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JANUARY 1, 1984

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from Superstation WGN right here in downtown Chicago, Illinois.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, welcome to a New Year and welcome you to a new age in professional wrestling.  That’s right folks, we will be coming to you every Sunday night right here on the Superstation WGN.  And that’s not all that is new here on All-Star Wrestling.  Let’s head over to Gene Okerlund and his special guest, AWA President Verne Gagne.


Gene Oakerlund:  Well Verne, Happy New Year to you.  Thanks for joining us on our first show here on WGN.  I understand you have a few big announcements for all the great fans of the AWA. 

Verne Gagne:  Happy New Year to you and all the AWA fans.  First of all, I want to thank the good people at WGN for airing AWA Wrestling and we know this is going to be a great partnership.  We have fans all over the world and now they will be able to see AWA wrestling each and every week.  Along with our show here on WGN, AWA wrestling will also be airing a second weekly show on the USA Network titled TNT Wrestling. 

Gene Okerlund:  TNT Wrestling… It seems like the AWA is exploding here in 1984!  Haha

Verne Gagne:  That’s right Gene but that is not all!  Let me show you a quick video from from Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta Canada on December 3.


VTR:  We see a video tape of Bad News Allen turning on his teammates, the Stomper and his son Stomper Jr. in a 6 Man tag match against Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Sonny Two Rivers.  The attacked resulted in Stomper Jr. being piledriven numerous times on the cement floor.  After Jr. was carried out on a stretcher, Bad News Allen took the house mic and said that he hoped his attack on Stomper Jr. led to his death.  This was more than the fans at Ogden Auditorium could take and a riot broke out.

Gene Okerlund:  Verne that was some seen up there in Stampede Wrestling.

Verne Gagne:  You got that right Gene and as a result, Stu Hart, the promoter of Stampede Wrestling has been barred from hosting events in Calgary.  Stu and I are good friends and we go back a long way.  I didn’t think it was fair that Stu was being blamed for the riot caused by Bad News Allen and I didn’t think it was fair that the great wrestling fans in Calgary would be without the sport they love so Stu and I sat down and hammered out a deal.  Stampede Wrestling will now become one with the AWA.


Gene Okerlund:  Wow, that is huge.  So now the fans in such places as Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon will get to see all the stars of the AWA.

Verne Gagne:  True but it works both ways, the AWA fans in our regular cities like Denver, St. Paul and Chicago will see all of the great stars from Stampede like Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid.

Gene Okerlund:  And let’s not forget that lunatic…. Bad News Allen.

Verne Gagne:  Speaking of Bad News Allen… He has been suspended for 90 days for his actions in Calgary and he has also been stripped of the North American Heavyweight Championship.  Next week, we will have information on how that title is to be filled. 

Gene Okerlund:  Well thanks Verne… what a night is has been already.  A new superstation, a second weekly show on TNT to go along with All-Star Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling has been added to the growing AWA family!



Match:  Rick Martel & Curt Hennig defeat Porkchop Cash & Norvell Austin

This match is exactly what the new show is all about.  Limit the squash matches and give the fans what they want while keeping the top stars hot.  Martel and Hennig are one of the top teams in the AWA are on the heels of the AWA Tag Team champs, The Sheiks (Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell) who are managed by Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  As for this match, we get a lot of back and forth but in the end, Martel and Hennig are just too good and Hennig catches Cash with the Hennig-plex.  Gene Okerlund catches Martel and Hennig for a quick interview.


Okerlund:  Well folks, let me tell ya, I am delighted to bring in our next guests.  The #1 contenders for the AWA tag team titles… none other than Rick Martel and Curt Hennig.  Guys…. This Friday night in Calgary at the Coral, you will get a World Title Shot against Sheik Patera and Sheik Blackwell.

Ric Martel:  First of all Gene… it is great to be with you but let’s get one thing straight, it is going to be wonderful to be on the first AWA card in Calgary.  I am so excited to be working with some of the great stars to the North.  As for the AWA tag team champs, they are as much Sheiks as my grand-parents.  They are nothing but traitors who have been corrupted by that no-good Adnan Al Kassie. 

Curt Hennig:  That’s right Rick and after this week in the Corral, Ken Patera and Crusher Blackwell will be as much Sheiks as they are champions!

Gene Okerlund:  Trust you me … Curt Hennig and Rick Martel mean business.  If you are anywhere near the Corral this Friday night, you will be in for a real treat.


Match:  Tommy Rogers vs “Mr. Electricty” Steve Regal

Tonight’s match between these two skilled grapplers is one of the things that Sturt and Verne Gagne talked about in their merger.  Fast paced, technical wrestling that seems to follow the rules.  While Mr. Electricity did try a few questionable tactics, for the most part, this was pure wrestling.  In the end, Rogers executed a spot-on drop kick and as Regal staggered to his feet. Rogers hit a sunset flip for the three count.

Match:  King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan vs Bobby Fulton

Fulton is a nice up and coming light heavyweight but he is in way over his head here.  Fulton tries a few dropkicks and even a cross body block but each time he is swatted away like a gnat.  The end came in just a few minutes as Bundy hit the Avalanche.

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentlemen… this Friday night at the Coral in Calgary…  Bobby Heenen and his man King Kong Bundy … will take on Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Title.

Bobby Heenan:  Listen up all you Humanoids up there in Calgary…  Just a few months ago the two smartest men in all of wrestling… myself and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie made the deal of a lifetime.  He paid me $500,000 for Ken Patera.  He has turned that into the greatest tag team in wrestling today… the Sheiks.  With that money I am in the process of rebuilding the Heenan family to rid the World of Hulk Hogan… this week you will see King Kong Bundy break Hogan into little bits and pieces and bring the title back to the family where it belongs.

Gene Okerlund:  Remember the last time your “family” tried to stop Hulk Hogan.  Nick Bockwinkle lost the AWA World title.

Bobby Heenan:  And who asked you anyway.  Go grow some hair.


Match:  Bret Hart vs The Turk Ali Bey

Another good match for the TV audience and it was used to put Hart over with the AWA fans.  Bey came in wearing his fez and antagonizing the fans on his way to the ring.  Rod Trongard hypes Hart up for the entire match as we see he has a lot of technical skill but also a lot of fire in his belly when things turn rough.  It is obvious that Stu has groomed him well and he is going to be a star.  The win came with a submission move Trongard called the Northern Lights Cloverleaf. 

Gene Okerlund gives us a quick interview and Hart is real serious about showing the fans what wrestling up in Calgary is all abooot.  They also spend some time hyping up his match this week in Calgary against the Stomper.


With Gene Okerlund now is the AWA World Tag Team Champions, Sheik Ken Patera and Sheik Jerry Blackwell along with their manager Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie.  As Al Kaissie comes in, Okerlund notices a cast on his right hand and asks what happens.

Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie:  Hala Gene Okerlund.  Assalum Alaikum.  Insha Allah Masha Allah.  Ahlan Marhaba Wa Sahla.  I have been back in the middle east with King Hussein of Jordan and his people were so excited to see me that they nearly pulled my arm off.  They are ecstatic that I have convinced these two men behind me that Allah is the one true God and this week in Calgary, we will prove that Allah is on our side as we crush Rick Martel and Curt Hennig. 

Gene Okerlund:  Well ladies and gentlemen I did not understand half that conversation but trust you me, that Word Tag Team match in Calgary this week is going to much tougher then the Sheiks think.  Martel and Hennig are really on their game.

Match:  Rick Rude beats Verlon Biggs with the Full Nelson

Rick Rude is a nice up and comer with a great wrestling body who Trongard puts over.  The fans also seem to buy into his persona and it will be interesting to see his growth her in the AWA

Match:  Greg Gagne defeats Larry Cheatum with Sleeper

The interesting part of this is that Jimmy Garvin and Precious came out to ringside during this match.  Garvin and Gagne will meet this week in Calgary and Garvin was just trying to get under the skin of Gagne.  Nothing else really happened except Precious flaunting her beauty as Garvin and Gagne gave each other a real stare down.  At the interview desk, Okerlund asked Gagne what that that was all about but Greg seemed to care less and wanted to talk about how excited he was by all the new things going on here in the AWA.


Match:  Crusher vs The Assassin (Roger Smith in a mask)


The crowd loves this physical brawl which saw the old timer,  Crusher, wrestling from the top when all of a sudden the Sheepherders and Jos Leduc hit the ring.  They beat Crusher all over the arena as Rod Trongard yelled for help at this disgusting act by Leduc and the Sheepherders.  Eventually the entire Hart family, Bret, Keith and Bruce hit the ring.  Trongard had to introduce Bruce and Keith to the AWA audience as they had not been seen in these parts but the fans loved what they saw.  The Harts eventually won control of the ring with Leduc and the Sheeherders on the floor and the Harts in the ring.  The Harts dared them to come back for more but the group Trongard was calling the Commonwealth down feet and shook his hands.  This alliance instantaneously put the Harts over in the AWA!


As we come out of break, Trongard informs us that it will be the Crusher, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart against The Sheepherders and Jos Leduc this week in Calgary.  The show ends with one last interview

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentlemen…. With me now is none other than the AWA World Champion.  That’s right folks…. Hulk Hogan.  Hulk, please tell us how you do it.  This schedule you have is insane.  Every week you wrestle the best of the best on you keep coming out on top.  This week in Calgary … it will be you and the monster called King Kong Bundy. 

Hulk Hogan:  Well listen up Mean Gene… that is what being the champ is all about.  This week in Calgary I will be hanging and banging and pumping these huge 24 inch pythons up so I can scoop up that 450 pound Bundy and slam him through the mat and then I am going to drop these huge legs across his head for the 3 count.  After that I might just catch me a weasel named Bobby Heenan and take him outside where it is 30 below zero and slam him into the frozen tundra.

Gene Okerlund:  What I sight that will be

Hulk Hogan:  And when I am through with him, I hear there is a King down in Memphis who has been talking about how I could never go down to Memphis and leave with the belt.  If there is one thing Mean Gene that the Hulkster doesn’t like, it is being told he can’t do something.  Jerry Lawler, watch what you saw or all those Hulkamaniacs down in Memphis will be turning against their King.



1.       Rick Rude defeats the Turk with the Full Nelson

2.       Tommy Rodgers defeats Lanny Poffo with the Drop Kick followed by a Sunset Flip

3.      Jimmy Garvin defeats Greg Gagne when Precious hit Gagne with the loaded purse

4.      Dynamite Kid defeats Bobby Fulton with the Diving Headbut

5.      The Sheephers and Jos Leduc wrestled Bruce Hart, Keith Hart and Da Crusher to a DDQ as they brawled all over the arena with a lot of bloodshed.  Crusher really endeared himself to the fans of Calgary as he went toe to toe with Leduc.

6.      Bret Hart defeated the Stomper with the Northern Lights Cloverleaf after a long war of a battle.

7.      AWA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE:  The Sheiks (Patera & Blackwell) defeated Curt Hennig and Rick Martel in a wild match with a finish that saw Sheik Adnan Al Kassie get involved.  All 4 men were in the ring at the same time and the ref was knocked to the ground.  Adnan Al Kassie came up on the apron and clocked Hennig with that new cast of his and down Hennig went.  When the dust cleared, Blackwell came off the top rope for the 440 pound Giant Splash and got the three count just as the ref recovered.

8.  AWA WORLD TITLE:  Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenen.  Bundy did have his time on top in this match and looked to be on the verge on the championship as he went for the Avalanche but Hogan moved at the last second.  Hogan fulfilled his promise and body slammed the big man and then connected with the Big Boot and Leg Drop for the win!  Hogan also endeared himself to the fans of Calgary as he grabbed Heenen by the neck and press slammed him to the Mat.

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January 8, 1984


From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Pavilion in downtown Calgary on WGN.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, the new era of the AWA has begun and what a kick-off classic we had this past Friday night in the Coral right here in Calgary.  Unfortunately, the shenanigans of the Sheiks were once again one of the major stories.  Let’s check out the action in their World Tag Team title defense against Rick Martel and Curt Hennig. 

VTR:  We see a video of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie using his cast to clock Curt Hennig and help Patera and Blackwell retain their AWA title.

Gene Okerlund:  Well ladies and gentlemen… we all just saw it… the Sheik used the cast as a weapon

All of a sudden, the Sheiks rushed out and took over the interview.

Sheik Adnan Al Kassie:  Hala   Assalum Alaikum.  Insha Allah Masha Allah.  Ahlan Marhaba Wa Sahla.  Gene Okerlund…. You upset me very much.  You claim that I used my cast as a weapon.  I told you last week my arm was broken doing good deeds all across the Middle East and now you accuse the great sheik of cheating.  I assure you, my men are the best wrestlers in the World and can beat Rick Martel and Curt Hennig or any other team the AWA has to offer.

Gene Okerlund:  I guess you failed to watch the tape we all just saw. Anyway…  this Saturday in Edmonton, Blackwell and Patera… you will be meeting Rick Martel and Curt Hennig but this time in singles competition.

Patera and Blackwell are pretty good on the mic themselves and they let everyone know exactly what they are going to do Martel and Hennig. 

After the Sheiks leave, AWA President, Stanley Blackburn comes out and informs us that tonight we will see the first match in the tournament to fulfill the open AWA North American title that was vacated by the suspension of Bad News Allen.   He lets us know that there will be 8 competitors and tonight it will be Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart vs Tom Zenk.  Blackburn also informs us that Bret Hart will face off against Superstar Graham in a first round match this week in Sales Pavilion in Edmonton.  And next week, right here on All-Star Wrestling we will find out that last 4 competitors.


