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I've gotten a little behind here so let's back up to last week in Louisville:

The CEOs hold the RPMs to a draw which is impressive considering what the RPMs have done here recently

I was pulling for the Vin Man but he came up short, he may need to learn a few tricks from the Rich Cousins

The Grapplers get a win over the Lone Stars but I'm betting this isn't over between them

"Champagne" Morrow grows on more and more each week, I find myself rooting for him to continue up the ladder here in the USWA

Heck of a six man tag match.....hope we see these guys go at it again soon!

Nice win for Dr. Dream, but I'm sure Pork Chop will be looking for another shot after what happened

Great main event and the feud continues....can't wait to see this one in a cage at some point!



The match was everything you could hope it would be and now Lawler has gained some revenge on the Funker despite losing the actual match and being injured himself....can't wait to see how this plays out


This week's TV:

Jerry Jarrett makes the only decision he can in this situation......Can you imagine what kind of champagne celebration will take place of Morrow wins the title...especially via forfeit??

The Morgan/Kai combo is coming along nicely.....I see gold in his future sooner or later.

The Lone Stars try to cash in on the bounty on Carlos Colon but get c-blocked by The Grapplers.....I knew they weren't done with each other....despite the impending match with the Warriors!

Great Beauty Shop with the Red Dragons.....these guys might just be the guys to knock off the Karachi Vice if given the chance.

I love the Dr. Dream Machine promos....I can hear him saying every word of it!

"True Gritt" continues his winning ways against the Elite!

Great main event! The Sweet Ebony Express came close to taking the gold!

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Awesome TV week!

I thought my Sweet Ebony had the the belts won!  Still rooting for them.

The Beauty Shop never disappoints!

Only in the USWA does Gerry Morrow become must watch TV

Lone Stars/Grapplers is a great feud.  Awesome way to push it along with the bounty hunt!

I never say the Dream Machine in real life but he is one of my favorites here. 



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USWA TV @ The Knoxville Civic Center 10-16-85


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. Tremendous show lined up as you will see Timothy Flowers go one on one with Sunny War Cloud. In a battle of fan favorites, Siva Afi squares off against Duke Myers. The team of Matt Borne and Rip Oliver will be in tag team action. Also in action will be DJ Peterson, the RPMs, Scott Doring, Ben Bassarab and the Central States 6 man champs The Elite. Last week Bob Roop challenged Ripper Morgan to a match, I understand that match will take place tomorrow night in Jackson. Now we all heard Jerry Jarrett say that Jerry Lawler must defend the USWA title against Gerry Morrow in Kentucky next week. Let's hear from Jerry Lawler, who's at home resting his neck injury. 

Lawler is standing in front of his house wearing jeans and a T-Shirt along with a neck brace and the USWA title on his shoulder.  

Lawler: I know people thought I was out of my mind for fighting Terry Funk in a non sanctioned match but that was something I had to do. I didn't come out on top and my neck suffered for it. I'm a man of my word and Funk will get his shot and pick the stipulation. But let me tell you something Terry Funk, I don't care what stipulation you choose because you saw what I am capable of and when we go at it again, rest assured I'm going to finish you off for good! I hope your sitting in that hospital bed thinking of me and how I put you there. You did this to my neck and brother I almost took your eye! This wont be over until one of us is gone and I plan on staying around a very long time. Now as far as me having to defend my title against Gerry Morrow next week, well I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a fighting champ and Gerry Morrow you better be ready because I plan on walking out of there with this title! And then Terry Funk, we finish this once and for all! 

Lance: Ok, the King is ready. As for Terry Funk, he is still in the hospital recovering from that brutal eye injury suffered at the Empty Arena Match. I hope we never see a match like that again. I don't think either man will ever be the same. Fans, let's get to the ring. 


The Rock n Roll RPMs vs. Sam Smith and Carl Kellerman 


RPMs get the fans going with their high impact offense, quick tags and cohesive teamwork. RPMs finish things off with the Spandex Splits (powerbomb/neckbreaker combo)! RPMs are pumped up tonight as they head to the podium. 

RPMs cut a promo on the CEOs and say they've ran other teams out of town and they plan on doing the same to them! 


Commercial Break 


Sunny War Cloud vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers


These guys battled to a double c.o. two weeks ago and kept on fighting. 

