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(Taped on Monday October 19th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 23rd)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and as we head toward next week and the big Halloween Spooktacular, we have quite a night of action lined up for you!

Our main event is a huge six man tag pitting Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, and The Texas Ranger against the trio of "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes of Steve Regal and Chick Donovan. Also in action we are going to see the tag team of Black Bart and "Mean" Mike Miller. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada will be in singles action against "Chief" Joe Lightfoot. "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones will go one on one with "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff, and right now we are going to open the show with the Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey in action!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs The Bounty Hunter- Non-Title

The masked Bounty Hunter was looking for his shot at glory tonight as he Pearl Harbored the Texas All Star Champion before the bell rang. The masked man controlled the opening minutes of the match attempting to wear down Casey with big shots to the back and by locking on the bearhug. But he went to the proverbial well one too many times, locking on the bearhug yet again, and this time Casey hit a bell clapper that got him to release the hold. That was all Casey needed, and the Champion took over on offense, and that was it for The Bounty Hunter. Casey took a couple of minutes to wear the masked man down, and then put him down with the Bulldog for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: "Cowboy" Scott Casey in 6:11


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner and All Star Heavyweight Champion, Scott Casey along with the lovely Sunshine. Scott, first of all, congratulations on your victory in the Round Up and on becoming the Texas All Star Champion.

Scott Casey: Thank You Marc. I have to tell you, I've been a lot of places in this sport, but bringing home this belt right here in Texas. Man, it doesn't get any better than that.

Marc Lowrance: Now, I know you were watching last week when Skandor Akbar and The Spoiler were out here making the case that The Spoiler deserved the first shot at your title. The Texas All Star Board of Directors was in agreement with that statement, and you will defend the All Star Heavyweight Title against The Spoiler next week at the Halloween Spooktacular. Your thoughts?

Scott Casey: Well, I think that The Spoiler absolutely deserves a shot at this belt. It's no secret that he dominated the Round Up. What did he eliminate, like five guys? He had that Claw locked on me and I was real close to going out, but if he thinks that I got lucky, that me winning that match and this title was some kind of fluke.... Well, next week I will be more than happy to show him what Scott Casey is made of.

Sunshine: Skandor Akbar! I'll be at ringside, and if you even think about trying to get involved, don't think I won't knock you on your butt!

A big pop goes up as Casey and Sunshine head out of the arena and the show goes to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT. Up next we have quite the clash as the big Russian, Alexis Smirnoff steps into the ring with "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones! This should be a good one.


1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit

-Alexis Smirnoff vs "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones-

This one started off with several collar and elbow attempts, but neither man was able to get an advantage. Smirnoff then called for a Test of Strength, but soon realized he was outmatched and kicked Jones in the guts. After that things devolved into a back and forth brawl that saw both men in control, but neither with a clear cut advantage. The end came when Jones blasted Smirnoff with a huge clothesline that sent the big Russian out to the floor. "Mr. Ebony" took a moment to flex his muscles to the delight of the crowd, but that allowed Smirnoff to grab his leg and drag him out of the ring. The two men then began to exchange punches and soon were wrestling on the floor, totally ignoring the twenty count of the referee. Even as the bell rang signalling that both had been counted out of the ring, they continued to slug it out, all the way back to the dressing room!

The Match Was Ruled a Double Count Out in 8:41


Marc Lowrance: Both men were counted of the ring, and I don't know if the camera can still see them, but it would appear that they are still trading punches back by the concession stands! Security is headed that way, and while they get this taken care of, we will take a quick break! Don't go anywhere, we will be right back with more Texas All Star Wrestling!

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Okay folks, Smirnoff and Jones have been separated, but things could be wild again in a minute, here comes the team of "Mean" Mike Miller and Black Bart!!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Mean" Mike Miller/Black Bart vs Dave Kent/Jack Spade-

This enhancement talent was not paid enough for the evening. Bart and Miller hit the ring like they were the Road Warriors, and ran these two kids over with a fury. Jack Spade got it easy, as Miller kicked him in the face as soon as he got in the ring, and then Bart grabbed two handfuls of hair and chucked him out of the ring where he landed mostly on his neck. Kent must have come in from Idaho, because he sure saw a lot of potatoes as Bart and Miller punched him back and forth across the ring. Finally Miller scooped him in a slam, walked him around the ring and planted him. Bart then scaled the ropes and came down with his Texas Trash Compactor. The referee could have counted to a thousand.

Winners: "Mean" Mike Miller and Black Bart in 2:19


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your...


Bart looks like he is ready to blow a fuse, and Miller is just shaking his head with a grin on his face.

Marc Lowrance: I assume you are speaking of the...


Marc Lowrance: Gentleman, there are three of them, and only two of you.

Bart's eyes nearly bulge out of his head, but Miller holds up a hand, and then pulls the microphone his way.

Mike Miller: Marc Lowrance, it just so happens that a damn fool is going to be passing through Texas next week, and he'd like nothing more than to beat up Tim Brooks and his flunkies inside that cage. So it will be three on three, and those boys are in for a real bad night.

Marc Lowrance: Would you care to shed some light on who that is?

Mike Miller: That'd just take the fun out of it Marc. C'mon Bart


-Commercial Break-

As we return from commercial, we see Frank Dusek standing next to Marc Lowrance.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, the Commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Mr. Frank Dusek!

Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. I don't want to take up too much time here this evening. I just have a few announcements concerning next weeks Halloween Spooktacular. First of all, after what we saw just a little while ago, I am ordering a rematch between Alexis Smirnoff and Tom Jones. This time there will be No Count Out and No Disqualification. I am also still awaiting word on the condition of Joe Savoldi after the attack by The Highwaymen last week. If he can't compete, replacement opponents will be named to compete for the All Star Tag Team Titles. Lastly, and probably against my better judgement, I am sanctioning the Devil's Night Cage Match. Black Bart, Mike Miller, and a partner of their choosing will take on Killer Brooks, Vines, and Sword inside the cage with the rules being that you must throw the opposing team out of the cage to win the match. Thank You Everyone. Now let's get back to the action.


1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit

-"Chief" Joe Lightfoot vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada-

Estrada came strutting to the ring again, chewing on a cigar, wearing sunglasses, this time wearing a gold robe with El Jefe emblazoned across the back in black letters. He told the ring attendant not to bother taking it to the back, because this wouldn't take long.

Joe Lightfoot attempted to open the match with a handshake, and got slapped in the face for his trouble. That set the tone for the match as an angry Lightfoot came at Estrada, but Estrada was a step ahead, and when he wasn't, he cheated. At around the ten minute mark, Lightfoot reversed a waistlock and pushed Estrada into the ropes. Lightfoot went for a roll up, but Estrada managed to halt the momentum by grabbing a huge handful of trunks. The referee didn't see it and counted the One, Two, Three!

Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada in 10:39

As Lightfoot was complaining to the referee about the trunks being pulled, Estrada rolled out of the ring and put his cigar back in his mouth and put his sunglasses back on. He began parading around the ring and came to a stop when he got to the timekeepers table on which was laying the headdress of Lightfoot. Estrada reached down and nonchalantly plucked a feather from it, he was admiring the feather when Lightfoot reached out from between the ropes and grabbed Estrada by the head with malice in his eyes. Being pulled into the ring with an irate Lightfoot, Estrada did the unthinkable.....

Marc Lowrance: OHHH!!!! NOOO!!

Estrada yanked the cigar out of his mouth and stuck it right into the face of Lightfoot. The camera angle made it hard to tell for sure, but it looked like he may have got him in the eye. The way that Lightfoot let go of Estrada and began clutching his face, crying out in pain also gave that indication. A herd of security and officials ran down to the ring and surrounded Lightfoot.

Marc Lowrance: Medical personnel, security, and Texas All Star officials have all hit the ring to check on Joe Lightfoot. I can't say for certain, but it seems like that cigar may have gone into his eye. It definitely went into his face. Here comes his friend Cocoa Samoa, and folks, let's take a break while....OH....

Estrada was sauntering up the aisle as people continued to pour into the ring. The Texas fans were pelting him with garbage and screaming obscenities, and as Cocoa Samoa walked by the camera caught Estrada saying something that couldn't be picked up over the booing. Whatever it was caused Samoa to pivot in the aisle and blast Estrada with a big right hand! The two of them began to brawl, and several of the security people in the ring were quickly rushing up the aisle to break up that fight.

Marc Lowrance: We'll uh....we'll be right back.....

-Commercial Break-

We return from break and Marc Lowrance is standing at ringside.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Just before the break, we saw a terrible incident as Jose Estrada stuck his cigar into the face of Joe Lightfoot. As we went to commercial, you saw Cocoa Samoa and Estrada get into it as well. Here is what I know. Samoa and Estrada have been separated by security. Samoa is currently en route with Joe Lightfoot to get medical attention, as apparently the cigar did strike Lightfoot in the eye. We hope to have an update on his condition for you next week.

Speaking of getting updates on the condition of someone, I am hoping we can get clarity on the condition of "Jumpin" Joe Savoldi of the S&S Express, as I welcome at this time, his partner Steve Simpson.

Steve Simpson comes out to join Lawrance, but he is dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, not to wrestle.

Marc Lowrance: Steve Simpson, last week you competed in a highly competitive match against Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen and you won that contest securing yourself and Joe Savoldi a shot at the All Star Tag Team Titles next week at our Halloween special. However, after the match we all saw the heinous attack that The Highwaymen perpetrated, spike piledriving your partner onto a steel chair. So the question on everyone's mind is, Will the S&S Express be able to compete for the All Star Tag Team Championship next week?

Steve Simpson: Well Marc, the unfortunate answer to that question is No. The injury to Joe's neck is going to keep him out of the ring until after the New Year.

A chorus of boo's breaks out in the arena, as Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson come strolling down the aisle. They are dressed in their long coats and cowboy hats, and have the All Star Tag Team Titles slung over their shoulders. They head right over to Lowrance and Simpson.

Marc Lowrance: Gentleman, we have had plenty of chaos here tonight, we don't need this.

Simpson has both hands balled into fists and looks ready to fight, but The Highwaymen both seem very...relaxed.

Bobby Duncum: We ain't come out'chere to fight. Ya unna'stan that? Nah, we come out'chere to tell ya, we're real sorry.

Phil Hickerson: That's right Simpson. We came out here to apologize for busting up your partners neck and costing you a shot at these belts. We lost our tempers, and we made a mistake.

Bobby Duncum: Yep. A mistake.

Phil Hickerson: We should have never done what we did to Joe.

Bobby Duncum: Nope.

Phil Hickerson: Because Joe Savoldi wasn't the scrawny, sawed off, little runt that beat me. That was you!

Bobby Duncum lashes out and blasts Simpson in the face with a big right hand, and the brawl is on. Simpson holds his own for a moment, but soon the two on one advantage starts to get the best of him. But then in the background, someone enters the ring and runs across it, before launching themselves over the top rope, a blur of blonde hair and black leather.

The figure crashes into both of The Highwaymen and Steve Simpson, sending all of them crashing to the ground. As the figure gets to their feet we see it is a man with long blonde hair wearing a leather jacket. When his face is visible to the crowd, an eruption of cheers goes up. The man reaches down and pulls a grinning Steve Simpson to his feet. He then turns toward the camera and we see that Steve Doll has arrived to help his old partner.

Together, The Glamour Boys begin laying the fists to Hickerson and Duncum, and soon The Highwaymen are retreating toward the dressing room, but Doll and Simpson aren't making it easy, blasting them all the way out of the arena!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Folks, it is absolutely chaotic here at the Will Rogers Coliseum tonight! We just saw Steve Doll arrive from out of nowhere to help his former partner Steve Simpson fight off their old rivals from the AWA World Class days, The Highwaymen! Joe Lightfoot has had a cigar stuck in his face courtesy of El Jefe. Tom Jones and Alexis Smirnoff fought all over the building. Black Bart and Killer Brooks have accepted the Devil's Night Cage match and promise a surprise partner, and we still have six man tag team action for our main event! I don't know how much more I can handle this evening, so let's head to the ring!


1 Fall, 45 Minute Time Limit

-Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, and The Texas Ranger vs "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes (Steve Regal/Chick Donovan)-

A fairly chaotic match from the opening bell as Victory and the Blondes attacked before the bell and it was a pier six brawl from the get go. The referee finally got things under control and we settled into a standard six man tag, but the heels had Lance cut off early and really worked him over. Things looked pretty bleak for the Von Erich cousin, but after nearly eight minutes of getting beaten down, he was able to make a hot tag to Adias! Adias worked over all three of the opponents, and scored a very close near fall on Jack Victory after catching him in a small package. Adias tagged in the Ranger who also was able to put quite a beating on both Victory and Donovan.

The match came to a chaotic conclusion when once again all six men were fighting in the ring, although Adias and Victory were legal. The Texas Ranger clotheslined Chick Donovan out to the floor, and then followed him out. Lance Von Erich and Steve Regal were going at it tooth and nail in a corner of the ring, and the referee was trying to get both of them out. Meanwhile Victory and Adias were wrestling in the center of the ring, and Adias slipped out of a bodyslam attempt by Victory and drilled him with his patented Russian Leg Sweep! Adias quickly covered Victory, but the referee was still distracted trying to remove Lance and Regal. This allowed a brunette woman to come running down the aisle and slide into the ring. She started stomping on Adias, who was quickly trying to cover up and get off Victory. Adias got to his feet, and the woman slapped him hard in the face. Adias rubbed his jaw, and then snatched the woman up over his shoulder and deposited her on the ring apron. He never saw her throw something to Jack Victory.

Adias dumped the woman out of the ring, and then headed back over to Victory who was half way to his feet. Adias grabbed him by the hair, and WHAM, Victory blasted him in the face with a punch that sent the lights out for Adias. Victory quickly tossed whatever the item was to the woman, and covered Adias. Seeing that the damage was done, Regal rolled out of the ring. Lance followed him, which allowed the referee to turn back around and see Victory covering Adias. He dropped down and counted the One, Two, Three.

Winners: Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes (Steve Regal/Chick Donovan) in 14:34


As Von Erich and The Texas Ranger slide into the ring to check on their fallen partner, Victory, The Blondes, and the brunette woman are heading for the dressing room when Marc Lowrance stops them.

Marc Lowrance: An underhanded victory if I've ever seen one! Just who is this young lady?

Jack Victory: Underhanded Victory! Marc Lowrance, what you just saw was the emergence of the Gold Dust Trio as the most powerful force here in Texas All Star Wrestling, and with the beautiful Kat Leroux by our side, none of these Texas hillbillies are going to be able to stop us!

The newly dubbed Gold Dust Trio and Kat Leroux push past Marc Lowrance and head for the dressing room. Frank Dusek passes them and comes to stand next to Lowrance.

Marc Lowrance: Frank Dusek, it has been quite a night here on Texas All Star Wrestling.

Frank Dusek: You can say that again. Based on what we've seen here tonight, I am making two more matches for next week. First up this Gold Dust Trio is going to team with "El Jefe" Jose Estrada and "Iron" Mike Sharpe and they are going to take on Lance Von Erich, Brian Adias, The Texas Ranger, Cocoa Samoa, and Jeff Gaylord in a ten man tag team match.