MATCH:  The Road Warriors defeat Tom Stone & Pete Jackson

This is a complete squash match that gives Rod Trongard time to hype up the brutality of the Road Warriors and reminds all the fans in Edmonton that the Road Warriors will be action this Saturday night. 

MATCH:  Al Perez defeats Verlon Biggs with a Sleeper

Rod Trongard pushes the youngster Al Perez hard and it is obvious that the AWA has plans for him down the road.  Perez does a nice job of getting over with the fans.  Between Al Perez and Rick Rude, the AWA has some young talent who could just turn out to be stars. 


Match:  King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan vs Lanny Poffo

Poffo has shown a lot of skill of late but this is an impossible task.  Poffo attempts a few forearms but they have no effect on KKB.  Poffo knows he is in trouble and tries to escape but Bundy snags him. The end came quickly as Bundy hit the Avalanche.

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentlemen… this Friday night at the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton…  Bobby Heenen and his man King Kong Bundy … will get another shot at Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Title.

Bobby Heenan:  Listen up all you Humanoids … the reason for the rematch is simple… the AWA officials know the referee messed up in Calgary as Hogan couldn’t do anything against the monster that is King Kong Bundy.  We all saw it.  Hogan illegally grabbed Bundy by the throat and choked him and the ref refused to make him break the hold.  Hogan should have been stripped of the title and put in jail for assault.  I threatened to sue the entire AWA but then they agreed to give Bundy another title shot this week in Edmonton.  If I see any funny business, I will be on the phone to the lawyers immediately.  King Kong Bundy will by the champ within a week. 

Gene Okerlund:  Oh, the web we weave when we seek to deceive.  Bobby Heenan, your nose is growing.  You know as well as I do that Hulk Hogan slammed King Kong Bundy in the center of the ring and then got the 1..2..3.

Match:  Brett Hart defeats the Assassin (Roger Smith) with the Northern Lights Cloverleaf

After a tough match against the Assassin, Bret Hart tells Gene Okerlund how excited he is to be in the North American Title tournament and he can’t what for Saturday in Edmonton with his first-round match against the Superstar!


Before we get back to the ring, we go to Gene Okerlund with Superstar Graham

Superstar Graham:  You know Gene Okerlund…. I hear the rumors that the Superstaaaa is a little long in the tooth.  (As he flexes his big biceps)  Well, I know I have been in this game a long time and all that means is that I am real goooood!  Bret Hart…. You were out here a few minutes ago acting all humble…. Well you should be.  This Saturday night in Edmonton, I am going to teach the young buck something… and that something is HE AINT READY!

Match:  Mr. Hito defeats Larry Cheatum with the Senton Bomb

Before the match starts, Rod Trongard tells us we are in for a treat.  The fans of Stampede have known that Mr. Hito is one of the best lightweights for a long time and know the fans of the AWA know that to.  He was awesome tonight and the fans appreciated his skill.  It is rare, but Mr. Hito is one of the few fan favorites from Japan wrestling in America.

Match:  Jos Leduc vs Bruce Hart

Before this match started, the Sheepherders and Leduc were interviewed by Gene Okerlund about the feud that is going on between them at the Harts.

Jos Leduc:  I will tell you the problem. No respect… No respect for the British Commonwealth.  The first sign of trouble and that sniffling Stu Hart goes and sells his company to an obnoxious American capitalist.  Why…. Because he must protect his little boys.  Well make no mistake about it… Harts… the Commonwealth is coming for you.

As for the match… it is a repeat of last week when Leduc took on Crusher.  It lasted only a minute or two and then the brawl was on.  Bruce and Keith Hart along with the Crusher vs Leduc and the Sheepherders. 

Ron Trongard:  I can’t believe how hot this feud has gotten in just two weeks.  These guys really loath each other.  Fans in Edmonton… the Sheepherders will be taking on Bruce and Keith Hart this Saturday night.  All I can say is hide the women and children


Out of the break we see the AWA Champion, Hulk Hogan, with Gene Okerlund who first hypes up the fact that no matter what Bobby Heenan says, Hulk Hogan did indeed bodyslam King Kong Bundy last week in Calgary and reminds Hogan that Bundy will get one more shot as Hogan this week in Edmonton.

Hulk Hogan:  As I told you last week Mean Gene… Hulk Hogan backs down to no challenge.  I saw Bundy down and I summoned all the power in these 24 inch pythons and I scooped up King Kong Bundy and slammed him to the mat.  And I will do the same this week.

Gene Okerlund:  Indeed… Indeed.  Hulkster what I am about to show you may disturb you but take a look at this video from Jerry “the King” Lawler


Jerry Lawler:  Well Hulk Hogan, I heard you say last week that I better be careful if you come down to Memphis as all the Hulkamaniacs down here would turn against me.  Well you are right!  I would be very afraid if a maniac came at me.  I mean a maniac is someone who should be locked up because they are out of their mind and anyone who roots for you is out of their mind.  I have heard people say that Hogan is afraid to come to Memphis and that I should come to you.  Well I know one thing.  I am not coming to the great white north where it might be 40 below zero.  I am not afraid of you but the polar bears might get me.  And if they don’t, then something much scary than polar bears might come after me and that’s Canadian women!  I think I will be right here waiting for you Hogan if you ever get the guts to come to Memphis

Hulk Hogan:  Mean Gene, I am getting sick and tired of hearing from the King of Nothing.  He knows what would happen if I wrestled him anywhere in the country and that includes Memphis.  He can try to bribe everyone in the Mid-South Coliseum including the referees who I know for a fact are related to Jerry Lawler and it won’t make no difference….   Hey Jerry Lawler…What you gonna do when Hulkamania and the largest arms in the world run over you!

Gene Okerlund:  Well Rod, you heard him… Hogan is ready for anyone including King Kong Bundy or Jerry Lawler.

Match:  Dynamite Kid vs Bobby Fulton

The AWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Rock n Roll Buck Zumhofe joins Rod Trongard at the announce table for this one and they hype of the stacked light heavyweight division here in the AWA including Dynamite Kid, Bobby Fulton, Steve Regal, Greg Gagne, Mr. Hito and Bruce Hart.  This is where Eddie Gilbert comes out and wonders why they have left his name out.  Zumhofe and Gilbert get into each other’s faces and have a pretty good verbal fight.  Rod Trongard tries to keep the peace as he reminds Gilbert that Zumhofe wrestles whoever the AWA says he wrestles. 

As for the match, it is awesome.  So many technical moves as these guys are moving around the ring like they are on fire.  In the end, Dynamite knocks Fulton down with a spear and then catches him with a Diving Headbutt and gets the three-count.  Dynamite Kid goes over and helps Fulton get to his feet and this match then ends just like it started… with a Handshake.  The crowd loved it.

Dynamite sees the scene between Gilbert and Zumhofe and goes over to the announce area where he is confused at how Gilbert thinks he is in line for a title shot as it should be him.  Verne Gagne comes out and let’s everyone know that he has a big announcement next week about the AWA Light Heavyweight Title and that will come next week.  This seems to ease the tension between Dynamite and Gilbert but Zumhofe has a quizzical look on his face.



Jim “The Avil” Neidhart vs Tom Zenk

So, what is stronger… a chiseled bodybuilder like Tom Zenk or a barrel-chested guy shaped like a fire hydrant.  Well this match will give us the answer.  The crowd is going for Zenk as the men don’t like the antics of the Anvil while the girls can’t get enough of Zenk’s good looks.  Zenk starts strong but both men know there way around the squared circle.  The Anvil is able to get on top and hits Zenk with everything but the kitchen sink but he can’t get the pin as Zenk keeps kicking out at 2 ½.  Neidhart, as we have seen before, gets frustrated and tosses Zenk to the floor and follows him out.

WHAM… The Anvil has clobbered Zenk with a chair and the ref immediately calls for the DQ.  Zenk may have moved on in the tournament but the Anvil doesn’t stop his beating of Zenk.  In the end, we see a bunch of jobbers come from the back and pull the Anvil away.

Rod Trongard:  Well folks… we will have to see what Stanley Blackburn and Verne Gagne have to say about what we just saw.  I know that this is something the AWA won’t stand for and Jim Neidhart might have just gotten himself in some trouble.  We are out of time tonight but don’t forget the big show in Edmonton on Friday and TNT Wrestling on the USA Network on Saturday.  So long from the Corral.


1.      Al Perez defeats Tom Stone with the Sleeper

2.      Mr. Hito defeats Lanny Poffo with the Diving Senton

3.      The Road Warriors defeat Steve O and Phil Lafon as the Road Warriors hit the future Doomsday Device on Lafon.  Wow the Road Warriors are impressive

4.      Dynamite Kid defeats Mr. Electricity Steve Regal with the Diving Headbut

5.      The Sheepherders vs Bruce & Keith Hart ended in a 20 minute time limit draw that saw both teams beat each other all over the ring.  Neither team wanted it to end and the locker room had to empty to regain order

6.      Sheik Jerry Blackwell defeated Curt Hennig after Hennig was clobbered once again with Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie’s  and the Blackwell hit a top rope Giant Splash 

7.      Rick Martel defeated Sheik Patera when he ducked under the Cast shot and Al Kassie actually clubbed hi own man.  Martel made the quick cover and then went after Al Kassie.  Hennig came back on the other side of the ramp and they #1 contenders to the tag titles cornered Al Kaissie and began to rip of the cast.  WHAM… Blackwell came from behind and attacked.  Patera recovered enough and the brawl was on…. And it carried on all the way to the locker room

8.      AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE TOURNAMENT MATCH:  Bret Hart defeated Superstar Billy Graham with the Cloverleaf.  This match was a little awkward as Superstar had some difficulty getting around the ring and his bumping and selling were not up to par.  Hart made the best of t and it didn’t really matter as Bret is so over in Canada that just his presence excited the fans. 

9.      AWA WORLD TITLE MATCH:  Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenen.  Bundy did have his time on top in this match and looked to be on the verge on the championship as he went for the Avalanche but Hogan moved at the last second.  Hogan fulfilled his promise and body slammed the big man and then connected with the Big Boot and Leg Drop for the win!  Hogan also endeared himself to the fans of Calgary as he grabbed Heenen by the neck and press slammed him to the Mat. 

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January 15, 1984

Even before Rod Trongard comes on, the show starts with a video tape from last week in Edmonton as Bret Hart defeats Superstar Graham and moves on to the second round of the tournament to fill the vacant AWA North American title. 

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Pavillion in downtown Calgary on WGN.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, what a show we have for you tonight.  As you just saw, Bret Hart has moved on the North American tournament and tonight we will have another first round match between   Brad Rheingans and Jos Leduc.  Also in action tonight  will be Rick Rude, King Konga, Jimmy Garvin, the Road Warriors and before I give too much away, here is AWA President, Stanley Blackburn with a big announcement.

Stanley Blackburn:  Fans, make no mistake about it, the AWA Lightweight Division is deeper now than ever before and this is something Vern Gagne and Stu Hart were very excited about.  Last week, Buck Zumhofe was here and there was a little controversy as to who the #1 contender is so tonight we are going to have 3 light heavyweight matches to determine the 3 top contenders for the title and then all 3 will face Buck Zumhofe for the title this Friday on the Denver Auditorium in the first ever AWA 4 Corner match.  The rules are simple.  You can tag anybody else in and whoever gains the victory by pinfall or submission will be the AWA Light Heavyweight Champion.

As Rod Trongard hypes up both the North American title and the first ever 4 Corner match, we head to our first commercial break.



Rod Trongard doesn’t need to sell anything here.  These are two of the best in the world and their skill alone has the fans excited.  Both are fan favorites but it seems the crowd is in favor of Dynamite.  AWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Buck Zumhofe has joined the announce table for this one and he does his best to sell his excitement for the 4 Corner title match this week in Denver but you can tell he is not excited to have to face 3 men at once.  As for the match it non-stop action with reverse after reverse.  In the end, Dynamite was able to slip out of the grasp of Saito as he was setting up for the Senton Bomb.  A Superplex by the Kid had everone in awe and he finished off Saito with the diving headbut.  Both men walked out together to a huge ovation.

MATCH:  Rick Rude defeats Tom Stone with the Sleeper

As Rude continues to impress here in the AWA despite his young age, he is drawing the attention of many.  Tonight, the camera spotted Bobby Heenan looking out from behind the curtain at the young star.  Rod Trongard wondered if Heenan was giving to be spending some of his money from the Sheik to increase the size of his “family.”


Before our next match, we see the Road Warriors and their manager, Paul Ellering with Gene Okerlund.


Paul Ellering:  1983 was a life-changing year for myself.  Due to a severe knee injury, I became aware that my dream of being the World Champion was not going to be fulfilled but then I saw these two men, Animal and Hawk, and I knew together that we would be unstoppable.  I have listened to people like Bobby Heenan and Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie say there are going to control wrestling as they have the money to make it happen.  Well that may be true but what I am about to unveil to you is that it is not about money.  Wrestlers who make it to the top must like to hurt people.  We know that Road Warrior Animal and Hawk enjoy that!  Well,  take a look at the newest member to our gang and decide for yourselves if anyone can handle the DOOM we are about to bring to the sport!  Oh… and by the way… Sheik Adnan Al Kaissee… where is our title shot.  Hulk Hogan… where is our title shot.


