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  1. pmo

    John Tenta-Koji Kitao infamous shoot

    The argument in Hogan's favor is that he was trained by Hiro Matsuda who was notorious shooter so he might have picked up a thing or two and also he is a Legitimately huge guy so he can rely on his size to a point. Would I prefer to have Haku or Brock in a fight sure but you could do far worse than Hogan.
  2. Yeah I think there are some other factors. Yankee Stadium is notoriously hard to get to and the second stadium sight lines would have been terrible, especially in the upper deck which had a large overhang. Shea was proto cookie cutter and all the seats, save of a few rows in the back had a clear unobstructed view. There's a reason football didn't return until the 3rd stadium was built it was just too hard a configuration.
  3. pmo

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    I remember JJ Dillon talking about the Amarillo loop in one of his shoots with Cornette. He describe it as decent pay but a long trip territory but not a hard driving one as most of the trips were basically highway travel. They compared it to mid south which they considered much worse as while it was just as long it was all back roads which made the trips even more brutal.
  4. As I recall the Lesnar leaving didn't come up until the last minute. It was pretty well known that Goldberg was unhappy with the entire run and on his way out so the thought was that he would put over Lesnar on the way out. They had interfered in each other's match to setup the match, most memorably Goldberg at No Way Out. Lesnar apparently decided to leave for the NFL after booking plans had him putting over the returning as the Deadman Undertaker after Wrestlemania 20. That's when they flipped back to Goldberg going over. As far as Benoit, it was expected he would win the rumble, but it hadn't been set in stone where he would go WM. Heyman, who was GM at the time and not managing Lesnar, had been feuding with him so it seemed like the move to Raw was designed to be Benoit's screw you to Heyman. With Eddie/Chavo, Chavo had been slow burn Owen Hart whiny blaming Eddie for his misfortunes since SS. Chavo had made Eddie bleed in the lead up so this was a case of turnabout is fairplay.
  5. pmo

    Mauro and JBL

    Yeah the 3 man booths didn't work well back in the day either. Adding Neidhart in 91 to Heenan/Moonson did nothing and Piper/Heenan/Monsoon at SS 91 saw Piper step all over the two for the most part. Even Mcmahon/Ventura/Bruno had Bruno as the weak link.
  6. pmo

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Wasn't that because there was an issue with marvel at the time?
  7. pmo

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Good way to delineate between earth 1 Hogan and earth 2 Hogan
  8. pmo

    What if WWE had their own G1 Climax?

    I always thought this was a great idea. Run it Sept-Oct, (possibly do the finals as Survivor Series) You could book it across all the shows and promote it as the only time the three touch with mixed brackets. You could write it with a unified writing team in advance and give rest of the writers a chance to recharge and plot out the rest of the year. I realize this has no basis with the current WWE works, but I always thought it could be a chance to break the year into manageable arcs, ie. RR to WM, WM to SS.
  9. I wonder how much is that he's a third gen guy and it's all he knows. Look at a guy like Barry windham who spent the last 3-4 Out of shape and lazy after being arguably one of the best in world. Another example is Owen hart, I mean foley talks about "bad Owen" matches as a way of keeping himself interested. While I think that 2nd and 3rd guys seem to pick it up quicker there seems to be a number of that this isn't a lifelong passion for no matter how talented they are and/or they get bored of it. They are just so far ahead of everyone it doesn't make sense not to go into the business. For every Bret who lives and dies for the business there is an Owen who it's a job to. I think Randy falls into the latter category and has for the last 5 years.
  10. pmo

    WWE TV April 17-23

    I suppose but jbl had been a 3x tag champ, euro, and hardcore champ before he got the wwe title. He also had a singles push the year prior until he broke his arm. Mahal has never done anything or even hold a title.
  11. The whole show is there if you look. Tommy Gilbert in a 2/3 falls match which basically has this and a very young Lawler as promo breaks between the falls. Interesting and Wright was amazing as a promo.
  12. pmo

    The Trial of The Undertaker

    Taker was never the guy but he took Andres spot as the top attraction.
  13. pmo

    Smackdown moving to Tuesday and going live

    That's the biggest problem with the brand split in general. They aren't willing to really change the look and feel of the shows substantially. You would think after seeing the success of nxt, which has a different look and feel, they would realize the value of this.
  14. pmo

    Rebooking the WWF in 1991

    Agreed on Hennig, he got good at the role, but it seemed an awkward fit at first. The thing with JJ is typical Vince hubris. You've already gone 50% there bringing in the belt why not go all the way with someone that is already on the roster. Heenan wasn't bad, actually had good chemistry, but you could run it with him and JJ and pull a slick/blassie deal with JJ taking over what's left of heenan''s stable.
  15. pmo

    Rebooking the WWF in 1991

    I don't get the fact that JJ was right there in WWF front office if you wanted to go the new manager route. I can see Heenan trying to recreate the Bockwinkel chemistry, but Perfect never made sense.