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From the offices of WGN Chicago…

Windy City Pro Wrestling was acquired this morning by WGN Chicago and renamed World Championship Wrestling. The office of WGN has secured the services of Jim Herd as the executive vice president in charge of wrestling and sport entertainment. Mr. Herd will be the head of the new company and also work directly with Joe Pedicino as head of talent relations and Bruce Prichard as head of creative. We are pleased to announce that the former heavyweight champion of the world… Nick Bockwinkle will be our commissioner and help with the day to day operations of the company. 

World Championship Wrestling will run shows throughout Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. World Championship Wrestling will also air Main Event Wrestling on Saturday Nights at 6:05 pm. 

WGN will also broadcast a special event called WCW Clash of the Champions throughout 1988. WCW will also hold  pay per views that will broadcast to multiple markets throughout the United States. 

Please tune in on January 7th for our premiere episode of WCW Main Event and see top stars like Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the Road Warriors!


{We open to a scene in a crowded interview area. The media scrum is being held by WGN as dignitaries from throughout the media are present. Joe Pedicino walks up to the microphone…}


JP: Thank you everyone for joining us today. I wanted to make the official announcement that today, January 1st, 1988, Windy City Pro Wrestling has been sold to WGN and rebranded World Championship Wrestling. This endeavor will allow for this company to reach new heights in 1988 and beyond and become a true super power in the world of professional sports. As noted from the press release earlier today, we will be holding multiple Clash of the Champion special events here on WGN throughout the year and special Pay Per View events held throughout the country and broadcast nationwide. I am pleased to announce some of the new names and talent that will be here with us and debut next week on January 7th for our first edition of World Championship Wrestling Main Event! 


First… the man who will call the action…. Ladies and gentlemen… Tony Schiavone!


The Windy City Heavyweight champion… Bam Bam Bigelow!


The man who will face Bigelow at our first pay per view… the Gateway Champion… they will unify these titles folks… Ricky the Dragon Steamboat!!


The Windy City Tag Team Champions… the Road Warriors!



From Sarasota, Florida… with the lovely Elizabeth… The Macho Man Randy Savage!



From St. Louis… Harley Race and Bob Orton Jr.!



From Kansas City… he is the Doctor of Style… Slick… and his men… the One Man Gang and the Big Bossman!



Accompanied by Skandar Akbar… Kamala… Tama…. And Haku!


The tag team of the Rockers… Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels!




We also have some new signings… from Atlanta, Georgia… or better yet… Badstreet… Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts… the Fabulous Freebirds!




And finally… the man who will be the heart and soul of World Championship Wrestling… THE AMERICAN DREAM… DUSTY RHODES!




Fans we will see you next week on Saturday for World Championship Wrestling’s Main Event… we’ll speak more about our big WCW Title unification bout… plus our tag title tournament and the crowning of our United States and Television champions…



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World Championship Wrestling Presents: Main Event
Saturday January 7th
Rockford, Illinois

{We open to Tony Schiavone who is standing by at the area set…}


Tony: WELCOME EVERYONE TO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING MAIN EVENT! I am Tony Schiavone and fans this is a historic night. We are embarking on a history making event and the world of professional wrestling will forever be changed and you are looking at the company that will lead that charge! I want to welcome out right now… none other than the AMERICAN DREAM DUSTY RHODES!!!


Dusty: Thank you Tony Schiavone… this is history in the making baby. You are talking about World Championship Wrestling… WCW… Where the Big Boys Play right here on WGN Chicago, St. Louis… all throughout the Mid-West and daddy we coming into your home every Saturday Night at 6:05 LIVE!


Tony: That’s right fans… WCW Main Event will be live on WGN every Saturday Night at 6:05. Myself and the American Dream will be calling the action… it is now time to head to the ring for our opening match… Dusty… this is going to be a good one!


Bam Bam Bigelow  vs Sato 

The music for Bigelow hits and it is a heavy tune… Livewire by Motley Crue. 

The music stays on as Bigelow hits some huge clotheslines

A Big Bodyslam on Sato!

Bigelow picks him up and hits a running shoulder block!

Bigelow picks up Sato again and POWERSLAM!

Followed by a big DIVING HEADBUTT!


Bigelow is the winner and the crowd pops as he walks over to Tony and Dusty… the music goes down…


Tony Schiavone: Thank you Bigelow for joining us…


Bam Bam: Boys this is what I am talking about… WCW where the Big Boys Play and all hell is gonna break loose! This title was the Windy City Title… I fought the best to get it… but it isn’t the title I want… I want the WCW Heavyweight Title and I am going to go through Rick Steamboat to get it. Steamboat, I respect all that you’ve done… but brother… you have never felt this fire and I am going to burn you to a crisp!

Tony and Dusty send us off to our first commercial break that highlights the first big PPV for WCW… Chi Town Rumble which will be held on Tuesday January 24, 1988! 


WCW is back as Tony and Dusty are joined by the current Gateway Champion… Ricky Steamboat! They talk about the Chi-Town Rumble and how he and the Windy City Champion… Bam Bam Bigelow will go one on one to unify the titles and become the first WCW Heavyweight Champion. Steamboat says that Bigelowt is one of the best in the world… perhaps the best… but there is more to this sport than power… there is grit… pain… and agony… Steamboat says that he has what it takes to be champion and he’ll prove it at the Rumble!