Match:  King Konga  (The Barbarian) with his new manager Paul Ellering defeats Verlon Biggs

Konga, with a Top Rope Diving Clothesline, finished off Biggs in a match that lasted less than two minutes and was one power mover after the next.  Konga was really impressive here and Trongard is wonders if Ellering’s new legion of tough guys can be stopped.  He puts the rest of the AWA on notice as he rundowns their massive size and power with Konga at 6’2, 300 pounds, Animal  at 6’2, 300 pounds and Hawk at 6’3, 270. 



Greg Gagne vs Eddie Gilbert

Something must give here.  Gilbert is a star but Gagne is still the son of Verne.  Gilbert basically called out Zumhofe last week and demanded a title shot.  This might just be Verne’s way of saying that you must wait your turn.  This match is a bit slower but no less technical than the first Lightweight match of the night.  Using some heel tactics, Gilbert gets the top but Greg makes him comeback.  Unfortunately, the comeback comes up short as Gilbert caught Greg rushing in with a Hot Shot for the pin.  This is a very rare occasion to see Gagne fall on tv and while it was never mentioned by Rod Trongard, some of those in the know say that Verne knows Greg’s future is brighter in the tag division and he is just looking for someone to take Jim Brunzell’s place who bolted for Vince and the WWF.  It has also been rumored that Greg is going to be the booker for the Light Heavyweight Division and we all know that Verne doesn’t allow a booker to wrestle in his own division.  Either way … a bit of a shocker here tonight.


MATCH:  Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats Brian Dean with the Brainbuster 

Garvin joins Okerlund in the interview area where we find out that he will be facing the Crusher in a North American title tournament this week in Denver.  Garvin and Precious are almost hysterical at how easy it is going to be to defeat the old man.  Crusher comes out to the interview desk and Garvin’s mood doesn’t change.  That is until Garvin gets a big closed fist from Crusher.  As Garvin goes to the ground, Precious runs over to her man and the two scamper away.

Crusher:  Hahahahha… Not sure who is tougher… Garvin or that chick he is running around with.  He might be right about one thing… I am a bit on the older side but I am sure I am still tough enough to beat that little punk!

Gene Okerlund:  And so am I.  Fans… if you are anywhere near Denver on January 20th… get your tickets to the Auditorium… It is going to be a night of non-stop action.


Tommy Rogers vs Mr. Electricity Steve Regal

Another AWA special here as we get speed, wrestling skill and a pretty straightforward match.  The crowd was behind Rogers here and they got what they wanted when Rogers nailed a perfect drop kick and finished it off with the sunset flip.  Rod Trongard hyped up the 4 corner AWA Lightweight title match that was now set for this week in Denver between Buck Zumhofe, Tommy Rogers, Eddie Gilbert and Dynamite Kid.


Before our next match, we get another of those great Gene Okerlund-Hulk Hogan promos as they hype up the first big ESPN card in the Mid-South Coliseum on January 23rd where Hogan will defend his AWA title against Jerry “the King” Lawler.

Match:  The Sheepherders vs Bobby Fulton & Lanny Poffo

A surprisingly good match here as Fulton and Poffo stood up to the Sheepherders and gave it as good as they got.  Unfortunately, Butch dropped Poffo across the steel barrier on the outside of the ring and Poffo was unable to beat the 10 count and the Sheepherders got the win by count out.  Those in the know realize that Poffo was the sacrificial lamb here as he is on his way out of All-Star wrestling.


A quick interview by the Sheepherders where they were joined by Jos Leduc resulted in a lot of threats to the Hart family.

Match:  “The Turk” Ali Bey defeats Joe Stark with the Camel Clutch

This match did two things.  First, the Turk and his anti-American attitude angered the fans and second it also go the attention of the former Olympian Brad Rheingans who came out and chased the Turk away to the delight of the crowd.



Jos Leduc vs Brad Rheingans

To the surprise of nobody in the arena, Leduc tried to bully his opponent here but the former Olympian was having none of it.  Rheingans looked to have the match one until a newcomer, Jonathan Boyd came out and distracted the ref.  This allowed Luduc to reach into his trunks and pull something out and clobber Rheingans.  After the 3 count the crowd screamed to ref to check Leduc for a weapon but with some slight of hand, Leduc tossed it to Boyd and the ref let the decision to stand and no Leduc will move on to face Bret Hart in the second round of the tournament.



JANUARY 20th, 1984

1.      Rick Rude defeats Phil Lafon by submission with the Full Nelson

2.      King Konga destroys Tom Stone with the top rope clothesline

3.      Brad Rheingans defeats The Turk (Ali Bey) with the belly to back suplex

4.      Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart defeats the rookie Al Perez with the Scoop Powerslam.  Perez looked good and would not be bullied but in the end, the Anvil was just too much.  

5.      The Road Warriors defeat Greg Gagne & Bobby Fulton as the Road Warriors hit the Doomsday Device on Fulton.

6.      The Sheephers and Jos Leduc vs The Hart Brothers (Bruce, Keith and Bret) saw the first clean win in this feud as Bret caught Butch Miller in the Northern Lights Cloveleaf for the submission victory as the other 4 men were out on the floor brawling.  Leduc came in just after the submission and clobbered Bret with a chair and the brawl continued

7.      FOUR CORNER AWA LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE MATCH:  Eddie Gilbert vs Dynamite Kid vs Tommy Rogers vs Buck Zumhofe

               As you would expect this is a wild one and hard to keep up with as there is momentum change after momentum change.  The end was wild as could be expected as Eddie Gilbert hit a hotshot on Tommy Rogers but as the ref got to 2 ½ Buck Zumhofe game flying off the top rope to break up the pin.  Rogers was rolling around and Dynamite Kid simply tagged himself in by slapping Rogers on the back.  As Zumhofe was being forced out of the ring as he was not the legal man, Kid climbed to the rope and came off with his own diving headbutt and got the three count to become the new AWA Light Heavyweight Champion!

8.      AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE TOURNAMENT MATCH:  Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats Crusher in a match that Jimmy Garvin showed he could do it all.  He went from the heel using the delay tactics to the one who would use every dirty trick in the book.  In the end Precious aided her man with the loaded purse and Garvin moves on. 

9.       AWA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE:  The Sheiks (Patera & Blackwell) vs Rick Martel & Curt Hennig


This feud is white hot and Martel and Hennig have done everything but win the belts.  The Sheiks have become experts at getting disqualified or counted out and tonight was no different as Martel had Patera locked in the Boston Crab but Sheik Adnan Al Kassie rushed in and put the boots to Martel causing the DQ.  It is becoming obvious that Martel and Hennig are going to have to do something about the manager if they are going to win the belts.

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The action was non stop! 

The Light Hvy division is white hot right now as the winners of the qualifying matches advanced to the historical 4 way match. After all the great action, Dynamite Kid takes home the title! No doubt Dynamite will take this division to another level. He defiantly has a lot of contenders standing in line. 

Rick Rude is getting some good buzz and has gotten the attention of Bobby Heenan. 

Paul Ellering cuts a strong promo and hypes up his Road Warriors then adds to the doom with Konga the Barbarian. This is one devastating faction! 

Speaking of devastating, the Sheepherders were just that on TV. 

Looks like we got the start of a fun mid card feud between Turk and Rheingans. 

Boyd's distraction leads to Leduc getting a shady win over Rheingans to advance against Bret in the tournament. The tournament is heating up now. 

Great card in Denver. Rude and Konga continue to look strong. Rheingans bounces back from his tournament loss with a strong win over Turk. Anvil looks solid but so does Perez. Who can stop the Road Warriors??? Harts gain the first decisive win in their feud with the Sheepherders. That's been a wild one. Jimmy advances with his heel tactics. Will he go all the way? Hot ending with a hot feud as the Sheiks once again get DQ. A Gimmick match might have to settle things. 

Man, the AWA is really rolling right now! 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  January 22, 1984:  WGN TV

The introduction starts with some video highlights from Denver and a North American Tournament title match

 Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats Crusher in a match that Jimmy Garvin showed he could do it all.  He went from the heel using the delay tactics to the one who would use every dirty trick in the book.  In the end Precious aided her man with the loaded purse and Garvin moves on. 


From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well folks, as you just saw, Jimmy Garvin is moving on in the North American tournament where he will face Tom Zenk with the winner going to the finals.  That it not all from Denver as we had the first ever AWA 4 Corner Match with the winner getting the AWA World Light Heavyweight title.

VTR:  4 Corner AWA Light Heavyweight Title Match:

Buck Zumhofe vs Tommy Rogers vs Eddie Gilbert vs Dynamite Kid:

 The video shows Dynamite Kid winning the title in a wild event as would be expected in a 4 corner match.  When the video is over, Gene Okerlund is joined by the new AWA Lt. Hw. Champion, Dynamite Kid.  Kid is really humble and grateful to the fans for their support but he is very intense and claims that he will be a fighting champion.  This is where we find out that later on, it will be Hiro Saito vs Eddie Gilbert with the winner to face Dynamite this week in the Rosemont Horizon.


Match:  The Road Warriors/ Paul Ellering totally destroy Tom Stone & Joe Allen in under 3 minutes


A couple of interesting things are happening with the Road Warriors recently. First, they are not looking for it, but they are starting to become a crowd favorite.  Their brutal, no nonsense attitude fits the region and they don’t seem to care who they wrestle as long as they get to hurt someone.  Secondly, they are on such a roll of late, the AWA is starting to take notice.  In fact, they will be taking on the Sheiks this week in the Rosemont Horizon for the AWA World tag titles.  As you would expect, they are not the least bit intimidated by the Sheiks and when their post-match interview is over, the fans are ecstatic that the Sheiks and their hated manager, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie might finally lose their belts. 

MATCH:  Rick Rude defeats Verlon Biggs with the Sleeper

Last week, we saw Bobby Heenan watching Rude’s match against Tom Stone and tonight after Rude beats Biggs, Heenan comes to ringside and chats with Rude.  The two leave together which has Rod Trongard wondering what is going on.


MATCH:  Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats Mike Allen with the Brainbuster.

Garvin does his usually strutting around the ring and toys with the jobber until Allen catches him in a roll up and almost gets a surprise win.  This refocuses Garvin who is now all business and gets the easy win.  Trongard hypes up the North American Title tournament and the Jimmy Garvin-Tom Zenk match set for this week in St. Paul.  A quick post match interview with Okerlund shows a very confindent Precious and Garvin as they know they are better than the young Tom Zenk.  Okerlund reminds Garvin that anything could happen as we almost saw Mike Allen pull the upset a minute ago. 


MATCH:  Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans vs The Assassin (Roger Smith) & The Turk (Ali Bey)

A truly good vs evil match here.  The fan favorites came out first to a nice ovation but the heat the heels got was even louder.  The Turk has really gotten the ire of the fans with his Anti-American nonsense of late and the Assassin in not much better.  The babyfaces seemed to be one step ahead of the heels for most of the match here and get the win when Gagne locked in the Sleeper on The Assassin.  Rheingans took an American flag and waved it around after the match and the fans loved it.  Rod Trongard wonders if Gagne has finally found that tag team partner he has been looking for since Jumping Jim Brunzell left. 


MATCH:  Davey Boy Smith vs Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart

Fans of All-Star Wrestling are in for a treat with these two newcomers to All-Star Wrestling.  These are too powerful men and Trongard hypes that up big time.  He can’t say enough about the body of Davey Boy Smith and then he tells us that Neidhart was the actually winner of the Anvil Throwing Contest at last year’s Calgary Stampede where he threw an actual anvil 11 feet 2 inches.

Combine the power in the ring with their dislike for each other, this was a war.  In fact,they beat each other from pillar to post for the entire 10 minute time limit and then had to be separated by the jobbers in the back.  Later in the night, we found out that these two powerhouses would continue their fight this week in the Rosemont Horizon. 


MATCH:  Sonny Two Rivers & Jules Strongbow vs Norvell Austin & Porkchop Cash

Sonny Two Rivers and Jules Strongbow quickly get some love from the fans as they come out and high five the fans on the way to the ring.  They are wearing some pretty cool traditional Native American clothing which Austin and Cash mock.  Austin and Cash are real confident but are quickly put in their place when everything they try is thwarted.  Austin and Cash resort to some questionable tactics but again, the Native American team seems ready for anything.  In the end, Sonny Two Rivers catches Austin with a massive lariat for the victory.  Instead of even trying to save his partner from defeat, Porkchop Cash simply walked away.  At the post-match interview, Jules Strongbow does 99% of the talking and really seems excited to be here and excited to partner with Two Rivers.  The reason for this is that Sonny Two Rivers is actually Junji Hirata from Japan and has very limited English.  The crowd doesn’t seem to pick up on it and the gimmick has worked in Stampede for over a year now so Verne has decided to just roll with it. 



This segment starts with another video tape from Memphis where the King, Jerry Lawler is confident that he will win the AWA World Title from Hulk Hogan tomorrow night in Memphis and he, as usually, throws in a few one liners meant to demean the champ.  Hogan and Okerlund counter with one of their promos about how Hulkamania can’t be stopped no matter what city Hogan is in.


Eddie Gilbert vs Hiro Saito

Trongard reminds us that the winner will face Dynamite Kid for the title this week in St. Paul.  As for the match, both men have a lot of skill but they also know how to make a match look good.  The bumping and selling is awesome and we have a lot of momentum changes with both men looking like they were going to come out on top.  Saito had Gilbert down and went for the Diving Senton finish but Gilbert was playing possum and lifted up his knees and caught Saito in the gut.  Gilbert was up first and finished his opponent off with the Hot Shot.  Trongard hyped up the Gilbert-Dynamite match up and in a quick post-match interview with Okerlund, Gene reminded fans to get their tickets for this week at the Rosemont Horizon as Gilbert was confident of his title victory.


