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[1996-11-18-WCW-Nitro] The Outsiders and Faces of Fear


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This starts with the aftermath of a High Voltage vs Public Enemy match. Hall and Nash had come in and laid everyone out.


Nash then does a promo to scare the hell out of Tony Schiavone and call him for laughing the previous week, which I thought was a great bit of attention to detail. Believe it or not, Hall does a good heel promo talking about how he's always heard how tough the Faces of Fear are and that he and Nash want to see just how tough they are. A Hall and Nash promo putting over their opponents, imagine that?


Then, the Outsiders and Faces of Fear brawl to the back.

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Excellent segment. Nash & Hall do a great job hyping the match and putting the opposition over. Nash bullying Schiavone was indeed pretty neat as he referenced Tony's laugh the previous week and made it an active part of the segment.

Schiavone acting totally pissed of at Larry and leaving the broadcast during the next segment was pretty terrific. Schiavone was still at his best then.

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"You got the bad neck, right Tony? You want to pick up your kids again?!" Nash is AWESOME--a total asshole bully with pretty much no redeeming value, and actually pretty scary also. This leads to a cool backstage brawl where the Outsiders actually go 50/50 with the Faces of Fear, as they brawl outside the arena. Fantastic angle to kick Nitro off in a state of total chaos.

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An awesome start to the show with a cold open and the Outsiders laying waste to the tag teams. They then go outside and bully Tony and it is legit uncomfortable and Nash especially is really hate-able. I really appreciated after they scurry away how upset and triggered Tony was over the whole ordeal that he ends up stomping off from commentary. It was also good that Nash called out him laughing last week.

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