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Rocky Johnson is coming along here...looking forward to his eventual Clash with Ladd/Bad News

Speaking of Ladd and Bad News they bring the heat as always on the mic again this week!

I agree with Dragon, Tommy Rich is at home cussing his TV as Michael Hayes shows he equals him in the scumbaggery department by attacking his blinded best friend in the hospital while dressed as a Doctor....kudos on this segment! Heel heat at it's best. It will be interesting to see how Watts/the NWA react to this treachery.

Damn....I was really pulling for Fergie. Fun way to play up Sheik's money case angle and a fun win for Reed

Solid main event with a nice win for the World Champion but keeps Brody strong on TV.

Great set of dark matches to send the live crowd home happy.


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Good strong show. 

NWA and Watts clamping down across the board on the heels is great and leads to lot of avenues for feuds going forward.

Rich been at home as Hayes rises into his spot is a great bit of storytelling and will lead to heated clash if/when Rich returns.

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Watts is laying down the law! 

Rocky Johnson is quickly getting over with the Mid South fans. The man has charisma! 

Another great promo by Ladd. He takes it a bit further tonight with those ominous comments. 

Fun match between Bart and George. I agree, suspending Bart for a week might of been overboard. I think Watts is just fed up and pissed. 

WOW! Hayes turns the heat way up with that hospital attack on Gordy. I wonder what Watts is going to do? I don't think that will compare to what a healthy Gordy is going to do. 

LOL, poor Carl Fergie. He just can't catch a break. He was in way over his head with Reed.

Wearing a Yankee mask here will defiantly get some boos. That attack costs Blackwell his match. Another feud that's gaining some serious momentum. 

Hard hitting main event! Russians take it tonight but man that was a fight.

I look forward to the dark matches every week.

Jimmy Jam wins the Gorgeous title.

Race was distracted but Jake putting him down with the DDT is still a big deal. 

Superstars take the champs to a draw. Williams and Dibiase have a threat on their hands. 

The fans in Baton Rouge got a great night of action.  


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JULY 31, 1986




Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Power Pro Wrestling; bringing you the best Mid-South Wrestling has to offer.  I’m Jim Ross and what a show we have instore for you as we get ready for the big card this week at the Memorial Coliseum in Shreveport.  One half of the Red Assassins, Alexis Smirnoff, will be taking on Frankie “Thumper” Lancaster.  We will see the debut of a new tag team here in Mid-South Wrestling, the Alaskan Hunters.  Hollywood John Tatum will be in action.  Mike George will be taking on “Iron” Mike Sharpe.  Norvel Austin will be looking for some revenge on Bob Roop and in our main event, it will be Bad News Allen defending his Mid-South Title against U.S. Steel.  All that and much, much more this week in Mid-South Wrestling.  Let’s get the action started.



“Russian Assassin” Alexis Smirnoff defeated Frankie “Thumper” Lancaster with the Russian Legsweep

Smirnoff really brought out the ire in the fans tonight.  First, while Thumper had all the momentum, Smirnoff with a well-placed back-heel kick caught Lancaster with a low blow.  From here it was one dirty trick after another.  Even after the end, The Russian Assassin continued the assault of his now helpless opponent.  The crowd and Jim Ross exploded as U.S. Steel hit the ring.  Smirnoff was able to escape and Steel went to aid Lancaster.  After the match, U.S. Steel is fuming at the interview area.  He is sick and tired of the Russians come in here talking about how great Mother Russia is and how weak America is even though they can’t seem to win a match without cheating.  He is so mad that he challenges Smirnoff to an Anthem Match in Shreveport where he says he is so confident he will beat Smirnoff, that he will stand up and sing the Russian Anthem if he loses.  Jim Ross is a little nervous about this as he just saw Smirnoff cheat his way to victory over Thumper Lancaster. 


When we come out of the break, we see a video showing the disgusting attack by “Doctor” Michael Hayes on the blinded Terry Gordy in Pensacola General Hospital.

When the video is over, we see “Dr. Death” Steve Williams at the podium with Jim Ross.

Dr. Death:  Jim, enough is enough.  The NWA is out of control, and something must be done.

Jim Ross:  I’m sure it will be.  NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts, has been coming down hard on all the wrong doers of late and I’m sure Michael Hayes will pay a hefty price for his heinous actions last week.

