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  1. JNLister

    WrestleMania 36

  2. JNLister

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    It obviously wasn't announced in any way, but IIRC, at the point the MSG tickets went on sale it wouldn't have been unreasonable to hope/think/predict Omega-Okada would wind up headlining.
  3. JNLister

    My New Year's Revolution: The Rewatchening

    Don't know how many of them are any good, but there's four different JBA-Glamour Girls matches on Prime Time Wrestling in 87-88 on the Network (plus the Royal Rumble match) and a Tateno-Kai singles match.
  4. JNLister

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Thinking again, that sounds right, particularly with the trademark issue.
  5. JNLister

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It was one year of WWWF Championship Wrestling from 82-3 and then the first year of Superstars of Wrestling from 86-7. IIRC, one of the WWF shows at the time had been cancelled and Sky had a deal for a certain number of hours programming each week, so they did Classics to make up the time. (It's possible it was to replace Heat, which moved to another broadcaster for two years in the UK.)
  6. JNLister

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    By inexplicably turning Kairi Sane heel six months earlier.
  7. JNLister

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Isn't there some weird bug where a large part of their archive is one day off? Like enough that there must have been a consistent error when they were digitising and tagging stuff.
  8. JNLister

    WWE Presents Crown Jewel: Halloween Pumpkin Spice Edition

    That's the same as the "shoehorn guys on screen at Wrestlemania for 10 seconds so they can get a PPV payoff" though. It makes perfect sense until you remember they control how payoffs are determined.
  9. JNLister

    2019 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I say this every year these days, but Dave needs to ditch the categories. Half the voters don't understand how it works (especially that non-wrestlers are counted in a regional category) and it creates logjams (Mexico overall, UK with Daddy vs everyone else). The best way to do it is that voters have no limits and simply say "Yes", "No" or "Abstain" on every candidate, with a clear understanding that it's fine to abstain on somebody you don't know much about. Entry threshold is 60 percent (or increase it if needed) of people who voted Yes or No on the candidate, ignoring abstentions.
  10. JNLister

    American Indies running shows overseas

    1st Ring is very cheap to run. I saw a page on hire costs and I think at the 'standard' ticket prices most groups charge there, you can cover the venue hire with about 60-80 tickets.
  11. JNLister

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Contrastingly, I remember a lot of them as being quite short releases. They'd cut out all the dead space between matches, plus ECW Arena had long intervals (arguably needed them given how tighly packed it was sometimes and how slow that made getting round the arena to the merch table, food stand and bathrooms.)
  12. JNLister

    All Elite Wrestling

    IIRC, one of the first things Bill Watts did when he was brought in as booker-of-sorts in 95 was watch an MSG show from a regular seat in the top deck and listen to the audience.
  13. JNLister

    Random Match Generator

    A quick limited workaround that will do random shows rather than matches: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=231922 Replace the numbers at the end with a randomly generated number -- at the moment the limit is 231947. Seems to cover everything in their database (which certainly goes back to 1972 for All Japan).Obviously from there you can do a random number generator to pick a match. (ah, sorry, didn't realise you meant limiting it to a specific set of matches like the discussion board!)
  14. JNLister

    The Beginner's Guide To British Wrestling

    These are actually better than full episodes! They are from the later days of The Wrestling Channel showing old ITV footage. When the channel started, they got me to pick out matches to make themed episodes (like 'Hart Family in UK' or 'Dynamite vs Rocco'.) That got harder and harder as the archive records were a total mess with no dates or run times for the shows, so it was difficult to fit them in the slot, even with the flexibility The Wrestling Channel had. Eventually they just started dubbing random tapes and sending them over. In a lot of cases what they sent was effectively a copy of the master tape of the evening's recording that would then be cut down as necessary to fit the 45 minute slot on ITV. The Wrestling Channel usually had enough leeway to show them in full (especially as it was the most watched programming) so quite often they were showing stuff from in between matches and even some parts of matches that never aired on TV before.
  15. JNLister

    All Elite Wrestling

    He actually said there's probably fewer than 10 who haven't explored other options. That's not the same as "want to leave". Realistically, unless you're on main event money or personally committed to the idea of WWE above all else, why wouldn't you keep your options open?