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1993 Recommendations


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This is the place to make them.


While we appreciate anyone making recommendations, the most important thing you can do is include the date.


We're set with the following:


* Pay-per-view matches

* Anything rated well in the WON


Here is where we really need recommendations:


* Global - We have all the TV, but no idea what's worth including.

* European footage

* WWF and WCW handheld recommendations (Aside from the Flair/Bret Ironman)

* AJW and JWP TV


* U.S. indies (Specifically the NWA affiliates and spot shows that ran in the Northeast)

* WCW TV - I know Smarkschoice did the huge WCW project, but since the board is gone, so is the discussion.

* W*ING and FMW

* Michinoku Pro



* Any All Japan or New Japan that should go on in spite of WON snowflakes


The U.S. seems to be the only place that wasn't having a good year, so I know there is a lot to wade through.


Also, if you know something aired incomplete in one form, and complete in another, information like that is always very helpful.



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Promo By Terry Funk



Promo By Terry Funk At The Double Cross Ranch



Video Package On Terry Funk And Eddie Gilbert


Chain Match: Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert - Summer Sizzler 6/19/93


08/10/93 (A Best Of ECW Show)

Highlights Of Terry Funk vs. Eddie Gilbert


This was the best thing in 93 ECW by a long shot. If the last package includes enough I don't know that the May/June stuff should go on. The first promo should go on as that was the first thing ever on ECW tv.



Eddie Gilbert Goes Out And Finds A Replacement Host For Jay Sullie



Tito Santana/Stan Hansen vs. Shane Douglas/Don Muraco

(Random as fuck that this happened in ECW and sort of falls under the "curiosity category")


Crash The Terminator/Miguel Perez Jr. vs. Head Hunters - Ultra Clash 9/18/93



Interview w/ The Public Enemy

The Public Enemy vs. Jason/Ian Rotten

(First PE appearance)



Sabu vs. Tazmaniac



Terry Funk/JT Smith/Abdullah The Butcher vs. Kevin Sullivan/Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka

(This is maybe six minutes from beginning to end, but it's a fun chaotic with J.T. making up for being the non-legend by taking a couple of insane bumps)



A Video Highlighting The Feud Between The Public Enemy And Bad Company



Sabu vs. Terry Funk (ECW Title Match From Holiday Hell)


That is the stuff I would mark as "essential" or "near essential" to a get a representation of ECW for the year. There are other things worth considering. For example you might want to get something from surfer Sandman (almost anything would do really) or a match from one of the early guys that never really went anywhere like Larry Winters or Tony Stetson. But I don't feel like that stuff is necessary for a set like this.


God willing I'll be going through SMW tv soon and will be able to give you a pretty comprehensive list there as well. For now here are some things from SMW I would look for:


Cornette's Army v. Armsrong's Army (Rage In The Cage) -Fire On The Mountain 8-14-93

The Heavenly Bodies/Jim Cornette v. Bob, Scott and Steve Armstrong Hot August Night in Mo-Town 8-13-93

Brian Lee v. Tracy Smothers - Hot August Night in Mo-Town 8-13-93

Bruise Brothers v. The Heavenly Bodies (Street Fight) - Thanksgiving Thunder 11-26-93


There is also a Cowabunga v. Jim Cornette FanCam I love though I don't think it NEEDS to make a set like this.


From memory there are several things on Will's Funk set that ought to be considered. At the top of the list should be Funk v. Tony St. Clair which would give you a European flavor and is a great match.


Here is a link to the WKO 93 forum which will probably be helpful http://z11.invisionfree.com/wrestling_ko/i...hp?showforum=68


Sabu vs. Lightning Kid NWA Grandslam 4/17 is the one non-Funk indy match I am certain should make the set.

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The Cactus Jack/Paul Orndorff street fight from the 1/10 episode of the Main Event is a really stiff little brawl (think it goes about 8 minutes) with a great post-match beatdown on Foley, his face turn, and then a revenge mauling by Foley with a shovel. Whole segment is about 15 minutes and it's really, really good.


Chris Benoit/Brad Armstrong from the 1/13 Clash of the Champions is a really good match that I prefer to a lot of the more highly pimped stuff from the Nitro Cruiserweight era. Probably an obvious one.





