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  1. funkdoc

    Hana Kimura passes away

    BTW, racism was another factor in the harassment here that isn't getting talked about as much - Hana was Indonesian-Japanese, and those of you who know the language can find this as a running theme in the comments. just awful all around, fuck
  2. funkdoc

    Hana Kimura passes away

    hoooooooly shit this has been a way-too-common phenomenon in the J-Pop/K-Pop idol industries for quite a while now, so awful to see it pop up in wrestling now too RIP...
  3. funkdoc

    WWE TV 05/18 - 05/24 The Last Dance was fucking incredible

    for Christian you forgot "who wouldn't cut his hair" =P
  4. funkdoc

    Converting somebody into a fan

    the way to do it for younger folks is to draw parallels to anime or comic books or whatever shit like that they're into. anime is the most common i find, it's kinda the "alpha fandom" in a sense. and that's basically what wrestling's been for quite a while now anyway! WWE in general isn't likely to work tho, just because of the sheer amount of content to keep up with. AEW's much more reasonable.
  5. funkdoc

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    yep, as someone who's been exposed to a bunch of Discourse(tm) surrounding fandom culture for other fictional works, i can 100% confirm that wrestling is far from unique in terms of fan toxicity tho in the modern era the direct physical violence has mostly been replaced with false accusations of pedophilia and the like - you could argue the potential long-term impact on one's career (not to mention actual survivors of child abuse!) makes the latter *more* dangerous in some ways
  6. funkdoc

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    yeah, Dutch Mantel was the first one to say it IIRC...if Vince is still in charge then idk if it really means much though
  7. funkdoc

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Wasn't it Barry O who made shit up about Patterson specifically because he was gay and it would be easier for people to believe?
  8. Yea it grew out of a lot of...i guess you could say feminist/punk/riot grrl-ish circles who grew up on Rollergames? It's actually real neat how it developed!
  9. funkdoc

    The XFL is returning?

    league is officially RIP now i guess? wonder if the positive reception will make Vince try it a 3rd time...
  10. One important thing to clarify: Modern roller derby doesn't have nearly the amount of overlap with pro wrestling that the old stuff does. The 2000s revival *started* as an ironic hipster sorta thing, but it's evolved into a real sport that just keeps some of the old aesthetics. So i imagine this would mainly be a retro thread, not that that's a bad thing!
  11. funkdoc

    WrestleMania 36

    fuck it, tonight gave us the wrestling equivalent to the Gerogerigegege on a big stage and it's exactly what i want at this point
  12. funkdoc

    AEW TV 4/1 Undisclosed Location Edition

    Yeah, i think they're looking at how the IC title used to be when it was held by guys like Patterson or Pedro or Savage. Having a main-eventer as your first champion is a proven way to make a belt matter, so i'd bet bottom dollar FMKK nailed it.
  13. funkdoc

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    can definitely recommend the Incredibly Strange Wrestling book, having read it myself a long time ago. IIRC they won the Worst Promotion award in the Observer multiple times, but it's the sort of thing that i think would've played much better to 2020 audiences. Put it to you this way: the promotion's name is taken from a classic MST3K movie, and they had a gimmick taken straight from another MST3K movie (the Aztec Mummy). (EDIT: well they also did a lot of 90s edgelord shit that would not go over well today at all, e.g. "The HIV Kid" who'd do run-ins and openly blade himself to clear out the ring) Tim Hornbaker's work generally tends to take the pattern you described - not the smoothest reads, but invaluable resources for the kind of people who tend to post here!
  14. funkdoc

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Something i've been thinking about lately: even in actual sports nobody seems to talk about how much better the sports medicine field has gotten at dealing with knee injuries. The worst ones used to be a death sentence for your career, no matter how young you were (look up Robert Edwards sometime), but now we have Teddy Bridgewater landing a $20+ million/year contract after coming back from an injury so gruesome it made people vomit when they saw it. This makes me think Magnum TA may be the most underrated "what if he came along now?" case in wrestling, given he was likely on track to become NWA champion. i'll also notice Between the Sheets bring up other guys who tore up their knee and were never the same afterward (e.g. John Nord) and go "what if" as well.
  15. funkdoc

    WWE Falling Out w/ Saudi Arabia?

    Hi, surprised this hasn't been mentioned on here yet so figured i'd make a thread! So this bombshell dropped recently: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/03/wwe-network-not-available-in-saudi-arabia-until-further-668297/ Been hearing ~rumor and innuendo~ that this is because the Saudis haven't been paying Vince, but not positive. Regardless this seems like a huge deal for WWE's fortunes, no?