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Jim Crockett Promotions October 1986 Thread


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October 3rd, 1986

Lincoln-Way High School, New Lenox, IL

-Tiger Jeet Singh (w/JJ Dillon) beat "Maniac" Mark Lewin in 11:41

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Ken Timbs beat Corporal Kirschner after interference from Don "The Pride of" Kernodle

-Mr. Wrestling II beat Norvell Austin in 19:10 with the Running Knee Lift

-Before the next match, US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase issues an open challenge to anyone in pro wrestling that wants to take the US Championship away from him. However, there is a catch; this will be their one and only shot at the title. Not only can't they challenge ever again for the US title if they lose but they can NEVER come back to work for Jim Crockett Promotions! Ted Dibiase then finds quite the unexpected opponent for this Open Challenge: AWA upstart SABU!

NWA United States Heavyweight Championship "One or Done" Match: Ted Dibiase beat Sabu in 11:51 to retain

-Tracey Smothers beat Gama Singh in 16:07

-Steve Armstrong beat Jimmy Snuka in 15:06

-Bad News Brown beat Austin Idol in 14:19 with the Ghetto Blaster

-Big John Studd (w/Robert Fuller) beat Professor Brad Rheingans in 15:02

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Jim Crockett Promotions puts on another fun and unpredictable show. That Singh/Lewin match must of been quite a brawl. That's followed by a falls count anywhere match where that sneaky Kernodle interferes. The fans get a treat with a US title open challenge match and who steps up? Sabu! Dibiase continues to infuriate fans by winning LOL. Steve Armstrong gets a big win over Snuka. Bad News keeps his winning ways going with a strong win over Idol. Fuller's ultimate Studd takes the Professor to school. 

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents Worldwide Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of October 4th, 1986


(After the opening credits, we join Tony Schiavone & David Crockett at the broadcast booth.)

Tony Schiavone: Hello, everyone and welcome to Worldwide Wrestling. I’m Tony Schiavone and as usual, I’m joined by David Crockett. Folks,it’s a very exciting time here for Jim Crockett Promotions as a lot of change is here to come. Some new faces, some new announcements and to tell us all about it, joining me right now is the man, Jim Crockett himself.

(Jim Crockett arrives at the booth and shakes hands with his brother David and Tony Schiavone.)

Tony Schiavone: Alright, Jim, you’ve been very busy in the past 2 weeks, signing some new talents and making acquisitions and obviously, the landscape of the NWA has drastically changed during that time and I think you’ve got a few things to address.

Jim Crockett: Yes, Tony. Obviously, a lot of things happened as Lutte Internationale folded due to financial issues, WWC in Porto Rico has gone AWOL  and Fritz Von Erich closed up shop with World Class. Adding to that Bill Watts’ decision to have UWF breaking out on their own, this means that at this point, the NWA is no longer a viable entity. However, as soon as Bill Behrens made that decision, I spoke with him and I decided to buy the rights to use the NWA name for our championships. So while the organization doesn’t exist anymore, I felt it was important to honor its legacy so as of this moment, all of our championships will be branded with the NWA name. And this includes the titles that we now have control of, from the defunct promotions.

Tony Schiavone: And speaking of this, the big question looming here is what’s to come with those championships.  The Midnight Express have vacated the National Tag Team Championships, and so did the Road Warriors when World Class closed shop. But there’s a tricky part about the World Heavyweight Championship, isn’t it?

Jim Crockett: Yes, Tony, and at this time, I need to ask the now former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Kerry Von Erich to join us at the booth.

(Big ovation from the people in the studio as Kerry Von Erich and his brother Kevin, show up on set. Kerry still has in his possession the World Heavyweight Championship.)

Jim Crockett: Now, I think we can make it official that two of our newest roster members are the Von Erich brothers, Kerry and Kevin. And I know that Kerry isn’t happy about relinquishing the World Heavyweight Championship but I can only give Kerry a chance to explain why it is that way.