Marc Lowrance: That's huge!

Frank Dusek: and with Joe Savoldi unable to compete, The Highwaymen are going to defend the All Star Tag Team Titles against The Glamour Boys!!

Marc Lowrance: All Right!! Two more huge matches for the Halloween Spooktacular! But that is next week here on Texas All Star Wrestling. We want to Thank You for joining us this week here on KTVT. Good Night Everyone!



-Next Week-

Texas All Star Wrestling presents:
The Halloween Spooktacular!

-Devil's Night Cage Match-
Black Bart/"Mean" Mike Miller/???? vs "Killer" Tim Brooks/Jeff Sword/Doug Vines

-All Star Heavyweight Title-
"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs The Spoiler w/"General" Skandor Akbar

-All Star Tag Team Titles-
The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Simpson/Steve Doll)

-No Count Out/No Disqualification-
"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff

-Ten Man Tag Team Action-

Jack Victory, Steve Regal, Chick Donovan, Jose Estrada, and Mike Sharpe vs Lance Von Erich, Brian Adias, The Texas Ranger, Cocoa Samoa, and Jeff Gaylord


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This might of been the wildest show to date in Texas! 

Show kicks off on a high note with newly crowned Texas Champ Scott Casey. Casey and Sunshine seem more than ready for Spoiler and Akbar. 

Smirnoff and Jones fight all over the place. I'm glad you booked these guys together. Next week's match is going to be good. 

Oh man Bart and Miller make a devastating debut together. They're fired up for that cage match and I can't wait to see who's crazy enough to team up with them. 

You have done an amazing job with El Jefe. Estrada is a heat magnet! He makes the mistake of messing with Lightfoot's headdress, then again the way things turned out maybe Lightfoot made the mistake. Lightfoot is in serious trouble. Cocoa proves to be a good friend and might get some revenge for Lightfoot. However, El Jefe is one dirty fighter, so Cocoa better be on high alert. 

The Glamour Boys are back!!! One of my favorite feuds has been reignited. Glamour Boys get the title shot against the Highwaymen next week...YES! 

I always look forward to your main events and tonight was a wild one. A 6 man tag in Texas is always going to end in chaos LOL. The Gold Dust Trio is born along with Kat Leroux. This will literally be GOLD in Texas! 

Halloween Spooktacular is going to be must see TV! Man, it's going to be insane! 

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Great show as always!

Casey did a great job of giving respect to the Spoiler and that will be one heck of a match!

Black Bart on the mic is gold!  Who is their third partner?

Nice job by Dusek hyping up The Spooktacular

What a way to bring the heat down on El Jefe!  So well written.  Looking forward to seeing what Cocoa will do 

Great accent of Duncum.  It sounded just like him.  The Highway Men are a perfect team for Texas All-Star Wrestling

Great debut for Kat Leroux


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Nice win for the champ to kick off the show and gets us ready for the showdown with the Spoiler next week for the title, I'm excited for this first defense of the title!

A wild brawl between Mr. Ebony and 'The Russian Hammer' that leads us to a 'no DQ/no count out' next week for the Spooktacular!

Your Black Bart is quickly becoming one of my favorite promos in the game....I can see and hear every bit of it! Excellent work!  I'm looking forward to see who this "damn fool" is that Miller has in mind for a partner next week.....these guys are tough but make no mistake, Brooks and the Devil's Duo can hold their own....this is going to be a wild one!!

Holy shit!! Estrada steals a feather from Lightfoot's head dress and then sticks a cigar in his eye!! Cocoa Samoa may end up wishing he would have kept on walking down that aisle.

Great promo from the Highwaymen here then look who it is....STEVE DOLL!  The Glamour Boys are back together......on a side note, it's strange to think in the 80's that a team called the 'Glamour Boys' would be babyfaces yet somehow it works.

WHAM! Victory gets the pin thanks to the new valet of the GOLD DUST TRIO....I love it!

The shows keep getting wilder every week, the card for the Halloween show is a can't miss show! 

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(Taped on Monday October 26th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 30th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


presenting tonight, THE HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to Marc Lowrance standing by at ringside.

Marc Lowrance: Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Texas All Star Wrestling here on KTVT, and welcome to the Halloween Spooktacular! We have quite a night of action lined up for you here this evening. Not only will we see "Cowboy" Scott Casey defend the All Star Heavyweight Championship against The Spoiler. Not only will we see The Highwaymen defend the All Star Tag Team Titles against the newly reformed Glamour Boys. But since it is Halloween, and since it has the potential to be very violent, we have decided that the Devil's Night Cage match will be our main event. That way the kids can go to bed after the they see the championship matches, because the violence between men like Black Bart and Killer Brooks may be too much for them to handle. Also on the agenda tonight...

A member of the security team walks in front of Marc Lowrance and the camera carrying a chair with something attached to it. Just behind where Marc Lowrance is standing, he places it in an open spot in the front row. Marc Lowrance turns to see what is happening, and the camera pans in on the attached piece of paper which reads in bold black letters "Reserved for the Next Texas All Star Champion."

Marc Lowrance: Well, I... I have no idea what that is about. Umm, as I was saying. Also on the agenda, we will see Tom Jones and Alexis Smirnoff meet in a No DQ, No Count Out contest, and coming up right now is a ten man tag team contest.

Lowrance turns around and looks confusedly at the chair again, as the camera cuts to the entrance way as the music begins for the competitors in the opening contest.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Lance Von Erich, Brian Adias, The Texas Ranger, Cocoa Samoa, and Jeff Gaylord vs Jack Victory, Steve Regal, Chick Donovan, Jose Estrada, and Mike Sharpe w/Kat Leroux-

As with most matches involving this many people, this one was chaotic from the opening bell. It was actually the babyface side that started the brawl though, as Cocoa Samoa went after Estrada as he mockingly did an Indian war dance while covering one eye. Soon all ten men were brawling, and it took nearly two minutes for the referee to get eight of them out of the ring. Things were fairly standard for a while, with both sides tagging in and out like they were supposed too! Chick Donovan took a lot of punishment from the duo of Adias and Von Erich as they made frequent tags to one another and worked him over. Then big Jeff Gaylord came in and rag dolled Donovan around. Unfortunately the inexperience of Gaylord proved to be his undoing as Victory and Regal provoked him from the corner, which allowed Donovan time to recover, thumb him in the eye, and tag out.

Then it was Gaylord who got worked on by nearly everyone on the heel side for quite some time. It would be when Estrada was in the ring that Gaylord hit a desperation clothesline and made the hot tag to Cocoa Samoa! Samoa came in very angry and began laying in to Estrada with big chops and headbutts! Steve Regal jumped into the ring, and boom, a big headbutt for him! Then Chick Donovan came in, and wham, a big headbutt for him. Samoa wasn't waiting anymore and charged into the corner... Headbutt for Sharpe! Headbutt for Victory!! Then without thinking he headbutted the next person he saw on the apron, and when Kat Leroux went crashing to the floor, it was like Cocoa Samoa woke up from a trance! He stared down at the fallen woman with a look of total shock on his face, and was saying "I Didn't Mean Too" when Estrada rolled up him up from behind and hooked his tights! The referee never saw the hook of the tights and counted One, Two, Three!

Winners: Jack Victory, Steve Regal, Chick Donovan, Jose Estrada, and Mike Sharpe

The heels were quick to exit the ring as the babyfaces flooded in. Samoa didn't even seem to care that he'd been pinned, repeating "I didn't mean too" over and over again as his team mates surrounded him. Estrada headed quickly for the back with a big smile on his face. Mike Sharpe was jawing with the fans all the way back to the dressing room, and the Gold Dust Trio all stood over the fallen Kat Leroux staring down at her. All three then shrugged their shoulders and headed for the back, leaving her laying at ringside.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to the Halloween Spooktacular and Texas All Star Wrestling! Just before the break we saw Cocoa Samoa accidentally headbutt Kat Leroux, which allowed "El Jefe" Jose Estrada to roll him up for the victory in the ten man tag team match. During the break, Kat Leroux was helped from ringside after being abandoned by the men she arrived with. I am told that she is shaken up, but is expected to be okay. I am also being told that Cocoa Samoa is beside himself in the dressing room, and has vowed revenge on Estrada. Right now, I am told we have pre-recorded comments for The Spoiler and "General" Skandor Akbar. Let's go to those.

We cut to Skandor Akbar and The Spoiler in the dressing room. The footage is time stamped a few hours earlier.

Skandor Akbar: Tonight is the night Scott Casey! You got lucky once and caught The Spoiler off guard during the Texas Round Up, but if you think that this man will ever allow that to happen again, you are sadly mistaken. You admitted it yourself, that night he was the better man. Well tonight, he will be the better man again. When he locks you in the best version of the Claw that the state of Texas has ever seen, it will be the end of you, and the beginning of the reign of The Spoiler.

Akbar laughs as The Spoiler slams his fist into his open palm.

Marc Lowrance: Up next we have the No Disqualification, No Count Out contest between "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff and "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones. These two men wrestled to a Double Count Out last week, and then brawled to the dressing room. Tonight, that won't be an issue. They will fight until their is a winner. Let's head down to the ring.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff vs "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones - No Count Out/No Disqualification-

These two didn't waste time with fancy lock ups and just started hammering one another in the chest with forearms until someone moved. It was Smirnoff who finally took a back step, and Jones made him pay for it, crashing into him with a monster clothesline that sent the big Russian sailing out of the ring. Jones followed him out and the brawl was on! The two men fought all around the ringside area, giving the fans at the Will Rogers Coliseum an up close and personal view of the action. Smirnoff took advantage of the no DQ rule and fired a hard knee into the groin of Jones before tossing him back into the ring. Smirnoff grabbed a chair from the time keepers table and tossed it into the ring as well.

Smirnoff went to work on the back of Jones, slamming him on the chair several times, and then driving a knee into his spine while clamping on a rear chinlock. The Russian's assault on the back of "Mr. Ebony" would continue for several minutes with a variety of moves, and would conclude with him slapping on a bear hug in the center of the ring. It looked for a moment like that would be the end for Jones, but as the crowd began clapping, Jones began to pump his fist and fired several punches that loosened the grip of Smirnoff. Alexis wasn't about to have all of his hard work to be for nothing though, he reached down and scooped up the chair. Raising it high above his head, he looked to bring it crashing down onto the skull of Jones, but at the last second, Jones reached up and caught it!! A swift kick to the gut of the big Russian, and the chair was in the possession of "Mr. Ebony!" WHAM! Jones brought the chair crashing down onto the head of Smirnoff, who staggered in a circle around the ring. WHAM! A second shot sent Smirnoff to the canvas, and Jones covered him for the One, Two, Three!

Winner: "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones


Marc Lowrance: Oh My! A big win for Tom Jones!! Two huge shots to the head from that steel chair, and The Russian Hammer has fallen! While Jones celebrates, we are going to take a quick break, and then we will hear from the All Star Heavyweight Champion, Scott Casey and Sunshine!

-Commercial Break-

As we return from break, we are taken to another set of footage time stamped several hours earlier. This time it is Scott Casey holding the All Star Heavyweight Title and Sunshine, standing in front of the TASW banner.

Sunshine: Akbar, you can run your mouth all you want. But if you try to get involved tonight, don't think for a minute I won't get involved.

Scott Casey: Spoiler, I know I got lucky in that Round Up. But I'd just come off the Tag Team Tournament, I had a gash on my head, and I'd been in the ring for quite a while. Tonight, I am coming into that ring fresh, and if you think for even a second that you are stepping in there with the same man you tangled with in that Round Up, then you got another thing coming. This belt means more to me than you can imagine, and you'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands if you want to go home with it tonight.

Casey gives a nod to the camera as Sunshine pats him on the shoulder.

Marc Lowrance: Both champion and challenger seem ready for the match tonight, but before we get to that one, we have the All Star Tag Team Championship match coming up. Originally this was to be The Highwaymen defending against the S&S Express of Steve Simpson and Joe Savoldi. Then Hickerson and Duncum attacked and severely injured Savoldi, leaving the status of the challenge up in the air. Last week when it looked like Steve Simpson was going to be forced to give up his title opportunity, he was confronted and attacked by The Highwaymen, only for his former partner from the World Class days, Steve Doll to arrive out of nowhere and even up the odds. Commissioner Frank Dusek and the Texas All Star Board of Directors saw an opportunity and made the match, so tonight we see an old rivalry rekindled as The Glamour Boys take on The Highwaymen for the All Star Tag Team Titles.


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Simpson/Steve Doll)- All Star Tag Team Titles

The Will Rogers Coliseum went nuts before the opening bell, as it was Doll and Simpson who attacked The Highwaymen! All four men were brawling right away, as this rivalry goes way back and was really never settled. Simpson managed to remove himself and Hickerson from the ring with a crossbody block that sent them both sailing over the ropes, saving the referee the trouble of getting two of them out of the ring! Doll and Duncum were still firing haymaker at one another, a battle which Duncum was bound to win, so Doll ducked under one and nailed him with a dropkick!

From there, this settled into something more resembling a wrestling match as Doll used his speed to keep Duncum off balance and tried several different pinning combinations, but each time Duncum was either able to kick out or at least get the shoulder up. Doll's luck ran out when he attempted a crossbody block, and Duncum caught him. Bobby planted him with a big bodyslam, dead center in the ring, and then dropped an elbow on him. Now it was time for The Highwaymen to go to work. Duncum and Hickerson took Doll into their corner, and started the tried and true method of frequent tags, high impact moves, and constant cheating. Soon enough, Doll was hurting, and Simpson was pissed off and trying to get in the ring, only making things worse for his partner.

This went on for quite a while, to the point that Hickerson was almost toying with Doll. Finally it seemed like Phil was done having his fun, and he hooked Doll for the DDT. But instead of dropping Doll immediately, he looked over to Simpson and yelled out "This is for Joe!" Hickerson was quite shocked, when Doll yanked both of his legs out from under him, and then flipped over him into a cradle. So shocked that he barely managed to kick out at 2.9!! Hickerson got quickly to his feet, but it wasn't quick enough, as Doll rolled forward again and tagged in Simpson!

Steve Simpson came in angry as hell and started firing punches at Hickerson. Then Duncum came in the ring, but Simpson didn't care and started firing punches at him too. Punch for Phil. Punch for Bobby. Punch for Phil. Punch for Bobby. Back and forth, back and forth, until both of them were wobbling. Simpson then broke the pattern by hitting Duncum, the illegal man, with a dropkick that sent him out of the ring. Turning his attention back to Hickerson, Simpson kicked him in the gut, and planted him with a DDT of his own! He covered, but Hickerson was able to kick out just before 3.

Simpson pulled Hickerson back to his feet, and then as the Will Rogers Coliseum roared, be bodyslammed the much larger Hickerson and pointed to the top turnbuckle. With Hickerson prone in the ring, Simpson climbed to the top, raised both hands into the air, and soared across the ring, crashing down onto Hickerson with a huge Flying Body Splash! The referee counted One, Two, Thre..... Bobby Duncum brought one of the All Star Tag Team Titles down hard onto the head of Simpson!! Steve Doll hit the ring and nailed Duncum with a flying tackle and started raining punches down on him, as the referee called for the bell.

