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  1. Word Hoard

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Have you looked into getting a VPN?
  2. Word Hoard

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    It really is. It's a quick read too. I was always kind of neutral on him and his work until I read his book. He seems like a regular, no nonsense guy who knew exactly what his role was on the card and went out and put in a solid performance every night.
  3. Not sure what it's called but Lou Thesz would do this move where he would drive his elbow into his opponents face by hitting his hand. Usually did it as a heel spot after releasing a headlock. Always looked nasty. Has anyone else besides Tully Blanchard ever used the slingshot suplex? -The Ivan Koloff kneedrop from the top rope. -The Russian friggin' Sickle -Big Bossman Slam -The short arm clothesline like Jake Roberts would use before the DDT. -Gourdbuster -Heels raking an opponent's eyes on the top rope. -Any move by a 400+lb wrestler that involved being splashed, stepped on, sat on or avalanched in the corner.
  4. Word Hoard

    Bruno Sammartino, 1935-2018

    Everyone should stop what they're doing and listen to this episode right now. It's so good. Am I the only one who got way too excited for the surprise Titans of Wrestling reunion?
  5. I'm 2 hours in and this is a very fun episode. Great job as always.
  6. Word Hoard

    How Much Bullshit is the PWI 500(full list below)

    Did the guys from MST3K come up with those names?
  7. I think it's great that Exile is becoming this epic wrestling version of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. Can't wait to finish this episode over the weekend.
  8. Word Hoard

    Tag Teams Back Again Podcast Thread

    If I could have fit him in a few more times, I would have. Might have to scrap this and start over....
  9. Word Hoard

    Your Wrestling Pet Perfections/ Utter Love

    The old Coliseum Video intro and theme music. The Paul Jones Army vs Jimmy Valiant feud. Jive Soul Bro Wrestlers jumping promotions on a regular basis. David Crockett Entrance themes composed by Jimmy Hart. Jim Duggan yelling "Get off my ass!" to referees. 80's Apter Mags. Bad guys throwing fire, salt or spitting mist.
  10. The greatest theme song starts with a bass drum playing a slow thud, then a low E string being bent and finally a British guy saying "I am iron man" through a ring modulator.
  11. Word Hoard

    Funny Wrestling-related Videos

    Jesse Ventura for President with James Adomian is hilarious.
  12. It wasn't meant to be bashing, sorry if it came across like that. I enjoy just about all of the names you've listed. I was just pointing out that wrestling was never really meant to be taken that seriously, regardless of what some old timer tells you in a shoot interview. Did you ever watch any of the Chicago film archives? The commentary is very tongue-in-cheek and this was 50-60 years ago. I love serious technical matches but how can you not enjoy a fake Indian fighting some guy in a wooden cage, or any and every midget match when they do the spot where the guy pinning gets kicked out into the refs arms and then the ref tosses him back on and continues the count? This is why I love this stuff.
  13. Wrestling was a joke long before Vince was on the scene. I love the stuff, but realistically, that's true. I'll nominate Michael Hayes. A good ol' boy racist who thinks he's not, and has probably damaged multiple careers thus. Wrestling was not a joke to me or alot of other people before McMahon took over the WWF. People in the South loved wrestling , it was part of our lives . . Nobody was dropping their pants on TV and having other adults kiss their ass. or committing their wife to an insane aslyum Wresting was presented as a sport , not as The WWF/ E is the joke , not pro wrestling. Yes, who can forget the serious sporting events featuring Lawler fighting a Frankenstein. No, It is who cannot forget : Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat Nick Bockwinkle vs. Curt Henning Terry Allen vs. Tully Blanchard Buddy Rose vs. Roddy Piper Condry/ Eaton vs. Morton/ Gibson Dusty Rhodes vs. Kevin Sullivan Von Erichs vs. Frebireds Nick Bockwinkle vs. Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair. Billy Robinson vs. verne Gagne Rockers vs. Rose/ Sommers. or Chief Jay Strongbow vs Bulldog Don Kent in a shark cage match.
  14. There's a rule that MLW podcasts must include at least one or more persons who are completely insufferable. MSL, Alice Radley, all of those failed wwe writers...none of them bring anything to the table.