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WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2023


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Watching now, the opener was nuts solely for Wes Lee. Dijak's not bad but I'm not feeling this Berlyn-ass gimmick. I suppose it's better than the nonsense he was stuck with before. 

Women's tag was good, Henley/Kiana is actually a pretty good team and I hope the angle they are running doesn't entirely overshadow that. 

Apollo losing two straight falls was a choice, but Melo rules so I'm okay with it. Don't know what you do with Apollo at this point though, dude's whole deal has been returning to NXT for unfinished business and so far he's finished none of it :lol:

Four way tag team matches are kind of unwieldy but this ruled for what it was. Has it come out what happened to the missing Coffey bro? I thought it was just visa issues the UK crew were dealing with, but he's disappeared to the Phantom Zone. 

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I remember reading earlier this week Shawn Michaels mentioning in the pre-Vengeance Day conference call that it also depended on if some those NXT UK talents wanted to commit to make the move to the United States. So either Joe Coffey still has visa issues or he doesn't want to move to the US.

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3 hours ago, KawadaSmile said:

i would have shat myself on that last spear

You ain't kidding, god damn he cut him in half. Also fucking finally a WWE cage match without those stupid escaped the cage rules. Bruno was literally the only person who made that work and everyone else just looks like a punk ass bitch for winning by running away. 

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2 hours ago, sek69 said:

Don't know what you do with Apollo at this point though 

Release him. Guy doesn't have "it."  

I actually preferred him as a Nigerian Prince. At least he had a character and personality then.

1 hour ago, sek69 said:

I completely forgot that Commander Dabba-Kato Azeez returned tonight until I went over the WO recap just now. I suppose that doesn't bode well. 

Everything he did looked weak as shit + I could smell the turn a mile away and Apollo looked like an idiot for embracing that cheesy hug.

Just have Commander squash Apollo and send him packing to ROH or Impact.

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15 hours ago, sek69 said:

Yeah that gimmick was actually pretty cool, if it wasn't for the accent it would have been a guy embracing his culture. 

I even liked the accent. I think he was emulating family members. It never seemed overly exaggerated or silly for the sake of it, like most fake wrestling accents are (Kofi, anyone?).

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