Koko Ware, Z-Man, & Johnny Ace defeated The Ninjas (Green, Black, & Yellow)


We get a special promo with Dusty Rhodes and Jim Herd now… Herd is putting over the title picture here in WCW. Herd talks about the US title that will be crowned to the winner of a special battle royal and then singles bout. We’ll see the big 20-man battle royal next week and the FINAL two men will face off in Chicago at the Chi-Town Rumbles. We’ll also begin a special chase to the championship next week. We’ll have a special 4-man round robin… where each man will face off… points will be awarded for pinfall/submission, dq/count out, or a draw but no points or a loss. We’ll highlight these rules next week and introduce the competitors. We look forward to the bright stars here in World Championship Wrestling in 1988!

Jim Brunzell & B. Brian Blair The Killer Bees defeated Mike Riggins & Tim Snow


We then see a promo from none other than Skandar Akbar who has brought out the Mighty Kamala along with Tama and Haku! Akbar says that his men are perhaps the most dangerous trio in the sport of professional wrestling. He says that he was banned from countries throughout the world but here… we will stake claim to what we want when we want and there will be no PRISONERS! 


Jimmy Snuka defeated Ken Wright via the SUPERFLY SPLASH!



Bob Orton & Harley Race defeated Bob Shaw & Tommy Williams via the Spike Piledriver!

Orton and Race then walk up to Dusty and Tony. They are putting over their talent as a tag team and then Harley really starts goating Rhodes. They are beginning to jaw jack a little bit until we see Slick walk out. Slick has got some big muscle behind him… it is Akeem and the Bossman as he's being called. Rhodes looks at both men… he has history with them… but he is in a different role now as they head to the ring…

The Twin Towers w/ Slick defeated Frank Morris & Sam Bough via the 747 Splash!

Slick and the Towers tell Rhodes to turn out the lights because the party is over! Rhodes takes off his hat and comes towards them but we have officials and agents who come out and hold things off. Some big tension here as we cut to break



Nick Bockwinkle comes out with the WCW Tag Team Titles… he then welcomes out the Road Warriors. They hand over the Windy City Tag Titles and Bockwinkle says that they are the number one contenders for the tag titles… but not the champions. We’ll have a special match at the Chi-Town Rumble between the Road Warriors and the winner of a special four team tournament between the Rockers, The Nasty Boys, The Killer Bees, & The Islanders. They will face off over the next couple of weeks. The Road Warriors make everyone aware that they don’t want to be paper champions… they will take on all four of the teams if WCW will let them. 

The Rockers defeated Brad & Bart Batten via the Double Fist Drop!

The Rockers come over and still work heel. They talk about the Road Warrior ducking them for months but soon they’ll have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! They plan on Rocking and Rolling… Strutting an Strolling… and taking the titles out on the town all night long!



Tony and Dusty welcome us back and put over the big night we’ve had and put over our big main event. The Macho Man Randy Savage is going to be in action… let’s go to the ring!

Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth defeats Pitbull via the Elbow Smash!

Savage walks over to the stage where Rhodes and Schiavone are. He shakes their hands and then looks into the camera…

Savage: I want the people out there to listen… World Championship Wrestling is about to be set on fire! The Macho Man and the lovely Elizabeth are getting ready to take over the world and fly that rocket faster and higher than ever before! I want to put every single guys back there on notice… when you step in that ring with the Macho Man… you’re stepping in there with the best and OHHHH YEAHHHH I am going to show you why I am the best! DIG IT!

Savage continues to work the crowd… that is until we see three men walk out of the back… wait a second… that’s Michael Hayes… Terry Gordy…and Buddy Roberts…. The FREEBIRDS! Savage doesn’t see them as they are surrounding him… he turns around and Hayes starts jaw jacking with him… Gordy then come out of nowhere with a right hand and Savage goes down! The crowd is going nuts. Wait a second… here come the Road Warriors… they get involved as the Freebirds break off. The credits roll as we see the Road Warriors checking on Savage… what will happen next week with the battle royal!?

IMG_5253 Small.jpeg

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Okay first things first, you nailed the Schiavone/Rhodes exchange in the intro.

I like that you aren't just handing your previous champions new belts but are still giving them their respect. Steamboat is gonna get a great match outta Bam Bam and you can't go wrong either way, while the Road Warriors can either pick up where they left off or make the perfect final bosses for the tournament winners.

Also like the set-up to crown your first United States Champion. I'm a fan of the battle royal to singles match gimmick.

The chase to the championship could be a lot of fun depending on who's in it.

Dusty may not be behind the desk for too long if Race & Slick have anything to say about it.

The Freebirds attack Savage. I didn't see that coming but as I think it over, I may have a idea as to their motive.

One episode in and you're already doing WCW proud.

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The American Drean and Tony Schiavone kick WCW off! 

Bigelow and Steamboat in a unification match at the first pay per view! Bring it on! 

I really like your creative booking for all the titles. Brings something fresh and special to each one. 

Akbar makes his point and reminds people how devastating his men are.