Match:  Rick Martel & Curt Hennig vs The Sheepherders

This is one tough tune-up for Martel and Hennig as they will be facing the AWA Tag Team Champs, the Sheiks, in the ESPN Spectacular tomorrow night in Memphis.  In fact, the cut a quick promo with Gene Okerlund prior to their match where they seemed very confident they would win the titles despit their lack of success in recent tries where Shiek Adnan Al Kassie kept finding a way to stop them from defeating his men.  They questioned the cast on the Sheiks arm and wonder if he was really hurt in his recent trip to the Middle East!

As for this match, it is typical Sheepherders as they attack before the bell and the war is in from beginning to end.  Somehow, the fan favorites are able to get the momentum and it looks like Hennig is about to set up Butch Miller for the Craddle Suplex when we start to hear some murmurs from the crowd.  As Miller is hoisted up, Abdullan the Butcher hits the ring and takes out Hennig’s knee.  Hennig is writhing in pain and the Skeik Jerry Blackwell and Skeik Ken Patera are not far behind.  The Sheepherders also join in the fun and it is basically 6-2.  Martel is being mobbed but the camera still seems to be focused on Hennig who might really be injured.  Trongard wonders if Martel and Hennig will even make it to Memphis tomorrow night as the screen fades to black.

ROSEMONT HORIZON:  Rosemont, Illinois:  January 26th, 1984



Brett Hart defeats Jos Leduc in a long and physical match as he was finally able to lock in the Northern Lights Cloverleaf.

AWA Light Heavyweight Title Match:

 Dynamite Kid vs Eddie Gilbert ended in a 30 minute draw.  While Verne Gagne and Stu Hart wanted the Light Heavyweight division to be about skill, this match turned nasty and it is obvious we have not seen the last of these two.

ST. PAUL CIVIC CENTER:  January 26, 1984


Davey Boy Smith vs Jim Neidhart:  These two powerhouses really dislike each other as we end in a DDQ with a brawl all over the arena.

AWA North American Title Tournament Title Match:

Jimmy Garvin defeats Tom Zenk with the BrainBuster.  Garvin was all business here and may have learned his lesson from his near defeat to Mike Allen.  He used every dirty trick known to man and worked well with Precious and together they defeated the young Tom Zenk.  Zenk is going to be great but had trouble dealing with Garvin and Precious at the same time.  The heels really brought the heat on themselves here as they took every shortcut they could.

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All-Star Wrestling keeps the momentum going. The Light Hvy division is providing some great action as Gilbert gets a shot with a win over Hiro. The AWA and the fans are taking notice of the Road Warriors path of destruction. Looks like Heenan and Rude are officially together. This will put Rude on the map. Jimmy Garvin almost gets pinned on TV but comes back with a vengeance. Rheingans just might be the right fit for Gagne as they have good chemistry and get a solid win over Turk and Assassin. Love this hard hitting power feud going between Bulldog and Anvil. The tag team division gets more competitive as Jules and Two Rivers get a good TV win over Cash and Norvell. Looks like Cash wasn't pleased with his partner. Oh man Hennig and Martel could be in trouble for their upcoming title match as they took a beating from the Sheiks, Sheepherders and a surprise run in by Abdullah!!! 

Fun highlights as Hart and Garvin advance with hard fought victories. Dynamite and Gilbert go to a classic 30 minute draw. I love these matches. 

Good stuff as feuds are heating up and storylines are developing well. Next up Hogan vs. Lawler! 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  January 25, 1984:  WGN TV

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, what a historic night we had this past week as AWA Wrestling was showcased on prime-time TV on ESPN.  Fans who were in the Mid-South Coliseum will long remember this event and let’s get right to the video tape to let you know why. 

VTR of Jerry Lawler defeating Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Title.

Rod Trongard:  That’s right folks.  We have a new World Champion and it is none other than Jerry “The King” Lawler and he is with our own Gene Okerlund.

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentleman, let me bring in the new AWA champion… Jerry Lawler.

Jerry Lawler:  That is King Jerry Lawler and I proved it last week in Memphis.

Gene Okerlund:  All that proved was that you have a lot of friends in Memphis and one happened to be the referee who seemed to mis Hulk Hogan’s leg on the ropes. 

Jerry Lawler:  Now I don’t like what you are saying.  We all just saw the video tape and I got the three count.  I came here to Salt Lake City today to offer Hulk Hogan his rematch but he is so afraid, he never even showed up.

Gene Okerlund:  Now wait a minute… you knew Hulk was going to Japan and even though he lost his title, he is still man enough to honor all his commitments.  I think it would be wise of you not to be here when the Hulkster returns from Japan.

Jerry Lawler:  Excuses, Excuses.  I was here to wrestle today but I guess it will have to wait.    

Gene Okerlund:  Well trust you me, your wait will be very short as you will be facing the winner of today’s main event… Rick Martel vs Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this Thursday night in the Mecca.


Match:  Bret Hart defeats Larry Cheatum with the Northern Lights Cloverleaf

Rod Trongard spends most of the time during this squash match hyping up the North American tournament finals between Hart and Jimmy Garvin.  After the match, Bret spends a minute with Gene Okerlund where he is grateful for the chance at becoming the first AWA North American Champion.  He explains that the North American title was a major title in his father’s promotion, Stampede Wrestling and that it would be a great honor to be the first champion since the merger. 

This is where the chaos started as Jimmy Garvin and Precious interrupted the interview.  They tried to rattle Bret but that seemed to backfire on them.  As Bret stepped to Garvin, Bret threw a fake punch which Garvin really sold as real.  His huge flinch made Bret laugh as he knew he was in the head of Garvin.  The interesting thing here is that Precious was right in front of her man and she never flinched.

MATCH:  Mongolian Stomper defeats Jim Kent with the Sleeper

In a strange twist, Stomper is getting cheers from the crowd.  He has not been around since the riot in Calgary over a month ago as Bad News Allen attacked both him and his son, Jeff Gouldie.  The crowd remembers that Bad News said he hoped Jeff died which obviously crossed the line.  As a result, the crowd is now behind Stomper.  In the post-match interview, the Mongolian Stomper is focused on one thing …. REVENGE.  Gene Okerlund reminds him that Bad News Allen is currently serving a 90 day suspension to which Stomper says he is a patient man and Bad News Allen better think twice about returning after his suspension is over.


Before our next match, Rick Martel is with Gene Okerlund who first informs the audience that Rick Martel is going to have to go it alone for awhile as his tag team partner, Curt Hennig, has injured his leg and will be out of action for a while.  Okerlund reminds us that the Sheiks and Abdullah attacked Hennig and  injured the leg on last week’s tv show and that Curt was so badly injured he was not even to able to join Rick on the ESPN Supercard as they went for the AWA tag titles.  Okerlund hypes up Martel who had to go it alone and still almost won the tag title.  Martel is humble and says he can’t wait for Curt to come back so they win the title that he believes belongs to them.  Okerlund then hypes up tonight’s main event in which Martel will face Jim Neidhart with the winner to get a World Title shot this week in Milwaukee. 

MATCH:  Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans vs Porkchop Cash & Norvell Austin

A lot of question marks in this match.  Can Gagne and Rheingans continue to grow as they step up in competition and can Cash and Austin patch up their differences that were apparent in last week’s loss to Jules Strongbow and Sonny Two Rivers.  The match has a few momentum turns but in the end, Cash and Austin botch a double team move and Gagne escapes to make the tag and Rheingans comes in like a house afire and hits a belly to belly suplex on Cash for the win.  After the match, Austin comes in to check on his partner who shoves him away.  Austin tries again but this time, Porkchop clobbers him with a big right hand and then continues to attack until we break for commercial.


MATCH:  Bruce Hart vs Hiro Saito ends in a time-limit draw

Two of the top Light Heavyweights in the AWA with both hopping that a win here will propel then to a title shot.  Unfortunately, we are left with unsettled business here as we get an action packed 10-minute draw.  The match ends just as it started, with a handsake between the two.



Match:  Rick Rude with Bobby Heenan vs Tommy Rogers

This is the first official match for Rude to be managed by Heenan and the difference is notable.  Rude seems to be more aggressive and he is willing to take more risks.  Rod Trongard says this is because he knows that Heenan has his back and that becomes obvious when Rogers gains the momentum but he is quickly tripped up by Heenan.  This match was basically 2-1 and was too much for Rogers as Rude hit a top rope knee drop followed by the piledriver for the win.  At the interview area, Okerlund asks about this new union.

Bobby Heenan:  Let me ask you a question…. Let me ask all the humanoids out there in tv land a question.  If you were going to start a wrestling family and you took everything into consideration would you like an over the hill wrestler like Da Crusher!  I think not.  Would you want someone running around the ring with their gut flapping in the wind like Jules Strongbow.  I think not.  Would you like someone who only got a job because of who their daddy was like Greg Gagne or the Hart brothers.  I think not.  Would you want someone who runs away to Japan when they lose like Hulk Hogan?  I think not.  Now look at Rick Rude.  The perfect age.  The perfect body.  The perfect wrestler.  The perfect mindset.  He is someone who will make me a lot of money and I will make him a champion.  He is the newest member of my family but trust me, the Heenan family will grow to such a powerful organization, that I will soon control all of the AWA.

MATCH:  The Road Warriors with Ellering destroy Tom Stone & Verlon Biggs with the Doomsday Device on Biggs

A quick interview where Ellering starts to call out the Sheiks and how the Road Warriors need a title shot.  For those in the know, this proves that Hennig is truly hurt and Verne is in scramble mode to find a new angle for the AWA World Tag Titles as Martel and Hennig are out of the mix for a while.


Match:  Superstar Graham defeats Bobby Fulton with the Bear Hug.

Superstar comes out as arrogant as ever here as he is sure he is going to plow over the much smaller Fulton but he was very wrong.  Fulton shows what speed can do and keeps the much older Graham off balance.  In the end though, the veteran hooks his arms around the ropes on an Irish Whip as Fulton goes for the drop kick and lands on the back of his head.  Superstar turns this into the Bear Hug for the submission win.  Superstar then tries to make a point by refusing to break the hold even as the ref threatened to reverse the decision.  The crowd is fuming until Da Crusher hits the ring and we end up with an old fashion brawl until Superstar decides to head for the hills.


The Commonwealth (Jos Leduc & Jonathan Boyd) defeat Steve Regal & Keith Hart

The Commonwealth comes out with a lot of Anti-American taunts and they draw the ire of the fans.  Regal and Hart try their best but are just too small to deal with all the raw power of Leduc and Boyd and Leduc comes away with the victory after numerous backbreakers on Regal.  Rod Trongard continues to push the current All-Star tag team division. 


Before our main event, we get word that Norvell Austin has challenged his former tag team partner, Porkchop Cash and the challenge has been accepted and the two will meet this week in Milwaukee.  Also added to that card will be Da Crusher vs Superstar Graham.

Match:  Rick Martel vs Jim Neidhart

A truly monster clash for TV as Verne continues to want to prove that the entire AWA is the premier wrestling organization across the country.  This match has it all as the two literally wear each other out.  From power moves to a brawl that went inside and outside of the ring, both men knew this was their shot at getting a match with Jerry Lawler for the title and they held nothing back.  Neidhart hit the powerslam but was too close to the ropes and Martel got his foot up.  Martel was able to make the come back and connected three big moves … the dropkick followed by the airplane spin followed by the Bridging German Suplex for the win as Rod Trongard reminds us to get your tickets for the major event in the Mecca on January 31st as Rick Martel goes for the AWA World Title. 


The Mecca:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin:  January 31, 1984

 Mongolian Stomper defeats The Assassin with the Sleeper as he continues to be built as a fan favorite.

Superstar Graham and  Da Crusher brawl to a 15 time limit draw

Eddie Gilbert defeats Keith Hart in another AWA Lightheavyweight clash that could have gone either way.  In the end, Gilbert used just enough dirty tactics to prevail as he hit the Hot Shot following a possible low blow.

The Commonwealth (Jos Leduc & Jonathan Boyd) defeated Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton in a contrast of styles.  Rogers and Fulton really look like they have some chemistry and controlled most of the match against the bigger men but in the end, Boyd distracted the ref and which allowed Leduc to pull a foreign object out of his trunks and whack Fulton over the head for the pin.

Norvell Austin vs Porkchop Cash:  Norvell Austin was able to prevail here after an intense brawl but as soon as the 3 count was finished, Austin was attacked by a masked mask.  Cash and the newcomer really gave it to Austin who was in a bad way when the attack was over.  Cash and the masked man embraced and left together. 

AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE TOURNAMENT FINAL:  Bret Hart vs Jimmy Garvin: Two very skilled wrestlers with egos to match.  The crowd is solidly behind Hart but it looked bad for him as Precious was a handful and it was like Hart was wrestling in a Handicap Match.  As Brett began to gain momentum, Precious once again jumped up on the apron as was going to hit Bret with the loaded purse but Hart reversed the Irish Whip and Precious clobbered her own man.  Hart locked in the Northern Lights Cloverleaf which might not have been unnecessary as Jimmy Garvin was already out.

AWA WORLD TITLE MATCH:  Jerry Lawler vs Rick Martel:  A great match here as Lawler is trying to prove that he can be both a heel in All-Star Wrestling and a babyface in TNT.  In the end, Martel is wrestling from the top when Lawler does the ultimate heel move and throw the fireball into the face of Martel.  The ref immediately calls for the bell as Martel is writhing in pain on the floor.  The King needs security to escort him back to the locker room as the crowd is almost about to riot.  People in the Mecca will never forget the night that they learned to hate Jerry Lawler.

