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With my folder being deleted, I thoiught I would re-post my work in order to have a history of it and in case any new readers want to catch up with what they missed.  No reason to comment on it.  It you feel this is cluttering up our project, I will remove it.



 MARCH 27, 1986





The show opens with a short clip from WrestleWar where we see Jimmy Garvin defeat Austin Idol in their loser leave town match only to have Garvin attacked by some masked man. 


Gordon Solie:  Well thank you, thank you very much.  I am Gordon Solie and it is my pleasure to be here with you on Continental Championship Wrestling.  I am really excited and grateful to be hosting the first episode of Continental Championship Wrestling here on the Superstation WTBS 17.  As many of you heard last hour from NWA President Bill Watts, Continental Championship Wrestling is once again back home as part of the NWA.  Bro-ther, let me tell you that wherever that NWA logo goes, you are going to see the best the sport of professional wrestling has to offer.  I promise you will continue to see all of your favorite stars and the stars you love to hate.  Tonight, we are coming to you from the great Boutwell Auditorium and what a show we have instore for you.  We will be seeing not one, but two title matches here today at Nick Bockwinkle will be defending his Continental Championship against the Masked Superstar and Tommy and Johnny Rich will be defending their Continental Tag Team Titles against Wendell Cooley and Steve Armstrong.  We will also be seeing Jimmy Garvin in action as well as “The Nature Boy” Landel.  NWA World Champion, Magnum T.A. will be here as will the NWA World Heavyweight Champions, Dr. Death Steve Williams and Ted Dibiase.  And finally, Continental Championship Wrestling President, Les Thatcher will be here for an important announcement.  Without further ado, lets head to the ring for our first bout. 


“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats “Hollywood” John Tatum with the Brainbuster

The match itself was very interesting as it was a battle of two of the more flamboyant wrestlers in the NWA.  Tatum did a great job of whining and playing the frightened heel that he was able to get great heat from this crowd.  Garvin was able to survive all of the questionable tactics by Tatum and get the win.

Right after the three count is made, the camera goes to Precious who is frantically screaming for Garvin to turn around.

WHAM… Gorgeous Jimmy turned around just in time to block an attack from the same masked man we saw at WrestleWar.  The two duke it out for a few seconds before Garvin knocks down the masked assailant.  Garvin goes straight for the mask but somehow, the man escapes back to the locker room and out of the building.

Post-match Interview-

Gordon Solie:  Well congratulations on your win tonight Jimmy but it seems you have a big problem on your hands.  With Austin Idol out of the NWA, we are pretty sure the man who attacked you twice in the past few weeks is not the Universal Heartthrob.  Can you think of anyone who would be after?

Gorgeous Jimmy: 1986 is off to on heck of a start.  I mean Gorgeous Jimmy sent Austin Idol packing but when you are as beautiful as I am, someone is always jealous.  I have no idea who the attacker is, but he must be one ugly dude if he has to go around wearing a mask.  Gordon, whoever it is can only hide for so long!



Before our next match, NWA Champion, Magnum T.A stops by the podium where Gordon Solie lets the champ know how excited he is to have him here at the first Continental Championship Wrestling show on WTBS.  As Magnum is thanking Gordon and explaining to the crowd just how great it will be to have Continental back in the NWA, we here a moan from the fans…

Gordon Solie:  Oh brother, I was warned but I it is worse than I even imagined. 

Out comes Ronnie P. Gossett and he is dressed in an all black suit with a pink hat and a fanny pack.

Gordon Solie:  I was told Ronnie that you no longer work here as an announcer.

Ronnie P:  Gordon, what you say is true and if the powers that be want to wash Continental Wrestling right down the drain then who am I to stop them.  I am not here as an announcer.  I am here as a manager.  In fact, the manager of the greatest wrestler in all of the NWA.

Magum T.A.:  (with a smirk on his face) Hey now Two Tons of Fun… you’re not my manager. 

Ronnie P:  Hey Tom Sellick… the Village People called and asked for their mustache back.  I said the greatest wrestler in the NWA… not the one that tricked Bill Watts into giving him the belt. 

Gordon Solie:  And who prey tell to do believe to be the Greatest Wrestler in the NWA?

Ronnie P:  Not who do I believe… who is!  My God, what they said about you drinking before noon was right on target.

Gordon Solie:  Excuse me sir.

Ronnie P:  Excuse you for what?  Not knowing “The Nature Boy” is the greatest wrestler in the NWA.

Magnum T.A.:  I am not taking anything away from the Nature Boy but currently Ric Flai is working for …

Ronnie P.:  Oh come on you two stop your games.  The Real Nature Boy… Buddy Landel and if you dare to give him a match next Monday night right here in the Boutwell Auditorium… I promise you we will have a knew champion.

Magnum T.A.:  Listen good Ronnie Gossett…. Magnum T.A. has never once backed down from a challenge and he won’t begin to now.  If Les Thatcher believes Buddy Landel deserves a title shot, I will give it to him!

Les Thatcher comes right out and explains that the NWA has never allowed a champion to pick his own opponents.  This sets Ronnie P. off but Thatcher tells him to hold on as he explains that if Buddy Landel can beat Sweet Brown Sugar tonight, he will give sign the match.  After some complaining that Landel should not have to prove he deserves the title shot, Ronnie gives in and we are informed that the match is up next.

Ronnie P.:  I know you are just trying anyway to keep my man from winning that World Title next week but that won’t work.  Buddy Landel is under my wings and soon will win that gold belt.

Gordon Solie:  Not sure anything could survive under your wings! 

Ronnie P:  Excuse me?

Gordon Solie:  Let’s get back to the ring.



“Nature Boy” Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Sweet Brown Sugar

The bout is a great back and forth match as both men can really do it all in the ring.  Unfortunately for all involved, Ronnie P. dragged himself up on the apron and distracted the ref as Tommy Wildfire Rich hit the ring and Pear Harbored Sugar with a slapjack to the back of the legs.  This was all Landel needed as he locked in the figure four and with his legs already damaged, Sugar had to submit. 

Gordon Solie:  Well again, I was warned but I just had to see it for myself to believe.  Tommy Rich has truly turned on the fans of the NWA but what I just saw is reprehensible. 


As we come out of break, Les Thatcher is with Gordon Solie where he announces that on April 26th there will be a one night 8-man tournament at the Boutwell Auditorium to fill the recently vacated Gulf States title.  Gordon Solie hypes up this event as how great the action will be each and every Monday night at the Boutwell Auditorium before taking us back to the ring, 



Tommy & Johnny Rich vs Wendel Cooley & Steve Armstrong

With all that the Rich’s have done over the past few months, nobody could believe that they could get even more heat but after their last stunt… it is white hot with hatred for the once beloved cousins from Tennessee.  With a last name like Armstrong, Steve is already idolized in these parts and the fans have really latched on to Cooley so we have one of those good vs evil bouts here. 

While it looked like the fan favorites had a chance to win the belts, we see Tommy Rich throw some sort of powder into the eyes of Cooley which left him completely blinded for the rest of the match.  This allowed the Rich’s to just abuse poor Steve Armstrong.  When Wildfire hit two piledrivers on Armstrong and still not go for the pin, Sweet Brown Sugar rushed the ring where he connected with missile dropkicks on both the Rich cousins.  The crowd was really incensed when the ref gave the victory to Tommy and Johnny.

Post Match Interview:

Gordon Solie:  Tommy, I must say, this is a side of you I have never seen before and I admit, it is a side I do not like.  I never thought you would sign up to be managed with a guy like Ronnie Gossett.

Tommy Rich:  Gordon, you and I go way back brother but family is thicker than water.  I could care less what you think or what any of these people from Alabama think!  As of right now, we respect Ronnie Gossett tremendously, but we are not managed by Ronnie. 

Gordon Solie:  So why did you interfere in the last match?

Tommy Rich:  Interfere?  I know nothing bout that.  All I know, is that we are the Continental Tag Team Champions, and we are wrestling night after night against all these people who upset about what we have to say and they want to whip us from one corner of the ring to the other but each night we come out of that ring looker better and better.  

Johnny Rich:  Speaking of looking better and better, every time I come to Alabama I look out in the crowd and I look better and better.

Tommy Rich:  Hey Gordon, what do people from Alabama do on Halloween?  …….They Pump Kin!

Gordon Solie:  That will be about enough of that!  I think I have heard enough.

The fans explode as the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death come out and confront the Rich cousins.  They said they were in the back and we getting real tired of how the Rich brothers were putting everyone down and that they couldn’t take it any longer.  Give Tommy and Johnny credit as they didn’t back down at all.  After a good back and forth, Les Thatcher comes out and says that this should be settled in the ring… next week in the Boutwell!

Gordon Solie:  WOW… folks, if you are anywhere near Birmingham next Monday night, get to the Boutwell Auditorium.  Two world title matches and much, much more!





Nick Bockwinkle © vs The Masked Superstar

In a true classic match that has it all, the Masked Superstar outlasts Bockwinkle and gets the win with the Cobra Clutch!

Gordon Solie:  Bro-ther… what a first night a Continental Championship Wrestling here on WTBS!  So long from the Heart of Dixie. 


Other Dark Matches from the Boutwell

Dream Machine defeats Mike Graham with a loaded mask

Crusher Blackwell defeats Davey Rich with the Airplane Drop

“White Lightening” Tim Horner defeats Mr. Electricity Steve Regal with the rolling cradle in a battle of the two best JR. Heavyweights in the area.





APRIL 3, 1986






Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  First of all, we have some very exciting news for you.  Our very own Tim Horner recently traveled to Japan for an NWA Jr. Heavyweight title match against The Black Cat and Horner came out victorious.  Tim will be bringing that world title here next week and I can’t wait to be able to congratulate him in person.  As for the action tonight, everyone is in for a real treat as we will have not one but two world title matches.  It will be Tommy and Johnny Rich challenging Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death for the NWA World Tag titles.  We will also see Buddy Landel taking on the NWA World Champion, Magnum T.A.  If that was not enough, it will be the newly crowned Continental Champions, the Masked Superstar defending his title against Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin.  Also fans, we are just over 3 weeks away from the one night tournament to crown the new Southeastern Heavyweight Champion in The Boutwell Auditorium and I think news of this is spreading across the country as people are rushing to Continental Championship Wrestling to be eligible for that tournament.  Newcomer, Luscious will be taking on Doug Gilbert and listen to this one folks, Brad Armstrong is back and he will be taking on the Grappler.  If that is not an exciting night of wrestling than I don’t know what is.  Let’s get to the ring as we are set for our first match. 


Luscious vs Doug Gilbert

With Gilbert already in the ring, Gordon Solie let’s everyone know that Doug is the younger brother of “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert and the son of legendary Southeasetrn Championship Wrestling star Tommy Gilbert. After that information, it is like Gordon Solie has lost his voice for once as a beautiful woman heads towards the ring where she grabs the microphone from the ring announcer.

Gordon Solie:  My… I’m not sure who this is but she has the attention of everyone in the Boutwell Auditorium.

Woman:  Let me introduce myself.  I am Woman.  I am at the service of the most beautiful person in the world… Luscious!

A masked man with a very good physique heads to the ring and immediately, Gordon Solie regains his voice.

Gordon Solie:  Folks… there he is.  That is the man who has attacked Jimmy Garvin 3 times in the past few weeks!  So now we know that Luscious is the assailant, but we still have no idea why.

As the bell rings, we see Luscious is miles ahead of the youngster as he seems to toy with Gilbert for a few minutes.  That almost caught him as Gilbert may be new, but he does come from a wrestling family and has picked up a thing or two along the way.  Gilbert gains the momentum with a big body slam and he almost got the win with an inside cradle. This just seemed to refocus Luscious who now takes over for good with the end coming with a top rope flying elbow drop.

The crowd explodes as Jimmy Garvin rushes the ring!  He’s all over Luscious!

Wham… 3 right hands followed by a big body slam.

Wham… Garvin hoists Luscious up and connects with a brainbuster

Garvin is going for the mask!

Wham… Woman from behind comes up and sprays something in the eyes of Garvin. Garvin is rolling all around on the floor while Woman finds a way to drag Luscious to the back!


Gordon Solie:  Folks, that was one intense situation we just saw.  I must say that I completely understand the passion we just saw from Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin.  I mean he just snapped and who could blame him. Unfortunately, he did not get the mask off and we still do not know who Luscious is.  What we do know is that the doctors are with Garvin right now evaluating his eyes after being sprayed by the person who calls herself Woman.  We all know that Garvin is supposed to take on the Masked Superstar for the Continental Title tonight and that match is in jeopardy and is in the hands of the doctors as we speak.  As soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to all of you in the Boutwell Auditorium.  Let’s get back to the ring.