Kerry Von Erich: Well, Jim Crockett, I won’t lie. It deeply pains me to have that title taken away from me, especially given how hard I had waited for this moment. But because I was in negotiations with several territories before signing with Jim Crockett Promotions, I had no other alternative but to relinquish the championship. I’m a honourable man and I refused to hold this championship hostage for personal gain. But whoever ends up with it, it won’t take too long before I take it away from them.

David Crockett: Now, Jim, I think that you have some announcements in that regard.

Jim Crockett: Indeed, David. Obviously, we will need to crown new National Tag Team, World Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champions down the road. And while I haven’t decided yet how we will crown new tag team champions with both sets of title, I’m ready to tell you how we will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. But first, there’s something I need to say about Kerry. Kerry, I think it’s important to mention to our viewers that before closing his territory, your father Fritz had very big plans for you in regards to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. As a matter of fact, before  all of this happened, Fritz had informed the NWA that he was planning for Kerry to be defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against our current US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase at Christmas Star Wars on Christmas Night. The contracts were signed and everything but obviously, plans have changed. But out of respect for your father, I will honor those plans he had in place for Christmas Star Wars. Instead, you will indeed wrestle Ted Dibiase on Christmas Night but it will take place at Starrcade and it will be for Ted Dibiase’s United States Heavyweight Championship, pending that he doesn’t lose the title before Christmas night.

Kerry Von Erich: You know what, Mr. Crockett, I definitely appreciate your loyalty and keeping your word towards my father. All I got to say is that Ted Dibiase better get ready because at Starrcade, the US Heavyweight Championship goes right around my waist. And then, I’ll win the World Heavyweight Championship for the 2nd time!

(Kerry shakes hands with Jim Crockett and leaves with Kevin.)

Jim Crockett: Now, as for the World Heavyweight Championship. I believe it’s important that we don’t waste any time crowning a new champion. And to crown that champion, I wanted to do things a bit differently. I decided to look at some wrestlers’ body of work lately. And I thought that I should reward some wrestlers not only from this territory but also newcomers that will make an impact. That’s why this weekend on World Championship Wrestling, we will hold a Triangle Match to crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. In this match, the new champion will truly have earned it because he will have to defeat both of his other challengers to win the match and the title. The first man I chose is a man feared around the entire world.  A man that is respected everywhere he has been and I believe he is a great choice to be part of this match. That first man, our newest signee to Jim Crockett Promotions....BRUISER BRODY!

Tony Schiavone: Holy smokes, what an announcement! And what a coup for you, Jim!

Jim Crockett: Thank you. For the 2nd name, I also went with a recent arrival in the territory, who made a big impact right away. A man, who I believe will be a very suitable opponent for Bruiser Brody in this match. And that man is none other than Big John Studd!

Tony Schiavone: Wow! What an incredible announcement here. And who would be the 3rd man in this one, Jim?

Jim Crockett: For the 3rd participant in this match, I decided to reward someone who wouldn’t normally be considered in the title picture. Somewhat of an underdog. And I truly think that this man would be deserving of an opportunity. Just to see if he would be successful in his quest to become World Heavyweight Champion. And that man will be none other than Sweet Brown Sugar.

David Crockett: That’s a rather surprising move here, Jim....but I think I like it. And so are all of our fans here.

(One man who doesn’t seem to be happy about it is Brickhouse Brown, who storms the set, ready to confront Jim Crockett.)

Brickhouse Brown: Are you kidding me, Crockett? You’re gonna hand over a title shot to Sweet Sugar Brown? This guy is not even in my league!  I should be the one in this match, not that masked doofus. I can beat Bruiser Brody and I can beat Big John Studd!

Jim Crockett; You’re not gonna get anything with that attitude, Mr. Brown. But since you wanna get your hands on Brown that bad, I’m gonna grant you a match with him. On the same card tomorrow than the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match. The only thing is that you’ll be facing....Bad News Brown!

(Brickhouse Brown is irate and tries to plead with Jim Crockett but Crockett wants to hear none of it and he leaves with Brown in tow, trying to get some explanations.)

