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Universal Wrestling Federation Sept. 1986


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(Live from the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN, Bill Apter approaches the podium….on one side sits 'Cowboy' Bill Watts and Jim Ross, on the other side sits "Tn. Stud" Ron Fuller and Magnum T.A.)


Apter: "Hello everyone and thank you for attending today's press conference and right now without further ado, please welcome 'Cowboy' Bill Watts."


Watts: "Good afternoon everybody.  We've called this press conference to let everyone know about some big changes we're undergoing in the Universal Wrestling Federation.  First, I want to say that it's unfortunate the turmoil that's gone on in the National Wrestling Alliance in the past several weeks.  Promotions have folded, bookers have changed and the future of the NWA is quite unclear at this time.  Due to all of this the UWF is officially withdrawing from the NWA and any UWF wrestler who holds an NWA championship officially forfeits it effective immediately.  We no longer recognize the NWA World Championship and moving forward Magnum T.A. is officially the UWF World Heavyweight Champion.  As we make this move the UWF is looking to expand and step to the forefront to compete with the other national promotions.  We want to announce that we have a new television show in national syndication, 'UWF Power Pro Wrestling'.  This show will debut next weekend in a market near you and will be hosted by Jim Ross and he will be joined by his co-host Ron Fuller.  We're also happy to have Lance Russell as part of the broadcast team conducting interviews as well."


Apter: "Bill, I understand that you also have a big show lined up here in Memphis at the Mid-South Coliseum on September 27th."


Watts: "We certainly do. We'll bring the World Champion Magnum T.A. up to talk about that in a moment but first I want to mention that we're doing away with the Southern Heavyweight Championship, but we'll be replacing it with the UWF World Television Championship.  We'll have a tournament starting on Power Pro Wrestling next weekend to crown the UWF World Television Champion.  Magnum, step up to the podium and speak to the press."


Magnum: "Thank you, Cowboy.  I just want to say that I'm proud to be the UWF World Heavyweight Champion and I will defend this title with honor and integrity….."

(At this point Ivan and Nikita Koloff crash the press conference and approach the podium as Bill Watts gets between the Russians and Magnum)


Ivan: "If you have even one ounce of this so called honor and integrity you speak of…..you will agree to defend the title against my nephew Nikita next week here in Memphis!"


Magnum: "Listen, after everything you two have done to me…I'll gladly defend the title against Nikita here in Memphis! All the Cowboy has to do is sign the contract and you can get your title shot and I'll get my revenge…..and Ivan, I'm going to have someone in my corner to make sure you don't interfere!"


Watts: "You know what…I like that sound of that….so let's do it….next week at the Mid-South Coliseum in the Main Event for the UWF World Heavyweight Championship Magnum T.A. vs. Nikita Koloff with Ivan Koloff handcuffed to….."

Magnum: " 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams!" (the Koloffs leave the podium seemingly unhappy at the announcement of Dr Death being handcuffed to Ivan)


Watts: "Also on the card here in Memphis, we'll see a rematch for the UWF World Tag Team titles the Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette vs. Brad Armstrong/Jeff Jarrett,  UWF Continental Champion Terry Taylor will defend against Lex Luger w/Baby Doll & Ernie Ladd, a #1 Contender's match with the Rock & Roll Express against the Fabulous Ones w/Ernie Ladd, and a Special Challenge Match with Memphis' own Jerry 'the King' Lawler taking on King Kong Bundy w/General Skandar Akbar.  We looking forward to seeing you all soon in a town near you for great UWF action!"

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Big news coming out of the UWF with so much on the horizon. The roster has a lot of big names ready for a prime spot in the world of wrestling. I am sure you will find the right way to push those who can elevate this promotion to an entirely new level... especially now going National.  I think it is great that we are really mirroring the world of wrestling in 1987 going into 1987... but we know what happened in early 87 with Watts... I don't see that happening with you under his guise...

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UWF Power Pro Wrestling

Airing via syndication across the US

Barton Coliseum

Little Rock, Ark

Airing the weekend of 9/26 & 9/27/86

Filmed on 9/20/86


(Opening montage rolls and we then go to our hosts Jim Ross and the "Tn. Stud" Ron Fuller)

Ross: "Hello and welcome to Power Pro Wrestling, I'm joined by the 'Tennessee Stud' Ron Fuller and we've got some great action lined up for this evening!"

Fuller: "We sure do Jim Ross, I'm glad to be behind the microphone now and not having to face some of these bruisers we have competing here in the UWF."


