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Great event in Montgomery.

I think Watts coming down hard on everyone has left us with so many masks men running in and attacking... wonder who the Intern is?

HIghway Men-Hangmen... Great midcard feud!

I thought your tag team match where the winner gets the title match later was really smart.  It gives you an out to keep everyone strong and has built in run-in possibilities from the team that lost earlier.  

Interesting clean win over BA by the Japanese wrestler.  

Really good main event.  I had a feeling Olympia was going to lose this one.  I am still unsure if Landel can be trusted.  The only thing I am pretty sure of is he will be a babyface vs Fujinami

CCW is such a great read.  Your clear and consise style makes it a pleasure to read

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Spoiler is quickly rising the continental ranks. 

Who is that masked Intern??? 

Highwaymen/Hangmen feud is perfect for Continental. Hangmen better also be watching out for Jack and Sugar. 

Dark Journey makes a serious error and costs Regal his title. 

Humperdink out heels the heels. 

Fujinami is now the number one contender. I could defiantly see him holding the gold.

Taylor and Zenk retain their titles thanks to "fan favorites" DWB's. Very interesting. 

The high stakes match delivers! Olympia unmasks and Budro wins the title! Hmmmm, that reaction by Cooley, 

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That was a great main event! I'm very interested to see what happens with Buddy Landel going forward, and the Hangmen versus Highwaymen programme has got off to a great start!

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