Winners, by Disqualification: The Glamour Boys of Steve Simpson and Steve Doll

Bobby Duncum managed to get out from under Steve Doll, and rolled out of the ring. As Doll went to check on Simpson, Duncum grabbed the foot of Hickerson and pulled him out of the ring. Clutching their titles, The Highwaymen skulked out of the arena to a chorus of boo's.


Marc Lowrance: A despicable display by the Tag Team Champions. We'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Well Ladies and Gentleman, as we saw before the break, The Glamour Boys had the All Star Tag Team Titles won after Steve Simpson hit that spectacular flying splash on Phil Hickerson. But Bobby Duncum came in with one of the belts, and saved the championship reign of The Highwaymen by purposefully losing the match. Just a lowdown, dirty way.... wait a minute, we have some kind of commotion in the....

The camera cuts to the chair in the front row with the "Reserved for the Next Texas All Star Champion" sign. A member of the security team removes the sign, and waves toward a side door of the arena. A murmur begins in the crowd as all heads turn to where someone is being led into the arena. As more people are able to see the person, a mixture of cheering and booing begins to permeate the Will Rogers Coliseum. When the camera finally gets a glimpse we see a denim jacket and a white cowboy hat.

Marc Lowrance: Well Ladies and Gentleman, I can certainly say that I wasn't expecting to see this. It would appear that our mystery guest is former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dory Funk Jr!

As security moves him down through the crowd, it is indeed Dory Funk Jr. Dressed in blue jeans, a white dress shirt, a denim jacket, and a white cowboy hat. He takes the seat that had been sitting empty all night and settles in.

Marc Lowrance: It would appear that Mr. Funk has arrived to see All Star Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey take on The Spoiler. Here comes The Spoiler and Skandor Akbar, let's head to the ring....


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs The Spoiler w/"General" Skandor Akbar- All Star Heavyweight Title

As soon as these two locked up it became obvious that this was going to be a very physical showdown. The lock up itself was a struggle as both men struggled to get control, but ultimately it would be the height advantage of The Spoiler that would allow him to power Casey back into a corner. The referee attempted to get a clean break, but Spoiler landed a big haymaker as he was being pushed out. Casey apparently didn't feel it though, as he came out of the corner firing punches around the head of the referee who was pushing Spoiler away! Soon both men were exchanging bombs in the center of the ring, trying to see who would be the first to fall down!

Spoiler was the first to stop throwing punches, instead gouging the eyes of the champion, and then grabbing a headlock takeover. The masked man was relentless, working on the head and neck of Casey for the next portion of the match with the headlock, a twisting chinlock, and by just driving several elbows into the side of Casey's head. Spoiler then whipped Casey into the far turnbuckle and followed him in with a big clothesline. Spoiler grabbed the arm and scaled the ropes, looking to walk across and come crashing down on the head, but instead Casey jerked on the arm, and The Spoiler landed groin first on the top rope!

As The Spoiler was straddling the top rope, Casey blasted him with a clothesline that sent him out to the floor! The champion took the opportunity to catch his breath and recover as the referee counted the Spoiler, who got back into the ring just before the count of twenty. The two men locked up again, and this time it was Casey who took the advantage, surprising his opponent with a bodyslam! As The Spoiler writhed in pain, Casey clamped on a rear chinlock and it was his turn to go to work. Casey used the chinlock, which he converted into a surfboard to work on the neck and back of the masked man. He then dropped him with another bodyslam and dropped an elbow for a count of two. Casey went for a suplex, but Spoiler was able to block it, and took Casey over with a suplex of his own!

As the match continued on, the momentum continued to switch back and forth with both men hitting several high impact moves, and both getting several near falls on their opponent. Just past the twenty two minute mark, The Spoiler was in control, blasting away at Casey with big time right hands in the corner. Spoiler whipped Casey into the ropes and went for a big clothesline, but Casey was able to duck under it, and on the rebound caught Spoiler with a cross body block that sent both of them to the canvas! However, the referee had been too close to the action, and Casey's boot caught him in the head, so there was no one to make the count!!

Casey got back to his feet, and when The Spoiler started to get up, Casey nailed him with the Bulldog! With the Spoiler down and out, Casey went over and began trying to revive the referee. Skandor Akbar sensing an opportunity quickly rolled into the ring, and began fumbling with something in his pocket. He came to stand just behind Casey and after a few moments of fiddling with whatever he pulled out of his pocket yelled out "HEY CASEY!" As Scott Casey was turning around, Akbar began to move his hands, but then Sunshine came from out of nowhere and tackled Akbar!! This was a lucky break for Casey, as Akbar's fireball missed him by inches!!

As Sunshine was throwing punches at Akbar who was scrambling to get out of the ring, Casey shook the referee again, who finally started to move. Noticing that The Spoiler was starting to stand back up, Casey bounced off the ropes, and hit him with another Bulldog! He then covered him as the groggy referee counted One, Two, Three!

Winner, and Still All Star Heavyweight Champion: "Cowboy" Scott Casey


Marc Lowrance: All Right! After a chaotic ending that saw fire thrown in the ring, and Sunshine beat up Skandor Akbar, Scott Casey has retained the All Star Heavyweight Title!

As The Spoiler and Akbar retreat to the dressing room, Sunshine enters the ring and hands Scott Casey the All Star Heavyweight Title belt. He raises it high for everyone to see and is getting quite a round of applause from everyone in the Will Rogers Coliseum. Well, everyone except for one man. Dory Funk Jr sits with his arms crossed and an expression of disinterest on his face. After several moments he gets up and gives a final look at Casey, before shaking his head in disgust and heading for the exit of the building.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back here on KTVT with the Texas All Star Halloween Spooktacular! As you can see, the cage is being put up for our main event of the evening. While that is getting finished, let's head to pre-recorded comments from "Killer" Tim Brooks and The Devil's Duo.

We are taken to a shaky video that is time stamped several hours earlier and is from the parking lot of the Will Rogers Coliseum. As we fade in, we see three Harley Davidson motorcycles comes riding into the lot and they roll to a stop in front of the camera. The three leather clad men shut the bikes off, and Tim Brooks removes his helmet and speaks.

Killer Brooks: Black Bart! You've been doing a whole lot of yelling and screaming, but inside that Devil's Night Cage, the only yelling and screaming you're going to be doing is as me and these boys tear your flesh across the mesh of that cage. You've been costing me time and money since the day I stepped foot here in Texas All Star Wrestling, it stops tonight. Tonight inside the Devil's cage, I end you Bart!

Doug Vines and Jeff Sword both have huge grins as they stand behind Brooks who has begun to laugh.

Marc Lowrance: As the last wall of the cage is being secured, I am told that we are going live backstage where the opponents are standing by....

We cut backstage to where Black Bart and Mike Miller are both dressed for action. Miller is standing calmly, as Bart is pacing angrily back and forth.

Mike Miller: Brooks, Vines, Sword, in just a couple of minutes...


Miller looks at Bart to make sure he isn't going to get interrupted again, then continues.

Mike Miller: As I was trying to say, in just a couple of minutes the fight begins. I hope you boys are ready cause we are Big....

Miller slaps Bart on the shoulder.

Mike Miller: Mean.....

Miller slaps himself on the chest.

Mike Miller: and Dirty....

"Let's go kick some asses boys, I got places to be....."

The man behind the voice, Dick Slater walks into the shot and motions for Miller and Bart to follow him. Miller smirks and Bart grabs his cowboy hat, as all three men head for the ring!

-Commercial Break-


Until 1 Team is Eliminated, TV Time Remaining

-Black Bart, "Mean" Mike Miller, and "Dirty" Dick Slater vs "Killer" Tim Brooks, Doug Vines, and Jeff Sword - Devil's Night Cage Match-

As you'd expect this was a technical wrestling classic full of wristlocks and Greco Roman wrestling....

By which I mean, all six men were brawling as soon as all six men were inside the cage. Bart and Brooks went for each other immediately, leaving Miller and Slater to pair off with The Devil's Duo. The first minutes were absolute chaos as fists were flying, people were being tossed into the cage, faces were being scrubbed across the cage, heads were getting stomped with cowboy and motorcycle boots. By the time five minutes had elapsed, everyone but Mike Miller and Doug Vines was bleeding, t-shirts were torn, and somehow Jeff Sword was missing a boot.

The first elimination came about three minutes later when Slater and Sword were both on the top rope and Slater was trying to shove Sword out of the cage. Sword had a handful of Dick's hair, and Slater had him by the belt and the neck. Each man was inching up the cage step by step, and finally Slater had Sword teetering half in and half out of the cage. Slater was raining elbows into the back of his head with one arm, and still trying to hoist him out with the other. In the ring Vines was trying to get over to help his partner, but Mike Miller was having none of it. Slater got Sword so that he was pretty much laying across the top bar of the cage, and as Sword was scrambling to find something to hold on too, Slater headbutted him right between the eyes, and Sword took a brutal fall off of the cage, that saw him land on, and bounce off of the time keepers table.

Jeff Sword is Eliminated.

Bart and Brooks were virtually ignoring all of the other action in the cage, over in a corner by themselves, punching, gouging, choking, and biting each other bloody. Neither man willing to give an inch, the momentum constantly shifting. Meanwhile, with Sword gone, Vines found himself in a world of hurt as both Slater and Miller were now beating on him. Right hand from Miller, right hand from Slater, one from Miller, one from Slater, and on and on, until Vines was out on his feet. Then Slater and Miller drug him over to the turnbuckle and sat him up on it. Both men climbed up with him, and they pulled him to his feet. They seemed intent to dump him out of the cage backwards, but Jeff Sword was somehow back to his feet and shoved past officials and medical personnel and began climbing to try and save his partner! Slater quickly climbed over the cage to intercept Sword, and as Miller went to shove Vines out, Doug had enough left in him to grab Miller by the hair to save himself!!

Slater was hanging on the outside of the cage, exchanging blows with Jeff Sword, while Vines was sitting on top of the cage wildly throwing punches at Mike Miller who was standing on the top rope. Vines managed to stagger Miller, and then used one of his feet to kick him, which sent Miller sailing backwards to the mat. Vines then turned his attention to Slater who was now stuck outside the cage hanging on with one hand, using his other to punch the still half loopy Sword. From inside the cage, Vines held on to the top of the cage with both hands, and with one foot on the top rope, used his other leg to start kneeing the fingers of Slater that were holding onto the cage!! More stunned than hurt, Slater let go and slid down the cage to the floor!

Dick Slater is Eliminated

Mike Miller got up and looked over to see Bart and Brooks still fighting in the corner. He then headed back into the corner where Vines had just dropped Slater off the cage. Vines turned around just as Miller got there, and Miller simply yanked his foot, causing Vines to fall and crotch himself on the top rope! Miller grabbed him by the head and smashed his face into the cage several times, and then left him straddled on the top rope, being held up by the cage as he climbed onto the turnbuckle behind him. Miller reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Doug Vines hair, and basically forced Vines to start climbing or have his hair torn out. Eventually both men were standing on the top rope, and Miller was just blasting Vines repeatedly into the cage until his face was just pouring blood. Miller braced himself as best he could, grabbed Vines around the waist and lifted up as much as he could, getting him about half way out of the cage. Vines swung one of his legs over to try and get some balance and fired a couple of week punches at Miller, but a big right hand from Miller sent Vines over the edge and he was left dangling, holding on with both hands. Miller then punched the cage where his face was, and that caused him to let go and fall to the ground.

Doug Vines is Eliminated.

While Miller was taking care of Vines, Black Bart and Killer Brooks had finally begun to ascend the turnbuckle in an attempt to eliminate one another. Both men were bleeding like faucets, the corner where they had been fighting looked like a murder scene. Each had a handful of the others hairs as they attempted to climb the turnbuckles, and when they got to the top rope, they were pretty much taking turns smashing each other face first into the cage to see who would fall first. When neither man fell, they again began jostling for position as they tried to haul one another over the top. Bart managed to get Brooks into a prone position, bridging the corners of the cage, but Brooks got a death grip on the beard of Bart and was biting him from up there, causing Bart to climb up and swing a leg over to take away his leverage. A right hand from Bart sent Brooks over the side, but Brooks grabbed onto the leg of Bart, nearly yanking him out of the cage.

It was around this time that Mike Miller climbed up the turnbuckle on that side of the ring after eliminating Vines and took inventory of what he saw. Brooks was dangling out of the cage, one hand holding onto the steel, one holding onto Bart's leg. Bart was now dangling, holding on by one hand and a knee of all things! His other hand was holding the side of the cage, and Brooks had hold of his other leg. So "Mean" Mike Miller reached down...

..and shoved Black Bart the rest of the way out of the cage!!

Fortunately for Bart, the hand holding the side of the cage caused him not to plunge clear from the top of the cage to the floor, instead he kind of rotated, crashed into the side of the cage, and then fell to the floor.

Black Bart is Eliminated

Killer Brooks was nearly torn from the side of the cage when Bart fell, but instead was now dangling by one arm. With a look of total confusion on his face, and a chorus of boo's ringing out across the Will Rogers Coliseum, Brooks slowly looked up to see Mike Miller extending a hand. After a moments hesitation Brooks reached up and took it, and Miller hoisted him up so that Brooks could pull himself into the cage. The two men stood on the top rope looking at one another for a long moment, and then Miller said something the camera couldn't quite pick up. Brooks still looked absolutely confounded, and then looked even more so, as Miller swung himself out of the cage, and climbed down to the floor to nearly deafening boo's.

Mike Miller is Eliminated


Mike Miller dropped down off the cage next to the un-moving form of Black Bart. He looked down at him, shook his head in disgust, and then headed for the dressing room as he was pelted with all kind's of trash.


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I don't know what to say other than please join us next week for more Texas All Star Wrestling, where we will hopefully get an explanation for this. Until then, Happy Halloween everyone. Be Safe.


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Great Halloween card with every match being huge!

Poor Kat Leroux!  and then her team abadons her?  We will have to see about this!

Good win for Mr. Ebony.  ALways great to beat the Russian in the 80's!

Great tag team title match.  You almost had me with that one, two thre count.  I had to go back and reread it as I thought we had new champs.  The Highway Men continue to be the top team here in All-Star!

I was wondering who the chair was reserved for and when it turned out to be Dory, things just got real.  Nice to see Casey go over the Spoiler but a much bigger challenge lies ahead.

NEVER TRUST SOMEONE WHOSE NICKNAME IS MEAN!  Brooks gets the win the in Devil's Cage Match... an awesome event!

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Wow! Man, I had to catch my breath after reading this event. Halloween Spooktacular delivered in every way.

You know it's going to be a great night of action when a 10 man tag kicks things off. Fun match to get the fans going. Heels take advantage of Cocoa's intensity and steal the win. Poor Kat Leroux, gets headbutted and abandoned by her own team. I did chuckle when the Gold Dust Trio just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. What a bunch of jerks LOL. 

Good promos by Akbar, Spoiler, Casey and Sunshine to hype up the Texas Title bout. Adds to the big time feel. 