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Jerry Lawler debuts on TV as the AWA World Champ! Only Lawler could be the top babyface in Memphis while being a hated heel in All-Star LOL. 

Mongolian Stomper is building up credibility with the fans. That's going to be an explosion when Bad News comes back. 

A lot of teams are gunning for the titles like Gagne/Rheingans, Common Wealth and of course the Road Warriors. 

Superstar Graham and Da Crusher should be a fun old school feud. 

Martel is making the most of his time while Curt is out and defeats Anvil to get a shot at Lawler. 

The fans at the Mecca get their money's worth.

Graham and Crusher seem to be just getting started. 

Gilbert is rising as a serious Light Hvy contender with a win over Keith Hart.

I like the early build of the Fantastics. They look good but Common Wealth get the win. 

Oh Man I wonder who's under the mask? Whoever it is, Cash seems to have found a new partner. Norvell is going to need some back up. 

Bret wins the North American Title! Precious interferes and causes her man to lose. How will Jimmy Jam rebound?

Oh Snap! Lawler uses the fireball! The ultimate heel move! Martel will want some payback! How will the fans in Memphis react? 

Another great job Kev! 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  February 3, 1984:  WGN TV

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Milwaukee Auditorium. I am Rod Trongard and joining me will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, before we get to the in-ring action, we must go to the video tape from this past Thursday in the Mecca right here in Milwaukee as it was Jimmy Garvin vs Bret Hart for the vacant AWA North American Title.   


VTR of Bret Hart defeating Jimmy Garvin for the AWA North American Title.

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentleman, let me bring in the new North American champion… Congratulations Bret Hart.

Bret Hart:  Thank you Gene, it is a real honor for me to be the first AWA North American champion and I know there are a lot of great challengers and I look forward to defending this title every night all across the United States and Canada.      

Gene Okerlund:  Well I can tell you that wrestlers from all over the sport want a shot at your title.  In fact, it will be Wahoo McDaniel vs Dick Murdoch in the Rosemont Horizon this Thursday and you will face the winner in your first title defense February 14th in the St. Paul Civic Center.

Bret Hart:  That’s what I am talking about Gene.  No time to celebrate.  I know I will be in for the fight of my life and that is just the way I want it.


Match:  Mongolian Stomper defeats “The Turk” Ali Bey with the Sleeper

Another match used to build Stomper as a fan favorite.  Ali Bey does a nice job of antagonizing the crowd and using some questionable tactics that help get Stomper over with the crowd.  In the post-match interview with Gene Okerlund, Stomper continues to talk about how he is out for revenge on Bad News Allen for the situation back in Calgary in December and that when Allen returns from suspension on March 3rd, he better have eyes in the back of his head.


MATCH:  Keith Hart & Hiro Saito vs The Bruise Brothers (Dream Machine & Porkchop Cash)

Hart and Saito are quick and technically sound while the Bruise Brothers are all about brawling.  These contrasting styles work here as all 4 men do a nice job of bumping and selling.  In the end, Hart is doing a great job of playing the face in peril role and escapes to get a tag to Saito and we go bonzo gonzo for a while with all 4 men in the ring.  As the ref loses control, the camera catches Dream Machine slipping something into his mask and nailing Saito with a headbut.  Saito is basically out and the ref pays just enough attention to come over and make the 3 count.

At the interview with Okerlund we find out that it was the Dream Machine who came out and helped Porkchop Cash last week in his match with Norvell Austin.

Porkchop Cash:  All is good now!  No more teaming with losers like Norvell Austin.  My main man Dream Machine is here and the Bruise Brothers are going to run wild in the AWA. 

Dream Machine:  I saw my brother here being annoyed by that gnat Norvell Austin and decided it was time to get the Bruise Brothers back together again.  And look what happened… 5 minutes after I get to town, Austin pack s his bags and hits the road.  Well listen up… All the other tag teams better follow Austin or else your gonna fell a whole lot of pain.


VTR:  Jerry Lawler retains his title by DQ as he threw a fireball into the face of Rick Martel.

Martel joins Gene Okerlund for an interview where he is wearing sunglasses due to a minor burn around his eyes.  Martel let’s us know that he is ok but is still a little stunned that the AWA World Champion would stoop to such a low level.  Okerlund adds that Hulk Hogan would never have resorted to such tactics. We also find out that Martel has been cleared by doctors and will be getting a rematch this week against Lawler for the AWA title in the Rosemont Horizon.

MATCH:  Abdullah the Butcher with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs King Konga with Paul Ellering

For an Abdullah the Butcher, this is as clean as it gets which means extreme violence without the fork.  King Konga responds to ever dirty blow with his own version of violence.  After about 3-4 minutes of the rough and wild brawl, Heenan realizes that Butcher is not just going to run over Konga so he calls for the Sheiks (Blackwell and Patera) to hit the ring and attack.  Ellering seemed ready for this and had the Road Warriors on stand by.  What we get is a 4 on 4 brawl that can’t be stopped.  Ellering and Al Kassie are is much onto the action as anyone else and it is apparent these two teams are fighting to become the most dominant force in the AWA.  Later in the show, we find out these two stables will face each other this week in the Rosemont Horizon.


MATCH:  Crusher defeats Joe Stark after Stark tried some questionable tactics and Crusher just bet him Pillar to Post

At the interview area with Gene Okerlund we find out that it will be a Chicago Street Fight between Crusher and Superstar Graham in the Rosemont Horizon this week.

Da Crusher:  All ya cute little Dollies down on Halstead Street get ready cause I will be coming down there to party all night after I rip Superstar Graham to shreads this week.  I mean come on Gene, the Crusher in a Chicago Street Fight.  Take that one to the bank!  This might be the last we see of Superstar Graham around here.


MATCH: Jimmy Garvin with Precious & Eddie Gilbert vs Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid

This is the first time we have seen any of these men tag together but it seems to work.  Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert seems to fit right in with the arrogant, peacock-strutting Jimmy Garvin while Precious now has another man by her side which allows her more screen time!  Trongard hypes up recent matches between Gilbert and Dynamite Kid for the AWA Light Heavyweight Title and also that he has heard some negative comments by Garvin and Precious about the clean cut, British star, Davey Boy Smith.  As for the match, it is full of twist and turns.  Some nice chain wrestling between Gilbert and Davey Boy is followed by Dynamite getting himself trapped in the corner and suffering from some brutal double team moves.  Garvin and Gilbert may be new but they seem to be on the same wave length.  They both know just how to play it dirty while never really getting caught.  As we get to all 4 men in the ring, a perfectly timed loaded purse by Precious to Dynamite Kid allows for Gilbert to get the three count!

At the interview desk we find out that Precious and her men are now known as Hot Stuff Inc and that the AWA will never be the same.  When Okerlund asks about the dirty tactics, all three seem confused.  When Gene sends it back to Rod, he is in the ring with Dynamite Kid holding his head and Davey Boy fuming about how the AWA must examine the purse of that jezebel Precious.  Verne Gagne comes out and looks straight into the camera and warns Hot Stuff Inc about their nonsense and offers Davey Boy and Dynamite a rematch this week in the Rosemont. 


MATCH:  Dick Murdoch defeats Sonny Two Rivers with the Brain Buster

The problem came when the tough, tobacco spitting man from West Texas decided one Brain Buster was not enough and delivered another.  This is when Jules Strongbow decided to come out to try and protect his tag team partner but all he got was some big right hands followed by his own Brain Buster and in a matter a seconds, Murdoch had laid out both Indians.

As Okerlund cautiously came in for the interview, Murdoch was screaming about everything and anything.  First, he started by laughing at the Crusher and how tough Chicago is and all his “Dollies.”  Murdoch told them all that the toughest come from West Texas and just take a look at them two Injuns laying in the ring if you have any doubts.  Murdoch then turned his attention to Wahoo McDaniel.  Murdoch says Wahoo may have played in the NFL but come this week in the Rosemont Horizon, he will be playing his last game of anything.  He warns Bret Hart that he better run up to the Icebox he calls home and help old Stu in retirement as that North American Title is all his!

Okerlund continues to hype up Murdoch and his toughness after Captain Redneck left the set as he sells this newcomer to the AWA fans as one tough SOB.  Gene also hypes up Wahoo, his opponent in the #1 contender’s match for the North American title as he lets fans know it is going to be one  slobber-knuckle in the Rosemont Horizon.


MATCH:  Rick Rude with Bobby Heenan vs Tom Zenk

A battle of two of the younger stars in the AWA where Zenk shows some promise but in the end, the combo of Heenan and Rude prove to be two much for the up and comer.  Rude is able to hit the top rope knee drop followed by the piledriver for the win.  At the interview with Okerlund, Heenan is frustrated that it is not Rick Rude getting any of the title shots in the AWA but says that will change .  He also says that he has signed a Mega Star to join his family and we will find out who that is very soon and how Verne Gagne and Stu Hart will be sorry for not giving the “Family” what it deserves.


MATCH:  Greg Gagne & Bruce Hart vs The Commonwealth (Jos Leduc & Jonathan Boyd)

We find out that Bruce Hart is filling in for Brad Rheingans who could not be here today and this really made it hard on the fan favorites as they were just too undersized.  While they gave it their all, the power and roughness of the Commonwealth proved too much and Leduc pinned Hart after a massive football tackle.  When everyone though the match was over… Randy Savage hit the ring and just went wild on Greg Gagne and the already down and out Bruce Hart!  The Commonwealth simply went back to the locker room as they were happy with their win.  What Savage did here was one of the most violent things seen in All-Star wrestling history as Trongard wondered if this was the Mega Star Bobby Heenan was talking about.


The Rosemont Horizon: February 7, 1984

 Mongolian Stomper defeats The Assassin with the Sleeper as he continues to be built as a fan favorite.

The Bruise Brothers (Porkchop Cash & Dream Machine) brutally beat Ton Stone and Verlon Biggs for the win

 AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE #1 CONTENDERS Match:  Wahoo McDaniel vs Dick Murdoch:  These two are not very technical but they do a nice job of bumping and selling in this slugfest.  In the end, Murdoch wins the battle with the Brain Buster.  This could have gone wither way and in no shape or form has hurt the reputation of Wahoo. 

Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid vs Hot Stuff Inc. ( Garvin & Gilbert) with Precious:  In a reversal from this week’s match on TV, Smith and Kid come out on top.  A major reaon for this was that the ref caught Precious doing her shenanigans and sent her back to the locker room.  The crowd loved this as they taunted her the entire way.  In the end, Smith hit the powerslam on Garvin and the two Brits walk away with the victory. 

Chicago Street Fight:  Da Crusher vs Superstar Graham:  This was a rather short match as neither of these two old-timers can go very long in this type of match but as you would expect in Chicago, Crusher comes out on top!

The Sheiks (Blackwell, Patera & Abdullah the Butcher) with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs The Road Warriors and King Konga with Paul Ellering:  A brawl that leaves nothing on the table but a victor.  This match ended in a DDQ as the 6 men brawled all over the ring and arena.  Not sure what else could have been expected with these 6 but somehow they are going to have to settle this.

AWA WORLD TITLE MATCH:  Jerry Lawler vs Rick Martel:  Martel claimed his eyesight was fine after last week’s fireball by Lawler but Martel seemed just a little off.  In the end, Lawler wins this long battle with the piledriver.

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All-Star Wrestling just keeps on rolling as it produces another action packed show. 

Bret seems ready to defend that North American title. 

Stomper is starting to get over as a face and is ready to give Allen some bad news when he gets back from suspension. 

Wow, Dream Machine comes in and the Bruise Brothers are back in town. 

Martel is hurting but wants Lawler bad. It's so funny watching Lawler play hated heel here and big babyface in Memphis. 

Abdullah and Konga turns into an all out brawl with Sheiks and Road Warriors joining in. 

Watch out AWA because Hot Stuff Inc has formed! Fun seeing an early Bulldogs team here. 

Damn, Murdoch takes out both Two Rivers and Strongbow! He looks more than ready for Wahoo and a shot at Hart.

Rude gets a good win over Zenk and wants some gold. 

Gagne seemed off his game without his partner Rheingans as Commonwealth take advantage and get the win. 

Big shocker as Randy Savage hits the ring and beats Gagne down! Randy Savage!!!!!!!! OOOOOHHH YEA!!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!! 

Great Rosemont card,

Stomper and Bruise Brothers get good prelim wins. 

Murdoch earns a shot at the North American title with a hard fought victory over Wahoo. 

Bulldogs get some revenge on Hot Stuff Inc. 

Of course Crusher is going to win a street fight in Chicago. Crowd pleasing moment. 

6 man chaos that no doubt keeps this hot feud going. 

Lawler remains champ as he takes down a less than 100% Martel. Beware Lawler, Hogan comes back soon. 


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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  February 10, 1984:  WGN TV:  Winnipeg Arena

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Winnipeg Arena. I am Rod Trongard and joining me will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, before we get to the ring action tonight, we must go back to last week’s brutal attack by Randy Savage on Greg Gagne.

VTR of the attack by Savage! 

After the interview Randy Savage storms the set and is as amped up as anyone you have ever seen.  When Trongard tries to get to the bottom of the unprovoked attack on Gagne, Savage goes off!

