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WWE TV 05/30 - 06/05 Gimme Big Dawg vs Xavier Woods


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19 minutes ago, sek69 said:

Love how Raw was actually getting a ratings bump with the "In X minutes, this thing will happen you have to see" gimmick and then does one that results in a DQ finish. 

They have a good idea but follow up in the most counterproductive way possible. It's amazing, really.

11 minutes ago, sek69 said:

When did velcro on title belts become a thing? Makes it look like the actual pro wrestlers are fighting over replica toys.

It's been like that for a while now.

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1 hour ago, Dav'oh said:

And again, why is a 78lb woman using a splash as a finisher (on a 200lb woman, no less)? 

It doesn't work when Little Beaver is splashing King Kong Bundy....

I just saw this from earlier, and just wanted to say my 10 year old (who's about 60 pounds or so) once splashed me (I'm about 215-220) and it hurt like hell, so I bought Alexa beating Doudrop :lol:

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