David Crockett: Well, Tony, we’re in for an exciting episode of World Championship Wrestling tomorrow! 2 huge matches and we’re gonna crown a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Tony Schiavone: One of those 3 men; Bruiser Brody, Big John Studd and Sweet Brown Sugar will earn the right to call themselves World Heavyweight Champion after tomorrow night. And we’re also gonna have Kerry Von Erich vs Ted Dibiase at Starrcade on Christmas night! But enough about the future, let’s talk about what we got in store this week on Worldwide. First, in our main event, we were scheduled to have a Street Fight between Bull Gantner and The Iron Sheik but after what went down last week on this program, Bull Gantner hasn’t been cleared to wrestle so a mystery opponent will take Gantner’s place against The Iron Sheik. Enough talking and let’s get to the action!

Match #1

The Fabulous Blondes (w/ JOHNNY V) beat The Missing Link (subbing for Tracy Smothers) & Steve Armstrong after George Wells pinned Steve Armstrong. After the match, Johnny V makes his way to the booth with the Fabulous Blondes. National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews joins them as well.

Tony Schiavone: So, it certainly is a surprise to see one Johnny V here. Johnny V, what are you doing in the corner of The Fabulous Blondes?

Johnny V: It’s quite simple, Schiavone. You see, Rock Riddle had an incredible gift for gab but also that gift happened to get on the nerves of many people. And it turns out that he eventually got onto the nerves of the Fabulous Blondes here. It also got onto the nerves of Arthur W. Crews himself, the reigning National Heavyweight Champion. You see, Rock Riddle made a lot of empty promises to the Fabulous Blondes. He did a lot of promises to Arthur W. Crews. But none of them materialized. And when some of them did, he took all the credit for it. He claims that he’s the reason why Arthur W. Crews is the National Heavyweight Champion but I don’t see it that way. He did it by himself. He shocked the world and that’s all of his doing. I, Luscious Johnny Valiant, am here to make sure that Arthur W. Crews and The Fabulous Blondes get what’s rightfully due to them. That’s respect and being taken seriously. No one took those guys seriously when you had somebody like Rock Riddle behind them. I’m gonna make sure that Arthur W. Crews is the most respected champion in Jim Crockett Promotions. People have been disrespecting his title for way too long. It wasn’t a fluke and he proved it. And as for the Fabulous Blondes, I’m gonna make them the most feared tag team in this territory. One year from now, I will stand before you and we will have ALL the gold! You can bank on that!

Arthur W. Crews: It’s simple, gentlemen. This is a new dawn for myself and the Fabulous Blondes and with Johnny V backing us, we’ll be more unstoppable than we’ve ever been before. If you think we were dominant, we’re not done yet. Get ready because you’re in for a wild ride!


(The Blondes, Crews & Johnny V leave)

David Crockett: This is quite the turn of events, Tony. Johnny V is now the manager for Arthur W. Crews and The Fabulous Blondes. And did I hear Crews imply that we could have someone else join them? Who could that be?

Tony Schiavone: I don’t know but one thing’s for sure and that’s Johnny V is definitely a dangerous manager, no matter where he works and who he manages. When we come back, Tony Atlas is in action!


***commercial break***


Match #2

Tony Atlas fight Randy Rose to a double DQ after interference from both Rocky Johnson and Johnny Rich. After the match, the Southern Ramblers have control over Johnson and Atlas until Wendell Cooley runs in to make the save! Cooley checks on Johnson but definitely not on Atlas, which makes things a bit awkward...


***commercial break***



No DQ Match

??? vs the Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik shows up for his match, definitely confident that he won’t have an opponent. A banged up Bull Gantner shows up, saying that while he hasn’t been cleared to wrestle, he found a replacement that Sheik won’t be happy to see.....GREG GAGNE!!! Big ovation from the studio audience as Greg Gagne shows up and shakes hands with Gantner. The Iron Sheik is definitely upset about the whole thing as he didn’t expect Greg Gagne to show up!