The bell rings and they go right into a furious exchange. Sunny gets the upper hand and chops away on Flowers. Flowers is against the ropes and a big chop from Sunny sends him over and onto the ground. The fans cheer as Sunny does a war dance while Flowers is throwing a tantrum on the outside. Flowers is yelling up at Sunny. Sunny goes out after him. Flowers grabs a chair and nails Sunny over the head! The Ref signals for the DQ. Flowers tosses the chair and starts stomping on Sunny then abruptly stops. Flowers has a huge grin as he walks over to the table and picks up Sunny's Headdress. Thundering  boos as Flowers puts the Headdress on and starts doing a mock war dance. 

Lance: What a despicable act. We're going to a commercial. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Sunny War Cloud was helped out of here and Timothy Flowers walked out with Sunny's Headdress. Just disgusting behavior from Timothy Flowers. Let's go back to the ring. 


"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab vs. Clinton Stitch 

Bassarab is on his game tonight as he works Stitch over with hip tosses, dropkicks and arm drags. There's a buzz from the fans as Les Thornton circles the ring scouting the match. Bassarab slams Stitch then goes to the top rope and crashes down with a flying leg drop for the win! Thornton nods in approval then heads to the back. 

Lance: The wins keep on coming for Ben Bassarab. Ben, come on over. Last week we saw Thornton scouting Porkchop Cash and now this week it's you. Any idea what that's all about?

Ben: Haven't got a clue but if he's scouting potential TV title challengers then I would like to say I'm more than up for the task. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: On the topic of...what's going on? Fans, we have a situation going on in the hallway of the arena, our cameras are going to the back.

They go back to the hallway and Tommy and Johnny Rich are attacking Rip Oliver and Matt Borne! Borne is down in a puddle of blood. Tommy slams Oliver's head into the wall then picks him up and holds him as Johnny takes a trashcan and slams it over Oliver's head! Officials rush in there but the damage has been done. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Shocking development as the Rich's have just attacked Matt Borne and Rip Oliver in the hallway. Both Borne and Oliver were unconscious...

The Rich's storm out. 

Johnny: We told you all the Rich's were coming for blood and brother we just got it! 

Tommy: HAHAHAHA! Did somebody say something about fired up!  You see what happens when you mess with the Rich's! If Borne and Oliver want more,  well come on! 

Rich's hug before leaving.

Lance: I don't know what's gotten in to those two. I hope to have an update on the conditions of Borne and Oliver soon. Well, back to the ring. My goodness. 


"The Wrecking Ball" DJ Peterson vs. Curtis Moore 

Before DJ even comes out, MOOSE MOROWSKI hits the ring and beats up Moore then hurls him through the ropes! The fans cheer as DJ hits the ring and unloads on Morowski. DJ punches Morowski through the ropes. DJ pumps his fists as the fans roar. 

Lance: I have no idea what that was all about. Ok, here comes Moose.

Morowski: I said I was here for the big payday and I was robbed of that last week! I had to take out my frustrations on somebody. That punk Peterson wants to interfere in my business fine by me! Listen up boy, we can settle this tomorrow night in Jackson! 

Morowski storms off.

Lance: A very angry Moose. Well speaking of Jackson, tomorrow night we will get the long awaited rematch between the Grapplers and Road Warriors. The Grapplers aren't here tonight but sent in this video. 


Grappler 1: Oh it's been a long long wait and that wait has been well worth it because we've spent that time thinking about destroying the Road Warriors! 

Grappler 2: We guarantee that after the beating we give them, those paint faced freaks will never show their faces here ever again!  


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink neon "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.


Britton: Hi everyone and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling the Beauty Shop. What a treat I have tonight. Please welcome out the next USWA Champion Champagne Gerry Morrow.


Boos as Morrow strolls out wearing a suit and fedora hat. He's also carrying out a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Morrow: ( grabs Brenda's hand and kisses it) Ah Brenda, this is such a nice change of scenery. It's so nice to be in the presence of class. 

Britton: Oh my what a gentleman. You're exactly what the USWA title needs...class. 

Morrow: Thank you very much and I couldn't agree with you more. Jerry Lawler has been playing games and now things are going to get very real. Next week I'm going to win the USWA title from him. It's a shame it has to be in a place like Kentucky but never the less that wont stop me from accomplishing my goal. Now, Brenda as you can see I have a bottle of champagne with two glasses. Would you like to partake in a toast with me? 

Britton: I would be honored. After all, I'm not some square like Lance Russell. 

