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[1996-04-20-USWA-TV] Bill Dundee and the Cyberpunks


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I liked these clips. As someone who never saw the Cyberpunks gimmick before, it seemed pretty stupid, especially the weird interviews, but I guess it was different to the audience at the time, and fits the wacky world of wrestling....and I'm guessing there is a payoff to the gimmick down the line that reveals who they are.


Coolest part of the whole package for me was seeing Jesse James Armstrong with 'New Age Outlaw' on his pants. That was pretty cool to see that phrase appearing before that team was formed in the WWF.

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Awesome highlights of the Bill Dundee vs. Randy Hales/Cyberpunks feud--Dundee brawls with Wolfie D in the locker room and then jumps Randy Hales and then Jesse James Armstrong with a chair for good measure. Then Samantha Pain comes out claiming a "bus load" of Dundee supporters is out in the parking lot protesting for Bill's return, but it's all a trap so Dundee can attack Hales again. Then wild clips from Louisville of Dundee vs. Cyberpunk Fire. The Cyberpunks get an ECW lights-out entrance into the studio and an Ole Anderson voicebox promo--silly, but this is carried off much better here than in WCW. Good on them for making a stronger effort than usual to conceal who the Cyberpunks are, even if everyone knows what's up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-04-20-USWA-TV] Bill Dundee and the Cyberpunks

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