I was looking forward to Jones and Smirnoff and they gave me my money's worth. Just something about these guys working together gels so well. Jones puts Smirnoff down with 2 big chair shots to get the hard earned victory while Smirnoff still walks away strong. 

Highwaymen and Glamour Boys put on another classic. Glamour Boys almost pull it off but those cheating heels put an end to that and walk out satisfied with a DQ loss. I'm ok with this because we're going to get more. 

If anybody deserves a reserved seat in Texas it's Dory Funk Jr. 

Casey and Spoiler go all out in one grueling match. Sunshine really saved the day here and took care of Akbar and his fireball while Casey bulldogs his way to a successful title defense! Is Dory next? I hope so! Casey better be ready because Dory is a whole new ballgame. 

Main Event Time! Oh man Dirty Dick Slater is back in the states! If I was going into a match like this then I would defiantly want a guy like Slater on my side! 

Incredible job with the write up! This would be a hard match to describe but brother you nailed it! Each man's fall from the cage was so realistic. 

The Devil's Duo prove to have a strong bond as Sword comes back to help his partner eliminate Slater. 

Bart and Brooks really gave the fans a show and just beat the hell out of each other. I thought Mean Mike was the MVP...until he does the unthinkable and eliminates his own partner then himself to allow Brooks to win the match! WHAT?!?!?! 

I can't wait to see the follow up from this. Bart is going to need some help but how can he trust anybody after what Miller just did? I guess I'll find out soon enough. 

Awesome show! So well written! You have done an amazing job building up this roster. 




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I like that I'm getting invested before the opening match even takes place by the chair being brought down for the Championship match, my interest is now even higher wondering who this could be calling out the winner of the title match??

As Spaldoni mentioned, you know you're in for a hell of a show when the opening match is a 10 man tag with some of the biggest names in Texas All-Star involved.  Right out of the gate I can just see Estrada doing his mock Indian war dance with a one hand over his eye and Cocoa going after him and know this is going to be a wild one....and also tells us where Cocoa Samoa's head is at which will come into play in the finish....which was excellent!  Heels get the win, while really getting over just how deep in Cocoa's head Estrada is.....also a great way to put Kat Leroux on the first bus out of Dallas heading to her new home while the Gold Dust Trio gets a little extra heat by shrugging it off like "oh well...we'll pick up another one later."  Very well done!

Nice promo from Akbar making a strong case for the Spoiler taking the title tonight

WHAM! Smirnoff vs. Jones was exactly what it needed to be, Mr. Ebony gets the win!

Sunshine/Casey make a strong case for Casey retaining....this is going to be good!

You just knew there was no way a couple of roughnecks like the Highwaymen were going to let a team called the Glamour Boys take their belts.  I love the combo of Hickerson/Duncum and I hope they keep those belts for while but despite their less than masculine name....the team of Simpson and Doll are more than capable of taking the belts if given a fair shake.

Wow, I honestly had no idea who would be sitting in that chair at ringside and I stoked to see it was Dory Funk Jr! Some much potential here!

Impressive win for Casey as Sunshine proves to be an asset to have as a valet and more than just a pretty face at ringside!  However, Dory Jr. wasn't impressed....I'm looking forward to see him across the ring from the champion!

The Devil's Night Cage Match promised to be a bad ass main event and it delivered!  Wow, I was not expecting Dick Slater to turn up as the partner of Black Bart and 'Mean' Mike Miller....once that was revealed it felt like a forgone conclusion they had this match sewn up......BUT...no good...low down....dirty....."DADGUM SUMBITCH" Mike Miller stabs Black Bart in the back and costs them the match!!  Killer Tim Brooks is going wear this win like a badge for a long time to come I'm sure.

Awesome show!! You've built up Texas All-Star in record time! I'm excited to be a part of the USWA and look forward to some of these guys (and gals) making their way over to compete in Twin States soon!


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(Taped on Monday November 2nd, 1985 and airing Friday Night November 6th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and we are just seven days removed from the shocking events of the Halloween Spooktacular. We will get into many of those things here tonight, but right now I am set to be joined by the so called Gold Dust Trio, before the Fabulous Blondes see action, and I certainly have questions for them.

The trio of Jack Victory, Steve Regal, and Chick Donovan come sauntering out of the dressing room to a chorus of boos. They are all smiles and struts as they make their way over to where Marc Lowrance is standing.

Marc Lowrance: Last week the three of you were involved in a ten man tag team match that saw your valet Kat Leroux hit with an unintentional headbutt from Cocoa Samoa. When the match was over, in a very disgusting act, the three of you left that poor young woman laying in a heap at ringside. What do you have to say for yourselves?

All three men begin looking at one another with looks of faked confusion on their faces.

Jack Victory: Mike, what in the world are you going on about?

Marc Lowrance: You know exactly what I am talking about Mr. Victory.

Jack Victory: Kate Lowrance? Is she like your sister or something?

Marc Lowrance: I said Kat Leroux.....

Steve Regal: Is your sister cute Marc?

Marc Lowrance lowers the microphone and appears to be losing his cool, when Frank Dusek comes power walking out from the back and takes the microphone from him.

Frank Dusek: You three need to shut up and listen. Victory, you are wrestling in the main event tonight, so you better head on back to the dressing room and get ready. That's not a suggestion...

The three men all start getting boisterous as they begin to exit the area and head for the dressing room.

Frank Dusek: Regal, Donovan, I never said anything about you two leaving. You have a match...right now...

Steve Regal: No, No, No. We aren't ready to wrestle.

Frank Dusek: That's too bad. We pay you to wrestle, so you can get in the ring, or you can pack your bags.

Chick Donovan: Who are we wrestling?

Frank Dusek: These guys....

Steve Doll and Steve Simpson, The Glamour Boys come running from the dressing room to a huge ovation and start brawling with the Fabulous Blondes. They toss them both into the ring, and the ref calls for the bell.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) vs The Fabulous Blondes (Steve Regal/Chick Donovan)-

The Glamour Boys were all over the Blondes in the opening minutes of this one battering them from pillar to post. The Blondes would finally get themselves a breather and take the offensive after Regal went to the eyes of Simpson, and then dropped him throat first across the ropes. After that the Blondes would work Simpson over in their corner, and make frequent tags while cheating as much as humanly possible. It honestly looked at several points like the Blondes were going to bring it home, but Simpson managed to keep kicking out at two. Finally, Simpson got his opening and caught Donovan with a swinging neckbreaker on a backdrop attempt. Both men made the long crawl, and both tagged. Doll came in like a mad man, throwing punches and dropkicks, and just taking it to Regal. The end came when Doll ducked a Regal clothesline attempt, hooked the arm, and rolled him up with a crucifix for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: The Glamour Boys of Steve Doll and Steve Simpson in 17:39


As Regal and Donovan stomp angrily to the dressing room, Doll and Simpson come over to where Marc Lowrance and Frank Dusek are standing.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we have to take a quick break. But when we return Frank Dusek has quite an announcement to make. Glamour Boys, you probably want to stick around for this as well!


-Commercial Break-

We return to Frank Dusek standing by with the microphone, as Steve Doll and Steve Simpson stand with him.

Frank Dusek: Ladies and Gentleman, I am out here tonight with a pretty big announcement. So far Texas All Star Wrestling is surpassing all of the expectations of the Board of Directors and of our partners at the USWA. So a decision has been made, and on Friday night December the Eighteenth, we are going to hold a very special show at the Tarrant County Convention Center right here in Fort Worth. This isn't a permanent change of venue, as we will still be holding our television right here at the Will Rogers Coliseum every week, but on that night, we want you to bring your friends and family, and just one week before Christmas we are going to pack the convention center for the biggest show in the short history of Texas All Star Wrestling!

Right now, I would like to go ahead and announce the first match for that show. Mr. Doll, Mr. Simpson, on that night The Glamour Boys will get another shot at The Highwaymen for the All Star Tag Team Titles, and there will be No Count Outs and No Disqualifications!

The Glamour Boys are ecstatic, and after they thank Frank Dusek, slap hands with the crowd all the way to the dressing room.

Frank Dusek: The announcements don't end there Ladies and Gentleman. This show that we are calling Seasons Beatings, will also see Texas All Star Wrestling crown a new champion. The Board of Directors has commissioned the creation of a Texas Television Title, and the champion will be crowned that night in the Tarrant County Convention Center. But the tournament for that title, well, that begins right here tonight in our main event!

Last, and certainly not least. At Seasons Beatings, for the first time in Texas All Star history, the USWA Champion, whoever that may be is going to come down here to Texas All Star and they are going to defend the USWA World Championship against one of our wrestlers. The Board of Directors is still debating over who should get that opportunity, and as soon as I know, I will let you know. Thank You Ladies and Gentleman.

Frank Dusek hands the microphone back to Marc Lowrance and heads for the back to huge cheers.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT. Just before the break we heard the huge announcements from Commissioner Frank Dusek that on Friday Night, December the Eighteenth, Texas All Star will be holding a special event in the Tarrant County Convention Center called Seasons Beatings! Already signed for that show we have The Highwaymen defending the All Star Tag Team Titles against The Glamour Boys in a No Disqualification, No Count Out match. We will have the finals of the tournament for the newly announced Texas Television Title, a tournament that starts right here tonight, and we will see the USWA World Heavyweight Champion make their first appearance here in Texas All Star Wrestling to defend that title against a challenger to be named. Seasons Beatings is already shaping up to be a huge night of action, and these are just the first announcements! Let's head down to the ring, where The Texas Ranger is set for singles competition.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Texas Ranger vs Snake Brown-

Another night, another loss for Snake Brown! This one was all about showing off the athleticism of the masked Texas Ranger as he was very impressive with a high impact dropkick, a big powerslam, and a stalling vertical suplex among other maneuvers. Finally when he the time came, he threw up the horns, and then slapped on his version of the cobra clutch that he calls the Longhorn Lock. Poor Snake Brown went to La-La Land, and that was all she wrote.

Winner: The Texas Ranger is 4:01


Marc Lowrance: and The Texas Ranger picks up another victory! Ladies and Gentleman at the beginning of the night, I promised that we would get into the happenings of the Halloween Spooktacular, and when we return the newly formed duo of "Killer" Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller will be in action. I hope to get a word with them, and find out exactly what happened in the cage match last week. Don't go anywhere.


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit

-"Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller vs Shane Tylor/Mike Reed-

This is a mauling more than a match. Miller starts off and beats Reed about half to death for a couple minutes, then tosses him into his own corner. Miller goes and tags Brooks, while Tylor reluctantly tags himself in. Then Brooks goes wild on Tylor, and gives him five bodyslams before scaling the ropes and giving him the Flying Kneedrop for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: Tim Brooks and Mike Miller in 4:38


Marc Lowrance hurries over to ringside and catches Brooks and Miller as they exit the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Last week in the Devil's Night Cage match...

Mike Miller: Just stop right there Marc. You want to know why I did what I did. Right?

Marc Lowrance: Yes.

Mike Miller: It's real simple. They don't call me "Nice" Mike Miller, or "Your Good Buddy" Mike Miller, or "Black Bart's Sidekick" Mike Miller, they call me "Mean" Mike Miller and they do it for a reason. You know what that reason is Marc Lowrance?

Marc Lowrance: I suppose...

Mike Miller: It's because I'm not nice, and I'm not your buddy, and I sure the hell ain't Black Bart's sidekick. My problem was never with Tim Brooks. Me and the Killer are two guys who like to drink cold beers, ride fast bikes, and kick some butts. It was them two idiots and that devil crap that rubbed me the wrong way, but they ain't here no more, so that problem is solved now ain't it.

Marc Lowrance: That still doesn't explain why you did what you did to Black Bart.

Mike Miller: I did what I did to Black Bart because he was a fat, loudmouth buffoon. I was sick and tired of him screaming all the time, and cutting me off everytime I tried to say something. So when I climbed up that cage and I saw Bart hanging there and I saw Brooks hanging there, I had a decision to make. So I made the decision that made the most sense for the man who matters most to Mike Miller, and that is Mike Miller.

Marc Lowrance: When he fell from that cage Black Bart....

Tim Brooks: Black Bart! Black Bart! Black Bart! This right here is the problem! All you want to talk about is Black Bart! WELL WHO CARES ABOUT BLACK BART! What you should be talking about is Killer Brooks and Mean Mike working together spelling trouble and lots of it for everybody else here in Texas All Star Wrestling!! Now, me and Mike are gonna go crack one open and leave you to cry about Black Bart by yourself.

Killer Brooks shoves past Marc Lowrance and claps a smirking Mike Miller on the shoulder. The two of them exit to a rousing chorus of boos.


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Dory Funk Jr. vs Ken Johnson-

The legendary former World Champion was nothing short of impressive and efficient in his Texas All Star debut. Funk picked the leg of Johnson instead of going for the collar and elbow and mercilessly destroyed the man's knee and back for the next five minutes. Finally when Funk was finished doing what he wanted to do, he locked the man in his Cloverleaf hold and Johnson was screaming that he quit.

Winner: Dory Funk Jr in 5:14


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner, Dory Funk Jr. Last week before the championship match between Scott Casey and The Spoiler, you made quite an entrance into Texas All Star Wrestling Mr. Funk, coming in through the crowd and being seated in a chair that had been designated for the next Texas All Star Champion.

Dory Funk Jr: Marc Lowrance, I am not an arrogant man, just a man who is supremely confident in his own skills and in his own accomplishments. So for the life of me I don't understand how this company can call itself Texas All Star Wrestling when there isn't a member of the Funk family competing here. Because in the history of professional wrestling in Texas, there is not, has never been, and will never be a family that is more influential, and has more champions than the Funks. Not the Blanchards, not the Rhodes, and most certainly not the Von Erichs!

I'm certain you can imagine the boo's that statement would get anywhere in Texas that isn't Amarillo!

Marc Lowrance: So based on your arrival last week, your goal then is to challenge Scott Casey for the All Star Heavyweight Title?

Dory Funk Jr: My goal is to bring prestige to that championship. Prestige that it certainly won't get being held by some run of the mill, low life like Scott Casey. So Yes, my goal is to challenge Scott Casey, and defeat Scott Casey, and become the representative that the great state of Texas truly deserves. Then when my brother Terry takes the USWA World Title from Lawler next month, the Funks will rule wrestling.

A roar goes up from the crowd as Scott Casey comes from the back dressed in street clothes.

Scott Casey: Dory Funk, I have all the respect in the world for you, your father, and your brother. You are all legends in this business, and you paved the way for guys like me to even be here right now. But as much as I respect you for what you've done, I'm not going to sit back and listen to you bad mouth me, bad mouth the Von Erichs, and bad mouth Texas All Star Wrestling. You want a shot at my belt? You've earned that on your credentials alone. But don't think I am gonna be some dude that you are just gonna walk over like that guy you just faced. I earned this belt, and if you want it, you're in for a fight.

Casey stares Funk down for a moment, and neither man blinks as we head to commercial.


