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[2019-01-12-WWE-NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool] James Drake & Zack Gibson vs Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

paul sosnowski

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Good match. Some nice tag wrestling, simple heel/face dynamics. Seven was pretty awesome selling all the way through with Gibson and Drake cutting him off and beating him down - doing a real great job with it too. Bate showed some impressive strength. The crowd went NUTS for this match which was awesome to see. They hated Gibson who milked it in at the start - great stuff from him. Bate’s comebacks at the end were pretty sick, made him look like a star even if the aeroplane spot was a bit silly. I liked this. ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-01-12-WWE-NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool] James Drake & Zack Gibson vs Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

Even though I'll say it's a good match, this was highly disappointing to me. The workrate was obviously good, but everything just felt super sanitized. It was your generic WWE structure where one team works a guy for a really long time only for the hot tag to be made which was to Tyler who did his usual stuff. It's hard for me to give a shit about Gibson and Drake when the latter contributes absolutely nothing to the match. Trent's FIP segment was the same stuff you've seen him do a thousand times before, ***3/4.

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Great southern tag match with Bate/Seven defining their roles perfectly. I didn't get the appeal if Trent Seven but over the last two years he has won me over. He does fip so well and sets up Tyler Bate for those super hot tags. Gibson was awesome in his heel work riling up the crowd on letting every action breathe. Brilliant stuff all around.

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