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The announcement of Ladd and Mulligan on Thanksgiving night is a great way to start RMPW!

Ladd may have made a BIG mistake turning on Grizzly Boone.

Atlas and Duggan is a fantastic team, and I expect some epic battles with Sheik and Volkoff!

Ladd and The Express try to take out Mulligan, but Dicky Slater shows his hand and aligns with Blackjack! Between Slater and the mystery man in the Yellow Mask, Mulligan has himself a fighting force.

An Anderson coming for a Funk, all is right in the world!


Jimmy Garvin as a babyface in this time period seemed odd to me at first, but good reasoning and a fired up promo makes it work!

SBS and Brian Blair as a face team coming for Bart & Bass is a great little pairing. Digging it.

Oh Shit. Someone putting a bounty on Bad News is going to lead to chaos. This should be fun!!

Tito/Slaughter in a Loser Leaves Town match for the Stampede Title. Those are some huge stakes!

Doc and Saito is a nasty, nasty team. Looking forward to seeing them clash with the Foundation!

Jimmy picks up a nice win in his debut as chaos ensues around him.

Stampede is turning into a war zone, and I'm loving it!!


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Jimmy Jam arrives and tells it like it is. Foley better be ready.

Like the team of Blair and Sugar. Looks like the Outlaws are on their list. 

Oh man who is crazy enough to collect a bounty on Bad News???

Leduc targets Moose. Two old school brawlers will go at it one more time. 

Slaughter and Santana in a loser leaves town match...YES! 

I'm all for a Hart Foundation/Saito-Williams match. 

Jimmy Jam knocks down Foley member Moffit. Slaughter tries to interfere but Tito is right on him. Precious nailing Foley with the loaded purse was a great way to end the show. 

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November 16, 1984

A montage of wrestling and rodeo falls set to music introduces the show.


Broadcasting to our local affiliates in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, the Dakatos, TSN all across Canada and Sports Channel America throughout the United States,the American Wrestling Association proudly presents Rocky Mountain Wrestling, coming to you from the KCNS Studio in Denver. 

From peak to peak and valley to valley we welcome you Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling.    I am Cowboy Bob Tallman and we are coming to you tonight from the KCNS studio in Denver, Colorado.  With me tonight is the President of Rocky Mountain Wrestling, the Lawman, Don Slatton.  Don, I am told, you have a huge announcement for us tonight.      



1.       Replay of last week’s brawl between Lars Anderson and Dory Funk Jr.  During the hour, we hear from both of them in anger-filled promos where each claims to be from the superior wrestling family.  We find out that these two will meet at Thanksgiving Thunder in the Albuquerque Civic Auditorium


2.       The USA Express (Duggan & Atlas) get a win against two jobbers and in the post-match interview, we find out that they will get the Rocky Mountain Tag Title shot at Thanksgiving Thunder against the champs, The Iron Sheik and Nicolia Volkoff.  Later in the show, the champs come out to protest as they believe the USA Express has yet to accomplish enough in Rocky Mountain Wrestling to warrant a title shot but this argument falls on deaf ears.


3.      Grizzly Boone stops by the interview area for a pre-match interview and once again expresses his anger at Ernie Ladd for kicking him out of the Army and also for the beating he took from the Zamboui Express.  He explains that Ladd’s Army is itching for a beating and with his size, he is just the man to do it!  Boone than goes on to squash some jobber to the delight of the fans.  As soon as the match was over, the crowd was shocked as One Man Gang hit the ring and attacked Boone.  With the advantage of the surprise attack, this melee was all Gang.  When it was over, Boone was laying in the center of the ring and the crowd was stunned.  All of a sudden, Ernie Ladd came out to introduce the newest member of his Army…. The African Queen…. One Man Gang!  Ladd laughed as he wondered if Grizzly Boone still thought he had the size to give Ladd and his Army the beating that they deserved!


4.      In other matches, Kendall Windham gets a nice win against local talent as this high school student continues to impress.  “Hollywood” John Tatum continues to build his character with a nice win over Verlon Biggs.  Tatum is becoming more and more confident.  We see newcomer, Joel Deaton take down the big Plowboy Frazier with a hug running lariat.  Deaton seems to be the newest bad cowboy to come to Rocky Mountain Wrestling. 


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Ed Whalen:  Hi everybody and away we go with another edition of Stampede Wrestling and we have another ring-a-ding-dong-dandy of a show.  I am Ed Whalen coming to you from the CHCT Studies in downtown Calgary, but tonight’s show will be a little different as we are going to get all of you caught up on all of the goings-on here in Stampede for the big one on December 2, right here in downtown Calgary and the Victoria Pavilion. 

HYPE:  This is the first time in a year that Stampede will be allowed to return to Victoria Pavilion following the riot of 1983 caused by Bad News Allen and his comments that he hoped the Mongolian Stomper’s son died after their wild tag match.  Since then Allen has had a crazy year where he defeated The Stomper, Nikita Koloff, and Stan Hansen in loser-leaf town matches.  He also challenged for the North American Title where he suffered his only loss in 15 months in a controversial decision against Hulk Hogan.  He had roughed up Hogan so bad that Hogan  has not been seen in Stampede Wrestling since.


MAIN ANGLE:  Bad News Allen- $10,000 Bounty-North American Title Match

Allen recently set his sights on Paul Orndorff and the North American Title and the match is set for December 2, 1984.  Almost as soon as Allen called out Orndorff, a letter was found in the locker room that place a $10,000 bounty on the head of Bad News Allen.  Allen has been like a caged beast of late, crushing anyone who dares to come after him and the bounty.  Allen is convinced that it is the North American Champion who placed the bounty on him.  He feels that this could be Orndorff’s only chance to safe his title.  Over the past few weeks, Allen has taken to the ring on TV where he has called each match “The Bounty Challenge” and he basically allows anyone to come to the ring to earn the money.  So far it has only been jobbers who have tried to earn the money and by the end of the match, these poor slobs wishe that hadn’t tried as they are stretchered out.

Paul Orndorff has denied the idea that it was he who placed the bounty on Allen and has successfully been defending the North American Title all over Albertan and Manitoba.  Orndorff has also been on a roll ever since he was double crossed by Bobby Heenan, as he not only won the North American title but took out the Nature Boy, Ric Flair in doing so.  While these are good things, it brought Bad News Allen and Bobby Heenan together with a common goal… to take out Paul Orndorff.  With Allen angry about the bounty and with Heenan as his manager, most around Stamped believe that Orndorff will be lucky to escape this bout with his belt as they have never seen Bad News Allen this angry. 


ANGLE #2:  Sgt. Slaughter with John Foley vs Tito Santana for the Stampede Heavyweight Title in a Loser-Leave-Town Match with a Special Guest Referee.