Morrow hands Brenda a glass then fills up both glasses.

Britton: May I give the toast? Pretty please! 

Morrow: (Smiles) Of course.

Britton: To the new USWA Champion, the ever so classy and suave Mr. Champagne Gerry Morrow.

They raise their classes and drink. 

Morrow: AHHHHHHH very good.

Britton: Well this has been an absolute pleasure. I can't wait to have you on here wearing the USWA title. Until next week tooooodles. 


Commercial Break   


The Rolling Stones song "Gimmie Shelter" plays as the words WRESTLESTORM 2 appear on screen. Saturday night, December 5th from the Mid South Coliseum and broadcasted throughout the USWA arenas on closed circuit TV. The biggest event of the year...WrestleStorm 2. 



Central States 6 Man Champs The Elite w/ Arnold Skaaland vs. Gary Williams, Todd Rooney and Roy Glader 

The Elite enter the ring wearing matching 70's style Track suits, with their titles around their waists. 

Elite seem more aggressive tonight as they lay into their opponents. Sammartino hits a backbreaker then tags in Hart, who executes a snap suplex then tags in Gagne. Gagne picks up his opponent, swings him to the ropes and connects with a high dropkick for the win. Skaaland leads his men to the podium. 

Skaaland shines each man's belt up with his towel.

Lance: How about we talk about Mike George. (Smiling) Since his comeback, he's scored victories over David Sammartino and Bruce Hart.

Skaaland: Oh laugh it up Lance. The fact of the matter is that big goof got lucky. Tell him Greg.

Gagne: Extremely lucky. Listen up Mike Georgie, let's you and I have a match in Jackson tomorrow night and I'm going to prove that lighting wont strike three times. 

Hart: Tell him Greg! 

Sammartino: You're in big trouble Georgie! 

Skaaland: The Great Greg Gagne is going to embarrass that washed up loser! 

The Elite hold their titles up and smile as the fans boo.   


Commercial Break 


"The Surge" Scott Doring vs. Vic Dutro 

The bell rings and Doring puts Vic down with a vicious clothesline. Doring picks up Vic, swings him to the ropes and hits a heavy duty powerslam for the win! 

Lance: WOW! Scott Doring picks up another victory in record time. He's scheduled for an interview.

Doring walks towards the podium then just turns around and walks away. 

Lance: Well it appears that Mr. Doring is a man of few words. We'll... ok here comes Les Thornton along with the TV champ Tony St. Clair. Ok, your man is set to defend the TV title next week against Corporal Kirchner. 

Les: Corporal? You know there's a reason he's never risen in the ranks and it's because he's an underachiever. The man has no business being in the ring with simply the best. He's going to be severely outclassed and embarrassed. All of you spoiled Americans are going to be nothing but disappointed. 

Tony: Once again I concur with everything Les has said. I've held this title for 6 months and I will not lose to an inferior opponent such as this Corporal. 

Lance: Ok, switching gears, Les Thornton, why are you out here scouting matches?

Les: Lance, you will get your answer in due time. Good day.  

Lance: Alright well, our main event when we come back.


Commercial Break 


"The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi vs. Duke Myers 


The bell rings and both men shake hands. Back and forth clean wrestling for the first few minutes. Duke swings Siva to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Siva leapfrogs over, swings off the ropes and puts Duke down with a dropkick. Duke rises but Siva scoop slams him down and follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Siva swings Duke to the ropes and back drops him. Duke staggers up as Siva swings off the ropes and hits a flying press 1..2..Kick Out. Siva swings Duke into the corner and charges in but Duke moves and Siva hits hard into the turnbuckles. 

Duke regroups, grabs Siva and hip tosses him over then follows with a neck snap. Duke picks up Siva and drops him with a jaw breaker 1..2..Siva barley gets his shoulder up. Duke picks up Siva and body slams him then hops up on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick out. Duke picks up Siva, swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Siva swings back and hits a flying headbutt. Both men are down and reeling. Both men stagger up. Duke nails Siva with a hard right fist that puts Siva against the ropes. Duke charges at Siva but Siva back drops Duke over the top rope. Duke's arm hits the apron on the way down. Duke is on the outside holding his arm. 

Lance: It appears that Duke Myers injured his arm on the way down. He looks to be in bad shape. 