No DQ Match

Greg Gagne (w/Bull Gantner) defeated The Iron Sheik with the Figure Four Leglock. The show ended with Greg Gagne and Bull Gantner celebrating together in the ring.




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October 4th, 1986

Victoria Community Center, Victoria, TX

-Moondog Cujo beat Rocky Johnson after a miscue from Wendell Cooley at 15:02

-Tracey Smothers beat Randy Rose in 11:25

-Professor Brad Rheingans beat Robert Fuller in 14:47

-Jimmy Snuka beat Kerry Von Erich after interference from Gary Hart in 14:12. Jimmy Snuka wasn't thrilled by Gary Hart's presence but then Killer Khan runs in and attacks Kerry! Luckily for Kerry, Gama Singh made the save and this started an impromptu match!

-Killer Khan beat Gama Singh in 11:33

-Ivan Koloff beat Steve Armstrong in 13:21

-The Flame beat The Missing Link in 14:31

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Paul Orndorff beat Ole Anderson in 24:16 with a piledriver to retain

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents World Championship  Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of October 4th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-The show starts with an impromptu appearance from Gary Hart who makes his way to the set. Gary Hart says that as soon as he heard the Von Erichs were going to Jim Crockett, he had to go as well. He said from day one, all he wanted was to rid wrestling of the Von Erichs; his battle has just shifted to another promotion. Gary Hart vows to get the job done by any means necessary. He also warns everyone who will want to try to help the Von Erichs that he won't feel sorry at all if they end up being casualties.

Match #1

Bad News Brown beat Brickhouse Brown with the Ghetto Blaster after interference from Sweet Brown Sugar

-Before the main event, James J. Dillon hypes the return of his newest protégé, "Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard. Dillon says that Jim Crockett made the mistake of overlooking Prichard the first time he was around as he proved to be a tremendous TV Champion. While the TV Title is now around the waist of another of his protégés, Dillon assures that Prichard will get gold around his waist in no time. Prichard will return next weekend on Worldwide Wrestling as part of a 6-Men Tag Team Battlebowl Rules Match.



Bruiser Brody vs Big John Studd vs Sweet Brown Sugar

A highly contested match during 30 minutes. Sweet Brown Sugar was the first to fall after interference from Brickhouse Brown, who struck Sugar with a chair, allowing Brody to pin Sugar. The 2nd fall saw Bruiser Brody almost getting the victory on Big John Studd but a timely distraction from James J. Dillon allowed Robert Fuller to use a rag soaked with chlorform to put Brody to sleep. A clueless Studd covered Brody to score the victory and win the championship! Dillon is ecstatic although neither Fuller or Studd knows exactly what Dillon was doing there (Fuller had been clocked by Brody a few moments before Dillon's interference). What is JJ Dillon trying to do here?

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October 5th, 1986

Civic Center, Springfield, MA

-Killer Khan (w/Gary Hart) beat Robert Fuller in 3:55

-Randy Rose beat Gama Singh in 16:01

-Ole Anderson beat Ivan Koloff in 7:45 in a match in which the winner would get a shot at the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff again. Doesn't seem to be any ill will between Ole & Koloff...

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Big John Studd beat The Flame in 12:34 to retain

-Tony Atlas & Kerry Von Erich are walking to the ring for their scheduled match when they're ambushed by Dory Funk Jr & Tatsutoshi Goto! Gary Hart isn't too far behind to lead the charge as he hands over a baseball bat to Goto and the trademark Funk branding iron to Dory Jr. Kevin Von Erich tries to run in but is ambushed by Killer Khan from behind! Then, Rocky Johnson tries to go help his friend Tony Atlas but Wendell Cooley tries to restrain the Soul Man. After a few moments of arguing....WENDELL COOLEY CLOCKS ROCKY JOHNSON! All hell breaks loose as Goto, Funk, Cooley & Khan are giving a beating to everyone in sight. Both Atlas and Kerry are bleeding profusely while Gary Hart is directing traffic. Gary Hart takes the house mic and says that J-TEX Corp International has arrived in Jim Crockett Promotions while officials and other wrestlers help Atlas & Kerry, who's being stretchered out...