The feud between Slaughter and Santana goes back prior to the arrival of John Foley when Slaughter’s then manager, Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie tried to strangle Santana by tossing him over the top rope with a bull-rope tied around his neck.  As the Sheik ran from Stampede and the law, John Foley has come in and taken over his stable and the situation has just gotten worse.  Foley has declared Slaughter his #1 and uses his entire Army to help Sarge in his battle against Tito.  

John Foley has angered a lot of people around Stampede with his Anti-Canadian propaganda as he continues to criticize them for their lack of respect to the Crown and their colonial attituded.  He is constantly using the numbers game to his advantage and has attacked Santana numerous times with a 3-1 Pearl Harbor Style where Butch Moffit and Gama Singh have joined Slaughter in the attack. 

A few weeks ago, the situation appeared even more dire as Jimmy Garvin, the notorious heel, game to the ring during one of these attacks.  Instead, it was Garvin who surprised everyone when he helped Santana.  Together, they gained control of the ring.  When asked why he helped Santana, Garvin said that it was more the fact that he as a Canadian couldn’t stand listening to Foley put down these good people anymore. 

On Halloween, Tito was able to defeat Sarge for the Stampede title and the rematch has been set for December 2.  Since Santana got the win, the heat between Foley’s Army and Santana has grown hotter and hotter with numerous attacks but Garvin has been there each time to aid the champ.

Stu Hart stepped in last week on TV and said that this situation has gotten out of control and has decided that a special referee is needed but he would allow the wrestlers to choose.  His idea was that  Foley could pick one candidate and Santana could pick one candidate and last night in Edmonton, these two men wrestled with the winner becoming the special guest referee.

For Santana, the choice was easy as he picked Jimmy Garvin.  Foley decided to go with his newest stable member… the nearly 300 pound Mr. X.  The man in the black mask has been just crushing each and every opponent since his arrival and looks to be unstoppable.

With the help of a loaded purse shot by Precious, Garvin somehow managed to beat Mr. X and so we are set.

It will be Santana vs Slaughter in a Loser Leaf Town Steel Cage Mage with Jimmy Garvin as the Special Referee.


ANGLE #3:  The Stampede Tag Team Titles

While the say that you can’t keep a good man down, the opposite may be true here in Stampede as the bad guys are continuing their rise to the top.  Just about a month ago, it looked like Bobby Heenan had hit rock bottom.  When Flair headed south to the U.S., Heenan’s once proud stable had crumbled to nothing.  Now, not only is he associated with Bad News Allen, he went out a signed a monster of a tag team…. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Mr. Saito.  These two have just run roughshod over everyone for the past month and have earned the title shot at the huge December 2nd. 

Again, this will be Heenan’s chance to get revenge on one of his former stable mates.  Not only is Bad News Allen trying to take out Paul Orndorff, but this new monster tag team has the chance of taking the belts from Brett Hart and Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.  Remember, Bret Hart did have that stage of rebellion where he turned on his own father and joined the Heenan stable. 

The champions have had an emotional roller coaster of late as they recently defeated the British Bulldogs in their last ever match in Stampede.  The Harts and Bulldogs have had some wars over the past year or so but it was always like one of those family feuds where you fight it out but in the end, you love one another.  Since this battle with the Bulldogs, the Harts have been defending their belts all over Canada, but some say it looks like they may have lost a little focus.  One thing is for sure, if they are not focused against Dr. Death and Saito, they will not only lose their belts but may also get hurt!

ANGLE #4:  The British Commonwealth Middleweight Title:

Dave Morgan recently arrived from Britain with the belt and has been defending it all over the Prairie Provinces.  This is right up Stu Hart’s ally as he is a true fan of the technical stuff.  The arrival of Morgan also brought in some of the best middleweights in the world as they view this as a stepping stone to the AWA Jr. Light Heavyweight title currently help by the Super Ninja.  While newcomers like Chief Joe Lightfoot and Brian Blair will have to wait for their title shot, it will be Gamma Singh getting a crack at Morgan on December 2.  Singh is managed by John Foley who is fuming that a Brit like Morgan has sided with the colonist and refused to join his army.  Morgan has been under attack of late and has been the victim of some 3-1 beat downs by Foley.  One thing for sure is that on December 2, the Brit, Dave Morgan will have the support on the crowd but is that enough to stop the dirty tactics of John Foley and his man, Gamma Singh.


ANGLE #5:  The Return of Jos Leduc

The powerful Jos Leduc has returned to Stampede after a 4- month absence and he has set his sights on Moose Morowski.  Morowski, the most traveled Canadian wrestler in history, recently arrived in Stampede Wrestling as a changed man.  For decades, he has terrorized his opponents, the fans and even announcers but he says he knows he is nearing the end and wants one last chance to show the fans his true ability.  It took some time but he has won them over.   This change of heart has drawn the ire of Jos Leduc.  Leduc calls Morowski a phony and that he can’t stomach someone with Morowski’s career bowing down to the fans which he calls the ingrates of the sport.  One thing is clear, Leduc will either put Moose out of wrestling or Moose will really win the fans over on December 2.


ANGLE #6:  Sweet Brown Sugar & Brian Blair Want the Outlaws


Ron Bass and Black Bart recently arrived in Stampede and have been tearing it up as the rough and nasty Outlaws.  Their black hats, tobacco filled mouths, and their cracking of the bull whip have intimidated some here in Stampede but there is one team that is not running from the Outlaws and that is Sweet Brown Sugar and Brian Blair.  Last year, the Outlaws were terrorizing Florida and Sugar and Blair were where the victims of some real questionable tactics.  When Eddie Graham eventually had enough and sent the Outlaws packing, they arrived in Rocky Mountain Wrestling.  Sweet Brown Sugar was so set on revenge that he followed them to Denver where he found a new partner, Tony Atlas.  Atlas and Sugar brawled with the Outlaws all over the Southwestern parts of the U.S. until the Iron Sheik and Nicolai Volkoff won the Rocky Mountain Tag Titles.  Being friends with the Sheik and Volkoff, the Outlaws headed out of town in search of the Stampede Titles.  Once again, Sweet Brown Sugar followed them.  This time he called his old friend, Brian, to see if he was interested on going after the Outlaws again and he jumped on the opportunity.  So, here we are… Dec. 2…. Sweet Brown Sugar & Brian Blair vs the Outlaws… again… but for the first time in Calgary.  This one is really getting personal.



Chief Joe Lightfoot vs Man Mountain Rex

MR. X with John Foley vs Ben Bassarab



Jan 6, 1985, Stampede Wrestling will return to Calgary and Victoria Pavilion for the Royal Stampede.  The Main Event for this bout will be a 30 Man Gauntlet Match where the last man standing will receive $25,000 and a guaranteed North American Title Shot!  The way this will work is that two wrestlers will start and every 3 minutes another wrestler will enter the ring.


