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Triple H: Are you ready?


Chris Benoit: It is a crippling feeling!


Scott Steiner: It is making you freak out!


The Undertaker: It is in your soul.


Edge & Christian: This is RAGE!



Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentlemen… I want to welcome you to RAGE. A Revolutionary American Grappling Experience unlike any other in the history of professional wrestling. Everyone has been talking about the fall of pro wrestling throughout the world but this is now the rise. RAGE is going to shock the world with the greatest wrestlers in the world and the most intense action you’ve ever seen. On Monday August 3rd we will be live at 9pm eastern on TNT for RAGE: Monday Night Mayhem! Join Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes as we come to you live from Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas for the hottest hour in professional wrestling as you meet the stars of RAGE! 


The Dudley Boys: The feeling is taking over!


Dean Malenko: It is like ice-water in your veins.


Xpac: It is the x-factor that pushes you over the edge.


Mark Henry: It is the strongest force in the world!


Stone Cold Steve Austin:Tune in to TNT on Monday August 3rd to find out what RAGE is all about… AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE CUZ STONE COLD SAID SO!

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8/3 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem! @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena 

{The scene opens to a jam packed Reunion Arena. We see a fun entryway set up and then an L shaped entryway - like the Meadowlands. The mats around the ring are black. The ring has a black mat with lime green ring posts. The top and bottom ropes are black with the middle rope green. There’s a huge RAGE in the middle of the ring as we see a ton of pyro to open up the show! We cut to the ring and here is Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes!}


JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to RAGE MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! I am Jim Ross alongside the American Dream Dusty Rhodes! Dream… you and I have been in these chairs before but I can say without question… I have never been this excited for a show like we’ve got tonight!

Dream: Jim Ross… the Revolution of Professional wrestling is upon us and at the tippy top is RAGE Wrestling. Never before and never again will you see something like this. We’ve got the best wrestlers in the world daddy and we’re going to see some amazing singles action… tag team action… triple threats… baby we got it all!

JR: Fans… over the next 5 weeks we will be showing you so much here on RAGE Monday Mayhem as we approach our first pay per view on September the 5th called RAGE Sudden Impact! 

Dream: It is going to be a happening of epic proportions. We’re going to have the titles decided and brother the war for wrestling supremacy will be full on you know what I mean. 

JR: Fans we have got so much to cover here tonight but it is all about the action and we’re starting it off in a big way… let’s head to the ring for our opening contest.. Here’s Bruce Buffer!


Bruce Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen… WELCOME TO RAGE! Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit! Introducing first… from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada… he is the Canadian Crippler… CHRIS BENOIT! His opponent, from El Paso, Texas, Chavo Guerrero Jr!

Chris Benoit vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.
-Big time opener for these two to show the world what RAGE is all about and they go right to work. We see some fun catch wrestling and see how Guerrero can fly and Benoit can work him into a pretzel. We get an inset interview from Dean Malenko who says that he’s keeping a close eye on both of these men and he knows that in order to be the best he has to beat the best and he’s willing to step in there with anyone! Inside the ring, we get a fun 12-minute contest with a hot finish. Guerrero goes up top but Benoit hits the ropes and Guerrero nuts himself. Benoit then goes up and turns him around for a top rope toss belly to back suplex! Benoit holds on to the ropes and then goes up and lines up for a huge diving headbutt and the 3-count! The Crippler sets the stage for RAGE with so much to follow. 

We cut to a live feed of the back where Eric Bischoff is walking to the ring… he’s got two briefcases…



We return to RAGE with a special video highlighting the Japanese talents… Mitsuhara Misawa and Kenta Kobashi… they will be here next week! In the ring Eric Bichoff is standing by… there’s three pedestals in the ring… 


EB: Ladies and gentlemen… WELCOME TO RAGE! Dallas, Texas is going to be our home and week in and week out we’re going to bring you the absolute best in professional wrestling. In order to do that… we’re going to start by unveiling our titles. First… I have always been a fan of tag team wrestling and we’ve already got some of the best tag teams in the world signed… so let me show you the RAGE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!


EB: Next up… this is going to be a very special title… this is the one that can be defended under any set of rules. It will show the true spirit of RAGE. Since we make our home in Dallas… we travel to Houston… Atlanta… New Orleans… and the rest of North America…This is our RAGE North American Championship!


EB: Finally… the coup de gras… the RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.


EB: This is going to be the title that will be held and defended by the best talent in the world against any and all comers…

-We then hear some maniacal music… here he comes… The Game Triple H! He comes out to a chorus of boos… the fans don’t seem to like him in his custom suit and sun glasses… he’s inside damnit!


EB: Ahh yes… the one… the only… Triple H. It is a pleasure to have you here in RAGE!

Triple H: Don’t kid yourself Eric… we know exactly why I am here. Just give me the title right now...we can stop the pomp… the circumstance… I am the GAME damnit… I came here for a reason and that belt belongs to me!

EB: You know… in another world… I might just give this title to you… but this is RAGE! And since it is RAGE… well… you’re going to have to EARN this title Triple H.

Triple H: Oh yeah? What… is there going to be a tournament? Huh? Eight men all battling it out? The last one standing wins? Why make me go through three jack offs when that title just belongs to me damnit…

EB: Nah… you see… at our PPV Sudden Impact… every title is going to be crowned in a different way. For example… the tag team titles… I’ve got a special invitational match for those titles. For the North American Championship… I’ve cooked up something special called Ultimate Survival! But when it comes to the world title...there’s no tournament for this title… no… the fans decided the fate of this championship. You probably haven’t checked out RAGE.com yet have you? Well… there is a poll that ended right before the show. We have 450,000 different votes come in to decide just who would be in line for this title. Well Triple H… you got a lot of votes...so many so that you earned that spot in the main event.

Triple H: Exactly! I got the most votes… gimme the damn belt!

EB: No… I didn’t say that… I said you got a lot of votes… second most to be exact…

Triple H: And who got the most votes then?

EB: Your opponent at Sudden Impact…

Triple H: Just who the hell is that?

EB: Well…

-HELLS BELLS hits the PA System and the lights go out… wait a minute… OH MY… IT IS THE UNDERTAKER! The American Bad Ass… short hair and all… is here! The Undertaker rides his custom made Harley down to the ring and the fans are going nuts! The big man gets in the ring and Triple H takes a powder and hits the bricks. He can’t believe what is going on! Taker points at him… slits his throat… we’ve already got our main event for Sudden Impact… it is Triple H vs The Undertaker for the RAGE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP… and it was picked by the fans! 



Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes are back and they put over the huge announcement for Sudden Impact! We’ll see Triple H and the Undertaker one on one for the title and what a match that will be! They put over the Ultimate Survival match that will be announced next week! Plus next week we’ll see Misawa and Kobashi for the first time in America as a tag team. Speaking of tag teams… it is time for our next contest… let’s head to the ring!

Bruce Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match. The first team hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Orlando, Florida respectively… ladies and gentlemen… Jerry Lynn and Scotty 2 Hotty! Their opponents… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… ladies and gentlemen… Edge and Christian!

Jerry Lynn & Scotty 2 Hotty vs Edge & Christian
-Another fun contest with these guys all breaking their necks for one another. Edge and Christian have really hit their stride as a team and appear to have a little love from the fans while Scotty and Lynn are just going spot for spot to make things interesting. We get another inset interview from the Dudley Boyz this time and they let everyone know that the tag team titles belong to them and that the teams in RAGE will rue the day that they mess with the Dudley Boyz! The finish sees Jerry Lynn hit a huge spinning heel kick on Christian but turns around and Edge comes with a big SPEAR for the 3-count! Edge and Christian are making their presence known. 

Before we go to commercial… we see Mark Henry in the back… he is lifting a lot of weight and looking swol! 


We’re back here on RAGE with JR and Dusty… they talk about the biggest signing of all… Stone Cold Steve Austin! Jim Ross explains that he is currently healing from a neck injury sustained almost a year ago. He points out that Triple H was one of the key suspects in those injuries. Jim Ross says that he is going to be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to speak with Steve Austin in two weeks and we’ll have that special interview right here on Mayhem. We then cut to the back where Sunny is standing by with Mark Henry…


Sunny: I am joined right now… by one of the strongest men in the world… Texas’ own… Mark Henry! Mark… I have to say… you look great… we’re all excited for what you can do here at RAGE!


Mark Henry: It is a pleasure to be here… I am feeling good… I am feeling strong… and I am feeling ready for a fight!

-Just then… we see non-other than Scott Steiner walk into the scene…


Sunny: Woah… wait a minute… Scott Steiner…

Steiner: No… not just Scott Steiner… I am the genetic freak… the big booty daddy… and the worst nightmare of any of these punks who walk around here thinking they have got the skillz to pay the billz! 

