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[1986-04-19-JCP-Crockett Cup '86] The Fantastics vs The Sheepherders


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The Fantastics vs The Sheepherders - Crockett Cup 1986 Quarterfinals 

I dont think I realized quite how stacked that inaugural Crockett Cup was. I believe both teams are representing Watts' Mid-South or they would both be there soon. As they would be having multiple steel cage matches in May of 1986. This is the most famous version of Sheepherders (Butch & Luke) with Jack Victory as their flag-bearer at the end of the match they had the Mad Max girl whose name I think was Maxine. This match is most famous for being awarded five stars by Meltzer as he was at this even live however there was no way of knowing if the match was that good because it was clipped to hell on the commercial release. The Network released this in full a couple years ago to little fanfare, which shocks me. While it is not the Last Battle of Atlanta, this was still very much a holy grail. 

Does it live up to the hype? Well it is not ***** in my opinion, but I didnt have that lofty of expectations I did think this was a pretty choice slab of violent pro wrestling. I think you if you want to show Fulton was every bit as integral to the success of The Fantastics as Rogers this is a good match to show people. He is the star of the show. Rogers was the workrate guy of the team. Fulton was the gimmick/charisma/showman of the team and they complemented each other well. In the famous 1988 Midnights series, Rogers stands out because that's more of a workrate feud, but here is where Fulton shines. Fulton leans into USA vs World angle. He gets a U-S-A chant started and then leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance before the match even gets started. I always say this in Fantastics matches but it bears repeating: we need more high-fiving and booty-shaking. Fantastics use the dropkicks to open the match. We get a little anti-shine with the Herders working Fulton's arm, but Fulton uses a monkey flip and a dropkick of course to regain control. Rogers does some stuff. Fulton has a terrific punch. It looks fucking perfect. Nice right cross with a little uppercut action. Beautiful. Fulton back in and atomic drops one Herder into the other. I'll be honest I dont know which Sheepherder is which I always feel like the darker hair oned is Butch but I think I am wrong and it is Luke. The action spills onto the outside and that's when this match ratchets up in a big way. 

Fulton eats the posts and ends up wearing the Crimson Mask. Rogers throws a Herder into the railing and the railing collapses onto the fans which was a crazy moment. Victory stomps Fulton. This one very Southern fan loses his shit on audio calling for a DQ, it was awesome. "Ref you saw that. Where's the DQ?" You tell him. Roger sees the blood on Fulton's face and has joined the Disqualification bandwagon. 

The number one reason this is a classic is because of Fulton's selling. The blood definitely adds to it, but this is also an all-time great selljob from Fulton. I cant describe it, you just gotta watch it and bear witness for yourself. Nice clothesline from Fulton but it is just a hope spot as the Herders cut him off. Good clubbering offense from the mean & nasty Sheepherders. They slam him back into the railing. Fulton is selling like a million bucks, brutha. Fulton throws three desperate kicks from the mat that are just awesome. They do the false hot tag to huge heat. The ref is busy detaining Rogers, the Herders look ready to double team Fulton and slam him into the Flagpole. Fulton stops and drives "Luke" into the pole and he taps a gusher! Awesome spot! Love it! Fulton makes the tag. Rogers opens a can of whoop ass on Luke who take a huge bump off a fist. Rogers bites the cut! Big punch off the top. Katie Bar The Door it is a Pier-Six Brawl! Fulton gets thrown into the ref which wipes him out to the outside. "Butch" is pounding on Fulton. Fulton comes back with those sweet right crosses but Jack Victory distracts him. "Butch" has the pole and jabs it into Roger's back. Fulton is fucked on the outside. Fulton trips up Butch so he cant pulverize Rogers with the pole and instead Rogers nails Butch. Then they nail Jack Victory. We may have ultra-rare Quintuple juice. Tug of war over the pole, but Fulton dropkicks the one Herder. Maxine is out. The brawl does not let up. This is a great way to set up the May Steel Cage house show loop between these two teams. This was a great blood-filled brawl. The referee calls for a double disqualification. The Fantastics are pissed with the ref's decision and look ready to clock him but they think better of it. 

This match was raging once Fulton got busted open. The beginning was solid, but picked up real steam during Fulton's heat segment and Roger's hot tag. Give this a real finish and it is a real classic, baby! ****1/4

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