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I'm very excited for people to see Peruano. In the INA collection, we have 13-14 matches of his over a span of ten years or so. Some are just JIP but generally substantial in how much can be accomplished in a few minutes. Some are very long but entertaining the whole way through. He's against different opponents and in tags and singles. He may be the most interesting and creative worker in the French Catch footage. The style has a lot of similar spots and sequences from match to match and he has some ways of coming at it that are unique to him. Just unique entry points, unique bits of recoil and reaction, unique moves, unique holds. On top of that is a personality that is almost reptilian, slimy, persistent and a little bit alien, the other, especially to 1950s and 60s France: a Negro Casas (yes), or 97 Eddy Guerrero, or Mocho Cota. He can wrestle, and slug, and lean, and bump, and stooge. As you watch him, you won't want to look away. I'm not sure how many lists he'll make, but I do think he'll be a favorite.

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Peruano, and Joachim La Barba as well, are what I imagine a luchador would have looked like working in France in the late 50s. I'm not sure how much of a pro-wrestling scene there was in Peru or South America in the 1950s, but stylistically, the way Peruano works has similar hallmarks to lucha. There are a few other Peruvians who feature in the footage later on who carry on the tradition. I would recommend checking out his early work first. He tones his act down in the 60s compared to his wilder 50s work.

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6 hours ago, conker8 said:

Here is Inca Peruano working as Rocky Tomayo in the WWWF (he was 47) :

I certainly don't think this specific enhancement match hurts his case. He took a bump over the top (at 47) which wasn't necessary but added to the match. There were a couple of good arm flips that had real oomph to them. His strikes were solid though not the sort you'd see in 50s-60s France (more of that from Maivia actually). I thought he interacted/contrasted well with Maivia in general.

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