I have a feeling Dusty won't be on commentary full time if he keeps getting antagonized. I wouldn't mind seeing Race and Dusty go at it one more time. 

When Bock puts something over, it's a big deal. The tag team division is stacked and the Road Warriors want them all. 

DAMN!!!! Savage and the Road Warriors going at it with the Freebirds! What a way to end the show. This feud could be HUGE! 

WCW is where the big boys play! 

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I really enjoyed reading this.  I thought it flowed well from top to bottom.

I like Rhodes on the mic and he will always make it interesting.

Nice job explaining the new title situation in WCW.

You also managed to get some big feuds going really quickly.  Bam Bam vs Steamboat would be a great match in 88.  

Freebirds vs Savage/ RW- This is going to be great.  Gordy may have to carry his team here.  

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World Championship Wrestling Presents: Main Event
Saturday January 14
Dubuque, Iowa

We open things up tonight with Nick Bockwinkle standing next to Dusty Rhodes and Tony Schiavone. They put over the big night of action. Bock says we have two tag title tournament matches tonight… they are putting on a round robin tournament with points being awarded for each team in the contest… those teams will be the Islanders, Nasty Boys, the Killer Bees, and the Rockers! Later on this evening… we’ll announce the competitors who will be going for the WCW Television title in the coming weeks. Also… tonight… the final two men in the US title battle royal will face off at the Chicago Rumble with the title on the line!

Tag Title Tournament
The Islanders w/ Akbar vs The Nasty Boys 

  • What a way to open things up tonight. The Islanders, with Akbar, seem to be a driving force right now 
  • The Nasty Boys continue to build back up here in WCW and bring some big tme strikes
  • Neither of these teams seem to be friendly to the fans but it is okay when it comes to the brawling nature of the contest
  • All hell breaks loose with these four
  • The big moment is when Saggs grabs a wooden chair and just DESTROYS Haku with it but the big man doesn’t even FLINCH! 
  • The referee calls for the bell! The Islanders receive 10 points for a DQ win.
  • These four men have to be broken up… the Islanders jump out in front of this tournament. 

The Great Muta defeated Bart Batten
The Twin Towers w/ Slick defeated The Patriots


Dan Spivey , Randy Savage , Koko B Ware, Jimmy Snuka, Tom Zenk, Konnan, Johnny Ace, Kamala , Mark Madness, Bob Bradley, Bob Orton, Harley Race, Michael Hayes , Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, Luke, Butch, Conquistador 1, Conquistador 2, & Cuban Assassin


  • In a 20-man over the top battle royal - it was decided to be a no contest. We saw a lot of brawling and the offense of Randy Savage and Dan Spivey shone throughout the match. We had a couple of big moments to highlight…
  • A masked man named Wild Pegasus showed up out of the crowd and pulled Konnan out of the ring. Dusty and Tony wondered if these two had issues stemming from Japan or Mexico
  • The tag team of Race and Orton really worked well together but came into a fun fight with the team of Zenk and Ace.
  • The Freebirds were dominant in eliminating others as a team and controlling the contest
  • The final four men included Savage, Spivey, Gordy, and Hayes.
  • Buddy Roberts didn’t leave the ringside area though… we saw a big finish where Hayes and Gordy eliminated Spivey.
  • Savage then came over and nailed Hayes and perhaps eliminated him however Buddy Roberts held Hayes in.
  • Savage and Gordy continued to fight until Hayes came over and went under both mena and they both went to the floor!
  • Hayes is jumping around like he’s the champion!
  • We see Nick Bockwinkle and Jim Herd come out… Hayes tries to grab the belt but Bock pulls it back…. Wait a second…Bock and Herd take the title… they tell Schiavone that they’ll be back later on with an announcement….


Derrick Dukes defeated the Pitbull

Sabu & Taz defeated Tom Slick & Taylor York


Bock comes back out with the US title in his hands… he announces that the battle royal tonight was a NO CONTEST… thus there is no match set up for the Chi-Town Rumble for the title… he has a meeting with the championship committee in the morning and next week we’ll have a final ruling on the title situation. He also wanted to announce that starting on January 28th… we’re going to have a special gauntlet for the gold for the Television Championship. Over the course of 5 weeks… we will have 6 men in a special contest. Two men will face off in week one… the winner goes on to week two… these men will be drawn at random the night of the match… only we know the winner who will go on and be in action. There will be 10 names in the drawing… more to come on that in the coming weeks. 


Tag Title Tournament
The Rockers vs The Killer Bees

  • Big time main event… the Rockers come out and they have some flare from the fans but lots of people remember their attitude in Windy City.
  • The Killer Bees come out to a huge pop and they are going wild in that ring
  • We get a full 17-minutes of fast paced action
  • This one keeps the fans wanting some more
  • Rhodes and Schiavone are putting this one through the roof
  • In the final moments… we see one of the Killer Bees… he jumps off the top rope but Shawn Michaels… out of nowhere with a Superkick right to the jaw!
  • 1…2…..3!!! 
  • The Rockers with the win and 20 points. 
  • They are in the lead… we’ll see if they can keep it next week

Other promos:

  • The Freebirds came out to let Savage know that he may have hurt their Freebird Brother Jim Garvin… but together the Freebirds will live forever and they will take Savage out right here in WCW for the World to see!
  • Randy Savage came out after the battle royal to run down the Freebirds something awful. He says that he doesn’t need any help but he isn’t afraid to take it. He says he would love the title but he has got vengeance on his mind first.
  • The Road Warriors come out and man they are psyched… they talk about not being the real champions until they step in that ring. They don’t care if it is the Rockers, Bees, Islanders, or Nasty Boys… they are going to meet their doom right here with the Road Warriors!
  • Bam Bam Bigelow and Rick Steamboat come out… and have a face off. Neither man is really giving the other any slack. Bigelow talks about how his power and strength is going to take over and make sure that he walks out with the title. Steamboat says that he has all the technique and experience to hold the title and win… no matter who the opponent is! We find out… that NEXT WEEK… Steamboat and Bigelow team up to take on Race and Orton!




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Love the ending to the opening match. I could totally see Saggs breaking a chair over Haku's head.

Solid wins for Muta & the Twin Towers.

Great end to the battle royal. Advances the Freebirds/Savage rivalry (I had a feeling Randy's problems with Garvin had something to do with this) while creating mystery around the United States Title. 

A debut win for Derrick Dukes.

Sabu & Taz make a frightening duo.

I like the idea for the TV title. A gauntlet creates an opportunity for a face to go the distance or for a heel to take advantage of a exhausted opponent.

Rockers take the lead but they've got two more weeks to go. 

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Enjoyed this weeks version of WCW.  You have a deep tag team roster with the ability to give us all types of great matches.  The Road Warriors, The Rockers, Freebirds, Killer Bees and The Islanders give us some real contrast in styles.  

Savage may think he can take care of the Freebirds alone but history tells us that The Birds can be real dangerous.  Very interesting.

Like the TV title angle.  Gives added importance to an angle without really needing to devote much time to it.  Good booking.

I like that Taz and Sabu were kind of like a one line addition to the show as I think both need some major time to develop.

Nice hook for your next show as we are already wondering what will happen to the U.S. Title Match


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World Championship Wrestling Presents: Main Event
Saturday January 21
Des Moines, Iowa

The Main Event opens with Tony, Dusty, & Nick Bockwinkle standing by. Bock is holding the US title. He says that WCW has made offers and negotiations with companies throughout the world… including Mexico and Europe and they have sent national champions. We will see Wild Pegasus, the European Champion next week. Konnan, the Mexican champion wil be here tonight. These representatives will be a part of a very special event taking place on January 31st from the UIC Pavillion. The event is called the Chi-Town Rumbles… but there will be a special Chi-Town Rumbles… 20 men will be involved in a special battle royal in which two men start and every 90-seconds a new man comes down. Elimination can occur with an individual going over the top rope and to the floor. The last man standing after all 19-others has been eliminated will be crowned the NEW WCW United States Champion! We’ll also see the Road Warriors take on the winners of our tag team tournament. We’ll finally have the Unification bout of the Windy City and Gateway Championships into the Undisputed WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tag Title Tournament
The Rockers (20) vs The Islanders (10)

  • One of the better matches under this banner. 
  • These four go toe to toe for the full 20-minutes
  • Marty and Shawn are really giving off the Rockstar vibe
  • Haku and Tama with Skandar continue to be more dangerous than anyone expected. 
  • We get a couple of hot moves from both teams and the finish is pretty awesome
  • We see all four men raising hell inside the ring
  • In the final moments… we see a flurry of superkicks… Jannetty to Tama… Haku to Jannetty… Shawn to Haku… and then out of nowhere Tama comes with another on Shawn and then collapses! 
  • The referee does the 10 count in the ring… no one gets up!
  • This one is decided as a draw! 
  • Both teams get 5 points for the draw… 


The Great Muta defeated Chael Mickens via the Moonsault!

Tom Zenk - Koko Ware - Johnny Ace defeated Los Conquistadors & Cuban Assassin


Tag Title Tournament
The Nasty Boys (0) vs The Killer Bees (0)

  • The Nasty Boys show up this week but those Bees are stinging right and left and the crowd is eating it up
  • Blair and Brunzell are really gaining some momentum here in WCW and show off here tonight
  • The Nasties continue to show their frustration… leading one again to a messy finish
  • The Bees hit a huge double dropkick that takes Sags out of the ring
  • But Knobbs then Brunzell out and he tosses him over the guardrail!
  • Here comes Blair off the apron and he tackles Sags!
  • Knobbs… wait a second… he’s got the damn ringsteps… he nails Blair!
  • The crowd is irate! 
  • The referee is calling for the bell
  • The Killer Bees get 10 points for a DQ but they don’t look like they're in a good spot here by any means.


Jimmy Snuka defeated George Hill via the SUPERFLY SPLASH!

