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  1. Gramsci

    WWE TV 06/07 - 06/13 Boxing is just pro wrestling now

    Yes, I tought the same. Specially when they are constantly presenting Stephanie as the creator of a revolution for women in the world of wrestling. This quote from HHH is like saying "neither machismo or feminism, equality", which is the most machism, sexist, chauvinist thing a men could say.
  2. Gramsci

    WWE TV 05/03 - 05/09 Big Roman made little Bryan humble.

    I'm not saying that fans will get mad about him for re-signing with WWE, it's just wrestling, I hope everyone eats his dinner before going to bed, even if his soccer team loses the finals of the Champions League. What I'm saying is that now he has the chance to do what he says he wants to, and has the freedom to choose (without the obligation of being grateful to them for clearing him). He and his wife are rich, and they will be making a lot of money even without WWE, so I don't think this is one of the main reasons he will consider when making his decision. After all the interviews and rumors, we will se if he really wants to do what he says he wants to do because he's in that position right now (being able to wrestle everywhere, approach wrestling as an art and not a parody, control his own schedule, etc). I don't whant to say "hypocrite", but it comes a little hypocrite when you can choose and you end up choosing a company that is everything (almost) you stand against, from a wrestling and social standpoint.
  3. Gramsci

    WWE TV 05/03 - 05/09 Big Roman made little Bryan humble.

    I'm pretty sure they have enough money for 10 generations. And yeah, It would be dissapointing if he re-signs with WWE after all his talking during the past few weeks about him wanting to wrestle somewhere else, his approach to wrestling as an art (especially when he tinks that WWE is a parody of wrestling), wanting to have "the perfect match" and all of that. His words will not sound credible anymore.
  4. Gramsci

    [2018-06-23-EVOLVE 106] Darby Allin vs WALTER

    I think people should be talking more about this match. I remember watching it in 2018 and liking it (which by the way it's one of the best in-ring years I recall), but on a rewatch I'm blown away. Allin is carried like a potato sack by Walter and he's bumping like a maniac, seriously, It's one of the best bumping performances that I've ever seen, better than all those 80s "overbumping" guys that I like sometimes (and sometimes I hate). Love all the counters by Allin, his desesperation attacking Walter's hand and his subtle selling. Maybe it's, like we say in political science, the honey moon effect, but WALTER vs Allin > Sting vs Vader.
  5. Maybe he goes to NXT and then leaves the company when the contract expires? I see Cesaro as a transitional challenge, I think the might wanna do Reigs v Big E for Summerslam and Reigns v Rock at Wrestlemania. The quesitons here is if Reings is gonna keep the title until next year or he's gonna lose it and take it back.
  6. Sorry, I didn't mean in this post. I was refering that lately I've reading a lot of people in forums an twitter talking like if Bryan is thinking about retiring when he's just talking about going part time. He just wants to wrestle between 30 - 50 matches a year instead of 200. The interview where he said that he wants to wrestle until he's 70 is from two or three months ago in a wrestling website from Catalonia (Spain). It's true that he has said that he felt "out" in the Mania match, but I just see that as a confirmation that he is seriously considiring to go wrestle outside WWE, where he'll be able to have his own schedule.
  7. I don't know where all the talk about him retiring came from. He said multiple times that he retired one time and doesn't want to do it again, he literally said that he wants to wrestle until he's 70, like Terry Funk. I have a feeling that he will leave WWE and will go to work in México, Japan, Barnett's company, etc. Maybe AEW is the best option for all of that. Actually, I think the Bucks said two years ago that Bryan had an agreement with NJPW before WWE cleared him, and he wanted to have a program against the Bullet Club. So, him being friends with the Bucks, Cody, Arn Anderson, Moxley and others make things more easy for him to go there and have all this freedom that he is asking for with a contract that allows him to wrestle everywhere else.