Mark Henry: Brother… what the hell are you talking about?

Steiner: Listen pal… you in the big leagues now because the biggest and the baddest is here. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself because Big Poppa Pump is tired of playing games.

Mark Henry: Boy you done lost your mind. I can lift twice your body weight over my head and boy you know I can bring it crashing down!

Steiner: Yeah… well weights don’t hit back boy…

Mark Henry: Well boy… I guess we may just have to see how hard they hit…

-We then have some officials come into the scene and get between these two… oh man… this could explode at any moment!


JR and Dusty are back putting over all the issues from the night and then put over next week’s show in which we will hear about the rules of Ultimate Survival and the debut of Misawa and Kobashi! Right now it is time for our main event…

Bruce Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event! This match is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit. Introducing first, he hails from the Red Light District… ladies and gentlemen… the Godfather! His opponent… from Harlem New York… he weighs in tonight at 480 pounds… this is Viscera! 


The Godfather vs Viscera
-The Godfather comes out with a couple of ladies but big Viscera isn’t playing games. He jumps right on the Godfather and starts pounding away. There are some huge right hands and then a big belly to belly slam! Godfather tries to retreat and get some love from the ladies and Viscera isn’t done… he jumps out of the ring and nails Godfather from behind! He throws him up against the safety rails and then runs with a head full of steam but Godfather moves and Viscera goes crashing through the guardrail! The crowd pops! Viscera is trying to get back up as The Godfather tries to lay down some blows. The referee isn’t sure what to do as the action continues outside the ring. Godfather has him up but Viscera with a nasty headbutt. He then grabs Godfather again and hits a belly to belly but this time it is through the table that explodes all over. Ross and Dream go down calling the action! Viscera grabs Godfather by the dreads and tosses him in the ring…  he hits the ropes and a BIG SPLASH for the 3-count! Big Viscera is the winner and he looks awesome here in RAGE! Join us next week for more Monday Night Mayhem!

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Pretty exciting opening show!  I am curious what the Ultimate Survival is going to be (not to mention who will be participating) and Triple H vs. Undertaker is pretty huge.  I'm not a huge fan of letting the fans pick the contenders, but they got this one right.

I like the subtle reference to Triple H possibly being behind Steve Austin's injury, be curious to see if he addresses that at all and what it would do to HHH's confidence in the title match.

The main event was fun, but damn, Big Vis is getting a big push it seems.  He is certainly a monster.

Glad to see Scott Steiner is every bit as annoying in Rage as he was in WCW.  I hope Mark Henry wipes the mat with him, but we'll see!

Great start to Rage, Bischoff, Ross, and The Dream are the perfect guys to lead this type of fed into it's future!

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8/10 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena 

RAGE opens to the live crowd who is hyped up for a big night of action. We see JR and Dusty at ringside. They put over the carnage last week involving Viscera and Godfather. They put over tonight’s big card including a main event of Triple H taking on Dean Malenko… plus we’ll see Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner taking on the Godfather and Mark Henry…. Right now though… it is time for the American debut of Mitsuhara Misawa and Kenta Kobashi!


Bruce Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Little Rock, Arkansas and Louisville, Kentucky respectively… ladies and gentlemen, Tom Stone and Mike Lawler! Their opponents… from Yubari, Japan and Fukuchiyama, Japan respectively...ladies and gentlemen… Mitsuhara Misawa and Kenta Kobashi!

Misawa & Kobashi vs Tom Stone & Mike Lawler
-Lots of respect for Kobashi and Misawa here. They really have a cult following with some of the fans who even try to throw the streamers in the ring. They don’t appear to be messing around tonight though. They beat the living shit out of these guys and needless to say… strong style is alive and well in RAGE! Lawler and Stone don’t have a chance… Kobashi and Misawa lay waste and finish things off when Kobashi hits the BURNING HAMMER for the 3-count. 

Stacy Kiebler tries to get some sort of an interview with the two men but they don’t speak English… all we can hear them make out is… we are at RAGE… we will fight anyone!



We’re back on Monday Night Mayhem with Eric Bichoff standing in the entryway with Jim Ross. They are putting over the Sudden Impact PPV live on September the 5th from Houston, Texas. They put over the big main event, with the RAGE Heavyweight Championship on the line between Triple H and The Undertaker. Bichoff announces that the match will be no disqualification - no count out - no time limit - THERE MUST BE A WINNER! He then goes on to say that he has gotten acceptance from four different teams for the tag team invitational. He says there still may be openings but he will announce the further details of that next week here on Mayhem. We then get to Ultimate Survival. Bischoff explains that the North American title will be held in this special match. There will first be 5 matches held…The winners of these matches… Those five men will qualify for ULTIMATE SURVIVAL. This is a five-way match in which the first man to make a pinfall or submission will WIN the North American Championship… then… it gets interesting… because the final four men will take part in an elimination match with the final man left standing becoming the number one contender for the North American Champion and they will get their title shot the following Monday night on Mayhem! JR and Bischoff put it over… Eric says he will reveal the 10 names in a special lottery this week on RAGE.com! 


We’re back with JR and Dusty putting over the Ultimate Survival match. They talk about the big qualifying matches. They also put over the tag team invitational that will be announced next week as well. JR and Dusty discuss last week’s issue with Scott Steiner and Mark Henry… tonight they’re in tag team action - let’s go to the ring!

Bruce Buffer: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first… from the Bay City, Michigan, and Hollywood, California… Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell! Their opponents… hailing from the Red Light District and Silsby, Texas… the Godfather and The World’s Strongest Man… Mark Henry!



Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner vs The Godfather & Mark Henry
-Buff and Steiner have got some nice heat here… they are not very well liked. On the other end… Godfather has got two sultry women with him and the World’s Strongest Man looks to be in amazing shape. This one goes about 12-minutes… although the in-ring work isn’t good… there is a story. The highlight is seeing Mark Henry and Steiner go toe-to-toe and throw some serious lumber in the ring. This one does break loose a little bit and we see all four men go outside the ring and brawl before Steiner and Henry go over the guardrail and into the crowd. Back at the ring, Buff Bagwell makes eyes at the women but they only serve distraction for the Godfather who turns him around and hits the HOE-SLAM for the 3-count! Godfather and Henry have won… but Henry and Steiner are nowhere to be found! 


We’re back with a special video highlighting the Sudden Impact Main Event for the RAGE World Heavyweight Championship. We then cut to Stacy Kiebler who is standing by… with the Undertaker!


Stacy Kiebler: I am here with the one, the only, the Undertaker! First off, it is great to see you here in RAGE and what a way to kick things off… you’ve got the chance of a lifetime to go up against Triple H for the RAGE World Title! How do you prepare for a match like this?


Taker: First off… it isn’t going to be a match… it’s going to be a fight. Bischoff just announced no dq, no count out, no time limit… well there will be a winner and you’re looking at him.

Stacy Kiebler: How is this different from your previous encounters with Triple H?

Taker: Well we all know about those matches before but they’ve never been held here in RAGE and they’ve never had so much on the line. Triple H… I want you to know that you're looking at the Deadman and brother, I've got some serious piss and vinegar in my veins. I am looking to reap some souls here boy… and you’re at the top of the list. I want everyone to know that my backs up against the wall and I am coming out swinging. 

Stacy Kiebler: Fan there you have it… wait just a moment… Viscera... 


Viscera: Listen there Deadman… a little bit of me is because of you and well… I want my payback! 

Deadman: I’ll make ya famous boy… don’t even think I will back down…

Viscera: Then I guess I will see you next week… hahahaha!

The Undertaker and Stacy Kiebler watch as Viscera walk out of the scene… looks like we’ve got a big match next week!


We’re back with Monday Night Mayhem. JR and Dusty are putting over the big announcement that The Undertaker and Viscera will do battle next week. We’ll also see our first Ultimate Survival qualifying match. Plus the Dudley Boyz will be in action. We will also have the special sit down interview with Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Fans next week’s Mayhem will be can’t miss! Right now we’ve got a huge main event… it is Triple H and Dean Malenko… let’s go to the ring!

Bruce Buffer: It is now time for our main event of the evening. It is a one fall contest with a 30-minute time limit. Introducing first… from Tampa, Florida, he is the man of 1,000 holds… ladies and gentlemen… Dean Malenko! His opponent hails from Greenwich, Connecticut, he is the Game… Triple H! 


Triple H vs Dean Malenko
-A fun little match here… Triple H makes Malenko look pretty small… but Dean fights like a 300 pounder and brings everything to the game. They put on a fun 16-minute main event. We see both men get in offense and Triple H gets some big time heat. Malenko makes a big comeback and gets some momentum but when Malenko goes for a northern lights suplex, Triple H seems to get his knee up and knock him loose before hitting a high knee of his own to set up the PEDIGREE for the 3-count! The crowd gives them some love but then erupts… wait a minute… look who is in the entryway… that can’t be… OH MY!