Windham/Regal from the 4/24 episode of the Power Hour is awesome with Windham being gritty and pissed off to shit. Definitely the best match I've seen from babyface Regal. That's probably another obvious one, though.


I'm a big fan of the Regal/Steamboat feud that started in the fall. Their 8/1 match from the Main Event was a ton of fun and their rematch a week later (so 8/8), which is no DQ, was even more so. Probably not anything essential, but both are really good sub-ten minute matches. Their Fall Brawl match is the one that I'd expect to definitely make the set, but they have a match on the 9/25 episode of Saturday Night that has Steamboat going postal and bringing the hate and Regal has some brutal looking strikes right to the bridge of Steamboat's nose in it. Really liked it. Their handheld from 8/19 is also something no doubt worth looking at. I watched a few months back, but I have some stupid problem with handhelds that seems to leave me incapable of focusing on them, and thus I barely remember any of it.


Regal/Arn Anderson from the 10/19 episode of Saturday Night is also really good. Goes 15 minutes and it's something a fan of those guys would probably like quite a bit. I am and I did, at least.


Regal/Johnny B. Badd from the 11/10 Clash of the Champions - watched this last night and thought it was a blast. Wouldn't be surprised if I liked it way more than most, though, and I wouldn't go to bat for it as being totally essential, anyway.



There's obviously a ton of other WCW TV stuff, but I haven't seen most of it in so long that I wouldn't know what to make of it at this point.

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1-29-93 Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect - This was after Flair had lost the loser leaves town match...the Hart/Bigelow match from the same show was good too IIRC - both are handhelds


2-7-93 Flair vs. Bret Hart - This was Flair's last WWF match before going back to WCW...and it's in Germany! Handheld


3-1-93 Kevin Sullivan vs. Yukihiro Kanemura SMW (Kanemura diced his arm up).


4-2-93 The Heavenly Bodies (Eaton, Lane, & Pritchard) vs. The Rock-n-Roll Express & Arn Anderson vs. Dutch Mantell, Jimmy Golden, & Robert Fuller in a "three way street fight" match


4-2-93 Tracy Smothers vs. The Dirty White Boy in a "chain" match to win the SMW Title


5-1-93 Brian Christopher vs. USWA Southern Champion: Jeff Jarrett in a hair vs. title match.


5-17-93 Shawn Michaels interview + match with Jannetty


6-16-93 Barry Windham vs. Too Cold Scorpio WCW


8-14-93 The Rock-n-Roll Express, Bob, Steve & Scott Armstrong vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Del Rey & Pritchard), The Bruise

Brothers, & Jim Cornette SMW


11-5-93 Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler cage Handheld


11-26-93 The Bruise Brothers vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Del Rey & Pritchard)

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Need a date on Windham v. Mero which would be a good random tv match to throw in as a sort of "this is what was going on on the syndicated shows" match. It was on the SC greatest matches in WCW list though way down near the bottom. I was one of the only voters. Pretty sure it was a "computer challenge" match if that helps. Also for a random WCW match that might not pass the Meltzer star rating test, the Slamboree match with Scorp/Bagwell v. Benoit/Eaton was a hell of a lot of fun, with a great finish and is sort of interesting to watch as it was the front end of the wave of guys like Scorp and Benoit influencing the U.S. wrestling scene.

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01/04/93 Ric Flair v Mr Perfect (Invasion of the bodyslammers)

04/24/93 Bret Hart v Bam Bam Bigelow (Global Warfare)

08/17/93 Shawn Michaels v Marty Jannety (Cage) (Bloopers Bleeps & Bodyslams CHV)

12/01/93 Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels (Cage) (Bret Hart CHV)


TV Special

08/23/93 Steiner Brothers v Money Inc (Cage) (Summerslam Spectacular)


Here is every name v name match from the weekly WWF TV in 93. I haven't seen some of these in years & some I have never seen but maybe it will help w/ the process


WWF Wrestling Challenge

02/21/93 Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware v Ted Dibiase & IRS

05/02/93 Lex Luger v Bob Backlund

05/16/93 Mr. Perfect v Doink the Clown

06/13/93 Ted Dibiase & IRS v the Smoking Gunns

06/20/93 Doink the Clown v Bob Backlund

07/11/93 Bam Bam Bigelow & the Headshrinkers v Tatanka & the Smoking Gunns

08/01/93 1-2-3 Kid v Ted Dibiase

11/14/93 Bret & Owen Hart v Well Dunn (w/ Harvey Wippleman)

