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Superstars of the Superstation

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Feb 3rd The Omni in Atlanta Georgia:
Attendance: 6,387

1. Al Perez defeats "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 11:28 with a sleeper hold
2. The Fantastics  ( Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) defeat The Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 14:43 with Rodgers pinning Tapu with a sunset flip of the top rope.
3. The Olympians ( Bob Roop & Iron Sheik) defeat Brad Armstrong & Arn Anderson in 15:33 with Roop pinning Anderson with a shoulder breaker. After the match, Ole Anderson came into the ring to confront Armstrong, when Buzz Sawyer came from behind to attack him. Ole Anderson & Sawyer was eventually joined by Arn Anderson in the assault, until Al Perez, Tito Santana & The Fantastics all came in to chase the Anderson's & Sawyer away.
4. Tito Santana vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer went to a 20 minute draw.
5. Paul Orndorff defeated Lanny Poffo in 12:42 when Orndorff pinned Poffo after a powerslam.
6. NO DQ: The Masked Superstar defeated Ted Dibiase in 24:09 when Angelo Poffo came to ringside and handled The Masked Superstar a piece of steel, in which he loaded into his mask after referee Scrappy McGowen was knocked down after a collision with Ted Dibiase. The Superstar hit Dibiase with 6 headbutts , which cut an already deep cut even bleed more. The Superstar then hit a corkscrew neck breaker and applied a Cobra Clutch to Dibiase, which made Dibiase pass out. 
7. Superstars of the Superstation TV Title Finals: "Mean" Mike Miller defeated Bugsy McGraw via submission in 12:55 when McGraw submitted to Miller's figure 4 leg lock.
8. National Tag Team Title Finals: The Long Riders defeated David Sammartino & Johnny Rich in 18:33 after Bill Irwin pinned Rich with a superplex.
9. National Heavyweight Title Finals: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeated The "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 22:10 after Jake Roberts came to ringside and threw Koloff into the ringpost, when Reed and Referee Nick Patrick were down after a mid ring collison involving all 3 participants. Roberts then rolled Koloff back in ring and Reed climbed the top rope and hit his flying football tackle for the 3 count.

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Feb 4th, James H. Gray Sr. Civic Center, Albany Georgia

1. Norvell Austin defeats Joe Lightfoot in 5:10
2. Chris Markoff defeats Terry Daniels in 9:46
3. Johnny Rich defeats Les Thronton in 11:33
4. The Olympians defeat Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 15:29
5. Arn Anderson defeats Lanny Poffo in 14:52
6. TV Title Match: "Mean" Mike Miller defeats Brad Armstrong in 19:37
7. Jake Roberts DBL DQ with Ivan Koloff in 7:54
8. Tito Santana defeats "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 27:24

Feb 6th, Canton Memorial Civic Center, Canton Ohio

1. Les Thornton defeats "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 9:32
2. Al Perez defeats Sivi Afi in 12:01
3. Bob Roop defeats Chris Markoff in 8:35
4. Brad Armstrong over Iron Sheik in 17:47
5. David Sammartino drew Lanny Poffo in 20 minutes
6. National Heavyweight Title Match: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed (c) no contest Ted Dibiase after the Masked Superstar attacks both wrestlers after 21:17 of action
7. National Tag Title Match: Long Riders (c) defeats Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana in 26:08

Feb 8th, Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling West Virginia

1. Bugsy McGraw defeats Korsita Korchenko via DQ in 8:11
2. Sivi Afi defeats Joe Lightfoot in 10:44
3. The Fantastics defeats The Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 16:33
4. Ole Anderson defeats Norvell Austin in 11:55
5. Paul Orndorff defeats Chris Markoff in 14:26
6. National Tag Title Match: Long Riders (C) DBL DQ The Olympians in 19:37
7. Ivan Koloff defeats Jake Roberts in 24:29
8. Masked Superstar defeats Johnny Rich via blood stoppage in 13:22


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The long awaited Omni card takes place and over 6,000 fans get their money's worth. With the heated feuds and storylines going on, I would expect the Omni to sell out in the upcoming months. 

Orndorff, Al Perez and the Fantastics get good wins. 

Oh man, looks like the Andersons have formed an alliance. Looking forward to that tag team build. 

Santana and Sawyer battle to a draw. I like this match up. 

WOW, that Superstar/Dibiase match was insane! Angelo really helps Superstar put Dibiase down. 

Then we basically get 3 main events as the title tournaments conclude. Mean Mike had some dominating performances and finishes off Bugsy to win the TV title. Sammartino and Rich proved to be a solid team but in the end the Long Riders take home the titles. I was pulling for Reed to win the National Title and he comes through. Jake costs Koloff the match, setting up a heated feud. I'm looking forward to a Reed title reign. 

I remember reading house show results in the magazines so I enjoyed the house show results here. Some matches that stuck out were Armstrong beating Sheik. Superstar attacking both Reed and Dibiase, Long Riders getting a big win over Orndorff and Santana and Jake and Koloff going at it. 

Keep up the good work! 


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Gordon Solie: Welcome from the Peach State of Georgia! We have crowned the National Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team & TV Titles. It was an exciting night at the Omni and lets go to the ring.

Norvell Austin vs. Les Thornton
The match is a scientific affair as the newcomer in Austin is proving that he can wrestle with the great Thornton. It's a back and forth affair when Austin takes the advantage after ducking a whip into the ropes and hitting a flying dropkick. Austin's speed is causing Thornton to lose focus as Thornton looking around in amazement. Austin hits a underhook suplex and backs up and waits for Thornton to rise from the canvas. As soon as he sees his chance, Austin runs towards Thornton and hits him for a flying headbutt for the victory.

Solie: I would like to welcome out the new National Heavyweight Champion in "Hacksaw" Butch Reed.
Reed: Thank you Gordon, as I am proud to be the champion of these beautiful people out here.
Solie: You had a tough go, but you managed to defeat Ivan Koloff after a long and hard fought battle.
Reed: That Koloff sure gave me a tussle, but I taught that Russian Sucker that Hacksaw Butch Reed and America aren't to be messed with! ( crowd cheers)
Gordon: Now I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that Jake Roberts might've helped a bit in the outcome of the match.
Reed: "Snake" Roberts and myself have no partnership together and he was strictly trying to "even up" things with Koloff

commercial break.

Arn Anderson ( with Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer) vs. Joe Lightfoot

Arn Anderson is a lot more aggressive as he immediately goes after the arm of Lightfoot. The crowd starts to chant, "We Want Brad", as Anderson kicks and stomps away at the overmatched Lightfoot. With Ole Anderson yelling instructions and Buzz Sawyer pacing back and forth, Anderson finishes Lightfoot off with the standard Anderson armbar for the submission victory.

Solie: So...
Ole Anderson: Before you even get started Solie, I would like to say that Brad Armstrong was holding Arn back. I let Arn make his own decision and after Armstrong cost them another match, Arn finally saw the light and did what's best for his career. Remember, an Anderson is ALWAYS better then any Armstrong.
Solie: For those who don't know on what is being talked about, here's a VTR from the Omni show on what happened after the match. ( shows Ole & Sawyer attack Brad Armstrong, with Arn joining in)
Arn Anderson: I wanted to sit back and try and let Armstrong ride my coattails, but in the end, he needed to either sink or swim on his own and he choose to sink.

commercial break.