Ed Whalen:  Folks, if you are anywhere near Calgary on December, get to Victoria Pavilion.  It is going to be a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy of a show.  We are out of time for now, so, in the meantime and in the in-between time… that’s it, another edition of Stampede Wrestling. 

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NOVEMBER 28, 1984



This is Kendall’s first time on a big card and you can tell he is a bit nervous but that is to be expected by any high schooler in front of nearly 8,000 fans.  Put the nerves aside, this match sells.  The All-American boy next door vs the evil, grizzled veteran from one of those countries we love to hate in the 1980’s wrestling scene. 

Kim Duk does a great job of bringing the youngster along in this bout.  We see a few momentum changes in the match but Duk really puts Windham over with his bumping and selling.  In the end, Windham hits the Running Bulldog and gets the three count but for those in the know, Kim Duk has really earned his keep here with this match.



One of the interesting things here was that Tatum seemed to begin his entrance to the ring while Windham was still celebrating his victory with the fans.  Neither seemed willing to give way to the other and some words seemed to be exchanged.  The referee coming in for the second match seemed to calm the situation down but maybe these two are headed for their first angles in Rocky Mountain Wrestling. 


Tatum’s expectations have risen in Rocky Mountain Wrestling of late since Eric Embry left for another promotion.  First thought of as a jobber, Tatum has filled in admirable with the sudden loss of Embry and has been magic on the mic.  The Rocky Mountain agents have given Tatum a few wins and a few interviews to see the fans reactions and he has delivered.  This “Hollywood” persona has drawn a lot of heat from the fans and Tatum continues to play the arrogant, spoiled heel to a tee.

As for the match, it is a carbon copy of the first except this time, it is Mike George putting over Tatum.  The experienced George really takes it to the frightened heel in the beginning as the sound of the jobs echoed through the arena.  One thing Tatum is really doing well is that he is getting on everyone's nerves with his constant whining.  


In the end, Tatum uses a low blow to take the advantage and then he finishes of George with a flying elbow and a grab of the tights on the pin.



BjVN7KE.png?1          D5Zr8JP.jpg?3

The rugged Deaton vs the rugged Rufus R Jones means this one will forget the technical stuff and be a brawl from the get go.  Unfortunately, the actions spills out of the ring and the two continue to fight and seem to care less about getting back in the ring as we get a Double Count-Out.  It is not that these two had so much heat before the bout but their fighting styles has caused this one to build almost instantaneously and they are heading for some rematches down the road. 

For those in the know, this means a lot to both of their careers as the higher ups in Rocky Mountain Wrestling are trying to find out if Deaton can draw heat from the crowd and if Rufus R. Jones can find enough charisma to get over with the crowd.  This one could mean they both get contracts in 1985 or that one or both may be on the unemployment line.



Johnny Rich has been the giant killer of Rocky Mountain Wrestling but this is different…. It is One Man Gang.  Rich gave it about 30 seconds before being dominated by OMG.  It seems like Rich has meet his Rocky Mountain ceiling and he is never going to reach the top and OMG is now the newest monster heel who will be tough to stop!  The end game with a Running Powerslam and it seems like Gang has taken a page out of the books of King Kong Bundy and he demanded a 5 count.  The people were in awe of the five count and Gang and wonder if Ernie Ladd’s Army can ever be stopped with his as the enforcer. 






The Zamboui Express may have been crushing everyone is Rocky Mountain Wrestling sense they hit the scene as part of Ladd’s Army a few weeks ago but Slater and this masked man in a yellow jump suit vow to change that.  They both seem to have some real loyalty to Blackjack and are here to help fight this war by any means necessary.  The Yellow Dog comes out with a Dog Collar and a steel chain around his neck and when he hits the ring, he takes the chain and starts swinging it at the Express.  Most of the crowd was shocked at how fast these two big men were as they dropped to the floor.

As for the match, it was obvious that Slater and the Yellow Dog were not the least bit intimidated by the Express. 


At one point the Express had the Yellow Dog trapped in the corner and were really going for the mask.  We have heard Ernie Ladd demand to know who he was and it seemed like Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammed were doing their best to solve the mystery.  Unfortunately for them, Yellow Dog made the escape and Slater hits the ring and is throwing big right after big right. 


We are now going 2 on 2 and the ref lost some control.  It was here that the Yellow Dog grabbed that chain he had earlier and wrapped it around his fist and used it for a weapon. 


Unfortunately for the Yellow Dog, the ref caught some of this and called for the bell.  Unfortunately for the Zamboui Express, the Yellow Dog did not care and continued to pound on his opponents.  This one just seems very personal and the announcer, Cowboy Bob really want to know the history between the Yellow Dog and Ernie Ladd so he can understand what is going on here.





While this battle has been brewing over the past few weeks over the idea of who’s family is the top in the industry, this Street Fight is much more technical then most.  While there are plenty of big haymakers that are being thrown around, Dory continues to work on the lower body of Lars to set hem up for the Spinning Toe Hold while Lars is focused on the shoulder area and wants to hit the big Shoulder Breaker.  In the end, we get Dory coming on top as Lars is forced to submit as Dory is like a spinning top with that Toe Hold. 






Wow…. Good vs Evil at its best and it starts from the entrance of the wrestlers.  Hacksaw is waving the American flag and Atlas is circling the ring shaking hands while the entrance for the champs sees Volkoff carrying the flag of the Soviet Union and the Sheik comes carrying the Persian Clubs.  When Volkoff goes to sing the Russian National Anthem, all hell breaks loose as Duggan attacks.


Almost 25 minutes of a brawl later, we see Hacksaw hit the football tackle on Volkoff and he goes for the pin.





The Sheik makes the save as he comes crashing down on Duggan with the Persian Club right to the back.

The ref calls for the bell as Atlas hits the ring and quickly scoops up the Sheik and Military Press’s him right to the floor.

As the ring announcer declares Atlas and Duggan the winners, the crowd explodes only to have their cheers change to boos when he went on to say that since the win was by DQ, the titles do not change place.

Duggan looks to be a little hobbled but he should be ok as Atlas and Hacksaw stand in the center of the ring with the champs looking up from the floor.  It is obvious that this battle will continue.







This is the rematch that everyone has been wanting for and it doesn’t disappoint.  With Ladd and Blackjack getting up there in age, this main event goes just over 15 minutes. 

Ladd shoved Mulligan into the ref and he went down hard.  With Mulligan and the ref both down, we see Ladd start pounding his toes on the floor.  Most people are speculating that he is loading up that big size 22 to kick Mulligan right in the face.  Ladd picks up Mulligan and whips him into the ropes. 



Ladd connects with the Big Boot and Mulligan is out!

The Big Cat covers the champ!




The crowd can’t believe it, Ladd gets the win and is once again, the Rocky Mountain Champion!