Big Bossman & One Man Gang w/ Slick destroyed Mark Singletary & Phil Upton


Bam Bam Bigelow & Ricky Steamboat vs Harley Race & Bob Orton

  • Huge main event for WCW right here
  • Race has all the prestige that a wrestler could have and just a little bit of gas in the tank
  • Orton and Race make a formidable team that know how to get some heat and keep the pace slow
  • Steamboat and Bigelow seem to be at odds here and there
  • Some mis-communication leads to Steamboat and Bigelow actually arguing on the apron which is totally out of range for Steamboat
  • Orton and Race then take advantage of this situation and work over Steamboat
  • He makes selling a true art form… only to work towards the huge tag… but the referee misses it
  • Bam Bam comes in like a house of fire but the referee is pushing him out of the ring
  • Bigelow is going nuts… he threatens to hit the referee! 
  • Meanwhile Steamboat is being beaten down by Race and Orton
  • Oh my… it is a SPIKE PILEDRIVER!
  • 1……2…..3….as Bigelow watches on!
  • Race and Orton are the winners… Bigelow watched them finish off Steamboat… what is next with these two?


We also got to hear from:

Dan Spivey put over coming to WCW with a purpose on his mind and he is letting it be known that he will be in the Chi-Town Rumble and he wants that US Title… but tells Bigelow and Steamboat to know he is coming!

The Road Warriors put over the tag team tournament and say there is no clear cut favorite but whoever survives is going to have a rude awakening when they step in the ring with the brothers of destruction. 

Konnan comes up to speak with Dusty and Tony and shows off the WCW Mexican title. He talks about winning this title last week in Tijuana. He says that he has brought the title up to the United States to show that Lucha Libre is numero uno and la viva la raza!

Akbar comes out with Kamala to let the world know he will be entering the Chi-Town Rumble. He says that Kamala is the most dangerous man in the sport and he will prove it once again!

The Freebirds come out to let all the people know that the three of them will be in the Chi-Town Rumble. They say that the odds are with them and there is a high chance one of the three will walk out with the gold which means all three will! They tell the world that Randy Savage is going to have to watch his back everywhere he turns because he got the brothers from badstreet mad and they are coming for blood!

Randy Savage finishes things off with Elizabeth and announces he’ll be in the Chi-Town Rumble. He knows that the US title will be a great prize but he really wants to get his hands on the Freebirds. He plans on eliminating all three of them. He doesn’t care if he’s got to fight by himself… he is coming to take them out once and for all!
















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Bockwinkel brings in the show with a big announcement. The first ever Chi-Town Rumble match. 20 men enter, 1 man leaves as US champion.

The Rockers & The Islanders tear the house down until they can't go anymore.

Another DQ for the Nasty Boys. If I didn't know better, I'd say they didn't want to face the Road Warriors.

Bigelow leaves Steamboat out to dry in the main event. Let's see how the Dragon responds.

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Damn! WCW is on fire! 

The tag team tournament has been insane! Rockers, Bees, Islanders and Nasties all look strong. All this gonig on with the Road Warriors lurking. Great story.

Another great story is the US title. The no contest was a brilliant move to segue into the Chi Town Rumble. I can't wait to see Savage and the Freebirds go at it, but watch out for Spivey. 

And then we have the TV title gauntlet. Every title has a special and unique story. Very creative. 

Bigelow just watches Race and Orton dismantle Steamboat. Maybe that's the smart move. Defiantly gives him the advantage heading into the unification match. 

Love the influx of international star power. Introducing Konan and Cheetah Kid as champs gives them immediate credibility with the US fans. 

I like the Bock and Dusty roles. These legends bring a lot to the product. 

Bring on Chi Town Rumble! 


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Enjoying the creativity of WCW.

The tag team tournament round robin adds to the suspense and keeps us involved week after week instead of the one night and done tournament.  I wish I was better at slow playing my angles.  Nice job.

Nice job adding the international flare with the European and Mexican champs to the title picture.  I think we should all accept the fact that we love the territory age and that cable television might have ruined it as much as Vince McMahon.  It is great to be able to introduce Benoit and Wild Pegasus and Konnan as the Mexican champ even though they might have already been seen in the NWA, PCW or Mid-South.  Even though we all pretend to use these major cable networks, we should also pretend that nobody else in the nation can view them.  Dawn of War is our own crazy world and this just allows us more creative freedoms.  I hope this came across ok as I love what you did and I hope we all keep doing it.  I hated when Georgia Championship Wrestling showed Ted Dibiase in a hospital bed only for him to be wrestling in Mid-South in the next week on WTBS.  It kind of ruined wrestling for me.

Huge win for Race and Orton!  I do wonder if Bigelow tried hard enough to help Steamboat!  We will see.  

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11 hours ago, kevinmcfl said:

Enjoying the creativity of WCW.

The tag team tournament round robin adds to the suspense and keeps us involved week after week instead of the one night and done tournament.  I wish I was better at slow playing my angles.  Nice job.

Nice job adding the international flare with the European and Mexican champs to the title picture.  I think we should all accept the fact that we love the territory age and that cable television might have ruined it as much as Vince McMahon.  It is great to be able to introduce Benoit and Wild Pegasus and Konnan as the Mexican champ even though they might have already been seen in the NWA, PCW or Mid-South.  Even though we all pretend to use these major cable networks, we should also pretend that nobody else in the nation can view them.  Dawn of War is our own crazy world and this just allows us more creative freedoms.  I hope this came across ok as I love what you did and I hope we all keep doing it.  I hated when Georgia Championship Wrestling showed Ted Dibiase in a hospital bed only for him to be wrestling in Mid-South in the next week on WTBS.  It kind of ruined wrestling for me.