11/21/93 Marty Jannetty v Diesel



WWF All American & Mania

02/14/93 Repoman v Koko B Ware (Mania)

02/21/93 Virgil & El Matador v The Beverly Bros (Mania)

03/21/93 Lex Luger v El Matador (Mania)

03/21/93 Blake Beverly v Tatanka (All American)

03/28/93 Papa Shango v Mr Perfect (Mania)

05/23/93 Terry Taylor v Tatanka (Mania)

05/23/93 Doink v Virgil (All American)

05/30/93 Mr Hughes v Owen Hart (Mania)

05/30/93 Bam Bam Bigelow v Bob Backlund (All American)

06/06/93 Fatu v El Matador (Mania)

06/06/93 Razor Ramon v Crush (All American)

06/13/93 Mr Hughes v Tatanka (Mania)

06/13/93 Doink & Money Inc v The Steiners & Tatanka (All American)

06/20/93 El Matador & Bob Backlund v The Headshrinkers (Mania)

06/27/93 Lex Luger v Owen Hart (Mania)

06/27/93 Ted Dibiase v Bart Gunn (All American)

07/18/93 Blake Beverly & Well Dunn v Tatanka & The Steiners (All American)

08/01/93 123 Kid v Damian Demento (All American)

08/08/93 Owen Hart v Shawn Michaels (All American)

08/15/93 Razor Ramon v Damian Demento (All American)

08/22/93 Quebecers v The Bushwackers (All American)

08/29/93 The Smoking Gunns v Well Dunn (All American)

09/12/93 123 Kid v Marty Jannety (All American)

09/19/93 The Smoking Gunns v The Heavenly Bodies (All American)

10/03/93 Rick Martel v 123 Kid (All American)

10/10/93 Well Dunn v Rock n Roll Express (All American)

10/17/93 Pat Tanaka v Marty Jannety (All American)

10/24/93 Rick Martel v Owen Hart (All American)



Monday Night Raw

01/18/93 Terry Taylor v Mr. Perfect

01/25/93 Ric Flair v Mr. Perfect

02/22/93 Shawn Michaels & The Beverly Brothers v Tatanka and The Nasty Boys

03/01/93 Fatu v Bret Hart

03/08/93 Virgil & El Matador v Money Inc, Rick Martel v Mr. Perfect

04/05/93 Bam Bam Bigelow v Virgil, Beverly Brothers v Steiner Bros

04/12/93 IRS v Scott Steiner

04/19/93 Money Inc v Beverly Bros

05/03/93 Jim Duggan v Shawn Michaels

05/10/93 Jim Duggan v Shawn Michaels (Lumberjack match)

05/17/93 Razor Ramon v The Kid, Marty Jannetty v Shawn Michaels

05/24/93 Doink v Mr. Perfect

05/31/93 Bam Bam Bigelow v Marty Jannetty

06/07/93 Rick Steiner & Billy Gunn v IRS & Fatu

06/14/93 Doink v Marty Jannetty

06/21/93 Doink v Marty Jannetty 2/3 falls, Razor Ramon v 1-2-3 Kid

07/19/93 Marty Jannetty v Shawn Michaels

07/26/93 Bam Bam Bigelow v Bret Hart

08/02/93 Doink v Randy Savage, 1-2-3 Kid v Ted Dibiase

08/16/93 Ted Dibiase v 1-2-3 Kid

09/13/93 Quebecers v Steiner Brothers

09/20/93 Scott Steiner v Pierre , IRS v P.J. Walker

09/27/93 Tatanka v Rick Martel

10/04/93 IC Battle Royal

10/11/93 Rick Martel v Razor Ramon

10/25/93 1-2-3 Kid v Marty Jannetty

11/01/93 Smoking Gunns v Well Dunn

11/08/93 Ludvig Borga v Scott Steiner

11/15/93 Pierre v Lex Luger

11/22/93 IRS v Marty Jannetty

11/29/93 Diesel v Razor Ramon

12/06/93 Shawn Michaels v 1-2-3 Kid

12/13/93 Randy Savage v Fatu

12/20/93 Ludvig Borga v Tatanka




02/13/93 Tatanka v Shawn Michaels

04/17/93 Bam Bam Bigelow v Owen Hart

05/01/93 Mr. Perfect v Doink

06/05/93 Bret Hart v Papa Shango

07/10/93 Crush v Doink the Clown

07/17/93 Rick & Scott Steiner v Money Inc

07/24/93 Rick & Scott Steiner v Money Inc

08/07/93 The Smoking Gunns v Well Dunn

09/11/93 The Headshrinkers (w/ Afa) v Marty Jannetty & Virgil

10/30/93 Ludvig Borga v Tatanka

11/06/93 Rick Steiner v Jacques Rougeau

11/13/93 Razor Ramon v Rick Martel

11/20/93 Bret Hart v IRS


As far as the stuff I have seen.