-Commercial Break-

As the show returns from commercial, Dory Funk Jr is no where to be seen, but Scott Casey is shaking hands and giving high fives on his way back to the dressing room. As he is exiting, "El Jefe" Jose Estrada is on his way to ringside and the two take a long look at one another. Estrada smirks, and Casey just shakes his head before going to the back. Estrada continues to where Marc Lowrance is waiting.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am being joined by "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. Now Mr. Estrada...

Jose Estrada: Call me El Jefe.

Marc Lowrance: Okay. El Jefe. A few weeks back you stuck a lit cigar into the eye of Joe Lightfoot. Some people think it was an accident, and others think you did it on purpose. I want to ask, which is it?

Jose Estrada: Who Cares?

Marc Lowrance: Who Cares! Whether or not you purposefully stuck a cigar into a mans eye? Plenty of people care! Cocoa Samoa certainly cares!

Jose Estrada: Joe Lightfoot is a loser. Now he is a loser with one eye.

Marc Lowrance: and what about Cocoa Samoa?

Jose Estrada: I'll be happy to take his eye too!

There is an eruption from the crowd as Scott Casey comes marching back out to where Estrada and Lowrance are standing.

Scott Casey: You know what Estrada, I don't like you, and I don't like your attitude. So how about right here, next week, you and I get in that ring and I knock that smirk off your face. I'll even put the All Star Title on the line. Whadda ya say El Jefe!

Jose Estrada: You want to give me a shot at your belt? Let's do it cabron!

Estrada smiles expecting that Casey doesn't know the meaning of the word, but apparently he does as he smiles back, before blasting Estrada with a huge right hand! Soon both men are brawling as Marc Lowrance runs for cover, and a herd of referees and officials comes pouring out of the back to break it up.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT! Just before the break we saw Scott Casey lay down the challenge to "El Jefe" Jose Estrada for next week. During the break it was made official by Frank Dusek. The All Star Heavyweight Title will be on the line next week in our main event!! Right now, we have this weeks main event, the first match in the tournament to crown the Texas Television Champion. Let's head to the action!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory vs "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord-

From the opening moments of this match, Gaylord was overpowering Victory at every turn. Victory bailed in and out of the ring several times and tried to frustrate the big man by stalling and taking his time, but pretty much every time Gaylord laid hands on Victory, he tossed him around the ring with ease. This eventually brought Chick Donovan and Steve Regal to ringside and they did their absolute best to distract Gaylord, which did finally allow Jack Victory to get in some offense. But it wouldn't last, and before long Victory was being clotheslined and bodyslammed all over the place again. The end came when Chick Donovan jumped up on the apron causing the referee to get in his face and try to force him down to the floor. While that was happening, Steve Regal slid into the ring and stiff armed Jeff Gaylord hard in the groin. Victory grabbed him and rolled him up with a cradle, as Donovan dropped to the floor. The referee turned around and after a look of confusion counted the three.

Winner, advancing in the Texas Television Title Tournament: Jack Victory in 11:06


The Gold Dust Trio is celebrating outside the ring as Frank Dusek comes marching out of the back looking quite angry. He grabs the microphone from Marc Lowrance and marches right up to the three of them.

Frank Dusek: HEY! I may not have the ability to overturn the decision of the referee....

Jack Victory: That's right Fred! I'm the winner!!

Frank Dusek: But I can make damn sure this crap doesn't happen again! Regal, Donovan...effective immediately...you're both fired!

Regal, Donovan, Victory: WHAT!!!

Dusek angrily marches out of the arena as all three men chase after him pleading their cases. Marc Lowrance walks over and picks up the microphone to close the show.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Jack Victory will advance to the next round of the tournament for the Texas Television Title thanks to the interference of the Fabulous Blondes. But it would appear that Frank Dusek and the Board of Directors have had enough of their shenanigans and Mr. Regal and Mr. Donovan have been fired. I have to say that it couldn't have happened to two nicer guys. That is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT.

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Awesome opening segment.  You are really killing the interviews of late and they are spot on.  I am completely hooked.  Enjoyed Dusek putting the Trio in their place.

Nice job hyping up the Dec. 18 card!

Awesome interview with Not So Nice Mike Miller.  His reasoning actually made sense!

Dory Funk back in Texas and wanting gold.... seems so natural.  

WOW.... what an ending.  Love the Your Fired Segment.

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LOL, Frank Dusek knows how to spoil the Gold Dust Trio's moods. 

Glamour Boys get a crowd popping win over the Blondes. Glamour Boys have some series momentum as they head into a rematch with the Highwaymen. 

Halloween Spooktacular is in the books but Season's Beatings is upon us. Looking forward to who gets the big USWA title shot. 

Texas Ranger is on the right track and might be a favorite to win the TV title.

Big segment as Mike Miller explains his actions. Memo to self, never trust a guy with the "Mean" moniker. Brooks and Miller are going to wreak havoc in Texas...until Bart returns. But Bart better have back up. 

Dory is back in Texas and is already a serious threat. Casey proves to have the heart of a true champion as he stands up to Dory. We got a real Texas showdown coming. 

Busy night for Casey as he gets in the face of El Jefe. Big time TV match for next week! I did laugh at Jefe's "Now he's a loser with one eye" comment. This guy is a heat magnet. 

Gaylord gets robbed as the Blondes help Victory get the tainted win to advance. 

OH man, Dusek has enough and fires the Blondes! I'm sad to see the Blondes go but man this was pretty hilarious. 

Texas just keeps on rolling. The USWA champs better be on high alert. 


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The Gold Dust Trio causing Marc Lowrance to lose his cool is a great way to start the show....I find their complete indifference towards the well being of Kat Leroux amusing...lol.

The Glamour Boys get a big win over the Blonds and then get the big news they're getting a rematch with the Highwaymen for the titles next month with no countouts and no disqualifications which may or may not work in their favor....looking forward to that one!

USWA World Champion is coming to Texas for Season's Beatings....this is already a must see show!

The Texas Ranger is coming along nicely.....I hope to see him featured in the TV title tournament as it unfolds.

LOVED the Mike Miller/Killer Brooks promo....these guys make a great team and the line from Miller about the names he's not called such as "Your Good Buddy" Mike Miller literally made me laugh out loud!

While I'm huge fan of Terry Funk and always have been, I don't think Dory Funk Jr gets the credit he deserves sometimes at least from fans who didn't see him in his heyday as champion.  I look forward to seeing him challenge Scott Casey the the Texas All Star Championship and hope to see him makes his way to Twin States sooner or later.

I'm not going to lie....I never expected to be this entertained by Jose Estrada but the "El Jefe" character is over with me...and I love how he's just rubbing EVERYBODY wrong that he encounters each week. 

Jack Victory advances in the tournament thanks to his buddies....but ol' "Fred" ain't havin' none of that shit tonight....the Blonds get fired! Wow, Dusek laying the law and setting a huge precedent for the other heels in the territory showing he's not messing around!  Let's hope the Blonds find a decent home!

Great show! looking forward to Casey vs. El Jefe next week!

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(Taped on Monday November 9th, 1985 and airing Friday Night November 13th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and we have quite an exciting night of action here for you tonight! In our main event Scott Casey will defend the All Star Heavyweight Title against "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. The Spoiler will be in action tonight. "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones will compete in that ring. We will see the debut of "Hollywood" John Tatum, and right now our very first match tonight will be part of our tournament for the newly commissioned Texas Television Title as Brian Adias takes on Alexis Smirnoff! Let's head down to the ring!!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff vs Brian Adias-

Adias tried to start this one off fast and furious, but Smirnoff was having none of it attempting to grind things to a halt every chance he got. It would be Smirnoff who got his way in the early going as he ground down on Adias with his size advantage using holds like the bear hug and a simple rear chinlock. The Fort Worth crowd was 100% behind Adias though, willing him out of each hold and finally after several long minutes back into control of the match. Adias rocked the big Russian with rights and lefts that had him wobbling, and then a huge dropkick took him off his feet. Adias headed up top and hit a beautiful flying cross body that somehow only got two, but he followed up with ironically a Russian Leg Sweep for the One, Two, Three!

Winner: Brian Adias in 10:29


Marc Lowrance: Brian Adias picks up the hard fought victory and advances in the Texas Television Title tournament! He will go on to meet Jack Victory who won his match last week in the second round. Speaking of Mr. Victory, he was asked to appear tonight to comment on his win last week, but he has declined to appear on Texas All Star television again until his second round match in protest of the firing of his friends The Fabulous Blondes. That.... is a shame. Ladies and Gentleman, we will be right back with The Spoiler in competition. Don't go anywhere!!


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Spoiler w/Skandor Akbar vs Mike Reed-

The big masked man wasn't taking prisoners tonight as he beat Reed from pillar to post. But it wasn't a quick one as he apparently had some aggression to work out, so he took his time delivering the beating. About two minutes in Reed ate a big boot that could have been the end, but Spoiler didn't even bother to cover him. About a minute later Spoiler walked the top rope and clubbed him in the back of the head. He covered him that time, but lifted him up at two. Finally after five brutal minutes, The Spoiler applied the Claw and the referee immediately called for the bell seeing a chance to save Reed.

Winner: The Spoiler in 5:02


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner The Spoiler and "General" Skandor Akbar.

Skandor Akbar: Marc Lowrance, two weeks ago this man was moments away from becoming the Heavyweight Champion, until Scott Casey purposefully kicked the referee in the head. Then when I entered the ring to attempt to revive him, Sunshine attacked me from behind and tried to light me on fire!

Marc Lowrance: I'm not sure that's quite how I remember it, but in the interest of The Spoiler not taking another swing at me, go on.

Skandor Akbar: Then as I was being assaulted by that wild woman, this man The Spoiler was attacked from behind by Casey, and then the referee was conveniently back to his feet. The whole thing smells like a set up to me, and I will most certainly be filing a grievance with the Texas All Star Board of Directors. That will be all Marc Lowrance!

Marc Lowrance: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman! We'll be right back with "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones!

As the show is getting ready to go to commercial, we catch The Spoiler and Akbar heading to the back and Tom Jones is making his way out. The two men nearly bump into one another, and a tense stare down occurs. Just as it looks like cooler heads will prevail, The Spoiler shoves Jones, which prompts Jones to fire a right hand at the masked man. As they start to brawl, a mass of referees and security arrive on the scene and pull them apart.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT! Before the break we saw a scuffle between The Spoiler and Tom Jones. Security has taken The Spoiler to his dressing room. Tom Jones is in the ring to compete, and he looks fired up!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs Jack Spade-

Jones is on fire tonight as he uses his power to toss Spade all over the ring! Bodyslams, beals, and hiptosses are just the opening barrage of the power attack that Mr. Ebony is putting on. He hoists Spade up into a military press slam and drops him hard in the middle of the ring. A big clothesline nearly takes the head off of Jack, and when Jones finally locks on the Full Nelson, Spade submits in moments.

Winner: "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones in 3:09


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones! Tom, at the Halloween Spooktacular, you put away Alexis Smirnoff in a very violent match. Your thoughts on that one?

Tom Jones: Marc, that big Russian thought he could get one over on Mr. Ebony and I showed him that although I might be a little older and a little slower than I used to be, it takes one tough sucka to beat Tom Jones!

Marc Lowrance: Indeed it does! Before your match tonight, you and The Spoiler got into it. Is he someone you'd like to get in the ring with?

Tom Jones: You know Marc, I'll take on anybody in that ring. But if The Spoiler wants to get all up in my business then I'll be more than happy to show him why that's a real bad idea. Personally, I think he is just sour that on Halloween I came away a winner, and he was nothing but a big old loser!

Apparently The Spoiler was watching the monitor in the back, because after that comment he was running from the dressing room to mix it up with Jones. Marc Lowrance actually had to dive into the ring to get out of the way! Jones and Spoiler were trading punches, as the same herd of security and referees from before came rushing out from the back to pull them apart. Even as both were being held, they continued to lunge at one another.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back and again The Spoiler and Tom Jones have been cleared out of ringside. These two seem to be on a collision course and.....

Marc Lowrance is cut off as the lights in the building dim to almost nothing. After several long moments a spotlight hits the ring where we see an African American woman wearing a black cocktail dress standing in the center of the ring with a microphone.

"Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Dark Journey and I am here to present to you the man who is set to take Texas All Star Wrestling and make it his own personal playground. So please stand on your feet, close your mouths, and welcome... "Hollywood" John Tatum!"

AC\DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" explodes into the Will Rogers Coliseum as a strobe light hits the entrance way. For a long moment nothing happens as the song plays, then there is a loud pop as a burst of confetti showers the entrance way and then "Hollywood" John Tatum makes his appearance. He is dressed in a black and white full length robe trimmed with white feathers. His long brown hair has blonde highlights through out, and he has just enough stubble to make the facade of a beard. As he slowly struts to the ring, the boo's grown increasingly louder. When the lights come back up and Dark Journey helps him take off his robe to reveal powder blue trunks with Hollywood written across the butt in a shade of red one step shy of pink, the boo's grow even louder. As Dark Journey fixes his hair and kisses his cheek before exiting the ring, Tatum has a smile on his face a mile wide as the Texas crowd absolutely loathes him.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Hollywood" John Tatum w/Dark Journey vs Shane Tylor-

Tatum spent the opening minutes of the match strutting, preening, and stalling all of which further angered the crowd. But when he finally got down to business, he made short work of his opponent, though he continued to showboat the whole time. When he connected with his California Kick, the booing stopped as the crowd all gasped at the impact of the maneuver. That was all she wrote and the ref could have counted to a thousand.

Winner: "Hollywood" John Tatum in 4:55


Marc Lowrance: That was certainly something Ladies and Gentleman. "Hollywood" John Tatum has arrived in Texas All Star Wrestling, and I'm not sure anything will ever be the same again! We'll be right back with our main event!


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, TV Time Remaining

-"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada- All Star Heavyweight Title

This one got off to a hot start when Estrada thrust his privates in the direction of Sunshine, and Casey responded with a huge right hand as the bell rang. Casey was relentless bouncing Estrada from pillar to post for the next several minutes. Punches, clotheslines, a huge back body drop and El Jefe was quick to bail out of the ring. Casey followed him out and Estrada was able to grab him by the trunks and leverage him into the ringpost to gain control of the match. From there Estrada went to work with a mixture of rest holds, cheap shots, and old fashioned heeling to keep Casey down, Sunshine angry, and the fans booing.

Eventually Casey was able to regain control, but Estrada would take it back, and the match became a see saw battle as it stretched past the fifteen minute mark. Just short of the twenty minute mark, Casey whipped Estrada into the ropes and went for a clothesline, Estrada ducked it and went for a crossbody on the rebound, which Casey was able to duck. Unfortunately the referee was not, and Estrada crashed into him. The two continued to grapple with the referee down, and when Estrada got an opening he went to the outside and took hold of one of the heavy gold chains he comes to the ring wearing and began to wrap it around his fist.

Sunshine was there in a flash to try and stop him, but Estrada shoved her hard to the floor which drew heavy boo's from the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum. Estrada rolled into the ring with the chain wrapped around his fist, and blasted Scott Casey who had just gotten to his feet in the face with it. Casey went down like a ton of bricks, and Estrada with a smirk hid the chain in his tights and covered the fallen and now bleeding champion.

