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[1996-09-30-UWFi-Road in Morioka] Masahito Kakihara vs Yoshihiro Takayama


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I like both of these guys quite a bit, but Takayama looks sensational here. Kakihara lays in some wicked kicks on Takayama to break free, while Takayama really outclasses Kakihara on the mat. So it's matwork vs footwork. Each guy is no slouch in the other area, but it's not as much the calling card. Super stiff, dramatic, lots of good selling and pacing makes a great match. Takayama finally takes the match, but Kakihara looks great in losing.


I have to admit the post-match music is terrible and made me laugh because it was so inappropriate given the epic nature of the match.


How come no one ever talks about Kakihara?

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Kakihara was never a 'top 20 in the world' type, or someone involved in a bunch of MOTYCs. Add to it that he was always a midcarder and there's a reason why he flew under the radar.


I'll have to re-watch this. It didn't do anything for me the first time.


Random Kaki recommendation: vs Yamazaki from 11/30/94. Good shoot-style with a story worked in.

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Whoa! I've never seen young Takayama before. Quite a difference. Good match with a good story -- Kakihara appears to be the more skilled fighter for the first half or so of the match, but Takayama begins to impose his size advantage, and the advantage accumulates over the match with him hitting harder strikes with more weight behind them. Cool German suplex also.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-09-30-UWFi-Road in Morioka] Masahito Kakihara vs Yoshihiro Takayama

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