Solie: I would like to say that I didn't expect to see this pair together but here ( coming out to boos) are the Masked Superstar and Angelo Poffo.
Superstar: Solie, things have been conspiring against me lately and I being the intelligent individual that I am, decided that I need someone to look out for my best interests and I couldn't think of anyone better at that then this man right here.
Poffo: That's right Superstar. The days of cheating this man are over! You are looking at the future National Heavyweight Champion right here! Also, this won't be the only man that I will help guide in the near future. Just wait and see on what the "Mizer" has up his sleeve.

Al Perez vs. Mike Sharpe

Perez made a sparkling debut last Omni show and is proving to be no match here for the much slower Sharpe. Perez is in control throughout the contest and has Sharpe in position for his Sleeper Hold. As Perez is about to put Sharpe into the sleeper, The Anderson's & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer hit the ring to cause the DQ. They are pounding on Perez for almost 90 seconds, until Brad Armstrong, Bugsy McGraw and Norvell Austin come in for the save.

commercial break.

The Fantastics vs. The Great Tio & Chief Tapu

The crowd loves the return of the Fantastics to the area after a lengthy absence. Rogers & Fulton work beautiful together, keeping the Samoans off-balanced. The Samoans get the advantage after Fulton set early on a back body drop. Tapu & Tio are in control, using their size to their benefit. After several minutes, Fulton is able to make the hot tag to Tommy Rogers. Rogers has both Samoans on the ropes and with Tio as the legal man, he suplexes Tio in the middle of the ring and climbs to the top rope. He waits for Tio to stand and Rogers dives and gets a sunset flip on Tio. Tapu tries to break things up, but Fulton heads him off as Rogers gets the 3 count.

Solie: Tommy, Bobby, welcome back to Georgia!
Rogers.: Thanks Mr. Solie, it's great to be back on the Superstation! We are here for one thing and it's the National Tag Team Championships held by the Long Riders.
Fulton: Yep Tommy, those Long Riders are big boys, but we think that our speed and desire will be able to defeat them for the belts. (booing from the crowd)

Solie: Wait a minute here, we don't need any trouble at the podium. 
Bill Irwin: Solie, we not going to cause any trouble, we are here to say that these midgets will never take these titles away from "Hog" and myself (pointing his finger in Rogers chest), These boys will never be able to beat men like ourselves.
Rogers: You think that so? Let's find out and get in the ring right now. (from behind, the Masked Superstar & Angelo Poffo attack Fulton as the Long Riders beat down Tommy Rogers)
Solie: We need some help out here and let's go to commercial break.

Solie: Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton got taken to the back to get their injures tended to. It looks like Poffo is controlling the Superstar & the Long Riders career's now. Our next match is in the ring.

Tito Santana vs. Chris Markoff

Santana and Markoff are definitely 2 different types of wrestlers. Markoff gets the early advantage, using his superior size and strength Santana is able to gain control when Tito blocks a suplex and turns it into a hip toss to the mat. Santana controls things with a mix of scientific wrestling and speed, which Markoff is having trouble in keeping up with. The action goes back and forth for several more minutes and the bell rings as Santana hits his flying forearm off the ropes. The match is a draw.

Solie: I would like to bring out before we have to go off the air, Ted Dibiase. Ted, what do you think of the Masked Superstar and Angelo Poffo and what happened to yourself at the Omni?
Dibiase: Gordon, you know that I am not one to shy away from breaking the rules if I can benefit them. I will however, will not jump someone from behind like The Superstar did when I had my match against Butch Reed the other night in Ohio. Remember, whether it's the Anderson's & Sawyer or Poffo and his Long Riders and Masked Superstar, you aren't the only ones that can ban together as a group. Superstar, watch your back as you better have eyes in the back of that Mask of yours going forward.

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Very interesting show.  Austin with the upset win over Thorton.  Les Thorton is a man who seems to get no love in these games even though he was technically very good but I think he had trouble winning over the crowd and was not a great heel.  I am excited about Hacksaw as the national champ but I still think Roberts did more then even out the sides against the Koloffs.  Brad vs Arn would be an awesome match... two of the best in-ring guys I have ever seen.  Dibiase calls out all the heels as he says he is not one to shy away from breaking the rules.  Interested to see which side of the fence he falls on.

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Feb 12th, Cobb County Civic Center, Marietta Georgia

1. Les Thornton over Joe Lightfoot in 8:03
2. The Iron Curtain defeats Bugsy McGraw & David Sammartino in 15:32
3. Bob Roop over Johnny Rich via countout in 12:47
4. Jake Roberts defeat The Iron Sheik in 17:22
5. Brad Armstrong defeats Ole Anderson via DQ in 18:53 in Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer attack Armstrong
6. TV Title Match: "Mean" Mike Miller defeats "Iron" Mike Sharpe via submission in 7:10
7. Ted Dibiase over Lanny Poffo in 13:48

Feb 13th, Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center, Augusta Georgia

1. Bobby Fulton drew Johnny Rich in 20 minutes
2. David Sammartino over Terry Daniels in 11:22
3. Tommy Rogers defeats Sivi Afi in 10:31
4. The Olympians over Al Perez & Lanny Poffo in 18:07
5. Tito Santana fights "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer to a DDQ in 14:55
6. The Masked Superstar defeats Johnny Rich via DQ in 12:33 when Ted Dibiase attacks the Masked Superstar when He had Johnny Rich in the Cobra Clutch
7. National Tag Team Title Match: The Long Riders (c) defeat Brad Armstrong & Bugsy McGraw in 16:12

Feb 14th, Macon Coliseum, Macon Georgia

1.  Terry Daniels over Chris Markoff in 11:15
2.  The Great Tio defeats Joe Lightfoot in 8:27
3.  Jake Roberts DDQ Ivan Koloff in 7:02
4. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer over Al Perez in 16:37
5. Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson defeat Lanny Poffo & Bugsy McGraw in 19:44
6. The Fantastics over The Olympians in 13:52
7. The Masked Superstar & The Long Riders defeat Brad Armstrong, Tito Santana & Jake Roberts in 24:18

Feb 15th, Municipal Auditorium, Columbus Georgia

1. Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley defeat Joe Lightfoot & Les Thornton in 15:31
2. The Iron Sheik defeats Terry Daniels in 9:00
3. Johnny Rich over Korsita Korchenko in 12:48
4. Paul Orndorff over Ole Anderson in 17:22
5. Brad Armstrong & Al Perez DDQ Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer in 15:53 when Ole Anderson charges the ring. 
6. Tito Santana & Jake Roberts defeat The Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 9:47
7. National Tag Title Match: The Long Riders (C) lose via DQ against The Fantastics in 21:38
8. National Heavyweight Title Match: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeat Bob Roop in 14:26

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Good TV show that follows up from the events from the Omni. 

Norvell debuts with a strong win over Thornton, proving he has the tools. 

Loving Reed as National Champ as he looks ready to take on all comers. 

Ole and Buzz are going to defiantly bring out the aggressive side of the young Arn Anderson. 

Superstar and Poffo will be a dangerous combination. 

Al Perez is looking good until the Andersons and Buzz run in for an attack.

Fantastics get a big win over the Samoans and want a crack at the Long Riders. Long Riders think differently and have a confrontation at the podium. Chaos ensues and now Poffo looks to be guiding the Long Riders. Poffo has put together a very menacing stable. 

Tito and Markoff battle to a solid draw. Good TV main event. 

Dibiase has some ominous words for the Superstar and makes hints at getting a group together. 