Ross: "Well, speaking of bruisers we'll see some in action tonight as Skandar Akbar's Devastation Incorporated, Barbarian and the Warlord will be in handicap tag team action and we'll also see the first match in the UWF World Television Championship tournament as Buddy Landel will face off against 'Dirty' Dick Slater."


Fuller: "I think 'Dirty' Dick Slater is going to take the whole thing and go home the TV champion."

Ross: "Well that remains to be seen, Stud…..but right now let's go to the ring and see Wahoo McDaniel in action."



Match #1:

Wahoo McDaniel pinned The Libyan after a knife edge chop






(Bill Watts joins Lance Russell at ringside)

Russell: "I'm joined by the President of the Universal Wrestling Federation, 'Cowboy' Bill Watts and I understand you have a big announcement about our big main event coming up in Memphis."

Watts: "I sure do Lance…..We announced at the press conference that Ivan Koloff would be handcuffed at ringside to 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams, however…at a live event following that press conference Ivan Koloff attacked a referee with that big Russian chain he carries around and because of that, the UWF has suspended Ivan Koloff for 90 days and fined him $10,000!"


(General Skandar Akbar comes to ringside with Nikita Koloff and King Kong Bundy)


Akbar: "Try as you might Cowboy……you will not stop this man from fulfilling his destiny of becoming the UWF World Heavyweight Champion so I've negotiated a deal with Ivan Koloff to assume the contract of 'the Russian Nightmare' Nikita Koloff and he will now be a part of Devastation Incorporated!"


Watts: "Ok, Akbar….I had already heard rumblings this might be happening so rather than handcuffing YOU to 'Dr. Death' and running the risk of the other members of Devastation Inc interfering….I'm going to make this World Championship match a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!"


Bundy: "It doesn't matter….put it in a cage….make it any kind of match you want….this man is going to take the title from Magnum TA, the same way I'm going to destroy Jerry Lawler!"

(Magnum TA and Jerry 'the King' Lawler come to ringside)


Lawler: "Now hold up there Tubby!  That's big talk coming from you two…..but there's no reason we have to wait until we get to Memphis….how about right here tonight, Magnum and myself face the two of you in a tag team match right here in Little Rock!! How does that sound Magnum?"

Magnum: "That sounds great to me, King!  You two can get a little preview of the beating you're going to get in Memphis in the house the King built!"


Watts: "Akbar, what do you say? Your boys have the guts to accept this challenge??"


Akbar: "My boys accept your ill conceived challenge, Lawler……we'll see you in the ring."



Match #2:

Handicap Match

Devastation Inc. (Barbarian/Warlord) w/Gen. Skandar Akbar defeated  Sammy Hall/Josh Holley/Chris Kilgore after Barbarian pinned Holley following a diving headbutt off the top rope






(Promo:  Ernie Ladd,the Fabulous Ones, Lex Luger, and Baby Doll are in the back with Lance Russell)


Lance: "Ernie, these guys have a shot at becoming #1 Contenders to the UWF World Tag Team Championships held by the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette"

Ladd: "Lance Russell, my boys are already the #1 Contenders to ALL the tag team titles in the world but when they beat those two teeny bopper wannabes the Rock & Roll Express…..then the Midnight Express will face off with the greatest team in professional wrestling….the Fabulous Ones and if that little weasel Jim Cornette sticks his nose in it….I will personally deal with him."


Doll: "and while you guys are working towards taking the World Tag Team titles, big Lex here will be taking Terry Taylor's UWF North American Championship in Memphis."

Lex: "Terry Taylor….congratulations on becoming the North American Champion, unlike myself who was unceremoniously stripped of my Southern title….but it's ok because I'm going to take that North American championship and put it around my perfectly sculpted waist…..and after that…Magnum TA, I'm coming to take on the world!"



Match #3:

The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) defeated The Hammer Brothers (Jack/Sledge) when Morton pinned Sledge after a double dropkick






Match #4:

Match 1 of the 1st Round of the UWF World Television Title Tournament

"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Jack Brisco defeated "Dirty" Dick Slater by DQ when Brisco pointed out that Slater had pulled out a chain to referee Tommy Gilbert and Gilbert dq'd him



(Cowboy Bill Watts is joined at ringside by the Junk Yard Dog)

Watts: "Ok JYD, you pulled me aside earlier today and told me you had something very important you wanted to tell me but you wanted to do it out here in front of all the great fans here in Little Rock."

