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  1. NitroFan

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    The NXT fanbase love this shit. Meltzer will give it 5 stars. Anyone who thinks these overkill matches are going anywhere is kidding themselves
  2. NitroFan

    WWE Fastlane

    Jerry Flynn in his physical prime was nothing to be trifled with.
  3. NitroFan

    NXT talk

    They announced Joe vs Nakamura in a cage in Melbourne Australia.
  4. NitroFan

    Your Favourite Cage Match Ever

    The thing about Final Conflict i dont like is all the "ref keeps one guy from interfering" schtick they do in what the commentators constantly refer to as a No DQ match. normally i love that stuff in tag matches but i cant stand it in a setting like that. also, things start off way too slow for my liking
  5. Lemme tell ya bro, I'm actually kind of interested in what Russo said. On Austins podcast last Tuesday he praised their athletic abilities but said the match wasnt even pro wrestling and was an 'exhibition'.
  6. If 'Internet troll' can become a wrestling gimmick Ospreay might be on to something. He's really getting under Vaders skin on Twitter 2 weeks after this nonsense started.
  7. NitroFan

    The Beginner's Guide To Lucha Libre

    thanks. i really dug that match.
  8. NitroFan

    The Beginner's Guide To Lucha Libre

    I know im bumping an old thread, but im trying to make my way through ojs list in the second post and this is the only version of perro vs chicana from 2/86 i could find which cuts off during the third fall. Is there another video elsewhere that has the rest of the match or is this it? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BvfHCjk-3hY
  9. i really wanted to love this match but it fell a little short of my expectations. the shine in the beginning is boring. chinlock chinlock armlock armdrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. who wants to see that shit in a blowoff cage match? once it moved beyond that it got a lot better, but the thing that annoys me the most about the match and makes it impossible for me to really love was the constant enforcing of the tag team rules by the ref trying to keep one guy out, including such a thing leading directly to the finish. in a fucking no dq match ffs. i cant stand that shit.
  10. NitroFan

    Post-Mania 32 Raw

    Dead except for chants about beach balls
  11. NitroFan

    Post-Mania 32 Raw

    All the chants and cheers/boos in that Corbin match were for the beach balls in the crowd
  12. NitroFan

    Evolve shows Mania Weekend

    what show is Hero vs Riddle at? I cant see it on the Evolve site
  13. NitroFan

    Shoe's ongoing MOTYC for 2016

    where do you watch Rev Pro and Progress stuff?
  14. NitroFan

    A thread in which Dylan compares various wrestlers to HHH

    Scarlets list seems to be missing Sasha Banks from the unanswered section.
  15. NitroFan

    Most divisive wrestlers

    Edge. In certain areas of the internet it wouldn't be unusual to see him listed quite highly on GOAT lists. Jericho is much the same.