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WWE TV 04/18 - 04/24 The Phoenix Suns are hella good


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11 minutes ago, sek69 said:

I find it fascinating that outside of the Japanese and baseball, by far the most popular US sport outside of the US seems to be basketball.

It is easily one of the most accessible sports, much like soccer. Just a cement court, a board, a pole, a hoop and two players. 

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Speaking of, I've been getting back into soccer with MLS games airing on ESPN and FS1/2 now. I know everyone in Euroland laughs at MLS, but their rapid expansion ended up having a by product of causing teams to invest in younger players and not rely on being an old folks home for players who can't hack it in the Premier League anymore.  It's actually pretty fun to watch and it's nice to see most games have pretty big crowds nowadays. 

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That's been my one issue so far, I don't have a local team and the ones geographically closest to me are in Ohio and Philly. Rooting for teams from those places can get a person excommunicated around here.  The team I actually started watching first was the Galaxy back when Beckham was playing, but rooting for them feels like being the stereotype Yankees/Lakers/Duke front runner fan.

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Just now, sek69 said:

not only was this stupid in the sense of ending something that was actually getting some interest (probably not the kind they wanted but still), it's also stupid how every women's tag team has to break up within months of forming.

I don't even think they had two months as a tag team, yet we are still upset they broke up. I just want goth Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to have a happy ending

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