Another good round on the loop. The newly crowned champs successfully defend their titles. Feuds continue and I can see the money coming in. 


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FEB 16Th, WTBS Studios:

Beginning of program is a VTR from the Civic Center in Augusta Georgia. It's Ted Dibiase attacking the Masked Superstar during his match with Johnny Rich. Dibiase attacks him when Rich is in the Cobra Clutch.

Gordon Solie: Welcome back for another week of the Superstars of the Superstation. I have a man next to me who has been attacked and betrayed by his former partner, Arn Anderson
Brad Armstrong: Well thank you Mr. Solie. I just wanted to come out here and say a few things. One is that I've been getting my cards & letters asking me about my physical condition. Well I am fine, but when I done with everything, Arn Anderson will be the one who needs some medical attention.
Solie: Do you have any plans on combating the odds against you since Arn seems to always have his Uncle Ole and "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer watching his back and taking care of his business?
Armstrong: Yes I do Mr.Solie. Sawyer and Ole Anderson have better watch out as the next time they try anything, they will be in for a big surprise.
Solie: Thank you Brad, now let's go to the ring.

Pat Rose vs. Lanny Poffo 15 minutes

Poffo takes control early as he athleticism is no match for the slower Rose. Rose does catch Poffo with a few forearms and kicks to the stomach, but Poffo is able to counter out of them by taking Rose down with a double leg takedown. Poffo then changes things up by going back to his amateur background and dazzling the audience with his knowledge of scientific wrestling. Poffo goes for several roll ups but van going get a 2 count. Poffo picks Rose up and hits Rose with a vertical suplex and then Poffo climbs the ropes with his back facing Rose and flips over and lands on his opponent. Poffo covers as Referee Patrick counts to 3.

WINNER via pin, Lanny Poffo

Solie: Lanny, that was a decisive victory over a veteran opponent.
Poffo: Well thank you Gordon. I like to try and give the fans their moneys worth when I'm out there.
Solie: Lanny, since I have you here, I would like to ask you about a possible sensitive subject and I would like to find out what you think about your Father, Angelo Poffo, managing then Masked Superstar and the National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders.
Poffo: Well I knew sooner then later, I would be asked about my Father. I don't have the same views about wrestling like he does, as I want to win honorably and  he only cares about winning at any costs. (crowd makes some noise as Angelo Poffo and The Masked Superstar come to the podium)
Angelo Poffo: Lanny, you will never change, which means that you will never be a winner like myself and this man right here. As long as you stay out of my way, you won't get hurt and won't have to go crying back to your Mother about it. ( Masked Superstar laughs)
Superstar: (Pointing to Lanny Poffo) If I was you, I would listen to your Father for once and just stay out of the way.  (Angelo Poffo & The Superstar walk away laughing)
Solie: I'm sorry for that Lanny. I know things have been strained between yourself and your Father and I'm sure that this doesn't make it any easier.
Lanny Poffo: (Lowers his head down and walks away)
Solie: I feel bad for Lanny as he is a good young man and wants to follow the rules of fair play.

commercial break:

World TV Title Match, 1 fall, 15 minutes: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) vs. Terry Daniels

It was Terry Daniels who was defeated by Miller in the first round of the TV Title Tournament. Daniels didn't actually submit, but he did pass out from the pain became too great when Miller had him in his Indian Death lock. Miller starts the match by trying to go after then injured knee of Daniels. Daniels is still favoring his knee and it's been heavily bandaged for support. Miller focuses too much on the leg as the former Marine is able to get the early upper hand by taking Miller to the mat with a headlock takeover. Daniels is in control until Miller makes it to the ropes. Miller rolls to the outside as Scrappy McGowen starts to count. Daniels makes a mistake by getting to close to the ropes and this allows Miller to grab his legs and yank him down to the canvas. Daniels is then pulled to the floor and Miller starts to stomp away at the bandaged knee. Miller tosses Daniels back inside and goes to work on the injured leg. Miller starts with several spinning toe holds, cranking each one harder then the previous. Daniels tries to use his free leg and kick at Miller, but Miller grabs that leg as well and turns Daniels over into a Boston Crab. Daniels is trying to reach the ropes, but can't. Miller is smiling as the pain is starting to get the best of him, but he won't give up. Miller then decides to roll him onto his back and is able to put Daniels in another spinning toe hold and then the Figure 4 Leg lock. McGowen is asking Daniels about giving up and he can't see Miller grabbing the ropes behind him to add extra pressure to the hold. Miller let's go of the ropes and Daniels still won't give up. McGowen checks on Daniels again as he sees that Daniels isn't moving as much. McGowen calls for the bell as it appears once again that he would rather pass out then submit.

WINNER via Referee Stoppage, (c) "Mean" Mike Miller

Solie: Once again, the former Marine showed his toughness and passed out as the pain became too great for him to bear. 
Miller: That punk kid asked for the match and I proved once again that no one can break out of my Indian Death lock or Figure 4 Leg lock. I'm waiting for someone else a bit tougher to challenge me for my belt, but so far, no one will come forward.
Solie: I've heard that "Pistol" Pez Whatley might be throwing his hat into the ring so to speak
Miller: Pez Whatley? I want competition, not someone who I can defeat faster then that punk kid in the ring now.
Solie: Whatley is double tough and you might be eating those words if and when this match happens.


commercial break

Ivan Koloff vs. Shawn Michaels

The newcomer Michaels is no match for the "Russian Bear" as Koloff disposes of the youngster in 25 seconds after a clothesline in the middle of the ring. After the match, Koloff is calling out the name of Jake Roberts saying that he will receive the same treatment as this opponent did.

WINNER via pin fall, "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff

Koloff: Jake Roberts, you are like these people out here as you just like them, have no class. All you want to do is to jump people from behind, instead of facing me face to face. You are a American Coward, just like these people out here. (crowd chants USA, USA)
Solie: Now Mr. Koloff, I understand that you want to face Jake Roberts at the next show at the Omni on March 3rd.
Koloff: Yes I do. I want to show him and these people that Russia is far superior then you Americans.

commercial break.

National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders vs. Ken Timbs and Chick Donovan

The Long Riders attack before the bell and throw Donovan out of the ring. The Long Riders beat up on Timbs until referee Patrick is able to get Bill Irwin to the outside. The Long Riders dominate the action and the as Scott tags in Bill, Bill whips Timbs into the ropes and Bill Irwin backs up and hits Timbs straight in the face with a big boot. Donovan doesn't even attempt to make a save as Patrick counts to 3 as the crowd boos.

WINNER via pin fall, The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders.

Solie: That was quite a show of force by the Champions. ( crowd cheers) Coming out is "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff.
Orndorff: Thank you for having me. I would like to say that I'm ready for any kind of action and will take on all comers. I might go after the National Heavyweight Title or I might Even find a partner and go after those Tag Team belts of the Long Riders.
Solie: Do you have anybody in Mind Mr. Orndorff.
Orndorff: I have a few people in mind, but I would like to keep that close to my vest. ( Orndorff leaves the area)


Solie: I have here a recorded interview from the new AWA Heavyweight Champion, "The King" Jerry Lawler.
Lawler: I have been the "King of Memphis" for a long time now and I can now add that I'm the "King of the AWA" to my long list of accolades I have collected over the years. I will be coming into Georgia on March the 2nd and I will appear on TV as I will be facing a challenger to be named at the March 3rd Omni show in Atlanta. No matter who I face, I will come out on top like I always do.
Solie: It will be interesting to see on who the new AWA Champion will face. Whoever it is, Mr. Lawler will be in for quite the contest.

commercial break:

Solie (boos from the audience) I have with me one "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer.
Sawyer: (Screaming and pacing) Al Perez, you have bit off more then you can chew when you came after the "Mad Dog"! Once I get my hands on you and getting into our fight with Brad Armstrong.
Solie: Al Perez is a talented wrestler and I think that you won't be having such an easy time as you think you will.
Sawyer: (screaming and pacing) Perez is nothing! I will take a bite out of you and you will be going on your way. (laughing) Let me show you on what I mean when I destroy this one in the ring!