Dr. Death:  Well yes and no buddy!  I personally saw to it that Michael Hayes will not be fined for what he did to Terry Gordy.  He will not be suspended either…. But he will pay a dear, dear price.  See, I went to Bill Watts and asked that it is time to let vigilante law take over.  Time to solve problems like they did back in the day.  An eye for eye if you will…. One doctor to another.  Bill Watts seemed to like this new way of doing things and has agreed it is time for Doctor Hayes to get a dose of his own medication and Dr. Death will be administering it.  That’s right Michael Hayes… this week in Shreveport it is me and you in a STRETCHER MATCH!  The match goes on until one of us can’t go on any longer and needs to be stretchered from the ring.  If Terry Gordy can’t face you in the ring right now, I will take you out for him. 

Jim Ross informs us that because of his actions last week in Pensacola, Michael Hayes has been banned from the building tonight but if he does not show up in Shreveport, his NWA contract will be considered null and void! 


The Alaskan Hunters (Dale Veasey & Bob Brown) defeat Verlon Biggs & Tom Stone when Alaskan Hunter #2 dropped Stone on his head with an Exploder Suplex.

Make no mistake about it, the Alaskan Hunters are not for the faint of heart and enjoyed the rough stuff.  Picture the Moondogs and Sheepherders without the dog bones and silly walk.  They really beat their opponents from pillar to post and from now on jobbers are going to cringe when they see who they are facing.


One note here, Bob Brown is not the Bob Brown of Bulldog and Central States fame but a different, more fit, powerful wrestler.



When we come out of break, we see NWA President Bill Watts has joined Jim Ross and they are discussing what to do with all of the wrong-doers here in Mid-South Wrestling.  First thing Watts does is call out both Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie. 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  First things first.  Last week in Baton Rouge, you, Ernie Ladd threatened me.  You talked about a lot of dark alleys and alligators and other things.

Ernie Ladd:  Here we go again.  Week after week, you threaten to fine me.  Suspend me.  Take away my managerial license.  I make a few comments about the terrain down here in Cajun Country and you get your feathers all ruffled up.  All I have ever asked for from someone like you is to do your job fairly.  Now, if I wanted to threaten you, you Big Dummy… you would know it!

Cowboy Bill Watts:  Well, I guess, for your sake, I will try to do my job a little better.  The difference is, we see my job in different ways.  You see it as getting out of your way and letting your man, Bad News Allen, cheat his way to victory.  I see my job as giving these fans the best wrestling possible with the outcomes being determined without interference or cheating.    

Ernie Ladd:  My man Bad News Allen hasn’t needed, and will never need any help beating those inferior, uneducated, worthless wrestlers you keep putting in the ring with him. 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  Again, we seem to disagree.  I’m sure you had something to do with Crusher Blackwell being attacked by the Masked Yankee last week but since I can’t prove it, you have not been suspended…yet.  I will tell you …. if Bad News Allen survives his title match tonight against U.S. Steel … and that is a big if … this week in Shreveport, it will be Bad News defending his Mid-Sout Title against Bruiser Brody.

Ladd, guarantees a win against U.S. Steel tonight but then complains about the fact that Watts is such a hypocrite.  Just a minute ago he was talking about having real wrestling matches and now he has granted a title match to the biggest rule breaker in all of wrestling! 

Watts then really sends Ladd off the deep end by telling him not to worry about rule breaking with Bruiser Brody or Bad News Allen, as this match will be referred by none other than himself!  Ladd is now stomping around like a Wildman.  Watts seems to be enjoying this and goes one step further as he tells Ladd that the title will, again, change hands on a DQ.

Ladd can’t control himself and steps to Watts and the two appear ready to come to blows but Ladd knows that will be the end of his time in Mid-South Wrestling.  Instead, Ladd storms off and we hear him mumbling about Big Dummy and alligators again.

Watts turns to Sheik Adnan and tells him that it is obvious the NWA is coming up with new ways to deal with all of the nonsense that is going on around here.  He then explains that the NWA Board of Directors is very upset by the fact that he tried to pay Carl Fergie last week to take out Butch Reed and this is how they are going to deal with it.  This week in Shreveport, it will be The Sheik’s Army (Masked Superstars &, Jake Roberts) vs Harley Race, Butch Reed &Ted Dibiase and if Sheik’s Army loses, Butch Reed will get 5 minutes alone in the ring against the Sheik.

Oh, and one last stipulation… Bill Watts will once again be the special referee.

Sheik Adnan goes crazy as he knows what Reed would do to him!  Watts tells the Sheik to get out of here now before he decides to make it 10 minutes.

Jim Ross and Watts take a moment to hype up the new attitude that Mid-South has towards dealing with its “troublemakers” before sending us back to the ring.


“Hollywood” John Tatum defeats Randy Barber with a cross body block and a grab of the tights on the pin attempt. 