-Jimmy Snuka beat Austin Idol in 14:02 with the Superfly Splash

-Sweet Brown Sugar beat Tatsutoshi Goto (w/Gary Hart) in 4:59

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Paul Orndorff beat "Maniac" Mark Lewin in 43:51 to retain

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A full docket of JCP and I love it. I am interested in your take on how to run this big of a company in comparison to Lutte. Here you have a full schedule and a roster that all has needs and wants to get on television but also needs to be showcased on the house shows which ca prove to be a task. 

I think the first big blow is acknowledging what has gone on in the world of wrestling. It can be a tricky thing to put all of that information out but on the other end it explains so much about what is going on and why JCP is in the position it is in... especially with titles.

I may have missed it but does Johnny V have the Fabulous Ones or the Fabulous Blondes as they were both referenced? 

I like the Greg Gagne debut... obviously that's a big story when it comes to everything that has been going on and what a way for him to debut. 

Now the house show... Snuka beats Kerry with Gary Hart involved... something could be stirring here...

The big triangle match... Studd walks away... and he has JJ Dillon to thank? What kind of NWA Champion will he be? Where will Kerry fit into the mix?

Then we see Studd in an NWA Championship match... he is successful but I think the story with JJ is still something we need clarification on. 

All the while we've got Orndorff with the MACW title and he is on top of a mountain but is it the same mountain as the NWA title... time will tell.

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Wow, Mid-Atlantic comes out of the gate strong with a series of great shows.  A lot to explain here with all the goings on in the NWA and I think you covered the bases quite well. 

Big John Studd makes for an interesting NWA World Champion and a much different one than the Mid-Atlantic Champion Orndorff which I think is a great call to distinguish the two.

The Von Erichs are going to play a big role here in Mid Atlantic and it will be fun to see them outside of Fritz's bubble in World Class, Gary Hart has made his presence known and looks to be a force here in the Mid-Atlantic. I look forward to see how the tag team title scene unfolds in the near future.  

Glad to see Kerry vs. Dibiase will still happen at Starrcade!

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Oh man so much going on in Crockett Promotions! I like the idea of continuing the NWA name for your titles. There's just to much history there to abandon. Kerry gets a tough break in having to relinquish the world title. I'm also glad to see your going with Kerry/Dibiase at Starrcade. 

Wow! Studd ends up as world champ! For a minute I really thought Sweet Brown Sugar was going to pull off the ultimate upset. Studd will make a pretty dominant champ. I wonder what JJ Dillon is up to? Speaking of Dillon, nice to see him acquiring Tom Prichard. Prichard can really be a huge star here. 

I'm sure you know what stood out most to me out of all this LOL- The departure of Rock Riddle. I think Crews and the Blondes will shine with Johnny V. I bet Davey Baby Crockett is really upset that Riddle is gone LOL. 

Cooley finally turns! J Tex is formed! Gary Hart has put together quite the stable. 

I'm going to be watching Jimmy Snuka. 

 I'm really interested in Paul Orndorff. He certainly has a list of challengers for his Mid Atlantic title. I think Orndorff will eventually get to the world title scene. I could really see him becoming the top guy in Crockett. Time will tell. 

Really fun stuff going on with this entire shakedown. 

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October 10th, 1986

Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Phoenix, AZ

-Austin Idol beat The Missing Link in 7:33 with the Las Vegas Leglock

-Tom Prichard (w/James J. Dillon) beat Moondog Cujo in 9:04

BattleBowl Rules: The Young Pistols beat Bad News Brown & Ivan Koloff in 9:20 after Koloff walked out on Brown!