An eruption of cheers went up from the crowd as Cocoa Samoa ran out from the back and into the ring and dropped a huge headbutt on the unsuspecting Estrada breaking up the pin. Samoa pulled Estrada off the mat and began to blast him with punches and headbutts until he knocked him clear out of the ring, but Cocoa wasn't finished as he followed him out and kept up the attack.

Meanwhile, Dory Funk Jr came strolling out from the back and slid into the ring. He grabbed Scott Casey by the hair and drug him to his feet, then set him up for a piledriver. It was about this time that the referee got his wits about him, and saw the chaos happening around the ring and called for the bell.

This Match was Declared a No Contest at 22:41


Marc Lowrance: The referee has thrown this one out. Cocoa Samoa is taking it to El Jefe and they are almost to the front door of the Will Rogers Coliseum!! Dory Funk has Scott Casey set up for a piledriver, but Sunshine is in the ring!!

Sunshine runs into the ring and slaps Dory Funk hard across the face as he is holding Scott Casey up for the piledriver. The stoic Funk no sells it, and then drops the bleeding All Star Heavyweight Champion onto his head with the piledriver. Funk rolls away from the prone Casey as Sunshine immediately checks on her man.

Marc Lowrance: Scott Casey was busted open earlier when he was hit with that chain by Estrada, and now he has been piledriven by Dory Funk Jr. We need some help for the ....Wait a Second......Sunshine..... OH NO... NO.....NO....

Dory Funk reaches down and grabs Sunshine by the hair and jerks her to her feet. She tries to slap him again but he catches her wrist, grabs her head and shoves her down into position for a piledriver!!

Funk is holding the move, allowing the ferociously booing crowd to understand what is about to happen. Then a man comes sprinting from the back, his cowboy hat flying off his head as he runs, slides into the ring, and tackles Funk and Sunshine from the side, saving her.

Marc Lowrance: JOHNNY MANTELL!!

Mantell is on top of Funk in a flash firing away with lefts and rights, and Dory is struggling like hell to get away from him. Finally after eating a ton of punches, Funk reaches the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring. Mantell decides against chasing him and instead checks on Sunshine and his fallen partner as Dory makes a quick exit with a smirk on his face.

Marc Lowrance: My Goodness Ladies and Gentleman! Johnny Mantell has returned to Texas All Star Wrestling, and he saved Sunshine from certain injury at the hands of Dory Funk Jr. The All Star Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey is down and bloody in the center of the ring. Cocoa Samoa and Jose Estrada have finally been pulled apart by security somewhere near the concession stand I am being told. What a wild night! Here comes the medical personnel to check on Scott Casey. Sunshine appears to be shaken up, but otherwise okay. Mantell looks ready for a fight. What a night.

Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.


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Things kick off with a bang as Adias gets a big win over Smirnoff to advance in the TV title tournament. I've always been a big fan of the TV title and I'm glad to see it in Texas. Always adds excitement. 

LOL! I liked Akbar's spin on what went down between Spoiler and Casey. After hearing this he might have a point with the Board. 

Looks like we've seen the beginning of a hard hitting feud between Spoiler and Mr. Ebony. The classic wrestlers bumping into each other is always a good start.

Hollywood John Tatum gets the debut of a lifetime! Big things are coming his way and I'm sure Dark Journey is going to help with that. This gimmick is heel gold in Texas. 

Awesome main event! El Jefe cracks me up right off the bat with his thrust at Sunshine. Action packed all the way through. During the Ref bump I actually thought Jefe was going to win the title. Cocoa puts a stop to that but while he's got Jefe occupied, Dory Funk does some real damage to Casey. But wait! There's more as Gunslinger Johnny Mantell returns to save his partner! This match was so well done and kept me on the edge of my seat. Texas chaos at its best. 

I think the Gunslingers momentum from this carried them to that big win over Karachi Vice LOL. After what happened to Casey no wonder they wanted to end things quick with Karachi Vice. 

Great stuff Bleh! 


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This has such a great southern prmotion feel to it with all the crazy feuds and wild brawls.  

Really liking how Lowrance is afraid of the Spoiler taking another swing at him.  You have done a great job in making him a major heel in such a short time.  You have really figured out the type of roster you like and how to make make it work for you.  I wish I could do this.

Nice job advancing the Texas TV tournament.  Can't wait to see who wins it.

What a wild finish!  El Jefe vs Casey was a perfect TV main event but then you got us all excited to see Funk vs Casey somewhere down the road but then maybe we want Funk-Mantell.... So many choices.  The lines are clearly being drawn in Texas between good and evil.

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The Texas Television is going to be a great addition and Brian Adias advances over Smirnoff to kick off the show!

Nice of Jack Victory to boycott television this week in a show of solidarity for his buddies who lost their jobs....looking forward to Victory vs. Adias in the 2nd round

I'm with Spaldoni, Akbar makes a convincing argument here about what happened last week, Mr. Ebony should really watch where he's going....I'm sure Akbar will have an interesting version of this event as well lol.  This should be a hard hitting match with these two!

What an awesome debut for Dark Journey and "Hollywood" John Tatum! I look forward to hearing what Tatum has to say about the Texas fans in the coming weeks.

What a main event, and 'El Jefe' shows Sunshine why he's the boss right off the bat...what a great way to start the match and put even more heat on Estrada! What a wild match as we eventually see Sunshine, Cocoa Samoa, and Dory Funk Jr all involved.  That's one thing I always liked about Sunshine....she didn't just stand in the corner and clap like Liz, when shit went down she got right in the middle of it to help her man.....and she did it again here and paid for it once by getting pushed down by Estrada but luckily before Dory could piledriver her...the calvary arrived in the form of Johnny Mantell! The Gunslingers have got each other's back....I for one would love to see The Gunslingers vs. Dory/Estrada at some point soon.

Great show as always! The momentum continues to build each week!


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(Taped on Monday November 16th, 1985 and airing Friday Night November 20th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and after the events of last week, we are going to get things started with a bang here tonight as Cocoa Samoa and "El Jefe" Jose Estrada are set to go one on one in our opening contest. There is a lot of bad blood between these two men, so without further adieu, let's head to the ring!!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"El Jefe" Jose Estrada vs Cocoa Samoa-

The tension was high as the ring introductions were being made. Samoa was pacing in his corner, as Estrada arrogantly removed his vest and jewelry, all while puffing on his cigar. Then Estrada took the cigar out of his mouth, closed one eye, and started mocking the Indian war dance of Joe Lightfoot which brought Cocoa Samoa out of his corner in a flash. Things almost went badly as Estrada tried to use the lit cigar as a weapon, but fortunately the referee was able to corral Cocoa before he could get to Estrada, or Estrada could burn him. Once the cigar was out of the ring, and Samoa was back to his corner, the bell rang.

This was a vicious battle from the beginning as Samoa opened the match with a brutal headbutt that opened Estrada up just over the eyebrow. Cocoa didn't let up, attacking El Jefe with thunderous chops, more headbutts, and a back suplex that folded Estrada nearly in half. Samoa probably could have ended the match then and there, but seemed intent to inflict more damage. This allowed Estrada to jam his fingers into the eyes of Samoa, and take a powder to the floor.

The referee had nearly reached ten when Samoa recovered sufficiently to chase Estrada out of the ring, where Jose was waiting and suckered Cocoa into charging him. Estrada executed a perfect drop toe hold that sent Cocoa crashing face first into the timekeepers table. Estrada rolled quickly into the ring to break the count, then back out, where he pulled a now bleeding Cocoa to his feet, then smashed him hard into the table again before tossing him back into the ring. Estrada then went to work just trying to punch and stomp the life out of Samoa, abandoning all facade of a wrestling match.

Estrada took a moment to raise his fist that was covered in the blood of Samoa in the air for the people to see, and was greeted with a round of boos from the crowd at the Will Rogers Coliseum. Then a smirk formed on the face of El Jefe and he headed over to the ropes and leaned out of the ring, rummaging for something on the timekeepers table. When he stood up, he was holding the ring bell! Before he could take even a step, the referee was in his face trying to take the bell away from him, but Estrada sneered and pie faced the referee to the mat!!

As Estrada turned his attention back to Samoa, he was shocked to see the bloody Samoan standing directly in front of him! Cocoa let out a war cry and blasted Estrada with another huge headbutt that sent El Jefe crashing into the turnbuckles, the bell falling from his hands. Cocoa looked down and saw the ring bell laying at his feet, and slowly reached down to pick it up as the crowd roared. Cocoa reached out and grabbed the throat of Estrada with one hand, and raised the bell above his head, ready to bring it crashing down on the head of El Jefe, but the referee back on his feet grabbed the arm of Cocoa Samoa. Samoa let go of Estrada, turned around and blasted the referee with a headbutt!!

As the ref crashed to the canvas, Cocoa turned back toward Estrada, who lashed out and kicked Samoa hard in the balls, causing Cocoa to drop right next to the referee. Estrada dropped down on his knees and was fumbling for something on the timekeepers table again. This time he came up with his cigar and a Zippo lighter. Estrada put the cigar in his mouth and lit it, then exhaled a big plume of smoke, and let a big smile come across his bloody features. Estrada crawled over to the prone form of Samoa, and as the crowd gasped in horror tried to put the cigar in the face of Cocoa, but at the last moment Samoa was able to grab his wrist!!

A struggle began as Estrada tried to push the cigar down into his face, and Samoa tried to stop him. Soon a herd of security, referees, and officials charged the ring and Estrada was pulled off of Samoa, and when Samoa was back to his feet and trying to attack Estrada, he was restrained. Everything was chaos as both men continued to try and attack the other repeatedly.

This Match is a No Contest


-Commercial Break-

As the show returns from commercial, Jose Estrada is nowhere to be seen. Cocoa Samoa is being led out by a large group of people and he looks angrier than we have probably ever seen him. In the ring the referee that was assaulted twice is being tended too by medical personnel. The camera then cuts to Marc Lowrance who is standing by with Jeff Gaylord.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am told that Jose Estrada has been removed from the building to prevent any further escalation of this already volatile situation. Cocoa Samoa is not the type of man to strike an official, but in the heat of the moment, he unfortunately headbutted the referee, who is being attended too. I am certain that the Texas All Star Board of Directors and Frank Dusek will have plenty to say about this situation, but in the meantime, we are going to try and get things back on track here tonight. Right now, joining me for a special interview is "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord. Jeff, two weeks ago Jack Victory cheated to defeat you in the opening round of the Texas Television Title tournament. Up until that point you had been undefeated in singles competition here in Texas All Star Wrestling. Your thoughts on what happened that night.

Jeff Gaylord: You know what Marc. I think that Jack Victory is a no good, low down, dirty....

As Jeff Gaylord is talking, "Iron" Mike Sharpe comes stomping out from the back with a sour look on his face. He comes right up to where the interview is being conducted and interrupts.

Mike Sharpe: HEY! HEY! HEY! Why is it every time I have a match, you have this guy out here being interviewed?

Jeff Gaylord: Sharpe, I told you last time, you'd better watch it.

Mike Sharpe: If they want to talk to someone about the Television Title, they should talk to me. At least I'm still in the tournament!

Jeff Gaylord: Sharpe, I am not going to.....

Gaylord is cut off as Sharpe slaps him hard across the face! After what just went down, security must have been on high alert, because Gaylord doesn't even have time to retaliate before several people are between him and "Iron" Mike. Sharpe just laughs and heads for the back as Gaylord looks pissed and gets escorted to the dressing room.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, it looks like it is going to be one of those nights! Don't go anywhere!!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine vs The Bounty Hunter-

Having finally recovered from the neck injury that was bothering him from the inception of Texas All Star Wrestling, Johnny Mantell made his return to the ring here tonight. In the six weeks he had been gone, apart from growing out his hair and letting a full beard come in instead of his usual mustache, you could tell that Mantell had been really hitting the gym. He looked on point against his masked opponent, breaking the bigger man down with a combination of brawling and technique, before finally nailing him with a Russian Leg Sweep and floating over to secure the One, Two, Three.

Winner: Johnny Mantell


Frank Dusek comes from the back and to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with Johnny Mantell and Sunshine.

Marc Lowrance: I'd like to welcome the winner of our last contest, Johnny Mantell along with the lovely Sunshine. Also joining us is the commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Mr. Frank Dusek. Frank?

Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. Johnny, Sunshine, I know after your win tonight and after the events of last week you both probably have a lot to say, but I figured you might actually be more interested in what I have to tell you. The Texas All Star Board of Directors have come to their decision, and they have chosen you, Johnny Mantell as the man to challenge whoever the USWA World Heavyweight Champion is at the upcoming Seasons Beatings event on December Eighteenth at the Tarrant County Convention Center.

Mantell and Sunshine are both momentarily stunned at the news, then Sunshine pats Mantell on the back as a huge smile crosses his face. He reaches out and shakes the hand of Frank Dusek.

Johnny Mantell: I promise you Mr. Dusek, the Board of Directors, and all of these fans that I will give everything I have that night to bring the USWA World Title home to Texas. That's awesome news!

Mantell turns to Sunshine and the two of them are ecstatic as they head for the dressing room.

Marc Lowrance: That's a huge announcement Frank!

Frank Dusek: I'm not done Marc! Not only are we going to see Mantell challenge the USWA Champion that night, but we are going to see his partner Scott Casey defend the Texas Heavyweight Title against Dory Funk Jr. Those two proud Texans want to fight it out so bad, we'll let them fight for the top prize in Texas.

Marc Lowrance: That is quite the double main event for sure!

Frank Dusek: I would like to make note that I said the Texas Heavyweight Title. From this point forward, while we are still Texas All Star Wrestling the titles will be referred to simply as the Texas Heavyweight Title and the Texas Tag Team Titles. Those were the names that carried a lot of weight in this area for a lot of years, but when we first began promoting Texas All Star, those names were being used down in Houston. They've closed up shop down there, so we are very happy to bring them home to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Because while we aren't World Class, we certainly want to carry on the tradition of wrestling in Texas that has been part of the Metroplex for nearly fifty years.

After the massive applause from the crowd dies down, Dusek continues.

Frank Dusek: Thank You Ladies and Gentleman. Thank You Marc. Before I go, I have one final announcement to make. Last week Tom Jones and The Spoiler couldn't wait to get their hands on one another, so next week in our main event we are going to let them fight. Thanks Again Everyone, Enjoy the rest of the show.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Before the break we heard several big announcements from Frank Dusek including Johnny Mantell challenging for the USWA World Championship on December Eighteenth at Seasons Beatings. On the same night Scott Casey will defend the newly rechristened Texas Heavyweight Title against Dory Funk Jr. What an event that is shaping up to be. Right now, let's head to the ring where the dastardly duo of "Mean" Mike Miller and "Killer" Tim Brooks are set for action.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Mean" Mike Miller/"Killer" Tim Brooks vs Mike Reed/Mike Bond-

Miller and Brooks looked quite the pair as they came to the ring in new leather vests, one with the word MEAN worked across the back, the other of course said KILLER. They had some fun with their opponents tonight, taking turns roughing up Reed, before tossing him in the corner so that Bond could tag himself in. Then Bond got a lot of the same treatment, as Brooks and Miller took turns just beating him up before Brooks finally came off the top with a Diving Knee Drop and covered for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: "Mean" Mike Miller and "Killer" Tim Brooks


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am standing by with your winners...

