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[2008-01-06-TNA-Final Resolution] Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong - TNA Final Resolution 2008 No DQ

If you believe the WWE, good women's wrestling did not happen before 2014, but Awesome Kong and Gail Kim prove WWE wrong. I was a big mark for Awesome Kong as a teenager. For some reason, I thought she was around when I was in high school, but I guess I was watching her in college. Every Kong match on Impact was a must see for me and my brother. It was great going back and watching these two PPV matches against Gail Kim. I think I liked the first slightly more, but this was still excellent. In both cases, I thought the finish was the worst part of the match which is a shame. 

Just like the first match, Kong shoves Kim right off the apron, but this time it seems Kim is more prepared as he is fighting back. I think what makes these matches great is how much Gail Kim fights back. She is constantly peppering her with shots even if they have limited effect. Kong hits a massive chop and then clothesline on the floor. Kong is such a great force. One of the best spots of the match is when Kong wants the powerbomb on the floor and Kim from a bent over position kicks her with the flat of the foot in the head. What agility is right Don West. Kong bullies her hard into the apron. As much as I like Nia Jax, Awesome Kong is still the best big woman's wrestler I have ever seen, the closest thing to Vader I have seen (I need to watch Joshi, but bear with me). Kong puts her foot on Gail's throat and it is just a perfect statement of dominance. Kim is so good at selling the beating, but always fighting back. Gail Kim never lets herself die. Kong swings Kim around in a choke hold, but Kim just keeps trying to elbow out of trouble but Kong just SWATS her with a Spinning Back Fist. HOLY SHIT! Again on the outside, Kim is trying to fight for her life but Kong swats her down. I love that swinging move that Kong does to drive her into the railing. That was always one of my favorite Kong spots. Strong arena brawling. Kim beating her with an empty  soda bottle was funny because I know it doesnt really hurt but it makes a great sound. I like the desperation. Kong throws her down the stairs, which always freaks me out. The only rule in my house growing up was no fighting on the steps. Kong rams herself into the board when Kim moves. This is the first time of the match that Kong has missed and this is a perfect opportunity for Kim. Great Job by Kim to kick the arm, hit a springboard using the railing to hit a double axehandle on the bad arm and then hammerlock the bad arm into the post, but it is short lived as Kong just drills Kim with big clubbing blows. I like that hope spot. Kong grabs the chair but she missed and Kim kicks the chair into Kong's face another great hope spot. Gail Kim tries to hurl her body into Awesome Kong, but she just catches her and drives her into the apron. It looks like all hope is loss for our fearless hero. She tries in vain to hit elbows and Kong just hits a series of back fists. Powerbomb, no, Sunset Flip, Kong sits down and Kim moves! Kim tries to keep moving but Kong is just so strong and Kong slams her down. Kong is besides herself so she POWERBOMBS the ref! I love ref abuse! Kong starts slamming the ref with chair shots until Kim grabs the chair and Kim wrestles the chair away. Kim creams her with the chair in the head not once, but twice! Holy shit! Top Rope Splash! But there's no ref! Here he comes...1-2-NO! Kong Chokeslams Kim! Kong is gonna kill this ref! She goes for the powerbomb, but Kim rolls her up and the ref falls on top and then counts the 1-2-3!

I didnt like the finish because it didnt feel like Gail Kim did it on her own. Still this was an excellent David vs Goliath match. Kong is an awesome force of nature. The usual good psychology of Kim selling, but always fighting back but really her only chance is when Kong hurts herself or when Kim can use a weapon. I think I liked the first match slightly more because I thought Kong's offense was cooler and Kim's offense more clever, but both matches are definitely worth watching. ****1/4 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2008-01-06-TNA-Final Resolution] Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

The Vader comparison is a good one for Kong, and this had a bit of a Sting-Vader vibe for sure. Kim is really great at selling the desperation and finding ways to get offense that don't break the sense that she's in desperation mode all the time. Great escalation in a match that starts so hot, too. Clever finish. Recommended for sure.

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Kim shows plenty of fire as she lays in multiple barrages of elbows into Kong. Her elbows aren't the snuggest, but Kong doesn't over-sell them so that cancels that out. Nothing worse in wrestling when a heel sells a weak-looking move like a death blow. They brawl through the crowd and actually keep things interesting! Kim is fantastic at fighting from underneath and constantly being on the look for an opening. The finish involving multiple referees could have easily come off as contrived, but I thought they pulled it all off well. These two had the crowd in the palms of their hands here, with the fans buying into every near-fall. We need more women like Awesome Kong in 2021! ★★★★½

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