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[1996-12-04-BattlARTS] Victor Krueger & Carl Greco vs Daisuke Ikeda & Takeshi Ono


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Victor Krueger looks like someone the WWF would salivate over. I've only seen Carl Greco before in an '08 match against Ishikawa which was amazing, so I have high hopes here. I can't figure out if the problem with Krueger is that he's so much bigger than everyone else that it looks awkward when he wrestles, or if it's that he is just really bad. Greco works most of the match for his team and is a genius on the mat. Not as good as the Taka/Funaki match, but still very good.

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Greco was supposedly trained by the Malenkos but with the bowl haircut and ridiculous '90s soul patch I think he's actually Eels frontman Mark Everett. I didn't think much of this. Kruger is good for some chop-down-the-tree spots and Greco has some nice suplexes, but this didn't have the strong layout of the MPro crossover match before and just sort of peters to the ending.

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This is a little more interesting than the previous match (gaijins vs. Ishikawa/Otsuka) for 2 reasons:

  1. Ikeda and Ono can strike.

  2. Ikeda and Ono aren't afraid to act like total dicks.

The result was a super cool little match. Krueger was smart enough to leave the juicy part of the bout to Greco, who once again was a whirlwind of swank and unpredictable matwork. I love that the Ikeda/Greco sections are just as good as the Ishikawa/Greco sections from before, but because Ikeda and Ono aren't afraid to cheat they actually end up coming out on top (for a moment). I also loved Ono trying his hardest to embarass Krueger. Thankfully Krueger was able to defend himself using his shoot knowledge of BACK CLUBS~! He has good clubbing blows so I'm not crapping on him. An enraged Krueger crawling towards Ikeda while Ono was still climbing around on his back was pretty great. But yeah watch this for the Greco twisting.

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This I actually liked more than the last match. Nice novelty with the fairly ridiculous gaijin team. Greco is, predictably, awesome grappling with Ikeda. Krueger is a bit inept but plays his role well in the match and makes things more unique. Hits big powerbomb to end it looked nasty.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-12-04-BattlARTS] Victor Krueger & Carl Greco vs Daisuke Ikeda & Takeshi Ono

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