Sorry it is a day late - no power or internet for the last 24 hours...

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Big debut for Misawa and Kobashi.  They can do all their talking in the ring.  These guys just put the tag division in RAGE on notice.

Ultimate Survival sounds like it will be a fun wild card kind of thing to watch.  I like the consolation prize for the 4 guys that don't win the belt, that is a nice addition!

Any time Buff Bagwell is on the losing end of things is fine in my book.

Big show coming next week, and the main event was great, with Triple H giving a rub to Dean Malenko, who deserves it.  But what on Earth is Flair doing here, and why did he show up then?

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Having one of my favorite wrestlers of the 90s (Dean) with one of my least (Hunter) has me screwing up my face, but I’m glad Dean wasn’t made to be a scrub. 

I’m also glad to see Viscera still getting some “screen” time here as I have a big soft spot for him. 

It’s interesting to see your title booking strategies as anything but ordinary (fan vote, elimination, etc). Not the way I book usually, but it’s very “of the time” which is clever and works for the talent/vibe. 

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8/17 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena 

RAGE opens with a highlight video of the top stars before cutting to special footage from last week’s main event where Ric Flair showed up just as we were going off the air. We then cut to the ring and see Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes!


JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem! I am Jim Ross alongside Dusty Rhodes and Dream, last week we saw none other than the Nature Boy Ric Flair show up and so many questions from his appearance!

Dream: If anyone knows Ric Flair, it is me and brother you know that there are questions and answers that we all need. Ric Flair is the only one who knows why he’s here and I want to know just like all these people want to know.

JR: We’ve been here all day… we haven’t seen him nor heard from him but we hope to have word soon. Fans this week we will have our first Ultimate Survival qualifying match plus we will see a huge main event of Viscera and the Undertaker!

Dream: You talking about the two biggest boys in the yard and they want to see who the baddest dude on the block is and brother that’s going to be a war. Then you got Ultimate Survival… five men enter… first man to get a pin is the champion… last man standing is the number one contender. I love it.

JR: Fans tonight, we will show you the exclusive interview I had with Stone Cold Steve Austin at his home… needless to say it was explosive. Right now, we’re going to head to the ring for our opening contest… it is the first of our two Ultimate Survival qualifying matches… let’s head to the ring!


BB: Ladies and gentlemen our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit and is an Ultimate Survival Qualifying Match!. Introducing first, hailing from Orlando, Florida… Scotty 2 Hotty! His opponent hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota… accompanied to the ring by TORI...X-Pac! 


Scotty 2 Hotty vs Xpac w/ Tori
-A fun opener with both of these men bringing their all right now. We hear from JR and Dusty how these two men have traveled all around the world during their careers and they hope to make the biggest impact right here at RAGE. This one goes 9-minutes with both men getting offense but it is Xpac who hits a nasty low blow on Scotty which leads to the X-Factor for the 3-count! Xpac is the first one to qualify and it looks like he’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.

-As we are about to cut out… there is a commotion in the crowd as they look to the back...that’s Ric Flair. He is walking down to the ring on the side of the aisle and here comes some security… we’ll be right back!


-We’re back and Ric Flair is in the ring and here comes Eric Bischoff… they are eye to eye with a lot of security around them…


EB: Ric… I know you’re here for a reason… please… what is going on?

Flair: You know something Eric… when I sat there… in my home… being paid by WCW while you wouldn’t put me on television… I thought about kicking your ass every second of every day. Here I am to let you know that I am here to show you that I am still THEE MAN! You got me?

EB: Listen Ric… I know that you still think you have something left in the tank… but I just don’t think this is the right time…

Flair: No you listen to me you son of a bitch… you low balled me… you have downplayed me since day one and damnit I am tired of it. I am here to show you that I can go with anyone and damnit I will do whatever it takes! 

EB: Alright Ric… I understand… but know this… this is different than before… I want to let by gones be by gones…

Flair: You can shove the by gones up your ass!

EB: Alright… now I have tried…  you want a shot at RAGE… huh? You want to be the man here in RAGE? Well how about this… I am going to go in the back and I am going to talk to my lawyers… next week right here… I will have a contract for you to wrestle someone at Sudden Impact… just to see if you’ve still got it!

Flair: You better believe it pal… you give me anyone and I will face em! 

EB: Alright… I am glad we could settle this…  now get this son of a bitch out of my ring!

-THAT DOES IT! Flair goes after him but the security is holding him back! Flair is fuming right now as they are carrying him away. Bischoff is waving and smiling at him. The Nature Boy is going to wrestle at Sudden Impact… but who will it be against?


-We’re back on Mayhem as JR and Dusty put over the appearance of Ric Flair and the announcement for him to be possibly wrestling at Sudden Impact. We then hear them talk about the tag team invitational match at Sudden Impact that Misawa and Kobashi have entered… but we hear there is another Japanese contingent that has accepted the challenge as well… Masa Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Dusty puts these two over as major stars and competitors. They talk about the Dudley Boys along with Edge and Christian who have accepted the challenge as well. Right now the Dudleys are in action… let’s go to the ring!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, the team of Chris Chetti and Nova! Their opponents, hailing from Dudleyville… D-Von and Bubba Ray… the Dudley Boyz!


Chris Chetti & Nova vs the Dudley Boyz
-An easy going tag team match with Nova and Chetti making their debut and doing some decent work against the Dudleys but Bubba and D-Von are on a different level right now and they up their game. We hear from Edge and Christian during the contest and say they wonder why anyone has signed on to face them at Sudden Impact… everyone knows they will be champs and the world will see them triumph. Inside the ring… Chetti gets rocked with the 3-D and the 3-count! The Dudleys look good here...we’ll see how they fare with these others teams in this special match..



We’re back with Stacy Kiebler in the back and she’s joined by Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner. They pump up their issue with Mark Henry and Buff explains that Godfather may have got the win last week tonight is a new night and Buff is going to show why he’s the STUFF! Steiner says that Mark Henry is nothing but a bitch and needs to sign the contract to face him at Sudden Impact...wow… let’s go to the ring!

BB: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit! Introducing first… Buff Bagwell! His opponent… the Godfather! 

Buff Bagwell w/ Scott Steiner vs Godfather
-This one has got a little juice in the tank and we’ve got Buff and Steiner with some serious heat at ringside. Godfather has got the hoes with him but they are freaked out by Steiner and run up the rampway. Steiner interjects himself whenever he can and causes quite the distraction for the Godfather who can’t help but try to stop him. They are pounding away at the Godfather until Mark Henry runs down and breaks things up! Oh my… this one is far from over!


We return to Mayhem at the home of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Inside we see Jim Ross standing by with Stone Cold…


JR: First things first, thank you for letting me in your home Steve…

Austin: Yeah… you’re here… now let’s get this going…

JR: I think the first thing that everyone wants to know is how is your health and can we expect to see you in the ring in the year 2000?

Austin: Well the way I see it my health is nobody’s damn concern but my own. The fact of the matter is that I am getting better and better each day and you better damn well know that means I am going to be opening up cans of whoop ass all over when the time is right. Now when it comes to getting in the ring… look at this… (pulls out a contract). I got this via FEDEX from Eric Bitchoff and the corporate suits at RAGE. You can tell I haven’t signed it yet…

JR: Do you think that you will?

Austin: Shut up… listen to me when I say that I am not going to be jerked around by anybody. Eric Bischoff fired my ass via FedEx years ago and now he wants me to sign this thing… nuh uh! I am going to wrestle for Steve Austin and only for Steve Austin. If that means I go to RAGE well then by god I will… but don’t think I don’t have more contracts sitting there waiting for me to sign them. The way I see it… I am a free agent and I am willing to sign for anyone if the timing and price is right. I damn near broke my neck and I have put everything on the line in that ring… I don’t owe anyone a damn thing and that’s the way I feel about it…

JR: Would you say your career is over?

Austin: Listen to me damnit… I will be the one to decide when I go off in the sunset and when I don’t. I still got piss and vinegar in my veins and don’t think for a second I don’t have some retribution to be paid. There’s a couple of people who need to know that Stone Cold Steve Austin still has a can of whoop ass for them and they just happen to be in RAGE wrestling. 

JR: Are you referring to Triple H?

Austin: You damn right and I am talking about you and Eric Bischoff and anyone else that doubts me. I am going to raise hell whenever I want and wherever I want. So the way I see it… I can open up your can right now if you want…

JR: I will pass…

Austin: Listen here… this is for you and every single person out there… when the doctor clears me to get in the ring; I will be in the ring. I don’t know when that will be… I don’t know where that will be… hell if I have to go to Australia to wrestle; I will do it. What I do know is that it is going to be my choice and no one else's and that’s the bottom line… CUZ STONE COLD SAID SO!


