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ROH Final Battle 2010


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So I am looking at putting together matches for the 2010 set and my wife left me with the kids so I have a Saturday night to watch the PPV.


Missed the first 20 minutes.


Colt Cabana vs. TJ Perkins

- Fun for what it was. Finish came out of nowhere before this had time to build.


Sara Del Ray & Serena Deeb vs. Awesome Kong & Daizee Haze

- I really enjoyed this match. Working over Daizee's stomach and continuing the attack when she would mount her comeback was solid. Big ending and probably the best women's match I have seen this year but that isn;t saying much.

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Sonjay Dutt vs. Eddie Edwards

- Not feeling this at all. Lots of no-selling, moves without build, periods of hot moves and silence from the crowd. I liked Sonjay going under the ring only to get chopped from the other side. I thought the superkick to an upside down Sonjay was cool. Um, the finish was pretty convoluted but at least Dutt didn't kick out.

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Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards for the title


Excellent long match. They did a million near falls and near submissions back and forth. They did so many the crowd lost some momentum past a certain point and stopped believing in some of the finishes. Strong retained much to the dismay of the crowd. Strong with a suplex into a backbreaker, super kick, another kick and finally the Stronghold for the submission in 30:29. He passed out and the match was stopped. They said there's a possibility Richards had a concussion which appeared to be selling a storyline well. They did a deal where Richards had the match won and let go with the idea he had a concussion and got dizzy and gave it up. After, they were playing like Richards didn't even know he had lost the match.

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Instead of the iPPV, I've been watching the WWF Spectrum show from October '87 on 24/7, in what can only be described as the bizarro version of this card. The first four matches:


Outback Jack vs. Barry Horowitz

Ultimate Warrior vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (back before they gave up on the idea of Warrior actually having wrestling matches unless it was with dudes like Rude and Savage)

Bulldogs vs Bolsheviks

Dino Bravo vs Hillbilly Jim


With Herc/JYD still to come!

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Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a lights out match


Another long match with a zillion near falls and kick outs. It got ridiculous in the sense they were kicking out of the most extreme moves there were and the kick outs were not getting big pops in the sense even the crowd started getting numbed by it. It told a story in the sense the feud began with a chair shot to the head and ended with a chair shot to the head. There were two ref bumps, brainbusters, package piledrivers on chairs, brainbusters onto the top turnbuckle. Basically everything under the sun, including both taking sick bumps on ladders, barricade shots. Both bled a lot with Steen bathing in Generico's blood. Steve Corino saved Steen at one point and then Colt Cabana ran off Corino. The finish saw Generico threaten with a chair shot with the chair that started the feud. At that point Steen begged for mercy and handed Generico the original mask he took off him. Generico teased having mercy, but then clocked Steen with a sick chair shot to the head for the pin. The booking of this match in using spots built up throughout the entire feud was absolutely tremendous. But on a long show, it went too long and you should never feel watching a main event "Okay, let's get it over," and in the last ten minutes I had that feeling many times. They had to go on last with the match they had. So Steen has to leave ROH and he may be getting the knee surgery he's been needing for some time.

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Meltz is absolutely on point about the Steen-Generico match.


As someone who watched the show, here is my rundown on the final matches...


Kings of Wrestling & Hagadorn vs. The Briscoes.

- I loved this match. I liked the Sara Del Ray interference, I liked the Papa Briscoe stuff and I didn't even mind the fans cheering for KOW. There were a bunch ofbig nonsense moves but this was all about how Papa Briscoe was going to get his hands on Hagadorn and the ending was well worth it.


Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards

- Bleh. I don't get the arcade thing you guys are talking about but I can see why some people would lose thier shit for Richards and why others hate him. I don't care for this match but I liked another Davey match I saw earlier this year. Sad thing is I forgot who he was wrestling in PWG. This was one of those matches I wish they would have cut ten minutes off of.


Steen vs. Generico

- This match had me… I was sold, hook line and sinker until the kickout after Steen’s finisher on the chair. Then, I just wanted it to end. Still, up until that point, this was fucking awesome. What Metlzer said. I didn't even mind the Colt-Corino interference stuff or the refs getting knocked out. I have watched so much ECW that this shit is second hand to me. It was the Steen finisher on the chair that killed it for me. The rest was great but that last 5 minutes can go to hell.

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