Brad Armstrong vs The Grappler

The fans are really excited as there was a rumor that Brad had taken his talents up north and when he came to the ring, they gave him a huge Alabama welcome!  We had a contrast in styles here as the Grappler wanted to mix it while Brad wanted to use his speed and technical ability.  As far as the quality goes, this match is second to none.  B.A. can bump and sell with the best of them, and he made the Grappler look unbeatable.  Unbeatable until the end when Armstrong rolled down the back of the Grappler as he went for a big body slam and then Armstrong hit the Russian Neckbreaker for the win.  In a post-match interview, Gordon told B.A. how great it was to have him back in Continental while Armstrong said nothing has changed and he can’t wait to put a sock in that big mouth of Ronnie P. Gossett and teach that “So-called Nature Boy” a thing or two.

Gordon Solie:  Fans, I have known Brad and his family a long time and trust you me BRO-THER, they are good people.   




As we come out of break, Les Thatcher is at the podium with Gordon Solie and the Continental Champion, the Masked Superstar.

Les Thatcher:  Fans, I want to let you know that Jimmy Garvin with be okay after being sprayed in the eyes but unfortunately, he will not be able to wrestle tonight.

Masked Superstar:  Well thanks for letting me know.  Not that it would have been much of a match anyway but at least I don’t have to wait around here any longer than I have to.  I mean you stay in Birmingham too long, you just feel yourself getting dumber.

Les Thatcher:  Hold on just a minute Superstar.  These fans paid to see a Continental Title Match and that is exactly what they are going to get.  OlHolHoH

Masked Superstar:  That is ridiculous.  You know that there is nobody in this building tonight that can last 5 minutes in the ring with me.

Les Thatcher:  Not so sure about that but I do know that there is someone in the building tonight who has not been around for while who is pretty sure he can take that title off your hands.

The Masked Superstar shakes his head in a condescending way, and we could only imagine the sarcastic look he has on his face under that mask.

Les Thatcher:  …so I suggest you get ready for your match against one Dick Slater!

The Masked Superstar moans and groans as the crowd explodes.  Thatcher tells him that if he doesn’t get in the ring now, he will forfeit the Continental Title!  With no other choice, the Masked Superstar heads to the ring.

:  I got one more announcement for everyone… Jimmy Garvin should be cleared to wrestle in the next few days so let’s give him what he wants right here, next week in the Boutwell Auditorium.  It will be “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin vs Luscious.



This match is a back and forth, action packed bout that is a bit backwards in one way and that is the fan favorite is the pure brawler and the heel really has some technical skill.  The Masked Superstar hits some big forearms, body slams and tried 3 times to finish Slater off with the cobra clutch but each time Slater answered with an eye gouge, a knee to the gut or a simple, open fisted right hand.  In the end, we see Slater duck under a big clothesline and start throwing big punches one after the other.  The last blow knocks The Masked Superstar through the ropes out onto the floor.  When the Superstar shakes the cobwebs out, he picks up his title and heads for the hills taking the loss by count-out in order to save his belt.

Dick Slater (grabs the house mic):  Superstar…. I hope you can hear me.  I hope this feed goes back to the locker room and you hear every word.  I used to respect you.  I thought you were a real man.  I admit that I was kind of lucky in one way to find myself in a title match tonight and I was going to give it my all.  I thought you were man enough to do the same.  Now, you simply quit the match. I learned something about you.  You’re a coward.  You’re wearing a mask so we don’t see the fear on your face.  Walking out on this bout tonight just means you better have eyes in the back of your head as I am coming for you.



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death © vs Tommy & Johnny Rich

The challengers come to the ring doing everything in their power to antagonize the fans in the Boutwell Auditorium.  While Dibiase and Doc have not spent much time in this area, they come out to a thunderous ovation which is a simple statement to the amount of heat the Rich cousins are getting.

As for the bout, there is no way for Tommy and Johnny to deal with the power or the technical ability of the champs, so they just resort to the questionable tactics.  The only problem here was that Dibiase and Doc like to mix it up as much as the next guy and the champs controlled the early action.  With Johnny in trouble, we see Wildfire reaching into his trunks for some sort of object and he rushes the ring and clobbers Dibiase.  Dibiase goes down like he was hit with a boulder and he seems to be out.  The only problem is that Doc got to Wildfire before Tommy could drag Johnny on top of Dibiase.

With Dibiase and Johnny down, Doc is all over Wildfire and this has the ref’s full attention…

We hear a murmur from the crowd…

Gordon Solie:  WATCH OUT… it’s the Tennessee Stud Stable… Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden.  Golden off the top rope…. Bro-ther… a nasty knee drop to the Dibiase.  Fuller drags Rich on top of Dibiase.

The ref turns just in time to see the Pearl Harbor attack and calls for the bell.

Gordon Solie:  Well justice has been served. The winner of the bout is Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death.  Johnny and Tommy Rich have been disqualified but that has done nothing to stop the attack by Wildfire and the Studd Stable on the NWA Champions.

This attack goes on for a few minutes until the champs are laying down in the center of the ring and the two sets of cousins have a huge party in the ring.



As Ronnie P. Gossett and Buddy Landel head to the podium.

Gordon Solie:  Ohhhh, as if this couldn’t get worse.

Ronnie P:  For once Gordon, I agree with you.  Did you just see the incompetence of the referee in that last match?   Johnny Rich had that no-good Ted Dibiase down for the 3 count and for no reason, he disqualified one of the most respected families in wrestling and cost them the world title.

Gordon Solie:  For no reason?  Did you not see the attack by Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golder?

Ronnie Gossett:  If you are talking about the latest members of my team… no I did not see any attack and I am pretty sure you saw nothing either.  I mean it is nearly 10 PM… that’s 12 hours a drinking for you.  I’m sure you see nothing by now.

Gordon Solie:  That we be enough of that.  This interview is over.  Take your man to the ring.

As Ronnie P. goes to the ring, Gordon Solie attempts to put the dangers of the Studd Stable joining Ronnie P and Buddy Landel into perspective.


NWA TITLE MATCH:  Magnum T.A. © vs “The Nature Boy” Buddy landel & Ronnie P. Gossett

Magnum T.A. has learned a lot from watching the previous match as he knows that this enemy could attack from any angle so he is extremely focused.  While Ronnie P. did attempt to climb up on the apron a few times, T.A. quickly rushed at him to keep him away from the match.  One time, Ronnie P. fell backwards off the apron which gave the fans a great laugh. 

Buddy Landel did take advantage of one of the times T.A. rushed at Gossett by quickly striking from behind by taking out the legs of the champ.  The Nature Boy went to work on the knees of the champ hoping to soften him up for the Figure 4 which he does eventually lock in.

T.A. was in trouble but there was no way he was going to submit.  Somehow, the champ dragged Landel to the ropes to break the hold.  T.A. limps around for a few seconds and Landel sees this as his chance…

WHAM… T.A. catches Landel and hits the Belly to Belly Suplex.  1….2…3!

Gordon Solie:  Oh here we go again… it’s the Studd Stable rushing the ring.  And from behind, here comes the NWA World Champs.  Its T.A., Dibiase and Dr. Death vs Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and Buddy Landel.  This is a Pier 6 Brawl to remember!

The show ends with the fan favorites in control of the ring as Gordon Solie runs down next weeks matches at the Boutwell Auditorium.  So long from the Heat of Dixie.




Wendell Cooley vs Pez Whatley vs Ricky Gibson vs Dirty White Boy vs The Grappler vs Mike Sharpe


Norvelle Austin vs “Hollywood” John Tatum


Mr. Electricity Steve Regal vs Doug Gilbert


Luscious with Woman vs Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin with Precious



Tommy & Johnny Rich vs Scott & Steve Armstrong



The Masked Superstar vs “Dirty” Dick Slater



Magnum T.A., Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs The Tennessee Stud Stable & Buddy Landel/ Ronnie P Gossett





APRIL 10, 1986






Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  First of all, we are just two weeks away from the one night tournament to crown a new Southeastern Champion.  Les Thatcher will be here a little later to name the first 4 wrestlers for that tournament which will be right here in the Boutwell Auditorium on April 26.  As for the action tonight, we have a really, really big show for everyone.  We will see Jimmy Garvin go one on one against Luscious, the masked man who has been after him for almost a month now.  We will see a $5000 Elimination match between Ricky Gibson, Mr. Olympia, Wendell Cooley, The Grappler, The Dirty White Boy and Iron Mike Sharpe.  We will see Mr. Electricity, Steve Regal, take on Doug Gilbert.  The new NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Tim Horner will be here.  Tommy & Johnny Rich will defend the Continental Tag Titles against Scott and Steve Armstrong.  The Masked Superstar will be defending his Continental Heavyweight Title in a return bout against “Dirty Dick Slater where falls count anywhere in the building and the main event will be one to remember!  NWA World Champion Magnum T.A. and NWA Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death will take on Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and “The Nature Boy” Buddy Landell in a STEEL CAGE!  With such a jam packed card, we need to get right to the ring. 

Ronnie P. Gossett:  Hold on just a minute.  How can you start the show without discussing the biggest news in Continental Wrestling history.

Gordon Solie:  If it has to do with you Ronnie, it has to be really big!

Ronnie P. Gossett:  Oh, watch your mouth you lush.  I’m talking about how Magnum T.A. robbed Buddy Landel of the NWA World Title and the lawsuit we are set to file against Continental Championship Wrestling.

Gordon Solie:  Need I remind you that it was you Ronnie that interfered in that match last week.

Ronnie P. Gossett:  I think your judgement is a bit foggy from all that you imbibed last week.  I was attacked by Magnum P.I. and you will see, the Tennessee Stud Stable will soon run this company and I will once again will be the host and bring this show back to where it was before you showed up here you Bloody Mary with a microphone.

Gordon Solie:  Oh Bro-ther…. Let’s get to the ring. 


Mr. Electricity Steve Regal vs Doug Gilbert

During the match, Tim Horner joins Gordon Solie where Horner is congratulated for winning the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title on a recent trip to Japan from The Black Cat.  Horner is thankful and says he knows it will be hard work keeping the title as there are so many great Jr. Heavyweights right here in Continental and Mid-South Wrestling that are going to give him all he can handle including the man in the ring Steve Regal.

As for the match, Gilbert once again shows some improvement and Gordon Solie is quick to talk about his family history but in the end, Mr. Electricity gets the best of Doug Gilbert as he gets the win with a standing Figure 4.

Regal sees Horner at the interview desk and starts calling him out and making that belt around the waist sign.  Horner and Solie both seem to agree that Regal is calling him out and it seems like Horner might have his first challenge if Les Thatcher signs the bout.



Gordon Solie:  Folks, you are in for a treat in our next match.  It is every man for himself.  You can tag in anyone at any time.  The last man standing will receive $5000 but before we get to the match Les Thatcher is here with a big announcement.

Les Thatcher:  Thank you Gordon, we keep hearing about April 26th and the Southeastern Title Tournament.  Well, the next match is a preview in a way as all 6 men in our next match will be competing for that title.

Gordon Solie:  Wow… I must say that will be one heck of a night right here in the Boutwell Auditorium but I do believe that there are two other entrants to that tournament.

Les Thatcher:  You are right Gordon.  Next week, right here in the Boutwell Auditorium there will be two qualifying matches where the winners will get the last two slots into the tournament.  It will be Sweet Brown Sugar vs Hollywood John Tatum and Norvell Austin vs The Dream Machine.

Gordon Solie:  What a night a wrestling that will be.  Let’s get to the ring.

But before the bout, the DWB and the Grappler stop by and announce that they have made a deal to split the money after they are the last two men standing and then they will go out on the town and decide which one will be the next Southeastern Champion.

MATCH:  $5000 Elimination match

(only partial match shown on TV)

Brad Armstrong vs Mr. Olympia vs Wendell Cooley vs The Grappler vs The Dirty White Boy vs Iron Mike Sharpe. 

The action was fast and furious with the first pin coming only about 30 seconds into the bout as Iron Mike Sharpe, busy antagonizing the fans, turned right into a waiting Brad Armstrong who caught him with the Russian Legsweep.  We go a few minutes here with wild action before some nasty double teaming by the Grappler and The Dirty White Boy where they double front suplexed Wendell Cooley to eliminate him.  These double team tactics seemed to work as the evil duo executed the same move a little while later on Mr. Olympia to eliminate the masked favorite.  This left B.A. alone to deal with the DWB and The Grappler. Somehow, B.A. was able to catch The Grappler in a sleeper and seemed to have him trouble.

WHAM… The Dirty White Boy rushed in to save the Grappler and somehow Armstrong releases the sleeper just in time and the DWB clobbered the Grappler with a huge clothesline.

WHAM… Armstrong with another Russian Legsweep.  This time on the DWB. 

Armstrong quickly covers the Grappler for the 3 count and then he covers the DWB for the final victory.

One interesting thing to note here was that the DWB at one point tagged in Mr. Olympia to face Brad Armstrong.  Olympia acted like he didn’t want to fight his buddy, but when B.A. turned his back Olympia started towards Armstrong.  Armstrong turned back around, and Olympia acted like he was only joking.  We shall see.




Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs Luscious with Woman

After being attacked repeatedly by the masked Luscious in the last month and after being sprayed in the eyes with hairspray last week by Woman, Garvin is fuming and attacks before the bell.  Eventually the ref gets some control, and the match starts for real.  Garvin is controlling much of the action in the ring while Woman seems to be inching closer and closer to Precious on the outside of the ring.

Garvin seems poised to hit the Brainbuster when we hear one of the loudest screams ever and it has come from Precious.  It seems like Woman has cut off some of the locks from Precious’s hair.  Garvin sees this and starts leaves the ring in hot pursuit of Woman.

WHAM… as Garvin came around the corner, Garvin got leveled with a chair shot from Luscious.

While the ref calls for the bell and gives the win to Garvin by DQ, the attack is not quite over as Woman now takes the scissors and cuts of a small clipping from Garvin’s head.  Woman and Luscious walk out waving the hair from Precious and Garvin as they head back to the locker room!

Gordon Solie:  My, oh my.  I’m not sure what this Luscious character has against Jimmy Garvin but they have crossed the line here in the Boutwell Auditorium tonight. 

A battered “Gorgeous” Jimmy and a distraught Precious head to the podium. 

Jimmy Garvin:  Enough is enough!  Luscious…. Woman… whoever you are you’ve crossed the line!  Cutting the hair of the Gorgeous ones has gone to far.  I don’t know who you are and what your problem is with Precious or me but its time we find out.  You seem interested in our hair.  We’re interested in your mask!  So how about this… next week right here in the Boutwell Auditorium Gorgeous Jimmy puts his hair on the line and you Luscious… you put your mask on the line!

Gordon Solie:  Well there you have it…. Jimmy Garvin wants Luscious in a Hair vs Mask Match next week right here in Birmingham.  We will wait to hear from Luscious to see if he will except the challenge?



Before our next match we find out that Luscious has accepted the challenge for the match with Jimmy Garvin for next week.


Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Scott & Steve Armstrong

This is a good ol’ family southern brawl.  While both teams have some technical skill, why show it off.  This is the Boutwell Auditorium where punches go a lot farther with the fans than a head scissors.  Back and forth the action goes until we hear a groan from the crowd.

Ronnie P Gossett slowly saunters towards the ring and turns to the corner of Johnny and Tommy Rich.  He subtly tosses something onto the apron which Johnny scoops up into his hand.  Ronnie P. Gossett begins to make his slow retreat to the locker room.

WHAM… Johnny hits Scott Armstrong with a loaded fist and the lights go out. 


The crowd jeers in anger as they were not fooled one bit, but those moans of anger turn to cheers as Brad Armstrong rushes down the entrance and comes face to face with the slowly escaping Ronnie P.  Gossett’s face is like he has seen a ghost as he knows that he is in trouble.

WHAM….  Shoulder tackle be B.A. on Gossett and down goes the obese manager as he rams hard into the steel barrier.  B.A. is back up in a hurry and headed to the ring to get the Rich cousin’s next.

Tommy and Johnny see this and manage to escape with their titles before they get what they deserve. 

Brad Armstrong:  Did ya’ll see those coward Rich boys run!  I mean what yellow-bellied snakes they’ve turned out to be.  Don’t worry Tommy.  Don’t worry Johnny.  You’re lucks gonna run out!  The Armstrongs, whether it’s me, Scott or Steve, are bringing those belts home to where they belong.  The only good thing about tonight was hitting that Doughboy so hard he almost lost his second lunch of the day. Guess what Tommy…. I’m fiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeddddd up!




The Masked Superstar © vs “Dirty” Dick Slater

(Only the ending is shown on TV)

We pick the match up as both wrestlers are on the floor in a 50/50 battle with each wrestler getting in their fair amount of shots.   All of a sudden, a second masked man wearing an identical mask to the Superstar rushes out and attacks Dick Slater.  It is now 2-1 and Slater does his best to defend himself but eventually the numbers game is too much as the original Masked Superstar locks in the cobra clutch.  Slater fights for as long as he could before seeing the lights go out.

Gordon Solie:  I must admit in all my days, I have never seen so many people running around with their faces covered.  Must be a lot of secrets here in Continental Wrestling but as they say, secrets eventually come and when they do… this is going to be Very, Very interesting around here. 







We pick up the bout with Buddy Landel trying to scamper up the steel cage and escape for victory as The Studd Stable battles the Tag champs in opposite corners of the ring.  Magnum T.A. is after Landel and also climbing the cage.  Landel has one leg over when T.A. grabs him.

Gordon Solie:  This is a very precarious situation for both the Nature Boy and the champ.  One wrong move here and someone could get seriously hurt. 

T.A. is pulling on Landel and Landel decides his escape has been foiled so he begins to climb back over the cage towards the ring. 

T.A. with a big right hand. And another and another. Landel is teetering on the cage. 

WHAM… Another right hand and landel crashes to the ring.  T.A. is worn out and rests for a bit before coming down.  When he finally does, Landel is starting to get to his knees.  T.A. drags him the rest of his way to his feet.  Irish Whip!

WHAM… Belly to Belly….. 1…2…3.  The champs and fan favorites win!  The steel cage is opened and the champs toss their opponents out onto the floor with Landel landing right on top of Ronnie P. and,  they two are laying on top of each other floundering around like two fish out of water. 

Gordo Solie:  What a night of wrestling!  Be sure to get your tickets for this Monday night in The Boutwell Auditorium.  So long from the Heart of Dixie! 

As the screen begins to fade, we get a rundown of all the matches.





Robert Fuller vs Doug Gilbert


“Nature Boy” Buddy Landel vs Wendell “Wildcat” Cooley



Tim Horner vs Scott Armstrong



Sweet Brown Sugar vs “Hollywood” John Tatum

Dream Machine vs Norvell Austin



Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Brad Armstrong & Steve Armstrong




Luscious with Precious vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious







APRIL 17, 1986






Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  First of all, we are just one weeks away from the one-night tournament to crown a new Southeastern Champion.  Last week, Les Thatcher informed us that Brad Armstrong, Mr. Olympia, Wendell Cooley, The Grappler, The Dirty White Boy and Iron Mike Sharpe will be involved in that tournament and I am here to tell you that the field has been field as Sweet Brown Sugar defeated “Hollywood” John Tatum to earn his ticket to the tournament and Dream Machine, with some questionable tactics, defeated Norvell Austin.  On tonight’s show we will see the leader of the Tennessee Stud Stable, Robert Fuller taking on Doug Gilbert.  We will also see an NWA Jr. Heavyweight bout between Tim Horner and Scott Armstrong.  There will be a Continental Tag Team Title Match between Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Johnny “Crash” Rich vs Brad & Steve Armstrong.  In a wild match, it will be “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin vs Luscious in a Hair vs Mask Match and that is not all.  It will be the Masked Superstar vs “The Rebel” Dick Slater for the Continental Title in a Steel Cage Match!  Let’s get to the ring!


Before the bout Gossett leads the entire Tennessee Stud Stable to the podium. (Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden & The Nature Boy Buddy Landel)


Ronnie P Gossett:  Don’t worry Gordon…. We are here to save your sorry excuse of an opening to the show.

Gordon Solie:  Well, thank goodness for that.  I’m sure you have some words of wisdom for us today.

Ronnie P. Gossett:  If I had any words of wisdom to say, it would go right over the heads of all these imbeciles from Alabama.

Gordon Solie:  So, I guess today will be like every other show… you will speak pure nonsense like an illiterate person.

Ronnie P:  I beg your pardon.  I’m well-mannered.  In fact, all of us before you now are Southern Gentlemen and we would never think about littering. 

Gordon Solie:  Oh brother… I said illiterate… not liter.

Robert Fuller:  Enough!  We are here to let everyone know they are in for the treat of a life time.  I, Robert Fuller, am going to wrestle on TV in just a few minutes.  That’s right, I am going to wrestle for free right here on national TV and not ask for a dime!  Now all the men out there in TV land get behind those wide loads you call wives because when I get in the ring and take off this robe,  they are going to see the best male specimen that has ever existed.  Your wives are going to faint and if you don’t catch them, they will break right through the floors in your trailer homes!

Gordon Solie:  Come on now.  That is uncalled for.

Robert Fuller:  The reason that I am here tonight is that I want to teach this Doug Gilbert a thing or two about wrestling.  I mean he is from Tennessee and I want him to learn the right way to do things in the ring.  I mean he could be a future member of the Tennessee Stud Stable. If I let an Armstrong or someone of that ilk help him, he will be nothing but an Alabama loser.

Gordon Solie:  That will be enough Mr. Fuller.  I believe you are wanted in the ring.



Robert Fuller with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Doug Gilbert

Fuller gets into the ring and goes right over to Doug Gilbert and says he is here to help a fellow Tennessean.  Fuller even goes as far as to offer Doug a handshake but the youngster refuses.  Fuller, with a smirk, accepts this slap in the face and attacks Gilbert as he turned his back.  Fuller goes to work on Gilbert and controls 99% of the match.  The problem was that during that 1%, Gilbert rolled up Fuller with an inside cradle and got a 2 ¾ count.  This set Fuller off, and he tortured Gilbert with the Fuller Leg Lock and didn’t release it until far after the ref had given him the win.

The interesting thing here was that Doug Gilbert came to the podium and asked for another match next week with Fuller.  Fuller, still angry and the close call, seemed excited to get a chance to beat on the youngster some more and accepted. 





Tim Horner © vs Scott Armstrong

The bout was fast based and very clean.  Both wrestlers had opportunities to wrestle from the top with Tim Horner getting the win with the rolling cradle at about the 7-minute mark.  This bout ended just as it has begun… with a handshake.  Scott left the ring first allowing Horner some time to get the accolades of the fans.

WHAM… from behind… Steve “Mr. Electricity” attacks Horner. 

The attack was short lived as Scott rushed back and goes toe to toe with the attacker.  Regal makes a hasty retreat but does get in a few words with Gordon Solie where he is extremely pleased with himself as he lets everyone know that it only took him a few seconds to have Horner flat on his back and that is all it will take for him to take that Jr. Title away from Horner.

Later in the show, Horner is with Solie and he is fuming and declares that he wants Regal in the ring next week. 





Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Brad Armstrong & Steve Armstrong

Fast paced, back and forth match between good and evil.  The ending saw Tommy and Johnny Rich save their titles by getting DQ’ed after Johnny Rich clobbered Steve Armstrong with a chair!  This allowed Tommy and Johnny to then attack Brad Armstrong.  After a minute or two of double-teaming, Tommy grabs a huge jug of something that he obviously had stored under the ring.  As he starts to pour it over Brad, Gordon Solie announces that it appears to be some sort of molasses.  Next, we see Tommy ripping open a bag of feathers and he is dumping it all over Brad Armstrong!

Gordon Solie:  Oh Bro-ther!  What have the Rich cousin’s done now!  They have Tarred & Feathered Brad Armstrong.  What a disgusting level these two have gone to in order to embarrass the Armstrong family! 

As Johnny and Tommy are walking off, Tommy grabs the microphone.

Tommy Rich:  Last week we heard Brad tell of you over-grown people here in Alabama that he was Fiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeddddd Up!  Well how bout know we fire him up for real and have us some good ol’ barbarque chicken!  That be about all that yellow-bellied coward would be good for any way!

Gordon Solie:  Tommy, I’m unsure what has happened to you, but it is unbecoming!




Luscious with Woman vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious

This one has gotten real personal, real fast.  Nobody knows why Luscious has gone after Gorgeous Jimmy, but he seems to have a serious problem with him.  Garvin hopes to get even for Luscious and Woman cutting off small pieces of their hair last week but if Garvin comes out on the short end of the stick tonight, he might not be called Gorgeous anymore.

As the action is going on inside of the ring, Woman sneaks up on Precious and once again has the scissors in hand and goes to clip some more hair from the blonde valet.  Precious sees Woman just in the nick of time and begins to run into the ring.

Luscious takes the opportunity to grab Precious and in a disgusting act, slaps her across the face!

Garvin sees this and is like a man possessed!  Garvin throws Luscious into the corner and leaps on him and begins to throw right hands as the crowd counts to 10!  Luscious staggers to the center and collapses. 

WHAM… Brainbuster by Garvin…


Woman grabs Precious and this time, cuts off a huge portion of her hair.

Garvin chases after Woman but she escapes up the aisle.  Precious is screaming as it is obvious that her looks have been distorted by the haircut!

Luscious struggles to his knees…. Sees the messed-up head of Precious and even under the mask you can tell he is laughing!

Luscious stands slowly, unties his mask and to simply takes it off.  There is almost no reaction from the fans as they have no idea who he is.