The Ref looks down and asks Duke if he can continue. Duke grimaces and nods. Siva wants to stop the match. Duke slowly gets into the ring, holding his arm and grimacing in pain. Siva goes over and ends it quickly with a cradle 1..2..3! 

Siva and the Ref help Duke up and help him out. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: What a shame for Duke Myers. I hope he's ok. Well fans next week you will see Tony St. Clair defend the TV title against Corporal Kirchner. I hope to have an update on Matt Borne and Rip Oliver. You will...

There's a huge eruption from the fans as the Road Warriors storm the podium!!!! Lance is in a nervous shock.


Animal: We might be suspended from TV in Mid Atlantic but that doesn't mean we can't show up here! Because Hawk and I, we do what we want! If we want to show up and wreck your studio again...or beat you down, Lance Russell, who's going to stop us?!?!

Lance seems genuinely fearful.

Animal: But you don't gotta worry, Lance, because we're focused right on those two masked goofs, the Grapplers! They want us again? Well, be careful what you wish for, boys, because we're coming to Jackson for your heads. Tell em, Hawk! 

Hawk: WELL...the Grapplers SURE are popular here, ain't they? Here's a tip for all you people who might want to send them fan mail. Just send it directly to the hospital...maybe they can even share a room with Steve O! We don't back down for a fight. You want it? You got it. And in Jackson, we're going to make the Mississippi River run red with your blood! OHHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH! 





















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Great interview with Lawler!  Lawler vs Funk has been one of the best feuds in the nearly 2 years of this game.

Poor Sunny War Cloud.  First the chair shot and then his headdress is stolen!  He will be looking for revenge!

Rock n Roll RPM's are doing a nice job here of getting the people involved.  Will be interesting to see how far you go with them.

Wonder what Thorton is really doing at ringside?

Johnny and Wildfire amp up the heat on Oliver and Borne.  Love the hallway violence.

Great way to get Moose some attention and also giving DJ a way to build his status if he can go over the big fellow!

Awesome Beauty Shop!  I wonder how a black man kissing the hand of Britton would have gone over in the South in 1985.  Wrestling always tried to stir the pot. This could have made Morrow an even bigger heel then he already was.

Interesting interview with Doring.... wonder what that was all about.

Liked the interview with Thorton where he question the rank of Kirchner.  Very creative.

I wonder if Duke Myers will want revenge on his friend or if that is the last we see of him.  So many choices... that's what makes this game so fun to write, read and comment about.  Sometimes when I post a show, it is those that respond that gives me ideas and I go in a brand new direction.  

I think I will rethink my early comment as I wondered how far you will take the RPM's.... The Grapplers and Road Warriors might just be in a different class.  THAT ONE WILL BE AWESOME!

Can't wait for Wrestlestorm

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Lawler is ever the fighting champion, but I can't be the only one hoping to see the upset of the century for Champagne!

Flowers probably made War Cloud mad by hitting him with a chair, but putting on his head dress and mocking him, now he is going to be pissed off! This fight is just starting!!

Tommy and Johnny jump Borne and Oliver in the back!! The blood feud is picking up steam! I love this one so much! These guys are going to keep attacking each other until the only choice is the cage, I can feel it.

Morowski would make a nice win for our boy DJ, as he climbs up the ranks.

I think maybe The Grapplers should leave the Road Warriors alone...

Awesome edition of the Beauty Shop! You have turned Morrow into one of my favorite characters in the whole game. I like him so much I feel bad for kicking him out of The Movement last year now!

Can Mike George get the trifecta and put Gagne away too? Since Verne isn't booking, he at least has a chance!

Another big win for The Surge, but you have to wonder, why the silence?

Looking forward to seeing St. Clair put Kirchner away. Loving the duo of Thornton and St. Clair

and that Road Warriors interview is how you end a show and send people running to the arena!! Jackson is going to packed to the rafters!!

I can only hope Len sacrifices Tony to Hawk and Animals and makes it out of Mississippi alive!!

Great Stuff, looking forward to Kirchner/St. Clair next week, and the big show in Jackson!

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USWA @ The Jackson Coliseum 10-17-85



Sweet Brown Sugar vs. "The  Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino 

Vinnie looks good tonight but in the end, Sugar takes him down with the missile dropkick. Afterwards, Vinnie's entourage of ladies helped him out of there. 