In a real quick interview, Tatum talks about how he is God’s gift to all the females around but there is only one female he has eyes on and she will be his after he takes care of Jimmy Garvin in Shreveport.  When Ross asks Tatum if he is talking about Precious, he gives a creepy smile and blows a kiss into the camera.




Mike George defeats “Iron” Mike Sharpe with a Diving Headbutt

In his post-match interview, George is fuming about Black Bart hitting him with a chair last week and is ready for some retaliation this week in Shreveport.


Bob Roop & Norvel Austin wrestle to a Double Countout

Last time these two met, the match ended in a time limit draw, but Roop attacked Austin after the match was over.  This time, Austin was ready, and the brawl spilled outside the ring and never returned.  No matter how many times the ref called for the bell, these two would not stop fighting until wrestlers emptied from the back and dragged them apart.




Before our main event, Butch Reed, Ted Dibiase, Harley Race and Bruiser Brody are at the the interview desk where they hype up both the event in Shreveport and also Bill Watt’s new way of dealing with the likes of Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.



Bad News Allen © with Ernie Ladd vs U.S. Steel

Unfortunately for the fans, this title bout never took place as the man with NY Yankees mask attacked U.S. Steel before the bout ever started.  This led to Bad News Allen coming out and joining in the fight against U.S. Steel.  Just when it looked really bad for Steel, the crowd exploded as Bruiser Brody hit the ring…

The brawl was on.  Jim Ross was hyping up the card in Shreveport and TV time was up!

Jim Ross:  So long from the Pelican State!


Dark Matches:

The Patriots (Peterson & Champion) defeated The Harris Brothers with a 2nd rope shoulder block by Peterson on Ron Harris.

Gorgeous Gary Young defeated Cajum Joey Jackson with a powerslam and a grab of the tights.

Crusher Blackwell defeat No Class Donny Bass with the Airplane Drop. 




The Rebel vs “The Technician” Mark Fleming


Mike George vs Black Bart


“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs “Hollywood” John Tatum



U.S. Steel vs “The Russian Assassin” Alexis Smirnoff


Stretcher Match

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams vs Freebird Michael Hayes


Mid-South Title Match with Special Referee Bill Watts

Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs Bruiser Brody 


6-Man Tag Team Bout

(If Sheik’s Army loses, Butch Reed gets 5 minutes in the ring alone with the Sheik)

The Masked Superstars & Jake “The Snake” Roberts with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie


Ted Dibiase, “Hacksaw” Butch Reed &  Harley Race  

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I'm glad Smirnoff is getting some attention. He was surprisingly enjoyable to write.

They may look silly but your description has me considering searching YouTube for the Alaskan Hunters.

Looks like Watts may be figuring out how to handle Ladd & the Shiek. Speaking of the Shiek he better start praying his Army can pull it out in Shreveport.

What makes all this pretty boys think this is a good time to be coming after Jimmy & Precious?

The Timekeeper is ready for another round with Black Bart.

Roop vs Austin is heating up fast.

The Masked Yankee- who could be anyone- is making quite the statement with these attacks. He really seems keen to get on Allen's (debateably existent) good side.

Stacked card in Shreveport.

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I agree with AD, something about Smirnoff makes him fun to write for. 

I can't think of a better vigilante than Dr. Death. Hayes could be in serious trouble. 

Alaskan Headhunters make a dominating debut! 

Watts is laying down the law tonight. I wonder how Ladd and Adnan are going to get out of these stipulations. I really want to see Reed get 5 minutes with Adnan LOL. 

Looks like Precious has another admirer. Tatum better watch himself. 

Mike George puts down Iron Mike as he gets ready for Bart. 

The Roop/Norvel feud goes to another chapter.

The masked Yankee strikes again. He's certainly making large enemies. Luckily Brody makes the save. Bad News vs. Brody is going to be epic. 

That Shreveport card is loaded! 



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Dr. Death is on the huntler for Hayes, there isnt a way that this ends well for Hayes.

I wouldn't like to be in Ladd's or Adnan's shoes with theses stipulations.

Lastly all I can say is Brody for champion. 

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If I was Michael Hayes, I might consider leaving town.....I wouldn't want a blind Terry Gordy after but I damn sure want Dr Death after me looking for justice in a Stetcher Match!

The Alaskan Hunters have arrived and are quite the team from what I've seen of them.

Bad News vs. Bruiser Brody is going to be a barn burner!

Looking forward to the Six Man Tag, hoping Reed gets a chance to get his hands on Adnan for five minutes!


