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[1996-02-10-WCW-Saturday Night] Randy Savage vs Chris Benoit


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We get the last few minutes. These two worked together really well. Arn and Flair run in and the Horsemen do a number on Savage. What's crazy about this is that while Savage is being destroyed, the announcers aren't feeling bad for him, they are feeling bad for Hogan for having to sit home and watch this. Seems like he has the better end of the deal. They finally establish connection with Hogan via satellite and he goes right into Hogan promo mode.


Still fun to see an 80s-style Horsemen beatdown.

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Benoit was such a good addition to the Horsemen. The Four Horsemen beats down Savage. Tony wants to know where Pillman is. Tony is more concerned about Hogan thoughts. We get a Satellite interview of Hulk from Venice Beach with eye covered with bandage. I'm sure Tony can relax now.

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From what we see, the action is better here than it was on Nitro, though it is another long beatdown on Savage. Benoit gets to show off some more stuff, and tie Savage in knots. Just as Savage is about to come back and put this away, Arn draws him in and he and Flair and Benoit team up to beat Savage down, even following him into the hallway as he tries to retreat. Good stuff, ruined by Schiavone placing more emphasis on the "satellite hookup" with Hulk Hogan, who talks about how "everything is cool" while his best friend who bleeds for him is getting the stuffing kicked out of him. Ill-fated timing aside, Hulk's promo is actually pretty good.


Notice how WCW is practically promising that we'll see blood in the cage at SuperBrawl--Flair has done it numerous times and Hogan does it here. The times they are a-changin'.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-02-10-WCW-Saturday Night] Randy Savage vs Chris Benoit

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