Gordon Solie:  Folks… I do believe that is Lanny Poffo…. As far as I know he has never wrestled in these parts before.  What he is doing here now, I assure you, I have no idea.  What his problem with Jimmy Garvin and Precious is, well that’s another mystery!    Next week, we will try to get to the bottom of all of this.






The Masked Superstar © vs “Dirty Dick Slater

Dick Slater had asked for the steel cage to make sure that the Masked Superstar doesn’t run away and to stop any outside interference from whoever that second Masked Superstar was last week.

The match is violent and even under the mask, you can tell the Superstar has been busted wide open.  Slater, also bleeding, manages to weaken the Superstar enough to lock in the sleeper.

Slowly the Superstar begins to go out.  First down to one knee and then down to a sitting position. 

The head starts to drop.  The ref comes to check… he lifts the arm up and lets it drop…. It goes straight to the Superstars side.  The ref signals 1…  He lifts it up again with the same result.  The ref signals 2…. The crowd is roaring.

Gordon Solie:  What’s this… from under the ring, like a little rat, comes Masked Superstar #2.  He scampers to the top rope before most of the fans even know he is there.  He looks to have a wrench in his hand.

WHAM…. Masked Superstar II clobbers Slater and he is out!

Superstar II drags Superstar I onto of Slater and the ref has no choice but to make the three count.  For the third week in a row, the Masked Superstar has cheated Dick Slater out of the Continental Title.  The crowd is ready to pounce, and security has their hands full as the two Superstars leave the ring, title in hand.

Gordon Solie:  BRO-THER… the more things change…. The more they stay the same. After last week’s show, I was certain that Continental Championship Wrestling could not get more wild but I think, after tonight, I was wrong to say that.  Expected the unexpected here in CCW!  We are out of time but make sure to join us next week as we try to answer some of the questions around here.  Like why is Lanny Poffo after Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin?  Who is the second Masked Superstar?   How will Brad Armstrong react to being Tarred and Feathered?  Can Doug Gilbert do better in his second go around with Robert Fuller? Who will win the Southeastern Title Tournament coming up a week from Monday?  That and so much more, next week right here on Continental Championship Wrestling.  So long from the Heart of Dixie!




Sweet Brown Sugar defeated “Hollywood” John Tatum with a Missile Dropkick.



Dream Machine defeated Norvell Austin with a “loaded” mask.


Buddy Landel defeated Wendall “Wildcat” Cooley as Cooley made the mistake of turning his back on Landel when he thought Landel had quit the match and was walking to the locker room.  Landel rushed back and rammed Cooley’s head into the ring post and the covered the dazed fan favorite. 




APRIL 24, 1986





Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  First of all, we are 2 days from the one-night tournament to crown a new Southeastern Champion so if you are anywhere near the Boutwell Auditorium, be there as history is going to be made.  The good thing is that you don’t have to wait until Monday to see great Continental Championship Wrestling action.  Tonight, we have a great show instore for you.  We will see the rematch between Doug Gilbert and Robert Fuller.  It will be Buddy Landel and Jimmy Golden vs Ricky Gibson and Norvell Austin.  We have an NWA Jr. Heavyweight match between champion Tim Horner and “Mr. Electricity,” Steve Regal.  That’s not all folks.  We have a great main event as it will be Dick Slater and Mr. Olympia vs The Masked Superstars.  Before we get to the ring, we have a real treat for everyone.  Tennessee wrestling legend, Tommy Gilbert, who has held over 40 wrestling championships in his career, is with us tonight.

Gilbert gets a nice hand as he comes out.

LITTLE DIFFERNET FORM…  Trying not to fall behind.

Match #1:  Robert Fuller with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Doug Gilbert

Tommy Gilbert tells Gordon Solie that after spending over 15 years in the business that he retired from wrestling last June and he has enjoyed traveling around the country seeing his sons wrestle.  He says he is just getting back from seeing Eddie wrestling on the west coast and he thought he would come down to Alabama to see Doug tonight.  Gordon does let Tommy know that Doug has a lot of potential and doesn’t back down from anyone and tonight, he asked for a rematch with none other than Robert Fuller.

As Fuller comes out to the ring, he goes up to Tommy Gilbert and offer his hand and lets him know that they may have had some real battles in the ring but that he always respected him.  Gilbert hesitates a little but shakes his hand.

Fuller heads to the ring and attacks Doug Gilbert before the bout starts and he never lets up.  Gilbert attempts to fight back but it is futile.  Fuller is amped up to prove that last week’s near pin by Gilbert was a fluke and he does a good job of using every questionable tactic in the book to prove that point.  At one point, he takes Gilbert outside and slams his head into the ringpost; busting open the youngster. As the blood becomes excessive, we get that giant X across the screen to shield the fans at home from the violence.  Fuller could have pinned Gilbert anytime he wanted to but instead locked in the Fuller Leg Lock.  Gilbert quickly submits but Fuller refuses to release the hold.  After about a minute, Doug’s father can take no more and hits the ring.  Tommy gets in a few good blows on Fuller before the leader of the Stud Stable rolls out of the ring.  Fuller is on the outside with a wide grin on his face and he is pointing to Tommy and warning him to be careful.


MATCH #2: 

“The Nature Boy” Buddy Landel & Jimmy Golden with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Ricky Gibson & Norvell Austin

All 4 men in the ring do a good job of bumping and selling and there were a few near pins on the heels where Ronnie P. had to put his team’s leg across the bottom rope.  In the end Ronnie P. strikes again as he trips up Ricky Gibson which allowed Buddy Landel to hit a corkscrew elbow drop for the win.  The heels really gloat and antagonize the fans are their way back to the locker room. 


INTERVIEW:  Luscious Lanny Poffo & Women

Gordon wants to know why Lanny and Women came to Continental Championship Wrestling just to go after “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin and Precious.

Poffo explains that he was sick and tired of hearing Garvin and Precious talk about themselves and how they were the best-looking couple in all of wrestling. Poffo goes on to explain that he wore the mask just to hear what Garvin would say and each week, he would come out here and say how ugly I must be to have to cover up my face.  Well as everyone can see, I, Luscious Lanny, am so much better looking than Garvin.

Woman takes over and reminds everyone about the major chop job she did last week on Precious’ hair and now she is just like the rest of the women around here who should stay home and hide their ugly faces.  She goes on to say that it is obvious to all that Lanny and I are the most beautiful couple in all of wrestling.  We are the Beautiful People!

Gordon Solie:  I do think you two have a poor sense of what it important and after what you did to the hair of Jimmy and Precious last week, I might make sure I sleep with one eye open.


MATCH #3: 

NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title Match

Tim Horner © vs “Mr. Electricity,” Steve Regal.

This match is fast paces, action packed with a lot of technical wrestling and after Regal took it to the gutter, a lot of brawling inside and outside of the ring.  Gordon Solie was impressed by both men and says as of now, they have both separated themselves from the pack and are clearly the two best Jr. Heavyweights in the NWA.  As for the result, nothing seems to have been settled as we get a 15-minute draw. 

Both men were frustrated with the result and Regal attacked Horner as he was leaving the ring.  This just started the brawl all over again and this time, the refs and officials from the back had to separate them.



“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin and Precious come out to respond to the earlier comments from Lanny Poffo and Women.  Precious is wearing a hat to cover up the evidence of last week’s attack with the scissors.  Jimmy laughs at the fact that Poffo and Woman called themselves the Beautiful People, but he also wants some revenge for the previous scissor attacks of the last two weeks.  He says real wrestlers settle their scores in the ring and not by sneaking up on people from behind and cutting their hair.  He dares them to come out a sign a contract for a match in two weeks…. An intergender match.

Gordon let’s everyone know that Poffo and Woman have already left the building and we will have to wait until next week to get their answer. 


Brad Armstrong comes out and is fuming about being Tarred and Feathered last week by Tommy & Johnny Rich.  He says that Jimmy Garvin took the words right out of his mouth as he is here to challenge Tommy Rich and Johnny Rich to a Continental Tag Team Title Match against the Armstrongs in two weeks right here in the Boutwell Auditorium.  As he pulls out the contract, Tommy and Johnny come out laughing about how it would be great to beat on Steve or Scott Armstrong again next week and quickly sign the paper.

All of a sudden, Dick Slater comes out to the interview desk where he apologizes to Brad for interrupting and warns the Rich cousins to stay out of his way if they know what’s good for them.  Slater goes on to explain that he just got a phone call from Mr. Olympia and that he has car trouble and will not be able to make his match tonight where he was going to tag with Dick Slater against The Masked Superstars.

Les Thatcher comes out and explains to Dick Slater that he will be allowed to pick a replacement for tonight’s match.  Slater quickly turns to Brad and asks him but Brad says that he would love to, but he might have a better idea.  How about my tag team partner for next week’s match against these two losers off here be your partner tonight.

Johnny and Tommy start laughing at the idea that Steve or Scott Armstrong was going to be Slater’s tag team partner when all of a sudden Brad interrupts…..”I guess you two didn’t read the contract very closely before signing it.  My partner next week is neither Steve or Scott.

Johnny Rich:  But you said it will be the Rich cousin’s vs the Armstrongs.

The crowd starts to stir…..

Brad Armstrong:  Oh, it will be indeed!

The crowd explodes as “Bullet” Bob Armstrong comes out!

Tommy and Johnny are in shock.  They do a quick little complaining before they decide it best to depart.

Bob Armstrong:  Well, I am home everybody!  It seems things have gone a little crazy in my absence but it is time to get everything back in order.  While I was in the back, I heard you say you needed a partner for tonight Dick… Sounds like a plan.

MAIN EVENT:  The Masked Superstars vs Dick Slater & Bob Armstrong

As always seems to be the case in CCW, the brawl is on.  Back and forth we go.  In the end, Bob Armstrong connects with the Georgia Jawbreaker on Masked Superstar #2 for the pin as Slater clobbered Superstar #1 with a huge right hand to stop him from making the save.



4 Corner Tag Team Elimination Match:  $5000 to the Winners:  The Grappler & The Dirty White Boy vs  Sweet Brown Sugar & Wendell Cooley vs Dream Machine & Iron Mike Sharpe vs Brad Armstrong (He has no partner due to the no show of Mr. Olympia):    This match is all about hyping up next week’s Southeastern Title tournament as all of the men in this match will be battling it out for the title next week.  In the end, The Grappler and The Dirty White Boy take home the cash as they defeated SBW and Wendell Cooley in the end when the Dirty White Boy hit a face first suplex on Sugar.


Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Ron Slinker & Ken Timbs when Scott came off the top rope for a missile drop kick.


Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin defeated “Hollywood” John Tatum with the Brainbuster. 





MAY 1, 1986





Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over. Well, we a finally here.  Tonight folks, you are in for a real treat.  It is the one- night tournament to crown the new Southeastern Champion.  Let’s get right to the action.


Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley defeated “Iron” Mike Sharpe when he ducked under a loaded forearm smash by Sharpe and connected with a running clothesline. 

Mr. Olympia defeated The Grappler in a battle of the masked men by count-out as he beat the Grappler back into the ring after a wild slugfest out on the floor.

Brad Armstong defeated the Dream Machine by DQ after he was attacked by Johnny and Tommy Rich.  They did quite a number on him as they clobbered him with the ring bell and busted him wide open.

The Dirty White Boy defeated Sweet Brown Sugar after he whipped Sugar into the ref and then pulled out a small chain and clocked SBS with it.  As the ref recovered, The DWB hit the Bucksnort Blaster (chokeslam) and that was all she wrote.


Before the second-round matches, Jimmy Garvin comes out to talk to Gordon Solie with Precious along with another women.

Gordon Solie:  Jimmy… what do we owe this pleasure to.  You are not scheduled to wrestle here in Birmingham until next week when you and Precious take on Lanny Poffo and Woman.

Jimmy Garvin:  Now Gordon, I am very surprised at you.  I have always known you to be a very smart man.  You know Precious is not a wrestler.

Gordon Solie:  Now I’m confused.  Did you not just ask last week for an intergender match for next week in this very building against Mr. Poffo and Woman.

Jimmy Garvin:  Well, that is true, but I guess you didn’t read the contract.  Precious will not be getting into the ring. 

All of a sudden Lanny Poffo and Woman come out.

Lanny Poffo:  Okay Garvin.  What game are you playing?  Are we not wrestling you and Precious next week?

Jimmy Garvin:  No

Lanny Poffo:  Then what was all that nonsense about last week how you wanted revenge for us getting your hair.  I guess you have come to your senses and know you stand no chance against the Beautiful People.

Jimmy Garvin:  Again… you must be a little slow on the uptake… there will be an intergender match next week but Precious will not be involved.  Instead, my partner will be Wonder Woman’s Wrestling star, Lisa Moretti.

Moretti, who was wearing a jacket, slowly removes it and reveals a pretty ripped body. 

