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Board upgrade tomorrow night


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Will check into it. The "full" upgrade is approx 10% complete on the back end and also still have one more quick upgrade to get us to the 4.7 latest, of which once we get there I can see what "dark" themes are available. 

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12 hours ago, Ricky Jackson said:

I don't see a way to access my profile on mobile since the upgrade?

(Not an admin, just a very occasional visitor, but one familiar with the software.)

It seems that the default template has been customised. In the default template, the site name appears in the top row; next to it is a hamburger menu, from which one can access one's profile. It's followed by the breadcrumbs, plus icons for the activity stream, the create menu (when logged in), and search:


PWO, on the other hand, displays like this, with the row ordering inverted:


There's no sign of the code for the hamburger menu, so it seems that the template edits haven't kept it. (You'd expect globalTemplate to call the template mobileNavigationIcon, @Loss, if this is an oversight rather than intentional.)


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