Huge win for Race and Orton!  I do wonder if Bigelow tried hard enough to help Steamboat!  We will see.  


I totally get what you're saying with the television age and use of other characters. I almost want to find a fine line like WWE did to only show off what they want to show in regards to "new" characters who've been other places. I have a couple of ideas with the titles... they definitely won't be a saturation thing but more of a kick start.

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World Championship Wrestling 
Saturday January 28
Omaha, Nebraska


Tag Title Tournament
The Islanders (15) vs The Killer Bees (10)

  • A helluva opener with two teams that have come to know each other quite well
  • Tama and Haku are really showing off some skills while the Killer Bees look to be acting on instincts
  • These four men all go the limit and we get to the 15-minute mark and all four are worn down
  • The finish sees One of the Bees run and crossbody Haku over the top rope and to the floor!
  • Meanwhile Tama leaps off  the top rope with a cross body but Blair or Brunzell dropkicks him right in the ribs!
  • The Killer Bees covers him for the 1….2….3!!!
  • The Killer Bees get 20 points… that brings them to 30… they are in the lead!
  • Will they keep their spot?


The Sheepherders defeated Rick Stevens & Kyle Wright via the bulldog!

The Great Muta defeated Bobby Knight with a top rope moonsault!


Tag Title Tournament
The Rockers (25) vs The Nasty Boys (0)

  • An interesting contest with the Nasty Boys coming in 0-2 and the Rockers 1-0-1. 
  • The Nasty Boys are in a spoiler role here… nothing to lose and they can gain the prize of eliminating the Rockers
  • Shawn and Marty really look good in the ring and they have brought their A game!
  • The Rockers are still heels… but the fans seem to appreciate them a little more. 
  • The finish sees the Nasty Boys attempt to go for a big win but the Rockers thwart their comeback
  • Here comes Brian Knobbs with a chair but Marty pulls the rope down and he goes flying out of the ring to the floor
  • Saggs goes for a clothesline but Marty ducks and here comes Shawn out of nowhere with a huge SUPERKICK!
  • 1…..2…..3!!
  • The Rockers win it! 
  • The Rockers get 20-points and end up with 45!
  • The Killer Bees have 30
  • The Islanders have 15
  • The Nasty Boys have 0
  • The Rockers will move on to face the Road Warriors at the Chi-Town Rumble!


Dan Spivey destroyed Mark Sanchez with a POWERBOMB!

Sabu & Taz defeated Sato & Fuchi with a German Suplex!


Bam Bam Bigelow vs Terry Bam Bam Gordy

  • A huge main event
  • This only gives us a taste of what could be with these two
  • Both men throw some big time bombs and Gordy is the one who looks like he’s in control
  • Bigelow tries to go for a big powerslam but MICHAEL HAYES pulls Gordy down
  • The numbers game starts to play a role…
  • Every chance they get - Hayes and Roberts take a shot at Bigelow
  • Bigelow then tries to get some momentum… here comes the GREETINGS FROM ASBURY! 
  • Wait a moment… Here comes Hayes and Roberts in the ring and it is a DQ!
  • It is a 3 on 1 beatdown and Bigelow is in a bad way but here comes Ricky Steamboat!


Steamboat runs out and joins the fight and helps Bigelow! The crowd is going wild but wait a moment… here is the numbers playing a role… not any more…. RANDY SAVAGE runs out and the crowd explodes! Savage, Steamboat, and Bigelow run off the Freebirds. We get a quick promo from the three….


Randy Savage puts over the big 20-man Chi-Town Rumble! He says that the US title will be his when all is said and done. He is looking forward to eliminating 19 other men and with Elizabeth in one arm and the US title in the other he will be triumphant!


Ricky Steamboat says that he wanted as fair of a fight as possible that why he saved Bigelow. Bigelow says he didn’t need saving. He says that Steamboat is the one who is going to need to be saved after the Chi-Town Rumble… Bigelow walks off as Schiavone and Rhodes close us out… see you Tuesday for the Rumble!
















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The Bees gave it their best shot but the Rockers are heading to Chi Town Rumble.

The Sheepherders with a successful debut.

Muta is silently racking up win.

Spivey and the team of Sabu & Taz pick up solid wins.

Great main event which advances your two big storylines at once. Savage is focused on the US title while Bigelow seems to be a little defensive going into his match with Steamboat.

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The tag tournament was a lot of fun. Every team looked strong (even the Nasties LOL) but it's the Rockers going on to face the Road Warriors. Rockers have serious momentum and they'll need every bit of it. 

With all the big angles going on, I like the in between TV matches that gives the rest of the roster a chance to shine. 

The battle of the Bam Bams could be a huge match down the road. Hopefully a seed was planted here. Crazy ending that heats up Chi Town Rumble. Can't wait for Bigelow/Steamboat! 

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The Killer Bees vs Sabu & Taz

  • Good opening contest for the Bees and the newcomer team of Sabu and Taz
  • The rookies are wild and crazy throughout the contest and look to break every rule in the book
  • The Bees are crowd favorites and get the fans going wild
  • We see a nice double arm hip toss to set up a huge double dropkick on Taz who goes flying out of the ring
  • Sabu comes for a spinning heel kick but one of the Bees ducks 
  • That sets up a great brainbuster then a huge splash off the top rope for the 3-count!