Randy Savage:  Oh yeah!  Listen up Trongard.  This is all a set up to hurt keep my family.  Oh yeah!  We all know what that sleaze Jerry Jarrett did to my Dad, Angelo Poffo, down in Memphis.  He tried to run us out of business!  So what does Jarrett do when that doesn’t work, he joins with two other pieces of trash… Verne Gagne and Stu Hart!  First thing they try to do is split us up!  While I am here to take out anyone related to Verne Gagne or Stu Hart!  Oh Yeah!!  And before long… that North American Title that Bret Hart is walking around with will be mine! 

Trongard wants to know if he is Bobby Heenan’s new “family” member that Heenan said would destroy both Verne Gagne and Stu Hart for not giving his men title shots but we never get a clear answer.

Savage starts ranting that he wants Bret Hart right now and he is like a caged animal.  He is so crazed that before we go to break, Trongard calls for security which ends up with Savage beating on a couple of goons as he almost destroys the set!


MATCH:  Rick Martel defeats Verlon Biggs with the Boston Crab.   

Martel is joined by his injured tag team partner, Curt Hennig who is excited to be getting closer to returning as his injured knee is feeling better.  Hennig gives a lot of credit to Martel who had to wrestle the Sheiks all alone on the ESPN Supercard a few weeks back and that he can’t wait to get back in action and get revenge on Adnan Al Kassie and his group of traitors. 


MATCH:  Jules Strongbow vs The Assassin (Roger Smith

A pretty even match here that follows the basic outline of babyfaces on top early, heel gains momentum with some dirty tactics followed by the babyfaces making the comeback.  It is here that we go a little crazy as another masked man comes out and starts to cheer on the other masked man.  At one point the action spilled out onto the floor with Strongbow recovering quicker and getting back into the ring.  The Assassin was slow to get up but this allowed the other masked man to roll into the ring without the ref knowing.  This “fresh” Assassin surprised Strongbow and a knee to the gut followed by a suplex for the win.


MATCH:  The Crusher defeats The Turk Ali Bey

The Crusher joins Okerlund for a quick interview:

Crusher:  I told you guys last week that I might not be as good as I once was but I am as good once as I ever was and Superstar Graham found that out last week in our Chicago Street fight in the Rosemont Horizon and so did all the little “dollies” down on Halstead Street as we partied till mornin!

MATCH:  Steve Regal vs Bruce Hart

Another great technical match that AWA viewers how come to appreciate in this Light Heavyweight division.  Trongard lets us know that the winner here will get a shot at Dynamite Kid and his title this week in St. Paul.  Regal came out with a fancy jacket and headband and was dancing to so music and interacting with the fans.  Hart, also a fan favorite came in more subdued as he meant business.  The match started and ended with a handshake but nothing else about it was friendly as these two put it all on the line.  We started with some faced paced chain wrestling and the bumping, selling and reversals continued throughout.  The end came when Hart landed wrong after missing a cross body block and he seemed to hurt his shoulder.  Regal took advantage of this and went to work with the win coming by submission with the Surf Board.  Regal was all over the place in this match and Trongard explained that is why we call him Mr. Electricity.


When we come out of break, chaos is going on.  Trongard is speaking at a frantic pace about an attack in the parking lot as Gene Okerlund and a cameraman are trying to rush to the scene.  As we get some footage of what is going on back there, we see Randy Savage tossing Bruce Hart into car after car.  Hart is in real danger when all of a sudden, Keith Hart rushes out.  Unfortunately, he suffers the same fate as his brother and all the microphone can hear is Savage screaming that he wants Bret Hart.  It takes about 5 guys to finally stop Randy Savage when out of nowhere comes Bret Hart and the fight is back on.  This one is more even and takes more guys from the back to break it up. 

Rod Trongard:  My God, I can’t believe what I have just scene.  We will need to hear from Verne Gagne about this wild scene.  I mean who does this Randy Savage think he is?  He can’t just come in here beating people up and trying to permantely hurt members of the Gagne and Hart families. 

Verne Gagne comes out shaking his head and takes the microphone and he is as mad as you have ever scene him. 


Rod Trongard:  Well thank you Mr. Gagne.  For your sake Mr. Savage, I hope you heed this man’s warning.  He means business!  Let’s get back to the ring.


MATCH:  King Konga with Paul Ellering crushed Larry Cheatum with the Diving Headbut

In the interview area, we find out that it will actually be a Manager vs Manager Match in the Civic Center as Paul Ellering will face Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  If Ellering wins, his Road Warriors will get another title show vs Blackwell and Patera for the AWA World Tag Team Titles!

In the interview, Ellering goes from his normally calm self to a ragging lunatic and rips his shirt off showing a surprisingly great physique.  Okerlund warns the Sheik that he may be in trouble in St. Paul. 


MATCH:  Dick Murdoch defeats Tom Zenk with the Brainbuster

Zenk is young and an obvious physical specimen but Murdoch is one of the toughtest in all of wrestling.  He just went to work and made this a brawl instead of a wrestling match and after a few big right hands he finished off the youngster with a Brainbuster.  During the match, Trongard let us know that Murdoch defeated Wahoo McDaniel last week in the Rosemont Horizon  in a real slugfest that could have gone either way and has now earned a North American Title shot this week in the St. Paul Civic Center against Bret Hart.

When asked by Okerlund about his match with Wahoo and the upcoming title shot against Bret Hart, Murdoch gave one of his great promos.

Dick Murdoch:  Gene, I will tell you one thing… Wahoo is one tough Injun but he is not West Texas tough.  The only people who thought he had a chance with me were people who were as drunk as he was on Snake juice!  And let me tell you another thing Wahoo… you better start worrying about Dick Murdoch and focus on how to survive getting scalped if you ever get in the ring with me again.  Now as far as Bret Hart goes… We hear all of the stories of the training that goes on in Stu Hart’s Dungeon and how his boys can do it all.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I West Texas we fight for fun.  We like pain and like to cause pain.  We weren’t taught how to survive in a wrestling ring.  We were taught how to be the only one who survives.  Come this Thursday in the St. Paul Civic Center, I will be the one walking out with the North American Title and Bret Hart will be the one bleeding all over the stretcher they are taking him out on.

MATCH:  Rick Rude defeats Hiro Saito with the Piledriver

Rude has been on fire here of late and it doesn’t seem to matter who his competition has been.  He was very good on his own but throw in Heenan and it looks like he might have gold around his waist in the near future.  Saito was good and continues to look like he is on the verge of breaking out but Rude was just a little to powerful her tonight.  When Heenan and Rude joined Okerlund, Mean Gene wanted to know if the star he had just signed last week was indeed Randy “Macho Man” Savage.  Heenan seemd a little frustrated that the focus was not on how great Rick Rude just looked.


MATCH:  Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans vs The Commonwealth (Leduc and Boyd)

This week Greg has his normal partner back and it makes a world of difference.  Last week he took on the Commonwealth with Bruce Hart and their lack of size just could not handle Leduc’s power.  This week, Rheingans is more than strong enough and we get a great match that nearly goes this distance.  Neither team wants a draw as they both want to move up the ranks and maybe secure a future tag team title match.  Leduc and Boyd begin to use some real dirty tactics and Rheingans is in trouble.  It is amazing how good Greg Gagne can be in tag matches and each time the Commonwealth went for a cover, he made a perfectly times safe.  In the end, this backfired as the ref was forcing him out of the ring and Boyd caught Rheingans with the flag pole he had carried to the ring.  This gave the victory to the Commonwealth and they stomped around waving the flag of the British Commonwealth to a chorus of boos. 

The St. Paul Civic Center: February 14, 1984

 Mongolian Stomper defeats Don Bass with the Sleeper.  Crowd is really digging the fan favorite Stomper.

Eddie Gilbert with Precious defeats Tom Zenk with help from the loaded purse followed by a Hot Shot

Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans defeat The Commonwealth Connection (Leduc and Boyd) by DQ as Leduc went crazy and hit Gagne over the head with the flagpole.   Fortunately for the fan favorites the ref saw it all.  The crowd was fuming at the violent attack on their boy Greg.  

AWA Light Heavyweight Title Match:  Dynamite Kid defeats Mr. Electricity Steve Regal

MANAGER VS MANAGER MATCH:  Paul Ellering defeats Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie with a Piledriver to secure the Road Warriors a future title shot.

AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH:  Bret Hart vs Dick Murdoch:  This match ends in a Double Count out with a big brawl on the arena floor. 

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All-Star Wrestling returns and Randy Savage is a man out for revenge on anyone name Gagne or Hart! Love this crazy Savage.

Good to see Hennig is almost ready for action. Him and Martel still have unfinished business in the tag team scene. 

UT OH, could we be seeing the Assassins joining the tag ranks? Bad news for the other teams. 

LOL, Crusher just cracks me up and proves he has more left in the tank. 

Mr. Electricity gets a strong win over Bruce Hart and earns himself a LHW title match. 

Poor Bruce had a rough night as did brother Keith because they felt the wrath of a crazy Savage. Awesome parking lot brawl between Savage and Bret. Bret's title could be in serious jeopardy. 

Another fun squash for Konga.

Murdoch takes Zenk to school then cuts a great promo on both Wahoo and Bret.

Rude continues to shine under Heenan. 

Fun TV main event as Common Wealth pull one over on Gagne and Brad then proceed to infuriate the fans. 

Classic card in St. Paul. Stomper continues to get over as a face. Gilbert and Precious sure know how to get heat. Brad and Greg get a DQ win but take a beating. I'm sure Mr. Electricity gave Dynamite a run for his money but the champ prevails. Cool seeing Ellering and Adnan put the tights on. Ellering gets his Road Warriors another shot. Big main event as Hart and Murdoch battle to a double c.o. This could be an interesting feud with Savage in the mix. 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  February 17, 1984:  WGN TV:  Salt Palace, Salt Lake City

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Winnipeg Arena. I am Rod Trongard and joining me will be Gene Okerlund.  Today, we are coming to you from the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


We get a video tape replay from last week where Savage violently attacked Bruce and Keith Hart in the parking lot and was screaming about how he wanted a North American title match against Bret Hart.  We then get an interview with Bret Hart and Gene Okerlund. 

Bret Hart:  Before I really get started, let me just say that I respect Verne Gagne and I respect his decision not to grant Randy Savage a shot at this here North American Title.  But Savage listen closely…  I hope you don’t think you can attack a member of the Hart family in a parking lot and there not be any repercussions.  I will be coming for you whether it is a title match or in a dark alley.  You better have eyes in the back of your head!

Later we find out that this week in the Denver Audotorium, it will be Bret Hart vs Randy Savage in a Lights Out Match that was unsanctioned by the AWA!


Verne Gagne is with Rod Trongard and says that the AWA continues to grow and sign new and exciting wrestlers each week and that includes the stars of tomorrow.  He goes on to announce that the AWA will be starting a Round Robin tournament for all wrestlers under the age of 25 and the winner will be crowned the 2019 Young Lion of the year.  He also announces that before the tournament starts, that a wrestling legend, Mr. Wrestling II  has been brought in to help develop some of these Young Lions. 

Mr. Wrestling II comes in and announces that he might be getting a little bit older but is really excited with this role in the AWA and while he will continue to lace up the boots, he is going to put his heart and sole into helping the young guys here in All-Star Wrestling and that you will see some of these new young lions in the coming weeks.

All of a sudden, Eddie Gilbert with Jimmy Garvin and Precious comes strutting out to the interview area.   Hot Stuff Inc is laughing about how the over the hill Mr. Wrestling II is going to teach anyone and how it doesn’t matter because Eddie Gilbert is the best young thing to come to professional wrestling in a long time and that he is going to be the obvious winner of the Young Lions tournament. 

Mr. Wrestling II:  One thing I can’t stand from a young boy is arrogance!  And one thing I know I can teach is respect!

SMACK!.... Mr. Wrestling II smacks Gilbert so hard that Gilbert goes down.  Mr. Wrestling II heads to the ring and we get an impromptu match

MATCH:  Eddie Gilbert vs Mr. Wrestling II

Gilbert rushed in a little too quick and Mr. Wrestling II caught him in the gut.  A few seconds later, Wrestling II catches Gilbert with a Million Dollar Knee lift and Gilbert goes down.  Before the ref can complete the three count, Garvin hits the ring but he is met with the same fate with II connecting with another Million Dollar Knee Lift.  As the ref calls for the bell and gives II the win by DQ, Wrestling II  leaves the ring with Hot Stuff Inc. struggling to his feet.  As the crowd goes wild, Trongard reminds us that maybe Eddie Gilbert could learn a thing or two from the legend Mr. Wrestling II

Before our next match, we have a fuming Eddie Gilbert with Rod Trongard


Eddie Gilbert:  How dare you Wrestling II put your hands on me.  You are just jealous of Hot Stuff Inc so you think you can prance in here and hide your old ugly face and get away with kicking someone so pretty as me.  Well, look I got right back up and I am demanding a match for this week in Denver where I am sure you won’t last 5 minutes in the same ring as me. 


Gene Okerlund:  Well fans, with me right now, fresh off his trip to Japan is none other than the former AWA World Champion… Hulk Hogan.  How are you doing Hulk?

Hulk Hogan:  Well Mean Gene… let me tell ya… that was a bitter sweet trip to Japan.  Fans in AWA Japan are awesome but I was going there to show what the champ is all about and then I had the belt robbed from me by the whole city of Memphis.  That’s right… everyone saw my leg across the ropes as the Memphis referee counted three.  We all know Jerry Lawler paid him well for that.  Well Lawler, I am back and heard all you had to say about me when I was gone.  The interesting thing is now that I am back, I am demanding my rematch!  You have held onto something that is not yours.  Hey Lawler…. What you gonna do when Hulkamania and the largest arms in the world run wild on you!



