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[1996-04-08-WWF-Raw] Interview: Ultimate Warrior


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Warrior does get a tremendous pop for his RAW appearance, much better than the one at Mania. Goldust comes out and suggests that they play games. Goldust suggests that Warrior dress up as superman and that they fly away together in the sunset.


Then, Warrior says "Whatever you're into, I don't give a shit", which gets bleeped. Warrior then says he has a full length feature for him: " ... me kicking your ass from beginning to end."


Warrior loved to swear when he returned!

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Warrior manages to blow up before an interview. He is over, though, no doubt about that. Goldust is out before Warrior can ramble too much, and MAN, you always forget just how big a dude Dustin is. "Warriors, come out to play!" The Warriors, 1979." Goldust invites Warrior to play a superhero game and climb on Superman's back so they can fly off into the sunset together, and Warrior's all "queering don't make the world work" and drops him with a clothesline.

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Huge pop for Warrior, way better than the Wrestlemania return. This is definitely an edgy segment. Warrior/Goldust feels like a really cool program here. Putting Warrior with an act that's pushing the envelope more than any other in the Big 2 helps him not feel like a lame nostalgia act.

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