Woman is beside herself as she was pretty confident that she could beat Precious, but she is really intimidated by the guns of Moretti.  Poffo is screaming this is not what he signed up for but Precious, while giggling, pulls out the contract which proves it will be Garvin and Moretti taking on Poffo and Woman.  They do a whole lot of protesting until Les Thatcher comes out and tells them that if they still want a job here in CCW, they better be in the Boutwell Auditorium next week. 



Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley defeats Mr. Olympia in this battle of the babyfaces when Olympia hit a top rope bodyblock on a standing Olympia but the momentum carried Cooley on top of Olympia where the ref made the 3 count.  This bout was really technical, but it did look like Mr. Olympia was ready to sucker punch Cooley on one occasion as Cooley turned his back for just an instance.  Olympia seemed to get Cooley to believe that he was only kidding.

The Dirty White Boy defeated Brad Armstrong after he busted open that cut from earlier with the small chain.  The blood was so bad that Brad was just flailing wildly hoping to connected with the DWB.  Due to the injury and the chain, the DWB just toyed with Brad until he finally hit the Bucksnort Blaster.  Bob Armstrong came down to the ring to help his son back to the locker room and vowed that next week he and Brad would give Tommy and Johnny Rich exactly what they deserve when they take their Continental Tag team titles.



Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley defeated the Dirty White Boy in a physical contest that came to an end when Cooley blocked the Blaster and followed it up with a powerslam. 

Gordon Solie:  Congratulations to Wendell…. The new Southeastern Champion.  So long from the Heart of Dixie.





MAY 8, 1986




Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  What a night of wrestling it was last week here in the Boutwell Auditorium as Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley won the Southeastern Heavyweight title as he outlasted 7 other men in an action-packed tournament.  We will be hearing from the new champion a little later in the show.  We will also find out who his first title match will be against as it will be Mr. Olympia vs “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel in a #1 contender’s match.  We will also see Doug Gilbert vs Ken Timbs.  Crusher Blackwell, one of the most athletic big men in all of wrestling, will be making his Continental Championship Wrestling debut.  We also have two must see matches as there will be a Continental Tag Team Title match between Johnny and Tommy Rich against Brad & Bob Armstrong and if that’s not all, we will have the one you’ve all been waiting for.  It’s the intergender match between Lanny Poffo and Woman vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin and Lisa Moretti.  Let’s get to the ring for tonight’s opening bout.


Doug Gilbert defeated Ken Timbs with a surprise roll-up.

Timbs controlled most of the match but it was his arrogance that cost him as he was toying with both Gilbert and the crowd when he was surprised by the young wrestler.  Timbs was fuming and kicking the ropes, daring Gilbert to come back for more but Gilbert was happy enough to leave with his first win here in CCW.

Gordon Solie called Gilbert over and the youngster was more than happy to celebrate his win with the legendary announcer.  About 30 seconds into the interview, Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller come and interrupt the interview.

Gordon Solie:  Hold on, hold on just a minute.  We don’t want any trouble out here.

Robert Fuller:  We understand, and we come in peace.  Hey Doug… congratulations on that first big win.

Doug Gilbert:  uhhh… thank you.

Jimmy Golden:  Yeah, there is nothing better than a young man from Tennessee showing all these ignorant rednecks down here in Alabama what a real man looks like.

Robert Fuller:  Speaking about being a real man…. I think it takes a real man to apologize when they are wrong.

Gordon Solie:  Now that is unexpected.  I am glad to see you, Mr. Fuller, being big enough to admit when you are wrong and that you are willing to apologize for attacking Doug before your match last week and then keeping that Fuller Leg Lock on far after the bell had wrong.

Robert Fuller:  Come on Gordon…. Wake up.  You’ve been hanging around the barn with these fans too long and the cow poop is replacing your brain.  I’m not here to apologize.  Young Gilbert is going to apologize to me.

Gordon Solie:  Now I’m confused.

Jimmy Golden:  Not surprised… We’ve heard the rumors of the moonshine and you Gordon.  Better watch it.  That stuff fries the brain quicker then these Alabama ladies fry oreos to stuff into their mouths. 

Robert Fuller:  Two weeks ago, we offered to help this young man from Tennessee.  We even offered him an apprenticeship if you will into the Studd Stable and he turned us down.

Doug Gilbert:  I did turn you down.  In fact, I asked my father for some advice and he told me never to make a deal with the devil!

Robert Fuller:  Devil…. Did you here that Jimmy.  Tommy Gilbert called me the Devil!

Jimmy Golden:  Indeed I did…. You know what they say about the Devil…. Eventually he’ll burn you!

WHAM…. Fuller and Golden attack Doug Gilbert.  The beat him from pillar to post and eventually Robert Fuller locks in the Fuller Leglock.  Gilbert is screaming as Gordon Solie pleads with the Studd Stable to stop the attack.

From the back comes all 4 Armstrongs along with Tommy Gilbert…. Fuller and Golden depart as quickly as they attacked but it looks like the damage is done.  Tommy Gilbert gives a fuming interview about how he demands a match with Fuller!



Crusher Blackwell defeats Ron Slinker with the Airplane Drop

Gordon Solie really enjoyed Blackwell as it unusually to see a 400 pounder connect with drop kicks and climb the ropes for a knee drop.  Between Solie’s praise and Blackwell’s big smile and charisma, he did a nice job getting over with the fans.  Slinker also helped out as he played it like he was some huge martial artist and the look on his face when Crusher “no sold” the first karate chop was priceless.  Slinker did his best to sell and bump for the big man from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  In his interview after the match, Crusher let all the fans all over CCW know how excited he was to come and meet them and that he was here to stop about of pests from Tennessee while doing so.



MATCH:  #1 Contender’s Match for the Southeastern Title

Mr. Olympia vs “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett

Before the match, Les Thatcher comes out and announces that it will be Norvelle Austin substituting for Mr. Olympia as Mr. Olympia has yet to arrive.  This brings out Ronnie P and Buddy Landel.

Ronnie P. Gossett:  Hold on… hold on just an Alabama minute… which might last an hour.  There’s no way that Norvelle Austin deserves to be in this match tonight.  The announced match was Buddy Landel vs Mr. Olympia.  If that masked monkey is lost or something, its not our fault.  To tell you the truth, it was not going to be much of a match anyway.  Buddy has beaten him all over the NWA.

Gordon Solie:  Uh huh.  Is that a fact?  I do remember Buddy Landel here being bald as an eagle last winter and I am pretty sure Mr. Olympia had something to do with that.  Maybe you have something to do with him not being here tonight.

Buddy Landel:  Solie… you better mind your business if you know what’s good for you.

Les Thatcher:  And you better head to the ring for your match tonight or else Norvelle Austin will be getting the title shot next week without even having to fight for it.

Norvelle Austin is in the match and he gets the crowd to start chanting Baldy, Baldy.  Even though most of Landel’s hair is back, he is still fuming at the reminder.

As Landel gets to the ring, the fight is on and it is Austin who takes over right away.  Wendell Cooley comes out to talk to Gordon during the match and you can tell he is real excited to be the Southeastern Champion and he admits whoever wins this match will be tough next week. 

With a lot of interference from Gossett, we see numerous momentum changes in this one.  In the end, Norvelle has just planted Landel in the center of the ring following 3 big headbutts.  Austin is climbing to the middle rope and looks poised to hit a middle rope knee drop on Landel.  The TV camera picks up a roar from the crowd.

WHAM….Mr. Olympia hits the ring like a house a fire and is all over Landel!

The ref has no choice but to call for the bell and award the match to Buddy Landel.  Norvelle Austin is upset that Olympia has cost him his title match and goes up to his friend and asks Mr. Olympia what he was doing.

WHAM… Mr. Olympia shoves Austin away and goes right back to work on Buddy Landel. 

From the back come Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden as the Studd Stable attack Olympia.  Wendell Cooley hits the ring and goes toe to toe with Fuller and Garvin as he is protecting Olympia.  Norvell Austin, debates for a minute but then goes to help Cooley and Olympia and we get one of Gordon’s classic Pier 6 Brawls.  When it was all said and done, Gordon Solie was pleased to announce the fan favorites in control of the ring but also wondered why so much controversy was surrounding Mr. Olympia these days.



Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Bob & Brad Armstrong

As if this one was not hot enough, Tommy and Johnny come to the ring with their titles around their waists and a bouquet of flowers in their hand.  Tommy takes the microphone before the match and announces that since it is Mother’s Day time, he thought it only right that he brings flowers to two of the biggest Mama’s boys he knows.  As he goes to hand them to the Armstrongs, Brad and Bob are ready to fight.  Tommy orders the ref to get them away until the bell and he obliges.

WHAM…. From behind, Johnny with a running knee to the back of the Bullet and the brawl is on.  We get a long match of punches, kicks, illegal objects and blood but it was the only legal move of the night that led to the ending. Tommy and Brad are on the outside of the ring as Johnny and Bob are on the inside.  The ref has been knocked down and Johnny reaches into the tights for the brass knucks…

WHAM… Bob blocks the punch by Johnny “Crash” Rich and as quick as a lightening strike connects with the Georgia Jawbreaker.  The ref stumbles over to where Bob is covering Johnny.

1….2….3!  The crowd explodes as Gordon Solie announces, “We have new Continental Tag Team Champions!



MATCH:  Intergender Match

“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin & Lisa Moretti with Precious vs Lanny Poffo & Woman

As the match gets under way, Gordon Solie announces that the rules for this match will be men vs men and woman vs woman.

The match sees Poffo and Garvin starting off and Garvin gets the best of the action.  Poffo tried a few times tag in Woman but she refused as she wanted NO PART of the powerful Moretti.  Eventually, Garvin whips Poffo into his own corner.  Again, Woman dropped to the floor to make sure she was not going to get tagged in.  Moretti rushed after her and grabbed her.  With ease, she carried her back to the corner where she grabbed Woman’s hand and slapped it against Poffo.  The ref signaled it was a legal tag and ordered her into the ring.  It is exactly what the crowd wanted as Moretti goes to work on Woman.  Chop…. Bodyslam…Irish Whip to a clothesline…Big Suplex! 

1….2….3!  The crowd goes wild as Lisa Moretti is handed a pair of scissors from Precious.  Moretti takes a small clip of hair from the head of Woman.

Gordon Solie:  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Last time it was Woman getting the hair of Precious and now it is Woman losing a few of her beautiful locks.  What a night of wrestling it has been here in the Boutwell Auditorium.  So long from the Heart of Dixie!



NWA JR. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH:  Tim Horner © defeats Mr. Electricity Steve Regal when Regal connected with a top rope crossbody block but his momentum carried him to the bottom and Horner got the win.


Dick Slater wrestled Robert Fuller to a No Contest when Fuller was attacked before the match from behind by Tommy Gilbert.  This led to Jimmy Golden rushing out and attacking Gilbert.  Slater, who was already in the ring, joined the fight and the brawl was one again on.  As the fans filed out of the Boutwell Aud., it was announced that next week, it would be Slater and Tommy Gilbert against Fuller and Golden in a Cage Match

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MAY 15, 1986





In an attempt to catch up after the recently lost folder, I will write this week’s show as a house show and you will just have to guess and what Gordon Solie would have said.


Crusher Blackwell defeats Dirty White Boy with the Airplane Drop


Southeastern Title Match:

Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley © defeated “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell by DQ when the ref caught him using an illegal object that was tossed to him by his manager Ronnie P. Gossett.


Steve “Mr. Electricity” Regal & Ken Timbs defeated NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tim Horner & Sweet Brown Sugar when Regal rolled up Horner and grabbed the tights for the 3 count.  Horner was so angry at the tactics that he granted Regal another title match next week.


If Both Tommy and Johnny Rich defeat Bob & Brad Armstrong in singles competition, they earn a Continental Tag Team Title match next week against the Father and Son duo.

Tommy Rich defeats Brad Armstrong after Johnny Rich distracted the ref and Wildfire clobbered Brad with a chair.  Brad was busted open and needed medical attention.

Johnny Rich defeated Bob Armstrong by DQ as Brad was still mad after last match and rushed the ring with a chair of his own and clobbered Johnny.  While Johnny was also bloodied and beaten from pillar to post, he was seen with a wry smile on his face as he new that next week there would be a title shot for him and his cousin.  Wildfire joined the fight and this one went all over the arena.



Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden with Ronnie P. defeated Tommy and Doug Gilbert when Buddy Landel rushed down to ringside and climbed the cage and got into the action in this NO DQ bout.  With it being 3-2, the Gilbert’s had no chance.  The end saw Jimmy and Buddy double teaming Tommy while Fuller locked in the Fuller Leglock on young Doug!

After the bout, Tommy was white hot and demanded that Robert Fuller meet him in the ring next week.



Dick Slater defeated Masked Superstar to become the new champ.  Slater was able to hit 3 bir taped fist right hands and then lock in the sleeper.  Masked Superstar was rushing down to the ring to help his partner when all of a sudden Crusher Blackwell appeared from the other side.  This mountain of a man simple picked up Superstar #2 and rammed him into the steel gate separating the fans from the action.  The ref raised the Masked Superstar’s hand 3 times and each time it dropped to his side and the ref called for the bell. 

