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Danny Kuchler 2016 List Re-Evaluation Paragraph + Wrestlers to Watch for 2021-2026

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18 minutes ago, dkookypunk43 said:

Alright I will, I'm open to anything. I've gotta see the MSG stuff for myself. I think it maybe my age. I was 19 when I made this list and 24 now so I'm going to be as open as possible

Here's a sampler to bookmark for the future



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I'd second the point about Bruno. He isn't going to wow anyone with "workrate" as the term is often throne around today, but he is slept on and far too quickly dismissed. This isn't an apples to apples comparison, but I sort of think of him like Baba. I think Baba is much better on the whole, personally, but you have to appreciate both for what they are and how they use their physical skill-sets.  It took a while for both to click with me, but once each did I find a lot of enjoyment in how they hone their craft.

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My observation would be that Bruno accomplishes a whole lot with a simple, rugged style. Less is more. And he had a special charisma with an all-time great feud with Larry Z which featured amazing, amazing promos as an integral part of that feud. And his matches have tremendous crowd atmosphere and heat. 

Bruno will easily make my top 100 list.

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