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Thanksgiving Thunder brother! 

Duk does a great job getting young Kendall over.

Tatum is quickly becoming a hated heel as his gimmick is really working here. Tonight he gets the win over the tough vet Mike George.

Deaton and Rufus battle to a double c.o. I think Deaton can get over as his style is perfect for this territory.

Rich has been on a roll beating the giants but tonight that comes to an abrupt end as OMG takes his down for the 5 count! Looks like some big plans are in store for OMG. 

Zambuie Express get the DQ win but Slater and the Yellow Dog win the fight. 

Dory gets a satisfying submission win over Lars. Tonight a Funk put down an Anderson. 

Atlas and Duggan don't win the titles but man they put a beating on Sheik and Volkoff. I think it's only a matter of time until the USA Express get the belts. 

WOW! Ladd defeats Mulligan to regain the title! Oh man not a happy Thanksgiving for the fans. Ladd's army has regrouped and once again have the power. 



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Awesome Show!

Glad to see Tatum doing well, and a nice little fight with Kendall will be good for both of them.

Gang is going to be a force to be reckoned with here in Rocky Mountain!

Who is this Yellow Dog! Nice fight between him, Slater, and The Express!

Sheik and Volkoff escape with the belts, but Team USA is gonna keep coming for them.

Ladd regains the title against Blackjack. But he had a whole lot of enemies lined up and looking for him.

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DECEMBER 2, 1984


Chief Joe Lightfoot vs Man Mountain

The much smaller Lightfoot is able to catch Man Mountain  with a running knee lift for the win. 


MR. X with John Foley vs Ben Bassarab

The nearly 300 pound Mr. X is able to get the win against Bassarab by hitting a big power slam after Foley crushed Bassarab in the back with some sort of walking stick while Mr. X distracted the ref.


Jos Leduc vs Moose Morowski

This one was a bit strange as Leduc kept verballing assaulting Morowski and egging him on.  It was like Leduc wanted the old heel Morowski to show up, but Moose stayed true to his new technical side.  Let’s just say that it didn’t work out so well as Leduc roughed up the old timer here with the win coming by the way of a backbreaker after Luduc hit Moose with a low blow.  After the match, the crowd erupted as Moose attacked Leduc in the aisle.  This was the old Moose the fans were used to seeing except they loved it now as he was using heel tactics against the hated Leduc.  Eventually the two brawled their way behind the curtain and out of site.


Brian Blair & Sweet Brown Sugar vs The Outlaws (Black Bart & Cowboy Ron Bass)

This one was a violent 15-minute battle that saw the heels get the win when SBS came off the top rope with a cross body block but was hit with a huge uppercut by Bart.  Bart then finished off Sugar with a big leg drop while Bass made sure Blair couldn’t make the save.  After the match, things turned ugly as the Outlaws reached for their bull ropes and whipped Sweet Brown Sugar and Brian Blair. 





Dave Morgan © VS Gamma Singh with John Foley

Before the match, John Foley grabbed the house mic and told Morgan that he could save his title and the butt whipping he was about to get if he did the patriotic thing and acted loyal to the British Crown by turning on these colonists and joining Foley and his Empire.

Morgan declined and the fight was on.  We started with some nice chain wrestling that saw both wrestlers show off some good technical skill.  When Morgan proved to be a little better and get the advantage, Foley brought the match to the gutter by helping Singh at every turn.

Seeing that his buddy was not getting a fair shake, Chef Joe Lightfoot returned to the ring area.  Lucky for Morgan this happened just in time.  Foley had a chair and was about to use it on Morgan but Lightfoot pulled it away from him and to the delight of the fans, he rammed the chair into the gut of Foley.

As for the match, Morgan regains control and hits a second-row shoulder tackle for the win!

Morgan thanks Lightfoot and the two walk out together. 


Stampede Tag Team Title Match

The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) vs “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Mr. Saito with Bobby Heenan

Awesome match that had the fans on the edge of their seats.  It looked like we were about to have new champs as Dr. Death connected with the spear on Bret but Neidhart made the save.  This led to all 4 in the ring and we had complete chaos. 

It was here that Heenan climbed up to the second rope…

WHAM…. Bret Hart hits Heenan with a flying elbow.

WHAM…  Dr. Death connects with a second Spear on Hart as soon as he turned around.


It looks like Hart has no chance to survive this pin attempt as Saito and Neidhart are battling out on the floor so there is nobody left to make the save.



The bell sounds as the referee declares this match a time limit draw.  The fans breathed a huge sigh of relief as they were about to see their favorite son go down in defeat.




While the 10 grand would be huge, so would the guaranteed future Stampede Heavyweight shot that is guaranteed to the winner.

This match saw feuds from earlier in the evening continuing.  The Hart Foundation and Dr. Death and Saito pick up right where they left off just a few minutes ago.  Foley’s goons, Gamma Singh, Mr. X and Butch Moffit are making quick work of all the middleweights in the ring and give a good beating to the champ, Dave Morgan.  Leduc and Morowski square off as do the Outlaws and Sweet Brown Sugar and Brian Blair.

This leaves new fan favorite, Jimmy Garvin plenty of time to stay out of the action.  Eventually it is down to Leduc, Mr.X and Garvin.  We get the quick agreement by Mr. X and Leduc to join forces but they seem to forget that Garvin is not alone.  In fact, that loaded purse of Precious comes in handy as both Mr. X and Leduc get clocked and Garvin is able to push the woozy duo over the top rope for the win.

Garvin struts as only he can and gives Precious a huge kiss as the fans go wild as it like the prodigal son has returned to Canada. 




Tito Santana © vs Sgt. Slaughter with John Foley

This match has it all…

The hated heel… Sgt. Slaughter!

The hated manager… John Foley!

The stipulations… The Loser must leave Stampede Wrestling!

The Cage!

The Title on the line!

And of course… The Jimmy Garvin as the Special Guest Referee!


In this match, you pin your opponent and then escape through the open door before the ref counts to 10. 

We get about 20 wild minutes where each wrestler has been bloodied by the cage and each pins the other, but neither were able to escape through the open gate.  Up until the end, Jimmy Garvin has played this straight up as the referee, but you can tell that Foley is getting on his nerves as we keep hearing Foley insulting Garvin. 

The finish

Tito knocks Sarge into the corner with a big flying burrito where we see Foley push a pair of brass knucks through the mesh to Slaughter.  Tito comes to the corner and lifts Slaughter up…

WHAM!  Slaughter clobbers Tito with the Brass Knucks and he is down in the center of the ring.

Slaughter goes for the cover….


Garvin really slow counts this


As Garvin’s hand starts to come down, it stops.

Garvin quickly stands and drops an elbow onto the back of Slaughter’s head.  Garvin then drags Slaughter up by the hair and hoists him up.

