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  1. jamesie_2015

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    New to the WDKW Podcast Network - Boots and Trunks Podcast Episode 5: "A Star Was Born." The story of the 1994 Super J Cup and how it launched The Great Sasuke to stardom. https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/boots-and-trunks-podcast-episode-5-a-star-was-born
  2. jamesie_2015

    2026 Ideas

    Just a heads up, my GWE mailing list e mail went into my Spam folder so keep an eye out for that.
  3. jamesie_2015

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Will be interesting how many of the Bushiroad era guys score highly. Tana likely makes my top 10.
  4. jamesie_2015

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Didn't really know this thread existed till today! I'm Jamesie the host of the Boots and Trunks Podcast over at WDKWPN. Have mainly been a lurker on here dating back to the 2016 Ballots. Hoping to contribute more than just a ballot this time round including some podcasts all going well. Playlist here of all the episodes of Boots and trunks so far with subjects ranging from 6/9/95 to the Okada/Tanahashi rivalry to the joys of the headlock. https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/sets/boots-and-trunks
  5. jamesie_2015

    Reactions to the GWE Tag Team Honourable Mention List

    High vote on the Briscos and Dudleyz so far!
  6. jamesie_2015

    Highest 2026 Debut

    The only thing that'll keep Will Ospreay off the list will be injuries. Insanely talented. His March alone this year was as good a month as anyone has ever had.
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  8. I really hope you keep doing podcasts guys. I like that you have differing tastes but between you manage to cover most genres. You have natural chemistry and I've really enjoyed all seven of these.
  9. jamesie_2015

    GWE Discussion on F4W's Dr Keith Show

  10. jamesie_2015

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    Diamonds are forever. Wooooooooooooo!
  11. jamesie_2015

    Best Wrestlers Who Didn't Get Nominated

    I'm sorry but I have to bump this quote up. What a glorious piece of writing. LIKE A DRAWBRIDGE.
  12. jamesie_2015

    GWE Discussion on F4W's Dr Keith Show

    Just finished recording our full show. Limited to 75 mins by time constraints but could have talked all night. All fired up to watch more wrestling now.
  13. jamesie_2015

    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    Booooooo! Really wanted Bryan to win this. :-(
  14. These are great. Finished up the Mando and Elliot show today.