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    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    New to the WDKW Podcast Network - Boots and Trunks Podcast Episode 5: "A Star Was Born." The story of the 1994 Super J Cup and how it launched The Great Sasuke to stardom. https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/boots-and-trunks-podcast-episode-5-a-star-was-born
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    2026 Ideas

    Just a heads up, my GWE mailing list e mail went into my Spam folder so keep an eye out for that.
  3. jamesie_2015

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Will be interesting how many of the Bushiroad era guys score highly. Tana likely makes my top 10.
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    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Didn't really know this thread existed till today! I'm Jamesie the host of the Boots and Trunks Podcast over at WDKWPN. Have mainly been a lurker on here dating back to the 2016 Ballots. Hoping to contribute more than just a ballot this time round including some podcasts all going well. Playlist here of all the episodes of Boots and trunks so far with subjects ranging from 6/9/95 to the Okada/Tanahashi rivalry to the joys of the headlock. https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/sets/boots-and-trunks
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    Reactions to the GWE Tag Team Honourable Mention List

    High vote on the Briscos and Dudleyz so far!
  6. jamesie_2015

    Highest 2026 Debut

    The only thing that'll keep Will Ospreay off the list will be injuries. Insanely talented. His March alone this year was as good a month as anyone has ever had.
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  8. I really hope you keep doing podcasts guys. I like that you have differing tastes but between you manage to cover most genres. You have natural chemistry and I've really enjoyed all seven of these.
  9. jamesie_2015

    GWE Discussion on F4W's Dr Keith Show

  10. Hi guys, myself and Alan Counihan (Alan4L) have a brief discussion of our lists on the latest Dr Keith Presents show for F4W/Observer subscribers. http://www.f4wonline.com/dr-keith/dr-keith-presents-uptown-funkers-211796 We will be recording a full dedicated show at the weekend.
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    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    Diamonds are forever. Wooooooooooooo!
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    Best Wrestlers Who Didn't Get Nominated

    I'm sorry but I have to bump this quote up. What a glorious piece of writing. LIKE A DRAWBRIDGE.
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    GWE Discussion on F4W's Dr Keith Show

    Just finished recording our full show. Limited to 75 mins by time constraints but could have talked all night. All fired up to watch more wrestling now.
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    Reactions to the List: 10-1

    Booooooo! Really wanted Bryan to win this. :-(
  15. These are great. Finished up the Mando and Elliot show today.
  16. Jimmy Redman, that Undertaker defence was brilliant. I had him at 29, but you summed out my own reasons for doing so far better than I ever could.
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    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    I have eight of my Top 10 still in play. What does that say about me?
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    Reactions to the List: 50-26

  19. jamesie_2015

    Reactions to the List: 50-26

    Wrestling is cyclical. All promotions have their periods where they're "hot" and well egarded and times when they are less so. It may well be that Joshi and shoot styleare like that at the moment. Some of the biggest movers are guys for whom footage is far more readily available now than it was in 2006 - especially those who benefitted from the 80's rewatch projects.
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    Reactions to the List: 50-26

    If this poll was as "mainstream" as many are claiming it to be, then HBK wouldn't be languishing at 31.
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    Reactions to the List: 100-51

    I have Daniel Bryan (my number 1) and Vince McMahon. What a team.
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    Highest Ranking Wrestler without a Number 1 vote

    Arn, Dustin Rhodes, Regal all good shouts from US guys. Could see Kawada or Taue being very high without any No.1's too.
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    Reactions to the List: 100-51