WHAM!  Brain Buster…. Slaughter is now out in the center of the ring.  Garvin now drags Tito on top of Sarge!

1.2.3.   The fastest count in history!  The fans are loving this even though it was one of the biggest heel moves in history. 

Foley is irate and when the door opens, he rushes at Garvin.  It looks like the manager is in full wrestler mode and is ready for the attack.

Garvin and Foley are face to face with fists up when all of a sudden, they both break out in laughter and hug each other.

Garvin sees Tito starting to stir so he lifts him up and gives him a Brain Buster.

Foley has retrieved the Stampede Title and lays it across Santana who is on the canvass next to Sarge.  Garvin and Foley leave the ring as the boos are raining down from the crowd. 


To rap this up, Garvin helps Santana win the match and Foley’s #1 guy, Sgt. Slaughter is out of Stampede Wrestling.  Foley and Garvin hug it out in the ring and then drop Tito on his head before leaving together. Oh, and don’t forget, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, won the Battle Royal tonight giving him a guaranteed Stampede Heavyweight Title Match.  Wow… things are heating up!




Paul Orndorff vs Bad News Allen with Bobby Heenan

When else would a Stampede Heavyweight Title Loser- Leave Town Match with a Special Guest Referee not be the main event…. Maybe never but tonight is all about the return of Bad News Allen and Stampede Wrestling to the Victoria Pavilion for the first time in a year.

The last time we were here, Bad News Allen angered the fans so much that a huge riot broke out and he has done nothing to stop the fans hatred towards him over the past 12 months.  As this match is about to begin, we see Calgary police officers come out and surround the ring and they will stay there for the rest of the event.

Those who were in attendance said you have never heard such boos as when Allen came to the ring on this night with Bobby Heenan.  Orndorff’s ovation was equally loud but it is not like he is the most popular wrestler ever to be in Stampede.  Again, this was a result of the fans anger to Bad News Allen.

For the first time in a long time, Bobby Heenan does not interfere in the match in a long time.  Some say this was because he was afraid of Orndorff who put him in a neck brace the last time the two were in the ring together as Paul crushed him with a chair shot to the head.  Other’s say that Bad News Allen gave Heenan orders not to interfere to make sure there was not disqualified.  Everyone, including Bobby Heenan, knows not to cross Bad News. 

As for the match… only one way to describe it…. A war with neither combatant giving an inch.  Somehow Bad News was able to kick out from a piledriver but the same can’t be said about the champ after Allen hit him with a reverse thrust kick (later called the Ghetto Blaster) to the back of the head.

It is said that there were actually people in the stands who broke out in tears when the ref made the three count and Bad News Allen became the new champ!


A masked man with the words Bounty Hunter hits the ring and connects with his own thrust kick to Bad News Allen head.  This man is all over Bad News Allen but it only lasts a few seconds as the police from outside the ring rush in and secure this mystery man.  As Allen gets to his feet, he sees this man being escorted away.  The remaining officers surround Allen and escort him also.  This one was for his own protection as the fans were raining down objects on the champ. 


Ed Whalen:  What an event folks.  We have a new North American Champion in Bad News Allen , Jimmy Garvin goes out and wins the $10,000 Battle Royal and earns himself a Stampede Title Shot and then he ……, and finally some masked man attacks Bad News Allen attempting to collect the bounty that has been placed on Allen by who knows who.  WOW…. We have so much left to discuss but we are out of time.  So, in the mean-time and in the in between time, that’s it… another edition of Stampede Wrestling.

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Man, the fans at the Pavilion really got their money's worth tonight. 

Lightfoot and Mr. X pick up solid wins. 

Be careful what you wish for Leduc because the old Morowski is back. 

Outlaws defeat SBS and Blair then give them a beating with the bull ropes. I'm sure SBS and Blair are going to want another crack at the Outlaws. 

Singh and Morgan have a great match but Foley wants to interfere, good thing Lightfoot put a stop to that. Morgan gets the win and has a good ally with Lightfoot. 

Close one as The Hart Foundation barely escape with their titles. I'm sure Williams and Saito deserve a rematch. 

Jimmy Jam wins the battle royal. He's not only richer but gets a title shot as well. 

What a swerve! I didn't see this one coming. Jimmy Jam helps Tito defeat Slaughter but it's a trick as Foley and Garvin are in cahoots! Jimmy leaves Tito laid out and now gets a title shot. He also has a ton of heat. 

Awesome main event! Bad News takes down Orndorff to win the title! What a place for this to happen. But wait! Who's the masked bounty hunter??? Heenan and Bad News have the title but they better be on guard. 

This card was very well built and delivered. 


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Reviews of the show:

To say the least, the fans left fuming.  On the 1 year anniversary of the Riot in the Pavilion, Bad News Allen, the culprit of the chaos, leaves the ring with the North American Title as he defeated Paul Orndorff.  Time will tell if this is good for business or not.  Some say that they are so disgusted by Bad News Allen that they will not show up to future events while others say that they are so disgusted by Bad News Allen that they are going to be there to see him loose that championship.


Jimmy Garvin explains his actions:

Garvin was the special referee in the Loser Leave Town Cage Match for the Stampede Title between Sgt. Slaughter and Tito Santana.  First, Garvin hit Slaughter with the Brainbuster helping Santana get the win but then he later turned on Santana and hit him with another Brainbuster.  As it turned out, this was the plan all along as Garvin and John Foley where in cahoots.

When Foley was asked why he turned on his #1… Sgt Slaughter, Foley responded with

“My Army has no place for losers.  When Slaughter couldn’t beat the beaneater Tito Santana and lost the Stampede Title on Thanksgiving Night, I knew that I was through with Slaughter!

Jimmy Garvin, who had recently said that he had returned to Canada because he was sick and tired of listening to Foley criticize his “home town” fans, explained his actions by saying…

“Why do you think I left Canada in the first place.  The people here are to stupid and don’t deserve someone as Gorgeous as myself.  When Mr. Foley called me up and asked me if I wanted to come be his new #1 and shove it to these colonial losers, I jumped at the chance.  In just a matter of weeks, I won your $10,000 battle royal and earned a title shot against Tito Burrito.  Now you are going to have to get used to seeing me walk around with your title around my waist and this gorgeous lady on my arm.  It is great to be me and it must suck to be Canadian. 


Bad News Allen:

Instead of celebrating his title win, Allen left Victoria Pavilion fuming.  He can’t believe that someone had the nerve to attack him and try and collect the bounty that someone has placed on his head.  Allen has demanded and been granted a match with this Masked Bounty Hunter.  This match will take place on Christmas Night in the Corral in Calgary and it will be a North American Title vs Mask Match. 