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August 6, 1986

Partially Shown on Superstation 17


The Rebel defeats the “The Technician” Mark Fleming after the Rebel tired of trying to outwrestle Fleming and turned to the dirty tactics.  The end came when the Rebel used a loaded mask headbutt on Fleming.  The fans are still unsure what to do with the Rebel.  They want to love him for his Confederate flag mask and Southern drawl but they just can’t get behind his cheating ways.


Black Bart defeats Mike George by DQ as George got even for the chair shot he took from Bart last week and hit him with one of his own. 


“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats “Hollywood” John Tatum with the Brainbuster.  This bout went only about 4 minutes as Tatum made the mistake of going over to Precious and giving her a kiss just as the bell sounded.  This sent Garvin into a rage, and he beat Tatum from pillar to post. 



U.S. Steel defeats “The Russian Assassin” Alexis Smirnoff with a powerslam in a battle of good vs evil.  U.S. Steel and the fans stood, hand across heart, for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.  Smirnoff was forced to stand but he was not happy and refused to show any respect.


Stretcher Match

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams defeated Freebird Michael Hayes after multiple Oklahoma Stampedes.  Give Hayes some credit here and he never backed down from Dr. Death.  In fact, as awful as it sounds, he almost succeeded in getting the blinding cream in Dr. Death’s eyes. 


Mid-South Title Match with Special Referee Bill Watts:  Title changes hands on a DQ

Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs Bruiser Brody ends in a double DQ.  Watts does his best to keep these two under control, but it’s to no avail.  Watts doesn’t seem as impartial as he should be and allows Brody to get away with more than Allen.  It was a bit of a controversial ending as Allen had finally gained some momentum on Brody when Watts called for the bell.


6-Man Tag Team Bout: (If Sheik’s Army loses, Butch Reed gets 5 minutes with Sheik)

Hacksaw Butch Reed, Ted Dibiase and Harley Race defeat The Masked Superstars and Jake “The Snake” Roberts when Dibiase comes off the top turnbuckle with a knee to the head of Superstar #2.  This all happened in a moment of chaos where Watts had lost control.  Leduc, who was with the Sheik and holding the briefcase full of money, was rushing to knock Dibiase off the ropes but got there just a little late.  In this long match, all wrestlers had some time to shine and wrestle from the bottom.  The Sheik seemed torn.  If he interfered in the match, there was no telling what Watts would do to him but if he didn’t, there was no telling what Reed would do to him.  In the end, his decision came just a little late as he hesitated in giving his orders to Leduc.

Interesting note here was this was the third time in a row that Dibiase has pinned one of Sheik’s men.  The Sheik, although frustrated, seemed to have a lightbulb go off in his head after the ref completed the 3 count.

Next, Watts orders all of the Sheik’s men to the back and warns them that if they interfere in the next 5 minutes, they will be fired. 

The Sheik, as timid as could be, gets in the ring and begs for mercy from Reed.

WHAM… No mercy given.  5 minutes of pure pillar to post beatings!  This is Reed’s time to get even for the Sheik trying to pay Carl Fergie to take him out of wrestling.  The fans love every minute of it and on the way out, you can just feel the excitement in the fans as for the first time in a while, they feel like the babyfaces have some momentum!

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I can see the Mid-South fans being confused by The Rebel.

I wonder how long George will be suspended for?

Hopefully Tatum will serve as a warning to the other heels of Mid-South, Leave Precious alone!

U.S Steel gets the crowd pleasing win in the anthem match.

I gotta feeling that as bad a time Hayes had against Williams tonight, it STILL won't compare to what Gordy.

Ladd & Allen are gonna have something to say about that finish for sure.

Shiek gets a asswhooping to end all asswhoopings...but may have a lead on the missing piece in his Army. Let's call this a mixed bag.

Mid-South with quite the homecoming!

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The Rebel has become a very entertaining character.

I'm sure George was fine with the DQ especially after giving Bart that payback chair shot.

When are wrestlers going to learn, you don't mess with Jimmy Jam's squeeze. 

It wouldn't be Mid South without a patriotic moment. US Steel gives the fans this tonight. 

It seems Hayes put up a fight but oh man nobody is getting up after multiple Dr. Death stampedes. Dr. Death now has some serious momentum. 

Hmmmm, was Ladd right all along? Seems Watts was favoring Brody a bit. Can't wait for Ladd's next promo. If this leads to another Brody/Bad News match, I'm all for it.

Babyfaces end the night on a huge note. Reed defiantly sends the fans home happy after destroying Adnan for 5 minutes. Will Adnan pursue Dibiase? All that money can be very tempting.

Great show Kev! 


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A double DQ is certainly the most fitting finish for a match between Bad New Allen and Bruiser Brody and I loved that crowd pleasing ending to the big main event!

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The Rebel is coming along!