The Red Dragons vs. The Magnificent Ones 

This feud is just getting started but there's already a lot of heat here. 10 minutes isn't enough time as they battle to a draw. Kelly and Kiniski try a sneak attack after the match but the Dragons were ready as Yatsu sent Kelly through the ropes with a  spin kick while Fuchi's palm strikes on Kinisk sent him bailing. 


"The Wrecking Ball" DJ Peterson vs. Moose Morowski 

Moose controls a good portion in typical heel fashion but DJ makes a thundering comeback and beats Moose with a flying shoulder block from the middle ropes. 


"True Grit" Mike George w/Bulldog Brown vs. "The Great" Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland 

This one never officially begins as Hart and Sammartino attack Brown. George tries to get them but Gagne nails him from behind. Skaaland hits Brown with a loaded towel. The Elite then do a triple team act on George. Hart and Sammartino pick up George and hold him while Gagne relishes the moment before putting George down with a high standing dropkick. 


The Rock N Roll RPMs vs. The CEOs 

Both teams have their working boots on and give the fans a good back and forth battle. A pier six brawl breaks out. CEOs get the upper hand and swing the RPMs to the ropes and go for double back drops but both RPMs hit stereo sunset flips and get the 1..2..3! 


Special Challenge Match 

Bob Roop vs. "The Real Deal" Ripper Morgan w/Leilani Kai 

Roop is a man possessed tonight as he takes the fight to Morgan. Roop has Morgan in the corner and punches him down then starts stomping away and even starts choking him. The Ref backs him off. Kai sets the chain on the apron by Morgan then runs around and distracts the Ref. Roop goes back to Morgan. Morgan has the chain wrapped around his fist and blasts Roop! Roop goes down. Morgan tosses the chain then drops a knee on Roop. The Ref runs over 1..2..3! Kai grabs the chain and points down at Roop. Morgan grabs the chain and starts choking the unconscious and bloody Roop. Morgan starts dragging Roop around the ring until Security run in to help. Finally, a satisfied Kai gets in there, takes the chain, hooks it around Morgan's neck and takes him away. 


Central States Title Bout 

The Dream Machine (C) vs. "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi 

At the 15 minute mark, Siva has Dream in big trouble. Siva back drops Dream, then picks him up and swings him to the corner but Dream reverses the whip but Siva jumps up on the turnbuckles and comes back with a flying press but Dream rolls through it with a handful of tights 1..2..3! Once again, Dream Machine retains the Central States title! 



The Grapplers vs. The Road Warriors w/Precious Paul Ellering 

This is the one the fans have been waiting for and these teams do not disappoint. The crowd is going crazy during the entrances. Even though the Grapplers are the hometown team it's hard not to pop during "Iron Man" 

The Road Warriors hit the ring and the brawl is on! Ellering is on the outside encouraging his men. The Ref is showing a lot of leniency as he lets them tear into each other for the first few minutes. These guys fight all over the place. After a good brawl, the Ref miraculously gets control. 

Animal swings Grappler #2 to the ropes and puts him down with a flying shoulderblock then picks him up and Military Presses him up and slams him down! Grappler #1 runs in but Hawk levels him, military presses him up and slams him down! The Road Warriors swing Grappler #2 to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Animal picks up Grappler #2, swings him to the ropes and executes a free fall slam. Grappler #2 bounces over and tags in Grappler #1. Grappler #1 is hesitant but Animal runs over and hammers away. Hawk sticks his boot out as Animal runs Grappler #1 across the ring and slams his head on it then tags in Hawk.

Hawk bodyslams Grappler #1 then hits a standing legdrop 1..2..Grappler #2 runs in and drops a knee on Hawk. Animal runs in and sends Grappler #2 flying back to his corner with a running forearm blast. Hawk picks up Grappler #1, swings him to the ropes and clotheslines him down, then follows with a standing fist drop 1..2..Grappler #2 once again breaks it. Animal runs in but the Ref guides him back. Hawk stands up but Grappler #2 clips his knee, before going back to the corner. Ellering is yelling at the Ref. 

Grappler #1 rolls over and tags in Grappler #2. Grappler #2 hits a backbreaker and follows with another 1..2..Kick Out. Grappler #2 slams Hawk, then hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee 1..2..Kick Out. Grappler #2 swings Hawk to the ropes, kicks him in the mid section and hits a neckbreaker 1..2..Animal grabs Grappler #2's legs and yanks him off. The Ref guides Animal back. Grappler #1 runs in and both Grapplers swing Hawk to the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Hawk ducks, swings back and clotheslines them both down. 