 Wild Night in the Sales Pavilion on December 8 as we get a new champ:

Gama Singh, with the help of John Foley, defeats Dave Morgan for the British Commonwealth Title.  Foley continues to anger the Canadian crowds as he said that Morgan was a traitor siding with the colonists instead of the Crown and he got exactly what he deserved.


The Business Side of Stampede: 

Who is Out?

1.       Dave Morgan:  Morgan was signed to a 3 month contract where he was to help re-establish the British Commonwealth Middleweight Title.  He never really won the belt but as part of his gimmick, he appeared in Stampede as the Champion.  He did a nice job of helping build the feud between the Canadian fans and John Foley as he quickly became the baby face when he refused to join Foley’s Army and their attack on the Canadian colonists even though he was said to be British. 


2.       Paul Orndorff:  Orndorff was brought in when Flair said that his stay in Calgary would only be for 90 days.  Stu Hart needed someone who was seen as a real threat to the Nature Boy.  While Stu would normally turn to one of his sons to do this, Bret was currently ½ of the Stampede Tag Team Champions and Keith and Bruce are wrestling down in the states.  This led Hart to Orndorff who needed a cooling off period down in the States and was available.  Stu and everyone involved in Stampede has nothing but positives to say about Orndorff and what a 6-month run he had.  He started as a member of Heenan’s family where he soon became tired of playing second fiddle to Flair.  He clobbered Heenan with a chair putting him in a neckbrace before taking the promotions top title, the North American Title from one of the best in the business in the Nature Boy.  He then ended up in a feud with Bad News Allen and the whole bounty question.  Orndoff we really be missed!  He was a guaranteed big gate at the box office.


3.      Sgt. Slaughter:  Simply put, Slaughter was tired of being a heel!  He asked Stu for a character change but Stu saw him as the perfect wrestler to play the big bad American role.  Stu said that when he had Slaughter turn on Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, it was the beginning of the perfect storm.  Add in Slaughter as a member of Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie’s crews and now a member of Foley’s Army, Sarge was a heat magnet.  Since Sgt. And Stu could not get on the same page, Slaughter decided to leave Stampede.  Where he ends up, only Slaughter knows.


4.      Ciclon Negro:  Negro has decided that his 20 plus years in the business are enough and he has decided to retire.  Stu Hart and everyone else in the business thank Ciclon Negro for all of his years of service.  He was a true professional in an industry that doesn’t always have quality workers.



 Stu is hitting the phones hard but nothing is set in stone.  Some say he might not have to look far as there are a few trainees from down in the Dungeon that just might work out.  One is Chris Benoit who is said to be a crippler in the shoot style wrestling.  Another has added a few holes to the wall as Leon White, or the Baby Bull as he is known, has slammed a few opponents right through the wall.  One last possibility is a man who looks the part but it a bit stiff.  While he is calling himself the Warrior, he seems to really struggle while being “stretched” by Stu as he has little technical skill.  He is also a bit unpolished on the mic and just seems to yell throughout the interview… but again… he is built like a Greek god. 



While we know there is a working relationship between Stu Hart and Blackjack Mulligan, the real owner of Rocky Mountain Wrestling, some are beginning to question the number of times Mulligan has been seen in and around Calgary in the past few weeks.  This will have to be a situation we keep our eyes on!

 Next Huge Show:  Christmas Night in Calgary at the Corral

 Matches Already Signed:

AWA TITLE MATCH:  Ted Dibiase vs ?

North American Title Match:  Bad News Allen © vs The Masked Bounty Hunter

Stampede Title Match:  Tito Santana © vs Jimmy Garvin with John Foley

British Commonwealth Title Match:  Gama Singh ©  with John Foley vs Chief Joe Lightfoot

Jos Leduc vs Moose Morowski

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Love these update shows. 

In one show, Jimmy Garvin becomes the 2nd most hated heel (Next to Bad News) in Stampede. Him and Tito should be quite a match.

Really looking forward to the Bad News/Masked Bounty Hunter match. That one is full of intrigue. 

Stampede loses some big names in Orndorff and Slaughter but it looks like Stu is on the ball in finding replacements. 

The Christmas show will end the year with a bang! 

What does the future hold??? We'll find out soon enough. 

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Rufus Jones vs Ken Timbs

A 7 minute opener that sees Rufus Jones get the fans in a good mood as he defeats Timbs following three big headbutts and a right hand.  Timbs did a nice job of drawing some heat here as he played the frightened heel here to perfection.


The Zamboui Express (Elijah Akeem & Kareem Muhammad vs Johnny & Randy Rich)

The Zamboui Express have been tearing it up of late and are looking to do it again to the Rich cousins.  Randy showed up a few weeks ago and has joined Johnny in his fight against some of the biggest and most powerful wrestlers in Rocky Mountain. 

While Randy and Johnny were both willing to fight, there was just no way for them to match up with the Express.  With Johnny in trouble, he went for the tag but it seemed like Randy kind of short-armed it a bit and left Johnny in to get a beating.  In the end, Elijah Akeem hit Samoan Drop on Johnny and it was all over. 


Dick Slater vs Joel Deaton

Not sure if it is because he did not get the nod from Blackjack Mulligan to fight Ernie Ladd tonight for the title or if he is upset by where he is on the card, Slater is violent and stiff throughout the match.  The end comes with a big tapped fist by Slater and Deaton seems to be out cold.  In fact, Deaton has to be helped to the back.  Those in the know are concerned if there will be peace in the locker room tonight.


Kendall Windham vs “Hollywood” John Tatum”

This one has gotten some juice from recent altercations between the two on TV.  Tatum has really become the full-blown arrogant, Hollywood, obnoxious heel of late and he just feels that he is wasting his time fighting a high-schooler.  Windham is quickly becoming a fan favorite here as he has been humble and grateful for his opportunities.  He also has never backed down from Tatum and has knocked him to the ground on numerous occasions. 

As for this match, we see Tatum go from strutting in to the ring to hiding behind the ref once the bout starts.  Tatum tried his best to catch the youngster with some dirty tactics but each time, Windham seemed ready.  This was by far Windham’s most complete match and he got the win with the running bulldog.  Kendall looks like a future star!


Grizzly Boone vs One Man Gang

A true epic battle of the big boys.  Boone has been doing everything he can of late to get revenge on Ernie Ladd for kicking him out of the Army and it seems like Ernie Ladd has had enough of the turncoat.  He basically told Boone that he was kicked out because he wasn’t good enough and he was going to prove it by allowing his replacement, One Man Gang, to beat the Big Dummy.

Ladd wasn’t wrong!  Boone might be big but by the end of this, we see Ladd’s Army has gotten a big upgrade as OMG is not only big, but he can move!  We see OMG end this one with a Giant Splash that Cowboy Bob said he was surprised the entire ring didn’t collapse!


Lars Anderson vs Dory Funk Jr. 

