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CWA Memphis 1981


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CWA Championship Wrestling TV

From the WMC TV-5 Studios on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN.

Airing live on WMC TV-5 at 10am cst

on Saturday April 3, 1981 and on tape at

various times on various stations throughout

Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas

Sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance

Announcers: Lance Russell & Dave Brown

Referees: Jerry Calhoun, Paul Morton, and Tommy Marlin


(The opening montage rolls and we go to the desk with Lance Russell and Dave Brown)


Lance: "Helllooo everybody, Lance Russell and Dave Brown right along ringside for another BIG day of Championship Wrestling!"


Dave: "A big night of action at the Mid South Coliseum last Monday night as Tojo Yamamoto's team of Onita and Fuchi managed to take the NWA Southern tag team titles away from the Dream Machine and 'Superstar' Bill Dundee under some very questionable circumstances to say the least."


Lance: "That's putting it mildly, we'll show you some footage of that bout a little bit later on in the program here today, also last Monday night…'the King' was taking on Dory Funk Jr who got disqualified when he brought a bullwhip in the ring and starting choking Jerry with it in there, because of that…Lawler asked for a rematch this week and he wanted it to be a 'Southern Streetfight' but I'm told there's an announcement to be made about that match a little bit later on as well."

Dave: "That's true, it has been confirmed that the 'King' will be in action today in our expiration of time main event as he'll be taking on an ally of Dory Funk Jr, 'Outlaw' Ron Bass."


Lance: "Well that one should be a dandy for sure.  We'll also be seeing 'the Dutchman', 'Dirty' Dutch Mantel defend his CWA Television title against big Phil Hickerson."

Dave: "We'll be seeing the debut of one of the most bizarre wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring…the 'Exotic' Adrian Street will be in action today and we'll also be seeing the father/son team of 'Bullet' Bob and Brad Armstrong in there taking on Tony Falk and Sonny King."


Lance: "Speaking of debuts, we're going to be seeing one of the most popular wrestlers in the United States today…the one and only Junkyard Dog. (loud cheers from the studio audience) All that and more so let's get to it, we're going to take a quick time and be back with our opening bout in just a moment."





"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda defeated Sammy Hall by submission with a 'Boston Crab'


(Lance apprehensively invites Adrian over for an interview)


Lance: "Well Mr Street, I must say I'm quite impressed with your in ring skills…that was a great win."


Adrian: "Pardon me if I don't blush over that compliment coming from a guy who thinks this Jerry Lawler guy is the 'King of Wrestling', he wouldn't last five minutes in the rings I started in."


Lance: "Be that as it may, I think you'll find the competition here in the CWA and throughout the National Wrestling Alliance to be more than formidiable."


Adrian: "Well, I wouldn't count on that….I mean they've got me wrestling some chap called Cocoa Puff this Monday night."


Lance: "It's Koko WARE and I can promise you that he will give you all you can handle in there for sure."


Adrian: (winks) "Oh…well I do like the sound of that Mr. Russell…but I'm not sure that little Koko is ready for what he's got coming to him…..I'm going to make a statement in that ring on Monday night and that statement is……there's a new Queen in town….and he's quite exotic!" (prances away)


Lance Russell runs down a list of upcoming events



"Bullet" Bob/Brad Armstrong defeated Tony Falk/Sonny King when Bob put Falk down with a sleeperhold


(Bullet Bob and Brad Armstrong come over to the desk)


Lance: "Bob, it's good to have you back here in Memphis and we're excited to see you and your son Brad in action here."


Bob: "Lancer, it's sure good to be back here and Monday night we've got a tall, tall task ahead of us in the Midnightt Express. I'm not sure if you're familiar with these guys but they are as tough as the day is long and will stoop to anything to get the win."


Lance: "I'm not real familiar with Randy Rose but Dennis Condrey, we know all about and I've heard a lot about this Midnight Express from their exploits over in Southeastern, which I know you guys spent a lot of time there as well."


Brad: "We sure did Mr. Russell and we've been in the ring with these guys many times….we know what they are all about but I promise you and all these great fans here in the CWA we're going to do our dead level best to beat these guys and to go after those Southern Tag Team titles that Tojo's Japanese team holds."

Bob: "Take it easy, son.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves…..let's deal with the Midnights…and then we'll look towards the titles. Thanks Lancer!"