JYD: "That's right Bill, there's been a lot on my mind recently…..I know ever since I've returned to the UWF from Texas, the fans realize it's not the same JYD from before…..the grind has taken it's toll on the Dog….I've suffered some injuries that I haven't let heal…..and I've let that keep me out of the gym and it's shown in the ring…..in these past few weeks I've lost matches to people I shouldn't have lost to because I haven't been competing at the level these great fans are used to…..and Bill, looking in the mirror I refuse to come out here and give these fans less than what they paid for….and that's to see the best rasslers in the world compete……so I think it's time the Dog went home for a while……and get back to 100%.....and when I return…..it's going to be the old Dog……it's going to be the old Dog with some new tricks and I'm going be looking for some gold to go around this waist."

Watts: "There you have it from JYD, he says it's time to go home and get back to 100% and before you know it, he'll be right back in that ring….in a town near you!"


(Camera cuts to Jim Ross and Ron Fuller)

Ross: "Ron, I don't know about you but I think it takes a big man to recognize when he's lost a step or two and I think this hiatus will serve the Dog well, what are you thoughts?"

Fuller: "Self awareness isn't a common trait in pro wrestling or life in general…..I think it's great that the Dog realizes he can't cut it anymore and I hope the old Dog just decides to stay on the porch rather than coming back to further embarrass himself and the few fans he has left."


Ross: "As usual….the 'Tennessee Stud' has a unique take on things and I strongly disagree with those statements, JYD has plenty left in the tank and when he returns I think he's going to be better than ever and I for one can't wait for his return.  Now, it's time to head to the ring for our huge main event!"




Nikita Koloff/King Kong Bundy w/Gen. Skandar Akbar vs. Jerry 'the King' Lawler/Magnum T.A.


A solid main event that went through two sets of commercials before things got out of hand and all four men were in the ring battling, Magnum was getting ready to hook Nikita for a belly to belly suplex but Akbar climbed up on the ring in the corner,  as this was happening Bundy tossed Lawler over the top rope causing a DQ, but Magnum caught Akbar in the corner and was about to knock him out as Bundy charged and gave Magnum an Avalanche to the back in the corner…….before T.A. could crumble to the mat, Akbar grabbed him by the hair and held him up….allowing Bundy to him with two more Avalanches in the corner before Akbar and let go and Magnum crumbled to the mat, after he hit the mat…Bundy hit him with two big splashes before Lawler hit the ring with a steel chair running off Bundy, Koloff, and Akbar…..Jim Ross is losing it on commentary





© 1986  Universal Wrestling Inc.

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Universal Wrestling Federation

Mid-South Coliseum

Memphis, TN.

Saturday Sept 27, 1986

Bell time: 8pm


U.S. Express (Mike Rotundo/Kendall Windham) defeated The Long Riders (Black Bart/Ron Bass) when Windham pinned Bart after a running bulldog


"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Jack Brisco defeated The Cuban Assassin with the figure four leglock


Six Man Grudge Match

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams/Ron Simmons/Butch Reed defeated Devastation Inc (Barbarian/Warlord/Samu) w/Gen. Skandar Akbar by DQ when Akbar pushed Reed off the top rope as he was going for the flying shoulder tackle


#1 Contender's Match

The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) fought The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn/Stan Lane) w/'Big Cat' Ernie Ladd to a double count out


UWF North American Championship

Terry Taylor pinned Lex Luger w/Baby Doll & Ernie Ladd with a school boy roll up to retain the title


Special Challenge Match

Jerry 'the King' Lawler pinned King Kong Bundy w/Gen. Skandar Akbar after a flying fist drop off the 2nd rope



Final Rematch

UWF World Tag Team Championship

The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated Jeff Jarrett/Brad Armstrong when Bobby pinned Jarrett after an 'Alabama Jam' off the top rope



UWF World Championship

STEEL CAGE MATCH (NO ONE allowed at ringside)

Magnum T.A.


Nikita Koloff


Koloff took advantage of the injured Magnum right out of the gate as TA's ribs were heavily bandaged due to the multiple avalanches and splashes from Bundy on television this week…..the majority of the match was Koloff working over the injured ribs of Magnum eventually removing the bandages…..however the crowd really rallied behind Magnum and he mounted a comeback….and finally landed the belly to belly suplex…but the impact was severe to his ribs he couldn't pin Nikita, he instead rolled around on the mat in pain…..Koloff got back to his feet first….and as Magnum valiantly struggled to get to his feet, Nikita plowed through him with a brutal 'Russian Sickle'…..however, he didn't cover him…he backed up and stalked over Magnum until he finally managed to get to his feet again…and nailed him with a 2nd 'Russian Sickle'…..Koloff covers TA for the 1---2---KICKOUT by Magnum!!!  Nikita is in total disbelief!!  Koloff just loses it…and begins stomping away at the ribs of Magnum…..he then picks Magnum up and puts him in a brutal bearhug!!  Magnum clearly has internal injuries and is beginning to spit up blood but refuses to submit…he seems to be fading but his arm stays up on the third time when the ref checks it until "Dr. Death" Steve Williams ran down to ringside and threw a towel in over the top of the cage and finally this match is over as the referee stops it….and declares the Nikita Koloff the NEW UWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION as the fans throw trash towards the cage as Nikita struts around the cage with the championship as 'Dr. Death' checks on his fallen friend Magnum T.A.