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs. Jim Powers

Sawyer paces as he waits for the bell and as soon as it sounds, he lets out a yell and attacks Powers. Powers is way out of his league as He can't even defend himself and the crazy Sawyer. Sawyer is beating the hell out of Powers and Sawyer is yelling and screaming at no one in particular. Sawyer covers Powers several times, but at the count of 2, he picks Powers up by the hair to continue the torture. Referee McGowen warns Sawyer that if he does this aging, he will be disqualified. Sawyer whips Powers into the corner and charges, hitting Powers in the neck with a clothesline. Powers falls to the mat and Sawyer quickly picks Powers up, whips him into the ropes and Sawyer nails Powers with a devastating powerslam, covers the limp Powers and gets the 3 count. After his hand is raised, Sawyer goes back on the attack and throws Powers to the outside. Sawyer jumps out, picks Powers up and hits another powerslam on the concrete floor. Brad Armstrong, Al Perez come out and chases Sawyer away. McGowen goes over to Gordon Solie and reverses the decision and disqualifies Sawyer.

WINNER via DQ, Jim Powers

Armstrong: Sawyer, you and the Andersons need to be stopped and will be stopped. Whether it's me, this man over here ( Al Perez) or someone else, you won't be running rough shot around here anymore.
Perez: Sawyer, I accept your challenge and will face you at the Omni on March the 3rd. Sawyer, it will be you biting off more then you can chew.

commercial break.

The Masked Superstar (with Angelo Poffo) vs. Bugsy McGraw

The Masked Superstar is cautious as McGraw is very unorthodox and McGraw is keeping the Superstar off balance. McGraw slams the Superstar and goes for a body splash, but the Superstar moves and McGraw hits the mat. The Superstar goes to the canvas and starts to choke McGraw as Poffo yells with encouragement. Referee Patrick tries to pull him off of McGraw, but the Superstar elbow Patrick in the ribs. The Superstar realizing this, goes over and makes sure that Patrick is ok and tells him that he didn't mean it. The Superstar starts to work on the neck of McGraw and hits various neck breakers. Superstar applies a chin lock, pulling back hard and putting pressure on McGraw's neck. The Superstar is in control and is pounding away on Bugsy, until McGraw is able to catch the Superstar setting up for a back drop early and kicks the Superstar in the head. McGraw starts a comeback, but that's short lived when McGraw once again misses a body splash. This time the Superstar wastes no time and applies his corkscrew neck breaker not once, but twice. The Superstar hooks the near leg and gets the victory.

WINNER via pin fall, The Masked Superstar

The Masked Superstar: I prove once again that I'm the man to beat and Butch Reed and Ted Dibiase better watch out as I'm coming for you.
Solie: Well, you might think that you have it easy, but I know that...
Angelo Poffo: Solie, I have the upmost confidence in The Masked Superstar that he can defeat both of these men very easily. I also think ( Poffo stops talking)
Gary Hart: Poffo, you have been running your mouth and hiding behind people for years. You have avoided and you leave an area every time I come into a territory. This time, that won't happen and the both of you and the Long Riders and anyone else you can get, will be wishing that they weren't ever associated with you. ( crowd is actually cheering Gary Hart) 
What are you going to do you loud mouth? 
Hart: I'll show you (punches Poffo and knock him down and leaves) (crowd is cheering)
Solie: Well I guessed that you might have to watch your step.
Masked Superstar: (screaming) HART! You won't get away with this! You better watch yourself you bald head geek!

commercial break

"Pistol" Pez Whatley vs. Scott Hall

Hall is an impressive looking fellow, but doesn't have the experience that Whatley has. Hall has the strength advantage and is able to use a few power moves against Whatley. Whatley is whipped into the corner and Hall sets up too early and Whatley hits a sunset flip, but can only get a 2 count. Whatley jumps up and Hall doesn't see where Pez went until it's too late as Whatley runs towards Hall and hits a flying headbutt and gets the 3 count.

WINNER "Pistol" Pez Whatley

Solie: It's been an action packed show again this week. I have a few seconds left. ( Pez Whatley comes to the podium)
Whatley: Gordon, it's great to be alive in 1984! The competition here is as strong as it's as ever been and Miller, you better watch your step as the Pistol man is coming to get you sucka'

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Nice show with some big angles being developed.  I am very interested in Ted Dibiase here.  He is playing a babyface but acting like a heel.  I wonder which side will win out.  Brad Armstrong seems to have found some help in Al Perez but that might not be enough against the likes of Arn, Ole and Sawyer.  Hart vs Poffo is an interesting feud that seems to be underway.  Hart was such an awesome heel manager but Poffo is so evil here.   It will be interesting to see who gets the first push between Hall and Michaels.  Hall was a really good rookie and might be able to handle more but Michaels is hard to keep down.  

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Another good show with a lot of hot angles going on.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Lanny would address his father and tonight he does and so does his father. This will be an interesting story. 

Fun TV title match as Mean Mike once again shows off his ruthlessness and Daniels proves his a tough customer. 

Gotta say I'm pumped up for Pistol Pez challenging for the TV title. 

Ivan Koloff has threatening words for Jake. Will things be settled at the Omni? 

Long Riders get a strong squash but it looks like Orndorff might be finding a partner to take them on. 

AWA World Champ, The King sends a message. Looking forward to finding out who his opponent will be. 

Sawyer is insane! Al Perez has the tools but can he survive the Mad Dog? 

Oh man! Gary Hart getting cheered! Cant wait to see what's up his sleeve.

The next Omni card should be a wild night of action!


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Feb 17th Civic Center, Baltimore Maryland

1. Les Thornton defeats Shawn Michaels in 9:03
2. Joe Lightfoot over Ken Timbs in 12:28
3. Johnny Rich DRAW Iron Sheik after 20 minutes
4. Jake Roberts over Chris Markoff in 14:55. After the match, the rest of the Iron Curtain attacks Roberts until Johnny Rich & David Sammartino make the save
5. Bob Roop defeats Norvell Austin in 11: 48
6. The Fantastics defeat Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 13:29
7. Brad Armstrong DDQ Arn Anderson after Al Perez and Ole Anderson get involved after 6:15
8. National Heavyweight Championship: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over Korsita Korchenko in 11:00
9. The Masked Superstar defeats Tito Santana in 28:44

Feb 19th Ohio Expo Center, Columbus Ohio

1.Scott Hall defeats Joe Lightfoot via submission with a bearhug in 4:21
2. Sivi Afi over Chick Donovan in 6:39
3. Al Perez over Bugsy McGraw in 12:03
4. The Olympians defeat The Iron Curtain in 10:55
5. TV TITLE MATCH: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) over Norvell Austin in 14:20
6. Paul Orndorff over Ole Anderson via DQ when Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer get involved after 16:10. Al Perez & Brad Armstrong make the save
7. Tito Santana defeats Johnny Rich in 12:39
8. Brad Armstrong over Buzz Sawyer via DQ in 18:53
9. National Tag Title Match: The Long Riders (c) defeat Chief Tapu & Great Tio in 7:33
10. Ted Dibiase defeats David Sammartino in 16:41. After the match, The Masked Superstar attacks Ted Dibiase and then David Sammartino joins the attack and hugs the Superstar as they leave the ring.