Eric Bichoff is standing by with Rick Steamboat. He shows the Gateway title and says that this title has meant a lot to him but now his mind is set on the WCW World Title. A title that means he is the best this world of wrestling has to offer. He is going to show Bam Bam Bigelow that tonight he has every inclination to do whatever it takes to become the champion and stay that way!



Iceman Parsons vs The Great Muta

  • The Iceman returns to Chicago but he is in for a tough test against the Pearl of the Orient… the Great Muta
  • Muta is all over the place here and he hits everything for this PPV crowd
  • We see the springboard elbow into the corner
  • The piston link speed elbow drops
  • Muta then hits a nasty kick to the throat and Iceman goes down… setting up the MOONSAULT
  • 1….2….3! 
  • Muta is without question rocking right now in WCW and he looks to be primed for something big!


Eric Bischoff is now standing by with Windy City Champion Bam Bam Bigelow. He says that he beat Harley Race for this belt and became the man in Chicago. WCW means more than jut Chicago and he is ready to probe that he is not only the beast from the east but the best in the west and throughout the world. Ricky Steamboat is in for the fight of his life and only one of them will survive!


The Road Warriors vs The Rockers

  • Perhaps one of the biggest matches that never happened on a big stage. 
  • These four men have got everything going in the right direction.
  • Michaels and Jannetty have got a ton of heat and look the part
  • The Road Warrior no sell everything and look unstoppable
  • This one goes twenty or so minutes and as the mach goes longer - the Rockers seem to take advantage. 
  • Wait just a moment… what is this?
  • The Twin Towers are walking out with Slick…
  • They are getting a birds eye view of what’s going on
  • We see The Road Warriors take control with Michaels and Jannetty doing everything they can to stop their momentum
  • Here comes a huge double dropkick on Hawk as he goes out of the ring to the floor!
  • Here come the TOWERS! 
  • They attack Hawk while he’s down outside the ring!
  • The referee doesn’t see it… Animal tries to get him to see… when the referee looks Animal turns around and DOUBLE SUPERKICK!
  • The Rockers cover up Animal for the 1….2…..3!!!
  • The Rockers have won the WCW World Tag Team Championship! 
  • The crowd can’t believe it! 
  • The Towers continue to hammer down on Hawk and then go inside and see Animal.
  • One Man Gang with a huge 747 SPLASH!
  • The Road Warriors are laid out…The Towers have made their point… The Rockers are the NEW Champions!