Lance: "Sound advice from Bullet Bob to Brad, let's take another time out and we'll be back in just a moment."




(As we return from the break, 'the King' is already at the desk with Lance)


Lance: "Jerry, you've had some pretty tough battles with former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr as of late but last Monday night, he seemed to kinda go off the deep end when he attacked you with a bullwhip and choked you causing the referee to disqualify him."


King: "Yeah, which is kinda out of character for Junior, he's usually more of a competitor than that….that's the kinda nonesense you'd expect out of his lunatic brother moreso than Dory."


Lance: "It's funny you should mention that, I was told before we went on the air today that there was a tape sent in from Amarillo that you'd probably like to take a look at.  So if I can get someone in the booth to please roll that for us now."


(VTR- Terry Funk is wandering around the Double Cross Ranch with a camera following him)


Terry: "Well hello there to all you egg suckin' dogs in Memphis! Jerry Lawler, I hope this video finds you ill you no good piece of ****!  You are such a low life and a cheater that you drove my beloved brother who is one of the greatest technicians in the world, a straight up technical wrestler…..you with all your underhanded tactics and having the referees and promoters in your back pocket drove my poor brother over the edge and caused him to stoop to your level and get himself disqualified last week.  So, I told him Junior, don't soil your hands and your reputation any further with this idiot, you let me go to Memphis and do what I do best! You see Lawler, I'm not a technical wrestler any more….I like to fight…I like to make people like you bleed and I would like nothing more than to come back to Memphis and kick your *** one more time.  So, I asked Jerry Jarrett what kinda match I could get with you and he said how about a Southern Streetfight and I said you sign that match and I promise you it will be the last match that Jerry Lawler ever wrestles, so get ready Lawler….I'm coming to Memphis on Monday night and I'm not coming to win a match…..I'm coming to hurt you! I'm coming to end you….and I won't stop until I've done just that!! See you in Memphis, Lawler….you coward!!"



King: "Awww, well look at that Lance, Dory Jr couldn't take the heat so he had to go get his goofy brother to come fight his battles for him.  Well that's just fine, Terry….we've done this before and I'm not afraid to do it again in a match where I can pick up anything I can get my hands and bash your head in with it! A Southern Streetfight is right up my alley and if your brother or any of your buddies like this Ron Bass that'll I'll be facing later today want to try to get involved, I'll make sure to have people watching my back, I can assure you of that!"



CWA Television Championship

"Dirty" Dutch Mantel pinned Phil Hickerson with a small package


(As Mantel leaves the studio, Jimmy Hart and Wayne Ferris make their way out)


Hart: "Lance Russell, tell me something baby, why is Dutch Mantel out here wrestling guys week in and week out that don't deserve a title shot when my man Wayne Ferris should be the one getting the shot at the television championship? Tell me why!…Dutch Mantel is ugly, he shouldn't even be allowed on television when Wayne Ferris looks like a star…..he looks like someone who should be on tv every week not that half shaved ape Dutch Mantel."


Ferris: "I'll tell you exactly why Jimmy….because Dutch Mantel may be ugly, but he ain't stupid he knows that if he EVER put that title on the line against me that he'd soon be an ex champion."

(Mantel comes back out)

Mantel: "What are you out here babbling about? Listen, I've got no problem putting this title on the line against whoever Eddie Marlin says is a contender…..now I can't put the title on the line Monday night at the Mid South Coliseum because it's not on television, but I'll be more than happy to wrestle you and if you can beat me….I'll put the title on the line here on television next week."


(Matchmaker Eddie Marlin comes out and says if Ferris agrees to the match then it will added to Monday's card, to which Jimmy Hart agrees to before Ferris can respond)


Lance Russell runs down the card for this Monday night


CWA Championship Wrestling

Mid South Coliseum

Memphis, Tennessee

Monday April 5, 1981

Bell Time: 7:30pm



NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

Southern Streetfight

Jerry 'the King' Lawler


Terry Funk




NWA Southern Tag Team Championship-Rematch

Fuchi/Onita w/Tojo Yamamoto


Dream Machine/"Superstar" Bill Dundee


Special Challenge Match

Junkyard Dog


"Universal Heartthrob"

Austin Idol w/Jimmy Hart



"Bullet" Bob/Brad Armstrong


The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose)