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Nikita being the top heel in UWF is awesome. Especially in that territory. And with Skandor Akbar as his manager, makes him even more dangerous. I can see a long line of possible challengers for Nikita down the road but I definitely think that Dr. Death is the potentially more dangerous of the bunch. I think you got money all over this feud, my friend! :)

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Good to see you back in full force Gene! Nikita with Akbar only makes Devastation Inc. more devastating. Ernie Ladd has his Fab Ones ready for both RnR and the Midnight Express. I'm also happy to see Brisco remain by Buddy's side. He's guidance is sure paying off. Buddy advances in the TV title tournament. Smart move by JYD. I'm looking forward to his big comeback. What a TV main event! Man, they really did a number on Magnum's ribs.

Hot card in Memphis. US Express continue to climb the ranks with a good win over the Long Riders. Love that hard hitting 6 man tag. Nothing gets resolved in the RnR/Fab Ones Match but that's ok because we just get to see more of these dream matches. Taylor gets a nice title defense over Luger. Lawler gets a huge win over Bundy. I wouldn't mind seeing Lawler go for the world title. Speaking of world title, WOW! What a gutsy performance by Magnum but the injured ribs were just to much. Williams did the right thing. I'm all for a Nikita/Williams showdown. 

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Here we go... the UWF starts things off with a bang and you get the sense that times are a changing.

I see some carryover from before but things are starting fresh for a lot of these folks and I think something to watch is who is on top of the mountain with Nikita and Bundy at odds and then you add in Lawler to the mix. Obviously Magnum's fate is no secret and part of me wishes we could go away from that... but that is the same part of me that wishes Gino Hernandez was still alive and part of the Horsemen lol.  

The Memphis show is a pretty good outline of just how much talent is on this roster and how stacked a card featuring the lot of them will be.  For myself, I want to see this feud unfold with the Fabs, Rock N Roll, and MXE on a big scale. If only it was 1998, we'd see a latter involved. 

The finale of Nikita on top of the UWF world is a sight to be seen. Dr. Death is there to get some heat. That is the feud that will shape this new era of the UWF. I am pumped for it. 

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Universal Wrestling Federation

Municipal Auditorium

Nashville, TN.

Sunday Sept 29, 1986

Bell time: 5pm


"Iceman" King Parsons pinned The Libyan with a small package



Lex Luger w/Baby Doll defeated Kendall Windham with a backbreaker



Dick Murdoch pinned Mike Rotundo with his feet on his rope



Six Man Tag Team Battle

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong/Brad Armstrong/Jeff Jarrett defeated "Outlaw" Ron Bass/Black Bart/Dick Slater when Brad pinned Bass after a 'Russian leg sweep'




Devastation Inc. (Barbarian/Warlord) w/Gen. Skandar Akbar defeated Butch Reed/Ron Simmons when The Barbarian pinned Simmons with a diving headbutt after Simmons was tripped by Akbar




REMATCH: Must get a 5 count to win

Jerry 'the King' Lawler defeated King Kong Bundy w/Gen. Skandar Akbar by DQ when Lawler pinned Bundy for a 'four count' when Akbar came in and kicked Lawler in the back of the head…..Just as Lawler got his hand on Akbar and was about to nail with a big right hand…..NIKITA KOLOFF came out of the crowd and nailed him with a "Russian Sickle" to the back of the head…..Nikita put the boots to Lawler who was then given FOUR big splashes leaving Lawler injured and having to be helped away from the ring by security and referees.





The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) defeated UWF World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette  when Morton pinned Condrey with a sunset flip

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Two really cool things stand out here. RnR get a classic Non Title win over the Midnight Express, no doubt setting up a rematch. LOL, I'm talking about these two teams so I should say rematches. Next, we get Nikita laying out Lawler which no doubt sets up a great program between those two. That will be a very intriguing program. With all that going on, Simmons quietly leaves the UWF. HMMMM, I wouldn't mind seeing Reed get some shots at Nikita. Nikita has so many challengers in line, making the UWF a very exciting show to watch. 

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