Dory winning on Thanksgiving Night did nothing to quiet down Lars about the Anderson’s still being the top family in the sport and these two have had their clashes throughout the last month.  Tonight’s seems to follow the same pattern as Dory seems to be one step smarter and keeps Lars off balance.  In the end, Lars tried to bring the match to the gutter but by this point, Dory had weakened the right knee so badly, Lars was barely able to stand up and we see Dory get the win with the Spinning Toe Hold



The Iron Sheik & Nicolai Volkoff © vs The U.S. Express (Tony Atlas & Hacksaw Duggan)

What else is there to say but Good vs Evil and the champs might just be the best in the business at getting the heat right from the beginning with their infuriating entrance…. Flags… Anthem… spitting on the floor when talking about America. 

Well Atlas and Duggan allowed these antics for only so long and attacked right away!  Tonight, we get that classic tag team finish where Atlas was being double teamed and made the hot tag to Duggan and we have a few moments of chaos!

Atlas and Volkoff are paired off on one side of the ring while Duggan and the Sheik are on the other.  The Sheik rakes Duggan’s eyes and then we see the Sheik started pounding those Arabian boots on the mat and the crowd is convinced he is “loading it up.” 

Atlas as Volkoff hoisted up for a Military Press Slam as the Sheik charges at Duggan with the Loaded Boot.

WHAM!.... Atlas has dropped Volkoff right into the kick of the Sheik and that loaded boot!  Volkoff is down and out.  The Iron Sheik looks shocked and turns around in frustration.

WHAM!... Football Tackle by Duggan on the Sheik.

Atlas and Duggan look at each other and shrug!  Atlas pins Volkoff and Duggan pins the Iron Sheik!

The ref doesn’t seem to know what to do for a second and then he simply drops to the mat and makes the three count on both champs. 

The USA chants started immediately at the crowd is thrilled with the outcome when the Lawman announces the new champions.



When Blackjack Mulligan was attacked and injured by Ladd’s Army in the parking lot a few weeks back, the Career vs Career Match seemed in jeopardy.  Rocky Mountain President, Don Slatton, deemed that because Ladd was responsible for Blackjack’s injury that Mulligan could pick his replacement for the match and only Ladd’s career would be on the line.  Mulligan chose the Yellow Dog who was basically a new comer to Rocky Mountain Wrestling but someone who has shown great loyalty to Mulligan.  This decision angered Dick Slater but that is a story for another day.  Ladd demanded that the Yellow Dog put his mask on the line and the Yellow Dog agreed.

When these two got to the ring, they quickly got in each other’s faces.  What stood out was that the Yellow Dog might not have the same weight as Ladd but he was almost as tall as the 6’9 Big Cat.  This gave hope to the fans as they were all hoping for a huge Christmas present here where Ladd would be retired forever if he lost.

As for the bout…. A True War.  Both Ladd and the Yellow Dog have a lot of time wrestling on top and inflict some big punishment on the other.  With the action out on the floor, Ladd uses the chain that the Yellow Dog brought to the ring and clobbers his opponent a big right hand.  The yellow mask begins to turn red from the inside as it is apparent the Dog is bleeding.  The ref warned Ladd but did not DQ him as he did not want to be the story behind Ladd’s retirement.

Once back in the ring, we see the Yellow Dog slide under a big boot by Ladd and turn and catch the champ with a big uppercut that sends Ladd to the ground.  The Yellow Dog leaps on Ladd with the Brain Claw and the fans know this was an ode to Blackjack Mulligan.  While Ladd doesn’t submit, he is in trouble.  With an amazing display of strength, the Yellow Dog suplexes Ladd!

1…. 2….. Kick Out by Ladd!

Suplex #2 

1… 2… 2 ½   Kick Out by Ladd

DDT Right in the center of the Ring

1…2… 3!

The crowd goes wild!  The Yellow Dog is the new champ and Ernie Ladd is out of Wrestling!

Kendall Windham is guiding Blackjack Mulligan to the ring as Mulligan’s leg is still in a cast.

As Mulligan and Windham embrace Yellow Dog, Ladd is getting to one knee and uses the ropes to get all the way to his feet.  He is yelling at the Yellow Dog to be a man a take the mask off!

The Yellow Dog shrugs his shoulders as if it doesn’t matter any more and goes to pull the mask off

Cowboy Bob Tallman:  Oh my God!  It all makes sense now…. The Yellow Dog is Blackjack Mulligan’s other son…. Barry Windham!

Ladd is fuming but there is nothing he can do.  He is now retired. 






Ben Bassarab vs Kim Duk:  No angle, no feud here.  Just a simple opener to allow fans to get to their seats as we see Bassarab defeat Kim Duk with a nice display of strength and some creativity from Bassarab as he finished off Duk with a Diving Headbutt.


Jos Leduc vs Moose Morowski:  This feud is in its second month as Leduc had taken offense to Morowski turning babyface after all these years.  The last big match between these two saw Morowski tire of trying to play the nice guy as Leduc just beat him from pillar to post using questionable tactics.  By the end, Moose had returned to his heel ways and the two brawled up the aisle and out of site.

Tonight, Moose still gets the love from the crowd but the match is a brawl from beginning to end.  We see a little blood from both men as Moose eventually gets the win by slamming a chair into the head of Leduc while the ref was down. 

After the bout, Moose is getting some love from the crowd as Leduc comes up from behind.  Surprising to all, Leduc doesn’t attack but instead offers Morowski his hand and the two shake hands. 


Brian Blair & Sweet Brown Sugar vs Mr. X & Butch Moffit with John Foley:

Why change what works in these mid-card tag team matches.  The babyfaces start off well until some dirty deed by the heels as we pick it up with Sweet Brown Sugar being double teamed in the corner.  After SBS plays the face in peril, we see the hot tag and Blair comes in and goes wild.  We go All Four IN for a minute or two before Blair connects with the top rope frog slash on Moffit for the win.  SBS connected with a perfect missile drop kick to the face of Mr. X just before he could make the save.


British Commonwealth Title Match:  Gama Singh © with John Foley vs Chief Joe Lightfoot

Chief Joe comes out in full Native American attire here and seems focused for the match and it starts well for him.  Foley doesn’t know what to do as his champ is taking a pretty good beating so Foley calls out to Lightfoot to get his attention.  As Lightfoot turns to Foley, he sees the evil manager scoop up his Indian Headdress and run up the aisle. 

Lightfoot is fuming and takes off after Foley.  The ref seems confused for a second until Gama Singh reminds him to start to counting.  By the time the ref hits 3, Lighfoot and Foley have disappeared behind the curtain.  Singh has a big smile on his face as he knows he has just defended his title.

5… 6… 7…

As Singh is jawing at the crowd, Lightfoot, with the Headress on, is making a full sprint to the ring.  Singh, thinks the roar of the crowd is for him doesn’t even turn around.