I always enjoyed the Doink v Perfect & The Doink v Jannety matches. They weren't classics but they where good TV matches that where given some time.


The 04/17/93 Owen v Bigelow match was Bigelow laying out a pretty awesome ass whipping but it also showed Owen could take it & wouldn't go down without a fight.


The Flair v Perfect match from MNR was awesome but everyone knows that


93 was a good year for Cage matches


08/17/93 Shawn Michaels v Marty Jannety (Cage) (Bloopers Bleeps & Bodyslams CHV)

12/01/93 Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels (Cage) (Bret Hart CHV)

08/23/93 Steiner Brothers v Money Inc (Cage) (Summerslam Spectacular)


all good matches & where parts of long running fueds.


The Steiners v Money Inc was a good fued that had some good matches.



I think in the extras you should include some slim jim & ICOPRO commercials


All American & Mania both a had some good matches that I missed back in the day. Both of the Steiner 6 man tags from AAW where good as well as the Well Dunn v RnR

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Regarding these, I don't think there's anything worthwhile from JWP TV that wasn't released as a commercial tape. In fact, I don't think they even had weekly TV back then. I believe it was a monthly show called Champ Forum.


The key JWP matches are:


Dynamte Kansai & Mayumi Ozaki vs. Yumiko Hotta & Takako Inoue, 1/15/93

Devil Masami vs. Bull Nakano, 4/18/93

Thunderqueen, 7/31/93

Devil Masami & Plum Mariko vs. Chigusa Nagayo & Cutie Suzuki, 11/18/93


If you want a slightly more complete picture of JWP, I'd recommend these as well:


Mayumi Ozaki & Cuty Suzuki vs. Devil Masami & Dynamite Kansai - (JWP Tag Title), 3/21/93

Dynamite Kansai vs. Hikari Fukuoka - (JWP Title), 4/18/93


With AJW TV, you need to get the 11/14/93 TV that has TLTB matches on it (in particular the Kong/Hasegawa vs. Hokuto/Toyota match). Nothing else is essential. There's some handhelds from '93 but I haven't seen any of them.

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A couple of matches that I have not seen listed:


3/8/93 Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (HV Best of Bret Hitman Hart)

WWF Title defense. It's better than their Barcelona match and on par with the KOTR match.


6/12/93 Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund (MSG Handheld)

Great match, my favorite of their series, and historic for being Backlund's first pinfall loss in MSG.


Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna (Cage)

There are 2 handheld versions and one CHV version which was on the PWO discs. One of them should be included.


11/5/93 Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler (Indianapolis Handheld)

Not great or anything but the feud was terrific and because of Lawler's legal issue this was the blow-off.


Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna (11/21/93 Survivor Series Showdown)

Their best match together.


From the list above, I think the following matches should be considered:


WWF Wrestling Challenge

05/16/93 Mr. Perfect v Doink the Clown

06/20/93 Doink the Clown v Bob Backlund


WWF All American & Mania

08/08/93 Owen Hart v Shawn Michaels (All American)

09/12/93 123 Kid v Marty Jannety (All American)


Monday Night Raw

01/25/93 Ric Flair v Mr. Perfect

03/01/93 Fatu v Bret Hart

05/17/93 Marty Jannetty v Shawn Michaels

05/24/93 Doink v Mr. Perfect

06/14/93 Doink v Marty Jannetty

06/21/93 Doink v Marty Jannetty 2/3 falls

07/19/93 Marty Jannetty v Shawn Michaels

08/02/93 Doink v Randy Savage

10/25/93 1-2-3 Kid v Marty Jannetty

12/06/93 Shawn Michaels v 1-2-3 Kid



05/01/93 Mr. Perfect v Doink

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