  • We get the rules one more time… two men enter… every 90-seconds we get another one in the Chi-Town Rumble. You are eliminated if both feet touch the floor. The men who will start…
  • Jimmy Snuka and Brian Knobbs!
  • Snuka and Knobbs get things going… Snuka looks to be on top of his game and really looks strong. Nothing too big between these two until we get the next competitor.
  • Mexican Champion Konnan comes out and joins the fray. He is a speedier competitor than the others and looks great. Snuka and Knobbs sell just enough to keep it interesting. 
  • European Champion… WILD PEGASUS! Pegasus runs out and takes Konnan right to the floor. These two men are beating the hell out of one another. 
  • The action continues when Sheepherder Luke runs out. He is not a Bushwhacker but more violent. He hammers away at everyone and doesn’t seem to care who he hits! Time is moving fast…
  • Jerry Sags runs out and the Nasty Boys are together! We see our first eliminations as Pegasus and Konnan are locked up in a corner and the Nasties toss them to the floor! The Nasty Boys then run over double clothesline Luke… he goes out of the floor.
  • The Z-Man Tom Zenk runs down and joins Snuka for a little bit of a tag team match. They are giving the Nasty Boys all they can handle but the Boys get a step of momentum on Snuka and he gets tossed over
  • Thankfully here comes Koko Ware and he quickly jumps in the ring. A couple of huge dropkicks! The Nasties recoup and get Zenk out of the ring to the floor! Koko then comes with a dropkick on Knobbs who runs into Sags and they go out of the ring to the floor! Koko is in by himself until…
  • KAMALA! The Ugandan Giant comes down with a real fire. He hammers away at Koko and then we get a nasty PRESS SLAM OVER THE TOP ROPE!
  • Here comes Sheepherder Butch… he doesn’t appear to be afraid of the Ugandan Giant at all! He is hammering away but Kamala picks him up for a BODYSLAM! Butch gets up and Kamala throws him over the ropes!
  • Next up… here comes the Ace Bob Orton! Orton runs down and he is trying to reason with Kamala but the Giant has none of it! He headbutts Orton right on the nose and busts it all to hell! Ace is hurt and Kamala comes and tosses him over the top! Kamala has taken this match over and no one is going to stop him right now… wait a moment…
  • RANDY SAVAGE comes out and the crowd explodes! Savage doesn’t even remove his sunglasses! He is throwing some big time rights and lefts! Kamala is reeling. Here comes a top rope double ax handle smash! Kamala is reeling and Savage with a huge clothesline… KAMALA IS ELIMINATED!
  • It seems like Kamala’s feet just touch the floor before Terry Bam Bam Gordy runs down to the ring and attacks Savage. This may be the match that we’ve all wanted to see. Gordy is pounding away and it doesn’t look good for Savage but he has got some fight left in him.
  • Next out… of course… the rabid squirrel himself… Buddy Jack Roberts runs down to the ring and tries to beat on Savage with Gordy. They get close to eliminating him on a couple of occasions. The two on one is brutal but Savage has got a lot in the tank. He hammers away. He throws some strikes.
  • Here comes Harley Race! The former heavyweight champion of the world is here and he comes down to join the contest. He joins right in with Gordy and Roberts. They are three on one beating down the Macho Man! 
  • DANGEROUS DANNY SPIVEY is here and he comes out next! The fans go nuts as Spivey comes in and cleans house. A couple of huge boots here and there and then a nasty boot that takes Buddy Roberts out of the ring to the floor! 
  • Tonga runs out through and now he is going after everyone moving. Tonga doesn’t care who it is as he is headbutting everyone. Savage and Race seem to lock up while Spivey and Gordy hammer each other with Tonga in the mix.
  • Here comes HAKU! Haku runs down and joins Tonga and they double up on Spivey. Gordy and Race are beating down Savage in the other corner. It is now time for the final entrant…
  • Michael Hayes comes out … the crowd is booing up a storm. This guy looks like he is primed to win the US title. Hayes gets in the ring and joins the fight on Savage. Race is moving around. The Islanders are still doubled up on Spivey. Wait a moment… the timer goes down again… what is this?
  • DUSTY RHODES gets up from the commentary table in his boots and jeans and runs into the ring. He turns Race around and hits him with a couple of big elbows Race is reeling… Rhodes runs with a clothesline and takes him out of the ring to the floor! Rhodes jumps out of the ring after him and they are throwing big time in the aisle. 
  • On the other side of the ring, Spivey gains control… double clothesline and the Islanders are out! 
  • Final Four… Savage - Gordy - Hayes - Spivey. 
  • The ringside has been cleared and we get a nice little Texas tornado style contest. The Birds are staying together the best they can  as both Savage and Spivey are keeping up.
  • We see Gordy and Spivey lock up in the ropes while on the other side… Hayes with a low blow and he tosses Savage… but doesn’t see Savage go to the apron.
  • Hayes runs over and picks up Spivey AND GORDY and tosses them over the top! 
  • Hayes has won it… in his mind! 
  • Hayes is celebrating until he turns around… wait a moment..Savage is still in!
  • Savage’s feet never touched the floor… here he comes with a pair of huge clotheslines
  • Hayes goes down… gets up and goes down… gets up again
  • Savage runs and clotheslines Hayes over the top and to the floor! 
  • The Macho Man is the NEW United States Heavyweight Champion!











Savage joins Elizabeth in the aisleway and holds the title high in the air. The fans are going crazy! Savage wears the title proudly and my oh my what a champion he will be!


We get grand entrances for both men… the Windy City Heavyweight Champion… Bam Bam Bigelow. The Gateway Champion… Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. The referee holds up the WCW title…. HERE WE GO!


World Title

Steamboat v Bigelow








I tried to tell the story of the main event through the pictures... I won't do this often but thought it turned out fun. Let me know what you think!

IMG_5654 Small.jpeg

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The Bees get us off to a hot start.

Muta scores his biggest win yet in WCW.

Why do I get a feeling the Slickster is gonna be getting a cut of the Rockers winners purse?

Good job making the eliminations in the Chi Town Rumble match made sense. The Nasties working together, Kamala going on a mini-rampage, Dusty eliminating Race then himself so he can keep going after Race. Hayes with another false finish before Macho comes back to win the whole thing.

Very creative telling the story of your main event through pics. Steamboat is definitely a great choice to carry WCW into the future.

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Bees defiantly get the fans warmed up with that exciting win. I do like Sabu and Taz teaming up at this point. 

Iceman's return probably didn't go down the way he wanted as Muta looked freak'n awesome. 

Road Warriors and Rockers tear it up in a classic until the Twin Towers come out and give the Road Warriors a beating. Rockers win the titles! Now we're heading into a colossal RWs/TTs feud. Great stuff. 

The Chi Town Rumble was really well written. Kamala and Spivey looked like beasts. The Freebirds played the numbers game. Dusty as a surprise entrant, going at it with Race. And of course the dramatic finish with Savage standing tall in the end. Huge moment.

The pictures were great! Very creative storytelling. Steamboat puts Bigelow down and is the new WCW world champion! 

Your pieces are in place and WCW is ready to explode. 

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Great event.

I like the young rookies giving it their all for the Bees

I think poor Iceman has fallen victim to the large rosters in Dawn of War.  For the most part, we have all used him as a big name but never really made him a star.  Muta seems to be on the way up and can't wait to seem him at his best.  Good booking.

I really enjoy the Road Warriors.  They are so good at riding the fence between babyfaces and heels.  I thought the Rockers might need some help and they got it in a big way!!

RW vs TT is going to be wild! as is Steamboat and Bam Bam.

Love Dusty doing the run-in and clobbering Race.  The fans would have been going crazy.  This is the perfect feud.  Not title needed... just two superstars selling tickets!!!




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