Mayhem is back with JR and Dream going over the Stone Cold interview. Dusty says that Austin is his own man and he will do his own thing no matter what. JR said that it was very tense in the room and even after. Austin told him to leave and he had no choice. They put over Sudden Impact in a big way and talk about Taker vs Triple H. They put over two big Ultimate Survival matches next week… Dean Malenko vs Chris Kanyon and Chris Benoit vs Hugh Morris. We will also see the debut of Chono and Tenzan as a tag team. Plus Scott Steiner will be in action… Right now it is time for our main event… The Undertaker taking on Viscera!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event of the evening! Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at over 500 pounds… he is known as the Menace of Mayhem… Viscera! His opponent hails from Death Valley… this is the UNDERTAKER!


The Undertaker vs Viscera
-A big time main event with Viscera not giving two shits about the Undertaker and really bringing the big bombs. JR and Dream put over how big V is truly a menace of mayhem and how he tore apart the ringside area just a couple of weeks ago. These guys start throwing bombs and then go out of the ring and hammer each other into the guardrail and then the ring posts! The ring may have moved when Taker moved and Viscera hit the post. The crowd is behind the Deadman who grabs Viscera by the throat and threatens a chokeslam but Viscera counters. Here comes a huge belly to belly on the outside and Taker is hurt. Viscera rolls him back in the ring but then we see the Undertaker sit up and the crowd pops huge! Taker gets up and he is throwing big time with Viscera and then hits him with a CHOKESLAM in the middle of the ring! Wait a minute… out of nowhere… Triple H with a sledgehammer and BAM! He cracks the Undertaker right in the skull and he goes down! Triple H jumps on top of him and is throwing some piston like right hands and Taker is busted wide open! We are out of time while Taker is slow to get up and Triple H has struck first blood on the road to Sudden Impact!

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Another great show!

Really looking forward to the Ultimate Surivival matches and seeing how that all plays out.  The Steiner/Mark Henry stuff is good, too.  Not a big fan of Scott Steiner but he and Henry will make for a massively fun hoss match.  If Steiner can control his damn temper.

Speaking of which, Stone Cold is not screwing around.  Sounds like he and Ric Flair both have some bones to pick with guys in RAGE and I don't think anyone is going to stop them.

Big Vis gets a big rub tonight from the Dead Man, making him look pretty good.  We all knew how it was going to end, until Triple H sabotaged it!  The build is real, HHH seems a little worried about Undertaker and fired a major shot in this war with his Pearl Harbor attack.

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8/24 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena

RAGE opens up this week with the proclamation of Ultimate Survival by Eric Bischoff and we see Xpac qualifying last week. JR and the Dream are ringside to put over the two qualifying matches tonight… Dean Malenko vs Chris Kanyon and Chris Benoit vs Hugh Morris. They also put over Scott Steiner taking on Scotty 2 Hotty and the in ring debut of Chono and Tenzan! We will also hear from Eric Bischoff on his ruling for Ric Flair to return to the ring for Sudden Impact. It is time to head to the ring for our opening contest!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit and is an Ultimate Survival Qualifying Match! Introducing first, he hails from Queens, New York… Chris Kanyon! His opponent… he is the man of 1,000 holds… Dean Malenko!


Dean Malenko vs Chris Kanyon
-Pretty good opener with Malenko and Kanyon working well enough. Kanyon has a little momentum from WCW but nothing major. Malenko is able to slow him down without question and he catches him when he stops short on a dropkick and then grabs the legs for the Texas Cloverleaf for the tap out! Malenko is moving on to Sudden Impact and Ultimate Survival…



We’re back on RAGE and Stacy  is standing by… with the Undertaker!

Stacy : Welcome in here Undertaker… I have to ask… last week Triple H busted you wide open with the sledgehammer… what are your thoughts?

Taker: C’mon Stacy … what are my thoughts… be serious… I want to beat his ass! I don’t think I can wait until Sudden Impact. Triple H…. you say you’re the game right? Well brother… I am putting my quarter in the slot brother… I am ready to play! 

Stacy : I also have to ask… do you think the rumors are true?

Taker: What rumors?

Stacy : That Eric Bischoff said he would prefer Triple H becoming champion…

Taker: Listen… Bischoff has got a lot of problems right now… he’s got Ric Flair about to go crazy on him and he don’t want me on the list…  if he has any guts… Sudden Impact is going to be one on one… but trust me… if I get my hands on Triple H tonight… we won’t even get to Houston! 


We’re back with RAGE and JR and Dream put over the debut of Chono and Tenzan! We see them in a special highlight video. We then see them come to the ring and they are joined by Sonny Ono and his secretary Leia Meow!  We head to Bruce Buffer…

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, they are the team of Johnny and Rico… the Starship Troopers! Their opponents hail from Tokyo, Japan. They are accompanied to the ring by Sonny Ono… they are the former IWGP Tag Team Champions… Chono & Tenzan!


Johnny & Rico vs Chono & Tenzan w/ Sonny Ono & Leia Meow
-Sonny jumps over on commentary and puts over how Chono and Tenzan are the premiere tag team from Japan. He introduces Leia Meow who will be handling all of his special assignments for Chono and Tenzan herein America. He spends the entire match downplaying Misawa and Kobashi. We then hear that next week Misawa and Tenzan will go one on one and Sonny doesn’t seem very happy but says his man will get it done! Inside the ring, Johnny (Cena) and Rico (Constantino) have some fun outfits as the Starship Troopers but can’t seem to get the offense going. Chono hits a Kenka Kick right to Rico’s face for the 3-count. These two look very dominant… could they be the favorites for the Tag Team Invitational? 


RAGE is back with Eric Bischoff in the ring… he puts over how they are now eight teams in the tag team invitational… and it will be a tag team gauntlet match. That means that two teams will start… each match will have a 10-minute time limit… if a team wins they move on to the next team. The last remaining team will become the first ever RAGE Tag Team Champions. He announces that next week we will see two more Ultimate Survival Matches… the first will be between Jerry Lynn and Chavo Guerrero Jr and the second is going to be a special one with someone who is going to shock RAGE to its very core. He also announces that a special Texas Tornado Tag Team Match has been signed for Sudden Impact with Mark Henry and the Godfather taking on Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner. Bischoff also wants to address the situation with Ric Flair...


EB: Now… Ric Flair… I had your ass kicked out of here last week and this week I made sure you couldn’t get in… because Flair… I’ve got NOTHING for you! I couldn’t scrounge up one person who would care to get in the ring with you… I couldn’t find one peasant… peabody… or pissant who cared enough to even give you the chance… so Ric… I guess this means your career is over… buh bye buddy…


EB: Listen… I want to be clear… I have no ill-will between me and Ric Flair… I just don’t think he has anything left to give this business and I don’t want to be digging up fossils in my ring… Now… there’s a rumor and I want to address it... I have no favorite in regards to the Main Event for the RAGE Heavyweight Championship. I am sure the Undertaker would make a fine champion. I know Triple H has the acumen to be a world wide champion who can go in there with anyone and have a good match and come out on top. I think we all saw what happened with the Undertaker last week. I think he has too much emotion that leads to some issues and hopefully he can get those resolved before Sudden Impact or it may just cost him.

HELLS BELLS hits the PA and here comes the Undertaker! Taker comes down and the crowd is going nuts… he stares a whole in Bischoff before Eric backs off with a smile… he gets up the rampway and then looks behind and here comes Triple H… they simply smile at the Undertaker… Taker jumps out of the ring and makes chase!


RAGE is back and we see the Undertaker in the back looking for Triple H… he’s nowhere to be found… he is scouring the backstage area before we see Triple H jump into a limo and drive off! Taker then jumps on his bike and makes chase…

BB: Fans our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Orlando, Florida, Scotty 2 Hotty! His opponent, he is accompanied to the ring by Buff Bagwell… Big Poppa Pump… Scott Steiner! 


Scott Steiner w/ Buff Bagwell vs Scotty 2 Hotty
-An ugly match with an ugly finish. Steiner just beats the living piss out of Bagwell. He is hammering down on him something awful and it isn’t a pretty sight. Steiner ends things with the Steiner Recliner and gets the victory. He then jumps on the microphone to hammer into Mark Henry and The Godfather that he and Buff Bagwell are going to wipe them off the face of the earth at Sudden Impact! 


Mayhem is back with Dusty and JR putting over the issue with the Undertaker, Triple H, and Eric Bischoff. They point out how we have one more Ultimate Survival qualifying match to go here tonight and then two next week. Plus next week we will see Misawa taking on Tenzan and Bubba Ray vs Christian. Right now it is time for our main event… let’s go to the ring...

