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[1996-06-17-NJPW-Skydiving J] Taka Michinoku vs Super Delphin


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This has lost something for me over time. Nice match, but not my favorite match on the show, even though it's usually the one that gets the most play. Notice that most of the big highspots don't connect, even if they look really nice. Both guys are better in the Michinoku Pro setting than the New Japan setting.

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I like both of these guys a good bit going through the 90's but this felt like their touring style showcase match and was a little light on the matwork and storytelling that they both can deliver on. There were some really pretty spots especially Taka's springboard but that was the lasting impression overall. A good match but a disappointing one and not one with a lot of depth. ***

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Independent World Junior Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku vs Super Delphin - NJPW 6/17/96


HOLY SHIT! The spot where Taka springboards, holds jumps to the a different side of the ring's top rope to hit a splash because Delphin moves was INSANE!!!! Delphin should have taken that like a man.


Nice little juniors exhibition. Delphin looks like a mosquito. I have seen like one maybe two of his matches. Fun fact he won the CMLL World Welterweight Championship going into this but it was not sanctioned by the home office in Mexico. Early story is that Taka is cocky prick and is totally outshining Delphin. Nice dive by Taka to start. Good matwork based around knee. Really just taking Delphin to school. Even holds the ropes open for him. Thought the transition to Delphin on offense was weak. He basically just starts attacking and now it works. I agree it was time for him to go on offense, but needed better transition than just my turn! Taka goes back to the knee and works well with legbar and then figure-4. He then hits the Holy Shit spot! You need watch this match just for that. Taka misses another springboard move and gets sent flying off the ropes much better transition. Taka takes Delphin's dive like a man. Delphin starts dropping Taka on his head. This is picking up now. Delphin signals for some sort of finish, but Taka rolls him up. They botch a spot. Taka hits the Michinoku Driver for two! Then there is some weird move where you don't know who took the brunt of it. I hate those spots. Fucking awesome finish with a nasty German then roll through into a Tiger Suplex.


Fun match. One must see spot in Taka's mid-match dive and the finish German->rollthrough->Tiger is pretty insane. Felt like an exhibition of what they could do rather than a contest. ***1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-06-17-NJPW-Skydiving J] Taka Michinoku vs Super Delphin

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