Wins like this one will go a long way towards getting US Steel over with this crowd.

Hayes vs. Dr. Death went exactly the way it needed to but I'm glad Hayes didn't back down....looking forward to seeing how things play out with Gordy.

Hmm fun finish with Watts giving Ladd more ammo for future promos!

Great main event that sent the fans home happy with Adnan getting his ass whipped by Reed! 

Great show!

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(The show begins with footage from the last week’s show in Shreveport as Dr. Death laid out Michael Hayes in their Stretcher Match and Butch Reed put a beating on Sheik Adnan Al Kassie. Then we go to the regular opening montage set to techno music and showing all the big stars of Mid-South Wrestling and finally we go to the set with your host, Jim Ross.)

Ross:   "Hello and welcome once again to Power Pro Wrestling, sanctioned by Mid-South Wrestling, a member of the National Wrestling Alliance.  What a show we had this past Friday in Shreveport.  As you saw in the video, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams got some revenge for the injured Terry Gordy and Hacksaw Butch Reed did get his 5 minutes alone with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie… and I think he enjoyed that very much!  Before we get to the action tonight, I need to bring in NWA President Bill Watts with a very special announcement. 

Watts:  Thanks Jim.  Unfortunately, I am here with some bad news.  The Great American Bash took place in Pensacola on July 4th.  Today is just over a month from that great event.  Due to his eye injury suffered at the hands of Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy has not been able to defend his North American Title since the Bash.  By NWA rules, Terry Gordy must forfeit his title as it was not defended every 30 days.

The fans begin to boo.

Watts:  I agree fans.  Trust me, this is not what I want at all.  What I will say is that the North American Title will be given to the winner of a one-night. 8-man tournament that will take place less than two weeks from today on August 20th in the Sam Houston Coliseum down in Houston.  I will be back a little later to let you know who those 8 wrestlers will be along with another special announcement.

The crowd begins to boo again as Michael Hayes comes out.  He is still battered and bruised from his bout with Dr. Death.  Hayes is complaining that he was the last #1 contender to the North American Title and therefore should be granted the title.  This sets Watts off who says that after all that he did, he is lucky that he has not been suspended for life!  Watts quickly rehashes the blinding of Gordy and the attack at the hospital before he informs Michael Hayes that not only won’t he be awarded the North American title, but he will also not be allowed to even participate in the tournament in Houston.  Michael Hayes begins to complain as the crowd explodes as Dr. Death comes out!

Michael Hayes acts like he has seen a ghost as he wants nothing to do with Dr. Death after the beating, he received just a few days ago.

WHAM…. From behind Steve Wiliams is attacked from behind by the Rebel.  After a few kicks and punches, the Rebel rips off his mask to reveal that he is none other than Freebird Buddy Roberts. 

Ted Dibiase rushes out to save his tag team partner and Hayes and Roberts decide discretion is the better part of valor and heads for the locker room.

Dibiase and Dr. Death head over to Jim Ross and are screaming about how they want the Freebirds this week in Jackson and how they don’t care if they have to put their world titles on the line to get that match signed.


Jim Ross:  Well, what a wild beginning to this week’s show!  Fans, I want to let you know that during the break, Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts came back out and here is what they had to say.

Michael Hayes:  Oh, the band is back in town… I’ve been saying for quite some time now that Once a Freebird… Always a Freebird.  Brother Buddy here put on that mask and has been walking around here calling himself The Rebel just to watch my back.  He told me… Michael… Terry Gordy got exactly what he deserved but there’s going to be some people who don’t see it that way and when they come after you… I’ll be there to walk down Bad Street with you and well drop them off at that last house on the block all battered and bruised like we did back in the day.  Now, God has again shined down on me.  Not only do the Freebirds get to go back to knocking heads, now in Jackson, Mississippi, we get to walk out the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

Buddy Roberts:  Sometimes the fans are with the Freebirds and sometimes they are against the Freebirds.  That proves that we do things our way… and at our time.  The time was right tonight.  Michael Hayes has done more for me than any other person in this sport and tonight it was time to help pay him back!  Now Dibiase and Williams, I know you are back there right now wondering what you’ve done.  Wondering why you woke the sleeping giant.  You got in the middle of Freebird Business.  This was between Michael and Terry.  Now your big noses are going to cost you those Tag Team Titles.