BB: Ladies and gentlemen this is the MAIN EVENT of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit and it is an Ultimate Survival Qualifying Match! Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at 324 pounds… Hugh Morris! His opponent, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada… he is the Canadian Crippler… Chris Benoit! 


Chris Benoit vs Hugh Morris
-A pretty elementary contest with both men getting in some stiff shots. Benoit appears to be working more of a babyface role here and the fans seem to be behind him. Hugh Morris gets in some pretty nice blows but it isn’t enough for Benoit is is able to counter a suplex for a Trio of German Suplexes followed by a Crossface Crippler for the tap out victory. It is Xpac, Malenko, and Benoit in Ultimate Survival, we find out the other two competitors next week right here on RAGE Monday Night Mayhem!

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Ultimate Survival is shaping up to be a workrate extravaganza with the three guys in it right now, all three of them can bring it with the best of them.  Curious to see who the remaining two are going to be. 

Bischoff really seemed to throw Flair out with the rainwater, but I don't see the Nature Boy just accepting it.  Something more is going to happen, I feel it.

I like how you are bringing in a Japanese contingent.  They fit in perfectly and look to bring their style to RAGE and show us stateside fans what they are about.

RAGE is coming along nicely with a good mix of top name drama and undercard workrate.  Reminds me of peak WCW.

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8/31 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem! @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena 

RAGE opens this week with a highlight of Eric Bischoff’s announcement of Ultimate Survival. We see the qualifying matches with Xpac, Dean Malenko, and Chris Benoit all qualifying. We then cut right to the ring with Bruce Buffer standing by…


BB: Ladies and gentlemen… WELCOME TO RAGE MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit and it is an ULTIMATE SURVIVAL QUALIFYING MATCH! Introducing first… from Minneapolis, Minnesota… Jerry Lynn! His opponent, from El Paso, Texas… a member of the famous Guerrero wrestling family… Chavo Guerrero, Jr!


Jerry Lynn vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.
-We kick it right off here with two prime time workers and they throw it all on the line here for 12-minutes. JR and Dusty are putting this through the roof and we see both men go move-counter-move. The catch wrestling has got the crowd going and in the end we see Jerry Lynn go for a Cradle-piledriver but Chavo goes over the top and then rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 3-count! Chavo Guerrero moves on to Ultimate Survival! 


RAGE is back with JR and Dusty pumping up Ultimate Survival and talking about the big event and they wonder just who will be the 5th and final entrant into the match. We will find out later on this evening in our main event. We also find out through JR and Dusty that Ric Flair is supposedly in the building… we will also hear from the Undertaker and Triple H tonight. There’s a lot going on plus our big matches and right now we’ve got one on tap… let’s go to the ring.

BB: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Kyoto, Japan… accompanied to the ring by Sonny Onoo and Leia Meow… TENZAN! His opponent, he hails from Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan… MISAWA!


Misawa vs Tenzan w/ Sonny Onoo & Leia Meow
-Talk about bringing out the big guns with some real hard hitting. These two seem to give zero fucks out there and throw huge forearms. At one point Charles Robinson seems to not know if this is going well. Misawa holds his own against Tenzan before we see Leia Meow getting involved. Sonny Onoo is getting Robinson’s attention… Leia rakes Misawa’s eyes. There’s a fan at ringside, a young Korean girl, who is very vocal. Inside the ring Misawa is trying to mount a comeback and looks to get Tenzan in his grasp  and goes for a TIGER DRIVER and a 3-count… NO! Wait a minute! That’s CHONO! Chono is out here and he is stomping away at Misawa! Sonny is in there kicking, Leia the same, and now Tenzan… it is 4 on 1 but here comes KOBASHI for the save!



We’re back and we see Stacy Kiebler in the back and she is joined by Triple H… but he isn’t ALONE!


Stacy: Stephanie… what a surprise?!?

Stephanie: Listen here Stacy… it isn’t that big of a surprise if you know my husband… it was simply a matter of time… but don’t think that I am alone…

Stacy: What do you mean?

Stephanie: Well let’s just say that I brought a couple of friends… but they’re working with Eric Bischoff right now..

Stacy: Are all three of you working together?

Triple H: Woah… that’s a big accusation Stacy… it seems like the first sheets have been trying to write something that just isn’t happening.. This Saturday night… I am going one on one with the Undertaker and I am going for the RAGE World Championship… when I win that title… I will win it on my own with no help. Deadman… you have put a lot of people down in the past but you’ve never put me down. Sudden impact… it is going to be the end for you… and everything you’ve ever done… this time you will be the one who will REST IN PEACE…

We then cut to a special video highlighting the special feud between Godfather/Mark Henry and Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell. We will see them in a big Texas Tornado Tag Team Match this weekend at SUDDEN IMPACT!


JR and Dusty are back putting over the arrival of Stephanie McMahon Helmsley in a HUGE way. They can’t believe that she is here in RAGE but Dusty wants to know just who else she brought with her!?! We might find out but right now it is time for another big contest… let’s head to the ring…

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first… from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada… CHRISTIAN! His opponent… from Dudleyville… Bubba Ray Dudley!


Bubba Ray vs Christian
-Another interesting singles match for two tag team wrestlers. These guys don’t quite have the singles expertise but put together a fun little 9-minute contest. We see Bubba play more of a heel and get some heat on Christian who fires back with a big flurry and gets in some offense. We see these guys go back and forth before a huge spot to finish when Christian flies off the top rope for a hurricanrana almost but Bubba counters and hoists him up and SLAMS him down for a POWERBOMB for the 3-count! Bubba has got that crazed look in his eyes… could this be spelling the tale for the tag titles at Sudden Impact?

Before we go to commercial… we see Ric Flair in the back… he’s a bloody mess… he’s being dragged to the ring… but who is pulling him?


We’re back on Mayhem and Eric Bischoff is in the ring…


EB: I guess you people have been pretty upset about the way that I have treated Ric Flair… well, I want to bring Ric out here right now… c’mon out Nature Boy…

We then see Ric Flair thrown out on the entryway… wait a second… that’s Rodney and Pete Gas!  What in the hell are these guys doing here? They drag Flair down to the ring and throw him into Eric Bischoff… 


EB: Well… well… well… the Nature Boy… 100 time world champion… on your knees like the nothing that you are… covered in your own blood… Flair… you’re in my world now… and I want you to know that in my world… you are the ant and I am the boot… but it appears as though the masses out here want to see you wrestle… they want to see you at Sudden Impact… so tonight I am giving you the chance of a lifetime… the chance to get into Ultimate Survival… here is your opponent…


Ric Flair vs Rhyno
-No special introduction here…. The man-beast Rhyno is in RAGE! He comes down to the ring to a chorus of boos and the crowd is letting him have it. He steps into the ring and Flair is held up by Rodney and Pete Gas…. GORE! They pick up the bloody Flair again… GORE! Bischoff throws Earl Hebner in the ring… he has no choice but to make the 3-count… Rhyno is in Ultimate Survival… Ric Flair is a bloody mess… Sudden Impact is this Saturday… GET PUMPED!

RAGE Presents: Sudden Impact!

RAGE WORLD TITLE - Triple H vs The Undertaker

RAGE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP - ULTIMATE SURVIVAL - Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko vs Xpac vs Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Rhyno


Mark Henry & Godfather vs Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell

Plus more action live from Houston, Texas!

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You know, that opening match of Jerry Lynn vs. Chavo hit me so hard as being an intriguing matchup.  And if you had asked me every single day for the last 10 years to come up with an intriguing match, I would never have mentioned those two together.  I like that Chavo went over, too, but could see that going either way.

The rest of the show furthered the current storylines well, but the ending has me extremely intrigued (as does Stephanie's arrival, actually).  You got my attention big time with Flair being treated this way.  And Rhino was the perfect midcard type villain to have come down there and make a name for himself at Flair's expense.  He is an interesting addition to Ultimate Survival, he has so much impact compared to the workrate driven quartet you have in there now.

And way to capture Bischoff at peak douchebag levels.

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9/7 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem @ Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena 

RAGE opens with the footage from Sudden Impact. We see the team of Edge and Christian win the RAGE Tag Titles… we see Rhyno win the North American Championship… and then we see Triple H win the RAGE World Championship with the help of Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo. We then cut down to Dusty and JR who put over the huge event and our big night of action we’ve got here this evening… first thing we see is Eric Bischoff in the ring… Pete Gas and Rodney by his side...


EB: I want to take a moment right now and introduce to you… the FIRST EVER RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… THE GAME TRIPLE H!

-Hunter comes out with Stephanie McMahon on his arm along with Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo behind him. They enter the ring to a chorus of boos and the crowd is really letting them have it right now…



Triple H: I wish you people would show me some damned respect! I have busted my ass for each and every one of you! I have become YOUR RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I did it all by myself with the support of my wife.