-Sweet Brown Sugar beat George Wells (w/Johnny V) in 18:22

-Kerry Von Erich beat The Iron Sheik in 11:59 with The Claw

-Mark Youngblood upsets NWA US Tag Team Champion Rick Rude in 7:28 with a small package

-Professor Brad Rheingans beat Brickhouse Brown in 5:19

Steel Cage Match: NWA US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez beat Norvell Austin in 20:17 after Rick Rude interfered and slammed the cage door in Austin's face, allowing Manny to hit Austin with the flying forearm.

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JCP moving out to Arizona... the national expansion is on but are they reaching... time will tell. Heck of a card though and a nice cage match to finish things off always puts over a big show. I would have probably found a way for Kerry to be the finish man here but with the cage stip, it is hard to work around. Interested to see about Bad News and Koloff... that is a fun little thing to get into with these two guys...

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Yeah, that's pretty much the objective. The main reason I got rid of Rock Riddle is because I couldn't have done him justice the way spaldoni did with the promos. By putting Prichard with JJ and bringing in Gary Hart, I feel more comfortable with writing promos for them.

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Jim Crockett Promotions Presents Worldwide Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted on weekend of October 11th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle are at commentary and run down this week's show with the feature bout being a Battlebowl Rules 6-Men Tag between the Moondogs & Kerry Von Erich against the trio of Rip Oliver, Tom Prichard & Koko Ware. Schiavone & Caudle discuss a recent match between Ted Dibiase and AWA's upstart Sabu in which it was Sabu's one and only shot at the US title and in the territory. That leads to a Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff video promo taped after the October 5th show in Springfield. Orndorff says that Dibiase is behaving in a disgusting fashion by trying to avoid the top JCP contenders to his title. Orndorff says he never backed out of a fight and he will take on all comers from all territories. Orndorff says that all Dibiase has to do is to name a time and place. After the airing of the video, Schiavone & Caudle speak to US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase via phone. Dibiase says that what Orndorff's opinion of him doesn't matter because he's worth 10 times more than the piece of clunk he calls the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. But if Orndorff wants to prove his worth to him, all he has to do is to show up next week at WTBS Studios and they can have a champion vs champion match on World Championship Wrestling. No titles at stake, just to prove his point. When Schiavone asks Dibiase if the reason he's not putting the title on the line vs Orndorff is because of his upcoming match with Kerry Von Erich at Starrcade, Dibiase says that he wouldn't need the title at stake to beat Kerry. And besides, it's not a guarantee that Kerry will make it to Starrcade. As Caudle asks for some explanations, Dibiase hangs up on him...

Match #1

Mark Lewin beat Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) by DQ after Cooley refused to obey to referee Earl Hebner's orders. Cooley continued his assault on Lewin but Sweet Brown Sugar made the save, chasing Cooley & Gary Hart. Schiavone & Caudle put over Cooley's newfound agression, now that he's part of J-TEX Corp International.

During the commercial break, a TV ad for tonight's show in San Diego, CA featuring Ted Dibiase defending the US Heavyweight Championship against Chris Youngblood in a Submission match.

Match #2

Professor Brad Rheingans beat Kevin Von Erich by countout after interference from The Flame who assaulted Von Erich outside. As expected, Gary Hart wasn't too far behind, directing traffic. The broadcast team wonders if The Flame has now joined J-TEX Corp International himself...

Before the main event, Johnny V is back out for a promo along with the Fabulous Blondes:

Tony Schiavone: Johnny V, up next in the main event, a 6-Men Tag Team match under Battlebowl Rules and one thing interesting is that a former ally of your Blondes, Tom Prichard is now under the tutelage of James J. Dillon....Is it something that bothers me?