Killer Brooks: You are standing by with the men who ran Black Bart out of Texas like a gutless, yellow dog! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mike Miller: Ever since the Devil's Night when I tossed Bart off of that cage, it's been so nice and quiet around here hasn't it Marc Lowrance?

Marc Lowrance: Well..

Mike Miller: It sure has, because that loudmouth is somewhere licking his wounds, and he knows if he shows his face back here in Texas All Star, that me and the Killer are gonna.....

Miller never gets to finish that thought as Black Bart barrels into him like a locomotive! Marc Lowrance is leaping for safety as Bart's black cowboy hat fly's off his head, and his black duster coat is a swirl of motion as he drags Miller to the ground and begins blasting him with lefts and rights! Killer Brooks is momentarily stunned, then when he finally starts to react a second man takes hold of him, spins him around, and starts peppering him with right hands. This man is dressed in a tan duster and a brown cowboy hat. He is no stranger to the Texas scene, but the fans certainly aren't used to cheering for him!

Security, referees, and officials quickly arrive on the scene and begin pulling the four men apart. As the show is moments away from going to commercial, Marc Lowrance gets back to the announce position.

Marc Lowrance: Chaos has erupted at ringside again! Black Bart has come looking for revenge on Mike Miller and Killer Brooks! But he hasn't come alone!! That's "Wild" Bill Irwin!!!

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT! Just before the break we saw Black Bart make his first appearance since the night before Halloween when Mike Miller turned his back on him and allied with Killer Tim Brooks. But Bart didn't come alone, arriving with "Wild" Bill Irwin at his side! A man who is no stranger to this area, Irwin adds another dangerous element to this already volatile situation. Switching gears, it is now time for the third match in our tournament for the Texas Television Title. Tonight we will see "Iron" Mike Sharpe take on The Texas Ranger in what should be a great match. Let's head down to the ring.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs The Texas Ranger-

This was back and forth from the opening bell, with neither man seemingly able to gain an advantage for the first part of the match. The Ranger finally caught Sharpe with a picture perfect dropkick just before the ten minute mark that sent "Iron" Mike to the floor, but Sharpe did what he does and worked the full extent of the referee's count before getting back into the ring, thus killing any momentum for The Texas Ranger. It was a stalemate again for a bit, and then Sharpe was able to take control and began working on the back of the masked man for several minutes. Eventually Sharpe went for his Canadian Backbreaker, but The Texas Ranger slipped out of the move. Sharpe turned around and charged him, but The Ranger dropped down while holding the top rope and Sharpe sailed out of the ring. Again, Sharpe looked to take full advantage of the count, only this time Jeff Gaylord came from the back and started yelling at Sharpe. Sharpe went up and got in Gaylord's face after the skirmish earlier, and forgot all about the count.

Winner, by Count Out: The Texas Ranger

As the bell rings signalling the end of the match, Sharpe spins around to stare at the ring and see's the referee raising the hand of The Texas Ranger. His eyes grow wide, and he spins back around to see Jeff Gaylord with a huge smile on his face. Sharpe totally loses his shit and takes a big swing at Gaylord, who ducks it, scoops Sharpe up and gives him a big atomic drop. Gaylord heads for the back as The Texas Ranger celebrates his victory and Sharpe prances around like he has to poop!


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, The Texas Ranger has advanced in the tournament for the Texas Television Title after "Iron" Mike Sharpe was outsmarted by Jeff Gaylord. We still have time left in the program, so let's take a quick break, and when we return I will have an interview with a new tag team that has arrived here in Texas All Star Wrestling. Don't go anywhere.

-Commercial Break-

When we return Marc Lowrance is standing ringside with two men wearing Native American attire.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, please join me in welcoming to Texas All Star Wrestling, Mark and Chris Youngblood, The Tribal Nation.

Mark Youngblood: Thank You Marc. You know, my brother Jay and I were here in Texas last year as part of World Class and although we were close several times we never managed to bring home those Tag Team Titles. We'd often talked about returning here one day to accomplish that, but then a little over two months ago Jay made his final journey to the spirit world. So now my younger brother Chris and I have come to make that vision a reality.

Marc Lowrance: Chris, do you feel.....

From the dressing room come Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson, The Highwaymen with the Texas Tag Team Titles slung over their shoulders. The Youngbloods take up fighting positions, but Hickerson waves them off.

Phil Hickerson: We didn't come out here to fight you Chief. We came out here to tell you that if you want to fight for these belts, you need to beat someone first. You can have all the visions of your dead brother that you want, but until you get some wins they don't mean squat!

Bobby Duncum: That's right boys! They don't mean nuthin! Ya Unnastan?

The Highwaymen turn and start walking away shaking their heads, until....

Chris Youngblood: We understand. We understand that you don't think you can beat us.

That brings The Highwaymen right back to the interview

Phil Hickerson: Son, we're the Texas Tag Team Champions for a reason. We'd send you two crying back to your teepee's in less than five minutes.

Chris Youngblood: Prove It Fat Boy!!

Chris Youngblood slaps Phil Hickerson across the face before sliding into the ring. His brother Mark quickly joins him, leaving The Highwaymen standing on the floor. Hickerson wipes at his face as his expression changes from shock to anger. He shoves his title belt at Marc Lowrance....

Phil Hickerson: Ring the damn bell....


1 Fall, TV Time Remaining

-The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Tribal Nation (Mark Youngblood/Chris Youngblood)- Texas Tag Team Titles

Hickerson and Duncum charge recklessly into the ring to assault The Youngbloods and are met with a pair of blistering chops. Mark and Chris open up on The Highwaymen, just blistering them with chop after chop until finally a referee makes it into the ring to make the match official, and get one man from each team out of the ring. Chris is left in the ring with Hickerson and he just continues to alternate between blistering knife edges to the chest and tomahawk chops to the top of the head.

6 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Youngblood sends Hickerson into the ropes, and the youngster makes a mistake, ducking his head for a backdrop to early and gets kicked in the chest. Hickerson tags in Duncum and they nail Chris with a double shoulderblock. Duncum picks up Chris Youngblood and plants him with a bodyslam, followed by a big elbow drop that gets a count of two. Duncum sends Youngblood into the buckle and charges in with a big clothesline.

5 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Duncum pulls Youngblood out by the hair and whips him into the ropes. Duncum goes for a clothesline, but Chris ducks under it! Youngblood catches him with a crossbody, but Duncum kicks out at only one! Youngblood rolls off and comes up near his corner, where he tags in his brother. Mark Youngblood hits the ring and starts firing off chop after chop while doing a war dance. Duncum manages to stay standing for the first few, but a third chop levels him. Hickerson rushes into the ring, and he eats a huge dropkick for his effort! Duncum then gets a dropkick of his own!

4 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Mark pulls Duncum to his feet by the hair and hooks him for a suplex, but he can't get the big man over. Duncum quickly knees Youngblood in the guts, then takes him over with a big bodyslam. Duncum tags in Hickerson and the two of them stomp the fallen Youngblood until the referee pushes Duncum out of the ring. Hickerson wastes no time pulling Mark to his feet, hooks him and takes him over with a suplex. He covers, but Mark is able to kick out at two. Hickerson gets back up and yanks Mark to his feet again.

3 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Hickerson hooks Mark for his patented DDT, but takes a moment to raise his other arm in the air, which allows Youngblood to reach down and sweep his legs out. Mark collapses to the mat, but after a moment begins to crawl toward his brother as the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum go crazy. Unfortunately for them, Hickerson is back to his feet fairly quickly and stops Mark from reaching the corner with a well timed elbow drop. Hickerson pulls Youngblood to his feet and just a few feet from his corner, slaps on a sleeper hold.

2 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Chris Youngblood is clapping and stomping like crazy, willing his brother back into the match, but Hickerson has the sleeper hold sunk in deep. Mark sinks to the mat with Hickerson still on top of him, and the referee comes to check the arm. He lifts it once, it falls. Twice, it falls. A third time...IT'S UP!!! Mark Youngblood begins to shake like a wild man as the crowd goes ape shit and he makes it back to his feet and fires several elbows into the mid section of Hickerson. He then manages to spin him around and drive him back first into the turnbuckle, causing him to release the hold.

1 Minute Remains in the TV Time Limit

This also happened to be the corner where his brother Chris was standing, so Mark held up his hand, and Chris tagged in to the match!! Chris Youngblood came in and blasted Phil Hickerson with rights and lefts in the corner, and then a big chop to the chest, and one to the head. Then like he had eyes in the back of his head, he ducked out of the way as Bobby Duncum came charging at him, causing Duncum to crash into his own partner!! Chris Youngblood then charged in and clotheslined Bobby Duncum over the top rope and to the floor, while Phil Hickerson staggered out of the corner. Chris Youngblood then scaled the top rope and dove off with a Flying Tomahawk Chop that caught Phil Hickerson right between the eyes!!

Hickerson fell over like a mighty oak tree, and Chris Youngblood covered him for the...




Winners, and NEW TEXAS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!: The Tribal Nation of Mark Youngblood and Chris Youngblood  


Marc Lowrance: Oh My Goodness!!! The Youngbloods have beaten The Highwaymen!! We have NEW Texas Tag Team Champions!! We have seconds left! Ladies and Gentleman, be sure to tune in next week, right here on KTVT!! The Youngbloods!!

The show goes off the air with Chris Youngblood helping his brother Mark stand in the center of the ring, both men holding the Texas Tag Team Titles aloft, while The Highwaymen were sitting on the floor outside of the ring with looks of absolute shock on their faces.

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Great week of Texas All-Star.

I thought the first match with El Jefe and Cocoa was really well written.  I could just feel the seriousness of that cigar and the anger of Cocoa.  El Jefe has become a top heel in weeks!

Nice way to get the feud going between Iron Mike and Gaylord.  

Seasons Beatings has two great main events.  I'm very interested in seeing what you do with Dory. 

I must say that the surprise of the uear might be Chris and Mark Youngblood winning the title on TV in their one of their very first matches in Texas.  Great stuff.  The write up of this match was terrific.  You could just feel it as it was happening.  I'm sure the Highway Men are not done.... Unnastan!

Not so fast on Houston closing up shop... it might just be expanding.  LOL

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Man these shows get better and better! 

The first match between El Jefe and Cocoa really set the show's tone. You've got a serious hate filled feud going. It just goes to show that no matter who you have on a roster, it's the storytelling that matters. This is one of my favorite feuds in the game. 

LOL, great job with Iron Mike. He really was a good heel and now he's been given some good TV time to really show off his talents. I know Gaylord won't let that slap slide. 

Mantell is back and better than ever. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime at Seasons Beatings. This is good timing for him because he's going to get either Lawler or Funk after their war in the cage. Mantell just might bring the USWA title to Texas. But he should be careful because Karachi Vice is still pissed about that TV loss LOL. 

Black Bart is back! And he was smart to bring help. Wild Bill and Black Bart can defiantly go toe to toe with Brooks and Miller. Things are going to explode in Texas. 

The slap comes back to cost Sharpe. Looking forward to these two powerhouses going at it. BTW, the Texas Ranger has really gotten over with me. It's nice to see a babyface masked man getting a push. 

Tribal Nation arrives and before we know it they're in the ring with the Highwaymen and the titles are on the line! Awesome match! I was on the edge as the time was ticking down. Great job adding in this effect. I thought for sure a draw but NO! The Tribal Nation win the titles with seconds to spare. What an ending! 

So much going on  in Texas! I can't wait to see the blow offs at Seasons Beatings!  

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Great way to start the show with a well built intense match up with two guys who could easily be looked at as undercard comedy characters but you've made both of them of them believable and must see tv and this match was intense and as a fan I can't wait to see these two face off again to settle their issue!

"Iron" Mike Sharpe just became my new favorite babyface by preventing Jeff Gaylord from talking....LOL, just kidding....great interaction with these two that comes back to haunt Sharpe later in the show.

With Scott Casey as Texas Champion and Johnny Mantell getting the coveted USWA World title shot this solidifies The Gunslingers as the two top babyfaces in the promotion, Mantell was underrated in real life in my opinion and I'm really digging the push he and Casey are getting here and by showing up on USWA last week and getting the big win over the Karachi Vice.

Miller/Brooks vs. Bart/Irwin is one helluva tag team feud that's just tailor made for Texas....I'm liking everything about it!

As mentioned the slap from Sharpe comes back to bite him in the ass....and the Texas Ranger advances in the tournament!

WOW....I did not see that coming! The Youngbloods win the tag team titles in their debut! Great way to have these guys come in hot and establish themselves as a top tag team...and now the Highwaymen have a heated feud on their hands as they try to regain the titles!

Another great show and the tension continues to build over who will be the first Television champ!

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(Taped on Monday November 23rd, 1985 and airing Friday Night November 27th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and just one night removed from good food, family time, and Cowboys football, we have quite a night of action lined up for you!

In our main event "General" Skandor Akbar will lead The Spoiler into action against "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones! The number one contenders to the Texas Tag Team Titles, The Glamour boys will be in action, and after the shocking events of last week, you know they will have something to say. "Hollywood" John Tatum will be back in action this week, and speaking of people with something to say, Black Bart and "Wild" Bill Irwin will be in action!

But first, we have the final first round match of the Texas Television Title Tournament which will see Lance Von Erich take on a newcomer here to Texas All Star Wrestling, "The Outlaw" Joel Deaton!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Outlaw" Joel Deaton vs Lance Von Erich-

Deaton came to the ring in black trunks, black vest, and black cowboy hat carrying a bull rope with a cowbell attached to it. So needless to say while he wasn't going to be getting any cheers against Von Erich anyway, the fans certainly didn't like the looks of him either!

Lance was quick out of the gate dazzling Deaton with his speed and aerial attacks. Von Erich caught him with a big dropkick that got a long two count, and went for his big reverse crossbody off the ropes early, but Deaton ducked it and Lance crashed hard to the mat. After that "The Outlaw" was vicious, working over the head and neck of Von Erich hard forearms, twisting chinlocks, and just plain clubs to the side of the head. Deaton maintained control for a while, his attack always focused on the head and neck, but finally when Deaton locked in a sleeper, Lance started firing elbows into his midsection and broke free. Von Erich fired several punches at The Outlaw, and then attempted to whip him into the ropes, but Deaton reversed it and blasted Lance with a huge lariat that crumbled him to the mat. Von Erich was very slow to his feet, and Deaton was waiting, and plowed him with a huge Bulldog, before covering for the three count and the fall.