Feb 20th Convention Center, Cleveland Ohio

1. Chick Donovan over Jim Powers in 6:21
2. The Iron Curtain defeat Shawn Michaels & Ken Timbs in 9:00
3. Bugsy McGraw & Norvell Austin defeat Joe Lightfoot & Les Thornton in 8:32
4. Lanny Poffo defeats Great Tio in 12:53
5. Tito Santana defeats Bob Roop in 15:49
6. Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Buzz Sawyer over Johnny Rich, Al Perez & Brad Armstrong in 24:38
7. Ted Dibiase DDQ The Masked Superstar in 16:25
8. Paul Orndorff over Iron Sheik in 18:48

Feb 21st Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati Ohio

1. Joe Lightfoot over Shawn Michaels in 11:43
2. David Sammartino over Chick Donovan via submission in 7:12
3. TV TITLE MATCH: "Mean" Mike Miller (c) over Johnny Rich in 13:38
4.  Jake Roberts & Paul Orndorff defeat the Iron Curtain in 16:50
5. Ivan Koloff over Bugsy McGraw in 10:33
6. Brad Armstrong defeats Ole Anderson in 20:11
7. The Masked Superstar defeats Pez Whatley in 18:25
8. National Heavyweight Title Match: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeats Arn Anderson in 17:44
9. Tito Santana over Sivi Afi in 6:24


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Feb 23rd, WTBS Studios

Gordon Solie: Welcome back to the Peach State of Georgia! We have another action packed episode, so let's get to the ring.

Brian Adias vs. Chick Donovan 

Adias gets a nice ovation from the crowd as Donovan is heeling it up with the fans. Adias starts the match by out wrestling the more experienced Donovan. Donovan is frustrated and takes a powder to the floor. Donovan gets back in after referee Patrick gets to 6. Donovan sees an opening and kicks Adias a bit low, but not low enough for a disqualification. Donovan rakes the eyes and tries to get Adias off his feet with a go behind. Adias is able to counter and transitions right into a Russian Leg Sweep. Adias goes for the cover and gets the fast win.

WINNER via pin fall, Brian Adias

Solie: (Motioning Adias over) That was a quick win for you Brian. Lets go into your history a bit, shall we?
Adias: Sure thing Mr. Solie. I grew up in Texas and was friends with Kerry Von Erich and he and his family, helped me train and get into the wrestling business. I decided to come here to the World famous WTBS in get some more exposure and experience and fight some of the toughest competition  there is.
Solie: Well you definitely have the skills to make it here after that fast win over a very experienced wrestler in Donovan.
Adias: Thank you Mr. Solie for the kind words. I'm here to prove myself and to wrestle without anyone thinking that I got where I am just because on whom I grew up with.

Commercial break

Solie: With me now is Ted Dibiase. Mr. Dibiase, you recently had a match with David Sammartino in Columbus Ohio when the Masked Superstar decided once again t get involved, but what happened after the match is the most shocking thing.
Dibiase: That's right Gordon. I beat Sammartino fair and square in the middle of the ring and then the Superstar has to stick his nose into my business afterwards. What this tape will show, I didn't expect what happened next. ( VTR shows the Masked Superstar attacking Dibiase and when Sammartino gets up, he looks at the Superstar and decides to join in on the attack after the match. Sammartino and the Superstar leave the ring together).
Dibiase: I knew David's Father and he was/is an honorable man. I had tremendous respect for Bruno and I knew David from coming around the matches when he was younger. Now I don't know what made him decide to join the Superstar and Angelo Poffo. Maybe David knows that he can never reach the success of his Dad and decided to take the easy way out. All I know is that at the Omni on March 3rd, I plan on teaching Sammartino some respect and showing him that it's not all about who you surround yourself around with, it's about your ability as a professional wrestler. Superstar, you will still get yours, but I'm going to first deal with David Sammartino first! ( crowd cheers)
Solie: Thanks for your time Ted and now we have another match in the ring.

"Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff vs. Joe Lightfoot 15 minutes

Koloff attacks Lightfoot before the bell and starts beating him in the corner. Koloff grabs Lightfoot and throws him outside the ring. Koloff follows and sends Lightfoot into the ring post and Lightfoot's back takes all of the force. Koloff sends Lightfoot back into the ring and after several suplexes and body slams, Koloff climbs the top rope and dives knee first into his opposition's chest, taking all his air out of his body. Koloff covers and gets the 3 count.

WINNER via pin fall, "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff

Solie: Well Mr. Koloff, that was certainly impressive.
Koloff: I hope that, that Snake, Jake Roberts was watching. That is just a small piece on what he will get in our match at the Omni on March 3rd. The match is No Disqualification so I can do to him whatever I please. Roberts, you are just like these other Americans out here and as all you do is lie and cheat! (crowd chanting USA, USA)
I think that you are taking Mr. Roberts a bit too easy. I think you are going to be in for a big surprise.
Koloff: Surprise? (laughing) He is the one who will be surprised.

commercial break

National Heavyweight Champion, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. Pat Rose

Reed uses his strength to overpower Rose. After several power moves, Reed hits Rose with a power slam and climbs to the top and waits for Rose to stand. Reed leaps off and hits Rose with his flying football tackle for the 3 count.

WINNER via pin fall, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed

Solie: Butch, you have a National Heavyweight Championship match coming up against "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer on March the 3rd.
Reed: That's right Gordon, I have that crazy Sawyer on the 3rd and if he thinks that he can take away this belt from me, then that sucka' is crazier then he thinks. You have a lot of fools acting up around here. You have Angelo Poffo and that sucka' the Masked Superstar, you have the Andersons and the Russians just to name a few. Well if any of you think that you can take this from me (holding the belt up) then come and get it and you will get the butt whipping of a lifetime!

commercial break

Solie: (boos) At this time, it's Angelo Poffo and the Masked Superstar and David Sammartino. David, I think you owe these fans out here an explanation on your actions last week in Columbus Ohio
Poffo: David doesn't owe any of these slime out here anything! David decided to do what's best for his career and that is to join us in ruling the Superstars of the Superstation.
Masked Superstar: That's correct Angelo. David didn't have a really good example growing up at home in how to become a winner and he came to us hoping that we will show him the way on becoming a champion. 
Solie: (shaking his head) Not having a good example? David's Dad is a former Heavyweight Champion and a fine gentleman to boot.
Poffo: His Dad was a loser! All he cared about was himself and that championship title. He didn't go to any of David's games or his wrestling matches growing up. David practically grew up an orphan and didn't have a father growing up. I told him that I can be the father that he never had and that the Superstar will be his big brother and the Long Riders can be his uncles. He will learn the right way from us and he WILL become a winner!

Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana vs. Ken Timbs & "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Orndorff and Santana take a few minutes in getting their timing down as Timbs and Sharpe take the early advantage. The tide turns when Sharpe charges into the corner and Santana moves out of the way. Tito tags in Orndorff and takes over on both Sharpe and Timbs. Tito comes back into the ring and takes care on Timbs as Orndorff has Sharpe in his sights and after a neck breaker, he sets Sharpe up for a piledriver and covers Sharpe for the easy 3 count.