Both Superstars were fuming and demanded a match new week against Crusher Blackwell and Dick Slater.



Lanny Poffo and Woman were angry that they were tricked by Jimmy Garvin.  They thought it was unfair that Woman had to wrestle a against, Lisa Moretti, a professional wrestler, in their intergender match.  They go on to explain that it only be fair that they have a true intergender rematch where anybody can wrestle anybody.

Later in the show, Garvin, Precious and Moretti accept the challenge.  Moretti even gives a little flex and says that it would be her pleasure to shut Poffo up once and for all.



Dirty White Boy vs Norvell Austin


Dream Machine vs Scott Armstrong


NWA JR.  HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH:  Tim Horner © vs Steve Regal


GRUDEGE MATCH:  Robert Fuller vs Tommy Gilbert


The Masked Superstars vs Crusher Blackwell & Dick Slater


INTERGENDER MATCH:  Lanny Poffo & Woman vs Jimmy Garvin & Lisa Moretti with Precious



Brad & Bob Armstrong © vs Tommy & Johnny Rich


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MAY 17, 1986




Dirty White Boy defeats Norvell Austin with the Bucksnort Blaster.


Dream Machine defeats Scott Armstrong with a loaded mask.



Tim Horner © vs Steve Regal

            Steve Regal defeats Tim Horner with a missile drop kick and a pin with his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.  NEW CHAMPION!


GRUDEGE MATCH:  Robert Fuller vs Tommy Gilbert

Give Gilbert his due, he has come out of retirement and given Fuller everything he could handle.  The problem was that this was a No DQ match and Jimmy Golden came down to the ring and after a nasty double team attack, Fuller locked in the Fuller Leglock.  Gilbert refused to five up but his son Doug, came down to ringside and threw in the towel.  Fuller and Golden saw how upset Doug was at seeing his father in agony, had a good laugh at the youngster’s expense.


The Masked Superstars vs Crusher Blackwell & Dick Slater

Slater and Blackwell got the win after an airplane drop on Superstar #2.  The crowd was excited as Blackwell tried to take the new mask off this new acquaintance of Masked Superstar but Superstar #1 came in with a big elbow drop on Blackwell and the masked wrestlers escaped with their identity intact. 


INTERGENDER MATCH:  Lanny Poffo & Woman vs Jimmy Garvin & Lisa Moretti with Precious

With the rules here being that anyone could wrestle anyone, this one had the fans hoping that Lisa Moretti would knock Lanny Poffo around a bit.  The problem was that when Moretti was tagged in, she got tripped up by Woman who jumped down from the apron after an Irish Whip by Poffo and she caught Moretti’s leg.  As Moretti got to her feet, we saw one of the most despicable things in a long, long time.

WHAM… Poffo nails Moretti with a piledriver!


The boos rain down on Poffo and he has to dodge debris all the way back to the locker room.  Moretti requires some medical attention but is them able to walk out under her own power to a thunderous applause.



Brad & Bob Armstrong © vs Tommy & Johnny Rich

The ref’s impartiality came in to play here as each pin attempt by the Armstrongs seemed a bit slow while each one by the Rich cousins seemed super quick.  While the bout was a brawl from the get go, we get a rather bland finish here as Wildfire Rich slipped away from the Georgia Jawbreaker by The Bullet.

WHAM…. Low blow by Johnny Rich on Bob Armstrong.

Tommy covers Bob….



Gordon Solie:  Oh my!  That was the fastest count yet!  Not sure what is going on by the Rich Cousin’s are once again the Continental Tag Team Champions.  Bullet and Brad are fuming as they know they have just been robbed.  We will need to get to the bottom of this one next week.  .  Hey wait a  minute… Tommy Gilbert is coming to the ring?  What’s this all about?  We will have to wait until next time as we are out of time.  So long from the Heart of Dixie. 


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MAY 24, 1986




Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  What a show we have instore for you today.  It will be Lanny Poffo with Woman taking on Sweet Brown Sugar.  Crusher Jerry Blackwell will be taking on the Masked Superstar.  “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel will be taking on Norvell Austin with the winner getting a Southeastern Title shot next week in the Boutwell Auditorium against Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley.  We will also see a tornado match between the Tennessee Studd Stable against Bob and Brad Armstrong and if that was not enough, it will be Tommy “Wildfire” Rich taking on “The Rebel” Dick Slater for the Continental Heavyweight title.  Speaking of Tommy Rich, I would like to bring out Tommy Gilbert for a moment.

Tommy gets a nice ovation as Gordon brings us back to the end of last week where we saw Tommy Gilbert come to the ring and went right up to Tommy Rich after Tommy and Johnny defeated Bob & Brad Armstrong for the Continental Tag Team Title.  Gordon said this was where the show ended and he and the fans would love to know what he said to Wildfire.


Tommy Gilbert:  To tell you the truth Gordon, I just said that I have known him a long, long time and reminded him that he is from Tennessee and that he should be doing the best for the people of that great state instead of taking some of the shortcuts he and his cousin have been taking.  I also told him that I could use some help in dealing with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden; two people who right now are making Tennessee look pretty bad.  Last thing I said was that I’ve known his mama a long time and she didn’t raise him to be like this.   

Gordon Solie:  Well Tommy, I’ve also known Tommy a long time and have never seen him like this.  I hope you got through to him. 

Tommy Gilbert:  Me too but to tell ya the truth, I’m unsure.  Only time will tell but I could really uses him.  My son, Doug, has a real future in this business but he’s just not quite ready to deal with the likes of Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. 

As Gilbert walks off, Gordon Solie really hopes that Tommy Rich can see the errors of his ways. 

In a quick pre-match interview Lanny Poffo along with Woman stops by and is full of laughter at his match last week were he piledrove Lisa Moretti in the center of the ring.  Gordon Solie knew this interview was a waste of time as Poffo would never see just how disgusting this attack was so Gordon gave on of his, “that be enough of that” comments and sent Poffo to the ring for his match with Sweet Brown Sugar.



Lanny Poffo with Woman vs Sweet Brown Sugar

Sweet Brown Sugar starts quickly using a combo of power and athleticism to keep Poffo off guard but eventually Woman is able to trip up Sugar and Poffo takes over.  Near the end of the match, we see Woman slip Poffo a small rope which he wraps around Sugar’s neck and beigns to choke him without the ref seeing it.

The crowd erupts as “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin rushes the ring.  Poffo sees it and lets go of Sugar and confronts Garvin on the apron.  The ref tries to keep the two apart as Woman grabs the leg of Garvin and yanks him off the apron.  Garvin turns and gives Woman a look that seems to shake her to the core and she starts to retreat.  While this was happening…

Gordon Solie:  What’s this?  Is that a construction worker climbing over the steel girder?  Not sure but that is one big man.  Hold on…. Hold on just a minute.  That’s not a man at all.  That’s Reggie Bennett.


Poffo turns around to Sugar as the ref is admonishing both Garvin and Woman.

WHAM…. Bennett grabs Poffo like he is a sack of potatoes, walks around the ring with him and powerslams him to the ground.   Then she scoops him up in a Torture Rack and we hear Poffo’s screams echoing thoughout the Boutwell Aud! 

The ref turns and is confused.  He calls for the bell for the DQ win for Poffo but he is unsure what else to do against this 240 pound monster.  Eventually Bennett drops Poffo to the ground and she and Jimmy Garvin celebrate in the ring.  Woman sneaks in to see if she could comfort Poffo but as soon as Bennett makes eye contact with here, Woman hightails it all the way to the locker room.






Rugged, physical battle here that sees Blackwell connect with the Airplane Drop on The Masked Superstar but Superstar #2 is able to pull his partner out to the floor before the pin attempt.  Superstar #2 tries some dirty tactics here as he enters the ring pretending to be #1.  He goes to roll up Blackwell but Blackwell is 400+ pounds and doesn’t budge.

WHAM… Airplane Drop on #2.

Blackwell covers #2……

WHAM….  Top Rope Knee Drop by #1

The ref calls for the bell for another DQ win but the Superstars now go to work on Blackwell and he is left in a bad way when they are done. 



Before our next bout…

Ronnie P. Gossett:  Oh Gordon… I’m back.  Did you miss me?

Gordon Solie:  Ummm, what do you think?

Ronnie P:  That’ s what I thought.  Now that I’m back.  I got a straighten a few things out.  First of all, who does Tommy Gilbert think he is.  He was just out here slandering the Studd Stable; talking about how they are making the people of Tennessee look bad.  Is he kidding.  The only thing that makes the people of Tennessee look good is that Jack Daniels stuff they make up there.  I’m sure you know about that Solie.

Gordon Solie:  Here we go again. 

Ronnie P:  Gilbert is just another parent trying to make excuses when their children don’t turn out like they want.  I mean have you seen that Doug Gilbert.  He’s on his back more then a lady of the night if you know what I mean Gordon.

Gordon Solie:  I think you need to head to the ring.  Your man Buddy Landel has a big match tonight.

Ronnie P:  This is just a steeping stone for Buddy.  One week from tonight he will beat Wendell Cooley for that Southeastern Title!


Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Norvell Austin

Landell tried to attack before the bell but Austin was ready for his shenanigans.  Austin takes control of this match from the get go and even though both have some technical ability, it is more of a brawl.  Landel uses an eye rake to take control and then it is all Nature Boy with Landel getting the relatively clean win with the Cork Screw Elbow Drop.

After the match is over, Landel decides to inflict more punishment on Austin as he locked in the Figure 4.  The ref and Solie are pleading with him to release the hold but he just amps up the pressure.

The crowd explodes as Wendell Cooley hits the ring and he is all over Landel.  Gossett comes to rescue his man.

WHAM… Cooley clobbers Gossett and goes back to work on Landel.  Somehow Landel is able to escape as Wendell helps his friend, Norvell Austin back to locker room.

As we go to break, Solie really hypes up next week’s Southeastern Title match between Cooley and Landel.





Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden with Ronnie P. Gossett vs Bob & Brad Armstrong

All 4 men in the ring for the entire time means complete chaos here and that is exactly what we get.  Ronnie P. tried to interfere, but Tommy Gilbert rushed down to ringside to prevent any of his dirty tactics.  This distraction is all that “Bullet” Bon needed to hit the Georgia Jawbreaker on Golden for the win.





Dick Slater © vs Tommy “Wildfire” Rich

Last week we saw referee Mac Murray with a fast count that gave Tommy and Johnny Rich the win over the Armstrongs for the Continental Tag Team Title.  This week, he is once again in charge of another title bout.  Gordon Solie keeps a close eye throughout the bout and admits that he sees no shenanigans and that maybe it was just a blunder by Murray.

The bout, as most due here in Continental Championship Wrestling, soon lost all sense of a wrestling match and took on the appearance of a barroom brawl.  Slater was completely fine with this and seemed to be getting the better of the action.  Rich grabbed Slater by the trunks and tossed him through the middle ropes and followed him out. 

The brawl continues and like Slater does, he takes it to the next level in a fight and grabs a chair.

WHAM!  From behind comes Johnny Rich attacks Slater.

Ref Mac Murray is back on his game and calls for the bell!

Here comes Crusher Blackwell!

The Rich cousins-Slater and Blackwell are brawling all over the arena.

Gordon Solie:  Fans, we are out of time.  So long from the Heart of Dixie.




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JUNE  11, 1986




With all the recent changes to the NWA, I thought that instead of writing a full show, I would update everyone on what is going on in Continental Championship Wrestling.


1.  The Great American Bash 1986:  This year, the three promotions in the NWA, Western States, Continental and Mid-South will all hoist an event between July 3rd and July 5th.  All NWA champions will wrestle at each event which will really test their ability as they will have to travel from Denver to Pensacola to New Orleans in little under 48 hours and defend their titles against the best competition the NWA has to offer for three consecutive nights.  The Continental Championship Wrestling event will be on Independence Day in Pensacola, Florida.


2.  The Masked Superstar:

With the help of Masked Superstar II, The Masked Superstar has risen to the top of the rankings in CCW.  This 6’3, nearly 300 pounder seems unbeatable right now and has been given the NWA title shot at The Great American Bash against Magnum T.A.   Even when it seems that the Superstar might fall in defeat, Superstar II causes some sort of chaos and The Masked Superstar comes out on top.  The duo has even pulled the old switch-a-roo a few times which has left opponents devasted in the center of the ring.  Magnum T.A. better have eyes in the back of his head. 