MATCH:  Curt Hennig (who is joined by Rick Martel) defeats Dream Machine (who is joined by Porkchop Cash as hits the German Suplex.  Cash tried a few times to get involved but Martel quickly put an end to that. 

As Hennig and Martel join Okerlund, we find out that Curt is so happy to be back and that he can’t wait to get back in the ring with his partner here and win the tag titles that he believes should be theirs before the attack by the Sheiks on Hennig’s leg.  Okerlund reminds them that this week in Denver it will be Martel and Hennig together against the Bruise Brothers (Cash and Dream Machine) and Martel and Hennig are both confident that this will be nothing more then a stepping stone to a title shot.


MATCH:  King Konga with Paul Ellering crushed Verlon Biggs with the Diving Headbut

While Konga continues to impress, the interviews by Paul Ellering continue to focus on the Road Warriors.  Tonight, Ellering takes a different road then calling out the AWA Champions. (The Sheiks)  Instead, the focus was on Rick Martel and Curt Hennig who seem to be pushing for a title shot.

Paul Ellering:  Hey Martel and Heenig…. You snooze, you lose.  While Curt was home nursing a hang nail, the Road Warriors took your place as the #1 threat for the titles and I am warning you not to get in our way or you will both be at home…. For a long time!



With Dynamite Kid off defending his title in the AWA Pacific, we get a nice tag team match between 4 of the better light heavyweights to remind everyone of the talent in the division.


MATCH:  Steve Regal & Hiro Saito vs Keith Hart & Bruce Hart

This is the second time in two weeks that Regal is trying to get a win over the Harts as last week he beat Bruce in singles action.  This is another great techhnical match that AWA viewers how come to appreciate in this Light Heavyweight division but it all went wild around the 8-minute mark as Regal tried to turn this into a brawl. The Harts were more then ready for the challenge and this one ended in a 10-minute brawl.  This was a new side of the light heavyweight division and Trongard warns that Dynamite Kid better be on his toes if he is lucky enough to return with the belt.    



MATCH:  The Mongolian Stomper defeats Cal Munson with the Sleeper

While at the interview desk, Stomper is shown a video from Bad News Allen who is currently serving a 90 suspension for his role in the Calgary Riot!


Bad News Allen:  Hey Stomper… I hear you want a piece of me.  I hear you are angry for me nearly killing your kid.  I hear you say you are going to get revenge.  Well guess what Stomper… Words are cheap!  I will be back on March 3rd and we will see what you got.  I bet you end up in a hospital bed next to that son of yours who I hear is still easting though a straw!  HAHAHHAHAHAHH

Stomper can’t even answer and goes wild as he tossing the table and chairs all over the Salt Palace in a fit of rage. 


OTHER MATCHES:                                                MATCH:  Jules Strongbow & Tom Zenk vs The Assassins (Roger Smith & Don Bass)

Last week was the first time we saw the second Assassin appear on All-Star Wrestling as they tricked not only Jules Strongbow but also the ref as they did a little quick switch-a-roo for the victory.  Tom Zenk decided to step up and help out Jules as they try for a little revenge.  All seemed to be going good for the fan favorites until the action went a little crazy with all 4 men in the ring at the same time.  Strongbow and Assassin #2 ended up on the floor and the ref gave them a little too much attention and Assassin #1 loaded up his mask and clocked Zenk with a headbut for the win.  Trongard wonders if the Assassins are just going to cheat their way to the top or will someone stop them when all of a sudden Wahoo McDaniel joins Jules Strongbow and he is fuming about the tactics of the Assassins.  He challenges them to a tag match in the Denver Auditorium where he guarantees that they will learn some respect!

MATCH:  Brad Rheingans vs Jonathan Boyd

Rheingans and his tag team partner, Greg Gagne have been feuding with the Commonwealth Connection (Leduc and Boyd) for a while now and tonight we get a singles-match out of it.  Rheingans used his Olympic style and skill to keep Boyd off guard while landing some big power moves.  The end came with a Cradle Suplex and the crowd got what they wanted.  Immediately after the 3 count, the show cut to a commercial break.  This is because they did not want the fans at home to notice that the Suplex might not have been executed perfectly and Boyd was injured.  The crowd at the show in the Salt Palace did see Boyd get some medical attention.  We will have to keep an eye on this situation. 

MATCH:  Dick Murdoch defeats Steve O with the Brainbuster

Steve O was making his return to the AWA and it did not go as planned.  Murdoch, one of the toughest in all of wrestling, just went to work and made this a brawl instead of a wrestling match and after a few big right hands he finished off the youngster with a Brainbuster. 

MATCH:  Rick Rude defeats Greg Gagne with the Piledriver

Rude has been on fire here of late and it doesn’t seem to matter who his competition has been but he needed some help here from Bobby Heenan who tripped up Gagne allowing Rude to hit the piledriver.   As Rude walked towards the locker room, Macho Man Savage hit the ring and came off the top rope for an elbow drop on the already down and out Greg Gagne.  As the show was going off the air, Trongard was sure after what we just saw that Savage and Heenan are connected!


The Denver Auditorium: February 21, 1984

Rick Rude defeated Brain Blair with the Piledriver

Mongolian Stomper defeated Hiro Saito with the Sleeper

Wahoo McDaniel & Jules Strongbow defeat the Assassins with Wahoo gong on the War Dance on Assassin #1

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Eddie Gilbert by DQ as Precious hit Wrestling II over the head with a loaded purse.  As Jimmy Garvin and Eddie Gilbert tried to rip the mask off of Mr. Wrestling II, two unknown wrestlers hit the ring and gave it pretty good to Hot Stuff Inc before they high tailed it back to the locker room

Dick Murdoch defeated Brad Rheingans with the Brain Buster

Rick Martel & Curt Hennig defeated The Bruise Brothers pretty easily as they continue their push back to the top of the tag team title division.

LIGHS OUT MATCH:  Bret Hart vs Randy Savage:  In a wild knock down brawl, two of the best in the business had no interest in getting a win but instead they just wanted to hurt each other.  After 30 minutes, the brawl ended in a draw but we still needed the entire locker room to empty to get them apart.  While the crowd wanted a win by Hart, they will not leave upset as this match will stay etched in their minds forever!

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I really liked this show as we get updated on all the current storylines. 

Bret Hart has some choice words for Savage and is ready for the fight.

Excited about the Young Lions tournament. Mr. Wrestling 2 will be a great mentor and proved to both Gilbert and Garvin he can still get it done in the ring. 

Hulk Hogan is back from Japan and it's only a matter of time before he gets his AWA world title rematch with the King.

Hennig is back and gets a big win over Dream Machine. Him and Martel look to be ready for another run at the champs. 

Konga continues to rise with another fun squash win. Ellering warns Martel and Hennig to steer clear of the Road Warriors. 

The Light heavies continue to get good exposure. Dynamite Kid has numerous contenders waiting in line. 

We're getting closer to the big Stomper/Bad News collision. That one will be explosive! 

Assassins pull one over on Zenk and Jules but now Wahoo is in the picture. The tag team division here is on fire.

Ut Oh looks like Boyd might have an injury. Good job on the realism thrown in here. 

Murdoch looks strong with a brain buster win over credible Steve O.

Rude gets his biggest win to date by beating Gagne. Gagne has a rough night as Savage comes in to inflict more punishment. 

Wild night in Denver! Rude and Stomper start the show with solid wins. Wahoo and Jules seem to have some chemistry as they put down the Assassins. Wrestling 2 continues to have problems with Hot Stuff Inc. but he looks to have some friends. Cant wait to find out who these guys are. Murdoch continues his winning ways with a strong win over Rheingans. Martel and Hennig are back on track with a win over the Bruise Brothers. What a way to end the show as Hart and Savage go all out and brawl to the very end. This feud is going to be epic! 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  February 24, 1984:  WGN TV:  Sales Pavilion, Edmonton

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me will be Gene Okerlund. 


We get video tape highlights from the Denver Auditorium of the Lights Out Non-title match between Randy Savage and Bret Hart that ended in a time limit draw and then we head to the ring for Randy Savage’s first TV match here in All-Star.

Match:  Randy Savage destroys Buck Zumhofe with the end coming with Top Rope Elbow Drop


Randy Savage:  Oh yeah!  If this is how Verne Gagne want’s it… that is fine with me.  I will leave bodies all over All-Star Wrestling until he declares me the #1 contender for the North American title.  I already proved that Bret Hart can’t beat me in Denver.  The longer Verne makes me wait, the more bodies he will have to clean up



King Konga with Paul Ellering vs Rick Rude with Bobby Heenan

This could be the TV match of the year so far.  Both wrestlers have been on such a roll of late that it would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  Both men try to use their power to their advantage and we get a lot of big moves.  Ellering and Heenan were at their best here and were able to protect their men.  Whether it was by distracting the ref or interfering just enough as to not be DQ’ed, Ellering and Heenan played a major role.  Even though neither man was able to hit their finisher, we had a lot of near falls.  The problem for everyone is that the 10 minute time expired without a winner!

Nobody new what to do until Verne come out and explained that since we had no winner, the AWA North American Title Match was going to be a three-way match where whoever claimed the win, would get the title even if they did not defeat Bret Hart.  Stu Hart came running out and for the first time, we see the two heads of All-Star on different sides.  Stu thinks Verne is setting up his son for failure but Verne sees no other way out.

Later in the show, Bret does an interview with Okerlund where he seems very concerned about the three-way match in Calgary but he is determined not to let his hometown fans in Calgary down!



Trodgard reminds everyone that in the near future, AWA All-Star Wrestling will begin a round robin tournament for all wrestlers under the age of 25 with the winner being crowned the AWA Young Lion of the Year.  Mr. Wrestling II, one of the trainers of some of the young wrestlers, comes out and says he is very excited about this tournament and let’s us know that we are about to see one of the Young Lions in action.

Match:  Keiji Mutoh beats Tom Stone

Mr. Wrestling II stays with Trongard for this match and gives us some background on Mutoh who  he says he found in a Dojo in Japan and was so impressed that he had to bring him back to the States and the AWA.  As for the match, Mutoh does not disappoint.  For someone so young, he has all the moves and seems very poised.  The crowd was amazed at his high flying arsenal and by the end, when he hit what Wrestling II called a Moonsault…. Even Trongard was impressed and couldn’t wait for the Young Lions Tournament to start.  Mr. Wrestling II says he has to relax as many new Young Lions are on their way to the AWA!

Eddie Gilbert, who seems to have no respect for Wrestling II or any of the new young lions comes to the ring and confronts Mutoh.  Mutoh obviously can’t understand him but knows Gilbert means business.  As soon as Gilbert puts his hand on Mutoh….

Rod Trongard:  Oh My God!  What was that.  Mutoh just leaped in the air and scissored the head of Gilbert and then flipped him over and is now sitting on his head.

Wrestling II:  Hahhah… Rod that was the Huracanrana!



Gene Okerlund:  Well fans, with me right now, is the AWA World Champion… Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler:  I think you meant… King Jerry Lawler.  Well, last week the bloated maniac returned from Japan and says I stole his title by paying off the ref.  I mean come on Hulk.  Win like a man and lose like a man.  Then he says that I have to give him his rematch.  I offered him that rematch for three weeks and never once did I hear back from him.

Gene Okerlund:  Come on now Lawler… you know darn well Hogan was in Japan.

Jerry Lawler:  That is not my problem.  If this belt doesn’t mean enough for Hogan to take his rematch when it was offered, he simply doesn’t get one.  Other contenders have worked hard and I will be granting them their title shots first.  Hogan can simply wait in line.

In a rare tv match, Lawler actually puts the belt on the line

MATCH:  AWA TITLE MATCH:  Jerry Lawler defeats Steve O with the Middle Rope Fist Drop

This was not as easy as Lawler would have liked.  In fact, Steve O almost pulled the upset when he hit a Lou Thesz press and got a 2 ½ count.  Part of the reason for this is the crowd was chanting “We want Hulk… We want Hulk,” over and over again and it seemed to unnerve the champ who is used to having the fans in Memphis eating out of his hand.



 The Road Warriors w/ Ellering crush Brian Blair & Tom Zenk with the Doomsday Device on Zenk


MATCH:  Rick Martel & Curt Hennig defeat the Assassins with the Cradle Suplex by Hennig on #1

Both of these matches are pushing these two monster teams on a collision course to be the #1 contenders to the Sheiks (Blackwell & Patera) AWA World Tag Title.  Both teams claim they are next in line for the title shot and how they don’t mind going through the other.  Later in the show, we find out that is exactly what is going to happen as these two teams will face off in Calgary.    


Dynamite Kid is still in the AWA Pacific so Verne uses tonight’s show to find an opponent for Dynamite to defend his title against in Calgary

MATCH:  Steve Regal vs Keith Hart

Another fast paced, light heavyweight match and the crowd here in Canada was completely behind Hart and when Keith worked over the knees of Saito and finished him off with the Figure Four, the crowd was excited for another Hart’s title match in Calgary.  Those in the know, are sure this happened after a closed door argument between Verne and Stu about setting up his son, Bret, in that 3 Way Title Match where Bret must beat both Rude and Konga to keep his title.