WINNER via pin fall, Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana

Solie: ( crowd cheers) I have here Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton of the Fantastics. How are you guys feeling after the attack 2 weeks ago from the Long Riders?
Rogers: Well Mr. Solie, we were a little banged up and we took a few weeks off to recover, but we are feelin' fine now and we are targeting them and going after those belts.
Fulton: That's right Tommy. Long Riders, you thought that getting a little beat up would stop us? You boys thought wrong. After you match on the 3rd against Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana, IF you are lucky enough to still have those titles, take a picture as you won't be holding them for too much longer!

commercial break

Solie: I have here Ole & Arn Anderson.
Ole: Before you start Solie, Brad Armstrong will be looking for a new line of work after we get through with him after March the 3rd at the Omni. We will break him apart piece by piece until he ends up in traction at the hospital.
Arn: It doesn't matter if his partner is Al Perez or King Kong, Armstrong, you better have your life insurance paid up as you will need it after we are done with you.

David Sammartino ( with Angelo Poffo) vs. Shawn Michaels

It's a totally different Sammartino as his style has become much rougher. He doesn't give the young Michaels any breathing room and Poffo is barking orders and has a huge smile on his face. Sammartino attacks the back of Michaels and starts to choke his young opponent. Poffo tells Sammartino to finish him and David picks Sammartino up in his Argentine Back breaker and Michaels quickly submits. Sammartino however won't release Michaels and referee Patrick is telling David to break the hold. Sammartino decides to finally drop Michaels and gets his hand raised. Poffo yells something at Sammartino and he picks Michaels up and puts him in the back breaker again. Poffo knocks Patrick down as he encourages Sammartino to break his back. The crowd starts to cheer as Ted Dibiase hits the ring and goes after Sammartino. Dibiase is able to get several shots in, until Sammartino is able to escape.

WINNER via submission, David Sammartino

Gary Hart: ( to Gordon Solie) I told Poffo that he better watch his back as now Teddy Dibiase has someone watching his. I'm here to make sure that Poffo and his band of thieves don't try anything when he gets his hands of Sammartino. Remember, it takes a thief to catch a thief (laughing).

commercial break

Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Scott Hall & Les Thornton

The Andersons isolate Hall by cutting the ring in half and they of course, work on the arm. Hall is able to get free and tags in Thornton. Thornton gets some offense in and takes the younger Anderson to the mat. Ole gets the attention of referee Scrappy McGowen and this allows Arn to poke Thornton in the eyes. Arn sends Thornton into the corner and tags in Ole. Ole works over Thornton and starts to work over the right arm of his opponent. Ole tags Arn back in and as soon as Arn picks Thornton up for a vertical suplex, Brad Armstrong comes to ringside. This distracts Arn long enough to allow Thornton to get up and roll Arn up into a inside cradle. McGowen counts to 3 as Ole trips over the bottom rope and can't make the save. The crowd goes nuts and Armstrong is laughing at Ole & Arn. The Andersons are freaking out in the ring, demanding that they should win by Disqualification. Brad Armstrong laughs all the way to the back as the Andersons are still going crazy in the ring.

commercial break

Solie: What a week here on the Superstation. Next week, we will find out from the AWA on who the AWA Heavyweight Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler will face at the Omni on March the 3rd. Until next week, we hope to see you at the matches.


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Interested to see where the Hart-Dibiase thing ends up.  Dibiase can play the babyface but Gary Hart is a tough sell so I wonder if Dibiase could become the #1 Georgia heel down the road.



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Adias kicks off the show and establishes himself as a fan favorite. 

Dibiase and the fans are shocked at the actions of David Sammartino. I like seeing David as a heel. Original approach and this is what makes fantasy so much fun. 

Koloff has a good showing and strong words for Jake as they get ready to collide at the Omni. 

Love Reed as National champ. He's ready for all comers. His match with Sawyer will be a wild one. 

Poffo and Superstar talk for David which really puts him over more as a heel. His new aggression shows as he almost puts Michaels out permanently. Thank goodness for Dibiase. Very interested in the Dibiase, Hart alliance. 

LOL, Armstrong pulls one over on the Andersons as they slip on a banana peel and drop one to Thornton and Hall. Great TV moment! The Andersons will be looking for some payback. 

Cant wait for the Omni show. 

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Feb 25th, Convention Center, Cleveland Ohio

1. Scott Hall over Joe Lightfoot in 6:17
2. Norvell Austin defeats Jim Powers in 8:04
3. Chris Markoff over Ken Timbs in 6:36
4. The Fantastics defeat Great Tio & Chief Tapu in 11:52
5. Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana defeat Bugsy McGraw & Lanny Poffo in 16:40
6. Jake Roberts DDQ Buzz Sawyer in 17:10
7. TV TITLE: "Mean" Mike Miller over Bob Roop in 13:46
8. National Tag Team Title: The Long Riders (c) over The Iron Curtain in 9:37

Feb 26th, Mara Arena, Dayton Ohio

1. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Ken Timbs in 7:03
2. Terry Daniels defeat Korsita Korchenko in 16:57
3. "Pistol" Pez Whatley over The Iron Sheik in 11:38
4. Bob Roop over Bugsy McGraw in 10:41
5. Ivan Koloff defeat Lanny Poffo in 12:39
6. Brad Armstrong DDQ Ole Anderson in 8:52
7. David Sammartino defeats Al Perez in 14:20
8. National Heavyweight Championship: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over Jake Roberts in 21:48

Feb 27th, Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo Ohio

1. Norvell Austin & "Pistol" Pez Whatley over Joe Lightfoot & Shawn Michaels in 11:28
2. Sivi Afi defeats Jim Powers in 5:21
3. Arn Anderson defeats Les Thornton in 14:49
4. Brian Adias defeats "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 9:05
5. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeat Tito Santana in 23:33
6. Paul Orndorff over The Masked Superstar by DQ in 17: 22
7. TV TITLE: "Mean" Mike Miller over Al Perez in 12:41

Feb 28th, Grand Rapids Civic Center, Grand Rapids Michigan

1. Jim Powers DRAW Shawn Michaels in 15:00
2. Brian Adias over Chick Donovan in 11:37
3. Terry Daniels over Chris Markoff in 12:11
4. Tito Santana DDQ Arn Anderson in 17:20
5. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: The Long Riders (c) Brad Armstrong & Al Perez in 24:41
6. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeats Ole Anderson in 16:33
7. Ted Dibiase & Paul Orndorff DDQ The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino in 31:46
8. Jake Roberts over "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 18:40

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Another great loop. I love all these different match ups. Reed, Long Riders and Mean Mike continue to take on a variety of challengers. Looks like Jake finally got that satisfying win over Koloff. Like the teaming of Norvell and Pez. Adias is picking up some momentum. Liked that Dibiase/Orndorff-Superstar/Sammartino match. 

