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[1984-12-25-AWA-St. Paul, MN] Nick Bockwinkel vs Curt Hennig

paul sosnowski

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This was the match I was most excited about. Boc is incredible, and plucky babyface Hennig is a ton of fun.  This is the vet versuses the up and coming blue chipper. Fun mat sequence to start. Hennig puts over Boc's forearms beautifully and made them look like a jackhammer. Boc laying it in. Puts Hennig's head into the table. Another nasty forearm by Boc. Boc with a headbutt to the back of Hennig's head. Boc gets the crowd riled up. Hennig gets the leg and slams it on the apron. Hennig with a 2nd wind nails Boc with a drop kick. Hennig with some KOTM spots. Big suplex by Hennig gets 2!!!!! We get a head on collision between the 2. Boc positions him in the corner and rams the ribs. Big backdrop by Boc. Big kneelift and again. Boc working the midsection/ribs. Hennig reverses a piledriver. Bockwinkel sleeper, in the corner Boc peppers the midsection. Great hopespot by Hennig gets 2. Hennig fires back up. Boc with a Figure 4. Hennig's facials are great here. Rope break, and Boc attacks the leg. Another Figure 4!!! Again we get a rope break. Boc back to leg and Hennig catches Boc in a small package. This was great and another killer match in their series. Boc bloodies him up postmatch, and finishes him off with a piledriver. This wasn't the match I was expecting, but it ruled none the less.  4 1/4*

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