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[1996-07-20-USWA-TV] Interview: Bill & Jamie Dundee


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Since we last checked in with the USWA, Wolfie D has done pretty well for himself, winning the TV title. Bill Dundee comes out to talk about how horrible Wolfie is and brings out two examples of people who have been betrayed by him: Midget D (I think that's what they were saying, I couldn't figure it out) and JC Ice. Wolfie and JC have words, and Wolfie tries to convince him to go sit down in the back and talk this out until Dundee suckerpunches him. Good angle, although it was kinda sad to see PG-13 break up.

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Dundee accuses Wolfie D as a leech, a user, and a discarder. As proof, he brings Midget D out of the mothballs. Wolfie ruined his marriage, his house, his car, and his job as a computer expert! As well as a returning Jamie Dundee! Dave Brown is incredulous at this, rightfully pointing out that it was Dundee who lost the LLT match. JC laments how Wolfie never called him when he was in Puerto Rico, but it was Bill who brought him back. Wolfie is eventually out to rebut, and cuts a strong promo in his own right. Wolfie's point about all the hotels in Puerto Rico rings truer in a pre-cell-phone world. Bill eventually sucker punches Wolfie and D is triple-teamed and beaten with his own hubcap.


Good angle, but I don't know what the story was about Jamie going to Puerto Rico--whatever it was, it kind of killed the Cyberpunks dead and the angle petered out to an anticlimactic conclusion.

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This was long but good. The Puerto Rico stuff with Jaime and the response from Wolfie made sense to me. The ending beatdown was also really nice. Even though PG-13 being split up seems like a bad idea, they have still made this angle interesting with ton of wrinkles.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-07-20-USWA-TV] Interview: Bill & Jamie Dundee

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