Winner: "Outlaw" Joel Deaton


Marc Lowrance: "Outlaw" Joel Deaton picks up a huge win in his Texas All Star debut over Lance Von Erich and advances in the Texas Television Title Tournament where he will meet The Texas Ranger in the second round. Lance seems to be favoring his neck and is being helped from the ring by medical personnel, so let's go ahead and take our first break.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling, right here on KTVT. Before the break we saw Lance Von Erich being attended too by medical personnel. I am told that he is favoring his neck after that last contest, but there doesn't appear to be any significant injury. Up next we have a man who made his debut here two weeks ago, "Hollywood" John Tatum, along with his valet Dark Journey. It was quite an entrance, and I am told that tonight Mr. Tatum has agreed to an interview once he has finished competing. So let's head to the ring.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Hollywood" John Tatum w/Dark Journey vs Trent McAllister-

Once the elaborate entrance was over, and the robe came off, and Dark Journey fluffed his hair and kissed his cheek, and he strutted around the ring, Tatum was ready for action! "Hollywood" John showed off against McAllister, whipping the much smaller man into the ropes, dropping him with a shoulderblock, then strutting a little more. Grabbing a headlock, and making kissy faces at Dark Journey. Hitting McAllister with a big hip toss, and then mocking him as he held his back in pain. Finally after several minutes of toying with the youngster, Tatum blaster him in the face with the California Kick, and casually laid on him for on the one, two, three.

Winner: "Hollywood" John Tatum


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner "Hollywood" John Tatum and the lovely Dark Journey.

Dark Journey: Well Thank You Marc. Of all the horrible people here in Texas, you have certainly been the most polite.

Marc Lowrance: I...

John Tatum: Now Marc Lowrance, I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there cause nobody wants to hear from you. These people came here to the Roy Rogers Coliseum to see "Hollywood" John Tatum.

Marc Lowrance: That's actually the Will Rogers Coliseum.

John Tatum: Didn't you hear me man? Nobody wants to hear you! Nobody cares what this stupid building in this stupid town is called! It's like when you try and correct my friend Jack Victory when he gets your name wrong. It's not that he doesn't know your name Marc, it's that he doesn't care. Speaking of Jack Victory, it's ridiculous what the big wigs here at Texas All Star did to our friends the Fabulous Blondes. I don't blame Jack one bit for his boycott. I want him to know that I support him, and next week when he returns to take on Brian Adias in the Television Title Tournament, both myself and Dark Journey will be pulling for him one thousand percent. That's it, interview over. You disgust me Lowrance.

Tatum shakes his head and pushes past Marc Lowrance. Marc looks to Dark Journey with a bit of a confused look on his face, but she just rolls her eyes and walks away.

Marc Lowrance: Well, there you have it. Tatum and Dark Journey are pulling for Jack Victory in the Texas Television Title Tournament. Birds of a feather I guess. We'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-



2 Minutes Remain in the TV Time Limit

Chris Youngblood is clapping and stomping like crazy, willing his brother back into the match, but Hickerson has the sleeper hold sunk in deep. Mark sinks to the mat with Hickerson still on top of him, and the referee comes to check the arm. He lifts it once, it falls. Twice, it falls. A third time...IT'S UP!!! Mark Youngblood begins to shake like a wild man as the crowd goes ape shit and he makes it back to his feet and fires several elbows into the mid section of Hickerson. He then manages to spin him around and drive him back first into the turnbuckle, causing him to release the hold.

1 Minute Remains in the TV Time Limit

This also happened to be the corner where his brother Chris was standing, so Mark held up his hand, and Chris tagged in to the match!! Chris Youngblood came in and blasted Phil Hickerson with rights and lefts in the corner, and then a big chop to the chest, and one to the head. Then like he had eyes in the back of his head, he ducked out of the way as Bobby Duncum came charging at him, causing Duncum to crash into his own partner!! Chris Youngblood then charged in and clotheslined Bobby Duncum over the top rope and to the floor, while Phil Hickerson staggered out of the corner. Chris Youngblood then scaled the top rope and dove off with a Flying Tomahawk Chop that caught Phil Hickerson right between the eyes!!

Hickerson fell over like a mighty oak tree, and Chris Youngblood covered him for the...





Marc Lowrance: That was the final minutes of the shocking ending to our program last week where we saw the debuting Tribal Nation of Mark and Chris Youngblood upset The Highwaymen to become the New Texas Tag Team Champions. Right now the team who was set to challenge The Highwaymen for those belts at our upcoming Seasons Beatings event, The Glamour Boys are in action. Let's head to the ring.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) vs The Bounty Hunter/Jack Spade-

Doll and Simpson were having a good time in the Will Rogers Coliseum tonight taking it to Spade and his masked partner as soon as the bell rang with a pair of dropkicks. Spade got singled out, and ate several armdrags from Doll, then a double hiptoss from both Glamour boys, before Simpson took over on him. On the next tag out, Spade got nailed with a double back body drop and a double dropkick which knocked him back into his own corner, allowing The Bounty Hunter to tag himself in. He also got a double dropkick! Doll then gave him a big bodyslam and a legdrop, before tagging Simpson back in, and then both scaled the ropes for the newly named Glam, Slam, Thank You Ma'am (missile dropkick/flying splash combo) that put the masked man down for the count.

Winners: The Glamour Boys of Steve Doll and Steve Simpson


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winners, The Glamour Boys! Gentleman, last week your long time rivals The Highwaymen lost their Texas Tag Team Titles to Mark and Chris Youngblood, who you will now be facing at Seasons Beatings. Your thoughts?

Doll and Simpson look at one another and then bust out laughing.

Steve Simpson: You know Marc, first we'd like to congratulate the Youngbloods. They seem like two nice guys, and we are legitimately happy for them, and we look forward to competing against them. As for The Highwaymen, what a couple of buffoons. This is exactly what happens when you write checks your butt can't cash. It's just too bad that we weren't the ones to do it.

Steve Doll: Hickerson, Duncum. You two loud mouths got what was coming to you, and it couldn't have happened to two more deserving guys. I'm sure that whoever wins that match between us and the Youngbloods will be happy to give you guys a shot at those belts. Once you've worked your way back into title contention!

Doll and Simpson both have a bit of a chuckle at that one, and then they head out slapping hands and hugging ladies.

Marc Lowrance: Folks, we'll be right back with more Texas All Star Wrestling. Don't go anywhere!

-Commercial Break-

As we return from break Marc Lowrance has been joined by Frank Dusek.

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Right now I am joined by the Commissioner of Texas All Star, Frank Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. After the events of last week, I have three announcements to make here tonight. First is that next week right here in on Texas All Star, "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Jeff Gaylord are going to go one on one in this ring.

Second, is that in two weeks the Board of Directors has seen fit to grant The Highwaymen a rematch with The Tribal Nation for the Texas Tag Team Titles. Whichever team wins that match will then go on to defend against The Glamour Boys the following week at Seasons Beatings.

Finally, after everything that has happened between them, we have come to a decision on the futures of Cocoa Samoa and "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. A match has been signed for Seasons Beatings. The first thing to note is that if either man so much as lays a finger on the other before the bell rings for that match, both men will be terminated from Texas All Star Wrestling. We won't have this blood feud causing injury to our officials, our security, our medical personnel, or god forbid one of our fans.

Now as I said, Cocoa and El Jefe will meet at Seasons Beatings, and since Texas All Star obviously isn't big enough for the both of them, it is going to be a Loser Leaves Town match. But as violent as these two have gotten, those stakes didn't quite seem high enough, so against our better judgement, it will also be.... a Texas Death Match.

Marc Lowrance: Oh My.

Frank Dusek: Yeah. Neither of those men will ever be the same, but one of them will be gone from Texas All Star for good.

Marc Lowrance: Seasons Beatings will certainly live up to it's name. We'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/"Wild" Bill Irwin) vs Snake Brown/Dave Kent-

Brown and Kent never stood a chance, as The Wild Bunch hit the ring like a hurricane and started pounding away on both men. Irwin caught Snake Brown in the chest with his Pump Kick and Brown sailed through the ropes and wasn't seen again. Meanwhile Bart paraded Kent around the ring in position for a bodyslam, then drilled him into the mat. Bart then climbed up and hit him with the Texas Trash Compactor for quick victory.

Winners: The Wild Bunch of Black Bart and "Wild" Bill Irwin


Marc Lowrance doesn't even bother trying to talk, he just simply hands the microphone to Black Bart. Bart looks at him sideways, then shrugs and hands the microphone to Irwin.

Bill Irwin: You know, it's been quite a while since I've been down here to Texas, and I know the last time I was in these parts I wasn't a well liked man. That's my fault for the things I done, and for choosing to run with scum like Akbar. This man here now, this is a different "Wild" Bill Irwin. You see I was back East kicking butt and taking names, when I got a phone call from my friend Bart here, and he said Bill, I need someone I can trust to help me take care of a couple of no good, backstabbing, pieces of trash named Tim Brooks and Mike Miller.

Now, I know I done a lot of bad things to a lot of people during my time in the wrestling business, but even I ain't never sunk so low as to stab the people I call my friends in the back. Hell, if I consider you my friend, a true friend, I'd do anything, fight anybody for you. So Mike Miller, Tim Brooks... you two might think you pulled something off back in that Devil Cage, but all you done was bought yourself a world of hurt. The Wild Bunch is here now, and that's bad news for you.

Irwin hands the microphone back to Bart who has a huge grin on his face.


Bart spikes the microphone onto the arena floor where it emits a loud burst of static causing Marc Lowrance to jump as The Wild Bunch storms out of the arena to massive cheers.

-Commercial Break-

As we return from break Marc Lowrance is standing looking at his broken microphone. He shrugs his shoulders and points to the ring.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs The Spoiler w/Skandor Akbar-

This one started off as something of a stalemate as neither man could gain the advantage out of the collar and elbow. Then The Spoiler threw the first right hand. Jones wasn't having that, so he fired back. Then both stood in the center of the ring throwing punches until they were both about to fall over. We briefly had some semblance of a wrestling match when Jones grabbed a headlock, Spoiler shot him in the ropes, and Jones put him down with a shoulderblock. Spoiler didn't like that, so he grabbed a headlock, Jones shot him in the ropes, and when he tried a shoulderblock, Jones didn't move. So Spoiler raked his eyes, and tossed him out to the floor. That is where all hell broke loose as both men started brawling and eventually both grabbed steel chairs, Spoiler from the timekeeper, and Jones from a fan! When they swung at each other, the chairs collided with a loud clack, and the referee knew he had lost control.

This Match Has Been Ruled a Double Disqualification!

They both swung the chairs again, and again the chairs collided with a loud metallic bang. Only this time, the fingers of Jones must have been hit as he dropped his chair. Spoiler saw his opening and swung a third time, smashing Jones on top of the head with the steel chair. Jones collapsed to the floor in a heap, and Spoiler tossed the chair aside as Akbar arrived to usher him away.


Marc Lowrance: The referee has thrown this one out, but The Spoiler has just crushed "Mr. Ebony" with a massive shot to the skull with that steel chair. Thankfully Akbar is leading The Spoiler away from the ring, but we are going to need some help out here for Tom Jones. Ladies and Gentleman, it has been another wild night here on Texas All Star Wrest.... WAIT A MOMENT!!!

Tom Jones rises up from the floor, his face a crimson mask, and runs for The Spoiler who hasn't quite made it to the dressing room. Jones tackles The Spoiler from behind and starts raining down lefts and rights into the face of the masked man, who is scrambling to get behind the curtain that leads to the dressing room and out of harms way. Akbar is pulling at Jones, but "Mr. Ebony" stands up and blasts Akbar with a huge right hand which sends him flying past the curtain and out of sight. The Spoiler manages to crawl on all fours into the dressing room, but Jones follows him in and then emerges a few seconds later...

Marc Lowrance: Is that? Oh My! Oh my, things have just gone to another level between these two. Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

The show closes on a shot of "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones, blood dripping down his face onto his chest, standing with his fist raised into the air, the mask of The Spoiler clutched in it for the world to see.



Friday December 18th, 1985

Winner of Jerry Lawler/Terry Funk at WrestleStorm vs Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine - USWA World Heavyweight Title

"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr. - Texas Heavyweight Title

The Tribal Nation (Mark/Chris Youngblood) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) - Texas Tag Team Titles

Winner of Brian Adias/Jack Victory vs Winner of The Texas Ranger/Joel Deaton - Texas Television Title

Cocoa Samoa vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada - Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match

plus more to be announced

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Great show!

We could have done without the reminder of that Cowboy game.  As a fan, I am disgusted.

Wow... this is ot your Fritz's Texas Wrestling..... A VonErich goes down on TV.

As if Hollywood John Tatum needed any help getting major heat, Dark Journey insults all of the Texans... liking this angle.

Always like the build up of two babyface teams about to go it.  It always makes me wonder what might happen.... The Glamour Boys and the Youngbloods will be interesting... that is if it ever happens.  The Highway Men might have something to say about that.

WOW.... love the team of the Wild Bunch... they might just be the future of tag team wrestling in Texas.

Great main event... Can't wait to hear what Lawrence meant when he said...."Is that?


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Joel Deaton has arrived! No bigger way to make your mark in Texas than to beat Von Erich in your debut....even if it is a "Von Erich"....still makes an impact

Another nice win for "Hollywood" John.....loved the promo from both Dark Journey and Tatum....the "Roy Rogers Coliseum" line in particular and his response to being corrected got a laugh out of me.

The Glamour Boys react accordingly to their rivals losing their titles....but we find out shortly that the Highwaymen are getting a rematch before the Christmas show....so it may not be the Youngbloods standing across the ring from them next month.

Dusek makes some big announcements including a Loser leaves town, Texas Death Match between Cocoa Samoa and El Jefe which I'm very much looking forward to!

The Wild Bunch is going to be hell for Brooks/Miller to deal with....another great promo from Bart and "Wild" Bill gives a good explanation for being a "good guy" these days. 

A hard hitting main event.....with a shocking ending to the show as Jones emerges holding the mask of the Spoiler! 

Seasons Beatings is going to be one hell of a show!

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Deaton has arrived and makes a big impact by putting down Lance Von Erich to advance. Looking forward to that Deaton/Ranger match up. 

Tatum and Journey are getting some good buzz. Tatum lets everybody know about his allegiance to Jack Victory. What a pair! LOL, Tatum gets the line of the night with "You disgust me Lowrance" HAHAHA 

I like the tag team title story going with Tribal Nation, Glamour Boys and Highwaymen. Really shows the importance of the titles. 

El Jefe and Cocoa in a Texas Death Loser Leaves Town match...OH YEA!!!! Simply amazing what you've done with these guys. 

Bart and Irwin, the Wild Bunch! What a great name. It's going to be one wild and crazy shootout with Brooks and Miller! Poor Lowrance is having a rough night. Tatum says he's disgusts him and then Bart breaks his mic. 

Texas TV main events always deliver. Things get crazy as Spoiler and Jones battle with chairs! Spoiler gets the upper hand with a vicious shot. His momentum doesn't last as a bloody Jones chases him, tackles him and takes his mask! Getting the Spoiler's mask is a huge deal! This is some serious heat! 

What a night of chaotic action we'll have in store at Seasons Beatings!! Cant wait! 



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So I am catching up on this promotion, and all the others, after a couple of crazy months and this whole show is a damn hoot. I don't think there's anyone else who maximizes the talent on their roster more than what is going on here with this territory. The Halloween supershow was a blast and I expect Seasons Beatings to be no different! 

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