Stephanie: You people just don’t seem to understand greatness when it is right in front of you. My husband, the inaugural RAGE World Champion is the top superstar in RAGE and he will continue to be on top of the sport for as long as he wants.

Triple H: A lot of people have been asking questions… well look in this ring… Jindrak, O’Haire, Palumbo, and myself… we're untouchable... and we want to be known that way for the foreseeable future. If you people won’t show us the respect we deserve… then we will beat it out of every single person in our way. A long time ago... I was part of a little group... but that has died and gone to hell and from the ashes has risen this contingent... this corp... we are High Society X and we're going to take over RAGE and show the world why we rule wrestling!

EB: Triple H… High Society X...when it comes to being the best this sport has to offer...this is it and I am so proud to see you in this position… it is almost as though I had something to do with it…

-EB and Trips then shake hands and the jig is up… wait just a moment… JR and Dusty point out… that’s K Allen Frey! He is coming to the ring with a couple of suits and security guards. The fans are stirring and Bischoff looks like he’s shaking in his boots a little bit…


EB: Mr. Frey… what do I owe this pleasure?

K-Allen: Eric… I am not here for pleasantries. For those who may not know… my name is Kip Allen Frey. I am a member of the board of directors for RAGE Wrestling. Eric when we put this thing together and agreed to terms for you to be a part of RAGE… you knew the terms of that agreement… right?

EB: Of course… that’s why I am so proud of what we’ve done over the last month…

K-Allen: You may be proud… but the Board isn’t happy… they aren’t happy with your abuse of power and clear disdain for some of the talents of RAGE Wrestling. 

EB: I don’t have any sort of ill-will towards anyone at RAGE… I have welcome them with an open arm…

K-Allen: An open arm in one hand and perhaps a pair of brass knuckles in the other. Needless to say… changes have to be made. A vote was held last night by the Board of Directors and it was a unanimous decision to put your contract under review. In doing so… the power that you have here in RAGE Wrestling has now been split in half… half for you… and half for a new commissioner of RAGE. That man will be here next week… because next week is going to be a very special Monday Mayhem… it is going to be 2-hours… and held from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia! 

EB: What are you talking about shared? Who is this guy?

K-Allen: Well… Eric… he has asked to keep his identity under wraps due to some contractual disputes… but he has said that next week he will be here in this ring… in fact he has given me three matches that will take place next week… the first will be a RAGE Tag Team Championship Match… between Edge & Christian and Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell! The next match… he said it would be a special six-man tag team encounter with The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Chris Benoit taking on… Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo! 

-HSX don’t seem too excited about that announcement as they get close to Frey but the security gets in the way…

K-Allen: Calm down there Triple H… our new commissioner has a special announcement for you… because he will be here next week on Monday Night Mayhem as a SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for a RAGE WORLD TITLE match next week when Triple H defends against… the winner of tonight's main event between Kenta Kobashi and Masa Chono! 

-Triple H isn’t happy about this one and the fans love it… who is the new commissioner? Who will face Triple H next week? We’ve got a lot of questions to be answered…


-RAGE is back with JR and Dusty putting over the announcement of Kip Allen Frey from moments ago...we will have a new commissioner next week. Mayhem will be two hours. We’ll see Triple H against Masa Chono or Kenta Kobashi! JR says that Frey will join us later in the program for another huge announcement for next week… right now it is time for Tag Team action… let’s go to the ring..


BB: Ladies and gentlemen our opening contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Pepper Pike, Ohio and the Farms of Pennsylvania… Danny Doring and Roadkill! Their opponents… they hail from Dudleyville… Bubba Ray and D-Von… the Dudley Boyz!


RoadKill & Danny Doring vs The Dudley Boyz
-A good opener with Doring and Roadkill getting a little bit of a cult following going here in RAGE. The Dudleys have gone complete heel and break every rule in the book here. They get some nice heat from the crowd and end up double teaming Roadkill outside the ring before coming back in to hit Doring with the 3-D for the 3-count. They jump on the microphone and let everyone know what they think of them and it isn’t pretty. They point out that they will be coming for the Tag Titles and Edge and Christian will soon have nowhere to run or hide!


-Stacy Kiebler is standing by with Mark Henry…


Stacy: Welcome in here Mark Henry… the World’s Strongest Man! You were victorious at Sudden Impact against Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell but many people feel as though the battle between you and Steiner is far from over…

Mark Henry: You know a lot of people be talking… well what they ae saying is right… I didn’t get enough of Scott Steiner and I want a little more… to me that punk got away but he won’t get away next time! Steiner… you got the tag titles next week… well don’t think I won’t be there waiting for you punk!

Stacy: Well Mark… I hope you get exactly what you want… wait just a moment… I am told that our new correspondent Terri is standing by… with Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell…


Terri: Thank you Stacy… I am here with Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell… 

Scott Steiner: Just shut your mouth right now if you know what’s good for you… I ain’t out here to talk too much… I got one thing to say to that big dumb goof Mark Henry. You think you got something special boy… well to me you ain’t shit. You didn’t win nothing or else you’d be the one getting a title shot right? Well you ain’t getting nothing and you won’t be… and you don’t gotta look too far for me boy… I will be in your nightmares every night and when I put you in the recliner you will take a long nap and never be the same…

-Steiner and Buff smile and pose as Terri isn’t sure what to make of all this...


-We return to RAGE with footage from Sudden Impact and we see the highlights from the Ultimate Survival match. We see some of the big moments and the finishes with Rhyno winning the title and Dean Malenko winning the title shot here tonight. JR and Dusty put it over in a big way as we cut to the ring and get ready for this title match...

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next match is schedule for one fall with a 30-minute time limit and it is for the RAGE North American Championship! Introducing first… from New Jersey… he is the man of 1,000 holds… Dean Malenko! His opponent… he hails from Detroit, Michigan. He is the Reigning… Defending… RAGE North American Champion… the Man Beast… RHYNO!


RAGE North American Championship
Dean Malenko vs Rhyno ©
-Big time match feel here from Bruce Buffer as these guys go into a fun little 9-minute match with Malenko doing his best cat and mouse game to kick things off but once Rhyno gets a hold of him it is all over. Rhyno gets into a series and beats the living hell out of Malenko. He pounds away at him and Dean is doing his best to make it to his feet but Rhyno continues to break him down and hurt him. Malenko makes one more effort but Rhyno counters him into a series of nasty suplexes and then he does a belly to belly suplex and tosses Malenko over the top rope to the floor! Malenko didn’t land well but it doesn’t appear as though Rhyno cares… he sneaks around the corner and GORE right on the floor! Malenko is hurt… Rhyno picks him up and then puts him back in the ring… Malenko is very slow to get to his feet but here comes Rhyno with another GORE! Malenko is almost lifeless on the ground as Earl Hebner is trying to help him but Rhyno doesn’t care… he picks up Malenko and turns him around for a POWERBOMB but he holds on to him… hoists him up for another POWERBOMB! Malenko is completely out as Rhyno covers him for the 3-count. Rhyno has retained the title but this is bad. Here comes Chris Benoit… he jumps in the ring as we see some medical personnel there… Rhyno doesn’t seem to care at all about what has gone on here… Benoit is staring a hole right through him… this may not end up well...


-RAGE is back with K-Allen Frey who is at the entryway… he is joined by Jim Ross as they put over the big announcement of the commissioner next week and the big matches we’ll see on that special 2-hour broadcast! Frey then makes another huge announcement…

JR: I am told that you have another big announcement to make…

K-Allen: That’s right Jim… you know the year 2000 is going to go down as a year of change… well here in RAGE we’re going to keep ahead of the times… this is one of the reasons why…


K-Allen: This is the RAGE Women’s Championship! Next week, I am going to announce the special 8-women title tournament to see who will be our first RAGE Women’s Champion. We’ll see those women next week on our special 2-hour broadcast of Monday Night Mayhem!

-Big announcement there from Frey… a women’s division… coming next week!?! Who will be involved there? We cut to the back with Terri… she has found Chris Benoit and Ric Flair…


Terri: Mr. Flair… Mr. Benoit… do you have word on Dean Malenko?

Chris: It doesn’t look good… he may have broken some ribs… some internal bleeding… Rhyno… this is personal now… I have got some other things on my plate right now… but don’t think for a second this is going to go unwarranted…

Ric Flair: Terri… what has happened here is another instance of Eric Bischoff’s complete lack of control… he has unleashed Rhyno… and look what happened… well Bischoff… next week… Benoit, Undertaker, and myself… we are going to take down High Society X one by one! Don’t think for a second we will be taking things lightly because when it is all said and done… we’re going to take them apart and we’re coming for you…


-Just then we see Arn Anderson run into the scene… he says that they are taking Dean to the hospital as Benoit and Flair rush off...