Back live…

Jim Ross:  Well, there you have it folks.  I never would have thought just ten minutes ago that we would have an NWA World Title this week between the champs and the Freebirds but that seems to be how it is going here in Mid-South Wrestling.  Expected the unexpected.  Now on today’s show, the Might Yankee will be in action taking on “Cajun” Joey Jackson from right here in Church’s Point, Louisiana.  Ricky Santana will be making his debut, but he has a tough bout as he will be facing U.S. Steel.  Ivan Koloff will be taking on Norvel Austin.  Rocky Johnson will be stepping up in competition this week as he battles “Gorgeous” Gary Young and in the Main Event, it will be the Patriots (Peterson & Champion) vs The Red Assassins (Cuban Assassin & Alexis Smirnoff) and the winner will get a shot at the Masked Superstars and their Mid-South Tag Team Titles this week in Jackson.  Let’s get to the ring.


“The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong defeats “Cajun” Joey Jackson with the Swinging Neckbreaker.

The problem was that he refused to release the hold and really poured on the pressure even after this local, southern youngster submitted.  Butch Reed rushed out and went after the Mighty Yankee who slipped away.

As Butch Reed went over to the interview desk, he was fuming at the Mighty Yankee.  He is sick and tired of the Masked Yankee doing the dirty work for people like Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  He claims to know that it was Billy Jack Strong under that N.Y Yankees mask attacking people before their bouts against Bad News Allen and Jake Roberts.  He also knows that Billy Jack kept that hold on for so long tonight just because Joey Jackson is from Louisiana.  He dares the Mighty Yankee to try that stuff against him!

As Reed storms off, Jim Ross wonders when people are going to learn to stop unsetting Hacksaw Butch Reed because it is usually them who pays for it in the long run.



Ivan Koloff defeats Norvel Austin with the Bearhug after Austin had hurt hi back by being whipped into the steel ring post.

At the post-match interview:

Ivan Koloff:  In just two weeks… the Russian dominance over you weak Americans will be complete as I will be the North American Champion and Nephew Nikita will still be the NWA World Champion. 

Jim Ross:  How do you know you are even in the tournament in Houston to crown the new North American Title.

Ivan Koloff:  How do I know…

It is here that Bill Watts comes back to the interview area.

Bill Watts:  I think it is time that I do announce who will be competing in that North American Tournament.  There are currently 6 people in.  They are Harley Race, Hacksaw Butch Reed, Jake Roberts, Black Bart, Bob Roop and “The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong.

This sets off Ivan Koloff who once again claims that he is left out because of cheating American bureaucracy. 

Watts explains that he is not in the tournament yet because he doesn’t wrestle full time in Mid-South Wrestling but because of his long-time success in this sport he will be given the chance to be in the tournament if he wins his match this week in Jackson. 

Ivan is not thrilled with this answer because he feels that he is being slighted by not being on the tournament already but claims that it will be easy because no American could beat him.

Ivan’s confidence changes quickly when Watts says that his opponent this week is none other than Bruiser Brody!  Ivan begins to fume and is shouting about American double standards as he storms off. 

Next in to complain is Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen.

Ernie Ladd:  Watts, I’ve been calling you a Big Dummy for years but now you done gone and proved it.  How you can hold a fair tournament in Mid-South Wrestling and leave the Mid-South Champion out of it.  Just because you and I don’t see eye to eye, you go and completely show yourself to be the biased, cheating lowlife that you are.

Watts:  Are you done….

As Ladd begins to talk…

Watts:  I agree with you…

Ladd’s eyes almost popped out of his head in disbelief.

Watts:  Bad News Allen does deserve a shot to be in this tournament, but Rocky Johnson came to me this week…

Ernie Ladd:  Rocky Johnson… Are you kidding me… that Uncle Tom came to you and now my main is not in the Tournament?

Watts:  Not exactly.  Rocky came to me and reminded me that you said Bad News Allen could beat him every day of the week and twice on Sunday!  Rocky, who is undefeated here in Mid-South Wrestling says that he would like the chance to show Ernie Ladd just what this “Uncle Tom” could do.  I agreed and was all set to give him a Mid-South Title shot in Jackson, but he asked if the match could be for a spot in the North American Tournament and I agreed.  So now all you have to Bad News is beat the man your manager said would not be a problem for you and you do not even need to put you title on the line.

Bad News Allen:  (Not upset at all)  For once Watts, I agree with you.  Rocky Johnson has not and will never deserve a title shot but if I get a chance to beat him all over the ring anyway, it’s a Win-Win for me and Bad News for Uncle Tom Johnson.   



Ricky Santana vs U.S. Steel

This bout starts with a handshake but that is about all that is friendly.  Santana shows his true colors with a low blow about two minutes into the match and this allowed the much smaller wrestler to carry the momentum for a little while.  When U.S. Steel recovered enough, he put his size and power to good use and tossed Santana all around the ring.