3.  The Turn of Tommy & Johnny Rich

For the past few weeks, we have seen Tommy Gilbert come to the ring and confront Tommy and Johnny Rich.  We later found out that Gilbert was asking the Rich cousins to represent Tennessee in the right way and stop the questionable tactics.  Gilbert also asked for Tommy and Johnny to turn against the Studd Stable who were ruining the good name of Tennessee.  At first, Tommy and Johnny scoffed at Gilbert.  Last week, Tommy once again confronted Tommy who was being interviewed by Gordon Solie.  The only thing different was that Gilbert brought Tommy’s mother, Peggy, with him.  Peggy Rich pleaded with her son to do things the right way and show everyone that he was raised correctly.  It seems like Tommy is a Mamma’s Boy as this scolding really got to Tommy.  Tommy and Johnny have sense been on their best behavior.  In fact, Tommy and Johnny have rushed in to make the save for various opponents, including Doug Gilbert, who were being attacked by the Tennessee Studd Stable (Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden)   Golden and Fuller are fuming and are going around calling Tommy Rich, Peggy’s Baby Boy!

The question around CCW is if Tommy and Johnny can be trusted.  The appears to be YES!  Recently, in an Elimination Tag Team Match where the winner got the NWA World Title Shot at the Great American Bash, Tommy sacrificed himself to help save Brad Armstrong.  In the end, Fuller locked in the Fuller Leglock on Tommy and he was forced to submit.

So it will be Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death (If they survive the first night of the Bash) vs Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden for the NWA World Title.  The consolation prize we will have fan favorites, Bob and Brad Armstrong facing off against the newly turned fan favorites Tommy and Johhny Rich for the Continental Tag Team Title!


4.  Who’s the Bad Guy… Dick Slater or Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia’s behavior has been a little erratic as of late including a few no shows or late arrivals.  Recently, one of these no shows left Dick Slater and Crusher Blackwell shorthanded in a 6 Man Match against the Superstars and the Assassin.  After a pretty sound beating in what became a Handicap Match, Slater confronted Mr. Olympia.  Mr. Olympia apologized for his actions but Slater was having nothing to do with it and CRACKED Mr. Olympia with a big right hand.

The fans are divided on who to support in this one but both sides are looking forward to this Continental Heavyweight Title at the Bash.  Not only is the title on the line but so is the identity of Mr. Olympia.  When he demanded a title shot after Slater clocked him, Slater agreed but only if the Mask was on the line also.


5.  The Southeastern Title

This one is simple… Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley and Buddy Landel have been feuding all over Continental Championship Wrestling.  While “The Nature Boy” has yet to win the belt, Continental President, Les Thatcher is tired off all of the outside shenanigans and lack of true wrestling so he has signed the contract for these two to meet one more time at the Bash.  This time, it will be a Title and Contract on a Pole Match.  That’s right, the Southeastern Title and a CCW Wrestling Contract will be a Top a Pole on one of the turnbuckles.  Who ever wins, gets both the title and a JOB!


6.  Lanny Poffo and Jimmy Garvin

These two have been brawling all over the Gulf for over a month now.  The feud has include Woman, Precious and Reggie Bennett.  While many fans want to see an Intergender Match as they believe that Lanny Poffo would stand no chance against Reggie Bennet, this match has a twist that has everyone talking…. The winner of the match is the one who can put a Dress on Their Opponent.   Oh the Bash has some crazy twists and turns.


7.  Speaking of Reggie Bennett

One of the biggest egos ever to arrive in CCW is Dangerous Danny Davis.  He talks like he is God’s gift to professional wrestling.  The only thing is that he has lost every match that he has been in.  When he interrupted an interview with Reggie Bennett, Jimmy Garvin and Precious, he might have written his own death certificate.  Instead of saying that he was sorry, Dangerous Danny went on to tell Bennett that this is a Man’s Sport and that she should get back in the Kitchen where she belonged.  You could almost see the veins bulging out of Bennett’s neck as she grabbed Davis and body slammed him right on the concrete.  When Davis came back the next week and said that the only reason that happened was that he wasn’t ready.  Davis goes on to say that he was raised never to hit a woman but since Reggie Bennett wasn’t a woman, he would have no problem putting her in her place in a Match at the Great American Bash.  As you expect, Bennett, with a huge smile on her face, accepted the challenge. 


8.  Sheik Adnan Al Kassie has arrived!

This Iraqi Sheik has arrived with all of his Anti-American rhetoric and he has said that he has spent some of his millions on signing just the man who will destroy all Americans and that it is none other than the mist spraying giant, Killer Khan.  Khan has destroyed all wrestler’s in his path so far but Pvt. Terry Daniels has vowed to stand up for Americans on Independence Day and take out Killer Khan.  What a tall task that will be!

Back to a regular show next week!

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Masked Superstar is a great challenger for the NWA World championship.

Kinda low for Tommy Gilbert to rat Tommy Rich out to his mama. Still Peggy's baby boy & cousin Johnny are making good on it.

The Stud Stable is going for the gold! They're easily one of my favorite heel teams in the game.

Honestly since Mr Olympia has already been unmasked i don't really care about that part but him & Slater beating the tar out of each other over the Contental Heavyweight Championship has me VERY interested.

Budro vs Wildcat! Winner is Southeastern champion loser is out of a job!

Only in a southern wrasslin company will you see 2 pretty boys fighting to put the other in a dress!

I don't know much about Danny Davis but I know he's gonna die at the Bash....and I'm cool with that.

Killer Khan with Shiek Adnan Al Kassie! I'm very glad I'm not Terry Daniels.

CCW is more than holding up it's end on the Great American Bash!

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MAY 24, 1986





Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  We are back stronger than ever after a two week hiatus due to Atlanta Braves baseball here on the Superstation but we more than make up for it.  I guarantee you that.  Mr. Olympia will be in action tonight as he takes on Rotten Ron Starr.  Buddy Landel has a tough one tonight against Chief Joe Lightfoot as he tries to prepare for his Southeastern Title shot against Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley at the Great American Bash.  Also, hoping to continue his push towards the Bash and his NWA World Title shot against Magnum T.A. is the Masked Superstar who will be taking on the former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion in White Lightening Tim Horner.  Jimmy Garvin will be taking on The Assassin while Killer Khan will be involved in a handicap match.  If that is not enough folks, listen to the main event.  It will be Bob and Brad Armstrong taking on the Tennessee Studd Stable … Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller!  That and much, much, more.  Our timekeeper is set to go so let’s get to the ring! 


Mr. Olympia defeats Rotten Ron Starr with the Sleeper


Throughout the match Gordon Solie reminded fans that Mr. Olympia will challenge his long-time friend Dick Slater for the Continental Heavyweight title at the Great American Bash.  Solie reminds us that the relationship between the two has been strained of late as Mr. Olympia failed to show up for a few tag matches and Slater was left to fend for himself and then Slater, frustrated with Olympia, recently sucker punched him with a big right hand. 


As far as this match goes, the crowd was divided.  Half seemed to blame him for the situation with Slater while they others cheered him as if he did nothing wrong.  In tonight’s match, Olympia played it by the books until he got fed up with the questionable tactics by Starr and then he the brawl was on.  After the sleeper ended the bout, Olympia roughly slapped Star across the neck to bring him back to the living.

Post-Match Interview:

Gordon Solie:  Mr. Olympia, I must ask what is going on between you and Dick Slater.

Mr. Olympia:  Gordon, honestly, I used to call Dick Slater my friend.  I could count on him to do the right thing but when he punched me last week, everything changed.  The title has gone to his head.  He thinks everyone owes him something.  He blamed me for him looking bad.  I tried to explain to him that I had car trouble and I was sorry for missing the match.  I mean has he never had a situation come up?  He started yelling that he is the Continental Champ and that I needed to do better!  Do better….. you bet I will Slater.  At the Great American Bash in Pensacola on July 4th, I will do better and take that Continental Title home with me!



Nature Boy Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett beats Chief Joe Lightfoot with the Corkscrew Elbow

This bout showed Landel is near perfect form where he needed little help Gossett to beat a really game Joe Lightfoot.  Solie was very impressed with Landel and reminded fans that Wendel Cooley better be on his best game if he is going to defend that Southeastern Title against Landel at the Great American Bash.

Post-Match Interview:

Ronnie P: Gordon, Gordon, Gordon!  Have you ever seen a wrestler with more pure skill than my man, “The Nature Boy” Buddy Landel! 

Gordon Solie:  I will admit that he was very impressive today.

Buddy Landel:  Today?  I am always impressive.  I am the perfect wrestler and at the Great American Bash, I will become the new Southeastern Heavyweight Champion.

Gordon Solie:  Folks, remember this bout will be a Title and Contract On A Pole Match so if Buddy Landell can’t climb up and grab the title, he will no longer be a part of Continental Championship Wrestling.

Ronnie P:  I thought for once Solie you had come to work without going off on one of your benders but that you even think for one minute that The Nature Boy could loose to that long haired hippie your drunker then ever honey! 

As Landel and Ronnie P walk off laughing Solie wonders what life could be like if it was Ronnie P. in a contract on a pole match because there is no way that he would ever make it up a pole without some sort of crane!


As we come out of break, we see a video from the most arrogant man to never win a match…. Dangerous Danny Davis.  All 6’0, 175 pounds of Davis are seen in the gym lifting some pathetic weights and flexing his not so big muscles all the while saying that women have no business being in the ring and that he is going to wipe the floor with Reggie Bennett.


When the video is over, Reggie Bennett is with Gorson Solie.

Gordon Solie:  Reggie, what do you make of what we just saw from Dangerous Danny Davis

Reggie Bennett:  I find it funny and sad at the same time.  Funny, looking at Davis is a gym.  Funny at him thinking that he could beat me at anything and sad that he has such a lack of respect for women in general.  I can’t wait until the Great American Bash in Pensacola when I show him what real muscles can do!



The Masked Superstar defeats “White Lightening” Tim Horner by submission with the Cobra Clutch


Masked Superstar II accompanied The Masked Superstar to the ring but was just a spectator here tonight.  Horner gave it his all and had a few roll-up pin attempts but he was giving away nearly 80 pounds in this contest and just got worn down with big move after big move. 

Post-Match Interview:


Gordon Solie:  Very impressive, very impressive Superstar,

Masked Superstar:  Gordon, very soon when you refer to me, you will refer to me as the Superstar.  The professional wrestler.  The man who defeated Magnum T.A.  The NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  You just saw that the Cobra Clutch is the most devastation, inescapable move in professional wrestling and once I lock these arms around the neck of Magnum T.A., there is nothing he can do about it!

Gordon Solie:  Well Superstar, I must admit that in all my years of professional wrestling, Magnum T.A. is one of the best I have ever seen.  I do not think it will be as easy as you say it will be to take the world title off his hands.

Masked Superstar:  I take nothing away from Magnum T.A.  He is a very, very good wrestler.  I have seen him beat the likes of Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, and Tully Blanchard.  The only thing is that I am better then all of them and he won’t beat me.

The two Masked Superstars walk away as Gordon reminds the fans that The Great American Bash will be very trying on all of the NWA World Champions as they are going to be defending their titles three times in three different cities in three nights against the best the NWA has to offer and the Masked Superstar is definitely one of them.



Killer Khan with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie crushes Rob Veasel and Bubba Mayes

This bout shows the 300 pound monster billed from Mongolia just beat the two jobbers from pillar to post.  When he was done punching, kicking, choking and kneeing his opponents, Khan simple stacked them on top of each other and stood on them both at the same time for the three count.

Post-Match Interviw:


Gordon Solie:  Sheik Adnan Al Kassie… I will admit that your man is extremely tough but it seems that your anti-American comments have upset U.S. Marine Terry Daniels and he vows to defeat your man on Independence Day at the Great American Bash


Shiek Adnan Al Kassie: masaa' alkhayr.  anaa saäiid jiddan bimuqaabalatak  kayfa Haluk

Gordon Solie:  I will admit that I have no idea what you are saying Sheik.

Sheik Adnan:  Not to worry about that now.  Everyone wants to know where Sheik Adnan Al Kassie has been.  Well I have been back in my hometown of Baghdad, Iraq and I have been getting updates on all the evil things that America has been doing.  I decide it was time to wage war on America.  I used some of my riches to hire a mercenary and he is coming to take over American wrestling.  What you just saw in the ring a few minutes ago is only the beginning.  I warn you Terry Daniels… DO NOT SHOW UP FOR THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH!

Gordon Solie:  It will take a lot more than words to get an American Marine to back down.  I assure you that!




Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats The Assassin with sit-down jawbreaker

This was a really tough match as Garvin couldn’t seem to control the big man and failed to hoist him up for the Brainbuster.  Garvin coming up with the jawbreaker for the win allowed Gordon to hype up just how talented he is and that he can beat you in many ways.  During the entire match, Solie reminded fans that it would be Garvin vs Lanny Poffo at the Bash in a Loser Wears A Dress Match.

In the post-match interview, Garvin said kept saying that how beautiful he was and that most beautiful people look even better in a dress but he guaranteed everyone that it would be the UGGLY Lanny Poffo wearing the dress at the Bash and not his.

Precious gets involved in the interview as she opens up her purse to pull out a Moo Moo which se claimed was the only dress she could find that would fit Poffo’s personality.



