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  1. Art Machine Love Barr

    Marty Scurll

    Does he play up the Villain aspect more in British promotions? He's seemed a little bland to me, but I admit I've only seen him in US dream match indies that don't heavily rely on face/heel dynamics.
  2. Art Machine Love Barr

    The WWE Global Cruiserweight show

    No Sombra is a surprise; thought the whole idea of this was to put him over.
  3. Art Machine Love Barr

    WWE TV May 2-May 8

    I can't imagine it played well on TV, but live the crowd was really shitting on the Jericho/plant angle. Main event chants were at least 50/50 for Reigns over Styles.
  4. Art Machine Love Barr

    General thoughts on 1991

    Was Orndorff/Dr. Death ever blown off ? I just finished the 90 yearbook and was getting into their feud, but it doesn't look like they have any matches on the 91 set. I'm seeing listings with things like ~10 minute lumberjack matches; I'm guessing these either weren't on tape or not particularly good?
  5. Art Machine Love Barr

    Extreme Rules

    King: "He's got him on a forklift!" JBL: "Why?" Couldn't agree more!
  6. Art Machine Love Barr

    WrestleMania 30 (Yes! yes! yes! Yes!)

    So far this feels like a Raw main event.
  7. Art Machine Love Barr

    WrestleMania 30 (Yes! yes! yes! Yes!)

    On paper Cena/Wyatt was the match I was looking forward to most, but yeah, really don't need the bland darkside character work.
  8. Art Machine Love Barr

    Most Successful Gimmick Based on an Actual Job

    Fray Tormenta for someone combining actual job with wrestling career?
  9. Art Machine Love Barr

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Ian here, living in Chicago. I started watching as a little kid hooked on the Steiners and Sting, Hogan and Warrior. I fell out of wrestling until the Monday night wars started while I was in high school, then fell out again for awhile after WCW folded. I thought very little about wrestling until getting into ROH around 2005 and following Lucha a couple of years later. I watched around 3-4 hours of Lucha a day while unemployed in 2010 and something it my brain snapped/popped into place so I connect with that on a deeper level than most US or Japanese stuff. As far as current shows, I watch about 90% lucha with the rest being hyped WWE, NJPW, and odds and ends. For old stuff, I'm making my way through piles of discs accumulated over the years; watching the 90 yearbook and 80's Lucha set right now.