WHAM… from behind, the Red Assassins hit the ring and attack U.S.Steel.

WHAM…. The brawl is on as the Patriots hit the ring.

Bill Watts is back out and demands this nonsense stops now or else The Red Assassins and The Patriots will not wrestle tonight to determine who gets the Mid-South Title Shot and that all 6 men will face suspensions!

This threat goes a long way and cooler heads prevail… for now.!

Jim Ross is joined by Sheik Adnan Al Kassie and his army of Jake “The Sanke” Roberts, the Masked Superstars and Jos Leduc.  The first thing that happens is Jim Ross takes a huge leap backwards as Jake Roberts has an actual giant snake wrapped around his neck.  When Ross asks what this is all about the Sheik told to that he would give Jake a reward if he took care of Harley Race a few weeks and here is that gift… Damien!  The Sheik goes on to announce that in just two weeks, Jake and Damien will have a new gift to carry around… the NWA North American Title!

Next, the Sheik goes on to promise everyone that it doesn’t matter who wins the main event tonight as neither the Red Assassins or the Patriots have any chance of taking the Mid-South Tag Team belts from the Superstars this week in Jackson.

Lastly, when asked if Sheik has been able to find that perfectly wrestler his is looking to give the million dollars to, the Sheik smiles and speaks in code as he says, “Sometimes when you lose, you really win.”

Ross is left pondering that one as we head to commercial break.



Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson beats “Gorgeous” Gary Young by submission with the Soul Man Shuffle followed by the Boston Crab

A quick interview shows Johnson is ready for Bad News Allen this week in Jackson and he is going to show Ladd just what this Uncle Tom can do in the ring.

We head right back to the ring for the Main Event

MATCH:  Winner Gets A Mid-South Tag Team Title Shot in Jackson

The Patriots defeat The Red Assassins when DJ Peterson caught the Cuban Assassin with a top rope shoulder block for the pin.

This all came during a moment of chaos as Todd Champion was trapped in the heel corner when Ricky Santana came out.  Even though he did not get involved, it brought U.S. Steel out and the two continued their fight from earlier. The distraction allowed Champion to make the hot tag to Peterson who cam in like a house a fire.  We go all 4 men in the ring for a minute or two.  The Patriots end up getting the advantage here and whip the Red Assassins into each other where the knock heads.  This allowed Peterson to hit the finisher and earn the Mid-South Tag Team Title shot in Jackson.

Jim Ross:  What an hours its been folks.  Wild from start to finish.  Don’t forget fans near Jackson, Mississippi, get your tickets for this Friday night.  It is going to be a great show.  (Ross runs down the matches for that event)  So long from the Pelican State.




Ricky Santana vs Mike Graham

U.S. Steel vs Cuban Assassin

Jake “The Snake” Roberts with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Crusher Blackwell

Grudge Match

Hacksaw Butch Reed vs “The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong

Mid-South Tag Team Title Match

The Masked Superstars with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs The Patriots (Peterson & Champion)

Winner Earns A Spot in the North American Title Tournament Next Week in Houston

Bruiser Brody vs “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff

Winner Earns A Spot in the North American Title Tournament Next Week in Houston

Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson

NWA World Tag Team Title Match

Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Steve Williams vs The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes & Roberts)

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Show starts off with a classic bad news/good news situation, bad news Gordy is stripped of the North American Title due to injury, good news we're getting a tournament.

I am utterly shocked that Buddy Roberts was the Rebel this whole time...shocked I say! But seriously Freebirds vs DiBiase & Williams for the World Tag Titles in Jackson is as big as it gets.

Butch Reed says what we're all thinking regarding the "mysterious" Masked Yankee & promises to put Strong down as payback for his shenanigans.

The North American title tournament gets two huge qualifing matches as Uncle Ivan takes on Bruiser Brody & Bad News takes on The Soul Man!

Guess The Patriots & The Red Assassins couldn't wait till bell time.

One of the most anticipated moments in the game has finally arrived, the debut of...Damian! Plus the Shiek seems to have found his final recruit.

The Patriots end a chaotic episode on a high note as they earn a shot at the Masked Superstars Mid-South Tag Team Titles. Should be fun.

Good job making Power Pro feel like more than just a "B" show.

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Thanks to that no good Michael Hayes, Gordy must vacate his NA title. 

Speaking of Hayes, wild moment as the Rebel reveals himself as Buddy Roberts. Freebirds do a number on Williams and a tag title match is set. The champs better be ready to walk down Bad Street.

Mighty Yankee has been causing all sorts of trouble but that might come to an end with Butch Reed coming after him. 

