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  1. MojoJsyn

    30-Woman Royal Rumble (WWE Royal Rumble 01/28/18)

    This match was so much fun to watch. Rumbles are one of my favorite matches of the year. This one delivered in a big way/ The surprises were spaced out perfectly and there was no lull in action. That is all I ask of Rumbles, lulls should be almost nonexistence and plenty of surprises.
  2. Match has been going on for around 53 minutes. If you count entrances it is a little over an hour.
  3. MojoJsyn

    Your first memory of Pro Wrestling

    Two events that stand out. I know I was a fan for a long while before this but the first vivid memories was the Road Warriors driving a spike in Dusty's eye. Also I can recall before that renting my first wrestling video which was Mania 4 and watching the religiously over the next couple days. Road Warriors were always my team growing up in the 80s. My uncle who is a few years older than me would paint our faces up as the Road Warriors and we'd terrorize my other cousins. Looking back, Mania 4 is really weak but the Road Warriors still kick ass and that angle is still great.
  4. MojoJsyn

    Bad Promo, Great Charisma

  5. MojoJsyn

    Greatest pro-wrestling debacle

    I had to look up that AAA El Padrisimo. I am not big into Lucha as I had no clue but that video was nuts. You can view it here if you haven't seen it yet
  6. MojoJsyn

    Things A Smart Wrestler Should Never Do...

    On that note; or win a trophy. You know that trophy is getting destroyed just like that cake. They both might very likely be upside your head as well. Wrestlers should avoid cake and trophies.
  7. MojoJsyn

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Say instead of saying main eventers, mid card, upper mid card and so on; there is a number system. the number system is just an example but say the main guys are 5 and the roster floats from there to 1. Now on tv a 5 guy would never ever wrestle a 5 guy or even hardly ever a 4 guy and a 4 guy wouldn't wrestle on tv a 4 or 5 guy and maybe hardly a 3 unless something called for it. It would give new match ups and make the eventual match ups on ppv on the network mean something and also on house shows. Also no titles should be defended on tv and if they want to then no more than twice a year and it has to be cause of a feud and not the world title.
  8. MojoJsyn

    WWE Network Subscribers

    Been a subscriber since day one. I usually only watch the ppvs and nxt now, occasionally I'll watch something else and I still feel it's worth it. For only $10 to get the ppvs in hd quality on my tv instead of trying to find some feed on my pc is great as well as everything else. Yes I do wish they'd add more but it's still an incredible value.
  9. MojoJsyn

    Current WWE

    Isn't the rematch clause how Steve Austin won back the belt from Kane the night after Kane beat Austin for it.
  10. MojoJsyn

    Best Non-WrestleMania Pay-Per-View Ever?

    Yep I watched it last year and loved every minute of it. It had a lot of the stars of the 80s interacting with a lot of the newer up and coming stars as well as each other. The whole story of the match is great and then to add Heenan on commentary and I could watch again right now and be thoroughly enjoyed.
  11. MojoJsyn

    Best Non-WrestleMania Pay-Per-View Ever?

    I'll mention two that hasn't been mentioned yet, Money in the Bank 2011 and Royal Rumble 1992. Money had 2 great ladder matches Henry and Show if memory serves me right was pretty great and a decent Orton Christian match along with the awesome Punk Cena main. Rumble had the Owen/Neidhart against the Orient Express which was pretty good and a decent tag of the Natural Disasters against LOD and then you had the greatest Rumble match in history.
  12. MojoJsyn

    Greatest Masked Wrestlers

    I'd have to go with Destroyer, Mysterio, and Vader. Though Vader had a mask with holes all in it. Haven't seen much of Santo so can't comment on him though I know he is the biggest masked star ever.
  13. MojoJsyn

    WWE Network... It's Here

    On my Roku the HoF and Mania worked flawlessly.
  14. MojoJsyn

    Current WWE

    I've been watching all the Raw and PPVs of 1996(I just finished Mind Games) and Goldust is very well protected. He works mainly at the top of the card. I think his personal demons is what caused him not to get a quick run with the world title in late 96 or even in 97. Vince seemed to love the character but Dustin is the one that got in the way of his push I think. I'd say if he had a quick run with the title he'd most certainly be in consideration of the top U.S. workers of all time.
  15. MojoJsyn

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    Just saw this and I'm going to try to watch as much as I can. Always wanted to watch more from the 200s in Japan and this might motivate me to.