    Williams isn't the first guy I'd think of if I were compiling a list, but he definitely had an interesting career. You've got his early territory work that's being reevaluated with the Houston footage, the MVC years that people seem torn on and the run of great All Japan matches. I personally think his 7/94 match with Misawa is one of Misawa's masterpieces and the 1994 Champion Carnival final is one of Kawada's best as well. He also had the run with Johnny Ace and pretty much supplanted Stan Hansen as the company's top gaijin ace. I remember really enjoying the MVC's WCW run during the WCW Smarkschoice poll but haven't had the time or inclination to revisit it. I didn't like their All Japan stuff the last time I ran through it. He's a guy I'm predisposed toward liking because of his look and his amateur background. I get a bit disappointed when he's not the wrestling machine I want him to be, so I don't think his territory work would do much for me assuming that he most brawls. Not a bad pick. Don't understand the groundswell of support this guy gets. Maybe I need to watch his ECW stuff. For some reason I can never separate him and Dick Togo in my mind and I always end thinking Togo is better. Watched a bunch of his matches against Mysterio during this project and they topped out at *** maximum. Just seems like more of a decent hand than top 100 all-time, but I could change my tune if I watched more. I love Tito Santana. I mean I really love me some Tito Santana. Steamboat, Martel, Hennig, whomever you wanna name, it's Tito Santana all day long. But I still maintain that he doesn't have as many good matches as a worker that talented should have. And not because he worked in New York instead of drifting around the territories. In an ideal world, you'd have an early 80s WWF card where you had a strong Backlund match on top and an excellent Tito Santana match on the undercard on every single billing, but it just didn't happen. Never really got into Gordy in any way, shape or form. He's in plenty of tag matches I dug, but I'd have to go back and watch the Killer Khan match to see whether this placing is anything more than "okay, Gordy." So maligned it's become ridiculous. One of the best teenage talents I've ever seen. If he'd stayed in England he would have been on par with Marty Jones. His match against Jones in '83 is one of my all-time favourite WoS bouts. I love early Finlay but even early Finlay is a watered down version of DK at that time. It was mostly about attitude w/ DK. He looked like an asshole and wrestled like one. Whether that was because he had a chip on his shoulder, a Napoleon complex or he just a shit is fun to speculate, but his football hooligan look and his viciousness in the ring was compelling stuff. And his execution... I think you could justify him at 78 simply based on his execution. Of course it all went downhill quickly as his body crumbled, but he put out some memorable albums. Go Kid! Kick those detractors in the teeth. Finished too high. Dig the Manny stuff against the Rock 'n' Roll Express, think his WWF work is a blackhole and am slightly amused by how overrated his 1992 has become. Make no bones about it, Rude was a good worker, but those rest holds.... He has to be a candidate for best worker who was absolute shit on the mat. Versatile worker. Could work a number of different styles. Wasn't really a master at any of them but I think people refer to his accessibility its in large part due to his versatility. Underrated bleeder. Possibly his biggest strength since he sold better when he bladed. Quite an erratic seller actually. Could be really good when the match called for it and at other times lousy. Disappointing on the mat. That remains his biggest sin for me. Had a couple of really great matches but not as many as quite a few folks who fell outside the top 100. His part-time All Japan gig was boring. A few years back I got into watching old Hogan matches. I enjoyed a great many of them especially the blood feuds and the hot sprints. But honest to God, watching Hogan is like staying home from work sick and getting into the daytime soaps. If you keep watching them for long enough at least one of the storylines is gonna get you hooked. You'll come back for more all right, and by the end of the week you might even convince yourself that they're really well written, but if you have any sense you'll go back to work the following week and forget the whole thing ever happened. Apologies to Hogan and soap fans. Went higher than I was expecting, I guess because of the Anniversary show stuff from recent years. I only really care for a slither of his long career (from '88-00 or so) and mostly disregard the rest. Matt probably has a better picture of him than I do (at least from 2000 onward, I'm not sure how much prime Atlantis he's seen.) Great trios worker, especially in the difficult and often quite demanding position of being the glue that holds the tecnico side together. Underrated mat worker. Panther's best opponent. The 8/91 match is still the most pure lucha match I've seen and a thing of impeccable beauty. Love the '97 bout as well. Overrated apuesta match worker and not as good at brawling trios as regular ones. Highly disappointing during the dark yeas when everyone jumped to AAA. Casas and Dandy pretty much ruled the roost during that period and Atlantis pottered about doing jack shit. The Mano Negra feud still makes me forlorn. I love Mano Negra, why couldn't that have been better? If I'd been booking CMLL in those years, you would have seen shit like Brazo de Oro vs. Atlantis in a class title match and a host of other fantasy booking. Love watching him work with Emilio even if only one of their singles matches knocked my socks off. Their trios work together is lucha heaven. Still can't figure out why he leaves Dylan so cold. Worst pick so far. I'm prepared to believe that his 2008-09 run is the peak of his career because his 90s stuff holds up about as well as his look from that era. Easily the worst of the workrate heroes. Somehow he managed to ride on Benoit, Guerrero and Malenko's coattails and we ate it up because WCW was on a roll. Like most folks I dug his shtick in '98, which was similar to what Foley was doing at the time, and rallied behind him during the era where everyone wanted him freed from his WCW contract. Jericho should be working against Goldberg on PPV! Vince would know what to do with him! WWF would make him a star! How naive we were. Like everyone else, I was super excited when he made his debut on RAW and had that promo duel with The Rock. That was fresh at the time. Then he started having matches and it was obvious that this guy couldn't really work. At least not the WWF house style. His fans will fill in the rest because I gave up watching WWF after the shitty, shitty Jericho vs. Benoit feud. God that was atrocious. I love your analogies. The Hogan soap opera one is amazing!
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    Reactions to the List: 100-51