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  1. King of Debt

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Does it count as a step down if it was his call, though? If I remember correctly his not working DON had more to do with protecting the Dragon Gate title (even if it wasn't on the line) for Ben-K to win it at Kobe and get over than him not wanting to "do the job". It's absolutely a step down, but I really don't think he minds at all
  2. King of Debt

    WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming

    *does CrossFit once*
  3. King of Debt

    Current New Japan

    I don't think it's him coming out of retirement so much as it is him wanting to go out passing the mantle, I guess.
  4. King of Debt

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    The future of wrestling discussion is in the safest of hands, I can see
  5. King of Debt

    All Elite Wrestling

  6. King of Debt

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave Meltzer understands a reasonable amount of professional wrestling. The rest, he will never get, and arguably will never try to. I wonder what will happen re: wrestling journalism when he inevitably puts the pen down, though
  7. King of Debt

    All Elite Wrestling

    Twitter is cool but only sometimes
  8. King of Debt

    All Elite Wrestling

    Maybe I should actually watch the product before I scramble in my wallet for cents but the vibes I've been getting from it all so far has been of a company who looks at all the studies showing that the average age of wrestling watchers is about 30-50+, says "Great! We know how to work those guys!", and forgot to ask the reason why, in a post-kayfabe MMA-era world, an adult of such an age would want the best for an art about two people pretending to hit each other and go ouch. I appreciate wrestling as a world-weary chap but if I didn't have that youngin's belief to trace it back to I wouldn't even know how to start admiring it in a fully unironic light. You can survive off the IWC but you won't be beating anybody with just the IWC. When we find a kid who gets excited for some guy smashing a prop chair with a sledgehammer, that's when we can have the discussion about AEW becoming #1
  9. King of Debt

    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    I don't watch enough promotions to throw my hat into a discussion like this but if there's a major show better than Spring Break 3 Night 1 it's probably in Show of the Decade territory
  10. King of Debt

    WWE TV June 17th - 23rd 2019

    Anybody have a spare, preferably combustible limousine lying around?
  11. King of Debt

    Current Lucha Talk

    Sorta off-topic but did I miss something or did about 80% of the SlamBamJam catalogue just...disappear into the nether?
  12. King of Debt

    Interest in a Puerto Rico watch project?

    If you're able to wait until July for this I'd love to participate. I would still need to get my hands on the set somehow if it isn't floating through Youtube in bits and bobs but PR sounds like exactly my cup of tea. I just have to take a break for this wrestling malarkey while I move these boxes around in my own life
  13. King of Debt

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Man, you guys really need to get into deathmatch feds. It's not even as if there isn't a bloodlust in this place given the performance of Kandori/Hokuto and Chicana/MS-1 so it's crazy how out of 487 matches submitted there's absolutely no BJW, FREEDOMS, CZW or GCW in there (and even the general hardcore promotions didn't do so great outside of FMW). That probably sounds crazy from the outside and I can't exactly complain given I didn't send a ballot but I legit got tears of emotion in my eyes watching Takeda v Kodaka 6/20 the first time so I'll make that argument all day. The best parts of deathmatch wrestling are downright transcendental in their interpolation of violence as a creative and emotive force. Can't knock the hustle for getting this project together in the first place, though. Hopefully it grows throughout the years.
  14. King of Debt

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    It took a week but MurderMania Nights 1 & 2 are on Title Match Network. I don't know if it's clipped to high hell or not but if it isn't and you all made your Best of the Weekend lists before considering Casanova Valentine and the new Leatherface in a no-ring deathmatch, shame on you. Tut tut.
  15. King of Debt

    Mania Week Insanity 2019

    Stop asking silly questions.