-Mayhem is back with JR and Dusty updating us that Dean Malenko has been taken to a local hospital and it looks as thought there are broken ribs and internal bleeding. No word on if surgery is needed but it looks like Malenko will be out of action for some time. They turn their attention to Xpac who has been accompanied to the ring by Tori lately. They talk about this being a very destructive couple with bad intentions on their mind. They wonder if Chris Benoit will get his revenge on Xpac for costing him the title opportunity from Ultimate Survival...

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is one half of the Starship Troopers… accompanied to the ring by Johnny… this is Rico! His opponent is accompanied to the ring by Tori… he hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota… Xpac!


Rico w/ Johnny vs Xpac w/ Tori
-A good one for these two. Xpac is a pro and exerts himself as such to make Rico look good. The Starship Troopers have some tan camo gear and have a gimmick but don’t seem to have too much momentum right now. The finish is an X-Factor out of nowhere for the 3-count. Nothing offensive… Xpac is building some momentum with his lady friend by his side...


-We’re back with footage from earlier tonight and the big build for this main event. These guys have plenty of time as we cut down to the ring for this big time contest… the winners faces Triple H next week for the RAGE World Title!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen… this is the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit and the winner will be crowned the number one contender and receive a shot at Triple H for the RAGE World Championship next week on Monday Night Mayhem! Introducing first… he is accompanied to the ring by Sonny Onoo and Leia Meow… he hails from Tokyo, Japan… Masa Chono! His opponent hails fromFukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan…  Kenta Kobashi! 


Kenta Kobashi vs Masa Chono w/ Sonny Onoo & Leia Meow
-Doesn’t get too much bigger than this. These guys have 30-minutes and use about 22 of it. We see Kobashi get the upperhand early on with some big time european uppercuts and then nasty forearms before Chono gets the upper hand with a kick to the side of the head that staggers Kobashi something awful. Once again we see Leia Meow getting involved at ringside with Sonny Onoo being a nuisance on the other side of the ring. This time though… that fan we’ve been talking about… She jumps over the railing and attacks Meow! OMG! We’ve got chaos outside the ring right now… security and officials run to break it up. Inside the ring we see Kobashi looking to finish and he goes for a half nelson suplex but here comes Tenzan with a kick to the skull! Sonny Onoo is holding Charles Robinson while the other officials and security are breaking up the fight outside the ring… wait a moment… here comes Misawa! Misawa runs down to the ring and he hits a flying forearm on Tenzan sending him out of the ring! Chono then turns Misawa around but he just smiles as Kobashi grabs Chono from behind and hoists him up for the BURNING HAMMER! Robinson finally pushes Sonny away and turns around for the 1...2...3! Kobashi has won it… he will face Triple H next week! Misawa and Kobashi then go over and break up the issue with security and they pull the woman to their side and raise her arms up… who is this woman and what will her role be next week for the RAGE World Title?!?!


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Great opening setting up next week before we even get to the action here tonight.  High Society X is a great faction, but they certainly seem to be in a little bit of trouble here.  Kip Allen Frey made major waves.

Damn, Rhyno got nasty with Dean Malenko.  Idk if Chris Benoit is really going to want a piece of that!  Rhyno is looking scary as hell and pretty strong right now.  He was a good choice for this title, it doesn't look like it will be easy to pry it off of him.

A women's division coming to RAGE.  I am curious to see which direction you take it in, more like today's or more like the era.

That was a great main event, and I like that you are featuring the Japanese contingent in RAGE in such a prominent role.

Gotta say I am pumped for next week's show already!


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9/14 RAGE Monday Night Mayhem @ Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena  

THUNDERSTRUCK by AC/DC cracks through the screen with a special video showcasing all the action of RAGE and Monday Night Mayhem! The screen opens to a ruckus Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The crowd is going wild as we see Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes sitting ringside…

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem! I am Jim Ross alongside the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Dream, tonight, we’re live for 2 hours on TNT and we’ve got two huge title matches plus a six-man that could change the course of RAGE wrestling for the foreseeable future!

Dream: Jimbo baby, you got the tag titles on the line… you got the RAGE World Title on the line…  we got the women coming out… brother it is going to be the night of nights!

JR: Fans, K Allen Frey is here… tonight we will also have the special announcement of the new commissioner who will be splitting power with Eric Bischoff… Dream… I know your name has come up multiple times…

Dream: Yeah Jimbo… I know my name was on the line but brother I like sitting my booty right here.. I like calling the action next you to you partner.

JR: Well that’s the way I like it too… fans… it is time to head to the ring for our first contest… the tag titles are on the line!


BB: Ladies and gentlemen… WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! Our opening contest is a RAGE Tag Team Championship match scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit. Introducing first… from Marietta, Georgia and Bay City, Michigan respectively… Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner! They’re opponents…  they hail from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… they are the REIGNING… DEFENDING… RAGE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… Edge & Christian!


Edge & Christian © vs Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell
-A great opening contest with two teams giving it a great showing here tonight. We’ve got 30-minutes to dance and these guys go about 18… even with some real sluggishness from Steiner who does his best in this environment. Buff doesn’t quite have the stuff he once did but still does okay. We see Mark Henry make his way down to the ring and serve as a small distraction for Steiner. Scott and Buff do get some heat on Christian and Steiner looks to try and finish but Mark Henry gets the crowd going and that leads to the hot tag to Edge who comes in line a house of fire. We see him nail a couple of huge dropkicks and then a big one that sends Steiner out of the ring. While the referee is focused inside the ring… Mark Henry runs and DESTROYS Steiner with a clothesline and the crowd pops! Buff Bagwell sees it but turns around and here comes Edge with a SPEAR for the 3-count! Edge and Christian retain the titles and get a good pop from the crowd. JR and Dusty put it over as they work the crowd. 


-Mayhem is back and we see Stacy Kiebler in the back and she is joined by Bubba Ray and D-Von...the Dudley Boyz!


Stacy: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen… I am joined right now by the Dudley Boyz… gentlemen we just saw Edge and Christian defend their titles… is that the next step for the two of you?

D-Von: Oh you better damn well know that the tag titles are next in line for the Dudley Boyz! We are sick and tired of being let down by powers that be… it is time to TESTIFY and show the world why we are the best in the world!

Bubba Ray: Stacy… you are looking mighty fine tonight… in fact… well… ha… I will keep my thoughts to myself.. But not for long… Edge…Christian… you got what we want and we are coming for them… we’re coming for the titles and boys…  it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Stacy: Fans… the Dudleys look to be next in line for a shot… wait just a moment… Scotty 2 Hotty… what is going on here?

Scotty: Hold it right there Stacy… I want to put it on the line right now… I know I haven’t had a great debut in RAGE but I think I found my nitch… and I want to throw MY name in the hat for the tag titles baby… 

Stacy: But who are you going to team with?

Scotty: I don’t know… but next week… I will find a partner and I will be in that ring… Dudley Boyz… let’s see what you got!

D-Von: Testify…

Stacy: Fans… looks like we’ve got a match next week… but who will be Scotty’s partner? Let’s go to the ring!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit… introducing first… accompanied to the ring by Tori… he hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota… X-Pac! His opponent… he hails from the Red Light District… The Godfather! 


Godfather vs Xpac w/ Tori
-A fun little opening segment with Godfather offering Xpac a trade… 2 world class hoes for Tori who is appalled… this gets Xpac into a little fury as he gets some good shots in before Godfather gets some good momentum going. He is able to toss Xpac around and work the fans. The finish sees Godfather go for the Ho-Train but Xpac dives through the ropes and comes up with a kick to the skull… Godfather is a little woozy as Xpac runs and hits the X-Factor and the 3-count! Xpac is getting some good momentum going here… Godfather has got the hoes to help him recover. 


We’re back with Monday Night Mayhem and we see the new ring announcer… Lillian Garcia…


LG: Ladies and gentlemen… I would like to welcome out Kip Allen Frey!

KAF comes out and joins Lillian…


KAF: Lillian thank you. I want to let everyone know that Lillian will be the official announcer for our women’s division here in RAGE. I would also like to announce that over the next couple of weeks as we introduce our women’s talent… it will build to two special fatal four way elimination matches. The winners of those two matches will then face one another to become the first RAGE Women’s Champion! In fact, we’ve got a women’s match right now to show you just what we’re talking about… 

LG: Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a RAGE WOMEN’S MATCH! Introducing first… from San Diego, California… Cheerleader Vicky!


LG: Her opponent… she hails from Rochester, New York… she is accompanied to the ring by The Kat… this is CHYNA! 