Bob & Brad Armstrong vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden with Ronnie P. Gossett

As so many of these big TV matches do, we get a wild finish!  We get exactly what you would expect from these 4 men…. BRAWL, BRAWL, BRAWL!  Unfortunately for the Armstrongs, when the action spilled outside, Gossett tripped Bob and

CRACK… Fuller with a Chair shot on Papa Armstrong.

The bell sounded giving the Armstrongs the DQ win but that was of little importance as the attack was still on.

This left the Studd Stable with a 2-1 advantage over Brad and they worked him over pretty good. 

The crowd exploded…

Gordon Solie:  Here comes the calvary.  It’s Tommy and Johnny Rich!  Wildfire with a big right hand on Golden.  Johnny and Fuller are trading punches in the middle of the ring.  Here comes Tommy.  Wildfire grabs Fuller and tosses him to the corner.  Wildfire up on the middle rope and he is pounding on Fuller.  Folks, I hate to do this but we are out of time.  So long from the Heart of Dixie.

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Olympia chokes out Rotton Ron & makes a believable argument for his behavior. I like the touch of the divided crowd.

I'm kinda conflicted. I know Cooley is the face here but Budro is one of my favorite characters in the game.

Looking forward to Bennett tearing Davis to pieces.

Masked Superstar is in top form heading into GAB.

Frankly from the little I've seen of him I'm not sure Kh is smart enough to be a mercenary. Still scared for Daniels though.

And now we all have the image of Lanny Poffo in a moo moo in our heads. Thanks for that.

It wouldn't be CCW if the show didn't end on a crazy brawl....and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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We're all caught up and ready for the Great American Bash! 

Damn! That's a rough schedule for the NWA champs. Look at the 3 opponents Magnum has to face in 3 nights. My goodness.

Your stories are always so creative. Slater and Olympia is the perfect example. 

I guess this territory isn't big enough for Cooley and Landel. Winner gets the title and loser must go. LOL, Solie thinking about RPG climbing to get the contract had me laughing. 

Look at Danny Davis getting a fun angle in the game. I don't think he'll be laughing when Bennett gets a hold of him. 

Masked Superstar gets an impressive win and follows with a great promo. That alone just sold more tickets to the Bash. 

Adnan and Khan will be a devastating force! Terry Daniels is one tough marine but he's got one tough task ahead of him. 

Why do I have a feeling Poffo is going to end up in a dress LOL. Jimmy Jam and Precious have remained one of the hottest acts in the game. 

It's always a big main event when the Armstrongs and Stud Stable go at it. 

Is it possible? Can it be? After the biggest heel run in wrestling, the Rich's have gone good? Unbelievable! Only a loving mother could make this happen. 

The Bash is going to be an incredible 3 nights of non stop action. Can't wait! 


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JUNE 25, 1986




Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  Folks we are just over a week away from the greatest event in wrestling history… The Great American Bash.  A three-night wrestling spectacular in 3 cities that showcases all of the top talent across the entire NWA.  I am lucky enough to be announcing the event on Independence Day and we will be discussing that card in Pensacola throughout tonight’s show.  Also, on tonight’s show we will be seeing Lanny Poffo taking on Doug Gilbert.  “White Lightening” Tim Horner will be taking on “Rotten” Ron Starr.  In an Arm-Wrestling Challenge, “Dangerous” Danny Davis is taking on Reggie Bennett and in the Main Event, it will be the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death teaming with “Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley against the entire Tennessee Stud Stable, Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and the “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell.  That and much, much more when we return!

Commercials + Promo for the Great American Bash



JULY 4, 1986



Magnum T.A. © vs The Masked Superstar



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death © vs

The Tennessee Studd Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden)



“Dirty” Dick Slater © vs Mr. Olympia



Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Bob & Brad Armstrong



Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs Lanny Poffo with Woman



“Mr. Electricity Steve Regal © vs “White Lightening Tim Horner



Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley vs “The Nature Boy” Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett



Reggie Bennett vs “Dangerous” Danny Davis



Killer Khan with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Private Terry Daniels




When we come out of break, we see Tommy “Wildfire” Rich, Johnny Rich, Bob and Brad Armstrong at the interview desk.  These two teams were bitter ememies just a few weeks ago but that all changed when Tommy Gilbert brought in Wildfire’s mother and she seemed to straighten out the bad behavior of the Rich boys.  Gordon hypes up the fact that these two teams will be facing each other at the Great American Bash with the Continental Title on the line.  Both teams expressed the fact that they are in for a tough match and Wildfire and Johnny apologized for their recent actions and that they are so happy the crowd has come back to support them like they did in the past.  A handshake by all wrestlers and Gordon takes us to the ring for our first match.


Lanny Poffo with Woman vs Doug Gilbert

Solie begins by hyping up the Loser Wears a Dress Match between Poffo and Jimmy Garvin at the Great American Bash.  Throughout the match, it is obvious that Gilbert is quickly improving as he is giving Poffo all that he can handle.  Problem was that Poffo and Woman make a great team and when Poffo distracted the ref, Woman sprayed something at the face of Gilbert and he went out cold.  Poffo climbed to the top rope and came off with an unnecessary frog splash. 


Gordon Solie:  What’s this?  What is Woman doing.  She has some sort of garment, it’s a …. Dress.  She hands it to Lanny Poffo and he is putting it on Doug Gilbert.  Oh my, this is wrong.  Doug Gilbert is out on his feet after whatever Woman sprayed in his nose.  Poffo has the dress over the head of Gilbert.

There is a roar from the crowd…

Gordon Solie:  Here comes Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin…. Poffo sees him and is running for the ropes.  Garvin swings at Poffo.  Poffo escapes the punch and Garvin and is running for the locker room. 

As Poffo gets to the curtain, we see Poffo and Woman smiling while Garvin is screaming at them to get back in the ring and we will see who is wearing the dress at the Great American Bash.  Garvin helps Gilbert to his feet as Gilbert thanks Garvin for his help.

Commercials + Promo for the Great American Bash


Before our next match, the Continental Champion, Dick Slater joins Solie to hype his title vs mask match at the Bash.  Slater comes out to a mixed reaction as some agree that Mr. Olympia is the bad guy while others fault Slater for attacking Olympia after he failed to show up for a few tag matches.


Dick Slater:  One thing I know is that my word means everything to me.  If I say I am going to be somewhere, I am going to be there.  If I say I’ve got your back, trust me, I got your back.  I guess that doesn’t hold true for Mr. Olympia.  I know we have seen his ugly face before and that mask doesn’t mean a lot to some of you, but to me, it is his way of hiding.  His way to do whatever he wants.  If he says one thing and does another, that’s okay because he really isn’t Mr. Olympia.  Well, once I beat him in the center of that ring at the Great American Bash, he won’t have that mask to hide behind anymore.  Like I said, my word is one thing that never bends and whether you like it or not, I guarantee that Mr. Olympia will leave Pensacola without his other identity and without my Continental Title!

Gordon Solie:  There you have it fans.  Dick Slater has given his word that he is going to beat Mr. Olympia at the Bash and I have known Dick a long time and when he says something, it almost always gets done!  Let’s get back to the ring. 


“White Lightening” Tim Horner defeated “Rotten” Ron Starr” with the rolling cradle.

Tim Horner did a good job of dealing with the questionable tactics of Ron Starr and taking advantage of his speed to catch Starr with the cradle.  Solie spent most of the match hyping up the fact that Horner had earned an NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title Match at the Bash and his opponent would either be the current champ, Mr. Electricity Steve Regal, the current champ or Eric Embry who Regal will face on the first night of the Great American Bash.  Horner, humble as always, praised both Regal and Embry but does say that he is more then ready to win back the title he has already held before and that that he is ready to mix it up if Regal or Embry wants to and if you didn’t believe him, just take a look at what just happened to Rotten Ron Starr.

Commercials + Promo for the Great American Bash


As we come out break, Magnum T.A. is with Gordon Solie

Gordon Solie:  Magnum T.A., it is great to have the NWA World Champion here with us tonight.


Magnum T.A.:  Gordon, it is great to be here.  NWA has the greatest fans in all of wrestling and it is always a honor to be with them.

Gordon Solie:  I agree with you there Magnum.  Now let’s get to the Great American Bash.  3 Night, 3 Cities against Jumbo Tsuruta, Masked Superstar and “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff.

Magnum:  It is going to be a tough run but as the champion, I am used to wrestling all over the world and against the toughest competition in the world.  I am confident.  Confident in myself and confident in these fans that we will come out of this on top.

Gordon Solie:  I certainly hope so and I wish you luck.  Thanks for giving us a few moments of your time.  Let’s get back to the ring where we have a very interesting contest coming up next… It will be an Arm-Wrestling Match between Dangerous Danny Davis and Reggie Bennett.


Danngerous Danny Davis vs Reggie Bennett

Gordon takes a few moments to explain that Davis has been talking a lot lately about the inabilities of women in the wrestling industry and how he believes they should be at home serving there man.  Danny Davis enters the ring flexing his “muscles” as best he could with his 175 pound body and starts pointing at and laughing at Reggie Bennett.  Bennett comes out with a coat on and then when Davis gets in her face, she takes of coat and reveals a massive body!  Even the arrogant Davis takes a step back.


As the two get ready for the arm-wrestling match, Davis shows the normal antics before an armwrestling match.  He stalls, pulls away, walks around the ring but none of this gets under the skin of Bennett.

Eventually the two get locked up and the ref signals for the match to begin.

WHAM… 2 seconds later, Bennett slams Davis’s hand to the table.

Davis is stunned while Reggie Bennett celebrates her win by turning to the fans.

WHAM… From behind, Dangerous Danny Davis clobbers Reggie Bennett with a big forearm smash.

Bennett completely no sells the attack and turns ready to kill Davis.  Davis has that look of complete fear in his eyes!

WHAM… Bennett scoops Davis up, walks around the ring for a good 20 seconds or so before planting him hard in the center of the ring with a huge powerslam!


Satisfied that she has proven her point, Bennett leaves the ring ready for the Great American Bash!

Commercials + Promo for the Great American Bash

As we come out of break, we see Ronnie P. Gossett with Gordon Solie and he is so excited by the fact that in little over a week, he will be the manager of the not only the Southeastern Champion as Nature Boy Buddy Landel will easily beat Wendy Cooley and that the Studd Stable are the greatest tag team in the world today so they will beat whatever team survives the first night of the bash and become the NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Gordon reminds RPG that the Southeastern Title match is also a contract on a pole match and that he might just be without the services of Mr. Landel once the Bash is over.  Once again, RPG wonder how much Solie has had to drink today.  Solie quickly answers back wondering how much RPG had to eat today.  RPG threatened Solie but Solie did not back down. 


Ted Dibiase, Dr. Death & Wendell Cooley vs Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and Buddy Landel with RPG

This match gives Solie one last chance to hype up the Bash as each member of the match got their time to shine.  In the end, we get one of those wild DDQ as there is brawling all over the arena as Solie reminds us to get out tickets to the Bay Canter in Pensacola on Independence Day!

Gordon Solie:  So long from the heart of Dixie!



 The Dirty White Boy defeats Joe Savoldi with the Bucksnort Blaster.


Scott & Steve Armstrong defeat Ron & Don Harris with double top rope leg drops on Ron.


Plowboy Frazier defeats JR Hogg with a Giant Splash


Steve Gatorwolf defeats Mr. X with a running knee lift.

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I'm ever slightly doubtful that the Rich cousins new attitude will withstand a title match. I could be wrong though.

Luscious Lanny gets in a last bit of dick-ishnes ahead of the Bash.

Nice Slater promo. He makes valid points his fans fans can repeat but is insulting enough he riles up those rooting for Olympia.

Whoever walks out with the Jr Heavyweight strap on the 3rd has quite the challenger waiting for them on the 4th.

Magnum T.A us prepared to run the gauntlet to retain HIS World Heavyweight Championship.

Hahahahahaha Bennett gives that goof Davis a taste of what's waiting for him in Pensacola.

I love the interactions between Solie & RPG.

Which leads to a cladsic wild CCW 6 man main event. If that didn't move those remaining tickets i don't know what would have.

Some promising dark matches compliment another great episode from the heart of Dixie.

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I'm very interested in the upcoming Rich's/Armstrongs match. I have a funny feeling about this.

Poffo and Woman get in some good heat. I think everybody wants Jimmy Jam to destroy him. 

Slater has strong words for Olympia. Another intriguing story. Will this end at the Bash? 

Magnum has one of the toughest 3 days for a champ I've ever seen. Jumbo, Superstar and Nikita. Good grief! 

HAHAHAHA nothing like some good wrestling comedy. Davis should just walk away and not look back. 

With those 6 guys, we all knew how this was going to end. Good way to sell more Bash tickets. 

The Bash is going to be 3 amazing nights of action! Can't wait! 

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