Johnny V: Why would I bother over petty stuff like that, Schiavone? I've got nothing but respect for JJ Dillon, same for Gary Hart. We all want our guys to be the best and nothing can keep us from working together from time to time. The only differing argument between us is that we don't have the same views on who the best tag team is. Right now, we've got two vacant titles and I know that Ken Timbs and George Wells could easily win them. But until Jim Crockett decides what to do with those titles, we're gonna use the time without those belts to make a statement and prove to the rest of the world that the Fabulous Blondes are no jokes and we are to be taken seriously. The time of Rock Riddle's cheesy puns is over. Luscious Johnny V is here to bring them some credibility. And I'm gonna prove it to you myself. Tonight, San Diego, CA, I will throw my name in the hat for the Battlebowl Rules Tag Match that will take place at the Sports Arena!  Just like I'm already doing with Arthur W. Crews, the reigning National Heavyweight Champion, I'm gonna do the same with the Fabulous Blondes. I told you last week that by this time next year, we'd get all the gold. I intend on keeping my word and I most certainly will!

***commercial break***


Match #3

Battlebowl Rules 6-Men Tag

The Moondogs & Kerry Von Erich beat "Crippler" Rip Oliver, Tom Prichard (w/JJ Dillon) & Koko Ware after Prichard submitted to Kerry's Claw.

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October 11th, 1986

Sports Arena, San Diego, CA

-US Tag Team Champion Rick Rude beat Johnny Rich in 23:57 with the Rude Awakening

-Greg Gagne beat Moondog Cujo in 9:03 with the Figure Four Leglock

Battlebowl Rules Match: National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews & Johnny V beat Don "The Pride of" Kernodle & DJ Peterson in 20:23 when Crews pinned Kernodle after Kernodle was distracted by Peterson tearing his Pride of Kernodle flag after an argument in their corner!

-Mark Youngblood beat US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez in 12:29. For the second night in a row, Mark Youngblood has pinned one of the US Tag Team Champions!

-Ivan Koloff & Ole Anderson beat The Studd Stable (NWA World Heavyweight Champion Big John Studd & Robert Fuller) in 28:44 after Ole Anderson pinned Robert Fuller

-Kevin Von Erich beat The Flame (w/Gary Hart) in 13:19 with The Claw

NWA United States Heavyweight Championship: Ted Dibiase beat Chris Youngblood in 15:17 with the Cobra Clutch (rechristened Million Dollar Dream). After the match, Rude & Fernandez ran in to put the boots to Chris Youngblood but Mark Youngblood ran in with a chair to chase away Dibiase & the Awesome Twosome!

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Man JCP is on fire! Lot's of great action as everybody wants the spotlight. I think Koloff might regret walking out on Brown. Speaking of Koloff, him and Ole get a huge win over the Stud Stable. Mark Youngblood is on the roll of a lifetime right now. He might be in line for a US title match. Dibiase vs. Orndorff on TV!!!! Wow that's going to be epic. I was heading towards those two so I'm really excited that your doing it. Johnny V has his boys fired up. Even Johnny saw some action. I'm liking Cooley's new aggression. Greg Gagne seems to be having a career rejuvenation in JCP. Good to see the Professor is doing well as he gets a C.O. win over Kerry. Kerry got payback on the Flame. LOL, poor Kernodle gets his flag torn by DJ. Loving these battlebowl matches. I agree that having JJ will only elevate Prichard. All this and vacant titles to be filled. JCP is riding high.  

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents World Championship  Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of October 11th, 1986

Quick and dirty results

-Jimmy Snuka beat Mr. Wrestling II with the Superfly Splash

-Tracey Smothers beat Buzz Sawyer

BattleBowl Rules 6-Men Tag Match: The Moondogs & DJ Peterson beat The Flame, Corporal Kirschner & Kerry Von Erich after interference from Gary Hart when Kerry Von Erich and The Flame got into it in their corner. Gary Hart used the Funk branding iron to knock out Kerry Von Erich and Corporal Kirschner, allowing Moondog Moretti to pin Kirschner. Kevin Von Erich ran out after the match and got into a pier-six brawl with the Flame.