"Dirty" Dutch Mantel


Wayne Ferris w/Jimmy Hart



The Nightmares (#1/#2)

w/Jimmy Hart


Eddie Gilbert/Stan Lane



"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda


Koko Ware



Steve Keirn


The Intern



Junkyard Dog pinned The Intern with a 'THUMP' powerslam


After the match JYD is invited over to the desk by Lance, Dog says he's happy to be here in the CWA and says that he knows that when he faces Idol on Monday night he knows he's going to have to watch his back for Jimmy Hart……this brings out Jimmy Hart who gets in Dog's face and says that Austin Idol will destroy him in the ring……after some more trash talk, Hart slaps Dog across the face which prompts Dog to grab him by the throat and lift him up in the air but from out of nowhere, Idol runs in and hits JYD across the back with a steel chair causing him to drop Hart and fall to the floor…..Idol jabs the chair into the ribs of the Dog until the Armstrongs and Dutch Mantel run out to make the save!




VTR: Highlights of last week's Southern Tag Team title match are shown where Tojo Yamamoto hit Dundee in the head with the kendo stick while the referee was putting Dream Machine out of the ring, allowing Onita to cover Dundee for the title win!




NWA Southern Tag Team Champions Onita/Fuchi w/Tojo Yamamoto defeated Buddy/Ken Wayne when Onita pinned Ken after a knee drop from the top rope.


After the match Onita/Fuchi continued to attack the Waynes as Tojo came in and started to beat on Ken with his kendo stick until Dream Machine and Bill Dundee hit the ring with kendo sticks of their own and went to town cracking Onita, Fuchi, AND Tojo until they fled the studio as the crowd goes wild!







Jerry 'the King' Lawler pinned "Outlaw" Ron Bass with a school boy roll up in 8:32


Lance Russell announces that there's only two minutes left in the show so there won't be time for another fall, but as he's saying that Dory Funk Jr hits the ring and attacks Lawler from behind, as Lawler starts to fight back, Bass recovers and joins in for the two on one…..just then PLOWBOY FRAZIER come through the curtain and enters the ring to make the save as the show goes off the air

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CWA Championship Wrestling

Mid South Coliseum

Memphis, Tennessee

Monday April 5, 1981

Bell Time: 7:30pm


Steve Keirn pinned The Intern with a small package


"Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda pinned Koko Ware with his feet on the ropes


Eddie Gilbert/Stan Lane defeated The Nightmares (#1/#2) w/Jimmy Hart by DQ when the referee saw Hart trip Gilbert as he was coming off the ropes


"Dirty" Dutch Mantel pinned Wayne Ferris w/Jimmy Hart with a sunset flip

After the match, "Dr. D" David Schultz hit the ring and attacked Mantel from behind, Ferris and Hart quickly joined in putting the boots to Dutch until Steve Keirn ran in with a chair and made the save


The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose) defeated "Bullet" Bob/Brad Armstrong when Norvell Austin came in out of the crowd and interfered while the referee was distracted by Rose allowing Condrey to pin Brad Armstrong


Special Challenge Match

"Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol w/Jimmy Hart defeated Junkyard Dog when the referee stopped the match after Idol continued to work over the injured ribs of Dog and the referee declared him unable to continue



NWA Southern Tag Team Championship-Rematch

Dream Machine/"Superstar" Bill Dundee defeated Fuchi/Onita w/Tojo Yamamoto by DQ when Tojo came in and hit Dundee with the kendo stick as he was pinning Onita for the intentional Disqualification to save the titles




NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship

Jerry 'the King' Lawler pinned Terry Funk after piledriving him on a chair, after the three count, Dory Funk Jr hit the ring and jumped Lawler and whipped him with the bullwhip until Dundee, Dream Machine, Mantel, and Keirn all hit the ring to make the save

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Plenty of good stuff from your television. Looks to have a lot of detail which is good to get us going for this crew. Then we go to the Mid South Coliseum for a helluva night of action and a main event that really lit things up. Dory and Terry v Dundee, Dream Machine, Mantel, Kiern, and Lawler... who could the Funks have up their sleves?

Cool to see some of the homegrown stars of Memphis shining here plus the fun little tag with the MXE and the Armstrongs. JYD, like you sad, fits in here, and I personally can't wait for the eventual loser eats Dog food match...

Great continuation from the tv to the show - that's going to be fun to lead into  and build upon.