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March 2nd, WTBS Studios:

Gordon Solie: Welcome back to the Peach state of Georgia! I would like to bring out Lanny Poffo, as he has a match today against the AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler. 
Lanny Poffo: ( crowd cheers) Thank you Gordon. I have a great opportunity today by wrestling the World Champ and to show the fine folks out here the type of competitor that I am.
Solie: Well Lanny, Mr. Lawler has a match tomorrow night against The Masked Superstar for the Heavyweight Championship. How do you feel about that, especially that your Father, Angelo, is the current manager for the Masked Superstar?
Poffo: At this point, all I can do is to worry about myself and not what my Father is doing and who's he's managing. I've told him before that it's not just about winning, it's about how you get there. I refuse to stoop down and do the things that he does to win a match. (crowd cheers)
Solie: Lanny, good luck today and show these fans on what you can do.

The Olympians vs. Great Tio & Chief Tapu ( with Sivi Afi) , 15 minutes

It's Roop and Tio starting out and after several minutes of some back and forth action, Roop is able to take Tio down to the canvas and use some of his amateur experience against the Samoan. Roop tags in The Iron Sheik and he continues to work on the arm of Tio. Tio rakes the eyes of the Sheik and makes a tag to Chief Tapu. Tapu's advantage is only temporary as the Sheik takes Tapu down with a side suplex. Sheik makes the tag and Roop goes after the arm of Tapu. Roop wares down his opponent and scoops him up and hits a shoulder breaker. He tags the Sheik back in and he turns Tapu onto his stomach and sits down to apply the Camel Clutch. Roop cuts Tio off and knocks him to the outside as Tapu gives up to referee McGowen.

WINNER via Submission, The Olympians

commercial break.

Scott Hall vs. Ken Timbs, 15 minutes

Hall starts out by using his strength to just overpower Timbs. Hall's offense is basically body slams and back breakers. Timbs catches Hall setting up a body drop early with a boot to the chest. Timbs tries to wear down Hall, but Hall is simply too strong for Timbs. Hall catches Timbs napping as Timbs tries to suplex Hall. Hall turns Timbs' failed suplex into one of his own. Hall whips Timbs into the corner very hard and Hall catches him into a bearhug. Timbs has no choice but to submit.

WINNER via Submission, Scott Hall

Solie: I have here with me Sivi Afi. I hear that you asked for a few minutes.
Avi: Yes I did and I can't wait to unleash this monster and destroy everyone in sight. (coming into view) This is my new man and his name is Yokozuna. He was a former Sumo Champion and he is impossible to move.
Solie: He sure is a massive individual.
Avi: At weight over 625 lbs. he is the biggest wrestler in the world. How is one man going to get him off of his feet? I don't even think two men can take him down. This poor man in the ring is going to find out what destruction is. (Avi & Yokozuna head to the ring)

Yokozuna (with Sivi Afi) vs Joe Lightfoot 15 minutes

The bell sounds and Yokozuna charges Lightfoot and they both crash into the corner. Lightfoot falls down like a pancake as Yokozuna takes 3 steps back and jumps into the air for a leg drop onto Lightfoot's neck. Afi yells over to Yokozuna to do it again and this time Yokozuna bounces off the far ropes to get more momentum and crashes once again onto the neck of his fallen opponent. Yokozuna rolls over onto Lightfoot and referee Patrick could count to 1,000 and Lightfoot wouldn't be able to kick out.

WINNER via Pin Fall, Yokozuna

commercial break.

Solie: (crowd is cheering) I'd like to bring out the young man from Marietta Georgia, Brad Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong, you appeared to pull a fast one on the Andersons last week and causing them to lose the match.
Armstrong: (laughing) That's correct and it sure felt good. They have been interfering in my matches all over the country and I felt that last week on National TV would be the perfect time to get them back just a little bit.
Solie: Well Brad, Tomorrow night at the Omni, you and your partner, Al Perez have the Andersons in a tag team match.
Armstrong: That's right Mr. Solie, I have Al in my corner and we are going to get some more revenge against the Andersons. Arn, I'm REALLY looking forward to get you face to face and not in a 2 or 3 on 1 situation. (crowd cheers)

The Fantastics vs Pat Rose & Chick Donovan 15 minutes

The Fantastics are back in action and it's Fulton and Rose to start things off. The Fantastics are clicking on all cylinders making smooth tags and keeping each other fresh. After several minutes on high flying action. It's Rogers who comes off the ropes with a sunset flip to get the 3 count on Rose.

WINNER via Pin Fall, The Fantastics

Solie: Joining me at this time is the current AWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The King" Jerry Lawler. Welcome Mr. Lawler.
Lawler: Call me Jerry, Gordon. It's great to be on the Superstation, where millions of fans can see me wrestle live on TV. I travel a lot and I rarely get to wrestle on TV, so it should be a treat for the fans and myself included.
Solie: Tomorrow night, you defend that title against the Masked Superstar, who I'm sure will have his manager Angelo Poffo in his corner.
Lawler: I have known Angelo Poffo for many years and he is the definition of a piece of slime. (crowd cheers) He likes to get his grubby little hands on someone and to take as much money from them as possible. When I get.... (crowd starts to boo)
Angelo Poffo: Listen here Lawler, it's you who likes to take things from people that you don't deserve. Look at the title next to you, you don't deserve that title, but this time, it's myself and The Masked Superstar who are going to be doing the taking.
Lawler: Poffo, If I was you, I would go back into the hole you crawled out from and hope that you don't poke you ugly mug into my match tomorrow night, if you know what's good for you.

commercial break

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs Jim Powers 15 minutes

Sawyer is a crazy man here throwing the young rookie around like a rag doll. Sawyer violently hits Powers in the head with a forearm smash that makes Powers eyes almost roll back into his head. Sawyer is just toying with his opponent and decides to finally end the match by whipping Powers into the ropes and nails him with his twisting power slam. Scrappy McGowen counts to 3, which puts Powers out of his misery.

WINNER by Pin Fall, "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer

Solie: (telling Sawyer) We don't want any trouble here. I have the National Heavyweight Champion, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. Butch, you certainly have your hands full tomorrow night against Mr. Sawyer.
Reed: Gordon, that sucka' that was just in the ring thinks that all he has to do is to act all crazy, thinking that I will just hand him over his championship. He will have to go through this 265 lbs of the Hacksaw himself to get this belt from me.
Solie: Anytime that you have Buzz Sawyer, you will usually find Ole & Arn Anderson close by.
Reed: If "Pig face" Ole Anderson and his little puppy dog try to get involved in my match, they will be in for a surprise. I know that these 3 thieves think that they can just do what they want, but I have people watching my back as well. They might want to just stay away for the safety of their own health.
Solie: Thank you Butch. Let's go back to the ring.

TV Title Match,  (c) "Mean" Mike Miller vs. Johnny Rich 15 minutes

Miller has been on a hot streak, beating everyone in sight. Rich gets the early advantage when Miller goes for a leg dive, but Rich jumps down on Miller, and puts him in a front face lock. Rich is working on Miller's neck and after several minutes, Miller gets to the ropes to break the hold. Ever the opportunist, Miller grabs the leg of Rich as he's backing away from the ropes. Miller hits Rich with an elbow to the knee cap, causing Rich to hobble. Miller stands up and kicks at the knee of Rich, which makes him fall to the mat. Miller starts to work on the left knee of Rich applying various leg locks and knee bars, which causes Rich to squirm and try to find a way out of it. Just as Rich thinks he's made it to the ropes, Miller pulls him back and delivers several knees to the left leg of Rich. 

commercial break

Miller still has Rich on the mat and is aggressively working on the now injured knee of his opposition. Miller stands up with the injured leg in his hands and starts to apply a spinning toe hold to further injure the knee. Rich is starting to try and turn over onto his stomach to reduce the pressure of the hold, but he can't as Miller starts to tighten the toe hold even more. Miller after about 4 minutes worth of spinning toe holds, he puts Rich into a figure 4 leg lock. Miller leans back to apply more pressure as Nick Patrick asks Rich if he would like to submit. Seeing that Rich won't give up, he releases the hold and grabs the injured leg once again. However, Rich is able to grab Miller and put him in an inside cradle for a 2 count. All this does is make Miller angry and he stomps away at the injured knee. This time he starts to twist the leg and stands over him and sets him up for the Indian Deathlock. Rich is screaming in pain and after 45 seconds or so, he decides to fight another day and tells Patrick that he gives up.