Uncle Ivan gets a chance to be in the tournament but needs to get by Brody. Good luck Ivan. 

I think Rocky Johnson is going to give Bad News more than Ladd bargained for. 

Santana shows his heel colors right off the bat. I'm sure US Steel isn't done with him just yet. 

Jake brings out Damien! 

More intrigue surrounding Adnan's money.

Patriots end the show on a hot note and have earned themselves a shot at the Superstars. 

Next stop, the Fairgrounds! 



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Well...it sucks Terry Gordy must be stripped of the title...but rules are rules...but I do enjoy a good tournament!

Well Well Well the Rebel turns out to the Buddy Roberts and now Hayes has some back up....and will be challenging for the tag titles, I hope Hayes has another Ace up his sleeve...Buddy "Jack" might not be enough.

Bad News vs. Rocky Johnson is going to be a barn burner! 

I'd have to think that everyone in this tournament is rooting for Ivan Koloff just to keep Brody out of the running!

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That was a cool way to build Billy Jack Strong up, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him face Butch Reed now. The chaos at the end of the night was a lot of fun!

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August 13, 1986

Partially Shown on Superstation 17


Ricky Santana, who comes out waving the Cuban flag, defeats Mike Graham after using an illegal weapon he had in his trunks.

U.S. Steel defeats The Cuban Assassin with a Bearhug Splash.  Ricky Santana rushed out to try and interfere, but it was too late.  U.S. Steel dared Santana to come in the ring but he thought better of it. 

“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin defeated Rusty Brooks with the Brainbuster.  Interesting thing here was that Rusty Brooks, announced from Denton, Texas, home of the VonErichs, connected with a Discus Punch on Garvin then sent him wheeling and then he tried to lock in the claw, but Garvin was too close to the ropes.  What the fans and Garvin thought was going to be an easy win was anything but!

Jake “The Snake” Roberts defeated Crusher Blackwell with the DDT after Sheik surprised Blackwell by putting Jake’s snake in his face.    Blackwell turned away and walked right into the DDT.

Hacksaw Butch Reed defeated the Mighty Yankee Billy Jack Strong with a top rope shoulder block.  Give the Mighty Yankee his due as he gave Reed all he could handle in a match full of power move after power move.  To everyone’s surprise, The Mighty Yankee was followed to the ring but that man wearing a NY Yankees Mask.  Did the Mighty Yankee just pay someone off to wear the mask and make people think it wasn’t him or is there really two Yankees running around Mid-South Wrestling.  Anyway, this Yankee in the Mask did try to get involved once when the ref had been knocked down, but he was met with a Military Press Slam by Reed.


The Masked Superstars © with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeated the Patriots (DJ Peterson & Todd Champion) when the Masked Superstars used the old switch-a-roo and a fresh Superstar #1 caught Peterson in a cobra clutch.

North American Title Tournament Spot on the Line

Rocky Johnson defeated Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd by DQ as Ernie Ladd hit Johnson with the Big Boot after Johnson had laid out Allen with the Soul Man Shuffle (3 Punch Combo) and then had him locked in the Boston Crab. 

North American Title Tournament Spot on the Line

Bruiser Brody defeated Ivan Koloff when he ducked under Koloff’s attempt to hammer him with a right hand wrapped in a chain.  Brody then came off the rope and connected with a mauling knee lift and Brody stole victory from the grasp of defeat.


The Freebirds defeated Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death by count out as the action spilled out of the ring with all four men in a total brawl.  Michael Hayes reached under the ring and pulled out what looked like a woman’s purse and hit Dr. Death with it.  Dr. Death went down like he was hit with a sledgehammer, and he was not able to get back in the ring. 

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Santana gaining traction as another foreign heel. Good thing U.S Steel is around to keep him & his comrades in line.

Rusty Brooks arrives & looks good in defeat.

Damian helps his daddy get one over on the "mountain from Stone Mountain"

Well well both Yankees in the same place! Not that it helped against Reed but it still makes ya think.

The Masked Superstars make the Shiek proud with a successful defense of the tag titles.

Soul Man & Brody round out what promises to be one hell of a tournament.

OMG! Hayes KO's Doc with a purse! If that doesn't make the champions want a rematch i don't know what will.

Jackson got a damn good night of wrestling.


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What a night in Jackson!

Garvin has been eating his Wheaties to get Rusty Brooks up for the Brainbuster...he means business!

Great use of the snake to get Jake the win over Blackwell!

I don't think there's enough Yankees out there to take down Butch!

Rocky and Brody are in! This is going to be a helluva tournament!

Wow! Hayes gets a measure of revenge on Doc....but at what price?? There's going to be hell to pay for this one!

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