Hawk dives over and tags in Animal. Animal is a madman as he pounds away on both Grapplers. Animal sends Grappler #1 flying back to his corner with a kneelift. Animal swings Grappler #2 to the ropes and powerslams him over 1..2..Grappler #1 barley makes the save. Hawk comes in but the Ref guides him back. Animal picks up Grappler #2 but Grappler #1 hops on the middle ropes and nails him with a double axehandle to the back. The Ref turns around as Grappler #2 tags in Grappler #1. 

Grappler #1 stomps away on Animal then hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a double stomp to the mid section. Grappler #1 picks up Animal and hits a rib breaker 1..2..Hawk drops a fist on Grappler #1. Here comes Grappler #2 and the brawl is on! Hawk and Grappler #2 brawl through the ropes to the outside. Animal and Grappler #1 are fighting inside the ring. 

Wait a minute! The fans are booing as the LONE STARS come to ringside in black cowboy hats and trench coats! 

On the outside, Hawk is dazed. Grappler #2 sees the Lone Stars and they start yelling at each other. Hawk comes from behind and pushes Grappler #2 into the Lone Stars. The Lone Stars start mauling Grappler #2. Ellering is yelling at Hawk to get back in the ring. 

Hawk gets in the ring and the Road Warriors double team Grappler #1. They double slam him and Animal picks up Grappler #1 and hoists him on his shoulders. Hawk goes to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline 1..2..3!!!!!!!!

On the outside, the Lone Stars pick up Grappler #2 and slam him on the railing! Massive boos as the Lone Stars get out of there. 

Inside the ring, Ellering is giving the Road Warriors a signal. Once again, Animal hoists Grappler #1 on his shoulders as Hawk comes off the top rope with another flying clothesline! 

Ellering grabs each arm of the Road Warriors and holds them up as the Road Warriors stand strong in the middle of a USWA ring. 




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DJ picks up the win on Moose.... Nice!!

The Elite use the numbers and put the beating on Mike George. I've been saying that he needs some back up. Will be interesting to see who he gets.

Ripper Morgan destroys Bob Roop! Man, this is the kind of thing that will put Morgan up another level. The build Ripper is getting is going to make him a nice challenger for Lawler down the line.

Dream Machine's title reign is a fun one with the constant cheating, but I wonder how much longer Dicky Slater will be in Japan.

The Grapplers get their shot, and just as it looks like they might finally have the upper hand against the Warriors, the Lone Stars cost them the match. Oh boy, there is going to be hell to pay now. Grapplers are going to want to kill them, the Warriors may want to kill them, and the Grapplers are going to still want the Warriors. Should be fun!!

Lots of good stuff happening in the USWA!!

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Great all-around card! 

Loved the main event but now I need more!  I need a rematch with the Grapplers and the Road Warriors.  Maybe a cage to keep the Lone Stars out.  We also need the Grapplers vs Lone Stars.  This match set you up so nicely for the future!


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Lawler let's us know right out of the gate that regardless of what shape his neck is in next week....he will defend his title against Gerry Morrow....I'm digging the "Champagne" gimmick but I think 'the King' is going to be stopped right now.....his hatred for Funk seems to fuel him and push him forward.

WOW! Flowers with the ultimate disrespect to Sunny War Cloud! This one may come back to bite him! I'm sure it will not be taken lightly.

The Richs attack Oliver/Borne in the back hallway! I love it! Tommy/Johnny are quite proud of themselves.....they may have just lit a fire under two guys who are above attacking people when they least expect it.

Moose sends a message to Peterson who has been on a roll here in the USWA, he may have made mistake sticking his nose in Moose's business.

Morrow is a great guest for the Beauty Shop....great way to build him up as a future champion and to show the "class" he could bring the table. Great stuff!!

Great babyface match between Avi/Myers....well written

The Road Warriors in the house and not on video tape! Poor Lance! Great way to wrap up the show!


On to Jackson:

Great win for 'the Wrecking Ball' over Moose!

I agree with Blehschmidt, Morgan getting the win over Roop is a huge shot in the arm....he's being built well here!

The Dream gets the win once again by whatever means it takes.....and keeps the belt

Great execution on the main event, you bring in the nationally known team and get the most of the match while putting the heat squarely on the Lone Stars (which in turn doesn't hurt the Grapplers) and gives you a heated match to come back with!

Awesome stuff!

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