "Shane, you forgot your skateboard, buddy."


Douglas: "First of all….I'm not your goddamn buddy!  Second of all, if you four hicks think you can stroll your ass into the ECW Arena and talk this kinda s*** and not suffer any consequences then you're dumber than your accents portray you to be."


Rich: "Hey kid, ain't nothin' between us but air and opportunity….if you and that midget you got with ya wanna get in here and get your ass whipped…..then step right up, boy cause we farred up and ready to fight!!!"


Douglas: "If we choose to…..Dean Malenko and myself could step in there and whip you USWA rejects just the two of us….but I was thinking….how about we make it an official match this weekend in Queens, New York….you three Memphis Goofs against the Triple Threat!"

Cornette: "Well unless you still have Johnny Ace stuck up your ass, I only see a 'Double Threat'…"


Smothers: "Hell Corny, I really don't see much of a threat at all…..I can't believe this is the best ECW has to fight their battles for them…"


Gilbert: "Well….since Tommy Dreamer SOLD OUT and left this company high and dry I guess this is the best they've got….the 'Double Threat'."


Douglas: "You don't worry about it…..we've got a brand new member of the Triple Threat and he'll be there in Queens and we'll send your sorry asses back to Memphis in a box!"




Promo for Saturday's Card in Queens, NY

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Lost Battalion Hall

Queens, NY

Saturday Sept 8, 1995

Bell Time: 8pm



ECW World Championship

The Sandman w/Woman


Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen





The Triple Threat (Douglas/Malenko/Mystery Partner)


The Memphis Mafia (Gilbert/Rich/Smothers)

w/Jim Cornette



ECW World Tag Team Championship

Raven/Stevie Richards


The Pitbulls w/Francine



ECW Television Championship

2 Cold Scorpio





Juventud Guerrera


Rey Mysterio Jr.


And more!!


(Cut to Buh Buh with Big Dick who is still trying to get out his show intro)

Buh Buh: "Buh…Buh….Buh…..Buh"


(Styles is looking at the monitor stunned)


Styles: "What just happened?? Wrestlers from Memphis just invaded the ECW Arena?? Can you believe some of the things they said?  Not to mention with Benoit leaving in this big shake up lately….who will be the 'mystery' third member of the Triple Threat?? I also have to wonder why did Shane Douglas have to come to the defense of ECW, where the hell is Tommy Dreamer?? What was Doug Gilbert talking about saying Tommy sold out?? So many questions, let's go to the ring!"




Rob Van Dam pinned Don E. Allen after a split legged moonsault



(Cut to the dressing room where the Sandman is pounding a beer while Woman talks to the camera)


Woman: "So, it looks like in Queens you'll be defending the ECW World Championship against Stan 'the Lariat' Hansen…a tough man no doubt….but no match for my Sandman…right?"


Sandman: "I'm the ECW Champion….it's going to take more than a cowboy who does a clothesline to beat me…..I'm going to send him back to Japan where he belongs."

(Sandman's friend and partner 2 Cold Scorpio steps into the frame)


Scorpio: "Sandy, you know I love yo' drunk ass but don't underestimate Stan Hansen, that's a bad dude….he's dangerous and he don't give a damn….you better bring it in Queens."


Woman: "Scorp is right Sandman….but Scorpio you've got your own problems with Sabu, so you just worry about that….we've got this covered, Woman ALWAYS has a plan."


Scorpio: "Hey….whatever you say Woman…..I've got a match to get ready for tonight…..see ya!"







The Pitbulls (#1/#2) w/Francine defeated The FBI (Damien Stone/JT Smith) with the Super Bomb when Pitbull #2 pinned Smith



(PG-13: JC Ice & Wolfie D are seen spray painting a wall with 'Public Enema Sucks' when they notice the camera)


JC: "Yo…Yo..Yo….Wolfie, we came all the way to Philly looking for those fake ass hood rat wannabes Public Enemy just to get told they've tucked their tails and ran to DUBYA C DUBYA cause they heard we were comin'."


Wolfie: "Ah hell Dundee, you know there ain't nobody in ECW more hood than we are boy!  Them posers knew they didn't wanna go toe to toe with some real G's like us!"


JC: "hahaha…Damn right Wolf….but we in tha house now and ain't nobody gonna step to us and it's just a damn good thing those losers ran off before we showed them how we do it in OUR hood!"








ECW World Television Championship

2 Cold Scorpio pinned Axl Rotten with a 450 splash

Post Match while Scorpio was celebrating his victory…..the lights went out…and when the lights came back on…..Sabu was standing in the ring face to face with Scorpio pointing to the ceiling as we fade into….


The ECW Pulp Fiction montage……


(Mikey Whipwreck standing in the dressing room)


Mikey: "I can't believe Tommy Dreamer let us all down…..he was my hero…..he was the guy that made me believe in myself and that ECW is a cause worth fighting for….but now….he let us all down…..he stopped fighting……he….sold out."

(Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Big Dick Dudley are still in front of the ECW Banner)


Buh Buh: "Buh….Buh….Buh….Buh"


(Raven/Stevie Richards are sitting on a park bench at night)


Stevie: "Raven, you've said it all along man…..Tommy Dreamer is not what these people think he is….you said it…that in the end he would let them down….and you were right…he sold out!"


Raven: "It was never a question…..there are no coincidences….there are no happy endings….heroes don't exist…..Tommy Dreamer did what all mere mortals do….he disappointed those who put their faith in him….but the irony is, he didn't disappoint me because I always knew he'd let you down….so in a weird way…I was the only one who had faith in him…..faith that he would prove himself to be the whore I always knew him to be….and so ends his revolution…..he sold his soul to Ted Turner and he took Beulah with him….yet, here I am…..the enemy….the martyr…..still here, still loyal….still the Raven….Nevermore.."


(The Gangstas are standing looking at the graffiti of PG-13)


New Jack: (laughing) "So these punk ass boys from Memphis came to Philly lookin' for two more mark ass  boys from Philly….to see who the real 'G's in wrestling are….G**dammit Mustafa I've done seen it all now….these boys said that NOBODY in ECW more HOOD than them??? Are you f***ing kidding me…..you boys better take yo fake ass back to Memphis because if the Gangstas find yo punk ass coming around OUR hood…..we gonna show you who the ONLY 'G's are….in ECW!!"


(Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Big Dick Dudley are STILL yet in front of the ECW banner)


Buh Buh: "Buh….Buh….Buh….Buh"



(Jim Cornette and the Memphis Mafia (Gilbert/Rich/Smothers) are outside the ECW Arena)


Cornette: "They said we wouldn't have the nerve to come to the ECW Arena but here we stand right outside this rancid dump and nobody but the Dynamic Dude himself Shane Douglas had the balls to confront us….well Shane you and your midget friend are going to regret confronting us because in Queens we're going to show you that Memphis is the birthplace of EXTREME and these guys were extreme when you were riding a skateboard and getting boo'd out of Philly with your butt buddy Johnny Ace! Bring whoever you want with you for a partner and it won't matter because you guys are going to go down quicker than Sunny on the Kliq's tour bus."


(And Still…Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Big Dick Dudley are standing in front of the ECW banner)

(Big Dick smacks Buh Buh in the back of the head)

Buh Buh: "Buh…Buh…Buh Buh Ray Dudley and WELCOME TO ECW!!!"

(Big Dick shakes his head and walks away while Buh Buh is smiling ear to ear)


(Fade to Black)

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very fun show top-to-bottom. I really appreciate your ability to write for each of those different characters and make it believable. To top it all off you have James E cornet and Paul E Dangerously going toe-to-toe in the land of extreme which of course would put butts in the seats and make for some absolutely entertaining television. The fun thing about ECW during this time was how the TV was utilize from the live shows. I'm interested to see how this plays out long-term in regards to angles and other motives behind matches and pairings. I look forward to a lot more of ECW crapping on everybody else as a way to get themselves a head when we know that they belong in their own way.

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The whole Buh Buh Ray Dudley trying to introduce the show throughout the entire episode was hilarious. You really captured the feel of ECW without changing your writing style at all and that's what I enjoyed most about it. The back-and-forth banter between Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman was awesome. Looking forward to how it'll develop!

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ECW adds a whole new dynamic to the Dawn of War! Paul E and Cornette going face to face was priceless. Loved the old Memphis guys invading the arena. Cornette's insults on Douglas were hilarious. Sandman and Hansen for the ECW title is going to be AWESOME! Pit Bulls, Rob and Scorpio get strong TV wins and give the viewers some good action during the debut show. I think PG13 are going to be in trouble. A lot of people are upset with Tommy Dreamer but Raven knew it all along LOL, that was a nice touch. Great debut show, looking forward to that big card in Queens. The battle lines have been drawn for Dawn of War! 

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Very authentic feel throughout the program. Takes myself back to 95/96 ECW and my undying loyalty as a fan of the promotion during that time. The Buh Buh stuff was very true to the era as well. Fun. Heyman had a way of getting away with comedy in a blood and guts sort of promotion. Case in point here. 

The Mempho unit invade the arena. If there was ever a place Jim Cornette's filthy mouth would fit in, it's ECW....Not sure the corporate suits in Titan land will like Cornette's persona here, but speaking as a fan it fits him well.

Curious to see Shane's mystery partner. It's nice to see Shane here rather than in his DEAN garb and scratching a chalkboard. UGH

Good stuff burying Tommy Dreamer. The Raven response was authentic to the time. Curious to see if this is all a ploy and the Innovator of Violence will return, or if this was the sendoff for the heart and sould of EC-DUB

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