WINNER via Submission and still TV Champion, "Mean" Mike Miller.

Solie: That was another strong display Mr. Miller if I do say so myself.
Miller: (pointing to the ring) Johnny Rich thought that he could take THIS (holding up his title) from me. Well all he received for his trouble was an injured leg. Look at him now, he needs to be helped from the ring because he can't walk on his own. (crowd starts to boo)
Solie: You sir, have a tough match tomorrow night, defending your title against "Pistol" Pez Whatley
Miller: I'm certainly not worried about Pez Whatley. He isn't a serious threat to my title and it will be a breeze to go through him.

commercial break

Solie: (crowd cheering) This man coming out has a match against a changed man in David Sammartino. Ted, welcome to the studio.
Dibiase: Thanks Gordon. You know, a lot of people have been skeptical saying that a leopard can't change it's spots. This leopard here isn't changing it's spots, I'm just going about things in a different manner.
Solie: It seems to me a people are starting to join together, trying to get an advantage over their opponent
Dibiase: You almost have to as you have people like the Andersons, Buzz Sawyer, The Long Riders and now, David Sammartino. I never thought in a million years that he would changes his ways like he did, but sometimes the weak minded can be influenced by the promises of a snake like Angelo Poffo and I myself, have banded together with Gary Hart, who promises to take care of Poffo if he tries to get involved. One thing I like to say is the Superstar, I haven't forgot about you one bit. You better have eyes in the back of that mask as you are going to need them.
Solie: Thank you for your comments Mr. Dibiase and lets go to the ring.

Non Title Match: AWA Heavyweight Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Lanny Poffo 15 minutes

Lawler hands his belt over to referee Scrappy McGowen and as the bell rings, Lawler and Poffo shake hands. The start of the match is a feeling out process as Poffo is trying to use his quickness to take Lawler to the mat. Lawler and Poffo lock up and Lawler takes Poffo to the canvas with a side headlock. Poffo is able to flip Lawler on his back for a brief second several times as Lawler keeps control on the mat. Lawler is in control for the majority of the match and a shadow walks into view as it's Angelo Poffo standing at ringside with the Masked Superstar. Lawler sees them and yells at them to leave the area as Lawler continues to apply the side headlock. Lawler gets distracted by Angelo Poffo and this allows Lanny Poffo to get a 2 count on the world champion. Both men are on their feet as Lanny Poffo hits Lawler with a dropkick and then a knee drop on the chest. Lanny sees his dad at ringside and tells him that he doesn't want his help. The Masked Superstar yells back at Lanny, telling him to go to work on Lawler. Lanny seeing Lawler still on the mat. takes several steps back and charges towards the fallen Lawler and does a flip in the air and lands back first on the chest of Lawler. Poffo goes for the cover, but only get a 2 count. Angelo Poffo gets closer to the ring and referee McGowen tells Angelo to get away. During this time, Lawler has rolled over towards the ropes and the Masked Superstar starts to walk towards Lawler. Lanny Poffo catches this and yells at the Superstar to go get away from Lawler and that he doesn't want his help. McGowen hearing the commotion, turns around and orders the Superstar to back up. Lawler seeing Lanny Poffo's back turned runs toward Poffo and jumps up and hits Poffo in the back with a knee. Poffo crashes into the ropes and falls towards the middle of the ring. Lawler sees a chance and climbs to the middle rope and jumps down with his diving fist drop to the head of Lanny Poffo. Lawler picks Lanny up for his piledriver and comes crashing to the canvas. Lawler goes for the cover and gets the 3 count for the victory. A disgusted Angelo Poffo and the Masked Superstar start to walk to the back as Angelo is yelling towards the ring at Lanny that he is a loser.

WINNER by Pin Fall, AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler

Solie: Just when you think things couldn't get any more competitive, you have the action that we had on this weeks show. "Mean" Mike Miller defended his TV Title against a game Johnny Rich, but he can't take "Pistol" Pez Whatley lightly.  Buzz Sawyer was dominant heading into his match for the National Heavyweight title against "Hacksaw" Butch Reed and we had the incredible debut of the giant named Yokozuna, managed by Sivi Afi. Finally we had an outstanding TV match between Lanny Poffo and the AWA Heavyweight Champion, Jerry Lawler. Here is Freddie Miller with a rundown of tomorrow night's card at the Omni.

TV Title Match: "Mean" Mike Miller vs. "Pistol" Pez Whatley
National Tag Team Titles: (c) The Long Riders ( with Angelo Poffo) vs. Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana
National Heavyweight Championship: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer
Grudge Match: Brad Armstrong & Al Perez vs. Ole & Arn Anderson
NO DQ: Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff
Ted Dibiase vs. David Sammartino ( with Angelo Poffo)
AWA World Title Match: (c) Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. The Masked Superstar ( with Angelo Poffo)
Plus several other matches



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Really fun show here.

I enjoyed the debut of Yokozuna and at 625 pounds, he is going to be a force. You did well in the draft to get a few big names thatcan make an impact quickly and Yokozuna and Hall showed that tonight.

Reed vs Sawyer will be WILD!

Poffo vs Poffo... How long will that stay peaceful or could it be a set up.  We will have to wait and see.

Brad & Ole... two awesome guys who can do it all from wrestling to giving a great promo!  Should be fun.

Dibiase explains his new style and lets see if it can push him to the top!

Looking forward to the OMNI

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1 hour ago, kevinmcfl said:

Really fun show here.

I enjoyed the debut of Yokozuna and at 625 pounds, he is going to be a force. You did well in the draft to get a few big names thatcan make an impact quickly and Yokozuna and Hall showed that tonight.

Reed vs Sawyer will be WILD!

Poffo vs Poffo... How long will that stay peaceful or could it be a set up.  We will have to wait and see.

Brad & Ole... two awesome guys who can do it all from wrestling to giving a great promo!  Should be fun.

Dibiase explains his new style and lets see if it can push him to the top!

Looking forward to the OMNI

I'll have the Omni show up on Monday with the rest of the house shows for the week.

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Solid card....Reed vs. Sawyer should be epic and Lawler vs. Superstar is a great championship match.

Is this Yokozuna the same one from '92...Kokina?  If so he was barely 300lbs in 1984...quite a stretch from over 600lbs.  I mean I get it creative license and all....just checking to make sure I'm picturing the right guy. 


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1 hour ago, GeneJackson95 said:

Solid card....Reed vs. Sawyer should be epic and Lawler vs. Superstar is a great championship match.

Is this Yokozuna the same one from '92...Kokina?  If so he was barely 300lbs in 1984...quite a stretch from over 600lbs.  I mean I get it creative license and all....just checking to make sure I'm picturing the right guy. 


Same fella. They say TV puts on you around 300lbs. or so. :)

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