8… 9…

Lightfoot hits the ring and attacks a shocked Singh.  Foley never returns and we are left to wonder what Lightfoot did to him but we witness Lightfoot in a full WAR PATH attack on Singh.  Eventually, we see Chief Joe lock in the Indian Death Lock and Gama is forced to submit…. Ed Whalen is heard announcing….  AND WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION



 Dr. Death Steve Williams & Mr. Saito © with Bobby Heenan vs The Outlaws (Black Bart & Ron Bass)

Williams and Saito just won the belts from the Hart Foundation 10 days ago in Sales Pavilion and it seems like this heel vs heel match did not have time to build and the fans just want to see a big brawl and that is exactly what happens.  The blows are so big and powerful from both sides that it is like we are at a fireworks show as the fans keep ooooiinnng and aaahhhhhing. In the end, the fight spills to the outside and we get the double count-out. 


Stampede Title Match:  Tito Santana © vs Jimmy Garvin with John Foley

This feud has gotten white hot very quickly.  Once Garvin turned on the Canadian fans and Tito Santana to join with Foley, he quickly became enemy #1 in Stampede.  Tito’s popularity got a huge pop simply because of who his opponent was.

As for the match… instant classic as both men bumped and sold all over the place.  The question soon became whether or not Tito could succeed even though the numbers were against him.  John Foley, who had returned from his early attack from Chief Joe Lightfoot using a cane to help him with his now injured leg and Precious escorted Gorgeous Jimmy to the ring and they did their best to help at every turn. 

The finish came as Tito came off the rope and connected with a Flying Burrito but as the ref got to the count of two, Precious reached in and placed Garvin’s leg on the ropes.  The ref seemed to catch this out of the corner of his eye.  He stopped the count and showed Tito the leg on the ropes but then he went to admonish Precious. 

Foley took this opportunity to jump up on the apron which surprised Ed Whalen as he seemed to but into the idea that Foley’s leg was bothering him.  Foley now takes the can and raises it above his head!  As he goes to clobber Santana with the weapon, the ref turns and sees what is about to take place.  He quickly grabs the cane from Foley and starts to yell at him!


Precious clobbers Tito with the loaded purse and quickly puts Jimmy onto of Tito for the pin!

The ref turns back to the action and sees the cover by Garvin.  He has no idea of what happened so he goes for the cover.


And for the second time tonight, Ed Whalen announces a new champion has just been crowned.  This time he isn’t so pleased as he blames the dirty rotten scoundrel, John Foley and the jezebel, Precious for the outcome. 


North American Title vs Mask Match:  Bad News Allen © vs The Masked Bounty Hunter

Now this one has some intrigue.  Just before Thanksgiving, someone dared to place a bounty on Bad News Allen but that only served to anger the beast.  Over the past few weeks, he has “stretchered” a bunch of jobbers and taken the North American Title from Paul Orndorff. 

As soon as Allen won the belt, he was attacked by this masked man and he was the only one to hold his own against Allen and that has brought us to this point.  The crowd would love to see Allen lose the title,but they would also love to see who this masked man is that stood up to Bad News.

With the challenger in the ring already and Allen making his entrance, all Hell broke loose.  The Masked Bounty Hunter rushed from the ring and attacked!

The brawl was on and never slowed down!  They used everything they could find and you could tell this was real personal.  After about 15 minutes of chaos, the two were finally separated and the ref declared this a No Contest.  As Allen is being dragged towards the back, the Masked Bounty is pulled in the opposite direction… to the ring where he grabs the house microphone.


Masked Bounty Hunter:  Hey Bad News Allen…. You want to know who dared to place a bounty on your head!  Well it was me and I am going to stick around here long enough to collect it! 

All of a sudden, the masked man pulls off the mask and the crows is shocked….. it is the Mongolian Stomper!

There is such bad blood between these two after Allen said he hoped Stomper’s son died which was the real cause of the Calgary Riot of 1983.  Stu Hart thought he had solved this problem back in March with a Loser Leave Town Match but it seems like Stomper will do anything to get his hands back on Bad News Allen.

When Allen saw that it was Stomper in the ring… something snapped and he broke free from those holding him back.

The brawl was back on and this time it was Stu Hart himself who came to the ring and threatened them both but they would not stop!  Eventually Stu had no choice but to order the police to come in and take them both out in handcuffs.  This wasn’t the easiest tasks and few officers seemed to take it on the chin before they could get control of the scene.


AWA TITLE MATCH:  Ted Dibiase © vs Bret Hart

A true classic.  Dibiase and Hart are just perfect in this match as we would expect from them so let’s just get to the finish….

Both Bret and Dibiase have spent a good part of the match working their opponents to try and set up their finishers.  A few times, it looked like Dibiase had Hart set up for the Figure 4 only to be kicked off at the last second.  Now with Hart in control, he is getting ready to lock in the Northern Lights Cloverleaf! 

The crowd explodes as he hooks it in right in the center of the ring.  Dibiase is in agony but refuses to submit.  He uses every once of strength to slowly drag Bret Hart to the ropes. 

10 feet away!

5 feet away!

2 feet away!

1 foot away!


Dibiase lunges at the rope….. he just misses and his hand slams into the mat!




Dibiase looks at the ref confused as does Bret Hart!


We quickly hear Jim Davies, the ring announcer, announce, “Ladies and Gentleman….. Your winner by Submission and NEW AWA WORLD CHAMPION…. Bret Hart!


The crowd goes wild as Dibiase is beside himself saying he didn’t tap out.  Bret Hart, still shocked, drops to his knees and kisses the World Title belt!

For tonight… we celebrate a new champion… for the rest of history… what we have just witnessed was the Calgary Screw Job!

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You put together a couple of outstanding shows! 

I'm looking forward to watching the Dick Slater story unfold. 

Dory Funk still has a lot of fuel in the tank.

What a feel good moment as Atlas and Duggan win the tag titles from the evil foreigners. 

Awesome conclusion as the Yellow Dog wins the title and sends Ladd into retirement! Bonus for the fans as the Yellow Dog reveals himself to be BARRY WINDHAM! 

Off to the Corral.

Liked the old school Leduc/Moose brawl. Moose gets Leduc's respect.

Blair and SBS continue to rise the ranks.

Foley makes a big mistake and Gama pays for it as Lightfoot takes the title.

Always fun watching a heel vs. heel tag brawl. Williams/Saito-Outlaws didn't disappoint. 

Thanks to Precious, Jimmy Garvin retains against Tito. 

WOW! Stomper is the bounty hunter! Pure chaos as both men are escorted out in handcuffs. Awesome continuity and great way to bring back this feud.

I didn't think that could be topped but the Screw job does it! Oh snap what a wild ending! I cant wait to see how this turns out. There's going to be an AWA uproar!  


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