Chyna w/ The Kat vs Cheerleader Vicky
-Our first women’s match is a doozy… Chyna comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Vicky looks pretty raw out here but Chyna gets some good work out of her. Vicky has some decent work and gets some okay heat as a hyped up cheerleader who is snooty but Chyna is able to get a hold of her and finish her off with a nasty DDT for the 3-count. Chyna works the crowd with the Kat right on her arm. No word on what that relationship is… but the Women’s Division is here… and Chyna is looking to be on top of the world. 

-Before commercial we see Triple H in the back firing up his troops with Stephanie by his side. Jindrak, O'Haire, and Palumbo look ready to run through a wall for the GAME!


-Mayhem is back with JR and Dusty putting over the formation of High Society X with Triple H, Jindrak, O’Haire, and Palumbo. They put over how those four men have got a lot of bad intentions on their mind and they are going to do whatever they can and whatever they want to try and wear out anyone in their path… but tonight… they have got three serious challengers in their way… let’s head to the ring!

BB: Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit. Introducing first, they are members of High Society X… Mark Jindrak, Sean O’Haire, and Chuck Palumbo! Their opponents, The Crippler, Chris Benoit…. The Nature Boy Ric Flair… and The Undertaker!


The Undertaker, Ric Flair, & Chris Benoit vs Jindrak, O’Haire, & Palumbo
-Here we go with three of the best looking talents in the business against three of the top guys to every put on a pair of boots. They get into a fun series for about 16-minutes. Benoit has to fight the bigger men with everything he’s got. Flair is doing whatever he can to get in some offense. It is the Undertaker who can stand toe to toe with all of them but the double and triple teaming is really the tale of the match. Jindrak, O’Haire, & Palumbo are all very raw but they work well enough together and get some serious heat on Ric Flair who sells like a million dollars. As we near the finish we see Ric Flair make a huge tag to Chris Benoit who comes in like a house of fire with some big chops and dropkicks. Taker comes in to even the odds. We have got chaos breaking loose. We see Triple H and Stephanie in the entryway and that gets the attention of the Undertaker who heads towards them… on the other side of the ring… out of the crowd… oh my… RHYNO… GORE ON BENOIT! GORE ON BENOIT! Inside the ring… Flair is left in the hands of Palumbo who hoists him up on the ropes while O’Haire goes to the other side… Palumbo with a SUPERPLEX… O’Haire with a SENTON BOMB! They cover Flair for the 3-count and this is all over. They continue to put the boots to him until the Undertaker runs back down to even up the odds but HSX leave the ring and go up to Triple H who celebrates with them… Benoit is still out of it outside the ring and Rhyno has disappeared. 


Stacy: Fans welcome back… we’re told that Ric Flair and Chris Benoit are both receiving medical attention as we speak. We hope to have an update on them soon enough. Right now… I want to welcome Mitsuhara Misawa and Kenta Kobashi along with their friend… can you introduce yourself to the fans?


Gail Kim: My name is Gail Kim… I was a fan of these two men for so long and it made me sick to my stomach to see them treated the way they were. I studied Japanese… I studied the culture… I studied wrestling… all so I could be right here for them when they came to America. They have allowed me to be their manager… but also their protege… I want to be a wrestler and I want to carry on their tradition. 

Misawa: Watashitachi wa koko de sekai de saikō no resurā ni narimasu. 

Gail Kim: We are here to be the best wrestlers in the world.

Kenta Kobashi: Kon'ya wa sekai chanpion ni nari, watashitachi ga motte iru dentō o min'na ni misemasu. Hantā wa orenjikurasshu no chikara o kanjimasu!

Gail Kim: I am going to become the world champion tonight and show everyone the tradition that we bring. Hunter will feel the power of the Orange Crush! I am excited to be their mouthpiece but more excited to be their manager… together… the world of RAGE is going to be ours!

Stacy: Fans… now we’ve got some words to go with these men… it is time for more action… let’s go to the ring. 

BB: Ladies and gentlemen our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute limit. Hailing from Freeport, New Jersey, and the outer reaches of humanity… Chris Chetti and Nova! Their opponents hail from Tokyo, Japan… they are accompanied to the ring by Sonny Onoo and Leia Meow… Chono and Tenzan!


Chris Chetti & Nova vs Chono & Tenzan w/ Sonny Onoo & Leia Meow
-A pretty good tag contest but really a glorified squash for Tenzan and Chono who have got a very rough style. The finish sees Tenzan holding Chetti only to get kicked in the face by Chono… some awful… Tenzan then hits a bridging Dragon Suplex for the 3-count. Chono and Tenzan look good… but they have their eyes on Misawa and Kobashi… how will that play out?


We’re back with JR and Dusty and they pump up this huge main event. Kobashi vs Triple H with the world title on the line. They still don’t know who the special referee/ commissioner is. Kip Allen Frey is in the ring but Bruce Buffer... the fans are rocking as we head to the ring for this contest…


BB: Ladies and gentlemen… this is the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! It is scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit and it is for the RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Ladies and gentlemen live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia…. IIIIITTTT’SS TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE! Introuddcing first…  he hails from Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan… he’s accompanied to the ring by Gail Kim… Kenta Kobashi! (Some fans throw streamers in the ring!) His opponent… he hails from Greenwich, Connecticut… he is accompanied to the ring by his wife Stephanie McMahon… he is the REIGNING… DEFENDING… RAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… THE GAME TRIPLE H!


Before the bell rings… we see Kip Allen Frey hand Bruce Buffer a note…

BB: Ladies and gentlemen… before we begin… we have a special announcement… by order of the RAGE board of directors and Kip Allen Frey… this match will have a special guest referee who will also act as the commissioner of RAGE wrestling…

Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring holding his papers… he’s got Pete Gas and Rodny by his side. He gets in there to argue with KAF but Kip tells Bruce Buffer to continue…

BB: Ladies and gentlemen… the new commissioner of RAGE Wrestling and the special guest referee for this match… he hails from San Antonio, Texas… he is the HEART BREAK KID… SHAWN MICHAELS!


Bischoff and Triple H are LIVID! They yell at Frey who is all smiles. Shawn Michaels dances his way down to the ring while Rodney and Pete Gas make their way to him but HBK with a pair of sweet chin musics and the crowd explodes! HBK tells Bischoff to get out of the ring as he calls for the bell!

Kenta Kobashi vs Triple H © w/ Stephanie McMahon
Special Guest Referee: Commissioner… Shawn Michaels!
-Title on the line… Shawn Michaels as the referee… 25-minutes of tv time remaining and here we go… move for move these two start slow and build up with some very stiff and hard hitting shots! Triple H has to accommodate the strong style and brings it like he’s done it forever. Kobashi is first to get control and he tries to work over the neck and the back but Triple H is able to counter after a distraction from Stephanie that causes Gail Kim to pull her down from the apron. HBK then tosses both women from ringside… but this is enough for Triple H to gain control. We controls a majority of the match by working over the knees of Kobashi. The fans are behind the Japanese star and push him to fight back and he is making a huge comeback. We’ve only got minutes remaining on television… JR and Dusty put this over in the biggest way. Triple H goes for the flying high knee but Kobashi grabs him for a suplex out of nowhere! Triple H tries to get up but here comes Kobashi with a pair of huge forearms and then he goes for a dragon suplex but Triple H with a low blow! HBK warns him that he’ll dq him but Triple H tells HBK to suck it! That gets the crowd going… Hunter then goes in for the kill and tries to finish with the Pedigree but Kobashi counters and throws him over his back but then he nails HBK with his legs! Michaels is down. HHH is down. Kobashi is down. We’ve got one minute of tv time remaining. Kobashi and Triple H are slowly getting to their feet… wait a moment… that’s CHONO… Chono out of the crowd runs into the ring and BOOTS KOBASHI RIGHT IN THE SKULL! He goes down like a sack of potatoes. Chono glares at Triple H who covers Kobashi and Michaels slowly makes the count for 1….2…..3! Triple H has won it. We’re about to fade out. We’ll see you next week!

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I liked the ending of the tag title match a lot, the visual of Henry obliterating Steiner with a clothesline followed immediately by the spear on Bagwell was a pretty cool sequence.  Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones.

The first women's division in RAGE is here, and that is a big enough story, but the question now is who is going to present a challenge for Chyna?  The coming weeks will tell, I have a feeling.

I did not like the Untouchables chances going into that match, but they certainly proved that the numbers matter and Triple H is known as the cerebral assassin for a reason.  Flair taking the fall was probably the right thing to do and was very generous of him to give those guys a rub.  Fun match.

I feel like the pairing of Gail Kim with Misawa and Kobashi is going to stay in the upper midcard for awhile.  I like it.

Wow!  HBK!  Talk about a guy with history with Triple H, and it seems the initial reaction from The Game is less than happy, but the end of the match makes me slightly suspicious.  I look forward to seeing how all of this unfolds, including Kobashi seeking revenge on Chono.  Awesome main event!

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