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R.I.P. Dave Hebner and Tim White


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Surprised there isn't already a thread.

R.I.P. Dave Heber

One of the all-time great referees. 

Most famous for the "twin referees" angle during Hogan vs. Andre, but he had a long and distinguished career before and after.

It's a shame that he was unceremoniously fired from WWE for supposedly counterfeiting merchandise - a charge he denied until the day he died.

No In Memoriam graphic on Smackdown, and no HOF for either of the Hebners, even though they're both far more deserving than half the people already in.

Update: R.I.P. Tim White

The sad news keeps coming!

In addition to being a great referee, he was also Andre the Giant's traveling partner and his bar was wrecked on TV by APA in more than one segment.


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Apparently he took the firing for what he thought was an unfair reason pretty hard.
His nephew Brian is retiring after Slammiversary too, although this has nothing to do with it, but pretty heavy time for him too.

Funny thing, since I began to watch WWF only in 1990, I only knew Dave as the guy who looked exactly like one of the referee when he would show up to break up fights. But yeah, most famous angle in the 80's maybe.

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Tim White was one of those who seemed to be loved by everyone, several wrestlers currently in WWE have mentioned how he was the one who would be the wrangler when people had to do conventions and appearances and formed a bond with everyone he worked with. Of course WWE being WWE, they had him do things like the "Lunchtime Suicide" skits,  but what can you do.

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Tim White was one of the referees I always remembered from when I started watching the WWF in 1995. The last match I remember him being the referee for was Chris Jericho vs. Christian at WrestleMania XX in 2004.

Don't have many memories of Dave Hebner unfortunately. He was retired as a referee before I started watching wrestling. I mainly remember him as the guy who looked like Earl Hebner who would run down to the ring alongside Rene Goulet and Tony Garea to break up fights.

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