October 12th, 1986

Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

NWA World TV Championship: Tony St. Clair (w/James J. Dillon) beat The Flame (w/Gary Hart) in 13:59 to retain

-Tom Prichard (w/James J. Dillon) beat Mark Youngblood in 16:22

-Robert Fuller beat Rocky Johnson in 16:15

-Johnny Rich beat Gama Singh in 5:21

-Buzz Sawyer beat The Missing Link in 12:34

-Mr. Wrestling II beat Greg Gagne in 7:18 with a loaded running kneelift

-DJ Peterson beat Bull Gantner in 12:07

-NWA US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez beat Rip Oliver in 13:41

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Wrestling 2 bounces back from his tv loss to Snuka with a big win over Greg Gagne.

Buzz Sawyer vs. Missing Link was surely a hard hitting affair

the big push of Bull Gantner has seemingly cooled off,  however Peterson is getting some of the biggest wins of his career here in the project. 

Mark Youngblood is really shining recently.....looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Jim Crockett Promotions presents Worldwide  Wrestling

Taped at WTBS Studios, Atlanta, GA

Broadcasted weekend of October 18th, 1986

Quick and dirty results:

The show starts with footage of Mark Youngblood's recent 2 victories over the US Tag Team Champions Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez. The Renegade Warriors come to the set with Tony Schiavone and Bob Caudle. Mark says that he proved by beating the Awesome Twosome that the Renegade Warriors are to be taken seriously and they feel like they deserve a shot at the US Tag Champs. Chris Youngblood says that he pushed US Champ Ted Dibiase to his very limits and it's a matter of time before they win the US Tag titles. Rude & Fernandez come to the set and Rude says that the Warriors haven't done anything as a tag team so in their eyes, they don't deserve anything. Until they do so, they're not gonna get any title shot. Rude & Fernandez walk off, leaving the Renegade Warriors frustrated...

-Koko B. Ware beat Bad News Brown by DQ after Bad News Brown refused to listen to referee Earl Hebner's orders and shoved him. After the match, Norvell Austin ran in with a chair to chase off Bad News. Schiavone & Caudle are questioning whether or not Bad News Brown's recent shortcomings against Dibiase & the Awesome Twosome is getting to him...

-The PYT Express are headed to the broadcast booth as Tony Schiavone asks both men what they thought of what just happened. Koko B. Ware says that he always knew that Bad News Brown wasn't someone who played well with others but he thought he'd have at least respect for hardworking referees like Earl Hebner. Koko says that for Jim Crockett's first event in New York City tomorrow night, he's gonna make sure that he's gonna get a fair fight. Koko demands to Jim Crockett to appoint a special guest referee for the occasion. Norvell Austin offers to even be banned from ringside if necessary, since he wants his buddy Koko to get his revenge on Bad News Brown. Tony Schiavone says that we should hear from Crockett tomorrow on World Championship Wrestling.

-In the main event, Mark Lewin beat Kerry Von Erich after a distraction from Gary Hart. Gary Hart never stopped repeating that he would always haunt him until the Von Erichs are eradicated...That brought out The Missing Link who attacked both Lewin & Kerry! What's happening with Link???

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October 18th, 1986

Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX

Battlebowl Rules: NWA World TV Champion Tony St. Clair & Tracy Smothers beat The Southern Ramblers when Tracy Smothers pinned Randy Rose in 15:40

-Tiger Jeet Singh (w/JJ Dillon) beat Steve Armstrong in 11:33

Battlebowl Rules: The Studd Stable beat Corporal Kirschner & National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews in 20:25 when Big John Studd pinned Kirschner

-US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez beat Austin Idol in 15:15 with the Flying Burrito

Steel Cage Match: US Tag Team Champion Rick Rude beat George Wells (w/Johnny V) in 28:58 by escaping the cage

Battlebowl Rules: Rip Oliver & Wendell Cooley (w/Gary Hart) beat Sweet Brown Sugar & Rocky Johnson after Cooley pinned Sweet Brown Sugar in 17:15

Guest Referee - Kerry Von Erich: The Missing Link beat Mark Lewin in 49:58. Gary Hart got involved constantly, especially at the end of the match but Kerry put him down with The Claw. Despite Link's attack on him prior on Worldwide, Kerry remained fair and impartial.

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