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Awesome TV show.  I thought you work in Continental was great but this might is right up there.

I've been watching some CCW lately with Adrian Street and your interview with him was perfect... I could just hear that accent on every word.  

It was fun watching Bob trying to keep his son in check and not let him get too far ahead of himself thinking about the titles.  That picture had me do a double take.  Wow did they look a like.

The King with all of his quick jabs at Terry were just what he would say.  Can't wait to see what happens when the goofy Funk brother gets to Memphis.

Dutch getting called out by Wayne Ferris could get interesting.  He might not be wrong with the ugly comment either.

Idol vs JYD.... More please!

The foreign heels are a nice start to the tag wars.  I could just see the old men and women in the Coliseum thinking about Pearl Harbor and wanted revenge.  Make sure their are enough security guards on hand!

As for the Coliseum... nice to see all of these angles being developed.  The King proves that while Terry might run Amarillo, Lawler is in charge of Memphis.  He also has enough buddies to go to war if need be.

Hope the dogs ribs are okay.  Wanting more of Idol-JYD.

Love your roster.  I feel it is great for Memphis was a lot of smaller guys who can really perform in the ring and make every match great.

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Just realized I never posted these this week.....it's been a rough week hopefully I can get this week's shows caught up and leave feedback over the weekend


CWA Championship Wrestling

House Show Loop

Tuesday: Louisville, KY (April 6, 1981)

Wednesday: Evansville, IN. (April 7, 1981)

Thursday: Knoxville, TN. (April 8, 1981)

Friday: Nashville, TN. (April 9, 1981)



"Cowboy" Bob Orton pinned Ron Sexton following a superplex



Koko Ware defeated "Exotic" Adrian Street w/Ms. Linda by DQ when Ms. Linda got caught interfering



The Nightmares (#1/#2) w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Buddy/Ken Wayne when Nightmare #1 pinned Buddy Wayne after a splash off the top rope



The Spoiler wrestled Ronnie Garvin to a 15 minute time limit draw



"Dirty" Dutch Mantel/Steve Keirn defeated "Dr. D" David Schultz/Wayne Ferris w/Jimmy Hart when Keirn pinned Ferris after a neckbreaker…..after the match The Nightmares hit the ring and helped put a four on two beatdown on Mantel/Keirn until Koko Ware/Ronnie Garvin/The Waynes ran into make the save




"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant (subbing for the "injured" Junkyard Dog) pinned "Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol w/Jimmy Hart after Hart tried to hit Valiant with his "walking stick" and hit Idol by mistake allowing Valiant to get the pin




Jerry 'the King' Lawler/Plowboy Frazier defeated Dory Funk Jr/"Outlaw" Ron Bass by DQ when Bob Orton hit the ring as Lawler was covering Bass after his 2nd rope fist drop




CWA Championship Wrestling

Spot Show Loop

Tuesday: Kennett, MO. (April 6, 1981)

Wednesday: Jonesboro, Ark. (April 7, 1981)

Thursday: Nashville, TN. (April 8, 1981)

Friday: Tupelo, MS. (April 9, 1981)


"Gentlemen" Chris Adams pinned Phil Hickerson with a crucifix



Tojo Yamamoto pinned Rick Casey after a double chop to the throat



Mr. Olympia pinned Sonny King with a small package



Eddie Gilbert/Stan Lane defeated The Interns (#1/#2) when Gilbert pinned Intern #2 with a sunset flip





The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose/Norvel Austin) defeated "Bullet" Bob/Brad Armstrong & "Iceman" King Parsons when Rose pinned Parsons with his feet on the ropes




NWA Southern Tag Team Championship

Onita/Fuchi w/Tojo Yamamoto fought Bill Dundee/Dream Machine to a double count out





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I really wanted to compliment you @GeneJackson95, reading the great stuff that you and @LowBlowPodcast have been doing with your weekly TV has given me a great example of how to do it myself and really helped me up my game.  You do some great work, I love the use of graphics and dialogue.  I always try and keep my own stuff as close to as real as possible...anything I do in Maple Leaf Wrestling I want to seem like something that could have happened there back in 1981.  I haven't seen much Memphis but I absolutely love what you're doing with Lawler and Funk.  Plus the great stuff with the real original Midnight Express too...plus Koko Ware and Wayne Ferris...this is just outstanding stuff. Hats off.

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