MATCH:  Frank Adams defeats the Mongolian Stomper by count-out

The problem here came with Stomper noticed Bad News Allen sitting in the front row.  Trongard said that this was not in violation of his suspension as he was only banned from competing and not attending wrestling events.  Stomper left the ring and went right after Bad News Allen who seemed ready for this attack.  As Stomper headed right into the stands, he and Allen began throwing haymakers.  Since Allen was in essence a “fan,” security by the boat loads rushed in and separated the two.  This is going to get real interesting as Allen’s suspension ends next week!


                                                                                                MATCH:  Jules Strongbow & Wahoo defeat Verlon Biggs and Larry Cheatum

Wahoo is a huge upgrade to this Indian tag team but it will be interesting to see if they can make a dent in this crowded division. 


MATCH:  Brad Rheingans vs Jos Leduc

We find out that Jonathan Boyd, Leduc’s partner was injured last week at the hands of Rheingans so this is all about revenge.  What we get is an all-out brawl that ends in a double count-out.  Trongard wonders what is going to happen this week in Calgary as Rheingans and Greg Gagne were set to face Leduc and Boyd.  Leduc swears that he has a new partner and the Commonwealth Connection will be just fine as Boyd heals.


MATCH:  Dick Murdoch defeats Brian Blair with the Brainbuster

Blair has recently signed with the AWA and was hoping to have some of the same success he has had in other territories but Murdoch might have proved to him to stay out of the singles side of the action as Murdoch was on top for almost the entire match.  Murdoch, one of the toughest in all of wrestling, just went to work and made this a brawl instead of a wrestling match and after a few big right hands he finished off the youngster with a Brainbuster. 


MATCH:  Abdullah the Butcher with Sheik Adnan crushes Tom Birch with the end coming by Big Splash


The Coral:  Calgary:  February 28, 1984

Keiji Mutoh vs Tony Torres

Mongolian Stomper vs Verlon Biggs

Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel

Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans vs Jos Leduc and a mystery partner

Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel

Rick Martel & Curt Hennig vs The Road Warriors with Paul Ellering

AWA LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE:  Dynamite Kid vs Keith Hart

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH:  Rick Rude vs King Konga vs Bret Hart

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Great action here recently......"Macho Man" is really in his element here as the out of control wildman with his mind on the gold......if Bret Hart somehow manages to survive Konga and Rude, Savage will be waiting in the wings to take that North American championship

I love the concept of the Young Lions Tournament....this will be fun to follow and should really elevate the winner.

Jerry Lawler is a great choice for World Champion as he can seamlessly work babyface or heel believably and pull off whatever is needed in each territory

Stomper vs. Bad News is a territory dream match and promises to be a wild brawl!

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The Coral:  Calgary:  February 28, 1984

Keiji Mutoh defeats Tony Torres with moonsault as he wows the crowd in his first house show.


Mongolian Stomper vs Verlon Biggs ends in total chaos as Bad News Allen returned to Calgary for the first time since the riot. This time Allen came as a spectator but he was surrounded by security.  Stomper gained the victory over Biggs with the Sleeper but then he noticed Allen and went on the attack.  It turned out that the security guards were Allen’s own and they beat Stomper down before taking him out in handcuffs. This almost caused another riot in Calgary.


Eddie Gilbert with Precious defeats Mr. Wrestling II as Precious hit II with the loaded purse.  Jimmy Garvin came out and gave a few shots to Wrestling II when all of a sudden Mutoh came out and nailed both members of Hot Stuff Inc. with Super Kicks!


  Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel ended in a Double Count Out


Greg Gagne & Brad Rheingans vs Jos Leduc and a mystery partner:  The mystery partner turned out to be none other than Davey Boy Smith as it seems the Commonwealth Connection has replaced Jonathan Boyd.  As for the match, it looked like the fan favorites were going to pull this one out as Rheingans connected with a Suplex on Leduc.  Somehow Smith made the save but this is when the ref began to loose control as all 4 men where battling it out.  The crowd began to cheer as the Dynamite Kid came rushing down to the ring but to their shock, he clocked Gagne with a chair and the Commonwealth Connection celebrated a victory.  The fans couldn’t believe it as both Davey Boy and Dynamite turned on them in the same match. 


Rick Martel & Curt Hennig vs The Road Warriors with Paul Ellering:  A complete and total war that nearly 25 minutes that finally saw the Road Warriors get the win with the Doomsday Device on Martel.  You could see the disappointment and frustration on Hennig and Martel as the know they had the AWA tag titles in their sights before Curt was injured and now they can’t even get a title shot against the Sheiks. 


AWA LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE:  Dynamite Kid vs Keith Hart:  Hart was going to be the fan favorite here in Calgary but there is no doubt know after Dynamite’s earlier actions.  Hart is doing great until we see Leduc and Davey Boy Smith come down to ringside.  Kid goes absolutely wild with kicks and punches and then finishes off Hart with a Diving Headbut.  The victory was not enough as the new Commonwealth Connection takes a few more shots at Keith Hart before tossing him to the floor.


NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH:  Rick Rude vs King Konga vs Bret Hart:  While the night has not been going really well for the fan favorites, this one can change all of that but the odds are stacked against Bret in this one.  Rude and Konga quickly realize that as long as they don’t tag in Bret, one of them will become the new North American Title.  Rude and Konga are really throwing everything at the kitchen sink after each other but neither can claim the victory.  Bret is looking nervous on the outside as he can’t seem to get into the action. Rude whips Konga into the ropes and as he comes off the Double Clothesline each other and both are down.  Hart rushes into the ring and drags Konga over to his corner.  Hart exits the ring and legally tags himself into the ring and dumps out onto the floor and then puts Rude into the Northern Lights Cloverleaf.  Rude is basically out on his feet and after the ref drops the arm for the third time, Hart is declared the winner!  All is well that ends well!

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All-star wrestling continues to roll. 

Savage makes an impressive official TV debut and serves notice. 

Konga and Rude are rewarded with a shot at the title. Things get tense between Verne and Stu as the three way is announced. 

Mutoh makes a big splash with a solid win and he gets the best of a confrontation with Hot Stuff. Mutoh could really shine in the Young Lions tournament. 

Lawler stirs things up with Hogan and says he's at the back of the title shot line. Lawler has a tough schedule ahead and better stay focused. 

The tag team division is stacked! The Sheiks have a lot of contenders vying for a title shot. 

Stomper and Bad News are heading for an explosive encounter. The time is almost here!

Great card in Calgary. I like this Wrestling 2/Mutoh alliance. They should give Hot Stuff Inc some trouble. Murdoch and Wahoo continue their hard hitting feud with neither man gaining the win. WOW! Dynamite goes heel and aligns with Commonwealth. The birth of the Bulldogs. Road Warriors solidify themselves as number one contenders with a win over Martel and Hennig. Where do Martel and Hennig go from here? Dynamite gets a solid defense over a Hart in Calgary. Bret lets the Calgary fans leave on a high note by winning a hard fought triple threat match. 

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AWA ALL-STAR WRESTLING:  March 3, 1984:  WGN TV:  Milwaukee Auditorium

From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me will be Gene Okerlund. 


We get video tape highlights from the Coral in Calgary of the 3 Way title match between Rick Rude, King Konga and Bret Hart where Bret was able to survive and walk out with his title. 

Match:  Randy Savage destroys Brian Blair with the end coming with Top Rope Elbow Drop 

Savage continues his “savage” attack on Blair after the match and Blair is forced to leave on a stretcher.

Randy Savage:  Oh yeah!  I told you last week that the longer Verne Gagne waits before granting me a title shot at the North American title the more bodies I will hurt.  Look at Brian Blair… He is going to the hospital.  If this is how Verne Gagne wants it… that is fine with me, but I am getting sick and tired of the nonsense.  Oh yeah!  I was talking in the back to someone else who is getting sick and tired of waiting!

All of a sudden, Bad News Allen comes out!


Bad News Allen:  That’s right Savage.  I was the North American Champion until Verne and Stu Hart met in some back room and made me out to be a scapegoat for their failures and they suspended me and stripped me of the title for no reason.  So now I am back, and I just want to hurt people and let’s start with Stu Hart’s son, Bret Hart since they handed him my belt and that freak, the Mongolian Stomper who raised such a baby that daddy has to come to his aid!


Randy Savage:  Oh yeah… How about you two clowns meet us in a tag match in the Rosemont Horizon this week and we settle this like men!

Later in the show, the odd pairing of Bret Hart and the Mongolian Stomper do an interview and accept the challenge. 



Trodgard reminds everyone that in the near future, AWA All-Star Wrestling will begin a round robin tournament for all wrestlers 25 years old and younger and the winner will be crowned the AWA Young Lion of the Year.  Mr. Wrestling II, comes out with a new entrant into the tournament and announces him as Marty Jannety.   

Match:  Marty Jannetty beats Sam Birch

Mr. Wrestling II stays with Trongard for this match and gives us some background on Jannetty   As for the match Jannetty is not as exciting as Mutoh was last week but he is full of energy and charisma and the fans take a liking to the youngster.  The end comes with a very creative move as Jannetty follows up an arm twist and then steps over Birch and puts his leg on the back of his opponent’s head than then slams his head to the ground with the leg acting as a guillotine.  Wrestling II calls it the Showstopper! 

Wrestling II hypes up Jannetty throughout the match but also reminds us about Mutoh who we saw last week and lets how know great the Young Lions Tournament is going to be.

Trongard reminds II that he can’t count Eddie Gilbert out even though they don’t seem to be getting along right now.

Mr. Wrestling II calls Gilbert a punk along with his Hot Stuff partner, Jimmy Garvin.  We also found out that it will be Garvin and Gilbert along with that jezebel Precious against Mr. Wrestling II and Keiji Mutoh this week in the Rosemont Horizon. 



A quick interview with Verne Gagen where we hear a review of Jerry Lawler saying that Hulk Hogan missed his shot at a rematch and how he is going to wrestle more deserving opponents.

Verne Gagne:  Listen up Jerry Lawler… you might be the champ, but you do not decide who you wrestle.  That is my job and on March 24 at the Saddledome, you will put that title on the line against none other than Hulk Hogan and if you don’t like it, leave the title in my office and go find another job

Later, we get one of those Hulk-A-Mania interviews between Gene and Hogan and the excitement is already building for the second ESPN prime time show.



MATCH:   The Road Warriors with Paul Ellering destroy Hutch Thomas & Cal Munson with the Doomsday Device

At the interview desk with Gene, we are informed that the Road Warriors will face the Sheiks for the AWA Tag Tiles on the ESPN Supershow.  Instead of listening to Hawk and Animal scream into the microphone they simply begin with an evil smirk that grows into a laugh as they walk off set.

Gene Okerlund:  I don’t know about you, but the Road Warriors scare me and if I were Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera, I would be preparing for the most brutal match of my life.


MATCH:  The Sheiks (Blackwell & Patera) with Adnan Al Kassie crush Tony Torres & Oakie Smith

Blackwell and Patera destroy the jobbers in their squash match just like the Road Warriors did and Sheik Adnan seems to be just as confident that his team will come out of top of the ESPN Supershow as Ellering was earlier.  

Sheik Adnan Al Kassie:  Hala Gene Okerlund.  Assalum Alaikum.  Insha Allah Masha Allah.  Ahlan Marhaba Wa Sahla.  I paid a lot of money for the best team in the world and these misfits called the Road Warriors have no chance against my Sheiks.


We get a video tape from Denver where we see the heel turn by both Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid as they have sided with Jos Leduc and have joined the Commonwealth Connection.   Prior to tonight’s title match between Dynamite Kid and Bruce Hart we hear from the Commonwealth who have set their sights on the Harts because they are angry with Stu for selling a Canadian company to the greedy Americans.


MATCH:  Dynamite Kid vs Bruce Hart

We see both Leduc and Davey Boy Smith come to the ring with Kid and Trongard is real quick to notice the change in the champs fighting style.  Dynamite is much more physical and is taking a lot of liberties with the rules.  Davey Boy and Leduc also seem to interfere at every turn.  When Bruce is somehow able to turn the tides, Smith and Leduc hit the ring and attack.  While Kid is disqualified for this,Trongard points out how they might just have saved Kid’s title.

The three on one attack is brutal but it only last’s a minute as Keith Hart, Bret Hart, Stu Hart and the newest member of the Hart family, Jim Neidhart, hit the ring.  The Commonwealth saw the numbers go against them so they quickly hightailed it to the locker room.

Stu Hart, the patriarch of the Hart family, takes control of the interview and declares that he is tired of people thinking they can attack his family just because they feel they have some gripe with the new AWA!  He also announces that Neidhart is the newest family member as he has married his daughter and if anyone wants to take on the Hart’s, they better be ready for the Anvil.

Okerlund thinks that Commonwealth seemed to want a piece of the Hart’s and Stu is quick to answer that by announcing this Thursday in the Rosemont Horizon it will be the Commonwealth Connection vs The Hart Foundation of Bruce, Keith and the Anvil!


 MATCH:  Ciclon Negro makes a successful return to the AWA as he defeats Bill Jordon with the Brainbuster

MATCH:  King Konga defeats Troy Graham (unmasked Dream Machine) with the Diving Headbut

MATCH:  Wahoo McDaniel & Jules Strongbow defeat Larry Cheatem & Verlon Biggs

MATCH:  Da Crusher defeats Ali Bey:  We find out that Da Crusher will face Abdullah the Butcher this week in the Rosemont

MATCH:  Abdullah the Butcher with Sheik Adnan crushes Tom Birch with the end coming by Big Splash

MATCH:  Tom Zenk & Steven Regal wrestle to a 10 minute draw


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