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WWE TV 10/11 - 10/17 All Is Not Well in the House of Riddle


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Matt's wife posted and then deleted a tweet accusing him of abandoning his family.

Recall he once "joked" that he smokes weed to prevent him from beating his children. Let's hope this clown never ends up in AEW. He and WWE deserve each other.

Also, Raw is tonight. They're running some tournaments or something. Watch, if you must.

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SRS had a story about how Jinder requested to be paired up with Veer and Shanky after working with them while he was rehabbing his knee at the PC. I suppose getting split off to Raw means WWE sees something in Veer? He certainly has the look they go for. 

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Sucks that Ali and Mansoor got broken up presumably just so Ali can job to the "hometown hero" at SaudiMania Blood Money.

I'd give anything for Ali to squash the fuck out of Mansoor on that show and for Sami Zayn to win KOTR.

Wishful thinking though. Not like I'll be watching anyway.

Edit: Yep - confirmed.


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