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[1996-11-11-WCW-Nitro] DDP and the Outsiders


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Gene Okerlund asks DDP if he's being courted by the NWO, as they keep helping him win matches. DDP says he stands on his own, but Hall and Nash interrupt and invite him to join the NWO. DDP is offended that they are asking him 8th instead of asking him much earlier. Nash says he obviously doesn't get it and the reason they didn't approach him sooner is because he lives two doors down from Eric Bischoff. DDP still thinks he was slighted and Hall and Nash tell him he still doesn't get it. The start of a star-making angle, one of the few they did when they should have done about a half-dozen more things like this.

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They did a great job building DDP, and the guy got over like crazy. Now, are the rumours true about DDP and Bischoff and the reasons why DDP finally got his push, no ideas, but you can't deny how over DDP got. Since we're talking about HHH in the other thread, here's the difference, DDP just clicked with the crowd after years of being a lower mid-card heel. His finisher which looked great was a big part why it worked so great. Not since Jake's DDT had a finisher been so sudden. The stunner wasn't over yet at this point in the WWF I believe.

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People tend to be unnecessarily hard on DDP. Yes, he was a limited wrestler who got a big push, but he got over. Lots of people have gotten big pushes that haven't gotten over.


He was pushed in a way that played to his strengths, and as a result, he became a much needed top babyface on the WCW side through '97 and '98. I think there's this impression sometimes that this is somehow deceptive for some reason, when it's actually just good booking.

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They even acknowledge the old Diamond Studd/Vinnie Vegas partnerships! Nash busts out SHOOT comments about how DDP lives two doors down from Eric Bischoff. For once, a WCW-bred mid-card talent is actually allowed to interact with the Big Boys, something that would have helped immensely had they done more of this with Eddie, Jericho, and Raven in the future.

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